Teaser For ‘The Avengers’ Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

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The Avengers Russian Trailer Loki Teaser For The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Believe it or not, The Avengers will be in theaters around the world in just over three months. Despite the proximity of its release, fans still haven’t seen much from the movie outside of The Avengers trailer which only showcased characters introduced in Marvel Studios’ previous films that set the foundation for the team-up epic.

Director Joss Whedon, joined by fan-favorites Clark Gregg, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston, took to Twitter today to partake in a half-hour online event, answering questions about The Avengers from fans. The event closed with the following sneak peek at the The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial with this short, but sweet teaser.

In the marketing so far, a big deal has been made by the choice words spoken by the villainous Loki when he refers to his “army.” For years, rumors have focused on the idea that the shape-shifting Skrulls will form the bulk of the opposition that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must engage in fisticuffs with.

But rumors are rumors and Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige says the Skrulls won’t be in the film, while teasing another rumor about another previously-seen villain potentially making a big appearance.

Whoever these invaders are, they are shown clearly attacking downtown streets and chasing Iron Man in this very brief teaser. Hopefully even more of them is shown in the full 30-second Super Bowl spot this weekend.

So, who do you think Loki’s army is now? From that one brief shot of them flying, it appears that Loki is in the lead vehicle, riding it like a space bike – take a look at this sharpened still from the teaser, where you can make how his green cape, golden armor, and horned helmet.:

Loki Flying Machine The Avengers 570x285 Teaser For The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

The vehicles look similar in aesthetic from the crashed alien wreckage we saw in The Avengers set photo, along with that odd and mysterious super soaker alien weapon.

In other news, The Avengers is confirmed to release in IMAX 3D, on the same day it opens wide in regular theaters.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. Damn, $h!t be going down!

  2. SpaceBikes – Courtesy of Kang the Conqueror © All Rights Reserved

    • If you look very closely, you can see it´s Loki and some Asgardian Warriors on those “SpaceBikes”.

      • Yea I Saw Loki but Asgardian Warriors?

        Technology looks Kang based though.

        • Idk looks to robot/techy to be Asgardian. I like the mystery though. Something to look forward to :)

      • lol, that’s what I mentioned in the post with the image :)

        • Oh, must have missed that one…

    • Kang is WAY too arrogant and self absorbed with fixing his timeline to work for or even with the likes of an outcast like Loki.

      • That’s according to the comics though, this is a whole different universe.

        • Sure but some of the same base concepts apply. For instance, someone with the actual title “Conqueror” does NOT follow anyone (nor even co-lead). It makes no sense.

          • Perhaps he isn’t following Loki, or isn’t aware of Loki’s plan. He could easily be tricked by Loki.

            • I doubt it. Loki is the lord/god of honor.

              • God of Mischief as I remember it.

              • Mischief, god of mischief… And Kang could be tricked by loki, but I think its still the skrulls, they said it wasnt just so we would think its someone else.

  3. I cant tell anything from that. Still no idea who the villian army is.

  4. This will be epic!

  5. The more I think about it, and with this new, very brief footage, I’m guessing Cap and Thor do some serious bonding in this movie. Perhaps there is a scene where Cap picks up the Hammer?

    • “Cap picks up the Hammer?”

      Better not happen.

      • There was one issue where Cap picked up Thor’s hammer, Cap was the only one worthey to wield it.

        • Happened recently aswell in the new hit series Fear Itself.

      • There have been multiple Marvel heroes that Mjolnir has chosen to allow wield it. I believe Daredevil held it once (though I could be wrong, I’m runningon very few hours of sleep)

    • Wouldnt bet on it, who knows?

      • I think it´s not impossible. But I doubt it´ll happen.

        • Cap has picked up Thor’s hammer before in the comics, wouldn’t be a stretch to do it in the movie.

        • The only people that can pick up Thor’s hammer are those who are worthy. Has nothing to do with preference of character or goodness. Dr. Doom claimed Thors hammer back a couple years ago. Very awesome

          • Here’s a list of character that (to my knowledge) have picked up Thor’s hammer:
            Beta Ray Bill
            Captain America
            Hulk (not because he was worthy, only out of pure rage and strength — which apparently trumps mystical enchantments)

            • I was going to mention Hulk. Just goes to show just how strong he is; his strength alone (although it wasn’t easy) was enough to pick up Mjolnir.

              • dont forget red hulk

    • Why’d you have to say that!!! Now I’ll be expecting it. I do agree, he’ll probably use it against Loki.

  6. even 17 seconds was enough to get me super excited!!!

