Teaser For ‘The Avengers’ Button At End of ‘Captain America’

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The Avengers Teaser Trailer Teaser For The Avengers Button At End of Captain America

In Marvel and DC comics, each character is part of larger universe. Batman fights alongside Superman and Wonder Woman in DC’s Justice League; some of the X-Men fight alongside Spider-Man and The Avengers in Marvel’s main universe. When it comes to the films however, only Marvel Studios had made the effort to realize that shared universe on the silver screen and after years of laying the foundation, the next feature from the Disney-owned studio represents the culmination of their efforts, and the ultimate comic geek fantasy: The Avengers.

If you’re reading this, looking for that first glimpse at The Avengers and are excited to see these heroes come together on screen, then you’ve no doubt been following the series to date. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk introduced two heroes to the modern world, grounded in reality, teasing the beginnings of the The Avengers thanks to cameo appearances by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick fury and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, respectively.

The success of Iron Man opened the floodgates to the then-independent studio and solo character films to introduce Captain America and Thor were quickly greenlit alongside an Iron Man sequel. These films were set to lay the seeds of the other core characters of The Avengers, a film that would see the four established heroes – and some special  S.H.I.E.L.D. agents - join together for a common cause. That and brilliant merchandising and marketing initiatives are helping to ensure that The Avengers is more than just a few hours of on-screen entertainment, but an event.

Avengers Assemble Poster  570x125 Teaser For The Avengers Button At End of Captain America

The Avengers character posters assemble

By now you should have learned to stick around and wait out the credits during each Marvel Studios film as each includes a “button” at the end, a tease of things to come. Iron Man introduced Nick Fury and The Avengers Initiative, Thor revealed the villain of The Avengers and the end of Captain America brought Steve Rogers into the modern era with an additional post-credits button giving fans their first look at The Avengers.

Part of those two segments from Marvel Studios’ latest film have been released online, but keep in mind, this is not a teaser trailer for The Avengers, but a button as Disney and Paramount call it. For a glimpse of what’s at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, watch this clip, titled “Times Square,” below from Yahoo! which shows a part of the final scene of the movie and a brief tease of the post-credits button. For the full excitement, go see the film in theaters. Trust us.

While far more engaging than The Avengers teaser from last year’s Comic-Con, this footage doesn’t reveal any of the action bits and other fun stuff the full button does, so again, check it out in theaters as we are told it will not be released online. We’ve also pulled out some stills from the trailer for a closer look at The Avengers roster, including the first look at Thor’s new costume and Hawkeye’s get-up, our first look at Mark Ruffalo joining the franchise as Bruce Banner, and even Black Widow’s new hairstyle.

These character shots all appear to take place aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Tony Stark wearing the Black Sabbath T-shirt is probably the greatest thing i’ve ever seen

    • I want that shirt! Anyone know any good sites to get vintage metal shirts like that?

      • try rockabilia.com

        • Thanks!

    • But “Never Say Die” is Sabbath´s weakest album with Ozzy.

  2. Stark is a Sabbath fan! Wonderful! I bet he loves the song “Iron Man”…

    • I doubt it.

      Man, what a good way for me to finish Summer semester. :)

    • I LOVE the Iron Man song and I’m sure Stark is also a fan ;)
      Although, I picture he’s more of an AC/DC guy (ala “War Machine”)

  3. So frickin excited for this, every film from Marvel Studios has been amazing and if there is anyone who can each character their own time to shine and develop it’s Joss Whedon. I mean look at what he has done in the past with shows that awesome characters: Buffy, Angel, and Firefly these shows had wonderful interesting characters and none of em felt underused. My only gripe is that Wasp and Antman will not be in it ,but hopefully one day we will get Nathan Fillion as Antman and Morenna Baccarin as Wasp

    • And Whedon knows how to stay true to Marvel characters. You should read his entire run on Astonishing X-men, each X-man got to shine, and no one was overshadowed by any other character.

      He was the best choice for this film. He can write a team without messing it up.

