‘The Avengers’ Official Poster: Maskless Superheroes Assemble

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avengers movie poster The Avengers Official Poster: Maskless Superheroes Assemble


Marvel is preparing to launch a second theatrical trailer for The Avengers online later this week, and has now unveiled an official poster for Joss Whedon’s superhero team-up flick. The film sees Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo, via motion-capture) and more join with the forces of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to save the world from an imminent alien threat.

An official poster for The Avengers has been released by the comic book movie studio – and, judging by the fact that none of the team members are wearing masks, helmets, or any sort of protective headgear (does Fury’s eyepatch count?) in the one-sheet, Marvel wants to make sure fans remember the identities of the men and women bringing these iconic costumed warriors to life. Well, except for Ruffalo, it seems.

Have a look at the new Avengers poster below and see what we mean:

AVG Payoff 1 Sht v13 280x414 The Avengers Official Poster: Maskless Superheroes AssembleCLICK FOR LARGER VERSION

While this isn’t exactly what you would call a flawless poster (there’s some questionable Photoshop work on display here), it’s still hard to refrain from becomingย giddy at the sight of so many famous superheroes joining forces and preparing to kick butt. Besides, in the aftermath of the eyesores that were the posters for last year’s X-Men: First Class, mildly imperfect one-sheets for comic book movies (like this one) are all easier to swallow. Moving on…

Early word on the second Avengers trailer is that it will dive much deeper into the plot which writer/director Joss Whedon has devised for the titular hero squad’s live-action debut. Similarly, the indication from insiders is that the new promo offers a much better look at just who the members of Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) alien army are, far beyond the blink-and-miss-it glimpse we got in the Avengers Super Bowl Trailer.

Be sure to check back on Screen Rant over the next few days, as we will post that new Avengers promo (complete with analysis) as soon as it pops up online.

The Avengers arrives in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

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  1. No Helmet
    No Mask
    No Service
    Welcome to Taco Bell, try our new Doomsday Bean Burritto.

    • you forgot no shirt wink wink (hulk)

        • I would say the same thing about Thor. Although not as strong as Hulk, Thor carried a 747 to safety in the comic; not someone I’d want to slap. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • I just don’t understand how a “god” is weaker than a radiation induced human…

              • It’s been officially established, during the scene you describe. Typically when someone posts to a site and says “well I thought Thor was a god?” they either were asleep during the film or they didn’t see it.

                I’ve seen it a lot on supposed “fan” sites, where someone passing themselves off as a Marvel nerd asks “well isn’t he a god?” It’s a dead giveaway they weren’t paying attention at all. Most fans of the MCU films knew about that aspect of the story before the movie even came out. I don’t think you’ll get flamed, it’s not really revelatory.

              • Even in Norse mythology the actual gods were not especially strong, although Thor was the strongest even he needed special gloves to lift his hammer, besides Hulk is strongest there is.

              • What? There’s been a fight between them. Wasn’t there a motion comic that was made or something? I remember seeing it at one point.

                • there was an animated mini-movie or whatever you want to call it, “hulk vs thor” but in the MCU they haven’t faced off…yet

                  • I’m pretty sure there was a comic that had Hulk fight Thor before that movie came out.

              • ok so while yes the movie comments on what you said about thor movies are notorious for not following comic book canon even though it isnt very hard to follow so your kind of beating on a broken drum there

            • Because in the Marvel Cinematic Universe version, he’s not actually a god, but a very powerful alien that medieval Norse believed was a god. Add that to the fact that Hulk is supposed to be through the roof immeasurably strong, and there you go.

              • batman would still kick the sh*t out of both of them…drunk naked and with a hand in the back…

                • batman? The guy with no powers would,” beat the sh*t out of both of them”? First off Hulk is strongest there is, and second Thor would just hurl a lightning bolt up Batman’s ass. Game over now please quit trolling

                  • @Yeti,

                    That’s a good one I couldn’t stop laughing after reading that.

