‘The Avengers’ Featurette: How They Created The Team Fight Scene

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It was the shot that made the price of admission for The Avengers more than worth it, and likely filled every movie theater with squeals of delight from comic book fans. Not to mention provided a visual sequence that few had ever seen prior to Marvel’s team-up.

Apparently stitching Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye’s individual fights into a single shot posed a bit of a challenge to the special effects team at Industrial Light & Magic. The latest behind-the-scenes look gives an idea of how much work went into bringing the film’s most memorable shot to life.

We continue to be baffled by the ease with which ILM makes the impossible seem downright plausible, and the flowing shot during the battle between the Avengers and the invading Chitauri didn’t just elicit ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from audiences, but proved what scale of action was possible with more than one star in your superhero movie. It also proved what kind of action Joss Whedon could deliver.

The budget or special effects in store for Marvel’s ‘Phase One’ conclusion were never in question, but the same can’t be said for Whedon’s appointment as both writer and director. When the Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse creator was first signed, his relative inexperience with films of this size (and in general) raised some doubts. Not the least of which was his competency with action and massive set piece fight choreography.

If that were the case, it stood to reason that Marvel (like many other studios hiring story-focused directors) would bring in some help to piece together the larger, bolder, more CGI-heavy sequences. Perhaps Whedon deserves even more vindication than he’s currently enjoying, since the team at ILM make it clear that the iconic shot was formed by the director himself, and not by committee.

The Avengers ILM Featurette The Avengers Featurette: How They Created The Team Fight Scene

Obviously there’s plenty of people that help make a sequence like this one a reality. But if budget and time are the things that have kept ‘proven large-scale action’ off of Whedon’s resume, and not his imagination, it means good things for the sequel. The cagey godfather of Marvel’s cinematic universe hasn’t gone into details on what story he came up with that convinced him to make The Avengers 2, but hopefully he’s already dreaming up even bigger and better ways of having the heroes use their powers in tandem (if Iron Man’s beam-into-Cap’s-shield is just the start…).

This will be little comfort to fans till pining over the second villain that never made it into the movie, but there’s still room to expand things for the sequel. It’s fair to say that ILM and Whedon helped sell the super-team action of The Avengers 2 in this shot alone, so if the momentum continues, fans have even more to look forward to.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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  1. The guys at ILM look like they don’t see much sunlight nor sleep a lot. Props for the amazing work they do.

    • i think the post-production guys work longer than the other crews of the entire film.
      The post-pro. team of THE HOBBIT had to sleepover in the studios for several nights so they can finish editing the film before the premiere.
      They are very hardworking indeed.

  2. This is the reason why I want to work on and in films.

  3. That shot was better than the entirety of The Dark Knight Rises.

    • If thats what you want to believe…
      I just think that in 10 years from now the Nolan/ Bale Batman trilogy will be considered a milestone in movie history for bringing a comic book character into a (somewhat) realistic setting and examining the emotional and physical toll it would take on a person.
      The Avengers on the other hand I think will be remembered as a milestone as well for the team dynamic but more so as a fun, comic book movie without any reality or emotion. The 2 movies deliver the goods but in clearly different ways.

      • I don’t think any of Nolan’s Batman movies will be remembered for anything, other than being bad, sorry.

        • @pli pli

          HAHAHAHA!!! Funny stuff man. Funny indeed.

        • Sorry but you’re the only one that thinks so, so yea you are funny.

          • sorry,not the only one !
            Nolans Batmas Movies are highly overrated,too Drak and too realistic for comic book adaptions ! Tim Burtons Batman Movies are far far superior in my opinion !

            But to each his own !

            • too dark stop been a baby u realise its fricking Batman. Tim Burton Batman was also dark

              • @mace

                You’re absolutely right. Tims’ version WAS also dark, but in a different way. If you choose his version over Nolans’(or vise versa) then that’s your personal decision for which I won’t attack you on. But be careful because there are others out there that won’t be a nice, & understanding to your decision making. TRUST ME I KNOW!

