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Marvels The Avengers Review starring Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson and Smauel L. Jackson1 The Avengers Review

The few drawbacks and criticisms aren’t enough to stop The Avengers from delivering a fun and satisfying time at the movies.

Marvel’s The Avengers is not just a film – it’s a cinematic event. The culmination of half a decade of movie-making, five different films introducing us to characters, stories and worlds of Marvel’s shared movie universe – not to mention, the life-long hopes of fanboys and fangirls all over the world, who have been dreaming to see their favorite superheroes onscreen together long before Marvel Studios began making it a reality.

Now that the Avengers is here, the question is: Does writer/director Joss Whedon (Serenity) deliver a film that lives up to fans’ massive expectations and functions as a great summer blockbuster for causal moviegoers?

Short answer: while not perfect, Avengers delivers the goods on all fronts, and then some.

We are thrust right into the story at the point where the respective lead-in films – Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America - left off, by learning just what has befallen Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) after his plunge into the abyss at the end of Thor. We find Loki holed up in a strange netherworld (or “realm”), hosted by a dark and mysterious “ally” who promises him re-entry to Earth and an alien army in exchange for securing the “Tesseract” (the cosmic cube seen in Captain America) from the humans who have claimed it (i.e., the covert peacekeeping organization, S.H.I.E.L.D.). Armed with a new weapon that can fire energy and brainwash unwilling subjects, Loki heads for Earth.

Loki Tom Hiddleston in The Avengers The Avengers Review

 The only thing standing in the trickster god’s way? S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and the various superheroes included in his “Avengers Initiative.” Fury manages to gather Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Dr. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and super spies Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). Through otherworldly machinations, even Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is able to return to Earth, charged with capturing his sibling and the Tesseract for return to Asgard.

But Loki isn’t called “the god of mischief” for nothing. Before Fury’s new super team can find its balance, Loki is in their heads sewing seeds of doubt, distrust, anger and conflict. Can earth’s mightiest heroes put their differences aside in time to protect the planet – or is their coming together an even bigger threat than Loki himself?

The Avengers is very much a Joss Whedon product – and is much better off for being so. If you’re not familiar with the geek-centric writer/filmmaker, he was the mind behind the ’90s Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, the short-lived (but much-loved) sci-fi show Firefly, its movie spinoff, Serenity, famous Internet musicals (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) and even some acclaimed comic book series (Astonishing X-Men).

Iron Man and Captain America in The Avengers The Avengers Review

Whedon was chosen to head this project primarily for his love of comic book culture and its characters. Speaking as a comic book fan, it’s clear from watching Avengers that Whedon is in tune with every single one of the superheroes (and villains) in Marvel’s stables, and knows how to arrange those personalities into a well-balanced ensemble – like a perfectly assembled puzzle (no pun). He also accomplishes the impressive feat of tying all of the plot-threads of the solo films together into a (semi-)coherent story, while briefly acknowledging various dangling threads (whereabouts of certain supporting characters, etc.) without allowing them to strangle this team-based story.

Through those various solo films we’ve gotten to know smarmy Tony Stark, old-fashioned idealist Captain America, arrogant Thor, sultry Black Widow and the uncontrollable Hulk.  Avengers takes things a step further by showing us how these characters are growing and evolving – and better yet, growing and evolving because of their interactions with one another.

For all of the impressive action (more on that later), the best moments in Avengers are arguably the slower, character-driven scenes. Whedon’s penchant for snappy dialogue is on full display, and it’s a great experience to see, (for example) Tony Stark and Dr. Banner talking in high-science dialect no one else in the room understands – or debating the value of the traumas that made them both into tragic heroes. Small touches, but moments that feel true, interesting, and rewarding in a way that few people (fan or non-fan) will likely expect.

avengers tony stark bruce banner steve rogers1 The Avengers Review

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Captain America (Chris Evans) in ‘The Avengers’

Equally unexpected (but just as rewarding) is the humor in the film. We get the usual smattering of one-liners and overly-dramatic monologues and dialogue that can only come from a comic book – but there is also sharp wit and total self-awareness woven into Whedon’s script. Avengers strikes a tonal balance similar to that of Iron Man - i.e., light and fun for the most part, understatedly serious in the heavy moments (and Avengers does have some heavy moments, rest assured).

