‘The Avengers': New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

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The Avengers Movie Kree vs. Skrulls The Avengers: New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

For over a year now we’ve been hearing rumors that the shape-shifting alien race known as The Skrulls would be the primary villains in Marvel’s The Avengers movie. However, since that initial rumor surfaced, conflicting reports have come in about how the Skrulls would be implemented into the story of The Avengers’ formation. The two most consistent rumors have been that either Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and/or The Skrulls’ hated enemy – the alien race known as The Kree – would be involved in the epic conflict that threatens Earth and assembles its mightiest heroes together.

Today we have more evidence suggesting that The Avengers will use the legendary Kree/Skrull war as its conflict, with Earth and its superheroes caught in the middle. This “evidence” comes our way via Before the Trailer, which tracked down an open casting call to New Mexico residents to be extras in The Avengers movie. We already know that the film is shooting in New Mexico, so the casting call for extras in that area certainly makes sense.

Check out the alleged call sheet for yourselves:

As many New Mexico local residents as possible will be cast.
• This is a PAID job.
• No experience working as an extra or actor is required.
• All ages and types are needed, but must be 18+ to attend.
• Will accept non-returnable photos of kids that can obtain work permit.
• Come to the open casting call well groomed, and well dressed.
• Please bring a pen and photo ID.
• Photos will be taken at NO CHARGE at the open casting call.
• NO PHONE CALLS to the casting call venue.

Extras Casting

All Locations:

Maryellen Aviano
“The Avengers” Extras Casting Coordinator
1000 Flower Street
Glendale, CA 91201


Joss Whedon


Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man
Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow
Chris Evans – Captain America
Chris Hemsworth – Thor
Don Cheadle – War Machine
Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye
Tom Hiddleston – Loki
Mark Ruffalo/Lou Ferrigno – The Hulk
Clark Gregg – S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson
Samuel L. Jackson – S.H.I.E.L.D. Director General Nick Fury


A superhero team called “The Avengers” do battle against two separate alien extraterrestrial humanoid life forms. The Avengers are a superhero team, consisting of a group of Marvel Comics heroes aka “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”. The aliens that The Avengers will fight are called “The Kree” and “Skrulls”. These two extraterrestrial races become embroiled in a war for ages that ultimately makes its way to Earth, and the Avengers unite to intervene with all their power and might combined.

We’ve known for awhile that Mark Ruffalo will being doing motion-capture to create The Hulk in The Avengers movie, and that Lou Ferrigno would be providing the voice of the Jade Giant, so that’s not a revelation. Still, there are a few things to discuss here:

Firstly, there’s the issue of the Kree/Skull war. I recently wrote a piece talking about The Skrulls and Loki being The Avengers villains, in which I laid down a few opinions about why such a combination would be good not only for The Avengers but for the expanding Marvel Movie Universe as a whole. The bottom line is this: having an extraterrestrial threat, combined with Loki using the “Cosmic Cubes” to point the alien threat at Earth, perfectly utilizes all the characters and plot threads that Marvel has been building in their respective films. It also leaves the door wide open for the future of Marvel’s Movie Universe.

Discussion about the Marvel Cosmic Universe…

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  1. Bring in more heroes if bring in more villains. IF true, then that’s not a bad idea. Though it may make the film more cramped then it already is.

    • If they ever reboot Fantastic Four like it was rumored, I could see them getting into the later Avengers movies if they stick to the intergalactic storylines. If this is going to be on the epic scale that it looks to be heading, then why not? Sure it will be convoluted, but isn’t conflicts in space F4’s bread and butter?

      • Unfortunately, I don’t think Marvel owns the film rights to FF right now. I may be wrong, but I think Fox has them.

        • Fox has the rights to Fantastic Four.

  2. Hey, the purple-faced guy in the top picture looks like he stole Goliath’s (Hank Pym’s) clothes!

  3. Interesting. I hope this is true because the Kree/Skull War is one of my all-time favorite Marvel storylines (and I am indeed old enough to remember when it came out!!).

