‘The Avengers’ Trailer: Superheroes, Mad Gods & Alien Armadas

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Believe it or not, just over two months are now left in the countdown to the release of Marvel’s The Avengers. The comic book movie studio has been especially busy cranking up the buzz surrounding its estimated $300 million superhero juggernaut over the last week, to help heighten anticipation for today’s unveiling of a second official trailer.

The new Avengers trailer is now online and unlike previous trailers, it basically dives head-first into the plot of the film. While a good deal of the mystery surrounding Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his powerful alien army remains in place, the stakes have now been made clear and the stage is set for Earth’s most powerful superheroes to unite in its defense.

Without further ado, we present the epic second official trailer for The Avengers:



Overall, there’s a lot to admire in this new Avengers footage as far as sheer action spectacle and the scale of everything is concerned. Between sequences of Hulk rescuing a downed Iron Man and vast alien vessels laying ruin to metropolitan landscapes (among other noteworthy moments) it looks like Marvel’s money has been well spent. More so, this is the first trailer to suggest that The Avengers may truly be worth the price of admission for either a 3D and/or IMAX screening, based on some of the more elaborate shots and action sequences teased here.

Rather than divulge the secrets of Loki’s forces just yet, this new Avengers trailer instead highlights the clashing of personalities and difficult team dynamic between the various members of the Avengers Initiative. Chalk up another early point for writer/director Joss Whedon, as he appears to have recognized that the conflicts between the various superheroes who make up The Avengers are (in many respects) just as important as the exterior ones they’re working against.

As for all those brief scenes where the Avengers are (literally) at each other’s throats? Well, don’t forget Tom Hiddleston’s promise that Loki will be up to more mind games in The Avengers. Should be fun to see how that plays out, to say the least…

For a better look at the newest Avengers trailer, check out our screenshot gallery below:


The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, and Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Erik Selvig.

Look for The Avengers to arrive in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

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  1. I am amazed, this trailer rocks.

    One of best so far.

    The Avengers looks epic.

  2. I can’t stop watching it.

    • I think that every body wanna say: same here!!

  3. I think the fight between Cap, Thor and Iron are in a virtual reality training program.

  4. After viewing this trailer, I have to change my pants. This looks like everything I ever hoped for in an Avengers movie.

    • u mean : Everything + dozens of surprises!!

  5. Does anyone have any thought on a good place to jump on in Marvel comics? If anthing, just to get a little knowledge on the Avengers/and/or the its team members?

    • “Essential Avengers” volumes 1 through 6. That’s the best starting point. After that, there’s a bajillion ways to go. Personal favorites are “Kree-Skrull War,” “Civil War,” and “Secret Invasion.”

    • Watch the cartoon – Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes.

      • I agree! Netflix has all the episodes.

    • Read The Ultimates 1 and 2.

  6. Marvel has set it up so that if you see a point one issue like 21.1 then that is the start of a new arc or new direction…If you want history pick-up ..The new Anenger’s Assemble title which is the comic book series based on the characters in the movie..might be a good place to start Nicolas..

    Here’s a link


  7. After seeing the trailer, the heroes I’m CRAVING to see are(in order):

    1-THE HULK

    2-IRON MAN



    5-Did I forget anyone? aaah!! well..Fury, HawkEye and Widow..

    What about ur CRAVING LIST?

    • Can’t believe Loki isn’t on that list…
      For me it’s:
      1.Iron Man, 2.Loki, 3.Hulk, 4.Thor, 5.Cap, 6.Nick Fury, 7.Hawkeye, 8.Maria Hill, 9.Black Widow.

    • My list would be
      1. Hulk
      2. Iron man walking out of his armor, :)
      3. Hawkeye, because we haven’t seen him in action yet
      4. Thor
      5. Cap
      6. Black Widow
      7. Nick Fury
      8. Agent Coulson
      9. Loki
      10. Mystery alien army with giant ” leviathan” ship

    • 1. Thor- Love the character, I hope they do him justice
      2. Loki- Looks badass!
      3. Hawkeye- Joss said he may be a scene stealer, I hope he makes a difference
      4. Hulk
      5. Captain
      6. Iron Man- I am starting to grow tired. Tried watching Iron Man last night and it’s getting old. It’s very possible that I’ve seen the movies one too many times. :)