The best humor comes out of well-timed tongue-in-cheek winks  - i.e., how strong certain characters are, how these characters behave, the context in which we find them (ex: Cap and Thor being fish-out-of-water types in the modern world), acknowledgement of how the ‘real world’ is juxtaposed to the concept of superheroes – and other great insights that work as sly winks to comic book fans and generally fun moments for casual viewers to enjoy in between action sequences.

Speaking of action: Avengers has some pretty impressive sequences – especially the climatic final battle against Loki’s invading army, which is definitely the best “boss battle” that has been featured in any Marvel movie since Incredible Hulk. Those worried about Marvel’s track record for underwhelming climaxes need not: by the time the battle is won, you will have been exhausted by the combination of iconic comic book imagery (The Avengers Assembled or working together in battle) and impressive big-screen eye-candy. The film has about four big set pieces (it’s still somewhat rigid and obvious in its structuring), but all of them deliver the goods and keep the movie exciting from start to finish.

Thor Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers  The Avengers Review

As far as characters go, Avengers is the best rendering of Marvel superheroes on the big screen since RDJ let his charisma carry Iron Man to success. What’s surprising about the film is who ends up standing out the most: Black Widow and Hulk are the characters best served by Avengers, and audiences will almost certainly walk away with greater appreciation for both. (Johansson even gets a few chances to mock her detractors.) Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark schtick is as entertaining as ever (if not overly familiar by now) and he handles the difficult task of keeping things fun whenever they threaten to get too serious or comic book silly; without that cog in the machine (no pun), Avengers wouldn’t function nearly as well. Captain America and Thor are given moments to shine, but their presence is much more reserved and understated in this film – though we do finally get to see the power that makes Thor worthy of being called a god.

Supporting players like Nick Fury and his assistants Agent Coulson (Gregg) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) are just that: support. Jackson and Gregg are well-experienced with making the most out of a little in these Marvel films, but Smulders is mostly just window dressing. Hawkeye (Renner) is the one member of the actual Avengers team who is somewhat underserved – though that is something of a necessary evil, given how he factors into the story. As a villain, Tom Hiddleston makes Loki even more compelling than he was in Thor, this time infusing him with psychotic rage hidden behind a veneer of charm, smooth words and dimpled smiles (think Hannibal Lector with super villain aspirations). Of course, as a physical threat Loki isn’t that intimidating – hence the endless leagues of indistinguishable aliens who are thrown into the third act for The Avengers to beat on.

avengers second trailer The Avengers Review

The special effects in the movie are pretty great – especially the much-improved Hulk, who (through motion capture technology) finally looks like the actor playing him and the classic version of the character first created by artist Jack Kirby. The aliens, S.H.I.E.L.D’s flying “Helicarrier” base, Iron Man, Thor’s hammer and the rest all look great. Visually, the movie is the most impressive work that Marvel has done, but as for the 3D format: it’s totally unnecessary. It’s not a bad conversion and doesn’t detract from the viewing experience – but it rarely adds anything, either. If you’re debating which way to see the film: go 2D. [UPDATE: Ok, so 3D IMAX is a pretty awesome way to see it, as well.]

Now for the downsides (because there are a few): the story is very flimsy and predictable in terms of its overarching plot, and the big “reveals” in the film are likely to confuse those who haven’t read a ton of comic books (NOTE: there are two extra scenes during and after the credits – make sure to stay for both). For all the satisfying action, Avengers demonstrates that Whedon still has something to learn about space and angles when it comes to movie direction. A lot of the sequences still have a very “TV” feel to them – and on the whole, Avengers plays like several episodes of a very well-built TV series, rather than a feature film that has truly “cinematic” moments in it. There are a few, but only a few.

Iron Man Battles Chitauri Leviathan in The Avengers The Avengers Review

However, the few drawbacks and criticisms aren’t enough to stop The Avengers from delivering a fun and satisfying time at the movies. Whedon leaves the characters in some great places for their upcoming second (or third) round of solo adventures – with the door to the larger Marvel movie universe left wide open for some interesting (and risky) developments down the road. I’m sure fans will be debating those points all along the way.

