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At San Diego Comic-Con this year, the traditional go-to event for studios to showcase and tease their upcoming major projects, Marvel Studios was noticeably absent. They didn’t avoid the place entirely of course – that would cause a riot – but they did not host a panel presentation to talk about and show off The Avengers and other upcoming film projects, a major disappointment after bringing the entire cast on stage last year.

Instead, Marvel stuck to the show floor, handed out The Avengers character posters and brought some of the cast in to do signings for the fans. Next week, New York Comic-Con will be the place where Joss Whedon unveils his movie to the fans with new footage and the first ever full official trailer for The Avengers, a trailer which has just released online.


Our first look at The Avengers came attached as the post-credits “button” at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, which acted as a brief teaser to the ultimate comic book movie team-up. Then in August, Disney brought a panel and footage to their D23 event, much to the dismay of con goers who were hoping to see that same panel a month earlier in San Diego. This footage introduced the team members of The Avengers and gave a lot of screen time to Loki, our favorite antagonist from Thor, but much was held back in regards to the other villains of the film, the extra-terrestrial ones we keep hearing about.

Outside of revealing photos from the set of The Avengers which have become the main source of news headlines for the project, our last official look at The Avengers came attached to the Captain America Blu-ray release in a special featured titled ‘The Road to The Avengers” which featured very brief scenes intermixed with interviews with cast and crew.

You’ve met Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk before and we’ve seen what they’re capable of when put to the test. We’ve even been introduced to some of their friends in Black Widow and Hawkeye. But never have they faced an opponent such as this and never have they been forced to work together for a greater cause – watch and enjoy:


Watch the high-res version at Apple.com.


Visually it looks great and there are elements of Michael Bay all over some of the slow-motion city destruction scenes. Like the previous footage, the trailer acts as a teaser, focusing on brief snippets of the heroes and Loki, but holding back any reveals of the other villains of the film.

Here’s a gallery of screen grabs from the trailer for you to scrutinize:

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. Looks awesome. I like how the action looks. A lot of it looks like it was taken from the comics, and done well. I’m hopeful for this movie. I like Joss Wheadon and think he’s the best man for this project.

    I really didn’t like Thor. I think the “advanced science” forced explanation of Asgard only emphasizes the goofiness of the concept. However I do think Thor will be cool in a team movie like this. I can even take Loki, but I hope those two are the extent of any Asgard involvement.

    Otherwise, this looks really good so far. I’m also looking forward to TDKR and expect both of these movies to make tons of money. I don’t care which one wins (now I’m thinking TDKR). I wouldn’t want Nolan to touch the Avengers or Wheadon to touch TDKR. They are different animals.

    Lastly, I’m thinking Hulk will apparently “die,” and it will be a touching sacrifice by Banner. I know Wheadon has killed-off popular characters, but I doubt Marvel will give him too much decision over their own.

    • I don’t think one of the most powerful things in the Marvel Universe is going to die… especially not when they are making sequels…

    • You are crazy if you think Marvel will let Whedon kill Hulk, not he wishes to. Hulk will be the savior in this movie.

      • Agreed. Probably similar the Ultimate Avengers the movie I bet.

        The real question with the Hulk isn’t if he will die (no way that will happen) but what happens when he does Hulk out. How much control will Banner have over him and will he turn on the rest of the team.

        If any of the Avengers is likely to die (I don’t think any of them will) it would be Hawkeye. Or the old guy from Thor (Jane’s friend, can’t remember his name. They are not killing any of the core group.

        • Selvig. Yes, if anyone is going to die, it will be someone without superpowers (or super techno suits). As lovely as Scarlet Jo is, her character didn’t do anything but look good in the trailer; I wouldn’t be upset if it was her character that gets the axe.

          • doubt they axe the only female in the movie. I wish they would though. I hate her character.

  2. Looks like RDJ is going to steal the show! This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. I don’t know why people have a problem with ScarJo, I think she looks awesome. I think the trailer did it’s job: in 2 minutes it made people excited for the movie. I mean all of us HERE know what The Avengers is, but the small percentage of the population that reads movie blogs is NOT who Marvel needs to show up at the theater. They need to get the general population excited for this film and I think they did it with this trailer.

    • But that’s the problem, she only looks good. Her character should have a Russian accent and be more brutal. Sure, she kicked some serious butt in IM2 but she just didn’t seem like the Black Widow I remember from the comic. I doubt she will break the movie though.

