Watch ‘The Avengers’ in Theaters This Labor Day Weekend

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The Avengers Box Office Watch The Avengers in Theaters This Labor Day Weekend

Put aside thoughts of what could have been after seeing the variety of deleted scenes appearing on The Avengers Blu-ray when it releases September 25th for a moment. Let rumors and speculation about the future of the franchise rest for a few hours as you celebrate the film that other films have been building towards for years and what so many more Marvel Studios films will build off of for years to come.

Even though The Avengers opened in UK and North American theaters at the beginning of summer nearly four months ago and just recently, in Japan, becoming the third biggest box office success ever, there’s still more money to be made.

Marvel just announced over their official Facebook page that The Avengers will be back in theaters beginning this weekend for a full week, taking advantage of the long-weekend boost in moviegoers and the timing to promote next month’s home video release of the biggest comic book movie of all-time.

The Avengers re release theaters Labor Day 570x272 Watch The Avengers in Theaters This Labor Day Weekend

The above image came with the following attached message:

Marvel’s The Avengers is back in theaters for Labor Day Weekend!

Don’t forget to stay through the credits…

The image of course tells us all there is to know for the The Avengers mid-credits scene (You can watch the full Thanos scene here), and we know what infamously happens after the credits finish rolling (see: Shawarma). That line was also shared by ILM via Twitter which makes me wonder if there will be an additional bonus scene.

Why ask viewers to sit through the credits again? Adding something new would certainly be one way to guarantee more return viewers who’ve already seen the film on its first theatrical run. It would also be good opportunity to tease Iron Man 3 which opens next summer as well, considering near-finished footage was played at Comic-Con in July to much praise. Iron Man 3 is nearing the completion of shooting as Thor: The Dark World prepares to begun production in the UK so there’s a lot to tease.

The theatrical re-release would also be a good place to showcase the Item 47 short film that ships with the Blu-ray release as well, especially as a post-credits sequence due to what the story is about.

What would you like to see Marvel Studios add to The Avengers if you were to see it again?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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  1. Sure, add all of the stuff they cut from the theatrical version and maybe another scene after the credits and I’ll go pay to see that. Also, a teaser or two for the upcoming films would be great.

    • That will happen in the re-re-release next year.

      • HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  2. I’m definitely going to see that again. Hopefully there is some Iron Man footage, I mean why else would they mention stay after credits when people know what comes after and then put a picture of Thanos? :)

    • That’s my thinking too :)

      • Exactly my thoughts, also.

    • There’s a scene AFTER the Thanos scene, geniuses

  3. I seen Avengers a couple times but not in 3-D. Would e nice if it also released in IMAX to. ,

  4. Hopefully its the director cut and adds some of the deleted scenes. I’d still go see it if it was the regular version. Hopefully some Iron Man 3 footage too. :) :P

  5. Seriously ??? after all the money they made two words…..BLU-RAY !

  6. Rob

    Is tere confirmation that there is added scenes?

    Honestly I’m still gonna go regardless but just curious.

    • Nothing at all, just what they said above and my suspicions.

      • Oh okay thanks. I’m still gonna go see it again lol

        Speaking of I wonder how good it will do up against what’s out in theaters right now an coming out.

  7. too bad Robert Downey Jr. Was injured on the scene of Filming Iron Man 3 not sure if thats going to delay the release date of the film but if we could get some slight fotage of Iron Man 3 sneak peek in the Avengers re release I wouldnt mind going to watch it again

    • They said the injury would not delay Irom Man 3.

  8. I would still like to see the film from Captain Americas perspective. I loved the version we were given but Cap is my favorite of the team. Probably waiting on the Blu-ray to see it again.

  9. Don’t really see the point of paying to see Avengers again for a 3 min scene that will appear on youtube the day after. Its a crafty way to squeeze more money out of people though. Give it a few years and we will start getting movies with Hollywoods form of DLC.

    • well one good reason is getting to see an awesome movie again

  10. hey i thought avng 2 was confirmed for 2015

  11. june

  12. please, just add the deleted cap scene with the superior stan lee cameo. that an maybe an iron man 3 trailer is all I ask

  13. @Deerang: Well, personally I’m excited this is coming to theaters again–considering I haven’t seen it yet!! I wasn’t “into” the Avengers-verse or Marvel, until last weekend, when I finally saw Captain America and Thor; so, unless the theaters are sold out or something, I’ll be able to see it on the big screen–awesome!!

    • Hope you enjoy it mate, its a great movie.

  14. Ya know whats funny? It just left theaters here a week ago

    • It’s a sign. Go watch it again.

  15. This works out well for me. My cousin is in town and hasn’t seen it yet so we are now planing to check it out.
    Also, he hadn’t seen Thor or Captain America so we watched them both the other night I have to say I’ve come to like Thor more than I originally said. I’ve said plenty of times that it was my least favorite of the lead in films but something clicked and I’ve come around.
    Couple that with the recent news that Joss Weedon will be overseeing “Phase 2″ and I’m even more excited for what’s coming next.
    I’m still not sold completely on GotG though. I’ll have to wait until we hear more news and see some footage before I buy in 100%.

    • One thing struk me about Thor on a second viewing, it’s soundtrack is simply amazing and very under rated. The theme at the end gives me goosebumps.

  16. Will it be coming back out in the UK too ?! Or just the States ?!

  17. I bet it will be an Ironman 3 teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So no….I will not see it.

  18. As much as I want to see it, the chance of the movie playing in my country again is close to ZERO, so… I’ll wait for the bluray.
    But I’m sure they add something good, because as far as I can tell, Disney and Marvel have always been sincere with their announcement, even the joke thing they casted on the premiere turns out to be real Shawarma as well. Hmm, I’m sure it will be about Iron Man 3 though… here’s hoping ScreenRant to cover this as soon as it airs (because in my time-zone, it’s already August 31st hahaha)

  19. We all know what is going to be #1 this weekend :D

  20. It’s going to be the EXACT same movie that was out 3 months ago..

  21. I would love to see that Ant-Man test footage!

  22. Is this the Mouse House or a Ho House, because it appears that Disney execs are determined to pimp out any anticipation that we may have for the DVD.

  23. Too excited! I missed it when it came out the first time. Can’t wait to get the big-screen experience before the blu-ray comes out

  24. so nobody is going to check out lawless, thats a shame.other movies deserve to make some green also.

    • I’m definitely seeing Lawless, but Avengers was the best comic book movie ever, IMHO, so it will probably be a double-feature weekend for me.

    • I caught lawless twice lol

  25. Well, I think Item 47 is a likely addition as a post-credit extra.

    Maybe the Iron Man 3 trailer? What better place and time to show it, than in theaters to fans who go to see The Avengers again. IM3 is also picking up right after where The Avengers left off after all.

    Those are my two guesses. Not sure if they will add any deleted scenes, since those are mostly scenes that were supposed to be mid-movie, and not after the movie.


    • @Kahless – Yeah I see them. I got those punks!

      Of course, I’m interested in how to make $5687 a week though. ;)

      Paul Young – Moderator

  27. Just got back from a matinee showing, and unfortunately, nothing extra was added. Don’t know if it was just the theater I saw it at, but it was the same (fantastic) film from May.

    • Nothing added to my showing either.

      • no new post credit scene??

  28. I’m hoping mostly for Iron Man 3 footage.

  29. so give us some spoiler alerts was anything new added?!