In the end, was Marvel’s ambitious dream for a shared cinematic universe truly worth it? In my opinion: Most definitely.

The Avengers is now playing in theaters everywhere. It is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action throughout, and a mild drug reference.

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For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Avengers episode of the SR Underground podcast.

The Avengers is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action throughout, and a mild drug reference

If you want to discuss the film in detail, please head over to our Avengers Spoilers Discussion to avoid ruining the movie for those who haven’t seen it.

Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5

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  1. Best Hulk movie by far. The rest was pretty awesome, too.

  2. No, Kofi. The Ulitimates were made because Marvel wanted to do something new with these iconic characters (such as new bios and new costumes, etc), some of which are 50 to 60 to 70 years old. It wasn’t because they wanted to “make them fit for the movies” (however, that’s not to say that marvel did not think about or was not interested in making films based on the ultimates, or any of their other universes). Artists, whether they are novelists or comic book/comic book character creators always want to try new things with their work, and sometimes believe their work needs to be edited when it is just fine (I know from experience). They are always looking to update or enhance their work for the sake of their work looking, being, or sounding better. What makes it difficult though are the huge number of fans that are against any changes from the original. This is why Marvel created many different alternate universes in the marvel realm; so that they could “play” around with templated characters without upsetting the fans.

    Nevertheless, you did prove my point. Marvel created the Ultimate Universe, made, and sold books based on THEIR creations. This movie (The Avengers) was based on what Marvel made, which has always been my stance …make movies based on (following) the source material, instead of straying away from the source, thus having the Hollywood studios change what they want to change simply because they have the creative license to do so. I think most would agree that if Marvel had fox make movies based on the “cinematically correct” Ultimates, fox would still try to drastically change something.

  3. My son and I saw it last weekend. I have been anticipating this film for years. It was everything that a film should be: fun, fun and FUN! The comic book nerd in me was satisfied, the film geek in me was happy. It was great!

    Only criticisms: Thor is pointless. Cap is underused. Loki should have been shown as more of the badass that he is.

    Highlights: Mark Ruffalo! Scarlett acquitted herself admirably, and Samuel L. Jackson is the bomb. Joss Whedon did a great job.

    • Well i must disagree with you on one thing, you can’t call ‘Thor’ pointless. ‘Loki’ appearence and destructive ambitions is the sole purpose for ‘Thor’ being there obviously. I thought the brotherly love/hate dynamic was played to great effect by ‘Thor’ & ‘Loki’. You have a guy in ‘Thor’ who’s torn between helping his brother or having to destroy him, which leads to great battles and initial interactions between ‘Thor’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Captain America’ & ‘Hulk’.

      • Agreed! The Thor/Iron Man fight was priceless in both it’s action and it’s witty humor (though the humor was mostly just RDJ being his excellently sarcastic smart-@ss self).

        All in all, the film did very well, and all of the characters but Hawkeye were portrayed very well. Loki was never a physical type, more of the trickster that Tom Hiddleston portrayed with glee.

        The one character I feared would not do well was Black Widow, as most films of this type tend to relegate the female teammates to being little more than arm-candy. The writing handled her quite well.

        The writing also did the Hulk justice, and I felt that the Hulk stole the show, especially in the final act. The in-jokes with him in the midst of the action made the film that much better, in my opinion.

        • I agree about the Hulk, I think the best lines in the movie came from him.

    • are you KIDDING me? THOR was VERY neccessary! He was the only one that was not able to be obliterated by the hulk b/c he is a God! He surely saved Black Widow’s life! And not to mention the sibling rivalry, “unfinished business”, and the dynamics between Thor and brother Loki was EPIC , which added a “relatable realness” to the movie…

  4. Just saw the Avengers and all I can say is AWSOME. The only thing was wene Hulk beat the snot out of Loki everybody laughed so hard I couldn’t hear what Hulk said. Anyway it was great and A great way to start the summer.