      • ^That’s what I’m saying…
        (On screen) she does look good, but that’s about it…
        She can’t really act, she can’t pull of an accent and she’s too unfit to be able to do the stunts properly.
        I also doubt she’s going to “ruin” the movie, but IMO ScarJo is going to be the Kat Dennings from Thor…

        Oh Marvel, why could you not have hired a better actress? :(

        • I think her acting is fine, its just the character is boring in context with the other superheros.

          The only good thing about using a lesser known actor would have been they wouldn’t feel the need to use Widow as much. but if you are paying for ScarJo you have to use her enough to justify it which sucks.

  3. Have any of you guys ever read a comic book? Ever notice what happens to characters that die?

    I said “apparently ‘die.’” As far as the story goes, the characters will think he’s dead. The audience will think he’s dead. Will they find a body? Maybe or maybe not. I think the Avengers and Banner will release Hulk as a “nuclear option.”

    • I would wager my soul that the Hulk, IM, Cap, Thor, or Fury don’t die in this movie in any shape, way, or form.

      And of course no one ever dies in comics for good. It is a little harder to pull that off in movies, but heck, Loki fell into outspace and lo and behold he didn’t die.

      • Or he did die and was resurrected by Odin, or Loki made a deal with Hades (or whoever is the Norse god equivalent).

        • His daughter is Death. I learned that from The Avengers: EMH episode courtesy.

          But in the begining you can clealy see that SHIELD or some science institution has transported Loki to earth before he does his jump and stab with staff thing. So im curious to why they teleported him to earth or who did he trick and how did Thor get their and why is thier no action shots of Coulson!!!! The unsung hero. Like a paralegal or nurse.

          • @Ignur Rant, there is a shot of Coulson, it’s a shot of the back of him entering some place.

  4. Ok. Just wondering.. Where is the disney logo? And why there’s still the paramount logo? :/

  5. Is it me or did Thor lose some mass in the Avengers?

    • I’ve actually noticed that Chris EVANS is one who lost a fair bit of mass…

      • yeah Evan’s looks tiny

    • I was just thinking that, he dose look smaller. Hope he bulks back up for Thor 2.

  6. anyone know if there will be anymore surprise superhero appearances?
    “The Wasp” or Ant Man?”

    • APPARENTLY, there won’t be any cameos or guest appearances in The Avengers… but I wouldn’t worry too much about that…
      I’m still positive we’ll see Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (probably not as heroes in costumes though – most likely only as scientists).

  7. That still would be great to see in the movie, anyone know if Loki will
    be the only villian in the movie? what if the Red Skull joins forces
    with Loki to take on the Avengers!

    • @Gina, there is a possibilty there is more than just a reference to The Red Skull in this movie. Loki is in a scene wrecking havok in Germany, why there of all places? I doubt Red Skull will cameo but something tells me that there might be a Red Skull related reason to why Loki was there.

      • I never noticed that…
        ~ Intriguing ~

  8. It would be impossible to have Thors arms as they are in the comics. I think Hemswoth busted his butt to get in shape and did one hell of a job. When the arms are without armour they indeed look a bit thinner but if you notice the sceen at the end he looks good. I gotta say I love the longer hair on him. Less Mullet like and more Thor like. Also in the deleted sceens on the Thor blue ray they show way Thor isnt crazy about the helmet and its more fattitudeor ceremonys. Cap is gonna be more serious his story is actually a tradgidy and with Downeys attitude I caould see someone from the 40′s being offended at the arrogance. Widow and Hawkeye are there to include normal humans without powers or armour. Hulk looks awesome but what really made me take notice was Loki. I mean talk about attitude. WOW!

    • ^This.
      I agree 101%, and yes, I know it’s a mathematical impossibility ;)

  9. Hope at least we get to see Thor in his helmet once in the movie, as
    for Hawkeye – i’ve noticed he’s not wearing a mask or at least a hood would even be fine, just sunglasses on one of the Avengers posters.

  10. Im all for super hero movies but this one has me worried , I hope all this hype calls for a good story and more bad guys not just Thor’s brother !! I hope everyone will not be fighting for screen time !!

    • errr… how bout the Skrulls lol. You did notice all the Alien ships right?

  11. I don’t mind at all if this movie turns out to be almost 2 1/2 hours long!
    and hope WE SEE a few of The Avengers greatests villians teaming up with Loki! “Kang The Conqueror” being one of them.

  12. Ive been thinking about the scene where Captain America and Thor are fighting, and the weird look Cap has when he is firing that gun…what if Loki’s army had 1 or 2 Space Phantoms? That would be a good throw back to the original Avengers. Just a thought.