    • 1.Hulk-its the hulk need i say more 2.Loki- i love a good villain 3.Thor- i wanna see him face to face with loki after the last encounter.4.Iron Man- can’t wait for his snarky remarks.5.Surprise Cameo- hank pym,namor,or black panthor 6.Black Widow- yum yum gimmie sum 7.Nick Fury-could they really let him slide a MF-Bomb to loki and get away with it? hmmmnnn


  9. Hey now “TheAvenger” No love for our favorite shield agent the Son of Col? lol

    • Dammit!
      I knew forgot someone :(
      I feel terrible. Here’s my edited list:
      1.Iron Man, 2.Loki, 3.Hulk, 4.Thor, 5.Cap, 6.Nick Fury, 7.Hawkeye, 8.Coulson, 9.Maria Hill, 10.Black Widow, 11.Selvig.

  10. Overall i think the Hobbit will still come out on top to he the highest grossing film of the year. It may not be tops domestically but the worldwide appeal of the Rings movies far surpasses TDKR and Avengers.

    Avengers will definitely be 2nd on the list and aided by the awesome trailer – i expect it to gross close to $400 million domestcially.

    TDKR will be a massive hit of course – but the comparison to the Dark Knight will be too great and think it will fail to meet expectation on some sort of level. Like it or not – Dark Knight’s billion dollar success was carried on the back of Ledger in terms of both his performance and passing away. Bane is an excellent villain to be brought to the big screen but he’s not as well known as the Joker.

    And as for The Amazing Spiderman – forget about it – less said about that the better.

  11. Going to be a great year for Super Hero movies! Cant wait for Avengers and Dark Knight! As for Spiderman, I may give it a chance if the story is solid though Sony should have waited another 2 years to release a Spidey reboot.

    • Also I love the idea of the Avengers fighting each other to see who the Alpha Dog is. Should be a fun scene.

  12. I’m with Kathless.
    I hope Avengers and TDKR make the EXACT same amount of money and get the same “score” on reviews ;) – I just want this damn competition to end.

    P.S. Box-office numbers don’t measure how good a film is, people. You guys might as well stop while you’re ahead.

    • You know, I’m really trying to hold Kahless back because you keep mis-pronouncing his name. :-P

      • It’s OK Kathitor.

        • Whatever you say, INKblot!! 8-)

      • lol, sorry, I didn’t notice.
        You should have said something earlier!
        Kahless. ;)

    • It won’t end. I guarantee next year it’s going to be Superman vs Iron Man 3. Then you’ll have people have the “end of a trilogy” rebuttal…

      • that’s the one thing that unfortunately will never come to fruition because fanboys will never see eye to eye. As long as they keep making big screen adaptations of our favorite superheroes we’ll be on here debating who’s gonna be the best of the best. That’s just how it’s going to be. There can be no peace in the superhero community.

      • HaHa i already had thought that to myself,there’s always gonna be a confliction with fanboys split right down the middle.Someone before said after this summer comes to an end there won’t be anything else to talk about.Wrong!they’ll definately start talking about next year’s lineup,and even though im a hugh Superman fan i wanna see Iron Man 3 be a great film aswell.My only rant is that other Superman fan’s stop attacking it and give it a chance before they bury it in the dirt without even so much as a first trailer to go by.But hey,that’s screenrant love it or leave it.

        • I’m fine with the discussions and the debates, in fact, I’m more than fine with it: I love it! (It’s defines who we are – fanboys).

          But I hate when some of us go completely nuts and lose control of rational thinking (like MoviezRule, who thinks he is only allowed to like one of the movies and bashes anything else that comes his way).

          It’s fun to discuss which one is going to be better, but we should keep it civilized, is all. We’re allowed to say what we like and dislike, but we shouldn’t say things like “Avengers and Spidey will suck! Trust in Nolan!” — I just want THAT childishness to stop.

          As for next year: I look forward to discussing MOS and IM3 (it’s going to an interesting time – we are dealing with Snyder and Black after all).

        • I agree with you Hi-C, I’ve been defending Snyder and MoS since it’s first been announced. I just never understood how anyone could judge a film without any visual aides. I couldn’t say whether or not I’d be excited for Iron Man 3 seeing as how I’ve never seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    • TDKR will be the in depth movie in terms of good storytelling, Avengers will be like Transformers but in a good way…*IF S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t take up most of the screen time.Hopefully not seeing these Superheros together looks real sweet.

      • it’s funny how a misplaced period can change the entire meaning of a comment. it sure takes longer trying to figure out what someone means, but i digress…how is this going to “be like Transformers but in a good way…” that sounds like a negative compliment. “I normally don’t like women with big teeth, but they work on you.”