    • He said “Puny god”

  5. The Hulk was by far the BEST thing in the movie. He stole every scene he was in. Ruffalo’s Banner is so spot on of David Bixby’s character which I love. Especially the reason how/why he bottled up his ANGER. What got me is why didn’t Thor’s hammer pummel Cap and his shield when Thor ‘Brought the hammer down’ on him? I know the material (vibramium?) of the shield absorbs a lot but THAT’S MJOLNIOR (the freakin’ hammer of Thor). Plus with Thor and his hammer, isn’t he more powerful than the Hulk (non-beserker mode)? The CGI has improved much since Iron Man especially the motion capture of the Hulk. Great movie. Until the next time, make mine Marvel!

    • @tbone

      i had the same reason as Josh Wheddon. Because Cap’s shield is just more of a shield. Its an icon, of Marvel Universe. As the history of Marvel Comics until now, the shield has able to withstand the Wolverine berserker barrage, Hulk’s smash, and offcourse, Thor’s hammer. But The shield oould be broken. It was destroyed very recently by Sin (Red Skull’s daughter), that wielded a kind of Asgardian Hammer at the time.
      Btw, Thor, in Marvel’s powerhouse ranking is not the strongest.
      Number 1 is Sentry. Number two is Blackbolt. Number 3 is Hulk.
      But after the World War Hulk Saga, the ranking is changed. Hulk takes number 1 as the strongest in Marvel universe.

      • A couple things…

        The shield was broken by a god, Odin’s older brother The Serpent…not Red Skull’s daughter.

        Also, Black Bolt isn’t anywhere near the top of the list. His strength rating was around 2 tons back in the 80s, but these days I think he’s rated around 75 tons. Hulk, Namor, Thor and a lot of others are much higher than that. Hulk, Thor & Namor are all rated at 100 tons or more…Hulk easily exceeds that by getting more angry. Those are just the first 3 examples I can think of.

        Black Bolt isn’t even in the top 10 or 20 of Marvel in terms of strength. I’ve heard some people confuse the overwhelming power of his voice with “strength,” so maybe that’s what’s going on here.

      • A very slight correction. Cap’s shield has been destroyed twice that I can remember. Most recently, in the “Fear Itself” storyline, where it wasn’t Sin who destroyed Cap’s shield. It was the Serpent, the Asgardian who is Odin’s long-forgotten older brother, and who was actually first in line to rule Asgard. A god of fear, he sowed so much terror among Earth that the power he gained from it allowed him to literally tear Cap’s shield to pieces. Steve was stunned.
        The other time his shield was destroyed was way back in the “Secret Wars” on the planet created by the Beyonder. When the heroes voted to fight Dr. Doom, who’d recently gained the Beyonder’s power, he blasted them all with a bolt of energy. It was actually powerful enough to shatter Cap’s shield. It was repaired on the planet when the heroes found that their thoughts could be given form, and Cap wished it repaired.

        • Like I said

          Yes, that’s me winking at you.

  6. Because, as you stated Cap’s shield is made of vibranium. However, when it is struck with great force it sends out a shockwave back at the source (thor) of the force/attack, knocking said source (thor) back, as was the case in the movie. With that said, vibranium absorbs the attack and sends it right back out, thus the reason why cap was not smashed like a tomato. Also the fact that cap is at peak human conditioning, thanks to the super soldier serum added some extra help as well.

    Hulk has always been my guy (between him and Spiderman, however, it is hard to decide who is number one), but I have held a good amount of respect for Cap for a long time, as a result of his leadership in the comics (I didn’t like it when Wolverine tried to call him nothing during the Secret Wars because Cap lacked any type of real explosive power, as compared to the other heroes). Definitely loved it when he was barking out orders to each member of the team, and how quickly each one listened and carried out his orders. Best part of the movie for me was when he mentioned there is only one God. (by the way Cap is a Christian).

    • The line about “there’s only one God and he doesn’t dress like that” was more a statement about the culture Cap comes from, where the majority were Christian, that’s just how things were back then. They never considered there to be any other option. It was a line I enjoyed, because I like the idea that Cap is a man out of his own time.

      • I think it was more Whedon being true to the character than a man out of time thing. Nothing about being a Christian is outdated.

        • ^ this

        • Everything about being a Christian is outdated by around two thousand years, jest.

          • we’ll see who is outdated ender when you are on your deathbed scared shitless.

            • Being scared doesn’t suddenly make your religious beliefs true. If you believe in Jesus because you’re scared of going to hell, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

        • You didn’t understand what I was saying.

