‘The Avengers’ Trailer Parody: It’s Basically ‘Iron Man 3′

Published 4 years ago by , Updated October 19th, 2011 at 6:21 pm,

The Avengers Movie Logo The Avengers Trailer Parody: Its Basically Iron Man 3

It was only a matter of time until we got a (quality) parody of The Avengers trailer, and as usual, the Internet hath provided.

Bryan Harley and a few of his pals at DumbDrum.com got together to shoot their own version of the theatrical trailer for The Avengers, which they hope to enter in the upcoming Swede Fest 8.

Inspired by the Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind, Swede Fest showcases films that have been “sweded” – i.e., recreated by amateurs. Like the protagonists in Gondry’s film, these “sweded” works often feature hilariously low production values, sharp observation about what makes a film cool (or less than cool), and a general sense of good fun being had by people who like movies.

With that all said, see what parts of The Avengers trailer Harley and Co. poke fun at by watching the trailer below:

Jabs at Sam Jackson’s potty mouth, the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack, Scarlett Johansson’s hotness, Thor’s questionable intelligence – AND a DC vs. Marvel quip, to boot? Yep, these guys have nailed pretty much everything. My personal favorites were the well-fed Bruce Banner (in mockery of the stockier Mark Ruffalo) and a blow-up doll pulling off Black Widow’s patented scissor-clutch takedown move.

Do you think this parody is worthy of a “swede” award?

You can watch the real Avengers assemble in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Dumb Drum via First Showing

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  1. loved it

  2. Gentlemen, and that one hot chick… LMFAO…

    Other then that, lame…

  3. hated it.

  4. $6 production costs + $100 weed = LOL

    • Hah

    • “$6 production costs + $100 weed = LOL”


  5. wow, lol I didnt expect the production value to be THAT low haha

  6. For God Sake’s… “WHY?” Waste of Bandwidth. ~ Stark

  7. Dudes….why would you rip it and not just embed from Youtube? Costing the boys some views.

    • @travis

      We’ve added the YouTube version. The guys can now get hits AND some the hate you see in these comments. Good luck.

  8. That was pretty mother@#$&?¢% funny – Nick F.

  9. I can’t believe Swede Fest exists. Having a film “sweded” was relatively funny for the movie and not at all funny in reality. But seriously? This is a thing? This really happened? Someone spent time doing this…and I actually spent time watching it and now commenting about it? Are the awards made of cardboard?

  10. I thought this was pretty funny. My favorite parts were:

    Using their own voices for special effect sounds i.e. explosions.

    The shot at DC comics during the theme song “We’re in this together now. We’re not the Justice Leauge”

    And the shot of Hawkeye jump sliding but with the cardboard still in the shot

  11. Um… yah, just a bunch of nerds with too much time on their hands… Kind of funny, but nothing I’d post on my facebook, lol. 😀

  12. That’s suppose to be funny? I feel like I just wasted part of my life. Then again the people who do this crap for this dumb festival waste far more of theirs so I’m still better off than they are at least.

    No thanks I’ll wait until college humor does something that at least has a chance at being funny. I’d rather go watch Will Ferrel act like a moron for two hours and not laugh than watch this crap.

    • But you watched it, didn´t you? :)

      • Point?

        • Pont is Turkey bacon and Turkey burgers will never be as good as what they are attempting to imitate. Death to off shoots and rehashes.

          Parodies however, are like the evolution of the video game cinsole — arguably better than the original.

  13. I don’t understand, how did this video get its own article here? This isn’t a parody, it’s a low-low rent redo of the trailer.

    • Slow day at the news desk, lol.

    • Agreed. I’m confused. There are a billion of these types of terrible videos all around the internet.

  14. The whole point of “Sweding” something is to emulate what they did in “Be Kind Rewind” — it’s purposefully meant to be that low-budget.

    If you don’t get that or like it, fine. But you’re definitely NOT “clever” for bashing it for being what it’s supposed to be.

    Not a “slow news day” Ken J – we just understand and appreciate what they’ve done here.

    • Well you just need to understand and appreciate what I’ve said here… lol 😛 Just kidding man, I know, was just joking around. :-)

  15. This made me laugh pretty hard

  16. This was great! HAHAH LOOOOOOOLL

  17. Kinda funny, pretty unnecessary 😉

    I always like a nice parody film/trailer, but this didn’t really strike me as a “good” one.
    Wouldn’t say it was a “waste of time”, but it was a waste of MY time.

    Still, a good job at poking The Avengers with a stick.

  18. I love it, I laughed pretty hard at it. My favorite part was:
    Thor: (laughing) I have no idea what those words mean. lol

  19. I thought it was pretty funny because the real Avengers trailer was overhyped so it was a nice touch on how they did this.

  20. we are like the justice leagueeeeee, but were not the justice leagueeeeee

  21. That was horrible. It wasnt funny it wasnt cleaver it was just embarrasing.
    Really, why bother writing about this crap?

  22. Hilarious parody???? Really???? Come on.

  23. Wow. Guys if you dont like an article you can move on. If you didnt like the video no need to ask why it was posted, i liked it.

    • No kidding.

    • You’re right if we don’t like it we can move on… Of course if we don’t like it we can also comment. The beauty of the site is that we can comment on any article we want regardless of if we like the video that appears in it or not. I like that I can comment on a video or an article if I don’t like it. I like that this site allows me to say more than “Haha That’s funny” or simply “I agree”.

      Wow man if you liked it you could of just watched it and moved on no need to say it was funny…. See what I did there?

  24. I’m just gonna say, even though i am dead excited for the avengers i do love to poke fun at what I love..and this was pretty funny! :)

  25. This reminds me of the three kids who remade Raiders. Except that one was cool.

  26. Yeah, I agree – making a low-rent movie trailer about a film you love, just for the fun of it, Is a LOT stupider than being an Internet smarta$$ – these guys should learn their place!

  27. People really, really need to get a sense of humor.


    • Very much agreed.

    • Do you mean the negative commenters? Or the people who made this video? (insert rim shot here)

    • Vic by that do you mean that everyone needs to share your sense of humor? Just because people don’t find this unfunny video funny doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor it means they don’t laugh at the same things as you. I’ve got plenty of comedies on my DVD shelf.

      Hard to believe that someone could have a huge Mel Brooks collection and be told they have no sense of humor because they didn’t laugh at a low rent unwitty poorly made fan video.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself Daniel F

  28. Just watched this again. Still think it’s funny.

    Noticed they put red scarf to make BW red headed. And the play they made on Loki pushing Stark out the window to the quick edit of Cap fallin on a car from the trailer.

    Would like to see one of TDKR theatrical trailer or the 8min prologue too.

  29. it’s not that the folks who are responding here don’t have a sense of humor- it’s more like this sort of “3 geeky guys and their hipster chick-friend make a parody of something/anything that we’re all supposed to giggle at and immediately send to our friends” schtick is getting.. old? stale? been there? got the T-shirt included in the EPK? … it’s INCREDIBLY EASY to knock together a “hilarious parody®” of something, ESPECIALLY in hipster-media internets-land. it’s a lot tougher to create something new, powerful and longer lasting.
    just sayin©.