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[Note: While this episode of the Screen Rant Underground (ep. 37) released on Monday, we wanted to bump the actual post to its regular Wednesday time slot - since we know some listeners have yet to subscribe in iTunes (what are you waiting for?) and come to the site looking for the cast each week. Just wanted to clear-up any confusion - in case you're seeing this article for a second time.]

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode thirty-seven of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as well as Screen Rant founder Vic Holtreman for this special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast as we review The Avengers and discuss what’s next for the Marvel movie universe – as well as touch upon The Dark Knight Rises & The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.


Screen Rant Underground: Episode 37 – The Avengers

In episode 37, a special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, we review The Avengers and discuss what’s next for the Marvel movie universe – as well as touch upon The Dark Knight Rises & The Amazing Spider-Man.

[0:00] Review: The Avengers (read our full written review)

[45:32] The Avengers SPOILERS conversation (read our full spoilers discussion)

[2:30:02] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw (with special guest Vic Holtreman).



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  1. Downloading now to listen on my trip downtown.

    • Rob i want to thank you, i think your point about the beginning of the movie is why i didn’t like it..i mean i know the movie is great but i don’t feel anything towards it

      • Glad you agree! I wrote about that as a major nitpick in my own Avengers review.

        • Rob

          Where is your review?

  2. You guys think you’re bad, I’ve completely lost count how many times I’ve seen Terminator 2. I can tell you it’s way over 20 times and sadly, that might be a conservative estimate…

    • I was also pretty obsessed with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

    • Since ‘Iron Man’ was originally released 4 years ago… I’ve seen it about 22 times. No joke.
      I think that’s my “most viewed” movie (I think ;))

    • Well, seeing Terminator 2 that many times is not considered ‘bad’. It is the EPIC afterall!

  3. Spiderman will do what to Avengers? I don’t care what it does in 3D, the fact that the movie will most likely SUCK compared to Avengers will be more important in my opinion…

  4. Alright so I just want to start off by saying that I freaking love this movie. I thought is was just a phenomenal epic. It was just amazing. So with that being said I just had a minor thing to pick at.

    I totally agree with- I believe Anthony brought it up- that Captain America was under served in the movie. It made me feel a little underwhelmed by him. I mean yes he isn’t the strongest of the bunch but, IMO, it seemed like he really didnt do anything in the film. When he first confronted Loki he tussled a little bit and that was it, and then when Thor came into the picture it was just him(thor) & Iron Man battling it out for a couple of moments until Captain America pops out of nowhere and tells everyone to calm down and takes a single blow to the shield and that was that for that scuffle. I personally thought, based off the trailers that there was gonna be some kind of triple threat show down between the 3 of them but nope, we just get IronMan vs. Thor w/ special guest referee Captain America.
    In the final battle, again in my opinion, didnt seem like he was portrayed accurately. And im not making it a big deal or complaining, its just it really looked like he was more of a less trained, super strong hawkeye/blackwidow in regards to abilities. Idk, but I was like “C’mon, lets see him really kick some butt right now! :D”

    But the thing that really got me was the part where he was telling the police officer what to do and make a perimeter and he response was purely, “Why should I take orders from you?”. In that moment I went into a tangent in thought real quick. I was thinking “Why the h*** would you say that to Captain America?” I mean if you think back to all the incidences in comics, cartoons, and even the Ultimate Avengers animation films, its widely known that he’s respected individual. He’s the symbol of the country. Then I figured well no one in this time has seem, much less even know of him and such. But that’s all due to the fact that has only been 1 CA movie so far. I thought then and there that by the time any Avenger team comes together for a global crisis, such as this movie, people should know his face.

    Time wise Im going to assume it has been a year since he was recovered by SHIELD yes? Just going off of Bruce Banner stating he hasnt had a Hulk-out in about a year since his respective film. So if that is so, that’s plenty of window opportunity for the Captain to have another movie saving the day, in modern day, where he reprises his title of Captain America. However, Marvel isnt planning to “jump around” with their films in terms of time frame, which I think is tiny mistake but oh well.

