‘The Avengers’ Trailer Is Here!

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At San Diego Comic-Con this year, the traditional go-to event for studios to showcase and tease their upcoming major projects, Marvel Studios was noticeably absent. They didn’t avoid the place entirely of course – that would cause a riot – but they did not host a panel presentation to talk about and show off The Avengers and other upcoming film projects, a major disappointment after bringing the entire cast on stage last year.

Instead, Marvel stuck to the show floor, handed out The Avengers character posters and brought some of the cast in to do signings for the fans. Next week, New York Comic-Con will be the place where Joss Whedon unveils his movie to the fans with new footage and the first ever full official trailer for The Avengers, a trailer which has just released online.


Our first look at The Avengers came attached as the post-credits “button” at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, which acted as a brief teaser to the ultimate comic book movie team-up. Then in August, Disney brought a panel and footage to their D23 event, much to the dismay of con goers who were hoping to see that same panel a month earlier in San Diego. This footage introduced the team members of The Avengers and gave a lot of screen time to Loki, our favorite antagonist from Thor, but much was held back in regards to the other villains of the film, the extra-terrestrial ones we keep hearing about.

Outside of revealing photos from the set of The Avengers which have become the main source of news headlines for the project, our last official look at The Avengers came attached to the Captain America Blu-ray release in a special featured titled ‘The Road to The Avengers” which featured very brief scenes intermixed with interviews with cast and crew.

You’ve met Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk before and we’ve seen what they’re capable of when put to the test. We’ve even been introduced to some of their friends in Black Widow and Hawkeye. But never have they faced an opponent such as this and never have they been forced to work together for a greater cause – watch and enjoy:


Watch the high-res version at Apple.com.


Visually it looks great and there are elements of Michael Bay all over some of the slow-motion city destruction scenes. Like the previous footage, the trailer acts as a teaser, focusing on brief snippets of the heroes and Loki, but holding back any reveals of the other villains of the film.

Here’s a gallery of screen grabs from the trailer for you to scrutinize:

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. Omg trailer was frikin awesome loves how stark was making fun of banner at end of trailer

  2. Looking good so far.

  3. My body is ready.

  4. It would have been better if they kept Ed Norton as Bruce Banner.

    • I agree but Thor’s hammer vs Capt Shield is going to be awesome

  5. After what Thor did to those Frost Giants and the Destroyer theres no way Whedon can depower him. And with you Ave on the Marvel CU marathon that day. Starting with IH. I believe thats how it starts chronologically. Or maybe were suppose to start with Cap.??

    • This is the correct chronological order:

      Captain America
      Iron Man
      Iron Man 2
      Incredible Hulk/Thor

      • iI may be wrong, but wouldn’t the correct order be:

        Captain America
        Iron Man
        The Incredible Hulk
        Iron Man 2

        • Incorrect, here’e the correct order:
          1. Captain America: TFA
          2. Iron Man
          3. Iron Man 2
          4. Thor (starts near the end of IM2)
          5. The Incredible Hulk (starts near the end of IM2)

  6. This movie will rule 2012. Period. This looks awesome as hell.

  7. Was the shot of Thor on one knee retrieving his hammer and Banner hulking out in the same room? Are they fighting?

  8. I don’t know what method they are using to do the Hulk but he looks really alive here instead of CGIed as he did in the other movies. Good job.

    • i agree, i even saw some sweat glistening on his face…looks great

  9. Looking good!

  10. Im a bit concerned with Thors costumes. Many of you that have been around for awhile know Im a big Thor fan and have been for 45 years. And I AM 50! lol. It seems to me Thor has more cosutmes then the Wasp. We have Thor with a cape and bare arms. Then we have Thor bare armed and no cape. Then we see Thor laugh in the teaser in what looks like a Thor lounger shirt. Then we see him in battle with a cape and with the arms covered.

    • On your note – my issue is the fact thor does not look like the “god of thunder”. His hair is too long, and they’ve trimmed his beard – and his arms/physique isnt as intimidating and muscly as the Thor movie. There have also been multiple concerns on Cap’s costume, and lack of Helmet in action scenes. And Thor’s lack of Helmet as well.

      Personally, i dont think this movie will stay true to anything, and i’m not a fan of Joss Whedon – judging from the costumes, and trailer – i wouldn’t classify him as a Marvel fan. I’m afraid he’s going to turn into another Sam Raimi. :(

      • Joss not a Marvel fan? Uh, he kinda worked for Marvel Comics and even wrote an entire acclaimed X-Men run. Trust me, just because Cap and Thor haven’t worn their helmets as much as some would like (jury’s still out on Cap btw), doesn’t mean Joss is not a Marvel fan doing this for the paycheck or whatever ulterior motive you’re suggesting.