                    • @vader, glad I could make your day lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. they’ve also changed the title in the UK to Avengers Assemble to avoid confusion with the 60’s TV series/90’s Film of the same name.

    • I think “Avengers Assemble” is the slogan…
      As far as I know, the title of the movie (across the world) is still “Marvel’s The Avengers”

      • To me, if you put the Marvel in there, it takes care of any confusion. If there was any. :)

        • I know right!? it’s crazy that they think people won’t be able to tell the difference…I would have thought the big green giant running around would have been a give away that this is different…

          • I would say the fracking epic trailer is a big give a way, seeing that the movie The Avengers sucked really bad. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

          • You have to think in terms of the phraseology itself. The word “Avengers” doesn’t have a big green monster in it, written or spoken. When you say “Avengers” to a person from the UK who’s not a comics nerd, it’s very conceivable that they would wonder “do you mean that old spy show?”

            When they change titles for international audiences, it’s specifically for that reason…you don’t produce a holographic image of the movie poster when you say “avengers” to someone, they have an immediate reaction to the word you’re spouting, so it needs to be more distinctive.

            • Well I’m from the UK and I’ve never heard this movie be referenced as anything else but “The Avengers”. All the kids know who these guys are. I mean, do you seriously think little kids are gonna know what the 60’s and 70’s “Avengers” show is, or ever heard of the failure of a movie update for that matter.

              Movie often have the same name, it’s not uncommon. And this Disney/Marvel movie is gonna have enough clout to use the name “The Avengers” without any trouble.

              If they change it for the UK I’d be very surprised. The “Avengers” TV show (with Emma Peel etc…) was massive globally at the time apart from perhaps the US. But I really don’t think other countries are going to confuse it either. It’s a major brand-name for Marvel.

              • …despite how confusing that post was. ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • How now brown cow

              • I wasn’t referring to kids.

                • Well it’s gonna be kids dragging their parents to the cinema to see this.

        • That’s really odd.
          ‘Avengers Assemble’ is kinda a stupid name for a movie as well IMAO ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I agree that it would be impossible for anyone to confuse this Avengers, with the one from the 60’s and 90’s.
          They might as well have kept the title the same as far as I’m concerned.

          • “Avengers” the ’60s TV show was hugely popular in the UK, so it’s not really surprising that they would want to differentiate with the title.

            • One would have to be REALLY stupid to not know the difference between this Avengers and the spy show from the 60’s.

              I don’t know a single person on earth that doesn’t know anything about the movie they’re going to watch. Before hand, they usually see a trailer, hear about it from a friend or at least read the premise on a website or something.

              Remember, this movie is huge. There are posters and adds up all over the world. Trailers are being shown in cinemas, and soon, TV spots will pop up. There is no way someone could confuse this Avengers with the one from the 60’s.

              They didn’t have to change the title IMO.

              • I’m just speaking in terms of general film marketing practices. Sometimes they change titles for the reasons I mentioned. You don’t have to accept it for it to still be true. I wouldn’t have changed it if I were at Marvel Studios, but I still understand why they did so.

                People take this weird shortcut in logic, where they say “well that’s not what I would have done, so therefore I don’t grasp at all why it was done. I can’t hold two thoughts at once!” and that way of thinking doesn’t work for me.

              • @the avenger

                I agree.

      • Avengers Assemble title is only for the UK.


    Other than that, its really cool but I expected something much more epic.

  4. nice! Wallpaper?

  5. Look! Someone gave the producers kid Photoshop for his birthday!

    • Agreed. This doesn’t look so great :}

      • That really is an awful poster.

        Hulk is the size of Godzilla!?

        • now that would be awesome. the avengers vs Godzilla. i dont think captain america would do much damage but Thor and hulk would be quite bothersome pests for Godzilla. I mean, thor busted a whole in that ice monsters head so i think they would pit a fair fight agains Godzilla.

