‘The Avengers’ Trailer: Superheroes, Mad Gods & Alien Armadas

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Believe it or not, just over two months are now left in the countdown to the release of Marvel’s The Avengers. The comic book movie studio has been especially busy cranking up the buzz surrounding its estimated $300 million superhero juggernaut over the last week, to help heighten anticipation for today’s unveiling of a second official trailer.

The new Avengers trailer is now online and unlike previous trailers, it basically dives head-first into the plot of the film. While a good deal of the mystery surrounding Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his powerful alien army remains in place, the stakes have now been made clear and the stage is set for Earth’s most powerful superheroes to unite in its defense.

Without further ado, we present the epic second official trailer for The Avengers:



Overall, there’s a lot to admire in this new Avengers footage as far as sheer action spectacle and the scale of everything is concerned. Between sequences of Hulk rescuing a downed Iron Man and vast alien vessels laying ruin to metropolitan landscapes (among other noteworthy moments) it looks like Marvel’s money has been well spent. More so, this is the first trailer to suggest that The Avengers may truly be worth the price of admission for either a 3D and/or IMAX screening, based on some of the more elaborate shots and action sequences teased here.

Rather than divulge the secrets of Loki’s forces just yet, this new Avengers trailer instead highlights the clashing of personalities and difficult team dynamic between the various members of the Avengers Initiative. Chalk up another early point for writer/director Joss Whedon, as he appears to have recognized that the conflicts between the various superheroes who make up The Avengers are (in many respects) just as important as the exterior ones they’re working against.

As for all those brief scenes where the Avengers are (literally) at each other’s throats? Well, don’t forget Tom Hiddleston’s promise that Loki will be up to more mind games in The Avengers. Should be fun to see how that plays out, to say the least…

For a better look at the newest Avengers trailer, check out our screenshot gallery below:


The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill, Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, and Stellan Skarsgård as Professor Erik Selvig.

Look for The Avengers to arrive in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

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  1. Looks like they will be brought together, and a huge internal blow up, and then come back to finish off the bad guys.

  2. the two on one fight between thor, capt and ironman is gonna be pretty epic, my guess is the dispute starts with the team proposing to kill loki but thor objecting, either that or they accuse him of siding with loki.

    i know i say this every time but i would love to see loki control the hulk and have him turn on the team at the end of the movie (like how hulk went nuts at the end of the animated avengers movie).

  3. Like everyone else here I just keep looking at this wonderful trailer again and again. I also have to say that I think the actors here are really stepping up for this and deserve some praise – you feel for them already as they really look like they are up against serious enemies here !!!

  4. HULK SAVES STARK! HULK SAVES STARK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe man that’s some epic level visual imagery. Super Geeky Nerdgazm… I’m gonna go change my pants now. -How can it possibly get any better than this?

    • How can it possibly get any better than this?

      By having Marvel/Disney get their properties back and then having an Infinity Gauntlet movie.

  5. Can’t wait!

  6. Yes this was epic stuff, truly incredibly epic stuff.

    The debate will continue between Avengers and TDKR and I hae to say after the trailer comparison, TDKR is not even in the same stratospehre as Avengers.

    Only the trailer itself – there was so much that just screamed awesome. Hulk and Black Widow running though explosions, the three-way between Thor, Cap and Iron Man, Iron Man seemingly dodging past a hundred laser beams mid air at like 100mph , and yes Hulk catching Iron Man – very sweet indeed.

    Admittedly there were clear echoes from the Transformers 3 trailer. Cap’s suit doesn’t convince and the 1940s costume actually looked a lot better in comparison. Whilst good, the Hulk doesn’t look as lean or menacing as the 2008 version

    But it’s the penultimate scene that truly convinced me that this will outrgoss TDKR at the box office. The swirling 360 shot of all heroes together just encapsulates something never seen in cinema before. Yes you had the X-Movies, but the characters’ look were toned down for more credibility. That avengers shot shows the heroes in their truest form. It’s a sight that captures the imagination of every fanboy who’s read comic books, or watches animated shows. To now actually see it visualized in live action is amazing.

