‘The Avengers’ Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

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The Avengers Loki and Mystery Villain The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

Now that 2012 is upon us, movie fans and comic book fanboys alike are going to be getting downright giddy over the fact that Marvel’s superhero team-up film, The Avengers, is (finally) going to hit theaters.

Despite multiple rumors and set photos/videos leaking onto the Internet, Marvel Studios has by and large done a good job of keeping Avengers plot details shrouded in secrecy. But now, it seems that a major detail of the film may have been spoiled – and the culprits, once again, are toys.


Just days after an Amazing Spider-Man toyline seemingly revealed what The Lizard looks like in that film, we get word  that a HeroClix press release for an upcoming NCEA Avengers toyline may have in fact described a bit more than it was supposed to. Check out the product announcement below:

“Charging straight out of theaters and onto your tabletop, Marvel’s the Avengers Movie HeroClix set features heroes like Captain America and Thor as they battle the villainy of the Red Skull and Loki! Each Counter-Top display includes standard one-figure boosters as well as new three-figure “Team Packs”! Team Packs are designed with strong thematic undertones – play a Hydra force or defend freedom with a S.H.I.E.L.D. team pack!”

hugo weaving as red skull in the film The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

Of course, that little blurb has led several websites to conclude that Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) is in fact a secondary villain in The Avengers movie – working alongside Thor’s evil brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who has been openly touted as the primary antagonist. It has long been speculated that The Avengers would boast more than one villain, but up until now, most of that speculation has been focused on extraterrestrial threats like The Skrulls or The Kree, or even cosmic tyrant Thanos.  The Avengers teaser trailer and some spoilerish set photos only further implied that the superhero team would indeed be facing a threat from the stars.

We last saw Red Skull in the climatic moments of Captain America: The First Avenger, when the HYDRA commander was seemingly vaporized by the power of the Cosmic Cube, whose energies he sought to harness as a weapon. Any Marvel comics fan can tell you that, in the comics, the cube’s reality-altering energies can do, well, anything – including transporting a certain villain through time and space. In the past, Red Skull has used the energies of the Cosmic Cube to both antagonize Captain America and present a cosmic-level threat to the entire Marvel Universe, so The Avengers movie would really be honoring the Marvel Cannon by telling such a story.

red skull with comic book cosmic cube The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

So, was this blurb in the toyline press release just that, a blurb? Or will we actually be seeing Red Skull in The Avengers – possibly commanding an armada of alien invaders while working in conjunction with Loki? At this point we can only further speculate, but if all of this (or any portion of it) is true, then we are going to see The Avengers facing a threat that is truly worthy of their assembling.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Sources: Cinecomincs via THR, Moviehole

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  1. So does that mean that abomination and whiplash are going to be in this movie as well? This movie is beginning to sound more and more cheesy

    • How so?

      Sounds more and more awesome. Much better than Black latex fetish rubber muscle suit man vs. 5ft 4″ skinny arm Bane

      • Batman bashing to defend a movie that is going to be cluttered with so much junk they won’t be able to deliver a stellar movie, just an okay one?

        Seriously, the X-men movies showed what happens with too much clutter. They make an okay first movie, a decent second movie, than crap on a reel of film and call it a movie. The Avengers is going to be the same way.

        • @Gary

          Will the Avengers also be as cluttered as, say, Lord of the Rings? The last I checked, the Return of the King had far more core characters than Joss Whedon’s effort, yet that turned out more than fine. Nevermind the fact that it also included both a variety of fictitious languages as well as a completely fictitious landscape (Middle Earth)…

      • Maybe ‘cheesiness’ is your definition of awesome? It’s certainly not mine.

      • Never have anyting original or interesting to say, do you? Oh, well…

    • Those characters all came from different sets, and they did not even make a whiplash in Heroclix. Plus, why would Abom or Whiplash appear in the movie? Red Skull makes complete sense because he was looking for the cosmic cube and that is what Loki will be using in the Avengers movie.