  13. It’s funny how they made the intro similar to the “Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” animated series intro with the pan of the cityscape.

  14. They had 5 hammers of various weight and slight size differences for effect on the camera.

  15. Am I the only one who thought seeing Stark Tower for the first time was awesome!?
    (Or did most of you just not notice that…)

  16. I dont know if it’s been mentioned yet, but if u look at the scene where cap and thor are fighting, cap had a different helmet than what we have seen in the set pictures. It could be somebody, or something posing as cap. Or just a change of costume.

    • I’ve paused it at said scene, but didn’t see any difference.
      What exactly do you believe is different at the hood-helmet.

  17. I agree with Aliens ‘R’ Us on the music. I do believe the singing/screaming adds to the adrenaline rush we get from the trailer. I doubt it’d be used in the movie though but it sure works for me here.

    However, as for Eric Bana being a better Banner than Ed Norton…and not knowing why most people think Norton was so good… ah well. RDJ is having a ball out there cos no-one else (save SLJ perhaps) carries as much acting clout and pedigree. Ed Norton would have (take a look at American History X, Primal Fear and Fight Club to be convinced)given him a run for his money. That is not to say the others are not good actors but RDJ’s smallest facial expressions speak volumes- like Norton(especially his eyes). Well, if you say Norton doesn’t look like your idea of Banner well I can’t argue that. It’s a personal opinion. But regards bringing the otherwise bland Banner character (IMO) to life and making me forget Hulk for half the movie? Norton cut it. Just like RDJ did Stark (who isn’t as bland by the way).

    Now, that is not to say I don’t like Ruffalo’s take. He seems to bring a calmer version of Banner to the Avengers which is refreshing to see with everyone so uptight. I think he’ll make a good Banner too from the look of things.

    Now all I need is a ‘bad-ass’ Namor. Anyone?

    • I don’t know what it is, but there is something about Edward Norton I don’t like, I have the same problem with Tom Cruise (despite his personality in private live). Even when they do a Oscar-worthy performance, I feel a unlikeable charisma.
      Banner has to be calmer, because now he finaly has control about The Hulk, didn’t he?

  18. Some thoughts on the Cap vs Thor bit.

    - Hammer vs Shield. Can the latter withstand a blow from the former. Macho face off.

    - Hammer vs Shield. Upgraded version of the shield being tested. Leading us to think there is in-fighting.

    - Actual in-fight. 40′s machismo vs space muscles.

    - Not Cap at all. shape shifter.

    • First of all, yes, the shield can handle mjornir…
      Vibranium can absorb ANY vibrations (even that of an uber powerful, mystical hammer).

      I’m 100% sure it’s not some kind of “test” or “training exercise” — it’s either a misunderstanding between Thor and Cap (Thor could have mistaken Cap as an enemy) OR Cap may indeed be an enemy after all (a shape-shifting Skrull or even Loki)

      • Or Loki has a mind control over one of them (Cap more than likely if so). I also agree that the shield should be able to withstand a blow from Mjolnir. In the comics, I believe Cap’s shield was even upgraded with adamantium. Don’t know if they can use that element for a Marvel movie (may be owned by Fox).

  19. @Aliens ‘R’ us, I understand what you mean by an unlikeable charisma around Ed Norton. He seems to have/looks like he has a somewhat rebelliously fiery spirit, doesn’t he? Not a very approachable demeanour. Good point about needing a calmer looking Banner if Hulk is going to be reined in in this movie (is that confirmed?). Point taken for Ruffalo but I still have my reservations on Bana (his acting’s like another Keanu Reeves).

    Anyway, I’m a bit worried about fanboys’ and critics’ expectations for this movie- fanboys most especially. I just read some guy being miffed at not seeing any action scenes with Coulsen in it. Whoaa there! Slow it down! This is an Avengers movie- not SHIELD. Just because we (all?)have a thing for the ever-smiling ‘Son of Coul’ (as Thor aptly called him)doesn’t mean he should have ample screen time in this movie. Bear in mind, there are six protagonists to contend with, villain(s), and Nick Fury. In the hierarchy of things, Coulsen is still down the ladder and Whedon has less than 3 hours to make a hit and everybody happy. It’s tough enough without adding Coulsen in the mix. Here we are wondering if Hawkeye would even have adequate screentime…

    Let our expectations be high but tailored. One way of doing this is by sitting down and thinking up a story for the movie yourself. By the time you’re done ask yourself if the fanboys would be satisfied with the individual screentime you’ve provided (or were you biased towards one or two characters?) or with the action sequences or whether you stayed true to the comics; then ask yourself if the critics would not throw your movie out as another smash-bash (think Expendables) movie pulp with little or no depth. And did you give time to explore your characters, develop plots and sub-plots, and throw in a cameo of Stan Lee or someone else in there?