          Also, I was pointing out that Whedon was staying true to character as well.

          • @Ken: Coming into this a month late, but I just had to say your response to Leland’s”deathbed” comment was, well, dead on.

    • To add a slight addition, Cap’s shield isn’t just Vibranium, at least, not in the comics. It’s an unknown allow of iron and Vibranium that was accidentally created when the scientist working on it was experimenting with the metals in liquid form, and then got distracted or fell asleep. When he awakened, the two metals had somehow formed an alloy, which he then poured into the shape of a shield. The exact process and proportions were never known since the process wasn’t monitored. This explains why the shield is even more powerful than Adamantium or Vibranium, and can withstand radiation, magic to a certain extent, and even blows from Uru metal like that in Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.
      By the way, in the recent comics, the shield was repaired by the Dwarves from one of the Asgaardian Nine Realms. They were able to add the magic metal Uru to the iron/vibranium mix, meaning the shield’s even more powerful than ever. They couldn’t make it perfect however, so it has a very tiny crack in it…

  7. http://marvel.wikia.com/Strength_Scale

    1. Black Bolt: 60 tons (who got the idea he was even close to being in the top ten???)

    2. “Savave” Hulk: 90 tons in calm state
    “Merged” Hulk: 100 tons in calm state

    3. Namor: 85 tons (while active on the surace [of the water..i think])
    100 tons while in contact with water. (surface I guess now means he’s fresh out the water and gone back to trying to feel up Sue Richards)

    The following cats are all listed as having big enough guns to lift 100 tons to infinity

    Hulk (pissed to the highest levels of pisstivity)
    Red Hulk (ugh!..kill him please).
    Sentry (“made” up hero)
    Colossus (while in Juggy mode)

    After reading this list.. I do have a few “say whats?”
    it list’s Herc as being in the “Big Boy” category but he gets whooped constantly by a sort of peeved Hulk.
    They added the She-Hulk in there as well. This is an updated list though so…..
    anyway, hope that qualms the “Black Bolt is a bad mutha” stuff.

    • I think you need to define what you mean by “power”. In terms of simply lifting things, Black Bolt is not in the top tier, which Marvel calls the “Class 100″ level of strength. This is beings who can lift in excess of 100 tons. In the case of beings like Silver Surfer and Hulk, that can be waaay over 100 tons. So in muscle strength, no, Bolt’s not up there.
      But remember, Black Bolt’s real power is his voice, which is actually a kind of conduit for the energies coursing through him. A simple whisper is enough to atomize a man, if he talked at normal level, the actual sound could devastate the surroundings, and if he shouts, it’s way beyond nuclear. His voice is the ultimate in sonics taking to the Nth degree. Indeed, in times past, Bolt’s shout was seen as being able to stun Hulk, possibly even kill him if necessary at the levels he then approached.
      But after the events of “Planet Hulk”, and during the following “World War Hulk”, we saw the concept of Hulk’s power being potential limitless. Hulk was so full of rage, his strength hit previously unseen levels, even allow him to battle the Sentry to a stalemate. So when Bolt hit him with a blast of sonics that in the past would have incapacitated him, the Hulk waded through it and beat the crap out of Bolt.

  8. My short review.

    3 stars, it was GOOD. For a fan boy or comic book reader, I’m sure this movie is a piece of God. For a casual movie goer, it’s pretty awesome. Not entirely for me, although I did enjoy this movie plenty, it is over rated IMO.

    Acting, great! Every character has their respective traits and personalities. The characters actually work very well together with their due screen time, they share the spot light well. Special effects? Great! Comedy? I found it somewhat corny the majority of the time. Tony Stark/Robert Downey JR was the best as usual at bringing the laughs. All this talk about how funny the movie was is just over excitement from a nerdgasm. I chuckled a few times (and I love my fair share of comedies) but that’s it. I mean I literally left the theater an hour ago of typing this so it’s fresh on my mind. People were jumping out of their seats at some of these one-liners. Funny, but anyone being brought to tears or getting a six pack from laughing at this movie so hard should see a doctor.