  7. The scene where Thor reaches his hand to cap. EPIC. the hulk looks incredible and this movie is gonna be big. Absolutly seeing this in IMAX with my Thor 3d glasses. :D

  8. That just looks like a poorly rendered Megatron J-walking through NYC

    • it totally does look like megatron.

      loki’s army are decepticons haha!

      mind blown.

  9. At this point Im going with the Kree. They seem to fit the bill better than other races.

    • That would be my second guess even though i prefer Kang & his army or Namor & the Atlanteans.

    • Chitauri fit better than the Kree.

    • Kevin Feige said it´s neither the Skrulls (or Chitauri), nor the Kree.

      • Doubtful on Kang and if the “who own the rights to which marvel property” Namor/atlantis is not in Marvel’s possession so that’s a non starter. As far as what Feige said;

        “Who said they were aliens?”… It’s not Skrulls, I’ve been clear about that. Beyond that, we want to hide it. The identity of the alien race is not impactful. It exists in the comic books, but we’re not setting up the Kree-Skrull war or anything like that.”

        As you can see he clearly states the Skull aten’t in the movie and they aren’t setting up the kree-skrull war dosen’t mean the kree can’t be used as the generic alien army. The comment might be an attempt to misdirect idk. Ill laugh if it does end up being something completely random (faction of asgardians loyal to loki, inhumans etc.

        As far as the Chitauri arent they weird looking aliens with bio weapons? Dosen’t fit the on set weapons (gold/blue gun) and the stuntmen using staffs while fighting thor/captn. The kree have been depicted in some comics with gold etc.

        Hoping all this building wont result in a let down but as hinted by Feige the race or whatever group they are is of little importance to the film, theyre more of a generic foil to the avengers. No doubt the movie will focus mostly on the team dynamics and the interactions between the heroes.

        • Namor is in the possession of Marvel.

          As a matter of fact apparently Joe wanted him in CA. However it upped the overall price tag of the movie. (please notice I said apparently)

          Per Kevin:

          Feige: Well, Fox has mutants and Sony/Universal…Universal doesn’t have anything. Sony’s got Spidey and Ghostrider, and those family of characters. And Fox has X-Men and Fantastic Four and Daredevil and those family of characters. But any mutants in particular? Mutants are X-Men.

          Universal was the original holders of Namor. They have nothing so that (unless he went somewhere else) means Namor is in Marvels stable.

          So unless Fox pulls a fast one and claims Namor is a mutant he is with Marvel.

          • To my knowledge, you’re right sir.
            Namor is in ownership of Marvel Studios.
            They hinted at the character in Iron Man 2, and I also heard talk that he would be in Cap: TFA – things just didn’t pan out that way.
            (We did see the original Human Torch as an easter egg in the movie – so it’s safe to assume some sort of Invaders team is present in the MCU’s continuity.)

      • he never said anything about the kree…
        He only said it won’t eb the Skrulls and that they weren’t setting up the Kree-Skrull war.

        it could very easily be the Kree.

        • Sorry, didn’t realize ‘Bellcurve’ already said what I just said…

      • Except that the Chitauri and not Skrulls, just ask one and they will be appalled at the inference. ;)

    • Its The Dark Knight Rises, sir. No thanks required.

      • It’s the one with Batman in it, right? I think that’s also coming out sometime this year.

        • Who’s this “batman” everyone keeps talking about?

          • I believe it’s some vigilante that dresses up in a black costume with bat ears and uses a “husky rough voice”……lame huh? :D

            • Why would someone do a foolish thing like that? Does he have some type of daddy issues or something? I’d bet he can’t even fight. :-D

      • a very original, non sellout title btw

        • Coming from the poster named “Robby” — who is arguably the biggest sell out, in not only catholic church history, but also the entire 14th century.

  10. Captain America once picked up Thor’s hammer during a pitched fight and pitched it to him, goes to show he is worthy of the Power of Thor.

    • THat would be very cool to see. The look on Thor’s face would be priceless.

      • The look in Loki´s face would be even more priceless, since he tried to pick it up in the Thor movie.

        • I can already picture EVERYONE’S faces if Cap picks up the hammer ;)

    • In the trailer, Cap and Thor seem to be fighting (maybe Loki mind-controls one of them); wouldn’t it be interesting if Thor throws Mjolnir at Cap and Cap catches it and throws it back?

      • Oh no you didn’t?

  11. Whoah, The Hulk has mustache stubble, that’s soo BADASS!! I love not knowing who or what Loki’s army is, it gives me something to look forward to when i see the movie. -But I’m sure someone will blow it and the whole world will know the entire plot of The Avengers sometime in Feb. If they were smart they wouldn’t reveal the army or show the Hulk in action at all!

