‘The Avengers’: New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

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Marvel Cosmic Universe The Avengers: New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

The inclusion of The Kree in The Avengers is not only something I find to be in line with my own personal desires for this movie, it’s also a logical move on Marvel’s part.

We know that Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, has already talked about future movies involving the Marvel Cosmic Universe, with the space-hopping squad known as “The Guardians of the Galaxy” getting specific mention.

Any real Marvel fan knows that there are already traces of the Marvel Cosmic Universe leaking into the Marvel Movie Universe – specifically the inclusion of the “Cosmic Cubes” in both Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. These Cosmic Cubes were cornerstones of many early Marvel Cosmic stories, and encompass characters and storylines that fans have been lobbying to see in a movie at some point (Thanos, anyone?).

We also have some rumors floating around that point to The Avengers using some of its supporting characters as foundations for Marvel Cosmic heroes – characters like S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives Carol Danvers and/or Wendell Vaughn, who, in the comics, become the cosmically-powered heroes Ms. Marvel and Quasar, respectively. The key to Ms. Marvel and Quasar’s powers is that they both stem from encounters with Kree technology (see where this is going?).

There’s also the obvious fact that an encounter with the Kree race would be the perfect way to introduce iconic Marvel superhero Captain Marvel (a Kree warrior living on Earth as a spy) into the Marvel Movie continuity. All of these heroes – Ms. Marvel, Quasar, Captain Marvel – could also be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy movie, with someone like Thanos serving as the villain.

Marvel Cosmic Movies Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel Quasar The Avengers: New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

Kree-powered superheroes: Captain Marvel, Quasar and Ms. Marvel

Finally, we know already that in the movie version of Thor, the Thunder God’s home, Asgard, is being treated more like an alien world than a mystical land of Norse deities, and that subsequently other extraterrestrial tribes like The Inhumans may get their own films. The Inhumans are super-powered beings created by (you guessed it) The Kree Empire – so again, breaking open the space barrier in The Avengers movie by featuring The Kree/Skull War seems like the logical step.

Of course, fans get a little bit worried when they hear that so many characters and/or stories are being fitted into one film: there is always a danger that the overlapping plot threads and over-crowding of characters can divert a movie’s focus (see: Iron Man 2). However, this Avengers movie could incorporate most of the rumors we’ve heard and still function pretty well. Here’s a quick speculative look on how it would fit together:

  • Capturing Bruce Banner/The Hulk could be the mission that initially brings The Avengers together.
  • Loki could plot from on high and use the Cosmic Cube(s) to bring the Kree/Skrull war to Earth.
  • The Kree and Skrulls already have spies on Earth, leading to S.H.I.E.L.D. having to track them down.
  • The Avengers defend Earth against the alien hordes, and Kree/Skrull presence on Earth is exposed.
  • Loki is defeated and/or steps back to wait for another chance to strike (sequels!).
  • In the aftermath, several people are effected by the alien technology, giving rise to cosmically-powered heroes and villains.
  • The encounter also brings the awareness of a vast universe of alien beings and mystical forces (The Inhumans, Dr. Strange, etc…).

avengers thor movie characters cameos The Avengers: New Kree/Skrull Rumors Surface

So again, this whole alien war / Loki plot scenario is a win for me – and it’s also a plan I can see Marvel hatching in order to extend their movie universe through the year 2017, as has been previously discussed. At this point, we’re really just waiting on a “yay” or “nay” confirmation from the studio itself about whether or not The Avengers will play out this way.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Before the Trailer

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  1. Kofi’s plot sounds good but I tend to agree with jwalka based on the precedence of similar scripts like X3, Spidey 3, Batman & Robin which put so much and yet failed to thrill fanboys. Too much expectation, too much happening in one movie at the expense of a good story. Granted by the time the movie is out we would be familiar with most of the characters (as in film) on display. Nevertheless the bonding and clash of egos should not be rushed. Iron Man 2 was not bad but seemed too clustered with info that the producers wanted to put out there. Indeed I would like to see the Marvel Universe come to life quickly. (I for one would like to see Galactus,Thanos,The Watcher heck even Sub Mariner!) However I would caution that most movie goers will not be familiar or interested in this- rather a good script that can be followed without a Marvel ‘lexicon’ would suffice. Let’s not lose the respectability that comic movies have attained thanks to The Dark Knight, XMen 2 and co. by cramming them up with our wishlists.Easy does it.

  2. YES!!!! So War Machine WILL be in the movie! It would make no since not to when they need al the heroes they can get.

  3. I would eventually like to see the Annhilators make it to the big screen in one of these Avengers movies…They are a new team that consists of the Silver Surfer, Beta-Ray Bill, Gladitator, Ronan and Quasar…with the Spaceknights!! taking on the Dire Wraiths…SPOILER AHEAD FOR FANTASTIC FOUR COMICS …….

    This may tie in with the recent FF4 storyarc which featured the death of the Human Torch in issue 587..

    The Spaceknights are making a comeback…we will probably never see ROM again as Parker Brothers owns the rights to the look of the character as he was based on a toy first that was later adapted into a comic book..I always loved ROM : Spaceknight..

  4. I don’t know about any of you guys but the idea of a real live TALKING Hulk makes me really happy. I am a huge fan of Mr. Fixit and the Grey Hulk in general. My favorite version was on the 90′s cartoon where he would get mad and turn into Grey Hulk. Then he would get really pissed and turn green. I can’t wait.

  5. Hey thanks is part skrull, is that correct? Cause they could use him in a skrull revenge type scenario after the first film!