    Now we all know TDKR will be better as a complete film in terms of storytelling, dramatic impact and characterization. But in essence it is just another Batman movie – and will have the same look an tone that has been seen twice already previously.

    Avengers – like Transformers 3 – offers the ideal summer blockbuster- where you can watch without any inhibitions, and just be dazzled by action and effects. Its pure fun and escapism that this movie is selling first. A decent story and good pacing will come as a bonus and make the experience even more satisfying.

    And as for Scarlett Johansson – she could persuade any man to do anything. Perhaps the most convincing part of the whole trailer.

    • ur review is excellent!! I really enjoyed it!!

    • It’s not fair to compare them. The Dark Knight is a conclusion to an epic trilogy, and The Avengers is a movie event. I can’t think of anything ever being in theaters like The Avengers.
      I am looking forward to them both. I like the Nolan Batman, and how could anyone not look forward to The Avengers? Whether or not is masterpiece cinema or just a giant blockbuster I’m pumped.

    • his will not outgross the dark knight rises…. iT has already sold out a ton of midnight imax shoes while the avengers havnt even started selling tickets. The only movie that will outgross the dark knight rises is the hobbit.

      • the dark knight outgrossed all off the lord of the rings movies. Why would the hobbit outgross TDKR?

          • i just meant that in the usa the dark knight made more than any one particular LOTR movie. Sorry for my poor wording….i’ll try again…I think TDKR will do better in the usa than the hobbit or the avengers. It just seems like a larger audeince base. in the world im sure the hobbit will win.

          • I love the salute. Nice HIMYM reference. :)

        • excuse me? Return of the King did better than The Dark Knight. You also seem to be glazing over the fact that all three LotR movies grossed close to a billion dollars each while Batman Begins didn’t even manage to crack 400 mil. ;)

          So yes, the Hobbit has a very good chance of doing better than TDKR.

          • sorry i was talking domestic box office…which the dark knight is third all time behind only avatar and titanic…i didnt mean the whole series obviously, i thought that was a given but its my fault i should have put any ONE of the LOTR films.

            • and like i said above your prob 100 percent right worldwide the hobbit should be 1….i have to remember a lot of international people on screenrant!

            • But who the heck talks about purely domestic sales? That’s pretty egocentric considering we are dealing with a world economy and international movie watching population.

              And I wasn’t talking about all the movies either. As I pointed out and Jeffro posted, Return of the King > The Dark Knight Rises in gross profits.

    • I doubt Avengers will outgross TDKR at the box office. Both movies sound excellent but Batman is a more established name than the Avengers.

      I also have to disagree with you about the thematic value of the films. I think Avengers will have more thematic material than TDKR. Nolan’s directing is certainly excellent but I feel that, that has made the scripts appear deeper than it really was.

      Then again, at this stage this is all speculation, isn’t it? The suits may have slipped their hands in (again) and we could end up with another Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the 1992 movie) *shudder*.

    • i only want to comment on what you said about the hulk not being lean? does he have to be? i mean he’s the Hulk, he is supposed to be hulky

    • We don’t need to compare the films…
      It’s not a competition.
      We are allowed to see both movies ;)

      As far as box-office numbers go, that’s always a hard one to predict for movies like this. We might as well not try and just wait till the movies come out (for the sake of not starting an argument).

    • You know what I hope…I mean truly hope? That all of these (Avengers, TDKR, Spidey, Hobbit) make the EXACT same amount of worldwide gross, and receive the same critical rating. Why does it always have to be a contest? Good Lord!

      • i agree with what’s his name there :)

      • Sorry but as I have posted before I don’t want Spider-Man to do well. I admit I’m not a fan of some of the visual deviations/choices but the main reason is I want the property to return home to Marvel where it belongs.