  12. This looks incredibly MEH!!! When does it come out on Netflix or cable?

  13. Can I get cryogenicly frozen and thawed out May 4th? So friggin EPIC!!! SO PUMPED!!!

  14. Sure just move Walt Disney’s body aside and I’ll figure out how to go into sleep stasis

  15. On May 4, all fanboys will wet their pants when this awesomeness releases!

  16. The only downer about the Avengers 30 second Super Bowl spot is…that it’s only 30 seconds! A full minute spot would be great!

  17. The hulk has back hair!?!?!? Man, that’s detail if I ever saw it.

  18. wow you really can see loki on one of those space cruisers..

    • I thought so too. Are you seeing his ‘horns’?

      • I watched the clip frame-by-frame and I can assure you guys, it was most definitely Loki on the first vehicle.
        (If only I could see who was on the other two ;))

  19. I’m so freaking ready for a full body shot of the hulk on action, all these little half second face shots are starting to toy with my emotions, I wanna see hulk smash damn it


  21. Why does everyone think it’s Asgardian warriors?!
    The Asgardians don’t use weapons or vehicles like that, people!

    I think all best are still out, it could still be the Skrulls/Chitauri, Kree, Atlanteans, and even Kang seems plausible know.

    • meh you could say Loki is taking a break off of Asgardians that share his same vision.

      That would be like saying an American can not be a Taliban Terrorist.

      They CAN be Asgardians.

      I dont think they are but they can be.

      • It just doesn’t make sense to me…
        All the Asgardians pretty much hate Loki by now (almost killing their king and prince)
        And even if there are some who might share Loki’s vision, they still don’t use that type of tech… they use swords and ride around on horses (as seen in the comics and the movie), why would they mess up the continuity and give a group of Asgardians some laser guns and flying machines?

        • Also… if they were Asgardians, why the need for stunt men in mo-cap suits?

          • Again I dont think they are either however…

            “All the Asgardians pretty much hate Loki by now”

            Doesnt matter you can always find people that want to buck the system.

            “why would they mess up the continuity and give a group of Asgardians some laser guns and flying machines?”

            Why would Loki the Prankster make people look like something they are not? I dont know…… ;)

            Again I dont think they are either…. but if they were Asgardians that looked like Kree, Atlanteans or some other race how do you think that would go over for the public, SHIELD, The Avengers and the race that was portrayed?

            Im thinking (hoping) they are planning for at least 3 movies. Im beginning to think this movie is not the world threatening catalyst. Im thinking this is just to big for one hero but will set up something bigger in the following two movies….

            Just a pipe dream though….

            • A pipe dream that most of us all share…
              I to, hope that this movie will be eventually evolve into a trilogy of Avengers movies: each one, having an even greater villain than the previous one.

            • X-Men Vs The Avengers… my pipe dream

              • X-Men/Inhumans vs. Avengers/Fantastic 4

                Then the world can end.


                • Wait now you have to throw in a cameo of Alpha Flight…..

              • You’re probably looking forward to Marvel Comics’ upcoming mini-series “Avengers Vs X-Men” — I think (my prediction is) that it’s going to be the best series Marvel comics ever produced… better than secret invasion, better than fear itself, better than the marvel civil war.

                • Wait…. I thought that has already happened…. A four issue maxi series…. :D

  22. i dont think it’ll be Kang, isnt he a decendant of Reed Richards? Doesnt Fox still own the Fantastic 4?

    • Fox does own the FF, but they don’t own Kang (since he’s an Avengers villain — not a FF villain).

      You are right though… Nathaniel Richards (Reed’s father) is the ancestor of ANOTHER Nathaniel Richards (aka Iron Lad aka Kang the Conqueror) from the future.

      But in the Marvel universe, almost everyone has some sort of connection, so just because one character is related to another, doesn’t really affect ownership of character-movie-rights or anything like that.

      • I hear what you are saying but I would love to see a definitive list of who owns what.

        And just cause I own say Wolverine why couldn’t I charge Sony as Fox to use his likeness/name/voice/cameo in a scene? I mean much like 1st class im sure he was compensated for his 3 mins.

        As pointed out the name/persona of Kang is tied to the FF. Kingpin is tied to Spiderman and Daredevil.

        Doom does as he pleases which I would LOVE to see the Camelot storyline… (another pipe dream)

        I would love to see “The List”.

  23. May 4th, CANT WAIT!

  24. oh man i cannot wait for this!! and black widow is damm sexy =)

  25. I think your all overthinking the bad guys in this one. This makes it easy to pass over the most obvious. No one has mentioned The Knights of Wundagore and the High Evolutionary.

    • The High Evolutionary did make “space-cycles” or “flying steeds” for his New Men…. It would leave a potential tie-in to Thanos for the next movie(s)…