      JUST TO CLARIFY FOR EVERYONE! The characters appearing in the Heroclix set “Avengers the Movie” will be featuring ALL the characters that will be appearing in the the Avengers movie.

      • They’re not going to just stop at the characters who appear in the film for the Heroclix line. They’ll make more money off of adding additional characters.

        So say that an Avengers movie Heroclix of Winter Soldier comes out, it doesn’t mean Winter Soldier is going to be in the movie. As others have pointed out, other superhero video gamse based on the movies have added additional characters and villains to add to the game. Was Rhino being in “Spider-man 2 the Game” alter the fact that he didn’t exist in the film version? NO!

        So just because Heroclix is producing extra characters to the line of Avenger Movie heroclix doesn’t mean they’re going to automatically be in the film. They’re doing it to make more money. because if they only made Heroclix of the characters who appear in the film, they wouldn’t sell as many.

        • You’re right! Except for the fact that Red Skull has a very direct connection to both THOR and Captain America… and The Cosmic Cube. All 3 of which are also coincidentally on The Avengers MOVIE

  2. Heroclix and the such will be using characters and events not in the movies… Has Spidey fought all the villians fought in the official movie version of his console games…. nope.. Heroclix and the such should be seen as the same…

    • That’s a good point. And if they’re making a Heroclix line of the films, they aren’t going to stop with just the characters that appear in the film. What would you have then? You buy two sets of Heroclix and get the couple of Avengers in the film and the villain, along with a few minor characters that aren’t important.

    • Jesus christ. Those are different sets! Wizkids (the makers of Heroclix) have stated on the release for “The Avengers The Movie” set, that it will be featuring characters from the movie. Seriously, do some research.

      Check out the Green Lantern Fast Forces set, Wizkids told everyone that would revolve around the characters from the movie and what do you know, everyone in the movie was in that set.

  3. you people are thinking like it’s an animation not a movie, we would of heard of hugo weaving being cast in the movie, that’s to big a secret to keep

    • marvel studio movies are like a animation itself. look at cap movie futuristic weapons during WW2 LMAO

    • That’s a good point. With people with too much time on their hands scoping out film sets, they would have spotted him by now, especially since I think they’re done filming the movie.

      If Red Skull was going to be in the movie, we would have already seen him in the Trailer or seen pictures of him. We’ve seen Loki, and we’ve seen pictures of Loki. We know Loki’s in the film. But what have we heard or seen about Red Skull? Not a thing.

      • Maybe there trying to keep him under wraps? Just because there have been no set photos or no announcements that he’s in it doesn’t mean he’s not. Look at Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, Nolan said he was playing someone named Ducard or something like that, but he ended up being Ra’s Al Ghul.

  4. If it is Red Skull, will it be Hugo Weaving? Because I seem to remember that he said he was finished with the marvel buisness. Did he sign a 3 pic deal like the rest? If it was up to me I’d have Skull show up wherever Cap is to be a contstant thorn in his side. Love Skull… but he needs to be more evil, he seemed a bit neutered for First Avenger.

  5. This theory does make sense (I can already picture it fitting in nicely with the plot and time-frame of the film), but I doubt it’s true…

    First of all: Hugo Weaving denied that he would be in The Avengers (he also said that he’s “tired” of these types of action movies and that he doesn’t want to do any more of them for quite some time…)

    Second of all: if you look back at all the set-photos of The Avengers, you’ll see golden-lazerguns, space craft, and guys in mo-cap suits… add it all up and I think you’ll find it doesn’t equal HYDRA soldiers (or the Red Skull).

    Look… OBVIOUSLY the Red Skull isn’t dead (as an avid comic book fan, I can assure any of you that the cosmic cube transported him to another world), so the chances are, that he might still have SOMETHING to do with The Avengers’ plot (even though he won’t actually feature/star/have a cameo in the movie).