        As to the rest……Ka’plah!

    • “The swirling 360 shot of all heroes together just encapsulates something never seen in cinema before”

      What about X-men First Class?

  7. “Hulk save puney metal man, Hulk is strongest there is” I’ve watched the trailer….. umm Ive lost count but that is truly one MARVELOUS trailer I swear I’m even more excited for this after watching the trailer the first time …just picked up the ultimate avengers collection on Blu-ray at Target for $10 what a day a new epic trailer for the avengers movie and finding ultimate avengers collection on Blu-ray this day couldn’t of turned out any better I so want my advanced tickets for the midnight show already totally geeking out I can’t wait multiple viewings oh yes I say multiple viewing without a doubt :)

    • cool :)
      Avenger day in Vader’s household..

    • Definately an Avengers Day (tries hitting the like button lol)

  8. Plenty of action, Hulk, money shots, Stark, villain badness, hero vs hero, hero vs villain, self doubt,humour, drama, Loki, Hulk saving Iron Man’s @$$ and A GIANT CATERPILLAR at the end!! What more could people want I mean really!!

    This trailer has it all…I am daring to hope that Whedon and his team are going to pull this off!!

    I am really getting excited for this now and it may be that I will be seeing two or three times the weekend it opens..

    • I love how Stark lives on this high rise like a god, and that action is sweet. I’m even liking widow more.

      • Me too…Is it just me or does she seem just vulnerable enough to like

  9. The trailer is really Amazing . Sadly ,it presents 3 bad news:

    1- This movie presents the ugliest Hulk ever!! Just take a look at the last few minutes in the trailer and u’ll know what I mean.. did u saw that terrible forhead which makes him looks like KUAZIMODO (THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTREDAMME)?

    2- In my opinion, Mark Ruffalo is the worst MISCASTING in the movie.. He may be a great actor (an oscar nominee), but simply he is not bruce banner!!

    3- Inspite of its high budget,The movie really looks like a TV show !!just take a look at acting and makeup for example, and u’ll know what I mean.. Joss wedon may be a great writer, but he is still a TV director..

    I think that movie will be rated 7-7.5 at imdb when it’s released.. Let’s all hope that I’m wrong ..

    • you gonna post this on every page? who cares what imdb gives it? my opinion is the only one that makes any difference to me after i see it. if i give it a 10, and imdb gives it a 6, does that mean i lose somehow? is imdb the end-all be-all movie review site? no, it’s ScreenRant :)

      • Sorry.. It’s a mistake..

    • Why’d you post the same comment again?
      We heard you the first time ;)

      • Sorry guys.. It was a mistake..I’m only human, not an Asgardian!! :)

    • Totally disagree with you – Hulk looks like the comic book Hulk I grew up with – He is a monster – inspired by Frankenstein / Mr Hyde / Kin Kong…and I really like what I’m seeing with MR as Banner. Something of the Bill Bixby about him.
      It’s going to be a smash….a Hulk Smash !!!

        • If anything, this Hulk should have WAY more visible emotion than Ang Lee’s Hulk.
          The 2003 Hulk was pure CGI. Nothing more, nothing less.
          This Hulk uses the actor’s emotions by means of motion capture technology like the stuff used in Avatar. (I.e. Ruffalo was acting out all the scenes… if we see the Hulk screaming out of rage, then it was Ruffalo screaming out of rage – obviously, just with Ferrigno’s voice-over)

        • I completely preferred the Ang Lee Hulk too, but this one looks even better to me.

      • Thank you. King Kong! I’ve said that before too in addition to the others. The Hulk needs to be a monster, only with some degree of sympathy and vulnerability. If they get him right, he could really steal the movie and even carry it. I genuinely think the Norton Hulk completely missed that, and has only a narrow appeal to a lot of fanboys/men. But that’s it. Nobody outside of that demographic (and not all in it) really cared for that Hulk.
        I’m most excited about the Hulk, and so far signs are good.