                • this was annoy me all the damn time coming on Screenrant and other sites when people crying saying Nolan Batman movies are dark. when Tim Burton Batman was also dark i like Burton Batman movies but complaining about Nolan Batman been dark is just silly.

                  have people forgotten that WB wanted Batman to be kid friendly after Burtons Batman movies was finished. they found his movies was too dark and look what happen they simple ruin Batman by making Batman and Robin.

                  • honestly batman and robin is the only batman movie I like, then again, I also like the old godzilla movies. Guess it depends on your preferences.

                    • @Mando

                      I’m surprised at your selection my friend. What exactly is it about that one that you like so much?

                    • Honestly proably the corniness itself, I just enjoy a fun story and a good laugh, and even though he is one dimensional Arnuld still makes a good Mr. Freeze XD.
                      honestly nostaglia helps, I originaly watched it on one of my rare visits to my grandma’s house(we lived about 2 timezones in the US away from her, so visits werent and still are not common), and she had a major VHS recording collection, so I happened to watch Batman and Robin (and Batman itself) a couple times and just enjoyed it for the fun of it(and I still prefer it over batman begins). And in case you havent guessed I am a marvel fan, however, that is an interesting story in itself, as I have never owned a marvel comic(technicly I had one old batman one, but that was a gift or garage sale thing, and I lost it long ago), My introduction to these two francises was in fact through a gift from a friend of the Marvel and DC encyclopedia of characters 4 or so years ago. I just so happened to prefer the in many ways lighter, and more fun characters of Marvel over the rather Darker and morbid characters of DC. I just remedied the comic thing the other day by ordering the Essential Antman, and the Marvel Essential SuperVillan Team-up which I am quite excited about(though, thanks to my high school and now college libraries I have managed to read Ess. Fantasic Four 1-8ish, Essn. Cap, Essn daredevil, Essn Ironman1-3, and Essn Avengers 1, so I am quite well versed now, along with the fact I read through the encyclopedia of characters several times(yes I managed to identify Thanos by face in the movie theaters, and I am proud to say so). So I am an interesting subject when it comesa to this stuff, as while I do consider myself a marvelite, I see nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional DC movie, I just prefer Marvel(though I did like RED, but then again that was bruce Willis), and comic wise I prefer older stuff as well, as I like to have the full story. now if you want to see the majority of the classic avengers lineup scroll down to the bottom, you might find it interesting.

                    • boy that was a mouthfull, you proably want to read that in your inbox. also in case you are wondering, though I have caught all the post iron man ones, I have not watched any of the earlier ones cept X1-2, and spiderman(saw that one in theathers, walked out during it. had my reasons and I was 7.) and I did enjoy TASM, and Xmen First class(wasnt bad, wasnt great), and I didnt hate the FF movies, but they werent great either(specialy in hindsight with my knowledge of doctordoom now, he was totaly misinterpeted)

                  • @mace

                    Again, I agree man, but don’t make your head explode(or respond to)over nonsense like these ridiculous comments you keep reading all the time. I try to do it myself unfortunately, but as someone said one time in a movie I saw……JUST WHEN I THINK I’M OUT…..THEY PULL ME BACK IN!

                  • WHY THE F did stupid nolan’s batman movies make it onto this post ANYWAYS !!! THIS STORY was about the amazing work done with the Avengers fight scene NOTHING TO DO WITH WAYYY OVERRATED NOLAN!! and yes I do like and own all 3 of the nolan Batman series, but Im sooo sick of reading an avergers story and the queer nolanites crying that TDKR was a better movie??? they are different kinds of movie so STOP comparing them and if anyone wants to compare anything do it apples to apples!! WHO GOT MORE $$$$$$$$???? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!!

                    • @Slappy

                      HAHAHAHA!!!! Slappy not too Happy. I wish there were more people like you on this website man. Not only do you speak the truth, but you could make me laugh all day long.

        • Pretty false comment, since the dark knight is already remembered for changing the academy amd revamping a lost genre (along with ironman)

        • And boring!

        • Lol like anyone will remember your comment in a day

      • IF DKR was half as good as BB then yes you would be correct. Instead in 10 years there will be “behind the film” style interviews with Nolan asking him where it all went wrong with DKR.