    When you’re done I believe you’d wish Whedon the very best of luck.

    • haha it was a jest dear Claude. Fanboy I am not. More so admirer of great feats of cinematic entertainment, which occaisionally includes comic book movies. As for Coulson, I understand his apperance, as is in any MCU film will be limited. But he still is my favorite character (even more so now with his new 10 minutes shorts) in the MCU next to RDJ and Arrogant Thor.

      Because this is based on the Ultimates story, I would this is just as much an Avenger story as it will be a SHIELD story. Considerig SHIELD has been putting this team together for quite some time and SHIELD looks as of they are responsible for Loki transportation to earth. I very much get the feeling SHIELD will be the “glue” that holds the team together in a way. Your ground zero.

  20. I dont think they have been putting it together for that long. Ya got Ironman 1, then Ironman 2. Now if you look at IM2 2/3 of the way through the film Colson leaves for New Mexico. Then when Stark and Fury have there little meeting reading the Widows recommendations If you check out the screen to the left. You see a news caster and the army getting the crap kicked out of them on the screen. Thats to collage when the Hulk cuts loose with the sound cannons. Now the extras in the Thor Blue Ray have the mini Agent Colsen movie and they are discussing adding the Abomination to the team. But they dont think its a good idea. So they wanna send someone to Anny General Ross. This happens to be Stark and we see him in the End of The Increible Hulk. So Id say its about a year putting it together (Best guess) for their universe.

  21. This looks bad. Bad to the bone.

  22. Just watched it again, yup, bad to the bone.

  23. Maybe they can glue some realistic enchanced looking prosthetic muscles on him or START taking some strong steriod shots, work on building those big powerful biceps & forearms the god of thunder has in the comicbooks & graphic novels! “Thor 2″ movie will be real awesome then!

  24. They said they did NOT want a body builder typr for the roll. While huge they cannot move in the way Thor needs to move. Both RDJ and Chris (Cap) have said that Hemsworth actaully looks like a hero on set as he is so much bigger.

    • Insulting people for absolutely no reason makes you sound moronic.

      If people do not like Cap’s headpiece, they are not necessarily living an alternative lifestyle. More likely, they simply think it looks goofy and not as good or as practical as his WWII headgear. If they like the look, it probably just means they think it’s an appropriately modernized design (and/or is “cooler” or more “superheroic”) compared to his original outfit.

      Plus, since this was more a teaser than a trailer, no one knows for certain HOW MUCH he’ll actually be wearing his FULL outfit…or what causes him to go without specific parts.

      Think (if possible for you) before you write.

    • Calm down dude… (yeeeeeez)

      I agree that Cap should wear his mask (but sadly, it’s not going to happen :() – actors want facetime: it’s as simple as that (no need to insult innocent viewers because Evans is “uncomfortable” in the helmet and wants people to see his face…)

      And yes, Whedon has read MANY comics (in fact, he even did a whole run for X-Men!). I’ve said this before, Whedon can’t really choose who dies or who doesn’t and the chances are actually pretty good that NO ONE is going to die in the movie… and even IF someone is going to bite the dust, there’s no use trying to figure out who it’s going to be, since that would ruin the whole surprise.

        • It’s not that “we don’t care” (I care a lot), it’s just that there’s nothing we can do about it…

        • of the 3 action shots in this trailer of cap, hes only not wearing a mask in one of them, so i dont see why your so upset. if hes just talking i dont see a need for him to have a mask on, since its more battle gear than hang around gear, the only person who would have to be wearing a mask a lot and keeping it on would be spiderman, and hes not in this movie.

    • He didn’t truly “die” because he came back. Hence, no one ever dieing in comics… they always come back one way or another. And once again, this isnt’ comics, its a movie. It is a lot harder to bring someone back from the dead in movies.

  25. There’s a few scenes with Chris Evans wearing the mask! as much
    as i like to see “Good looking” Chris Evans without the mask me
    as a fan would prefer the mask being on at least 75% of the time.
    he should just have it off when talking with the other heroes at
    the Avengers mansion & when he’s not in action of course.