  10. I think they should also some how bring Hugh Jackman character in the Legendary Wolverine to join the avengers that would be epic and also bring Idris Elba back as Helmdale and Legend Anthony Hopkins as Odin and also for the next Thor movie they should introduce Sutur as the antagonist who threatens to destroy the human world or all the realms.

    • The problem if course is that. Fox owns the film rights to X-men characters, not Marvel Studios. Odds are good that Heimdall and co. Will return, and I am sure Surtur is up next.

      • yeah which is screwed because they should atleast let Hugh Jackman do it just because!

  11. Oh my God that’s so awesome. pure awesomeness. This is a dream I had at 10 coming to life. yippee!

    All that aside, is that Fin Fang Foom?! WTF!

    • Nope. It’s either Jorgumand from Asgard mythology, or it’s an alien transport creature/ship. I am tempted to vote “Annihilation Wave” for the alien forces.

      • Nope, neither of those. That´s probably Leviathan.

        • I agree.

      • Yep, that is my hope. I love it when Marvel uses stuff straight from the comics, and the writer in my loves when it involves something from mythology. The slow, flowing movement really imparts the sheer size of the thing.

      • Whatever it is, I’m fairly sure that’s not the Midgard Serpent (although that would have been a good idea since it’s battles with Thor are legendary)

  12. I had to come out of my shell and vote for Avengers above,those pics look awesome and the super bowl trailer already did it for me…
    I think they all look good but Avengers get a slight edge for now…

  13. Wow goosebumps!!! Hulk Smash!!! Can’t Wait.

  14. Ken gotta tell ya. That in no way could be Jorgumand the world serpent. Way to small to have his coils wrap around Midgard. What Im waiting to see is why Thor changes armour. I also notice that even tho Ironman rammed Thor through a tree and punched his jaw Thor still was standiing. And why is Captian America falling from the sky? Ah well the movie will fill us in. I think us “Ranters” are all gonna have a good time with this one.

    • Add to that the fact that Loki put this army together and you have a real possibility.”Gotta tell ya” connotes that you are informing me of some kind of mistake. You’re not imparting anything that I haven’t thought of. Personally I don’t think it’s the midgard serpent, but its smaller size doesn’t discount the possibility. The serpent has been portrayed as less than earth-cirvling in some stories.

    • Cap is not falling, he´s jumping out of the Quinjet, as seen in the Superbowl spot.

      • Yup. And by my guess, he’s not just jumping, he’s jumping into battle with THOR (in the woods).

  15. Im really hopeing we get to see the Leader in this film since he was created at the end of the incredible Hulk film, and maybe even Namor,and Ultron.

    • The Leader, yeah me too! since thrs not gona be any hulk sequel, it will make sense to include The Leader in Avengers.

      • The planned 2nd phase for Marvel Studios starts with Iron Man 3, and continues with Cap 2, Thor 2, Incredible Hulk 2, and Avengers 2.

        Who knows which ones will get made, but that’s the plan as of now.

        • Why not expand to other characters? I personally don’t think we’ll see Hulk 2 and possibly Cap 2. I bet there is a shield movie first.

          • They are expanding to other characters, those are just the films that are confirmed at this point.

  16. Oh man, this movie is going to be EPIC!! I can’t wait to see HULK SMASH!

  17. that was AWESOMELY AWESOME :O

    But hey hey hey!!! was that the leviathan at the end ? if its THE leviathan then i hope its Marrina turning into it.. and if there is Marrina in it.. there might be Namor too :P
    Damn !!

  18. What the hell are they fighting for and Thor is supposed to be beyond fast, he’s just going to sit there and get smacked by Tony. alrady disliking this movie

    • why do you judge a movie so quick based on your stupid observation? -.-

      • i would like to like this comment

    • See, how it works is, you watch the movie, and then all of a sudden you know why things are happening. Silly goose.