  6. I meant thanos sorry

    • No, I don’t think he is. Thanos is an Eternal, born on one of the moons of Saturn.

      • Titan.

  7. I don’t care what they do with the movie it’s gonna be great to see these heros and villains interact.

    -What they need to do is add some references to other Marvel characters in their movies to fully flesh out the universe. A random webbing saving someone in the background or some adamantuim claw markings on a building, work it like X-men 2 did it with Colossus, only for a second but it was epic to see. CAMEO’S WE NEED CAMEO’S! Tons of Marvel characters have interacted with one another in the comics, we need to see that happen more. That would change the future of the franchise!

  8. I would like to see the Civil War story line

  9. I was actually dissapointed to learn that the rumor about the villain being thanos wasn’t true. Now appearntly there will be no battle with the hulk. I’m affarid marvel is building up to a huge let down. If to much time is spent with filler and not enough combat ie. Iron man 2 then this movie is doomed. The only hope now is to follow the avengers animated movie formula.

  10. Kofi -
    Nice job using “alleges” instead of something else (like “confirms”)
    Keep up the good work

  11. there were rumours that they were talking about making the hulk a villian in the avengers movie, does anyone no if its true??

    • Dosen’t look like it now. Unless they do the ultimates thing and have him help at first and then being over charged in battle he attackes the avengers. I’m dying to see Thor vs Hulk in live action.

  12. I did a lot of extra work when I first joined SAG (not sometning I am proud of, or that I list on a resume, but it is honest and sometimes interesting, usually boring work, but I needed the pay and health insurance). Anyway, I have seen a lot of actual casting notices for film extra work, and while there would be such casting going on right now, the amount and kind of information in the supposed call sheet above smells a bit fake to me. Unless this is a backdoor way for Marvel Studios to seed either true details (or plant red herrings and misdirection) to the fans, there would be no reason at all in announcing an open call for non-union local extras to get into plot details, or to give a cast list (and the fact that they even show the hybrid Ruffalo/Ferrigno credit for the Hulk makes this particulary seem like something fan made).

    In a SAG extra listing, you are told the name of the project (and sometimes not even that yet), the director, and most importantly the casting director who is casting extras. And the rest of the information is about what THEY need– a description of what age and type of people they need to cast, and of course what potential dates you would need to be available for.

    Open calls for non-union extras and civilians may have less of an official format, as those are often as much publicity events as actual attempts to fill positions (anyone remember the “national search” of open calls for a Robin… which of course weht to Chris O’Donnell). So I could see seeding some salacious details to gather more of a crowd and get free publicity. That sort of thing might name stars and talk up plot details to get some free buzz. But if that were the case, then we that plot summary would be available online in official places alongside the details of the open calls. No internal or secret document that is meant to communicate extras casting would include that cast list and a plot summary because that information is immaterial in actually finding the extras you need. And plot information, as well as casting that hasn’t been announced yet, would not get casually thrown around. Surely the person doing the local extra hiring doesn’t need to know who is playing Loki, whether Lou Ferrigno is doing a voice, or whether the movie is about Kree and Skrulls.

    Sorry, but I think you have been given some faked information tacked onto some real information.

  13. PS One last thought- And the fact that someone even used the word “call sheet” when they gave this information is suspect. The call sheet lists who is scheduled to work on a shooting day, where, and when. For example, if Avengers is shooting tomorrow, the principal call sheet will list the principal actors, when they arrive, and usually on the other side the crew is listed. An extras call sheet does the same for what extras have been hired for the day, the number they have been given, and a descriptor of what they are supposed to be (e.g. Extras #1-20 tomorrow might be “college students”, #21-25 might be “scientists”, etc.)

    A document that describes a casting search and roles that need to be filled is called a breakdown, and has a very specific format. And a breakdown for an extra role usually have very little information. For example, a current and publically accesible breakdown for something shooting in New York soon looks like this:

    “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    Theatrical, SAG Posted: 12/16/2010
    Category Feature Film
    Union Status SAG
    Director Stephen Daldry
    Requesting Submissions From
    New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico
    submit SAG PEDS AND BLUE COLLAR TYPES FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 18 / SAG / Background / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 18-65
    Seeking SAG pedestrians and blue collar Brooklyn types for exterior work on Friday, March 18th.
    Shoot Date: 3/18/2011″

    As you can see, no cast list or plot synopsis is given because, well, you are submitting to be considered to be paid 75 bucks for the day or something to be a non-union extra. Either you want that work on not. You don’t get script approval. So the flow of information tends to be them telling you what they are looking for to best get the right candidates. It is not for them to spoil plot details or make sure you are excited about the cast list.

    Now every once in awhile someone reading closely can find a spoiler. For example, seasons back, a call for SAG Extras with police dress blue uniforms for a police funeral scene for Rescue Me could make one guess that a character who is a police officer in the show would be dying soon. But that is about as close to spoilers to be found as I can think of, as production and casting is very careful about this sort of thing.

  14. Thanks a lot for the details, David. It did sound like too much info for a movie yet to commence shooting.

  15. Here’s a good question, why would marvel show off the infinity guantlet at SDCC and not involve it in the story? I can understand not using it in Thor but for the guantlet to be just a prop is unthinkable.

  16. The Kree-Skrull war storyline should have been done a a lead-in to Thanos quest for the Infinity Gems/Stones. Maybe a Secret Invasion story like the episode “Welcome to the Kree Empire” from the animated series?