    The Story? Wait, there’s a story involved? The story or whatever you want to call it was a snooze-fest. Not that this movie needs one anyways, I saw the story as an excuse for the awesome action. I suppose it works in the comics or for those who are into that type of thing. The story carries a movie for me; the explosions carried this one, which should tell you something. You have to admit, the intro was corny.

    The action? Brilliant! But throughout the entire movie, all I felt was ‘why?’ It was pointless action… beautiful, pointless action. Once the shooting and lightning and missiles flew, I was engaged. Joss did an excellent job here! No bad angles, no visuals that stood out like a sore thumb (except for Black Widows head/hair-butt move). That was my inner child leaving a wet mess in my pants. I’d prefer more heroes vs. villains rather than heroes vs. CGI armies but it worked out great either way.

    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t fall asleep or wish it was over sooner, but I see why some people have said this movie was slow. The story isn’t interesting enough to keep you engaged in between the action scenes. But throw in a few laughs and a bunch of “WOW” moments and you get the Avengers! I wouldn’t go see this twice though.

    I think this movie is wildly popular because 1. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye in one freakin’ movie! Did I mention they have a Hulk? 2. Who doesn’t want to see Iron Man and Thor duke it out or Hulk smash? 3. Action and possibly the most questionable reason number 4! PEOPLE HAD LOW EXPECTATIONS SO IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO DISAPPOINT.

    Go ahead and admit you had low expectations, I didn’t think they could pull it off, but they did.

    Overall, this movie succeeds at what it does but doesn’t really push the envelope. As a “comic book” movie, it’s fantastic! As a “movie” movie, it’s just a pop-corn flick. Entertaining, not ground breaking. I liked it, didn’t love it. I might even buy it when it releases. I enjoyed watching these superheroes together, it was refreshing and fulfilled my inner childhood wet dreams (Did that sound right?). I’d prefer a more story-driven movie with more brains than brawns. With that being said, I’ll take it for what it is.

    Aaaaand commence negative replies in 3..2..

    • we just got done reading a published review, why would you post yours

      • ROFL.


  9. I do recall many years back in an IM comic when he fought Giant-Man (with help from Hawkeye & Mockingbird), Thor, Wonderman and Hercules were put in the same class of strength. Thing and Namor a level below. Things may have changed now. Dunno..

  10. If Thor and Loki are bullet proof, How can Loki stab Thor, was his little blade enchanted?

    • @ Berserker

      Im guessing Loki’s little blade was Asgardian made.

      • Iron shapens Iron….

    • In the films, Loki & the Asgardians aren’t gods, they don’t use magic, so no, the blade isn’t enchanted. More likely, the blade was super sharp (being manufactured by alien tech) and when you have a sharp blade & superhuman strength, you can puncture a lot of materials.

      Also, it’s a common misconception that if something is bulletproof, that means a blade can’t get through. Knives are less powerful than bullets right? Not really. The best kevlar in the world can be punctured by a knife. It’s only been recently that they’ve developed materials that can stop a knife. Sure, knives can’t get through a solid plate but most lighter-weight vests don’t even use those plates.

      • Well, yes and no. There’s a definite feeling that the “magic” aspect of Asgard has been a bit muddled, making the Asgardians seem more like super beings who use a type of science and energy we can’t understand, and which we call “magic”. but there are a few things, like Odin enchanting Mjolnir (remember when he added the “only someone worthy can lift it” enchantment with just a word?) that speak of what we’d call magic. And the fact that Mjolnir can hold that enchantment speaks of a magical metal, which is what Uru is deemed as being in the comics, where it’s stated the metal is specifically suited to hold magical enchantments.
        But again, you’re right in many ways. One thing I kept noticing was how little magic Loki used on his own. Other than that creating illusions trick, he didn’t appear to be a sorcerer, which is odd seeing as he’s one of the most power sorcerers known in the Marvel U–well, at least he used to be.
        I’m hoping with Thor 2 they’ll clear this up and bring back some more of the obvious magic aspects.

      • In the films they are gods. Loki even refers to himself as such.

      • In the films they are gods. Loki even refers to himself as such

    • Yes, i’m sure it was. Like the other gentleman said, it was definantly an asguardian weapon.

  11. “A lot of the big sequences still have a very “TV” feel to them – and on the whole, Avengers plays like several episodes of a very well-built TV series, rather than a feature film that has truly “cinematic” moments in it. There are a few, but only a few.”