    One thing though, if, as has been rumored, Henry Pym and Janet Van Dyne are in the film, in what character will we see Pym, Ant-Man or Goliath? Clint Barton was Goliath in the original Kree/Skrull War, though I doubt seriously he will be in this version. Concur?

    • yeah i dont see them going with Goliath , i think your going to see a combo of Ant man and giant man like in the current Cartoon,Avengers:EMH.

    • I believe Josh Wheadon said there would be no Giant Man or Wasp in the first film. I did read in several places an Ant-Man/Giant-Man movie has been thrown around here and there so I think we would see that movie first. Then perhaps have him and Wasp in the second Avengers movie? Just a thought.

  4. I’m all for this, this is the ballsiest movie project ever

  5. Does anyone else see an Avengers 2 before we see a JLA movie, I do. I’m seeing Avengers Opening Weekend. lol

    • As a DC guy, who is still excited for The Avengers, I’m sorry to say you’re probably right.

    • Probably, but I think DC is just waiting to see how The Avengers turns out. Both the President and CCO of the DC Entertainment said they aren’t pushing for a JLA movie, but they will eventually once The Avengers banks.

      • I dont think they will even if the Avengers makes gold, they keep pushing thro Batman and Superman all the time, and Green Lantern doesnt look like it will be promising.

      • It has less to do with a “wait and see” attitude and more to do with the simple fact they can’t manage to get all the characters together. Batman and Superman have very different and established universes atm and neither have crossed over into the others realm. Not even Smallville had Batman. You can’t truly have a JL without both main characters and others like WonderWoman, GL, Flash, Aquaman and MM.

        This may also have something to do with who has the movie rights to all the individual parts. I personally don’t know if DC controls them all or not.

        Marvel was much smarter about the whole thing by signing people from the get go for multi-picture deals with a compilation show (The Avengers) as their ultimate goal.

  6. All I can say on Marvel’s behave…


  7. awesome move!

  8. The scope and scale of what marvel and Disney are attempting is pretty much unheard of , just to start you have 4 individual franchises thatspin off into one larger franchise that will then spawn at least two more possible franchises. This is Crazy , this could, no, I mean, will be the biggest Movie Universe ever created. The only thing that comes even close would be Star Trek and that only uses 3 tv francises and two movie franchises

  9. All I want to know is, if they are going to make Avengers a movie franchise, how are they going to top the Kree/Skrull War or Secret Invasion with the first movie? Will Avengers #2 be about ULTRON and Avengers #3 be about KANG? Hmmm…

    • If the Marvel Cosmic Universe comes into play, you almost HAVE to go with Kang in the sequel. Ultron is almost too small in this universe – though he could be a secondary villain or part of, say, a group like the Masters of Evil.

      Though again, with the cosmic/mystical elements, Loki tapping The Hood to bring together The Masters of Evil would almost be more fitting.

      • i think Ultron should be introduced in the first one with that done it would bring the Vision to come into play. The second one should have the Kree/Skrull war And the third one should have Thanos (infinity gaunlet)as the villain that would cause Starfox and Mentor and maybe the Inhumans. But we’ll see this franchise is at least 8 years worth of work and a whole lot of screenwriting.

        • They should save Ultron for a later movie (maybe give him a cameo appearance in this one). He should be the main antagonist when he is introduced fully.

      • You can actually use the Ultron unit the exact same way they used him in the Avengers:EMH Kang story arc. Very easy since both are large invasion forces. Just replace Kang with Kree and Skrull. Viola! Ultron has been activated and set up to be the antagonist in #2.

        I also disagree that Ultron is too small to be the only villain. Depending on his iteration he has been proven to be a formidable force for the Avengers as a group.

        They could however use Crimson Cowl story and have him be the organizer of the Masters of Evil. As long as he manages to create Vision and the Avengers eventually get him at the end of the movie, I’m all for it.