    • What are they fighting for? Uh, mankind? It’s obvious that Loki has come up with a scheme to conquer earth (“You were meant to be ruled”) and our guys are fighting for us.

      Thor was smacked by a Frost Giant, and Iron Man’s armor is extremely advanced.

      I guess people just like to complain.

  19. Did Hulk roar or moan in that scene and what the hell is she going to do with that little ass gun

    • A well placed bullet is better than nothing. What is she supposed to do, just stand there and watch the other ready their weapons? If she didn’t have a gun I’d expect her to pick up a rock.

    • What is Hawkeye going to do with arrows? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  20. Anybody a little underwhelmed by the Hulk’s battle roar at the end of the trailer? I Nearly j*zzed in my shorts at the end of the battle in TIH when he roared in victory over Abomination, but this hulks roar seemed kinda like a kitten’s mew compared the lion roar in TIH

    • I wanted his roar to be stronger, but comparing those two is like comparing a Honda accord and a BMW m3…in the trailer he was mildly raged up, waiting for something to happen. In the battle with Abomination, he was ready to pop a blood vessel, over the top raging.

      • he was getting ready to battle. once he “smashes” whatever, i’m sure we will get a head-busting howl from the jolly green giant! we are not going to see everything in the trailer,

        • preaching to the choir….I’m always telling people who say “where’s the story?” that the trailers aren’t going to have that stuff…Whedon likes to maintain surprises.

    • I’m sure it’ll sound much better when you’re sitting in the theater with like 10 high-tech speakers around you :D

  21. Its saddening. Every time I hear Ruffalo speak, I imagine it being said by Norton – and it sounds so much cooler in Norton’s voice!!! D:

    • Uh Serenity was a great movie and it didnt feel small – just because it focuses on characters more doesnt make it small, or unepic – the Reaver vs Alliance space battle was all sorts of epic.

    • If this had any other director attached my bet you wouldn’t even think of saying this.

      • I didn’t like Serenity but I mean that trailer has really taken away most of the doubts I had about Whedon and this film

  22. When your in your college class and you start going, HOLY CRAP THATS AWESOME and get a bunch of weird looks at you, you know this is awesome.

    Seriously I dont care about the TDKR/Avengers/TAS debate anymore, The Avengers is going to take the crown for just being the epic motion picture event it is. All 3 look awesome (tho I have doubts with TDKR because of how bad TDK is) and its not fair to compare, but this is easily the winner.

    My feelings is that Banner can only control the Hulk some of the time, but it knows that this is some bad mess that is throwing down so it will help.

    Caps suit look good in the trailer, its just the stills that make it look weird (I do wish that they kept more of the original suit in the modern but cant have everything).

    So much I want to say but I cant because I’m speechless.

    • How in the hell was the dark knight a bad movie? u are one of those 1%. -.-

      • I personally didn’t think it was bad … just overhyped.

        • @Meam

          How was TDK bad? Almost everything, I use to be in love with the film but after sitting down and watching it I realized how bad we had let the media fool us into thinking that it was the greatest thing of all time.

          Here are a list of why its bad:

          The bullet test (aka Showing us that Batman is still a detective) was the dumbest and unrealistic thing ever. Your not going to figure out anything with what they did.

          Two Face, all most every scene with Two Face is impossible, even if its in a universe with different set of laws of physics. A man would not be able to walk around or talk or do anything with that type of burn.

          Joker is about choas but the last thing with the ships is something Two Face would do.

          Editing was great the whole time, the third act was unneeded and slows down the movie, there is so much that is wrong with the film but if you say one word about it your are the antichrist.

          If I am in the 1% ok, I would rather be than be with the 99% who are fooled into that movie. I’ll watch Batman Begins and Burtons Batman while yall can watch that. But like I said, I want to watch TDKR and I hope it isn’t a big of a screw up as TDK was.