    But this is very much like a previous article where there were rumors that The Avengers’ video game would have featured Skrulls… now, just because they have certain villain in a game (or a toy), doesn’t mean that said villain will necessarily be in the movie.
    Take Captain America: SS for example: the game directly ties in with the movie, yet still it featured many villains that weren’t in the film… same goes to the toys IMO: just because there’s a Red Skull toy, doesn’t mean he’s going to be in the movie (IMO ;)).

    • Cap: SS just used the costumes from the film, it was a 100% original story.

  6. Don’t read too much into that Neca blurb. Heroclix could just be simply making figures from other Marvel Studios movies, like last year’s Thor and Captain America to add variety to the the Avengers line-up. Think about it, how can they fill up their heroclix line-up if it’s just 6 or 7 Avengers, a few Shield troops, maybe some Skrulls and Loki? They need other characters. It makes zero sense to hide wehter Hugo Weaving is (or isn’t) in Avengers. He is a high-profile character actor, with enough geek fans (from Matrix, V for Vendetta and Captain America) to actually draw people in theaters. It will only serve the Avengers movie well to let everyone know that Hugo Weaving is in the cast. But the thing is, they are not saying that, so, it stands to reason that he will not be in the movie. Although, they could have re-cast the Red Skull role, which in that case, I am shutting up now.

  7. Marvel has in the past gone to extreme lengths to keep secrets. They flew Hugh Jackman in to the set of Xmen First Class for a cameo appearance without anyone knowing about it. They could do the same with Red Skull. Perhaps he makes a small appearance only. But it is more than possible.

    • That was Fox: they’re the ones who made X-Men: FC and they were responsible for Jackman’s cameo…

      But still, I get your point: in fact, IMO, Marvel Studios is even more secretive about their movies… (why do you think all the actors keep joking about a Marvel sniper watching them 24/7 in case they let something slip ;))

      Point is: Marvel Studios wouldn’t allow a mistake like this to be made while there are still 4 months left till the release of the movie. I seriously doubt the Red Skull will actually be in the movie…

  8. Watching the Red Skull get “vaporized”, it very much so looks the same as the Bifrost Bridge transporting in Thor, which, considering the source of the Cube, makes sense. This should be a big enough hint that the Red Skull is far from dead.

    Is he in the Avengers? Doubt it, from what Hugo Weaving has been saying.

  9. I figured as much seeing as how Captain ended…

  10. JUST TO CLARIFY FOR EVERYONE! The characters appearing in the Heroclix set “Avengers the Movie” will be featuring ALL the characters that will be appearing in the the Avengers movie.

    For anyone who is also wondering, RED SKULL DID NOT DIE! It’s pretty obvious he will be making an appearance in the Avengers movie.

    • And when Red Skull doesn’t appear, you’ll be on the review of the movie on this very site saying, “Told you guys Red Skull wasn’t in the movie. People just speculate way too much!!”

      Seriously, you’ll be there. Saying along those lines. I’m writing your username in my date planner book for the week after Avengers hits theatres. It says, prove Zero Fear1 is going to contradict himself!

      • Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

        You’re breaking the rules.

        Not sure why you’re so angry at me, all I was doing was pointing out the obvious. Take a chill pill, relax, and come back when you can bring some worthy discussion to the table.

        • Calm down dude… you keep saying “do research”, “do research”, but if you did some research yourself (that wasn’t on some toy-website ;)), you’d know that Hugo Weaving said he isn’t going to be in the Avengers (he also said he wouldn’t be in any more action movies for quite some time — so don’t even expect him to be in Cap 2)
          And if you look at all the set-photos, none of those weapons/vehicles are HYDRA’s.
          (Read the comment I posted earlier… it sums the facts up pretty nicely IMO.)