  10. Kofi, great article and if your theory proves to be correct, WOW.

    If Whedon can pull this off well, he may be the best CBM writer/director ever … and yes even better than *GULP* Nolan.

  11. A beginning of a new era, the era of Marvel Film Universe…

    Seriously this is awesome, If they can make this movie work it will be the beginning of greatness. I just hope that Kang gets involved somewhere down the line.

  12. Wonder who will be cast as Mar-Vell or Yonn-Rogg. Also, do they have the Supreme Intellegence? So much can be done with the Kree its awesome!!

    I havent read any of the past few years of the whole Skrull Invasion so not sure what they will do with them.

    This is looking better and better. Very Excited!

    • yeah and could you imagine if Marvel had rights to the xmen, they could have the Shiar brought in as well. It does royally suck that they dont have control over the other properties , cause it just doesnt feel right haveing this mega Cross over without Spidey, the Xmen, or the FF. Am I wrong

      • I agree completely. As I stated in the Open Discussion yesterday, Disney/Marvel needs to buy back all the properties and build up to an Infinity Gauntlet movie.

        • I really hope something like that happens. Would love to see a movie where Thanos is on his search for the infinity gems.

          • Here is what I posted yesterday on the Open Discussion forum….

            Here is what they should do. Start with the rebooting (for some, continuation of series’ for others), and after the credits of each movie (X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Hulk) have a 5 minute “episode” of Thanos attaining one of the Gems (a-la the Thanos’ Quest books). Then in the FF reboot, have it center around Adam Warlock as the antagonist (but not villain) and have it end with Thanos being the big bad guy and completing the gauntlet with the 6th gem (maybe change the story to it still being with Warlock instead of the In-Betweener having his gem). That’s where they can spin the Infinity Gauntlet straight into its own movie. It may have to be a 3+ hour long epic film, but I think with the characters and actors needed in the film, it would hold peoples attention the entire time.

            That’s just my take on it.

            • Honestly, that would be pretty amazing. Just seeing each little clip of Thanos taking gem by gem would be awesome. Warlock is also a character that should be ventured into, plus I would really like to see him and pip the troll together.

              If they really do end up putting Thanos into the series, I really hope they add in Draxx, and not the stupid brawny Draxx, but more of the Annihilation Draxx.

          • Just so you know, When Thanos appears so does Adam Warlock. Especially when it comes about those gems. There is so much depth in Avengers history. It’s hard to figure out which story can go to the big screen. Each one of these stories opens the door to more character introductions and i must admit the Infinity Gaunlet story is a huge story and perhaps if comes to the big screen the Avengers will no longer be relevent.

            • Which is why I designed my example the way I did. Not like the second Thanos shows up Warlock NEEDS to be there. Thanos takes 5 minutes after the credits of each movie to gather 5 gems, then in FF Warlock shows up because he knows whats going on and needs to stop Thanos.

              • @doom3524 my bad, i didn’t read your comment. i was responding to zero_fear’s comment. but i get what you saying. use some of this story for a crossover to a ff movie. it might work it depends on how much do marvel studios want to put into the film. In order to make something like that to happen, like i said in my earlier comment there is alot of work to be done.

                • TONS of work indeed. It would possibly be the biggest financial undertaking even in movie history.

            • An Infinity Gauntlet movie would require a franchise of at least 6 or 7 movies. Think Star Wars or Harry Potter, it’s huge!

              • Well, though that is a way they could go, there is a lot of the story that can be trimmed down to make it into a single epic film. Though, the movie execs would more than likely want to spread it out over at least two.

                • With that being said, the FF movie could be part 1, then have an Avengers movie be Pt. 2, then have it all culminate in its own “Infinity Gauntlet” movie.

                  I wonder if Marvel is hiring movie writers…….