    • @I. Patriot

      Real funny line, but I think pli pli has you beat. Read what he wrote down below.

    • Why does this turn into a comparison with DKR? I didn’t hear any of the CGI speakers taking about DKR when they explained how this scene was shot.

      Very sad people need to bring comparisons when the article has nothing to do with such. I am personally the most 50/50 DC & Marvel guy there is and if I had to pick I’d take DRK but love them both. One day when the superhero genre loses its luster in mainstream movies (all good things do come to an end) all comic book fans are going to hope for the day when any movie from either company hits it big again.

      Why can’t you people just enjoy both companies put out successful movies this past summer?

      • Well said G.T.C.

      • @G.T.C.

        “I am personally the most 50/50 DC & Marvel guy there is”

        If by that statement you mean to say that everyone else who comments on this website are all biased towards one side or the other, let me just give you some advice my friend for future reference. That way you don’t end up saying the wrong thing like that again. Speaking for myself(as I always do)you are not in fact the only one, because there happens to be someone else who’s also impartial when it comes to not choosing sides, & you want to know who that person is? The same one that’s addressing this comment at you.

        I’ve always stood up for which ever side I felt was being unjustly attacked by whatever unfair accusation being tossed around. However, even though Batman will always be in my fav’five, that’s not because of what I’ve seen so far on the big screen(with the exception of Tim Burtons’ Batman)I have never liked the Dark Knight in live action form. It’s mainly due to the actors they keep choosing to fill the(almost impossible)shoes left by Michael Keaton. I’ll probably never choose anyone over him, I really don’t know. For now though I have yet to see anybody who I can rightfully say has been worthy of taking his place.

        So if you ever see me sticking up for The Avengers in this constant back & forth bickering over which film is better, just know that it’s also due to the fact that I really didn’t care for Christian Bale. Not just that I think Avengers is better……which I also think is true.

        • They are both top 10 films imdb. If the avengers continues this way it will go down as one of the grestest trilogies in cinema, along with LOTR, and the dark knight trilogy. Of course everyone will have their preferences.but they both deserve praise for diffrent merits.

          • @Trey

            I give credit to(and only to)Heath Ledger & Anne Hathaway. The former because of the brilliant performance, & the latter for actually convincing me that leather can just about make anyone look sexy.

        • @Broadway, what are you talking about? GTC never said or implied that because he’s the most 50/50 DC Marvel person that anyone else (let alone everyone else) on the site was biased.

          Where did you even pull that from? You’re just speculating and then using your unfounded speculation to attack his post.

          The fact that all you did was attack a never-made point shows me that you don’t really have a counter-argument to what GTC stated, and so tried to go after something ancillary to detract from your lack of counterpoint.

          That’s just weak. GTC wrote a well-presented argument and made the case for his feelings. Step up to that level and try and do the same.

          • @js2900

            I believe when a person makes a statement like…..”I am personally the most 50/50 DC & Marvel guy there is”, it’s pretty self explanatory what that part of his comment means. I don’t expect you to know that however because……YOU’RE THE ALL KNOWING,POWERFUL & WISE WIZARD FROM OZ WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO GUESSING WHAT EVERYBODY MEANS WHEN THEY WRITE COMMENTS LIKE THIS(I’m being sarcastic by the way in case I was confusing you)AND YOU CAN ALSO SEE INTO THE FUTURE ABOUT OTHER STUFF YOU KNOW ABSOLUTLY NOTHING ABOUT…….Yawn!! I’m tired. Not to mention bored with you & this conversation……go away please.

            • My opinon gtc was being modest. No need to get all mad bro.

              • @Kels

                It’s not that he’s mad. I think he was trying to express(immaturely)how wrong he thought that person was for responding to his little tirade back there.

            • Well there’s such a thing as reading into something the wrong way. It’s not so much that you seem to be attached to the one comment he made about being unbiased. Personally to me it implies “From where I’m standing since I don’t know how much of a DC/Marvel fan you guys all are”

              Personally I liked The Avengers more since I just couldn’t get into The Dark Knight Rises, it felt like it tried too many things at once and tried to have this dark meaingfull message which didn’t come through. Also Robin?! WTF?! Oh yeah turns out the random cop is called Robin! That was cheap although I liked Bane, I did not expect that.