    And lastly(it looks like a mouthful I know, LOL, but bare with me, takes much longer typing it out than to just say it out loud), Im not sure if I was the only one but…
    during that one shot of Iron Man flying through battle field and panning to each of the heroes, did anyone imagine Hugh Jackman going back to back with Cap? And Alan Cumming’s nightcrawler poofing in and out of frame, with Spider-Man swinging into action in the background? I mean AS EXCITING AND NERD-GASMIC AS THE SCENE ALREADY LOOKED, my hero fantasy imagination still popped out. *Sigh* if only… if only…

    • I brought that up (in talking about both films) after Vic explained why it should have been Captain America putting faith in Banner over Stark, but Ant brought it up again later.

      As for recognition, at this point in time, most people don’t know Captain America. This is his first time in public (no one knows he survived from WW2) until after the invasion.

    • It really is too bad that Marvel sold-off some of those properties – a Marvel superhero movie in New York without Spider-Man does feel awkward. It doesn’t distract from ‘The Avengers’ but I agree there could have been some cool potential there.

  5. lmao @ guest referee!

  6. Best podcast from you guys yet!!!!!! I really hope this beats Avatar in terms of overall money gained, and glad I finally hear an official critic say it is sci-fi pochantas(or something along those lines). Still looking forward to TDKR, but still on Avengers buzz right now so not as excited as normal for it. Listening to this has me itching to see it a third time. Love the site and the underground can’t wait for more!!!!

    • Cheers! Thanks Jacob.

      Yah, I was actually talking to a friend of mine about ‘Avatar’ today over lunch – I’m kind of wondering if, upon repeat viewings (not to mention on 2D TV sets), some of the magic has worn-off of that movie. Like people are starting to see it in a different way. Not to take anything away from what Cameron did but…

  7. Dear Screenrant, this was the first SR underground podcast I’ve listened to and I have to say that I have a new found respect for this site. I agreed with everything said in this discussion. I really liked the segmented spoiler format of the show, more podcasts should adopt this style. Great job!
    Thanks guys.

    • Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it… and welcome to the Underground!

    • Even what Anthony said?


  8. Well, almost everything. More or less what made Avengers an awesome movie but far from perfect.

  9. I would agree with Vic on Ruffalo; I thought he did a very good job but I thought Norton made a better Banner. The Hulk in Avengers is, by far, the best rendition yet.

  10. Vic, I’m surprised you allowed the young’uns to use such language. I guess you forgot the paddle of obedience. :-D

    Great podcast, guys.

    • Take away Anthony Ocasio and our reactions to Anthony Ocasio and how much bad language would there be then???

      • You got me. Actually, I don’t mind the bad language; in fact, it made me laugh more than once.

        • You’d be surprised who uses bad language the most… good thing editing take most of that stuff.

  11. This was my first time listening to a podcast from this site. I gotta say you guys had me rolling! Especially about the second after credits scene, I felt exactly the same way LOL.

    • Cheers! Glad you enjoyed it!

      In general, the comedic potential on the cast rises at an equivalent rate to Anthony’s frustration ;)

  12. OMG this Podcast makes me want to go see it again and the Iron Man Cap team up move is from the Ultimate Alliance video Game I lost My mind when he pulled it off

  13. Great podcast guys

    • Thanks!

    • I think Whedon put enough in there to explain why Banner retains some semblance of his personality and intelligence when transforming and a lot of it has to do with how/why he transforms each time.

  14. I loved the movie, but how you gonna have big fight scene in New York without a cameo from Spiderman!? lol

  15. I like how Vic (the owner) is listed as aspecial guest lol I know he doest run the podcast but its still funny seeing those words.

    • VIc is smart enough to not directly associate himself with the rest of us heathens. He prefers to watch us little puppets dance!


