‘The Avengers’ German Trailer: Rächer Sammeln!

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avengers trailer084 570x306 The Avengers German Trailer: Rächer Sammeln!

The Avengers will assemble in theaters this coming summer, and the entire world is embracing the epic debut of Marvel’s superhero teamup.

So far we’ve had just one Avengers trailer to tease and tantalize us  with the sweet sight of so many superheroes in one place, but today the brings a new international Avengers trailer…one that Captain America might have a problem with. Hope you’ve been brushing up on your German…

The Avengers unites Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Tony Stark), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) as they unite to battle Thor’s evil brother Loki (Tome Hiddleston) and the extraterrestrial threat he unleashes upon the Earth. Today’s German trailer is pretty much identical to the original English-language version, with the exception of a few new shots:


Not really much to say about the new trailer, as it’s not really all that “new,” per se. The dubbed voices are amusing, and the brief scene of Ruffalo and Scar Jo talking was featured in the New York Comic-Con Avengers panel; the dialogue between them (thanks to writer/director Joss Whedon) was pretty spot-on and sharp. I’m sure if you listened to this trailer enough – knowing how its English counterpart goes – you might even pick up a little German vocab for your repertoire. Three guesses what “Rächer Sammeln!” means (according to Google Translate, at least).

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel

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  1. It’s better than the US trailer. You actually see plenty of the other characters, especially quite a bit of Bruce Banner.

    Just a shame I can’t speak German.

    • Agree.

  2. lol
    So Cap wakes up to a german speaking Fury. “So i guess we lost?”
    Fury: “Da”

    • “Da” is russian.

      • Thank you scapegoat for pointing that one out…

        And Ignur Rant, that is a good one.

        • My bad

    • lol @ ignur!!!

    • please people stop this german-clishe thinking,we live in the 21st century.i was born in germany but my nacionality is turkish,we all live in multi-culti democratic continents,not all germans were nazis. and also this is a country who are inspired from american pop-music and film culture.i am 36 years old but i have read marvel and d.c. comics since my childhood,and watch american movies since then too.i loved cap.t.f.a,but here are alot of stupid people who dont know the history of marvel and the origin cap.a.comics,so they are just pissed off because of the clishe and couldnt enjoy the movie. but just like isaid these are the 40%who never read the comics and couldnt understand the human message.they love spidey,f-4,iron man and thor normal moviegoers,at most also people who never read those comics. but as cap were in cinema,it was amassive flop,but for me it is my third favou.marvel movie!so forget all the haters of both sides.

      • He didn´t mean that in a cliché thinking way. It was just a joke.

  3. Haha second I jus wanna say hi to my fans out there, thank u for giving me this opportunity I’ll be bAk to film The fourth entry in the dark knight legend

    • Mr. e, mystery, enigma, Edward Nigma!

  4. Scapecoat translated some of this on the open discussion thread.

    • I meant scapegoat. doh.

  5. The correct translation for “Avengers assemble” is

    “Rächer sammeln”

    • Stupid Google Translate… Thanks Scapegoat!

      • You´re welcome. But it´s still not correct. It´s “Rächer” (without the S at the end)…

        • We good now?

          • Perfect.

            • Actually “Rächer sammeln” would usually be understood as “collecting avengers”, though “Rächer, sammeln!” (with a comma) can mean “Assemble Avengers!”. However, “to assemble” is “versammeln” rather than “sammeln”. Although the infinitive can be used as an imperative (Rächer, versammeln!) in German, it’s still somewhat ambiguous when spoken (“Rächer, versammeln! / Avengers, assemble!” versus “Rächer versammeln… / Someone is assembling avengers” i.e. transitive vs. reflexive). To remove all doubt a native speaker would add the reflexive pronoun:


              • That´s true. But in the german comic books, they say “Rächer sammeln” since the 60s. They used it in the german dubbed Ultimate Avengers movies and I´m sure they´ll use it in the live action movie.

                • it’s funny though that in the trailer they don’t actually call themselves “Rächer” but literally “Avengers” – a bit odd (but I guess understandable since they haven’t changed the title of the movie to German).

                  • Not in the trailer, but in the Iron Movies, they say “Rächer Initiative”.

              • It could be a military command.
                When soldiers are spread on the battlefield, an order in german is “sammeln”, that means the soldiers have to gather together to build a formation.

              • what?

  6. “montieren” really means to assemble something. with tools and stuff. not really a good translation. and the plural of “Rächer” (avenger) is “Rächer” (avengers) :)

  7. Enjoyed this – more Banner….still time we started to see a full-trailer featuring more Hulk & a look at what we’re really getting. Can’t wait.

  8. I knew German would come in handy someday! :)

    Ich kann nicht warten!!!