              • @James

                This isn’t an attack on you personally, but I feel it still needs to be said. Why is it that most people feel everyone must “read between the dam lines” all the time, or even stop to think that maybe someone was making an implication about something!! What happen to the days(I loved those days)when people actually wrote, or said what they really meant to say or was thinking. Don’t you feel personally by everyone doing that then there wouldn’t be so much misinterpreting(mostly by me)going around?!

          • All I was trying to say in my initial post was I am a fan of both companies. As for Broadway’s comment – I really wasn’t sure what mistake he thought I made nor understood his correction for me. I could not make a point out of it so didn’t read into to it very much. All I can say: I’m not claiming to know it all – just that I’m a fan of both. He (Broadway)seems to have 2 cents about everything & debates anything on here so I just ignore anyway.

            All I did want to get across is this specific article / video was about how Avengers went about the CGI for the great scene towards the end of the movie. After watching the video & reading the article I saw comments about DKR sucking, which again blows my mind! How about taking the time to comment on what a good job the Marvel folks did making this scene instead of bashing the other company?

            As far as me being a 50 / 50 DC & Marvel guy is pretty much on the money. Ever since I was a child (and that is going back some years) I have loved superheroes. Birthday parties themed with Superman, Spiderman & Hulk (among several others). Collecting comics from both sides since early 1980’s. As far as my dollar goes today – it is stretched down the middle. I think both companies have great storylines &I buy several trades from both to keep up.

            Not trying to sound old here but I recall a time not too long ago when comics were not very popular outside us comic junkies that actually buy the books. Heck, Marvel declared bankruptcy in 1996! Needless to say I never envisioned the day when both companies would be pushing out blockbuster after blockbuster on the big screen. Kind of makes me proud to be a comic book nerd. With that being said I simply don’t get why some posters live to knock the other company. As comic books fans we have to remember the general public who currently is paying the money to make these films blockbusters does not care what company & a good percent probably don’t even know there are two main companies. I just wish comic book fans would be happy for the industry as a whole because as I stated above – there was a time when the industry was undesirable and barley getting by. If this genre wears off (which everything does sooner or later) we are going to be begging for any movie on the big screen regardless of the company the character belongs to.

            • @G.T.C.

              Why thank you for that nice,YAWN!,looooonnngggg story.zzzzzzzz.
              Anyway, let me address a couple of things you happen to personally mention about me since you(and most of these other people)like taking cheap shots at individuals.

              1. As far as me “misinterpreting” anything you say. Here’s some advice for future reference so we don’t put eachother in this situation again. If your going to go on & on about something that you feel is necessary to pass along try to make your statement more clearer(as in say what you really mean)before you mistakenly write it down for people to confuse it with something else.

              2. When it comes to my…..how’d you put it “2 cents” I believe what I have to say is far more valuable than that & any rude or negative comments you & your friends have to say in reference towards me. All my reasons for verbally defending myself are very valid when it comes to dealing with you people so next time try to avoid predicaments like this one by saying the right things. Thank you.

              • Broadway – just go away. Every thread you comment on ends up in pointless bicker taking away from this site. I’ve been on this site for a good while and have not seen anything close to the negative experience you are creating here. Every single article you comment on is picking a fight some with someone. Seriously – go away!

                Vic – you need to ban this guy as people are just going to wind up leaving the site. There are plenty of other entertainment sites people can get this information without being harassed by a poster like Broadway. I love this site but if he continues to get away with trolling I will no longer comment and find a new site. This is where I expect the moderator to restore the dignity of who they allow to post. Just look at every post this guy makes – fighting with somebody. We come here for fun – not to be mocked & insulted.

                • @grab them cakes

                  To tell you “the truth” Mr.Cakes, you & everyone else is just as guilty as he is for indulging him with all this back & forth nonsense. Have you ever heard the phrase “two wrongs don’t make a right”? For the life of me I will never understand why none of you probably realize that maybe(just maybe)he might be saying the things he’s saying just to see if any of you are foolish enough to respond to something that probably means absolutely nothing to him.

