‘The Avengers’ is Longer Than Any Other Marvel Studios Movie

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avengers movie poster The Avengers is Longer Than Any Other Marvel Studios Movie

There are less than two months until Marvel Studios releases The Avengers into theaters and at this point, there’s not too much more the studio and director Joss Whedon are willing to show in the marketing. We had The Avengers Super Bowl spot which won the attention from fans among all of the movie-related commercials during the big game, the latest trailer which debuted in 3D this weekend on prints of John Carter in theaters and an endless amount of fan-made trailers, including our own Avengers mashup.

While there’s still uncertainty surrounding the villainous army featured in the film, even after a series of trailers, images of tie-in merchandise and TV commercials, we now at least have an idea of how long the film will be.

Collider had a chance to speak with Whedon at SXSW for The Cabin in the Woods premiere and like most interviews with the director of The Avengers, questions didn’t always stay on topic and Whedon shared some info on how long we can expect to sit in theaters for Marvel’s epic team-up flick.

“My first cut was three hours long and it’s now down to 2 hours and 15 minutes, and I’m extremely proud of that. I had always intended to go over two, under two and a half. There was no way a movie with this many great actors and this much epic scope was gonna clock in under two and not feel a little anemic, somebody wasn’t gonna get their moment if that happened. But at the same time, I get very angry that romantic comedies run over two hours long, it’s like ‘Guys, that’s not okay.’ More isn’t more. I don’t want anything in the movie that shouldn’t be.”

For comparison, Whedon says The Avengers is currently 135 minutes, a little longer than previous Marvel Studios films:

  • Iron Man: 126 minutes
  • The Incredible Hulk: 112 minutes
  • Iron Man 2: 124 minutes
  • Thor: 114 minutes
  • Captain America: The first Avenger: 124 minutes

So, there’s an extra 10 minutes there to re-intro the characters. As for the 45 minutes cut so far, Whedon explains it’s content that he loves, stuff that would be great on TV where there’s time for content to doesn’t necessarily move the plot forward. So, will it show up on the home video releases?

“No [there won’t be a director’s cut on the DVD]. I… believe very strongly in putting the director’s cut into the theaters. I believe that the director’s cut is the best movie for the studio and the best version of the movie for the audience. I’ve never really been in a situation where I had to pull the beating heart out of something that I did. I think people get to see a lot of extraordinary extras because I did shoot a bunch of stuff that I love, but the movie is the movie I want it to be.”

I would disagree with the best film for studio being synonymous with best film for the audience, but we can agree three hours is too long. When it comes to The Avengers it’s safe to say fans would love to see all of the movie whether it be through an extended edition of the complete film or through deleted scenes. Don’t be surprised to see re-releases of the Blu-rays which include it at some point in the future.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.




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Source: Collider



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  1. i hate those things. Cut the cinema to sell the uncut BluRay …….

    • Didn’t you read the article?
      Whedon said there won’t be a different cut on the BD/DVD.
      The theatrical cut is the only one we’re gonna get.

      • but that doesnt mean the scene should end up on the cutting room floor. There can still be a TON of deleted scenes features. and i some dvds have a feature that lets you integrate deleted and alternate scenes into the movie as you play. Thats what i’m hoping for.

        • I’m hoping for that as well.
          Thor and Cap’s deleted scenes sucked: There were only like 5 for each movie and they were only about 2 minutes long.

          I’m really hoping ‘The Avengers on BluRay’ will bring it:
          SHIELD Data Vault 2.0
          Director’s commentary with the cast.
          ALL the deleted scenes (with a feature where you can integrate it into the film)
          “Making Of” The Avengers documentary.
          Cast Interviews

          I’m willing to fork up the cash for that…

          • The Shield vault was pretty sweet for IM2. I have no idea why they haven’t included it on other blurays.

        • Ah, you give me hope! Maybe a special feature of deleted scenes on the home DVD? I could really handle sitting through 3 hours of The Avengers if it was made that long, no problem, but I will still be grateful for what I do get. And you better believe I will be first in line to buy the DVD!

        • Agreed with you big time there that would be nice to be able to add those shots if you wanted if your buying the Blu-Ray.

      • what else should he say? “i cut the scenes for more bonus features on bd” ?

  2. RE: The title of this article: “That’s what she said!”

    • [Pressing the imaginary "Like" button]

    • Touche Kofi, Touche.

      On another note, this movie had better been around 2 to 2 and a half hours!!!