  16. This was my first SR podcast… I have to say, it was awesome.
    Lots of interesting points and opinions made – and listening to you guys argue was also pretty entertaining ;)

    • Cheers! Yah, if you want to hear us argue – check out the ‘Project X’ review ;)

      • The Paranormal Activity 3 argument is even more epic

        • Haha. True. True. That was a good one as well.

  17. the reason captain america has his hand over his head in the end shawarma scene is because chris evans refused to shave his beard for that scene – from what I’ve heard, don’t live in the US.
    my main nitpick of the film is that there wasn’t enough destruction in the last 30 minutes. and right at the end when they give a view of the entire city everything is completely intact. i love whedon and his story telling but i do think he needs a little bit more help with his directing style. What would be interesting (but never happen) is whedon write and be the secondary director and having michael bay as the director, you may hate bay you cant argue that action is his forte.
    Hulk is my favourite avenger but i just cant see him holding up a solo film unless its another origin story. personally i would love to see Hulk in the final battle of Iron Man 3 and i think it would be a bad move on behalf of Marvel if they didn’t push for that.

  18. I believe the shield is actually Vibranium and Adamantium blend.

    • In Cap:TFA Stark said it was Vibranium… nothing else.
      Is Marvel Studios even allowed to use Adamantium though? It relates to Wolverine, so I’m not so sure…
      I dunno

      • That’s a really interesting point – I wonder if Adamantium is stuck over at Fox.

      • I don’t know because in the comics it is both, but in the movies maybe they can’t.

        • For legal purposes, Fox owns any mutant related characters and anything relevant to them. I think that also includes certain terms like Adamantium. Thats why in the Captain America movie, they say that the shield is made by Vibranium only.

  19. So Anthony just blindly hates Joss Wheadon for no good reason. Also seems to want everything to just be said rather than have subtly with camera work and other things.

  20. Love the site, love the reviews, love the podcasts…… but I would be doing a diservice to my own bad sense of humor if I didn’t point out that Vic sounds just a little like Kermit the Frog. Sorry….. Still love all your efforts.

  21. After the part when Thor threw away the bloody blade that Loki stabbed him with, did anyone else think to themselves ‘Great, now someone is going to make a Thor-clone army’?

  22. Guys you’re like *awesome*, I’m having so much fun listening to your rants (“holy s–t!”) that please let’s go on like xeva!! I’ve discovered the site after having read some news/reviews, plus I usually agree with your POV, keep up the good work then ^_^

    Loved this Avengers, I think this is 1 of the best example of US kind of action movie from a comic, something we aren’t used to do over here in EU (different kind of comics etc): I’ve enjoyed its being entertaining with emotional moments, but without being too dark & heavy as tone (like last Batman) or boring (as new Spidey)…now that Whedon has explored the foundations of the super team I’m positive that the next time around the fun will be even higher, as plot’s complications & interaction among roles.

    PS_if you’ve time it’d be interesting to do some podcast on older nice films that are somehow special for you & people (like i.e. when there are not cool new movies to talk about). Happy holidays from Italy, Ciao xo

  23. Loved the show, guys. But make no mistake: the LMD (Life Model Decoy) was introed in the first episode of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, back in 1965 in STRANGE TALES. On that…I’m geekier than thou!

  24. Only in fantasyland would Guardians of the Galaxy earn an Oscar nomination. I don’t think that the point of expanding the best picture nominees was to acknowledge box office successes. The Dark Knight deserved a nomination because it was an exception film that went above and beyond the usual shenanigans you see in superhero movies. As good as Captain America: The Winter Soldier was, it was still just another Marvel movie. Those films have no real character depth and most of the stories are simple as hell. The movies exist to be all ages fun and they manage that really well, but you can’t explore anything real with them. A movie like District 9 can get a best picture nod because it’s actually using sci-fi to tell an effective story, a parallel to real world prejudice’s blah blah blah. Marvel movies don’t do that. The lame non Batman DC movies don’t do that. Not even one of the films from those studios comes even close to something like Raiders of the Lost Ark. Anyway, I hope they go back to 5 nominees because there aren’t enough great movies to be nominate more than that many