              • @ulik what’s crazy is the normal audience would have trouble comprehending cosmic entities(The Living Tributnal, Eternity, Inifitiny, etc). Inifinity Gaunlet is a deep cosmic story.

                • That would be the only difficult part as far as getting it to the viewers would be entities like Lord Chaos and Master Order and Mistress Love and Master Hate. Some would be more easily comprehendable, like Eternity and Tri-Bunal, but the more obscure ones, and their purpose for being around would be tough.

                  • agreed, if they can make the thunder god co-exist with tony stark and steve rogers come to the big screen. anything can happen .

  13. There so much to consider. So many characters and storylines. It sounds awesome but who’s gonna write this thing? Iron Man 2 tried just a bit of the larger story and people criticized that. I’m hopeful but very skeptical. It might look great in a story treatment but actually producing it? Man I thought The Avengers was too big a movie to make, but now their making it so who knows?

    The Fantasic 4 and Silver Surfer have to be involved if they go galactic. But that’s another can of worms. Its cool that Ferrigno is the voice of Hulk.

    Myself, I’ll be happy with The Black Panther movie.

  14. What I find interesting is that the call sheet includes Don Cheadle as War Machine. Didn’t he say that he wasn’t part of the Avengers?

    • Was wondering that and what the deal is with Lou as the hulk.

      • Ferrigno will be providing the voice of the Hulk, like he did in The Incredible Hulk.

    • yeah i saw that too, and what im surprised about is that in the article they didnt mention that the infinity Gauntlet is in Thor, which even goes further to back up this story

      • Wait, what?? I had no idea the Gauntlet would be in Thor.. They are really setting up The Avengers for a colossal hit, and also give so much room for Thanos, Inhumans, Guardians of the galaxy, & many more.

        • Don’t get too excited. I have heard the rumor as to how it will appear. I wont spoil it, but just dont get all that excited for it.

        • @ Loco

          I couldn’t go full nerd too fast :-) gotta ease people in with just the cosmic cubes. The gauntlet came later for Thanos if I’m not mistaken?

          • it does but they will have the gauntlet in the Thor Movie, what its place in the movie is , IDK, Doom does ^ but I have know idea at this point

            • I dont know for sure, but I have heard a rumor from a reliable source.

  15. If they do this, they could set up the fantastic four reboot with Super-Skrull. That’d be awesome. Also I still feel that Galactus was completely wasted if FF2, a real Galactus threat ala Ultimate Nightmare etc. Storyline would be epic too

    • Unfortunately, they don’t own FF.

      • Yes, sadly FOX, as of yet, refuses to relinquish it’s grasp on the franchise. Super Skrull is part of that.

        With any luck though Marvel will be rolling in enough cash with Cap. and Thor that they can pony up to buy the rights back so the FF can be done RIGHT. Let it go FOX! You proved twice that you don’t understand the source material. We don’t want another failed reboot from you.

        And yes, the huge ball of gas that was supposedly Galactus was a waste of screen time and completely anti-climactic. We see “it” for all of 10 secs and the Silver Surfer manages to destroy him? Utter BS. SS is like a gnat to Galactus and could do nothing more than slightly annoy him.

        I can only assume he was reduced to an amorphous ball of gas because they didn’t have the budget to do him properly. Too bad because if they had been willing to do the story RIGHT it could have been a good show.

        • I personally liked the FF movies, now are they great no , but besides Doom being a complete mockery of the original character and jessica Alba, although extremely hot, was pretty bad, the overall movies was pretty good. I felt like they captured the heart of the characters. However the weakest player was Julian McMahon, he was horrible as Doom, the movie Doom was horrible in its own right, and they completely dumped his Origin, which was also a huge mistake. They shouldnt even had touched upon his origin.
          Rise of the Silver Surfer, was alot better IMO , not to mention I loved how they did the Surfer, he was always a fav of mine, and I would love to see the big duke out between him and Thanos over the Gauntlet , one word EPIC.
          I think that word gets tossed around alot now a days, but with what Marvel is moving towards never was there a more appropriate word than EPIC

          • Every time I think of the movie version of Doom, I cry. What a mockery of the best character in all of comic books.