      • Didn’t really read the article did ya.

        • Reading is over-rated. :-)

        • I keep laughing every time I see ink say didn’t read the article did ya.

  3. Finally I’ve been waiting a long time for this information for how long the movie is going to be. Thank you and now I’m going to enjoy the movie when it release.

  4. REALLY wished the movie had a 150 minute runtime.
    I know 3hrs is WAY too long, but since they cut about 45 minutes of footage, I’m getting a little nervous… I mean, 45 minutes is a lot IMO.
    I don’t see why they had to make it 135… an extra 15 minutes of Avengers-awesomeness would be so much better.

    Aw well, it’s still going to be epic.
    Can’t wait! :D

    • The avenger I completely agree with you. Your one of the most knowlagable people on this subject and 3 hours to me seemed perfect! 45 min is a huge cut I’m with you on this one.

    • 45 minutes may seem long, but 30 minutes of that was of ScarJo’s butt and the other 15 minutes was Sam Jackson saying “mother f#*%$r”

      • Keep those scenes in!

      • I now know why you are only an extra B-list. :)

    • We’ve gotta keep our fanboy wishes and “the craft of film” a little separate here. Yes, I want 150 minutes or 3 hours of Avengers goodness, but I also understand that a director (writers have this priority as well) of boiling down to the best, most concise presentation. It’s an art onto its own, if you ever have a project that you’re putting energy into, you aren’t going for pure length, or “the most s*** in one sitting,” you’re going for a sweet spot in between.

  5. I would love to see an extended edition come to blu-ray. or a well organized deleted scenes.

    I have to disagree on the film being too long.

    Fellowship of the Rings – 178 minutes – $870million
    Two Towers – 179 minutes – $925million
    Return of the King – 200 minutes – $1.1billion
    Titanic – 194 minutes – $1.8billion
    Avatar – 162 minutes – $2.7billion
    The Dark Knight – 152 minutes – $1billion
    Gone With the Wind – 224minutes (short version) – $1.5billion (adjusted domestic)

    yes, sometimes movie length can really hurt it, but when done right it can add so much. Especially when i’m paying over $15 a ticket. I want my moneys worth. Everyone complained that “TF3″ was too long, but once the action started, the time just flew by and it was worth it.

    I think for a typical action movie, Whedon has it right, between 120 and 150 minutes, but for an epic movie of this proportion, its worth taking as much time as you need.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      VERY well said dude.

    • It’s funny since I’ve seen most of those movies and felt like they could’ve sliced some time off of them and not lose anything

    • Excellent and I was going to post something similar (although not quite so detailed).

      If all of the LotR movies can be 3hrs (or longer) then why the hell not have a 3hr Avengers movie! If any movie deserves extra run time it’s one with this many high profile characters. As long as the cut footage adds to the movie in some way, I say put it back in. I really hate when studios feel they have some artificial time constraint. Tell the story you want to tell in it entirely so we can enjoy it too!

      • The other side of this is that theaters like shorter movies. A movie with a run time of 90 minutes can play 8 times a day, while a run time of 150 minutes can only play 4 times. Theaters make more money with shorter films.

        But again, i’m not speaking with the studio in the best interest. I just saying that the public is open to a longer time if it keeps our attention. Alot of people try to sell this as pandering to the dumb movie goer. We’re better than that. We can handle a longer film. And my examples prove that.

    • I say keep it at 3hrs, have an intermission for those with attention span issues, refresh yourself, come back and enjoy some awesomeness.

      • Indeed. I see nothing wrong with an intermission. I am one of those people that when I am in the theater and I need to use the restroom, I will hold it in instead of going because I don’t like to miss anything. I liked that in older and longer films, there was always an intermission to give the audience a short break to gather themselves and rebuild the excitement.

        • I went to Portugal last summer and being the avid film nerd i am, i couldnt miss Harry Potter and Captain America. both those movies had an intermission and everyone said it was a normal thing for any movie of 2 hours. It was so unexpected and out of nowhere to me, but i really enjoyed being able to go to the bathroom and get more popcorn.

          I like intermissions.

    • I Completely Agree! This is the AVENGERS FILM! This isn’t some lame romantic comedy. It has Thor & The Hulk for the love of Pete. 2 characters alone that would destroy the city if they deemed so and they’re going against Loki and an Armada of Aliens and Loki from the end of Thor may very well have the Cosmic Cube in his Possession! 3 hours is exactly how long it should be even the so-called slow moving parts when I watched the extended versions of LOTR films I couldn’t believe some of the scenes were cut for time. I thought that most of those scenes didn’t detract from the film, but added so much more to the lore and story. I would like to see the missing footage added in the Blu-Ray release.