  4. who can give each character their own time to shine*

  5. Can we just get the full teaser officially released in Hi Def already

  6. saw the full teaser after captain america credits
    frikin awesome!!!! cant wait

  7. I made DARN sure to Stay after the Credits for Cap..:-D

    • I did too, but while sitting there a lot of people got up and left, Ild say 75% of them left, WTF?!?!?!

  8. Can’t wait for the 1st official trailer!

  9. I’m so glad Black Widow’s new hairstyle got a shout out

  10. Really hope the full thing is put online at SOME point. Due to the trailer being unrated, noone here in Quebec gets to see it in theatres *cries*

    • I feel you man :( That’s jsut like the dark knight trailer not being shown here in front of harry potter , which was the only reason I went to see it lol

    • I downloaded a good quality bootleg of it. I have to wait 18 more days to see it on the big screen.

  11. I’m glad to get a more clear view of Thor’s new armor, and some good views of the rest of the Avengers.

  12. Sometimes I think there’s another character left, who may that be ?

    • Expect a cameo but Wasp, who they wanted in it, is not a featured character for a variety of reasons.

      • im guessing cus antman has yet to introduced

        • maybe a Dr.Strange cameo

          • Why would HE have a cameo? Dr.Strange hasn’t even been an Avenger for that long. The chances of Dr Strange getting a cameo in Avengers is probably 0.5% – the chances of Janet or Hank getting a cameo is like 82%.

            • To show the cosmic side of marvel.I’m proply wrong but it would be cool.

              • Your kidding right? Dr. Strange isn’t even part of the “cosmic” side of the Marvel U – he is on the “magic” side of the Marvel U… BIG difference.

                The cosmic side includes characters like the FF, Silver Surfer, Thanos, etc. (just in case you didn’t know)

                • The cosmic side and magic side are the same thing to me and I know you thank theres a BIG difference but I dont.So stop acting like a five year old and super-geeking out on me because I made a mistake

                  • Okay sorry (so touchy ;)), but now you know… the supernatural side of the Marvel U is completely different from the cosmic side (the magic stuff and the space stuff is completely different)

                    And a person doesn’t have to be a “super-nerd” to know the difference between magic and science (unproven science). They just need to have passed 4th grade ;)

                    I get that many people don’t know that much about comics (and that’s fine with me) – and I’m sorry if I sound like an a-hole, but I don’t understand how this stuff is so hard for people to comprehend…

                    • I know theres a difference but the way most people look at the marvel U is as one big univres filled with heros. Witch it is but they dont look at ghost rider and say hey that guys from the horrer side of marvel they say hey that guys from marvel (just so you know) and who are you to tell some one that way of thinking is wrong. Looks like some one has an ego trip going on.

    • I would stake money on the fact that the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) or Ant-Man (Hank Pym) OR BOTH (hopefully) would get a cameo appearance… it just isn’t the Avengers without them…

      • Exactly.

  13. I’m just wondering, but what happened to the glowing thing in Stark’s chest??

    • The little mini-arc reactor. Did he find a way to survive without it now??

      • Just because it’s not going through every tshirt he wears, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Kind of impractical to have his entire wardrobe of shirts with holes in the chest just so he can flaunt the arc reactor.

        • I believe he’s referring to the fact that previously the reactor’s glow would show through the t-shirts, and in that scene the glow isn’t visible and I don’t think you can see any bump or ridge under the surface.

        • I take it back, on second viewing I can see the shirt sticking out a bit.

          • He is also wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath the t-shirt so it is doubled up.

    • Hahaha! “the glowing thing”… some people… but I digress.

      Simple answer: Tony invented a way for the light from the arc-reactor to “dim” or turn off… I do believe in Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2 there were some scenes where you can’t see the light that well either (like when he’s wearing tux for example)… he’s probably just wearing a thick T-shirt or like I mentioned, he found a way to make the light less visible.

      • I truly doubt anyone with writing responsibilities would think the character would care about dimming the light. It’s just a thick shirt.