          • While there are many worse superhero flicks out there, both movies definitely have their failings.

            In particular how they wrote the SS (and Galactus). The SS looked good but the writing was just bad and frankly stupid. All through the movie I was waiting for the big guy to show up and start sucking the planet dry only to be confronted by the FF and have them figure out how to stop him. Instead I got a ball of gas at the very end that gets wiped out by the SS suiciding to destroy it. Talk about your, “WTF is THAT it?!” moments.

  16. Wow, this is hard to believe. The scale of something like this is just…incredible. I mean, if this works, it could make Avatar number 2 on the list. Or this could be the greatest failure in movie history. I certainly want this to be a success but the only way to do that is getting butts in the seat, which would mean no cussing, very little blood, and no sexual acts. This could work but you have to appeal to every demographic.

  17. Here’s the really important question…

    what will Stan Lee’s cameo be in the Avenger’s movie? :)

    • you just wasted a blog space lol. now you know for a project this big he has got to be in it. the question is how would he appear?

      • he could appear in almost any way lol

    • Now THERE is your Supreme Intellegence!

      • LOL – Stan Lee as The Supreme Intelligence – FTW!!!!

        • It would be so fitting. I mean if not for his “supreme intellegence” we wouldn’t have the characters we all love!

          And its gotta be better than the voice of Supreme Intelligence from that 1 episode of X-Men during the Phoenix Saga.

  18. Alright, comics nerds: if I want to track down this storyline to brush up on it before the movie, which issues am I looking for? And is it from the classic Avengers or the newer re-boots?

      • Thanks, Doom. Should have been my logical starting point. Appreciate the link tho.

        • No problem. Anything comic book wise pre 2000(ish) and I am glad to help out, anything after that and I am lost…..lol

    • they have it in trade paper back thats the best way to go

  19. A lot of possibilities here. Hope they don’t screw it up.

    Just remember, it’s likely this is still within a 20-year timeframe that they’ll be able to do all this smoothly. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Marvel completely reboot everything when I’m in my sixties or seventies (I’m 30), lol.

    • I dont think they will reboot if things go as plan and are hits, once the actors get too old, they can replace them with a new actor ala Bond or the 90’s Batman films.

      • Actually I predict that within the next 10 years they will finally perfect the CGI human and many actors will migrate to more voice acting and mocap type work. This will finally free us of the problem of an actor not looking the way we want them to look. It will also allow us to resurrect actors of the past that have died or keep them from aging.

        I’m not saying all movies will move to full CGI but they will become much more common place, especially for movies like this one.

    • awe crap well since the world ends in 2012 that really sucks, lol , WELL that cuts it we have to put off the end of the world till they complete this Masterpecie. LMAO

      • Actually, if you listen to some, it ends this year; in fact, in 2 months. :-)

  20. Really hope Super Skrull and Ronan will make some type of appearance.

    • Ronan? Absolutely! Super Skrull? Not so much. He belongs in an FF movie.

      • True, but if the entire Skrull\Kree are going to be there, than it would only make sense if both army’s strongest warriors made some type of appearance. I just think a fight between Super Skrull and Ronan is to good to pass up.

        • If that happened, then expect an even bigger war: Fox suing Disney. :-(

  21. The Cosmic Cube is NOT in ‘Thor’, the box that Loki is seen grabbing is The Casket of Ancient Winters.

    • Hmmmm, with that being said……anyone know if Malekith will be in the movie?

      • @Doom3524, Malekith will be in the Thor animated movie “Tales Of Asgard” where he(Thor) is still a kid and retrieves the legendary Twighlight sword of Surtur.

        • Yeah, I saw that. I am very much looking forward to that Animated Film. I would have liked to see him in the Live Action release as well, but oh well, I will take what I can get.