  13. im sur its been said atleast a dozen times since we are upto 333 post on this trailer, but come ON, WHAT ISNT CINEMATIC ABOUT THIS MOVIE. THE SCOPE OF THE HULK FLYING THROUGH THE AIR ACROSS THE NEW YORK SKY LINE CATCHING IRONMAN

    • When people are talking about “it isn’t cinematic,” they aren’t talking about the action on screen. They’re talking about the actual cinematography. Personally I don’t find anything wrong with what Whedon’s doing, but that’s just my take.

      • IMO, the only reason most of these guys are saying “it isn’t cinematic enough”, is because they’re looking for a reason to dislike the movie.
        A while back, a Marvel exec said the movie isn’t cinematic enough, right after that, these comments started to pop up (coincidence? I think not!)
        - before the exec made that comment, no one said anything about the cinematography – and that was after a trailer and a superbowl spot.

  14. Coming from a different angle but still the same trajectory(if that makes sense), now that Marvel Studios has regained the rights to The Punisher, Blade and the fact that Sony has failed once again with GhostRider(the rights might get reverted back to Marvel), I think that Marvel Studios can eventually make a “Midnight Sons”(Darkstalkers) movie with the inclusion of GhostRider and a couple of new members. The ideal roster would be 1)Blade, 2)GhostRider, 3)Morbius, 4)Werewolf By Night, 5)Man-Thing and 6)Vicotria Montesi, Jennifer Kale OR ****MOONDRAGON(never a member before. Although MoonDragon was never a member of Midnight Sons or Darkstalkers, I think she’d be a better and more powerful character to include or add on the roster instead of Montesi or Kale. Another character that would be interesting to add to the roster would be The Punisher. Even though the Punisher is not usually in this sort of Universe(mystical,occult,demons,monsters etc.) I think that it would be interesting to add a normal human such The Punisher to take the place of Hannibal King(an actual normal human member).

    Later installments could include Daimon Hellstrom, and MoonKnight(never a member before). Or replace Daimon Hellstrom with Man-Thing so that there will be only one male sorcerer/hero in each movie. The Last installment should include DOCTOR STRANGE(after Dr.Strange has already been intro’d in his own debut movie).

  15. Okay. Those of us that hang around the rant all the time have alot in commen. We love our own opinions and we will fight to the end to champion our favorite interests. I’ll bet most of you have an opinion on the following.

    1: Star Trek or Star Wars
    2: DC or Marvel
    3: Fox News or CNN
    4: Love Rap or Hate Rap
    Whos on First, Whats on Second, I dont know…………….Third Base.

    Bottom line is. If we didnt argue our opinions it would be rather dull around here

  16. One of the greatest trailers I have ever seen!!!


    The scene with THOR, IRON MAN, and CAPTAIN AMERICA together in the forest is the single most beautiful scene in the history of comicbook superhero movies, bar none.


  17. Really great trailer. Love the fact that it only shows 3 – 5 seconds of a scene each time.

    Cant wait to see Cap in action… Hopefully a scene against the Hulk.

    Hulk looks like he will really smash this time around.

  18. I am psyched for this movie. Just requested it off yesterday for midnight premiere. I found it kind of ironic having to watch an ad for DC Universe online before watching a trailer for Marvel’s Avengers.

  19. I’m curious to see how much time they’ll show Thor in Asgard, seeing as how he destroyed the rainbow bridge they’ll have to spend some time there showing how he gets back to Midgard Man this movies gotta be like 2 1/2 hours long at least. I just got shivers down my spine and that’s a good thing :)

    • If this movie turns out to be only 2hrs long, I’m gonna cry :(
      I’m hoping for a 2hr an 30min theatrical cut.

      • I hear that TA, surely with as large and diverse of a cast that this movie is going to have they’re going to have to spend at least an hour and 15 minutes on character development and another hour and 15-30 minutes on ass kicking, mind blowing action

        • I say 2 hours and 30 minutes nothing more nothing less,which also includes the end credits and most of us will definately stick around for the bonus scene after the credits are over.

          • i agree with “nothing less”, but if they want to make a 3 hour movie, then fine by me!

  20. Hell Im ready to order the extended directors cut blue ray right now.

  21. Poor Cap, not only does he get thrown into a completely new world of technology and social order, but then FREAKING ALIENS come. Talk about waking up to a nightmare……..