        • Yeah, that’s would be my first guess as well (a thick shirt). I don’t really even know why I conjured up the idea that the light is “dimmed” down :D

      • @TheAvenger

        I understand that you pride yourself in being a dweeb, but I actually did correct myself and called it the small arc reactor he had in his chest.

        Maybe we can talk about guns or cars so I can mock how you probably know nothing about either of those. :-P lol, just kidding. :-)

    • Just to confirm: I watched Iron Man 2 again and there are MANY, MANY scenes where Stark’s arc-reactor ISN’T visible – in most of these scenes he’s wearing a black T-shirt or a tuxedo-like suit.

    • The more realistic reason why is it probably gets a more glow added in post production.

  14. Not much of an Ultimates fan but after doing a bit of looking, Thor matches up with that version fairly well. Also explains why they didn’t give him chainmail leggings…..All they had to do was remove the sleeves, cape and helm.

    Still disappointed in them not matching Cap’s look (please no more anachronism BS, it could have worked if they had given it a chance) but it does look pretty good. I can already tell Stark (or more correctly RDJ) is gonna be the glue that holds the team together and makes this movie great.

    • silly goose.

    • About the costumes:
      *I don’t like Thor’s new costume. It just looks so funny/strange/weird. In the Ultimates books it looks “okay”, but the movie version doesn’t work – they should have just stuck with his chain-mail armor :(
      *Cap’s costume, on the other hand, looks so awesome I nearly wet myself the first time I saw it.
      *Iron Man WILL be awesome and the Hulk is the Hulk… so I’m not worried about those two.
      *Frankly, I don’t care about the Black Widow’s look because my eyes will be on Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) ;), but in all fairness, Johansson does look good.
      *The other SHIELD agents and Nick Fury look just as I imagined they will look – awesome.
      *Aaaaaannnd, I’m still on the fence about Hawkeye’s costume…

      Moving on:
      I’m glad mongoose brought up the subject of “the glue that holds the team together”, because I still have no clue who is going to lead the team: will it be Iron Man (like in the early days of the Marvel-U when the team first started out), will it be Cap (like in the present Marvel U and the Ultimates-U) or could it even possibly be Fury?

      • I was wondering why and where Hawkeye’s mask was.I’m not saying that they have to have the same design as the comic,but he definitely needs to have a mask or helmet of some sort to complete the costume.

        • I feel that a guy who is cocky and arrogant enough to use a bow and arrow over a rifle or pistol would warrant some elaborate costume. A mask may be stretch but it does makes sense since many Black Operatives where face paint though his idenity may be public knowledge. I thought Hawkeye was one of those anti-authority people so him conforming to a SHIELD uniform is upsetting.

          • I really like the understated nature of Hawkeye’s costume in the Avengers concept poster. I really have a hard time buying into the idea that he would have a need for a mask, and being as cocky as he is, I doubt he would want a mask either.

            For the film versions of these characters, I sorta lump Hawkeye in with Black Widow, where they were both specialized SHIELD agents before the formation of the Avengers, and I can’t really picture her wearing a mask for any reason either, which just reinforces my feeling about Hawkeye’s.

      • Im thinking Thor has more than one costume. We see him all Ultimate like but at the end hes sleeveless but has the cape, much like the classic Thor.

        • It’s entirely possible that he wears more than one costume in Avengers, but we haven’t seen that in the footage. The “concept art” Avengers poster with Thor shows him in his outfit from the Thor film, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will appear in Avengers. The costume he wears in the helicarrier in the footage is the same one he’s wearing at the end when he throws the hammer…he just isn’t wearing the cape in the earlier scene.

    • I like all of them, for once, I don’t have a negative opinion on anything lol.

    • Well, discounting Hawkeye’s costume, but that wasn’t shown.

  15. I’m so excited for this movie. I love the Avengers and Joss and only wish success for him, the actors and all involved.

  16. Honestly I think Marvel totally shot themselves in the foot with breaking out The Avengers so soon. Moving forward we are going to have several standalone films where audiences will be saying to themselves “Where’s Captain America?” or “Where’s Iron Man?” Avengers should be a culmination of several storylines explored in each character’s previous film, not a mishmash of timelines respective to each film.