          • Yeah, if you could somehow get Hulk inside Godzilla’s mouth he could really do some damage. I don’t think Godzilla’s Atomic breath would be any good because Hulk is dosed with Gamma radiation, so it probably wouldn’t affect him.

        • @Motoko – “Hulk is the size of Godzilla!?” Yep…and Cap is a giant too.

          • Yeah, I thought Cris Evans was playing Steve Rogers, not Hank Pym!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I don’t care for it either. I think it puts focus on Iron Man moreso than the others, and I think that this should look more like a team picture. I prefer them standing side-by-side or even a silhouette pic of all of them together. This plants Cap in the background and places strange emphasis on different heroes for marketing purposes.

  6. Why are they just standing around while the aliens are attacking?

    • Coffee Break for some. Martini break for one.

    • They are fighting off the gas that the Hulk passed after eating all the aliens. That’s why Hulk is so big in the picture. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I’m just kinda upset that Captain America isn’t in the front considering he’s the leader and the movie is being told from his point of view

    • but iron man is more marketable since he has had two films and is the most successful so far of the MCU characters. plus its RDJ

      • Agreed. They said it’s from Cap’s point of view. But that doesn’t mean he’s the leader.

        • cap is the leader of the avengers they basicly implied tony stark wouldnt be in ironman 2

    • No one said Cap was the leader…
      Nick Fury will most likely be the leader in this movie (seeing as The Avengers Initiative is a SHIELD project and Fury is… you know, the director of SHIELD)

      That said, I do agree with you. Cap should have been standing where Hawkeye is standing and vica-versa IMO.

  8. Cool poster but I wish it didn’t look fake

  9. Awesome poster.
    Everyone looks great in their costumes.

    I’m still so amused by the irony: whenever a picture of Cap is shown without his helmet, people complain that he should be wearing it.
    Then, when they release a pic of Cap with this helmet on, the bashing doesn’t seem to stop.

    • It’s the power of the interwebs Avenger. The power of DOUCHE.

      • LOL

    • bazinga!

  10. Oh look!
    finally ‘Iron Man and The Avengers’ is coming out!

    I thought this was a -team-?
    Why the hell is Tony getting ALL the spotlight.
    It should be Cap up front, and all he’s getting a photoshopped afterthought in the backround.

    This is as insulting as the title “Wolverine and the X-Men”

    However, they do look cool. And I’m still pinching myself that this is actually coming out. If they figure that Iron Man is their marketing flag ship since he’s had two successful films and everyone else has been struggling for top billing… fine. Just deliver a good film and I’ll be okay.

  11. I can’t wait for the movie! The poster however, is amaturish at best. The composition is poor. It’s like someone had seperate images and just threw them together with very little artistic value. Downey’s head looks like someone just photoshopped it over an Iron Man head and the Hulk way in the back is a giant! If he came to the front, he would be 30 feet tall. This can’t be the real poster. It’s gotta be a working mockup that was rejected.

  12. I didn’t know Captain America was a giant lol.

    • Obviously, Captain and the Hulk have recieved an upgrade from Henry Pym

      • AAh, you beat me to it! damn you Jay *Shakes fist while walking down the street kicking a tin can morosely.*

    • @Rickster – I didn’t remember Captain America being 3 stories high in his movie. I might have to re-watch it.

  13. Regarding the poster… yes, it’s photoshopped. It looks alright. But you know what, this is actually happening.

    I want on a marvel movie-thon this weekend: Incredible Hulk, Thor, Spider man, First Class, Daredevil, Spiderman 2, and Capitan America to continue getting psyched for the Avengers. It’s amazing that we’ll be actually seeing them together.

  14. New Trailer TOMMOROW!!!!!!

    • YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Its simply stupid to take off the masks of the heroes that have them.

    I don’t remember every Spider-Man poster showing Peter-Man or the Daredevil posters showing Mattdevil. How about the Iron Man poster showing Tony Man?

    Its just annoying and uneccessary for them to have their masks off for the Avengers poster.