          (I remember seeing some Transformers toys the other day… the packaging said “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”, yet almost half of the toys with that packaging, weren’t character/transformers that were in the movie!)
          Look, I know they said “Avengers the Movie”, and yes, that does generally mean that it’s supposed to be characters from the movie, but this specific movie (THE AVENGERS), has been in the works for a very, very long time… when we think of The Avengers (the movie), we immediately think of the other Marvel movies that directly ties into The Avengers, and subsequently, the characters of those movies… so when Heroclix releases these new toys, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see characters like War Machine, the Warriors Three, the Frost Giants, and maybe even Whiplash as well (because even though they aren’t going to be in The Avengers, they still tie into the whole series)

          Think about this: which is more likely, that someone wrote something in a way that could seem a bit confusing (i.e. the product announcement), OR do you think that it’s more likely that a multi-million dollar movie company let something slip by accident because they weren’t paying attention? (a company famous for keeping the plots and characters of their movies top-secret until the very last few weeks before the movie’s released)

  11. Remember children: Marketing is everything. Marvel/Disney is a master of that. So little spoilers (real or misleads) leaked here and there via different sources are carefully planned to keep interest up, keep buzz buzzing, build anticipation….

    So lets not beat each other up speculating….

    • Wizkids is the only people making a profit off the Heroclix, pal.

      • @ Zero Fear: That is a moronic statement. Note this is not a personal attack, it is descriptive of a statement that fits the dictionary definition.

        If Wizkids’s Heroclix line is licensing intellectual property from Marvel, then Marvel indeed is making money off that line.

  12. I wouldn’t out too many eggs in the “Red Skull will be the Second Villain” basket just yet. “Iron Man movie” HeroClicks sets included “Ultimates” and “Classic” versions of lots of Marvel characters who never appeared in any “Iron Man” movie. I see no reason to expect otherwise from the “Avengers movie” set or sets.

    • Classics shouldnt even be considered a set since it only featured 18 characters, and most of them already were done before with the exact same dial\sculpt.

      As for the others, Iron Mans only set that was totally revolved around him was Armor Wars, but that was before the Iron Man movie even came out. Heroclix has been around awhile.

      Again, this particular Heroclix set is called, “Avengers the Movie”. It will showcase heroes and villains that appear in the Avengers movie. Go do some research on hcrealms and you’ll see. 😛

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Red Skull makes at least a cameo appearance, but I’m not really worrying about it. I am simply looking forward to seeing who DOES appear with Loki and how the new gathering of heroes deals with them. Bane, Catwoman, Loki, ______?, and the Lizard…2012 is looking to be a brutal year. I cannot wait…

  14. I heard that the red skull and loki cross pathes while Loki is looking for the infinity gems. He tricks thanos into helping him and Loki and the red skull split the gems. Basically making thanos think the gauntlet has the power and when he realizes he was lied to he is super pissed. Which is what leads to the final fight of the movie. Also spoiler warning. Sorry

    • Where’d ya hear that?

  15. So if red skull and Loki split the infinity gems and piss off thanos. Then the glowing blue thing on Loki’s spear is probably the power gem. The Avengers use the cosmic cube to fight the power of the infinity gem. This is all speculation but it sounds good. Also I’d like to see Carol Danvers as an angent of shield. Lastly has anyone got a good idea on this whole Marvel and Sony reaching a deal on spiderman ? Maybe a nod to his existence in The Avengers ?

  16. LMAO @ Lord Garth, I’m sure Tom is buffer then you are.
    & it’s true Avenger seem good at first but tht movie looks so dumb great actors but this movie
    feels like a G.I. JOE film. Yes I went tht low.
    But PLEASE don’t compare TDKR to this. thts like comparing, GoodFellas & justin bieber.

        • Of course they’re different, but stylistically, the trailers seemed very similar. I got the feeling after watching both that they are ALMOST…IN A WEIRD WAY…interchangeable. This does not mean that “The Avengers” is not still one of my top three or four most anticipated 2012 films. It simply means that the trailer was nothing special to me; it and the GIJ2 trailer were of the same quality and type…and yes, I DO want to see GIJ2…it certainly won’t be any kind of cinematic classic, BUT it does look like it will be fun and exciting…sort of like “The Avengers” (IMO).

