‘The Avengers’ Thor Extended TV Spot: It’s Hammer Time

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avengers wallpaper thor 570x320 The Avengers Thor Extended TV Spot: Its Hammer Time

Following on the heels of The Avengers‘ recently-released extended Captain America TV spot, we’re getting another extended spot, this time focusing on Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Scroll down to witness the power (and sharp tongue) of The Mighty Thor, as seen in Avengers.


Thor arguably has one of the juicer and more developed story arcs in the film, as the primary villain The Avengers are facing is Loki, Thor’s (faux) brother. Loki unleashes havoc when he gets hold of the tesseract (the mystical cube seen in Captain America: The First Avenger) and brings an alien armada to Earth’s doorstep. The question – as featured in this TV spot – then becomes: What, exactly, is Thor willing do to stop his own kin? Tough choices will undoubtedly have to be made…

It also seems like Avengers¬†will show off much more of Thor’s true power, which his solo film was (in my opinion) painfully short on. The mystical abilities of Thor’s iconic hammer, Mjolnir, are definitely on full display in this latest spot.

The Avengers will be in 2D and 3D theaters on May 4, 2012. Stay tuned for more character-focused TV spots to come – that is, if you’re open to seeing even more footage before the movie opens.

Source: Marvel

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  1. nice, as usual ;) Thor’s personality and the way he talks always makes me laugh hard :)

    • IDK, is it me or does Hemsworth look painfully smaller than in ‘Thor’?

      • I second that

        • yup. Pretty sure he didnt train as hard for whatever reason. The same could be said for capt.

          • He trained for 3 months almost 5 days a week for 60-90mins a day for Thor, he couldn’t do that for The Avengers as he just finished another film he also couldn’t go so big because he wouldn’t be able to lose weight fast and safely enough for Rush.

            The way I see it is he’s still bigger then Evans which is good I mean he’s Thor he needs to be, plus when he has his arms covered he doesn’t look small at all.

            • that’s why they have mass gainer supplements and steroids. I saw his film ‘the cabin in the woods’ and he’s as small as his brother in that one. I just wish Hollywood would be more consistent

              • Cabin in the Woods was filmed over three years ago. Two years before Thor. Its getting a release now, because they finally found a distributor.

              • Steroids, now there’s a good idea, never mind your health just as long as you look good, and big, for the movie. 8-)

                • yea, but if you knew anything about ‘roids you’d know that those adverse side effects only occur when taken for prolonged periods of time – and by that I mean years! one or two cycles for filming a movie isn’t going to show any consequence. but belabor that, these actors and actresses have the best trainers and food OUR $$ can buy. I love how twerps only take ONE thing from an entire paragraph out of context. lol

                  • I can’t tell if you’re being silly and joking about steroids, or you actually, seriously think anyone would do that to themselves for a film.

                    • HERE’S THE THING. IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT how actors prepare for roles you’d know that it’s not unheard of. Case in point; Robert DeNiro gained unhealthy weight and 80 lbs to portray Lou Cipher in ‘Angel Heart’ and Jake LaMotta in ‘Raging Bull’ – sans steroids but ate nothing but junk food to gain it. Steroids are unhealthy when taken for prolonged periods of time (or cycles) While I don’t advocate them, I understand the need for athletes and actors to gain size (muscle) in a short time and once the cycle is done they get off them

      • Chris Hemsworth apparently didn’t have time for the proper work out and so used steroids just like Chris Evans…therefore after some time they will lose everything they gained.
        I noticed Hemsworth at the Oscars (or maybe it was Globes, whatever) and he looked terrible.

        There is no Hugh Jackman anymore lol.

        • they dont use steroids, as stated above in a prev post, for thor and capt the actors were put on stricts diets and tranning regimens to bulk up for the roles. They loose the size over time because they are actors (with a wide range, not just action stars) and not dedicated to bodybuilding.

          • It’s a fact that his muscles were enhanced digitally for some of the shot in the original Thor. I believe it was actually a ScreenRant article from way back that documented it. I can’t recall exactly… but for example the pre release images of him trying to pull the Hammer from it’s resting place inside Shields fancy tent… his size was supposedly altered in post.

            • Crazy what they can do. A simple explanation is that for certain “money shots” the actor will just lift weights for 10-15 mins before the shot. Try it, do a couple sets of push ups and u’ll look 10 lbs heavier with the pump.