    I am quite eager to know which TV shows the reviewer has been watching :)

    I am truly a TV-show addict and I love sci-fi and anything “geeky” so I have to say that I totally fail to relate to this amazing movie being compared to a nice TV-show, maybe I got it wrong?

    But otherwise I agree with this excellent review and the score also, I would have given it 5 stars for a more coherent story. I am still baffled why Loki came to the hovercraft cos if his aim was to wake up the Hulk he could have done it differently and to what gain? They could easily have taken down the hovercraft for real it seems but they didn’t. I am just confused…

    But with a movie like this (or any comic really) you just try to enjoy the grand drama and clashing of these super-powered silly-guys :)

    • He was buying time so the others could set everything up in New York. He’s got SHIELD trying to break him so they’re not so busy chasing the doctors.

  12. The movie was really good but I didn’t like how they made the Hulk look old. I think I am going to watch the 2008 Hulk which is a much better Hulk in my opinion.

    • I love how they made him look a little older & more worn out. It fits with Banner perfectly.

  13. I gotta disagree somewhat with the criticism of his directing — this movie definitely has a film-like quality of direction (for an action blockbuster), especially in the climactic battle (the transitions are well done).
    I agree that other moments are more TV like, but compared to Serenity (big BC fan), he has come a long way, I think. If not perfect, he’s definitely improved. And he still shows he’s a master of ensemble.

  14. I’m probably a bit late in the game, since everybody else before me has already agree with this reviewer, but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of people who found the Avengers deliciously entertaining!
    This is what an action film should be!
    Here’s my 2 cent review: http://wp.me/19wJ2

    • Not a bad review by any means, it was honest and pretty well thought out and told. It get’s a much better grade from me, but we all have our opinions on it.

  15. just got back from watching 3D version WOW what can i say you take your hat of to Joss Whedon he really has done amazing job when you see it you will understand how it combines all the heroes well but there those few moments during the film when the hulk shines a shadow on all of them. but to get to my main point here i feel no i hope this becomes like par with Batman Begins because if so i will wait in a que for a year for the 2nd one.
    hope you see it soon and i going to the Wave cinemas right now to watch it again

  16. Thank you Stan LEE! This film was great. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. But it was well worth it each time. I loved it!

  17. This movie was just so much fun. The action was great, the characters were all really great. The only thing that I thought was, that the leader of the Super-Heroes should have been Captain America instead of Iron Man. But that is just my opinion. The Hulk was awsome (the best so far) and the jokes were really funny. Unfortunately I could just watch it in german, but I will definetly watch it again in english when It gets on DVD.

    I would rank it as the greatest Marvel Adaption so far and maybe the third best Super Hero movie.

    • Yeah, but you must remember that ‘Iron Man’ was leader of ‘The Avengers’ before ‘Cap’ was. But i like that Whedon did’nt make it ‘Iron Man’ and friends, and i love when ‘Iron Man’ allowed ‘Cap’ to call the shots later in the film. It was really during the batlle with ‘Loki’ and the ‘Chitauri’ invasion that you saw ‘Cap’s’ leadership shine through. and besides you could’nt just have them starting out with ‘Cap’ as the leader, that’s not how it works, these characters had to have conflict with each other upon first meeting like they did in the comics. But they both lead in different ways, ‘Cap’ is the heart and ‘Stark’ is the brain. once they did band together in the film, their teamwork was flawless, i have not seen one comic book film come close to doing this as well as ‘Avengers’ has, and when ‘Cap’ said ‘Hulk’ smash, that sadistic smurk on ‘Hulk’s’ face, priceless. Definantly my all time favorite Superhero film so far.

  18. The Avegengers was a great movie. I never wanted to end. Nice lines. Epic battles. Simpl m best Super Hero Flick ever.

    Marvel, should continue in this wise, and I’d proclaim that they’re the best super hero film makers ever!

  19. Some illustrations of Cap America show his uniform with a fish scale pattern ( which looks pretty awesome ), what’s the reason for that.. and any chance of that being used in CA2?

    • Cap’s suit has traditionally been scale mail, at least on the the head & torso. They were toying around with “what would that look like in live action?”