                  So far I can definitely see he’s winning that debate.Jeeeez!

    • Oh look it’s this discussion again

    • 3 comments in and it starts again. smh

    • @Iron Patriot, did you watch the DKR in true imax ? Avengers was awesome movie but for someone to call any particular scene was better than entirety of the DKR is bit off… I am sorry

    • Goodness gracious. Are we on this? Still?! There has to a medical term for this condition. Hopefully treatment as well.

  4. Come on guys, the Batman Vs Avenger arguments have been done to death.

    Anyways, I love these behind the scenes videos! I wish my Bluray copy had more features like this. :(

    • Agreed on all things said.

    • I second ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID boogoo

  5. Phase 1: 6 films (including The Avengers)

    Phase 2: 6 films (INCLUDING Ant-Man)

    So let’s get this straight for the last, and I’d say final time..


    They’re doing 6 films for EACH PHASE, it looks like.
    I don’t see it going any other way than what’s been going on since 2008.

    I know someone has to agree with me.
    It wouldn’t make sense for them to do 6 movies (phase 1), then 5 movies (phase 2), then 7 movies (phase 3)… you know what I mean?

    • Also, Ant-Man is like, begging to be on phase 2, personally, i love the character.

    • There was a discussion about this in some past articles and comment sections, have a feeling that antman will be introed in phase 2 in one of the movies (cameo type deal) but that his movie will be the first out off the gates for phase 3. Personally I’m hopeful it means an earth base threat in the form of ultron, but thats pure conjecture on my end.

  6. awesome

  7. I personally think The Avengers film looked to unrealistic for todays film changing industry. With today’s much improved High Definition cameras you start to notice between CGI and reality. Its to noticeable, you can see the difference no mater how good the animation is. Now The Avengers is not shy when it comes to Computer Generated Imagery. That’s why The Avengers movie looks like cartoon and made for 10 year old’s. Nolan’s Batman trilogy’s story line’s and plots are more complex and sophisticated. And you actually get to know the character’s more developed and more complete. Nolan’s Universe take on Batman is real life like down to earth. Nolan brought the Batman back at the big screen with new concept in mind and feel. And every movie is behind. and people actually compare the Avengers film is a simple dumb movie or any Marvel movie in general. And for your information Batman didn’t need a team up to make one billion at the box office he did it alone. And watch out for the Justice League film, enough said.

    • I’m 45 and have an apparent critical eye (at least others, like my ex wife, would state :P). I also collect art and spend far too many hours playing computer games. I remember feeling just the opposite about the Avengers ‘not blending well’ with the live action+CG. If the secret to eternal youth is watching a movie like this to make me into a 10 year old, then all I can say is, “when’s the next showing?”

  8. Apparently the butthurt fanboys of comic book franchises are out in force today, dumping crap all over the respective “enemy”. Pathetic. I miss the times when people could just enjoy movies without picking sides, and when people could just ignore movies they didn’t like without attacking those who did like them.

    • That was before the internet was created. Now everyone can hide behind their computers and talk fanboy trash. I remember the good ol days when we would talk at bars over drinks and then have a good argument and see where it leads!

      • @leather c.

        Yeah! Straight into a bar fight……good times! HAHAHA!!(I’m only kidding L.C. so don’t respond with an angry comment aimed towards me…..please!)As I said a couple of days ago(maybe longer than that)you are one of the few(the very few)person’s that I can always count on to have a meaningful conversation with without going off the deep end about something, & I thank you for that.

        By the way what’s the big idea of you attacking me back there hours ago?
        I know you weren’t “taking sides”, but it sure felt that way. Can you please explain before I verbally crush you(again, only kidding…..jeeez).

      • Haha if internet was around back then the “classics” would have just as many haters as any movie today. Who wouldnt love gone with the wind arguments. Lol

        • Or what if the internet were around during the period where the main source of intertainment was stage plays? Can’t imagine this level of argument and strife for things like Shakespear’s plays or the Phantom of the Opera if it were to occur at the same time as the plays were written and preformed for the first time. As it does for movies today.