  9. the right is .die rächer formieren!greatings to screenrant from germany

    • Schön zu sehen, daß ich nicht der einzige Deutsche hier bin…

  10. in cinemas in germany,the title is the same in english,but a.assembled is;die rächer formieren or zusammenführen. i think in germany we are the second marvel-fans after u.s.a

  11. love screenrant,i dont translate over google,because its a mess.i read it in english,so can ialso learn and understand the insiderwords that i havent learned at school,thats cool. plus,scr.ra. has the best news and comments.have all nice c.holidays,i am out!murdok

  12. *Giggles like little girl*
    It just sounds so funny with the German voice-overs 😉
    I’ve seen the original Avengers trailer like 70 times, so this really is a bit trippy.

    Other than that, I think this trailer would have been better than the previous one: Those extra 2 new scenes really freshens it up IMO

    It really is a shame that it’s not available in English (yet)… :(

  13. O YEAH!!!!!!!
    Cap I’m the Alley actually looks good…We get to see a lot more of Wheddons *Shooting style..it looks like He preferres up close, 3-4 shots…
    That’s bizz talk…

    Bully for Him!
    Gentleman let’s get to Work!

  14. Fun fact:

    The german voice actor for Downey (at least in the Marvel movies) is the same guy who dubs the voices of Brad Pitt and Jack Black.

    • schönen gruss an scapegoat,schade das wir nicht so ne coole seite wie screenrant haben!

      • Stimmt. Aber dafür gibt es ja Screenrant.

        • jo,das stimmt allerdings und fördert auch besseres verstehen und reden,da ich leider nicht so perfekt schreiben kann versuchs ich es wenigstens.freu mich auf den film.einfach nur geil wie die mit den marvel filmen,im moment die alten kindheitsträume ins leben rufen. screenrant best side!

  15. This trailer is better than the english one! Unfortunately it still has that misplaced music. If only they would use Two Steps From Hell or something for their trailer music. It would definatley make the trailer the very definition of “epic!”

  16. I’ve always wondered why they do voice-overs for some movies in some countries…
    Surely most of the Germans can all understand English?

    Here in South-Africa we have like 11 official languages (not exaggerating), yet all the movies are still screened in the original English with the original voices from the actual cast. And the crazy thing is, most movie-goers here (even though we have 11 languages) can speak and understand English!
    If they had to dub the voices from The Avengers over in Afrikaans (my home language), I’d start to cry.

    In an interview with “Top Gear”, Sebastian Vettel said that in Germany they show Top Gear but with German voices: he also said that “it just doesn’t work” and that it isn’t as funny as it is in the original English.

    I’d like to know how many of you guys feel the same way… (i.e. that voice-overs aren’t AS GOOD AS the original language it was filmed in)?

    • In Germany we´re very fortunate when it comes to voice overs. At least in movies. Most of the famous actors have one voice actor, so you get used to it. When the voice actor for Robin Williams had a stroke, another one took over. And when you´re used to a voice for more than 20 years, it´s strange. And the guy who dubs Schwarzenegger´s voice dubs also the voice of Stallone. So it was kinda funny to watch Arnold´s cameo in The Expendables.

    • BTW: Sebastian Vettel lives about 25 km away from me…

    • There are about 17 million people from the former GDR who never had learned english in school, but russian.
      I’m astounded how many many people in western Germany didn’t speak/understand english either.

      The first time, I watch the german version of a movie, mainly because I watch them together with my wife and she doesn’t understand english very well, but german (half Italian/half croatian, born in germany).

      When it is a good movie, I’m looking forward to watch the english-version sometime later. Especially the soround-sound-mixing is way better in the original, it’s more like your in the movie.

      Nonetheless, the most films are very well dubbed here in Germany.

      • That´s because of our 3-way school system we have. Show me one “Hauptschüler” who can speak english properly. But that´s mostly because they´re just not interested in learning at all. Hence the 5 millions unemployed.

        Where do you live, btw?

        • to scapecoat,i am one of the hauptschüler,always had a+orb+,but youre right today they cant even speak their own language.

          • That´s what I meant. And since you´re turkish, I guess you even speak three languages. And that´s something very respectable.

            • danke schön,and i understand the joke now!gruss murdok

        • I’m living in Berlin, but I’m born in Nordrhein Westfalen (Sauerland).
          Mensch, ich kann doch Deutsch reden, woher kommst Du?

          • aus dem schönen niedersachsen,gruss an alien´s r us und scapegoat!

    • germans make the best voice overs,its like the actors never speaked another language,believe me because i watch both sometimes in english,but most in german,because the voice overs are perfect. de niro said he likes his germvoice speaker better than his orig.voice.

      • Robin Williams even gave his first Oscar to his german voice actor. Together with a note saying “Thanks for making me famous in Germany.” No joke.

  17. Only 4.5 months until THE AVENGERS! give or take a day.

    • 128 days and 12 hours till it hits South-Africa 😉

      • Would you stop bragging??!! 😀

  18. That was a 1000 times better than TDKR trailer.

    (runs out of the room as fast as Flash)


    • I wouldn’t say a 1000 times… but it’s definitely in the mid 100’s (IMO) 😉

  19. Das ist gut !

  20. Can anyone tell me please what’s the correct translation for: “Avengers Assemble!” in german?

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