          Just a difference of opinions, that’s all… 😉

          • So… you don’t think The Avengers will be a cinematic classic? :(
            Aw well, you are entitled to your own opinion…

            But yeah, I get what you’re saying (you didn’t like The Avengers’ trailer): I feel the exact same way about TDKR’s trailer… IMO, it reminded me about a Transformers trailer: they both are, to quote you, stylistically similar and in some way, kind of interchangeable. That trailer was nothing special to me and basically, of the same quality as a TF trailer… (let’s just hope it doesn’t end up being like a TF movie, right? ;))

            Anyway, it is a matter of opinion… we all have our own, and until these movies are released, I guess we can only continue to support our most anticipated ones.

            That said… Avengers Assemble!
            and The Dark Knight Rises…

  17. The people who keep saying “I’ll dare you compare any other CBM to TDK or TDKR needs to take their medication. Are you insane ? Is there something wrong with you brain ? Or do you just have a warped perception of reality ? Nothing DC has done or has planed can even compare to what MARVEL has already done. That doesn’t even count what’s coming next year !!!!!!

    • LOL…

      You’re funny.

  18. Uhg. I’ve been sitting back watching the Avengers rumor mill go through villains faster than…something really fast:-D
    First it was the skrulls,then thanos, then annihilus, now Red skull!!!!!

    I am an Avengers fan and plan on seeing it opening night, and very excited. But lets use some common sense people. Idk If someone said this (they probably did)but the red skull is marketing. They made 5-10 new iron man suit toys for the second movie when there was only 3. Until marvel tells us, we won’t know for sure, but It almost definitely will be not be red skull. and there will also almost definitely be only 1 secondary villain. Not like 6.

    Personally, I want it to be the skrulls. Or Annihilus. they will probably use the infinity gauntlet in a different movie. maybe the after credits scene. But it will not be red skull

  19. That’s why I said in my first post “This is all speculation”. My point was that red skull went somewhere via the cosmic cube. Loki also has the power to travel between worlds himself. Plus I just want to see **THANOS** !!!!! And done the right way by marvel. Not like how fox screwed up galactus. By the way this is the year that FF reverts back to marvel.

  20. I take this as a positive. I thought one of the problems with the Fantastic Four was the four against one hero to villain ratio. It seemed harder to root for your heroes when they were the ones outnumbering the villains. If it were just Loki against all of the Avengers, it would result in a lack of dramatic tension. You need that “overcoming overwhelming odds to be victorious over evil” thing and having five or six heroes outsmarting and out maneuvering a single villain just wouldn’t do it.

    On the other hand, too many characters can definitely get out of hand as they all compete for screen time. A sin committed by some of the X Men and Batman sequels.

  21. Not sure if this specific point has been brought up, but my guess is that because Loki is the only specific big name villain that’s been mentioned for “The Avengers”, when the toyline was created for a game, to incorporate some balance they’ve added some other big name villains who may not appear in the movie but have some reason for being there. I haven’t played HeroClix but have played similar games and I doubt kids would want to play HeroClix if their friend had Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk, and all they had was Loki and a bunch of aliens. I agree with the theory that if Hugo Weaving was reprising his role for “The Avengers”, some leak of that would’ve come by now with all the set photos and people getting whatever info they could.

  22. This isn’t too big of a surprise. If you look closely on the Avengers trailer, you can see that Loki is leading a band of Hydra goons. I’m just surprised no one had spotted it before.

    • That was him being brought into custody by SHEILD soldiers. There’s an interrogation scene with him on board the Hellcarrier. It was shown during Comic con.

    • Nope.
      ‘Ghost’ is right: that was SHIELD agents taking Loki into custody

  23. I agree with herbie. I’d like to see a live action knight fall scene. I am just excited to see all these CBM’s brought to life with a decent budget.

  24. I think “The Avengers” movie is going to be REEL good.