    I still have some faith in Whedon to pull everything together well. I just am pretty skeptical.

    • I don’t really see your argument. I for one think it’s just the right time for the Avengers (remember – when this project was first announced, Marvel said that Avengers would be released in 2011.) This project has been almost 7 years in the making… there is no way that Marvel Studios would rush the Avengers – they have too much riding on this to mess it up.

      • Exactly, Avenger. Marvel Studios cant risk this movie to suck, there is too much work and $$$ involved. That’s why I hate when people say “The Avengers is gonna suck lol” All I know this movie will be EPIC!!!

      • My argument is that future movies (Captain America 2, Thor 2, etc…) that exist in a post-Avengers world will seem empty because they lack that teamwork seen in Avengers. Essentially, every movie going forward should feel like some extension of The Avengers because all of the superheroes all know each other.

        I’m not saying they rushed the project, I’m saying they didn’t think about the repercussions of pulling this movie out so soon.

        • See your point, but I can’t imagine that the folks involved didn’t plan ahead for what would happen post-Avengers film. They’ve laid too much groundwork and careful connections between the films so far for me buy into the whole “uh oh, now what?” argument.

          Having the boys team up for a couple films here and there doesn’t mean their individual stories are suddenly going to be awkward and out of place going forward. If someone were writing a fictional story about the database team I work on, it doesn’t mean a story about our individual lives would be untellable.

          • EXACTLY! Thank you Ken. That was the point I was trying to make… Marvel has PREPARED for this… they have experienced writers who have “laid the groundwork” and already figured out a way to overcome these problems.

  17. Have’nt seen Cap yet. Monday methinks. However, Marvel are playing there cards fairly close to the chest with The Avengers so I’m gonna wait for official trailer before i even think about it. Mild brain f**k!! Can’t wait to see Cap though.

    • Maybe you should go back to school dude… your grammar is terrible ;). And you do realize that there isn’t any “harsh” swearing allowed on this site?

      • Now,now, The grammar police aren’t welcome here either…seeing as you’ve designated yourself a moderator. And plenty of folks use the *** instead of the actual word, so lets not create an issue, yeah?

        • Tell that to my 10 year old niece that was sitting with me when I was browsing through the comments!

          “Uncle John, what is a mild brain f…” – How would you explain it to her? Because I had no idea what to say to her.

          • You talk too much, and your annoying.

            Just sayin…

            • That was uncalled for… :(

              So your saying that I’m not allowed to discuss things on the discussion page?

              I’m simply stating my opinions… talking to people who have the same interest in the Avengers as me… Sure, maybe sometimes I reply to one too many comments, SUE ME! I’M BORED! I don’t see any harm in TALKING TO PEOPLE.

              Can you please tell me WHAT exactly it is that I’ve done to offend you?

  18. Well the last shot proces that everybody was right about Thors costume. Most of the shots, no cape. That final shot, we have a cape. So I guess we get both. Im digging the look with the bare arms and cape. More like the original. Looks like we have totally lost the helmet.

  19. Is it me or does Chris Hemsworth’s Thor hair cut and uniform look like he borrowed Brad Pitt’s Achilles’ uniform and hair do from Troy?

  20. At what point, in the timeline of all this movies, are the events of “The Incredible Hulk” playing? I’ve forgotten that.

    • The “timeline” goes as follows:

      1. Cap (obviously – in the 1940′s)
      2. Iron Man
      3. Iron Man 2
      4.1 The Incredible Hulk (as Iron Man 2 ends, TIH’s events start to unfold)
      4.2 Thor (as Iron Man 2 ends, the events of Thor start to happen as well)

      Note: TIH and Thor pretty much takes place at the same time.

      • Also, (forgot to mention), The Incredible Hulk’s events end AFTER Thor… so TIH play out over a longer time frame – although, not by much.

    • They are. TIH takes place at the same times as Iron Man 2 and Thor.