  22. I’ve read on another site about this same review on The Avengers, that the movie will indeed be “2hrs and 1/2 long but will NOT seem as long”. Within the review, it indeed said that “it’s not cinematic enough but everything else is SO good that you overlook that and want more”.

    • Pretty sure that was the early reactions from the Marvel execs who saw a ruff cut of the film…

  23. WOW! Like my buddy, Kartless the Unforgivable would say, THIS LOOKS AWESOME! I’ve pre ordered the blu-ray. :)

    • ghuy’cha’!!

      Kahless….he didn’t mean it!

      petaQ!! QI’yaH!! Qovpatlh!!! Qu’vatlh!!! taHqeq!!!

      Calm down before you blow a gasket!

      Hab SoSlI Quch’!!!!!

      Oh Lord! happyman, next time just say his name right….please. :-D

  24. I am such a huge Batman fan. That said, I believe The Avengers is going to be THE movie of the summer, and I think its going to be a “game changer” for CBMs, perhaps for the film industry. In this trailer there appears (to me) to be so many show stealing scenes. Hulk saving Shellhead, Thor landing on the jet, Hawkeye going into a freefall off of a building yet still making a shot, etc.. The cgi Hulk looks great. It also looks like they’ll do a good job of integrating the super humans with the non superhumans. And don’t forget the post credit Black Panther set up. Can’t wait. Multiple viewings……….Multiple.

  25. AAAARRRGGGHHHH. I just got off the phone with the local movie theatre and you would NOT believe what they said! ” NO , sir you CANNOT ‘camp out’ in the theatre on the weekend of May 4th, you cannot bring a little cot and a pillow, and yes you have to pay every time you watch the movie!” WHAT NERVE! Well, at some point this morning I have to leave this house and be away from the computer. There is no justice. Except in superhero movies.:)

    • After you watch the film, just go to the bathroom for about 10 minutes and go back in the theater. Works every time. 8-)

      • You sir, are a genius.

        • Even geniuses somtimes need good lawyers.:)

      • Thank you,……Kahless…my good friend…. for telling me over the internet, on a publicly accessable forum, how to successfully illegally watch a movie. On a completly different subject, Vic you don’t give out any personal information do you? If any one wants to know my real name, I trust you’ve got my back. 62 days, cant wait. And no more gloating from all you chumps who get it the last week in April. There is no justice.

        • I was just kidding, thus the smiley face ( 8-) ). And it doesn’t work every time; there could be people there asking for your ticket stub (checking the movie and time) or the worker may recognize you and not allow you in unless you buy another ticket.


    • Yes? How can i help you?

      • Will you make it May 4th now, please? :-D

  27. I agree with all comments that the movie needs to be at least 2 and a 1/2 hours long. This can give each character more equal screentimem and development. From all the intensity promised in the trailer, the audience will need time to breath amidst all the action.

    This is something that the 1st and in particular 3rd Transfomers film, did quite well to some extent. Rather than have an action sequence every 5 mins, amongst a never ending soundtrack, let things build up and create some tension first, then have all the mayhem explode in the last 45mins or so. Perhaps the master example of this was The Two Towers.

    Now whilst I don’t expect Avengers to reach that standard of excellence, it will be a big test for Wheldon, to get he balance of the spectacle right and sustain the level of interest right until the end of the movie.

  28. Given all the shots in the trailer where Thor is angry or fighting fellow Avengers, combined with the scene where he land on a SHIELD quinjet, it seems likely that he either rebels against the team because he wants to protect his brother, or some outside influence is prodding him (Loki’s mind powers perhaps?)

    I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with him.

  29. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to watch the blockbuster of the year and, I daresay from that trailer, possibly the greatest blockbuster of the decade IMO! I’m just seeing this trailer and from the over 300 comments, I’m possibly the last one to see it but believe me this trailer’s got me soo excited! Iron Man was impressive: for me, he stole the trailer from my favourite- Thor (but it’s all good- everyone should be at their best). The entire trailer spoke volumes. I have a feeling Thor was possibly manipulated by Loki judging from the clips of clashes with Cap and IM. The new Hulk looked more real, more tangible, less CGI-ish than the other 2 Hulks. The foes also looked formidable enough to justify joining forces regardless of individual egos and prejudices.

    Very well done! I suspect cameos on Wakanda and perhaps Atlantis during the apocalyptic intro of the alien invasion. May 4th it is!