    • Actually I have read several other articles that state the cube will be in Capt America AND Thor. It seems it does play a part in a future movie. The Avengers makes sense.

      • i read blog comments of people who have read the thor script. and it does have the ttesseract(cosmic cube) in it

        • Yeah I’ve read the script…the cosmic cube is not physically in Thor they just mention the tesseract…the box that loki grabs is the casket of ancient winters

      • I know it will be in Cap, but I think Ryan T is correct. The Thor movie will probably be based around The Casket of Ancient Winters, and not the Cosmic Cube. Who knows, maybe Loki might stumble across it during the end.

  22. how are they going to explain the skrull and kree, have the avengers meet/argue and then join forces (become friends), deal with hulk AND stop the aliens form invading…

    the way i see it they’re jumping the gun, the should use the 1st avengers movie as an intro to the team as a whole and establish the franchise + get the characters to bond not have them hate each other then all of a sudden team up b/c the earth is in danger.

    • I agree, it just seems like too much to cram into one movie, especially for people unfamiliar with the whole Marvel mythology. It sounds like they are trying to avoid the typical First Movie problem of spending so much time on origin stories, team formation, etc. that nothing much happens, but have swung too far the other way. If you have to have seen every single-hero Marvel movie to make sense of Avengers, it’s going to be a problem.

      BTW, the X-Men movie resolved this problem pretty well by introducing Wolverine into an established team. That allowed the writers to disguise the exposition of the backstory to the audience by having other characters explain it to Wolverine. The same trick would work here: open with the Avengers already formed and in the process of discovering Captain America’s frozen body. Deal with exposition through Cap’s questions about what the heck has happened while he’s been gone.

  23. The Masters of Evil would make more sense. Samuel Sterns, Baron Zemo, Red Skull or Winter Soldier, Titanium Man, and Loki.

    • Would prefer a original Master Of Evil team, seeing as all of the original characters could easily be transferred onto the big screen.

  24. I’m starting to think we won’t see Ultron until Ant-Man, Pym made him after all. I’m guessing Egghead (Pym’s rival) will corrupt Ultron’s programming and it will force Pym to explore Growth formulas instead of just shrinking. Then at the end the Ant gets giantized.

    • Yeah, I’m kinda partial to the Ant too! But Pym could be in the movie if they know what Wright is planning to do. Origins don’t have to be the first thing we see!

      • Wright wasnt planning on his movie being about Pym , he was planning on his movie being about Lang, Lang starts off as a thief, he breaks into Pyms shop and steals Pyms Antman helmet and Pym Particles

        • that’s the wrong way to start this story, ugh.

  25. if a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is ever released and its set in the present day then i hope they at least include one of the original guardians in it…perhaps have that member come back from the future to help fight the threat of Korvac or the Badoons

    having said that i would much prefer a guardians of the galaxy movie set in the future…they could really play with all kinds of references set in the future which is what i liked most about the original series…think of it as the Star Wars of the Marvel Universe

    having said that i think a Guardians of the galaxy live action series set in the future would lend itself well to television…think Star Trek of the marvel universe

    • actually it would play more like Farscape

  26. Wait Lou Ferrigno???

  27. aliens, aliens, aliens. always freaking aliens.

  28. Correct me if I’m wrong but shane black said that Iron man 3 will NOT have any of the other Avengers in it. So they meet, form the worlds most powerfull superhero team and then completely forget they know each other ? Something sounds off to me. Kree/skrull war…great. BUT there has to be at least one fight with the hulk. The most dissapointing thing about X3 was colossus and the juggernaut were on the same battle field, yet never thru a single punch on each other. I hope marvel studios dosen’t present the same let down with Thor vs Hulk.

    • Grounds already been layed for that! Nick Fury said to Stark, maybe as a consultant. Plus, they will only be together when there is a need.

  29. Oh! Kofi! I do like where your mind goes sometimes!