  21. Thor and Hulk need to throw down in this movie!!! Also I wonder if Loki will be the only villain? Or is someone else gonna go up against the Avengers, too?

    • There HAS to be another villain. “A threat no single hero could withstand…” Since Thor defeated Loki on his own, he could not be that threat.


    • I can’t imagine that Loki will be the only villain – it would be terrible if he is the only villain, but I really don’t know who the other “minority”/side villains are going to be… people have been saying Skrulls, but I doubt that’s the case.

      I really have no idea… :( ;)

      • Too true.

    • IMDB has a reference to the villains for this film, but I don’t know how IMDB works….I don’t know if just any wishful fanboy can edit that, or if it’s edited like Wikipedia. I don’t know how valid the information is. If you want to know what it says go check it out, I don’t want to spoil anything here if it does turn out to be true. I’ll just say “it’s at the bottom of the page.”

      • That’s quite possible. In fact, many thought this from the beginning, including myself. It would make for some pretty awesome destruction.

      • ****POSSIBLE Minor Spoiler****

        I also initially thought the Hulk would be the bad guy, because when Ruffalo was asked on the “red carpet” (by a reporter) if the Hulk would be a bad guy… his wife/girlfriend started to giggle – Ruffalo looked at her (he seemed a little ticked-off because of her “outburst”), but he then said that he can’t say anything because “Marvel’s sniper guys will kill him”.

        Though, after that, in an interview with MTV, Ruffalo said that the Hulk would be a “good guy” in the movie (since we saw a glimpse of Banner having control of the Hulk in TIH this is probably true). I’m still not completely convinced though, I still think Hulk will be the baddy and that Ruffalo just wanted the press (and the fans) to be thrown of the scent.

        I guess all we can do is wait and find out ;)

        • Banner can still have control. Loki could somehow suppress Banner’s control until the Avengers figure it out.

          • Makes sense… they did that in the Avengers: EMH (except instead of Loki it was the Enchantress)

      • “wishful fanboy can edit that” also refers to Wikipedia … anyone can edit and shallow minds believe

        Wikipedia is a disease, burn with fire!

        • Anyone can edit Wikipedia articles, but they’re constantly checked for accuracy and they have an army of folks doing that, and fixing things that are wrong. They’re pretty hardcore about it.

        • Jeeezz! Over the top much? ;)

          Yes, anyone can edit a Wikipedia article, but they have HUNDREDS of people who verify each article and make sure the information is legit.

          (And just so you know, so far I haven’t come across an article on Wikipedia that was wrong or misinterpreted. EVERYTHING that I’ve read on Wikipedia was correct.)

        • The end line’s usually “Wake up, sheeple!!!”. You missed a trick there.

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      • You little spamtease, “plipz”.

      • oh cool thanks, just what I wanted to see inthe comments sections of an article about the Avengers. Cheers friend!

    • I believe that Thanos is going to be the other villain in the Avengers movie.. There’s some pics of his glove on Google.

      • The glove appeared in “Thor” in Odin’s vault, and also had appeared at SDCC ’10. It’s possible that he could appear in a future film but it’s my feeling that they’ll save him for later instead of using him in the first Avengers film.

    • Yes agreed but i want all the Avengers fighting the Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit would be awsome

  22. Kang will be the villian in the sequel I would wager

    Loki and Red Skull in this one

    I want to see Hulk Vs. Thor more than Batman Vs. Bane

    • Doubt we’ll see Kang (as awesome as that would be).

      I think Ultron will be the main villain for Avengers 2 and The Masters OF Evil for Avengers 3.

      • I Thought it was going to be Loki, Thanos, and the Skrulls?

        Ultron will be cool down the road.

        • /praying for Ultron so they can add Vision to the team!

        • We were talking about SEQUELS. We all know Kang won’t be in Avengers 1, but Garth thought that Kang would be in Avengers 2.

          My guess for Avengers 1: Loki and the Hulk (Loki could possibly summon some frost giants to join the fight as well)
          Avengers 2: ULTRON, OOHH, PLEASE LET IT BE ULTRON!
          Avengers 3: Masters of Evil or Thanos.