    • @L.Winchester

      I’m affraid my friend that those days are clearly over.

  9. How can Antman be a part of phase 2 if it’s released after A2? That’s assuming that the “Avengers” movies will be the phase finales. Antman IMO should be released BEFORE A2.

    • It is possible that the time period of Antman is before A2, however they are going to have antman appear in A2 to increase interest in his solo film

    • It will kick start phase 3… Hopefully.. meaning ultron. But who knows at this point.

  10. I liked the avengers because it was simply an awesome Cbm!

  11. also on another point, I thought for the fun of it I would do the classic avengers lineup chronologicly
    Ant-Man, Ironman, Thor, Wasp(original core, they fought Hulk), Hulk(technicly, he joins and runs off from the team intermittantly a LOT), Giant-man(Pym gains dual identity shortly after first adventure), Captian america, Wonderman(was a plant by Baron Zemo, dies), Hawkeye, QuickSilver and Scarlet witch(at this time Cap, Hawk, and these 2 were the only members), SwordMaster(planted by Mandarin, ends up changing his mind, but is still branded a traitor), Golaith(Pym again, can now voluntarly grow at will, new costume), Wasp rejoins, Hercules!(yes the greek guy, he doesnt know the meaning of team work XD), (ok rest of these are rough, but all pre80′s I believe), Black Knight, Vision, Wonderman(He’s Alive!), Black Panther, and Yellow Jacket(yes, Pym AGAIN). And I believe that does it for the ‘classic’ avengers, personaly I think it would be rather fun to see hercules, Black knight, and Wonder man, but of course these are the iffy-est, we know we are getting antman(YES), and of course we definately arent getting Quicksilver and the scarlet witch(mutants who are the children of Magneto! no way we will be seeing them in this universe). hope this is informative, also I did not include some minor things(like how Hawkeye became Goliath for a short while), but think I got most of the major classic stuff

    • Actually Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can be used, they are on the(short) list of characters that can be used by marvel andfox. They cannot,however, use the mutant angle or the connection to Magneto.

      • Which is why we’ll probably never see them unfortunately. But that fine, at some point the avengers roster has to draw the like someplace… Unless of course some character are more or less relegate to the background.

        • You never know. The big names will have to cycle out at some point, RDJ and SLJ are getting up in years. Chris Evans will likely not be willing to play Cap much longer, Hemsworth could get tired of playing Thor.
          That leaves them with either reboots, recasting, or using other characters. Although they’ve shown a willingness to recast(Hulk anyone!), Guardians of the Galaxy proves they’re willing to go with other properties outside the heavy hitters.
          I believe that if GoG does well, we are more likely to see the roster change up rather than recasting. I don’t think they will try reboots for a while yet, so that is not really an issue IMO.

          • Good questions. Will be interestin to see what they do down the road. Like u said, certain actors might get too old or want to do somethin else. Marvel’s seem open to establishing new properties like gotg so its perfectly reasonable to think they’d introduce more characters albeit leser known ones and “build up their brand recognition”… If marvel is good at one thing its that. There is certainly a precedent in the comics with all the permutations and stories the avenger team has gone to (roster changes etc). I wonder if the phase 3 will be a switch of sorts, a last run of the current core heroes before the eventual replacements come (half-boot? Hehe maybe with occasional cameos of the originals or buddy team-up type movies). So many possibilities. Like u said also about the reboot, i dont see it as somethin that will happen anytime soon… But it is also a money game, so in say 20 years.. We might see it… thought rebooting a shared universe could be a massive undertaking.. Who know how big it will have gotten by then! Hehe

            • I really think phase 2 will be the end for RDJ and maybe Hulk (although he is signed for 6 movies) but at marvels discretion!! Cap, Thor, will both finish their trilogies in Phase 3 and cap may even die in his 3rd movie leaving room for bucky barnes to become the new Cap for an Avengers 3 (if there is one) but if so I do think it will be a lineup change maybe not everyone different but a big switch up!! I love Ironman and really hate to see him go but unless he and marvel want more his contract runs out after A2 so we shall see and I do hope and think it will be exciting! maybe they will kill IM off in A2? and I guess the Hulk could appear at anytime throughout anyof these films! I do hope they do more witrh mixing these characters up into each others movies!! does anyone really think that if IM had REAL problems with the mandarin that Cap, or Hulk would NOT come in to assist? that is kind of stupid to me! if I need help my friends are there to help, same goes for all of the Avengers.