  6. Good news, two and a half hour is perfect for this type of movies. I think the only type of movies that could pass 3 hours is epic fantasies like Lord of the rings.

    • Avengers IS an epic fantasy.

      A long poem, typically derived from oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures

      Heroic? Captain America, Iron Man? Legendary? THOR…

      The faculty or activity of imagining things that are impossible or improbable.

    • Didn’t read the article either did ya. 2 hours and 15 minutes is what Whedon said.

      • And I said reading is over-rated! Didn’t you hear me the first time! :-D

        • You forgot to use your outside voice.

    • it’s 2hr 15min, not 2 and a half.

  7. I would’ve preferred longer but 2hrs 15mins is alright with me.Just hope the dvd has all the behind the scenes bonus stuff to enjoy,that might add up to an additional 2hrs long if they have enough juicy footage & interviews.

    • me to, closer to 150 wouldve been perfect but 135 will due. im just glad itll be longer than any other marvel film. and who knows? we still have two months of editing to do, maybe he’ll decide that 10 minutes that he took out actually makes the movie better if he keeps it in. so we could end up with a longer film in the end. or a shorter one but i hope not

  8. Its long enough being 2 hours and 15 minutes. One previous post was mentioning long movies and how much they made…..it doesnt mean I wasnt ready to leave during some of those movies (especially Return of the King). 3 hours is too long for a movie IMO. I dont care how good it is. Still cant wait to see this movie!!!

    • I geuss its all a matter of opinion I love long movies. Like girl with the dragon tatoo.

  9. this kind of things happen when there is not a good story to justify the lenght of a movie… so, I guess the word “EPIC” should be written “epic” at best when talking about the Avengers…

  10. Yeah, people don’t sit through three hour long movies… Like AVATAR and TITANIC for example. Yeah, I said it.

    • Nothing EPIC about those at all.

      • Avatar was visually epic haha

      • Avatar was very pretty, but so was Fern Gully. They used the same script too.

  11. I miss the days of intermissions, long time ago I know. But if a movie was long, we could head to the loo, buy more treats, and watch the other half. Make it as long as you like in that case, but I refuse to buy drinks when I have to squirm the last half hour or miss a scene that might be important.

  12. Screw it. Give me the 3 hours! I can’t even imagine a scene of this movie where I would be bored.

  13. Captain America didn’t suck. Thor didn’t suck. Incredible Hulk didn’t suck. Iron Man didn’t suck. Iron Man 2 … that kinda sucked…. I think the odds are in favor of the Avengers being pretty good.

    • Kinda? Iron Man 2 sucked too much. Too much comedy + merely two big action scenes. I was cringing in a few scenes thinking ‘what the hell has Tony Stark become?’ :P

      • For some reason the breakdancing scene really made me cringe. Sure Stark is a drunk, but I could never imagine him entering a B-Boy mode.

  14. Great news that The Avengers is the longtest Marvel Studios movie ever.

    I mean, the film is about a lot of superheroes teaming up to save the world but not that, the memebers are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Window, Nick Fury and The Hulk so I hope every characater has a fair amount of screentime and the movie turns out to epic.

    This is something that no studio has try to get done so let’s hope Marvel’s plans turn out well.

  15. Hey now! Cuts have to happen sometimes but 45 minutes worth??? Come on Whedon the least you can do is put it on home release!

  16. From the list given, only Iron Man 2 felt long, due to the excessive and sometimes crass comedy and almost no action. Avengers will be just fine at 135 minutes. Should have a lot of action and I’ll be happy. I love good stories, but when it comes to superhero movies, I wanna see those guys in action instead of standing around talking (which is what happens in most of the superhero movies these days) :D

    • IMO, The Incredible Hulk felt the longest (and ironically, it was the shortest :P).
      Iron Man was “just right”. Not too long and not to short. Truly a great movie.
      Iron Man 2′s run time was fine as well, but IMO, they didn’t UTILIZE those 2hrs correctly – but that’s a whole other thing…
      Thor felt a bit rushed and could have used another few minutes to make the “Thor Vs The Destroyer” battle a little more epic.
      Captain America could have greatly benefited from a a slightly longer runtime to extend that montage we saw, to showcase his leadership qualities a bit more, and to emphasize his emotions towards Bucky’s “death” in a greater way.