        • Just because he worked for Marvel, doesn’t mean he’s an actual “fan” or knows the definition of the word. I’ve never been a fan of the attention of detail he puts in, or lacks, in his movies and tv shows. This is the same guy who did Buffy and Firefly. As good as those shows may be, there was no real attention to detail or growth on characters. I’m worried they’ve let him lose on The Avengers, and my first impressions are that this movie has lost some of the “magic” i saw in captain america and thor.

          • I don’t know what you mean by detail (continuity? Set?) but you can’t have seen much of Whedon’s shows if you think there’s no “character growth”. The characterisation is what made his shows so watchable.

            I agree with you on Thor not looking as intimidating, though.

          • I cant speak about Buffy, but you got to be joking about Firefly/Serenity. There was a detail and growth in that series and film, maybe you need to watch it again.

            Also Whedon is a huge Marvel/comics in general fan, he has stated that plenty of times and it shows.

            Also some magic will be lost as this is a bigger picture, but what is lost is gained elsewhere in the film so there is a lot of magic in it just not the same type.

    • In Thor you can see, that he has a magic/advanced tech – suit.
      His sleeves are somehow flying on his arms. So I think he switches “sleeves on” or “sleeves off” and maybe also “cape on”/”cape off”.
      I wonder if Thor shares some of the advanced science from asgard with us humans or Tony Stark, but maybe Thor just uses the tech and don’t know how it works, just like the most of us do ;)

  11. Wow, I cannot wait. All of it looks epic, but I’ll have to be honest, I smile every time Iron Man is on screen. The sight of that armor flying around is just so freakin’ awesome, especially at the end of him flying out of the water like a missile being fired out of a submarine. AWESOME…

    • I’m shocked…
      I actually COMPLETELY AGREE with you on that fact… ;)
      Seeing Iron Man/Stark on the screen is one of the most awesome movie experiences ever IMO :D


  13. Ok, finally saw it. I have to admit, I liked it but wasn’t blown away. The trailer didn’t change my feeling, it’s still my most anticipated film for next year, followed by TDKR.

  14. probably one of the epic movies coming out next year.

  15. I don’t know. Scarlet’s looking a little frumpy… The new haircut doesn’t help either. Maybe they can CG a new hair do on her.

    • I think Scarlett looks hot, thank you very much. :)

    • Yeah… I still maintain that they should have hired someone… BETTER for the role… (Yvonne Strahovski for instance)
      Anyone who thinks ScarJo looks hot should look at a picture of her without full makeup… she’s also pretty chubby (always let’s herself go when she isn’t busy with a movie).
      Just my opinion though…

  16. I’m not sure I like the seeming focus on Iron Man over the others, hopefully that’s just this trailer and not indicative of the movie itself

    • It’s probably just the trailer. Typically humor works well in trailers, and out of all of them, Stark will definitely have the most humorous lines…

  17. Why does Mark Ruffalo look like he’s made of plastic?

    • oh snap, you uncovered the secret. That’s actually Ed Norton in some heavy prosthetics and makeup!

  18. This looks good visually. I really hope they develop the characters and the relationships between them. This has the potential to be an awesome movie

  19. Wow, it’s looking very good so far! hope it’s over 2 hours long.

  20. Loved the trailer. I was entertained throughout watching it.

    P.S. I’d actually enjoy a Loki solo movie more than I would a Magneto solo movie. I think Tom Hiddleston is just so perfect for the role that it’s amazing. Together with Chris Hemsworth they are going to both end up making Thor comics more popular. Marvel Comics better know and take advantage.

    • Completely agree…

      I also agree that a “Journey Into Mystery” movie could actually work: Loki going off on an adventure of his own…

  21. whats with thor attacking cap?

    • I think Loki uses his mind-controlling abilities on Cap, like he does with Alexander Skarsgård at the end of Thor and hopefully does to some point with Hulk, so that we have a Avengers fight with Hulk.

  22. Looks like your everyday generic superhero movie! Not impressed at all.

  23. cant wait is it wrong i have a countdown for this

  24. The trailer was OK but the shots doesn’t look convincing looks like TV serial Joss Whedon is bad choice after all and music is so lame(I am not DC fan I am Marvel guy).the trailer wasn’t how I expected even the explosions looked unprofessional because of the bad direction.Transformers 3′s explosions are so much better, Michael Bay is master of Trailer-maker i always feel the magic of his trailer if you still see Transformers 3 theatrical trailer it will give u goosebumps.I wish someone else would have directed The Avengers so many expectations now turned into dust.Music was too bad!The best part was Ironman part!IRONMAN FTW!

    • I don’t know what you are talking about. The explosions are looking unprofessional because of the bad direction?
      Do you mean the cameras were filming in a wrong direction (left instead of right, or what?) or the director doesn’t give the right directions/instructions to the explosions?:D
      They can look bad because of bad CGI (I don’t think they are CGI in this) or bad pyrotechnics. The explosions are looking like expplosions, I have absolutely nothing to complain about them.