      It could work if done right, but I also love the textured suede & kevlar looks they went with in First Avenger & The Avengers as well.

  20. Anyone else notice Odin’s cameo in the movie??
    Two black birds, presumably ravens fly past the camera when its zooming on the scene where Thor & Loki crash to the mountain after Thor “saves” him from the quinjet.

    “In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring the god Odin information.”

    • Good eye

      I usually watch out for little things like that but I think I missed this. I’ll check it out when I get the bluray. I’m a huge Norse mythology nerd so this is a great tidbit for me.

      • I did notice the 2 birds. I saw something at the end, when all the news feeds were being aired. I saw guys in yellow hazmat suits picking up Chitauri weapons and putting them in barrels. I wondered if it was A.I.M. but dismissed it. I thought maybe I was looking too hard. Then, I see iron man 3 images and A.I.M. is in it.

  21. Just to put this out there, since he’s not mentioned, but in the comics Iron Man is rated around 100 tons…he’s one of the heavy hitters as well. He seems to be underpowered when it comes to media outside of the comics.


  22. Iron Man’s armor absorbs energy sources, which is why when Thor hit him with lightning, he went to like 400% power and blasted the Norse god…….it has always depended on how high his fuel cells were charging. I imagine that Thor could eventually overheat the armor. I love the scene where Thor nearly crushed IM’s gauntlets. As for old Hulk, I preferred this version to any other big screen one I’ve seen. He had a surliness to him and you could seriously fear this guy. Loved this movie: really did justice to these iconic characters. One complaint: replace Hawkeye and Black Widow with Vision and Scarlet Witch. WINNING

  23. Hulk is more powerful in them. But,Iron man plays major role……

  24. Great Review! Here is my take if you’d like to read: http://mostrecentlywatched.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/theavengers

  25. This was the best superhero movie ever ever ever ever.

    Who are your favorite Avengers? Mine are

    2.Captain America
    4.Iron Man
    6.Black Widow

  26. What if:
    during that scene on the street when Thor and Capt were fighting chitauri, Thor already wounded from Loki and drained of energy and Capt, taking a shot from one of their weapons after getting blown out of a window, Iron Man taking shots from their weapons and Hulk getting blasted on the roof of a buiding, black window and hawkeye engaged in hand to hand combat and pretty much about to get their butts handed to them, all of a sudden a mist formed and no one can see and as the mist clears Storm stands between Iron man and Thor. as she summons lighting directed at both of them recharging Iron man and healing Thor. Cyclops eye beams the hell of of a squadron of Chitauri, Rogue battles one of those flying searpant things, not the wack ass Sookie Stackhouse Rogue, but a bad ass rogues after she acquired the powers of Ms. Marvel. Wolverine helping out capt, black widow and hawkeye by slicing and dicing up a few chittauri. and colussus assisting Hulk in a clobbering session before they end up duking it out in a classic battle of tossing each other around time square. Storm and Thor fly towards the portal and Thor seems intriqued that Storm has the same abilities as him as she displays her vortex and lightning capabilities, thor also engages with his own display of power and between the both of them lighting up everything tht comes through the portal. the X-men eventually saves the avengers butt and disappear the way they came with Xavier in constant communication with nick fury explaining who they are and they can be thanked later. that with a bit of fine tuning would have been an epic way to end an already epic movie.

    • You seem to have a really poor idea of what a movie titled “the Avengers” is suppose to be about or what characters it should include. THATS what I think Berserker.

      • I did say “what if” DICK!!!! Are you the subject matter expert on Avengers, X-men, MArvel Comic’s or ideas?!?! Who are you to say someone ideas are poor. It’s amazing the s*** people say to other people when they’re not in arms reach of that person.

  27. the movie AVENGERS was a great but too actionfilled movie. every moment of the movie was action packed and alive! i thin the movie is great for a individual that likes motion and action.

    • LUCas – I don’t really know how a film can be too action packed my friend, especially when the action is so well set up, told and excecuted. And every moment was’nt action packed, the scenes between the characters we’re terrific when they interacted with one another.

  28. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! the HULK is TOO POWERFULL SAYS THE CAPTAIN AMERICA!

    • ikr