    • Why?
      Everyone knows Rodgers is Cap and everyone knows Stark is Iron Man (they only need to wear their helmets when they’re in battle – for protection).

      • Well exactly, everybody knows who they are, so why show it? Plus, I don’t know if you noticed the warzone in the background that is NY. It kinda looks like they are possibly in the middle of battle.

        • They want people to know which actors are in this movie…
          Not all of us are so clued up on this film.
          The regular person on the street might not even go see this if they didn’t know RDJ or Sam Jackson would be in it.
          Hence giving the actor’s their face time. To attract the audiences (even more).

    • The WHOLE POINT of this poster is to show each of the heros as real people, “here’s who is at their core.” Yes, some of the characters are without masks during the whole film, or even part of the film, but there’s a theme for this poster. You’re knocking it for doing what its supposed to. Oops.

      • I’m not too fussed about cap’s mask. He didn’t wear it that much in “The First Avenger” anyway. But most of all I really don’t like his new mask.

        Now if he still had his really cool WW1 one from the first film, then that would be a different matter.

      • So wait, why isn’t hulk’s face in Bruce Banner form? Just seemed to stick out like a sore green thumb… (not saying that hulk has picked up on gardening) but yeah lol. I want a poster that has the WHOLE team in Avenger Assembled mode.

  16. Folks its a poster. Nothing more. Last years Thor had a poster that was just his face and the whole thing was red. It sucked but the movie was great. Went to the movies this weekend and there in the lobby was a giant cardboard cutout. No faces, just the words. “The Avengers” and it was the logo about 10 feet long. Kinda dull, kinda boring, but like the poster I dont think we can judge the movie from them.

    I dont care about Thors Helmet, or Caps Cowl and missing ears, I couldnt care less about Josh’s film making history, 30 peole could play the Hulk. I DONT CARE! Red Skull, no skull, not worried about it. Im gonna enjoy the hell out of this movie and no matter how much a few of you complain, you will in no way ruin it for me. There is only one question that needs to be answered.
    Who gets to yell, “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” first.

    • WELL SAID!

      • Not true the other thor poster was him posing with the hammer and it was awesome and wasn’t photoshoped

    • My hero!

    • YES, that is the truest comment so far kudos my man

      • Whose getting the kudos ? Lol if it was me thanks

  17. Cool poster not the way I would of lined them up here is my line up ….

    Cap- centered
    Iron man- on caps right side
    Thor- on caps left
    The rest is fine imo

    • I would have had The Hulk sat on Hawkeye’s knee. It would have less laughable at least.

  18. Woooo Hoooooo

  19. I’m baffled by all the people that seem confused about Stark’s “Front and Center” role in this film… Robert Downey Jr. is the big player here, for one thing. You typically lead with your strongest actor. For another thing, Iron Man the character has had more films and the audience is most familiar with him when compared to the other characters. Basic Story 101 says that the audience needs a character they can connect with, to live the story through their eyes, and since there’s no Rick Jones or Sam Witwicky, Avengers is going with “The guy the audience knows from two previous, huge films.”

    • Indeed.

    • @ken – You are correct in saying that RDJ’s Iron Man is the big player but only for this franchise. But in my opinion, Sam Jackson is by far the best actor. And I think Chris Hemsworth would be the strongest actor…who wants to arm wrestle him?

      • I love Sam.

    • Exactly why I didn’t like Evans getting the Cap role. He’s a fine actor, and he did an okay job. But I just knew going into The Avengers, he was not going to be able to lead Downey. Just wasn’t going to happen.

      • I agree jbrose, there is no way anyone can being the charisma RBJ has as ironman. From the start I always picture RDJ as the lead because he is the most compelling of the actors. Chris hemsworth makes a damn good thor but doesn’t control the screen like RDJ. And I from the start wished someone else got the role of cap I’ve never liked evans in any of his movies.

      • To be fair… VERY few people on earth can compete with RDJ.
        So, none of them really stood a chance IMO ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Someone needs some Photoshop lessons. Didn’t know Cpt. America was five stories tall!