      • The Incredible Hulk also felt long, but Iron Man 2 bored me with the excessive comedy and talking. I was just waiting to see some action, which didn’t come. Expectations were high, so when they were shot down, it felt too long and a waste of time.
        Had no expectations from The Incredible Hulk, so I wasn’t disappointed there :P
        Yes, Thor was rushed. I remember pointing out to my friend when Thor ‘dies” and Jane starts cyring: “when the hell did these guys fall in love so badly? in just one moonlit bonfire scene?” :D

  17. I hate when they do that. lord of the rings and starwars movies ran around 3 hours so why cant a big movie like this do that!!??

  18. LOL. The more I think about it, the more I come to realize that 2hrs30mins (MAYBE even 3hrs) COULD work:
    Like some of you mentioned, just have an intermission if need be.
    If movies like TDK and LOTR can be that long, then why not a movie that’s been 4 years in the making. A movie with a cast so big, you’ll faint if you saw them walking down the street. A movie, nay, an EVENT unlike anything we’ve ever seen before…
    I’m baffled.
    I don’t know what to think anymore :P – should I be glad that it’s over 2hrs long, or should I be angry/disappointed that they COULD have made it longer?

    • Both I guess :D

  19. 2 hours and 15 minutes isn’t long at all, guys! Especially when you consider that TEN MINUTES of that is going to be credits. And if we’re not going to get those scenes on the Blu-ray, well, that sucks even more.

    What will suck most, though, is if he’s cut action scenes. I want as much Avenger action as possible, darnit!

    • The scenes will be there as extras, just not incorporated into the film. That’s what he said.

  20. I was hoping for around 2 1/2 hours, oh well, the fate of the movie is in his hands. I love how Joss described a movie too short “anemic”. :D

  21. 2:15 sounds promising to me. Sometimes a 1:30 is perfect, and with all the characters and plots, this is a relatively “short and punchy” Avengers movie. I like his thinking.

  22. I haven’t read all the comments so I apologize if this has been brought up already.
    Does the 135 min run time include the end credits?
    It may seem like a silly question but the average big budget effect driven film can have 7-10 minutes of credits. And that’s always included in a films run time.
    I was betting 2 1/2 hrs but if Josh & Co. are happy with 2 1/4 I am to. I’m just disappointed there are no plans for an extended cut. Especially after hearing there’s at least 45 more minutes sitting on the cutting room floor.
    Marvel better pull rank here and release the footage as extras on the Blu-ray

  23. I would like a 3hr Avengers movie, but it might be good to cut it down a bit if isn’t moving the plot along….

  24. I’ve read that he only cut scenes that didn’t advance the plot, scenes that were “him”. I imagine they were talky character scene which, even though I would have loved to see them in the movie, I can live with 2h15m and DVD extras.

    • DNA & lil bring up a good point I’ve seen a few rare movies where the director actually commented on the out takes and how they would’ve caused the finished product to drag despite how good they were and you can see it and their justification for the cuts. So I won’t be too upset about the run time for this, after all it’s the first ‘Avengers’ movie and it’s not based on any complete book. So in some sense it’s its own story and can be as long as it needs to be to tell it. This is one of the things a good director does after all, they make sure to tell a story in a sensible way that conveys it in its entirety with as much emotional impact as can be relayed in the most efficient time possible…

  25. There’s no point getting upset if were never gonna see it, your minds are just gonna go crazy over something we no nothing about. Be happy that this epic film is here and that we’re still going to get 135 minutes of it.

  26. Cant wait its going to be ace!

  27. Yeah, I’m all for seeing an extended cut that’s a full three hours. If the movie is good, then I tend to think that time really just passes by and so it doesn’t matter. Though a 3 hour superhero film would be something to see since that would probably be the first of its kind.

    For instance, I never realized Iron Man and Captain America were so long.

  28. Hey this all works out perfect. Just be thankful that the Avengers is 2 hrs and 15 minutes instead of 2 1/2 hours. Ya wanna know why? Because this means there is 15 minutes less waiting time until we see it for the 2nd time. lol

    • You do have a point there. :-P

  29. Eh. At least the studio didn’t get greedy and turn it into two movies.

    • No, they turned into 6 movies. ;-)

      • Touche.