          • I agree. But again, it goes back to the role, and Hemsworth and Evans weren’t making comedies therefore looking the part should have been at the very least, ”considered” lol

        • Yes, I saw that also Dawko. Don’t get me wrong, I think they both did great jobs as Cap and THor in the first movies. I also have to gripe about Evans looking like frail Steve Rogers in the Avengers trailer! IDK, it’s a bit disconcerting to say the least. I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been waiting since childhood to see our fave heroes come to life and wanting them to be portrayed accurately ;)

  2. Ah whats a brother to do?! Glad i was an only child:)

  3. your lucky Hi-C there were six of us,and none of us were like the brady
    bunch neither .:)more like the brady bunch movie

    • But are any of them leading an army of inter galactic we don’t know what to conquer the Earth?

  4. Every time something like this is released, I get excited for The Avengers all over again. I don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious for a movie to come out.

  5. I’ts not a spoiler but it’s been shown that Thor hurls a car using Mjolnir. Ok, we already know that Mjolnir is powerful and can do stuff like that, they should have had Thor drop Mjolnir and have to use his bare hands for a bit to show Thor’s prowess without the use of Mjolnir. Showing Thor hurl a car with his bare hands would have been much more impressive. With today’s special effects it could’ve been done.

    • I concur ‘Blastaar’. They should’ve told Hemsworth to stick to the free weights and stay off the girlie cardio machines. Go big or go home Thor, for crying out loud!

      • I would love to see you try to keep up the that work out regime while still trying to act in several things. Thor is plenty big, he is much bigger then Captain America, which is what he should be. You are just nerd raging because nothing can live up to your stupid standards, relax and just enjoy the movie.

        • for one thing jackhole, I do. I’m not some pencil-necked scrawny geek posing as an internet warrior throwing around ad hominems as a front for lacking social graces – like you. I personally train in MMA, bodybuilding AND Powerlifting. So yea, I DO indeed look like that, go to my Facebook page and you’ll see. Also, I’ve been reading the comics especially Thor and Conan since I was 9 yrs old, and it’s not just MY ”stupid standards” – these are standards set by the authors and the ARTISTS that drew them! Also, I take the adage of nerd as a badge, especially because THIS nerd could surely whip your nancy ass…

          P.S. don’t be a wuss and cower behind ‘anonymous’ be a man and put your real name up :))

          • WOOO HOOOOOO! Nice!

    • 100%!!! They down played his strength in Thor.

      • Agree, they underplayed his strength, but I feel like it’s valid. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Asgardians are highly advanced aliens, not actual supernatural gods. Thor gets his strength in the comics from a couple things: his father is the most powerful Asgardian, obviously passing that power down to his son, and his mother was Gaea, elder goddess of the Earth. If you assume he’s an alien instead of a god in the films, it makes sense that he strength, while still HUGE, would be less than his comics counterpart.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but I also don’t think the scene was meant to imply that Mjolnir was the one doing the heavy hitting. If a guy who could manage to life Mjolnir (He’d have to be worthy of course!) tried to wack a car with the hammer, it would probably just put a dent in the fender. You have to have Thor level strength to throw a car like that, hammer or not, and Thor just likes to smack things with it. Using the hammer for the hit doesn’t necessarily mean the hammer was what did the deed.

      • I just think it kinda gives the wrong idea to people who may not be old school uber geeks who spent they’re entire childhood waisting brain space by filling it up with comic book stuff……like I did! HA! I know my standards are pretty high, and most likely too high, but DAMNIT!!!! I’ve been foaming at the mouth to see this kind of movie for like 35 years!! (cough, cough, gasp….) sorry….I got all worked up and forgot to breath….

  6. Yeap Thor is my favorite.

    • Im sure they have not shown the entire movie as of yet. Perhaps we get some surprises

  7. Thor has always been my favorite superhero of all time!

  8. Only 13 sleeps to go!!!

  9. We need the doctor, or just the tardis, to take us 3 weeks into the future

  10. Shiny. Hey, did anybody else notice Thor’s metal sleeve returning to his arm after he picks up Mjolnir and summons the lightning? Maybe Thor sacrifices some of his power to get back to Earth, which would explain how Iron Man can knock him around in the earlier trailer…

    • That is actually a very interesting fact. I completely missed that and I saw the video three times! It would makes sense that he didn’t have his full power when iron man was beating on him. He was probably preparing for the final battle when he got his armor back on.