              • I feel you on this, unlike comics that just keep reinventing characters etc it can get repetitive (characters arc wise).. For IM and company.. After 3 solo movies.. How much more character developement will there be left? Perhaps theyll move IM to become more of a Fury type, behind the scenes guy or more of a background guy appearing now and again in movies of other characters. Hard to say at this point. They do have civil war/secret wars etc in their back pocket to use if when they grow their rosters of characters to a size where it would become interesting.

                Like you say, for solo movies.. They can only use the old “they were busy” line so many time as a reason why no other hero could help for an individual villain. I hope we do see movies evolve to team ups like banner-stark movies etc. that would also be good when they run out of standard (fight your inner demons or personal issues etc) character dev for solo films.

  12. So it’s impossible to stay on topic when it comes to a Marvel related thread huh?
    ANOTHER argument guys? Seriously?! (It’s times like this where I feel ashamed of being a fanboy :()

    Anyway… that continuous shot was one of the best sequences I’ve ever seen in a movie, so that featurette was pretty interesting, but why didn’t they put it on the Blu-Ray!
    LOL, I’m still so PO’d about the terrible job Marvel did with The Avengers’ home release.
    The actual movie was still superb/awesome/epic though… And as a matter of fact, so was TDKR (Yes folks, it IS possible to like ‘em both – shocking, I know ;))

    • @The Avenger

      I’m new here, but by me already skimming through most of these ridiculous & nonsensical back & forth “conversations” that it has come to my conclusion that most, if not all these attacks are specifically aimed at,or caused by one individual. I’ll refrain myself from mentioning his name out of “fear” that he might have something to reply with like he always seems to do. I’ll also not mention who HE is because I also noticed a few articles back him mentioning a few people who he considers to be his friends, or at least people he can have a good & satisfying discussion with without any back & forth bickering all day long. You were one of those people AVENGER so out of respect for both of you, & maybe fear that you’ll speak on his behalf to come after me(just kidding)I just wanted to know what your personal thoughts were on all these attacks.

    • Are they saving it for that special edition with the suitcase? Idk

  13. @BJ I’m not Avenger but I’ve been following this site for a long time. If you don’t mind me speaking out I just wanted to say that ppl need to stop attacking each other as if our honor is at stake. It makes ppl look a bit insecure. I mean this is an internet site where we don’t even know each other personally so why should we be so wound up? It’s silly.

    • @JCH

      To tell you “the truth”……I agree with everything you just said. BRAVO!! Now can you please spread your positive, & intelligent message to all these other boneheads. There’s obviously alot, & I do mean alot of growing up to do among many individuals on this site.

  14. COOL

  15. @B.J.
    My thoughs on these attacks and stupid arguments lately? I just think people need to calm the f down.

    We may not be starting the fires, but unless we stop adding the fuel to them (and thus feeding the fanboy trolls) these arguments will never end.

    And like I’ve said many times, I’m all for discussing things and sharing opinions (it’s one of the main reasons I come to this site), but when things get as childish and nonsensical as in the last few days, I personally can’t stand it.

    Maybe it’s just that time of the year though… Everybody’s enjoying the holiday season partying and relaxing while most of the internet trolls are alone at home staring at their computer screens.
    It’s kinda sad actually…

    As for the specific person you were talking about, just keep in mind that SR’s rule is no personal attacks… I’ll just say that while some of his comments can be a little overwhelming considering how much he comments on SR (this coming from a person who comments a lot on SR as well), at least he’s the type of person you can actually start a reasonable discussion with, and I respect the dude for that. He isn’t one of the trolls roaming around if that’s what you’re insinuating.

  16. Third Floor Previz sucks. Good riddance.