  21. I like the Avengers style letter “A” in May.

  22. i thought this hulk was going to be shorter than norton’s but taller than bana’s?

    hulk looks really tall in this poster, or is he standing on something.

    for the love of odin, thor better call hulk a troll.

    • Shorter than Norton’s, taller than Bana’s? Bana’s was like 100 ft tall and Norton’s was like 10…

      • haha i think it was more like banes 25, nortons 12 or something. but 100 would scary. how do you stop a 100 ft tall hulk? that would be a short movie. heres new york city. heres hulk. no more city. heres godzilla… godzillas dead

      • not sure about 100 ft.

        but i know the size varied with his anger which is something i dont think they incorporated into norton’s.

        i was just wondering how tall they are gonna make him cause in the 360 trailer shot hes not that much taller than the others but in this poster he looks like a giant

        • i think he is standing on a car. so that probably adds a least 3 feet

      • @Jbrose23 Actually in ‘Hulk’ he is about 30ft tall, and in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ he is 9ft tall. This is confirmed by Kevin Feige on the special features for ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

        On the topic of ‘The Avengers'; I’m actually very upset by the marketing and it’s putting me off the movie. Disney are just turning it into such a… well, Disney film. I hope they don’t pull this crap with ‘Iron Man 3′ or ‘Thor 2′. So far, the only thing that’s keeping me interested is the fact that I know the characters. If I was you everyday movie goer, I’d probably give it a miss because the posters and are making it look like a direct to DVD piece of turd!

        • @cbmcritic, i think you misheard something, as i just watched those special features a few days ago, and feige clearly says in “Hulk” he was 15′, not 30. at 30 feet, that would make him 5 times as tall as the average person. he would tower over the 2 story houses in the scene where he turns back to banner in front of betty.

    • according to the special features on my recently purchased TIH bluray, they did a comparison on all 3 “live action” hulks. lou is 6ft tall, and they kinda used low angles to make him look taller. “Hulk” was established as 15′ tall, and he is 9′ in TIH. i think he is probably between 8-9′ in TA, he is just more slouched over, as opposed to the posture perfect version of TIH. i always thought that ruined the look of him in that film, as he was usually hunched over in the comics. i just hope he gets to talk more. it’s been established that lou ferrigno is doing hulks voice for TA, so i’m sure we will get at least a “hulk smash” and maybe a “goldilocks”.

      • thanks for clearing that up.

        i just wonder how much talking they are gonna have with the hulk, i mean he talks a lot in the comics but hasn’t really done that in any of the movies….”blondie” would be fitting if he doesn’t get to say “goldilocks” haha

  23. Another idea they could of used for the official poster imo…..

    Keep the background as it is

    Change the perspective to a birds eye view of our heros at a reasonable size of course similar to the 360 shot at the end of the trailer with a transparant but not too bold avengers style A underneath our heros I think that would look pretty sweet imo.

    • That would be a good way to go…

  24. SOMEONE SCREAM AT THE HOLLYWOOD SUITS !!! THESE ARE COSTUMED CHARACTERS !!!! WITH MASKS , ETC — THOSE WITH MASKS , ETC—PUT EM’ ON !!!! FOR CRISSAKE !!! your wonderful actors will have plenty of screen-time and their faces will be seen !!!! [ just look at the spider-man films—jeeezzz !! ]

  25. This is worst than the First Class posters last year. I mean, this is Marvel’s tent pole…this is 4 years of build-up and the best they can do is this??? Embarrassing considering all the talent and money at Marvel…

  26. Looks sickk

  27. I like that Iron Man suit better than the one from Iron Man 2. Glad they went with it.

  28. Since they’re giving all the actors their face time in this poster shouldn’t they put Ruffalo’s puny little head on Hulks behemoth sized body? I mean it’s only fair he get a little time in the spotlight as well

  29. Awesome poster.

    It is epic.

    I hope The Avengers turns out to be a great movie.