          • well said, dude.

            • Meant to say editing wasn’t* great

              And thank you

  23. My hand has JUST NOW started to stop shaking…
    I was in shock for 12 hours people! :D

  24. Wow, what an amazing trailer – I just saw it now. Just: wow! I was excited before, but now! :D
    I wonder what the ship/creature at the end is. Anyone who is a bit more lore savvy got an idea? I don’t think it is the world serpent – perhaps it comes with the army that has yet to be identified??

    • There’s a few possibilities. It definitely looks like Leviathan, a monster who’s actually a woman that transforms into the monster. Other possibilities include Nidhog, a serpent from Asgardian lore that eats the dead in Hel, but it also looks a lot like the creature-ships from the Negative Zone that appears in the “Annihilation Wave” crossover comics.

      It could be the Midgard Serpent (Jormungand), most mythologies describe it as “encircling the world” but this could be reinterpreted to just mean “really huge.” The short appearance in the 2nd trailer leaves one with the impression that it’s a living thing, but it could be just an entirely constructed ship that was designed to move fluidly.

    • It’s definitely part of Loki’s mysterious “army”.
      In the Superbowl spot we saw the army jumping off of that thing (so it kinda acts as a transport vessel as well), but it’s definitely “alive”, even though it dos look a little “metallic” (why else would it have a mouth? ;))

      I’m sure it’ll be called the Leviathan in the movie, but not the one we know… I doubt it’s anything from the comics (at least, it’s not an exact iteration of anything we’ve seen before).

      • Yes but we already know that…it’s assumed that the source will be the comics, but it will be different in random ways. Par for the course in the MCU!

  25. @trey-”Very funny but last time I checked tom hardys bane is far more terrifying than loki. I like both villians and I love banes voice put a muzzle on your mouth and see if you sound perfect. I hear every like he has said in both the prolouge and trailer. Both villians will serve there purpose.”
    allow me to retort.

    how does referring to his voice being muffled turn into which one is more terrifying? imho, loki certainly seems more terrifying than bane only because of all his “powers” he has, BUT, last time I checked, we haven’t seen either movie, and TDKR trailers haven’t shown bane do anything besides talking,(mumbling),walking with his collar turned up,and 1 kidney punch at batman. to me, he looks as menacing as a mad boston terrier. conversly, loki has the ability to control peoples minds (thor post-credit scene) travel effortlessly to other dimensions,and can fall into outer space and live. while they both have an “army”, apparently, it only takes batman, a normal man without any “super-powers”,but does have an assortment of infinitely cool gadgets, and the gotham police dept. to handle the little bully and his mob of psycho’s from arkham , whereas Loki has an army of some other-worldly, race yet to be determined, beings, and some ginormous creature/transport thing at his disposal, and it takes a man in a supercharged “prosthetic”, a super soldier, another asgaurdian warrior, and an “enormous green rage-monster” and what appears to be the US military to defeat him, if they even do defeat him. But as i said, we havent seen the etire of either movie, so this is all my speculation on what we’ve been shown thus far.

  26. i wish they still smoked cigarettes in films (like a lot)

    anyone else feel that for each one of banner’s lines in the trailer would have been more awesome if he took a long drag of a cigarette beforehand??

    *takes drag of cigarette* “what if i say no?”

    “we’re not a team,” *takes long drag a cigarette and says as exhaling* “we’re a time bomb”….


  27. if you want to watch lots of smoking in movies, might i suggest “little darlings” with Kristy McNichol. if she has 2 scenes without a cigarette in her mouth I’d be surprised, then there’s also “good night, and good luck”, with George Clooney. a good historical piece about the McCarthy hearings of the 50′s. then there’s the amc show “mad men” which has so much smoking it almost makes me wish i hadn’t quit 9 years ago because it looks so cool (*cough…*cough…*hack…*wheeze…*gasp!) NOT!