    • This has been covered before. Even if Thor was at peak ability, that doesn’t make him the immovable object. He weighs somewhere around 600+ lbs and while that is significant compared to a normal Human it’s nothing compared to the devastating strength Iron Man wields in his armor (able to lift over 90 TONS).

      You are also mistaking knocking around with actually taking damage. The two are not mutually inclusive. So just because IM knocks him back doesn’t mean he was hurt in any way.

      • +1

      • very much yes, and also remember that Iron man has made the thor buster armor, and we see him with a new suit in this movie.

      • 90 tons is a little bit overstated IMO and in IM1 he barely could lift a SUV. So, the Movie-IronMan isn’t that strong, but on everything else I agree.

        • In that scene, he was using a second generation Arc Reactor (he was not at his full power level), and he still caught an SUV.

          • Yeah I know that, but 90 tons (SUV = ca. 2-3tons?).
            The M1A1-tank has a weight about 60 tons, so in the comics he can lift 1.5 M1A1-Tanks or almost a blue whale(ca. 100-140 tons)or about 15 elefants (ca. 6tons each)?
            Not very believable IMO (yeah, it’s a comic, but come on).
            Just saying.

              • But I think they want it to be believable as possible in all this magic-sci-fi-world with demi-gods, a giant green monster and a flying aircraft carrier …, hm, ok, nevermind.
                A whole-body-prosthesis which can lift 12 M1-tanks with his tiny jet boots is possible, in this world ;)

      • Totally agree.

  11. less than 2 weeks! (In Australia;)

  12. Thor is, by far, my favorite too. I hope they show Thor put down Mjolnir and throw a semi-truck at one if those alien ships. Just love how Hemsworth is able to credibly pull off those lines without sounding corny. My favorite quip of the movie so far… “You people are so petty & tiny.” It sounds arrogant but really, us humans are in fact “petty and tiny”

  13. We need more of Thor’s helmet. Thor with no helmet is like taking away Hulk’s green. A vital part of the character is missing.

    • Eh…not really the same as taking away Hulk’s green. In the 616 universe he’s usually with his helmet, yes, but in the Ultimate universe he never had a helmet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a mixture of 616 & Ultimate universes. I’d like to see him wear the helmet, but it’s not important.

  14. I just want to know when Thor will fly. He fly for about 2 seconds in the movie and I haven’t seen any flying footage at all in the previews.

    • He flew in the trailer and landed on the Quinjet.

    • ditto. I also want to see Thor open a dimensional gateway with Mjolnir!

  15. Thor is, by far, my favorite. I’m also hoping to see Thor put down his hammer and throw a semi-truck or something really heavy at an alien spaceship– you know, something to showcase his mind-blowing strength. As for Hemsworth being smaller… sure, he may have not trained as hard for the Avengers, but I just love the way Hemsworth can pull off those regal, arrogant quips without sounding corny. My favorite line from all these different Avengers trailers is now… “You people are so petty and tiny”. Metaphysically speaking, us human beings really are kind-of petty and tiny. Kick some alien ass Thor!

  16. I’m watching the red carpet premiere and RDJ comes in grand Tony Stark fashion…in an expensive convertible. They also showed the clip of Black Widow being interrogated, and I wish they hadn’t because I’m a little worried now; I didn’t feel that scene was all that. Still, I’m very excited for the movie, just not as excited as before.

    • I agree the clip wasn’t all that. But its only one scene ill wait to see the rest

      • But now I’ve read that the first 2 acts have problems, and the third act is totally awesome. I’m still psyched for the movie, but I’m also a little worried.

      • It’s probably only “all that” to people who know the character well, and for those that don’t, it’s meant to introduce them to his mannerisms and personality.

  17. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer lives!

    • if i had a hammer…

  18. Keep Calm & Praise the lord of Mischief.

  19. The Thor TV spot was great and funny.

    Chris Hemsworth did a good job as Thor, what a great casting choice.

  20. They digitally enhanced his muscles in some of the scenes in the first movie. I believe it was documented in an article here on screen rant back when they released the early photo of him trying to pull the hammer from the earth… On earth.

  21. As a HUGE Germanic mythology nerd, Thor’s one of my favorite comics characters. I can’t wait to see all the stuff happening in The Avengers, especially Thor’s angst about going after his own brother.

    • ditto! I hope they don’t over simplify Loki as just a villain. He was always more complex than most bad guys. They did a decent job on him in Thor.