          • Didnt Loki try to kill the frost giants in Thor? Why would they ally themselves with him?

            • Because Loki killed their leader (which is also his real father – Laufie) – since Loki is the rightful heir to the throne – he could very likely take control of his people. (Usually, the person who defeats the king gets the kingdom and since Loki is the son of the king that also makes him even more entitled).

              Also, the Frost Giants don’t know that Loki betrayed them. As far as they know, Loki helped them into Asgard and then their people and king died at the hand of Asgardian guards… they have no idea that Loki only used them.

  23. just on the huge characters involved in this movie and the name AVENGERS, this movie should beat harry potter’s record. (180.0 million at the box office)

  24. One question: why do you call it a “button”?

    We all know the scenes at the end of movies are called post-credit scenes or easter-egg scenes.

    • That’s what people call them, but several studios refer to after-credits scenes as “buttons.” Paramount (who’s distributing on these films) calls them buttons, so Screen Rant is pointing that out.

      • Thanks Ken, but unfortunately that still doesn’t really answer my question… WHY do they call it “buttons”? There has to be some sort of logic behind it… The word “button” just doesn’t seem RELEVANT.

        • I think it’s one of those obscure names that only tangentially makes sense…like when they started called previews “trailers” even though they’re BEFORE the movie not after.

          My guess is that they needed a word-one, succinct name for them, and called them “buttons” because they’re small and tacked on to the end.

          • That kinda makes sense… you’re probably correct.

            • A button is a device that holds two separate pieces of cloth together. The button at the end of a movie is a device that connects two separate movies (the one you just watched and the one they want you to watch later on).

              • exactly.

  25. So its a teaser for a teaser trailer? haha

    • Nope, it’s a teaser of the after-credits scene in Captain America.

    The villains could be Loki with the Skrulls….and heck, the Red Skull might even be there as well. No way the Red Skull kicked the bucket near the end of the movie. He could have simply been transported….oopps!! Sorry, I’d better just stop there or else I might give a spoiler to those who haven’t seen Captain America yet.

    Anyway…looking forward to the Avengers!

    • Thanks a lot! (sarcasm) Would it have killed you to put something along the line of “****SPOILER ALERT****” at the top of your comment? :(

      • You didn’t see it because it didn’t have the asterisks?

        • annoying…

        • When the article was first posted it didn’t have the “SPOILER ALERT ——” warning thing… I think the comment was edited to include the spoiler warning.

          Do you really think I’m that stupid? Why would I complain that there wasn’t a spoiler warning if there clearly was?


          • Whoah there, back up on the inferiority complex. Just because I’m giving you a bit of ribbing doesn’t mean you need to jump down my throat. You used to have some conversations where you made salient points and carried a good discussion with people, but this one seems a bit on edge to me. Is everything alright with you?

            It’ll be okay, whatever it is. Things always have a way of evening out.

            • Haha ;)

              I’m cool… no need to worry ;) (This “Tim” guy is kinda giving me a hard time, but other than that I’m as cool as a cucumber)

              I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not an imbecile. So sorry if that last comment was a bit abrasive.

  27. im hoping villians will be kree/skrull

  28. Just watched Captain America and it was a thoroughly entertaining blockbuster, probably the most finely balanced movie this summer, which wasn’tdifficult considering the competition.

    Have to say I liked the Avengers teaser, but I didn’t think ‘wow that was mindblowing’ on instant viewing. Thats the main problem with teasers, by the time your’e trying to pice together what’s going on the trailer’s over. I pretty sure they’re still doing some heavy work on the CGI for the Hulk, and want to make sure it’s 100% before showing us any glimpses. After all. if there’s one movie next year where first impressions are vital, then it’s the Avengers.

    I wont spoil for anyone who hasn’t seen Captain America, but surely from the climatic scene and what we saw with the cube, Red Skull is going to feature in the movie.

  29. Simply cannot wait for this movie to come – Has to be a trilogy tho – with Thanos showing up along the way – This is Marvel’s Star Wars !