      The music is f####ng amazing IMO(NIN rules!), the lyrics can’t be more appropriate.
      But this is of course a matter of taste.

      • I mean the explosion don’t look good like if you see MB’s explosions those look amazing, the music is good but when vocalist starts singing it ruins everything!Ironman and fury look good but cap and thor looks weird why they had to short SJ’s hair she looked so much better in IM2 Hulk is also good .

      • The music wasn’t appropriate.

        Not saying the band sucks or anything, but it didn’t fit in with the type of movie ‘The Avengers’ is.

        For instance: AC/DC playing in IM2?.. BEST ever – because the band suited the genre of the movie… if it were Nickelback playing in the movie… it would have sucked…

        They should stick with an instrumental score for The Avengers (the vocals doesn’t make sense)…

        • “We’re (Avengers) in this (war with Loki) together now, none of them (Loki and his army) can stop us now” doesn’t make sense? If this doesn’t make sense then nothing do.

          • You are missing the point entirely…
            Yes, the lyrics match what the team is about, but the entire song (vocals, rhythm, THE WHOLE GENRE OF THE BAND – hard rock – doesn’t match the theme of the movie IMO)

            By your logic, if the lyrics are the most important part of the song, they could just as easily have played that High School Musical song: “We’re all in this together”… it’s basically the same lyrics ;)

            I’m guessing you’re a fan of the band, which is fine (I like em’ to), but the music doesn’t match with the type of movie Avengers is shaping up to be…

            • I’m not missing the point, I only have a different opinion.
              The tune, vocals, rhythm, THE WHOLE GENRE OF THE BAND – hard rock match the theme of the movie very well, as every action-themed movie is predestinated for this kind of music.
              There should be more Movies (at least action-movies) without a classical instrumental score, but with a impulsive, driving soundtrack/score.

  25. Can anybody tell me whom Iron Man is “racing” after Thor laughs in the next shot?

    • I paused it and watched it. There aren’t much frames but it is a rocket, some sort of missile.

  26. would like to know how they get thor back to earth when he is in aasgaard at the end of his movie

    • What’s about this cosmic cube, doesn’t it beam people around.

    • We’ll find out in 204 days… ;)

      • Hey I thought Disney was distributing The Avengers but in trailer it shows Paramount Pictures?

        • Paramount is still a partner in the movie…
          Disney can’t get rid of em’ that easily ;)

    • I have wandered aloud the same thing. So far they (in movie history) they haven’t been able to crack the uses of the Cosmic cube (when they got it in WWII). you would think Thor and Loki might know how to use it (since in Cap it says it came from Odin’s treasure chest). Or maybe with both Banner and Stark working on it (two of the most brilliant minds in MU) they figure it out.

    • Cosmic Cube or Mjolnir. In Thor, Odin did say that Mjolnir was “a weapon to destroy or a tool to build”.

  27. I think Mark Ruffalo is going to nail Bruce Banner – there’s something about the ‘Bill Bixby’ about him here – and he’s shown more charisma in just one shot of him and RDJ that the other two former actors failed to do. At last Hulk has a Bruce Banner !
    Roll On 2012

    • The Hulk could make or break this movie. I am so interested in how they are going to get him on the team (do they just go up and ask the unstable Banner? I think if Banner saw gov’t agents after him again regardless of his cause he would Hulk out). And I wonder how powerful they will make the Hulk. Hell, in the cartoon movie at least, Hulk saved the day was the Chitauri couldn’t do anything about him.

    • I second that, he has the best Banner-look/presence.
      I don’t know why most people think Norton was so good, he was never Banner for me, I didn’t like this actor anyway. Even Eric Bana was a better Banner, but the Movie was not so good.

  28. How strong is Loki’s mind control abilities? Can he take over strong minds like Cap and IM or does it only work on the more week minded (like possible the hulk/banner or “normal” humans)?

  29. And was that Loki choke slamming Cap through a window???!!!!!?!??!!!

    I need to stop commenting I am turning into a fanboy

    • I think Loki’s powers are strong enough to take over most of the Avengers (MAYBE with the exception of Cap).

      And yes, it was indeed Loki who threw Cap out the window. Loki’s powers make him very tough, people underestimate him a great deal…

      • Well he obviously has combat skill… he did hold his own against Thor for awhile (although I think Thor was holding back a bit due to being brothers) in the movie when everything else that got in Thor’s way met swift destruction.

    • @Shadow
      that was Loki throwing Tony Stark out the window. It was quick edited to have Cap falling the next scene.

      • Woah you are right. Good catch. I had to pause it exactly at the right time to see that. That must be when Loki is escaping then… no way would stark challenge Loki without his suit