‘The Avengers’ Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

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The Avengers Loki and Mystery Villain The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

Now that 2012 is upon us, movie fans and comic book fanboys alike are going to be getting downright giddy over the fact that Marvel’s superhero team-up film, The Avengers, is (finally) going to hit theaters.

Despite multiple rumors and set photos/videos leaking onto the Internet, Marvel Studios has by and large done a good job of keeping Avengers plot details shrouded in secrecy. But now, it seems that a major detail of the film may have been spoiled – and the culprits, once again, are toys.










Just days after an Amazing Spider-Man toyline seemingly revealed what The Lizard looks like in that film, we get word  that a HeroClix press release for an upcoming NCEA Avengers toyline may have in fact described a bit more than it was supposed to. Check out the product announcement below:

“Charging straight out of theaters and onto your tabletop, Marvel’s the Avengers Movie HeroClix set features heroes like Captain America and Thor as they battle the villainy of the Red Skull and Loki! Each Counter-Top display includes standard one-figure boosters as well as new three-figure “Team Packs”! Team Packs are designed with strong thematic undertones – play a Hydra force or defend freedom with a S.H.I.E.L.D. team pack!”

hugo weaving as red skull in the film The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

Of course, that little blurb has led several websites to conclude that Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) is in fact a secondary villain in The Avengers movie – working alongside Thor’s evil brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who has been openly touted as the primary antagonist. It has long been speculated that The Avengers would boast more than one villain, but up until now, most of that speculation has been focused on extraterrestrial threats like The Skrulls or The Kree, or even cosmic tyrant Thanos.  The Avengers teaser trailer and some spoilerish set photos only further implied that the superhero team would indeed be facing a threat from the stars.

We last saw Red Skull in the climatic moments of Captain America: The First Avenger, when the HYDRA commander was seemingly vaporized by the power of the Cosmic Cube, whose energies he sought to harness as a weapon. Any Marvel comics fan can tell you that, in the comics, the cube’s reality-altering energies can do, well, anything - including transporting a certain villain through time and space. In the past, Red Skull has used the energies of the Cosmic Cube to both antagonize Captain America and present a cosmic-level threat to the entire Marvel Universe, so The Avengers movie would really be honoring the Marvel Cannon by telling such a story.

red skull with comic book cosmic cube The Avengers Surprise Villain Revealed by Toyline?

So, was this blurb in the toyline press release just that, a blurb? Or will we actually be seeing Red Skull in The Avengers – possibly commanding an armada of alien invaders while working in conjunction with Loki? At this point we can only further speculate, but if all of this (or any portion of it) is true, then we are going to see The Avengers facing a threat that is truly worthy of their assembling.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Sources: Cinecomincs via THR, Moviehole

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  1. I’m still waiting for the announcement that the Skrulls are involved in the Avengers. There has to be more than just Loki.

  2. I really hope he is

  3. Is this really a spoiler? I mean the toys could be referring to just the classic Marvel matchups as well as the Captain America movie that lead to the Avengers. Also the spoiler could be just a flashback in the movie that will setup the eventual Captain America 2 movie which they keep saying they want set in the past.

    • my thoughts exactly, cap vs red skull, thor and loki, hulk and abomination, iron man and whiplash… it does not mean that hes in the movie… hoping he comes back though… just cause hes in the toy line up doesnt mean anything… or does it? :)

  4. It would make sense. Both are after the Cosmic Cube, and it wouldn’t be impossible for them to form an alliance. But I’m more interested in knowing the identity of the aliens involved.

  5. Just a thought: Could Red Skull use the Cube to alter the appearance of Hydra soldiers, and those could be the “aliens” we’ve seen in the set photos? Those aircrafts could also be from Hydra.

  6. The logic follows that Red Skull would be in the Avengers movie. He was vaporized by the Cosmic Cube in Captain America then Cap woke in the present. At the end of Thor, Loki was manipulating a the scientist who supposed to unlock its powers presumably in the same time frame as Cap’s awakening. Not to mention that Marvel’s been building up to this for years now. I’m not so sure about the aliens though but it would be nice if the Skrulls were involved are the very least, hinted at being the villains for the next installment.

  7. Makes sense considering he may or may not have been transported to Asgard or one of the Nine Realms, he could have easily ran into Loki. And what about the mysterious “Leviathan” Sea Monster or whatever? Am
    I the only one hoping it might be the Midgard Serpent?

    • I like how you think man!

    • what mysterious “Leviathan” Sea Monster or whatever? what movie was that in?

      • it was on a call sheet (scene layout/description I think) for the avengers, and in rumored to be teased in the next trailer. Supposedly it might be Fing Fang Foom or yeah the Midgard Serpet…I’m guessing it’ll be Fang

      • it was on a call sheet (scene layout/description I think) for the avengers, and in rumored to be teased in the next trailer. Supposedly it might be Fing Fang Foom or yeah the Midgard Serpet…I’m guessing it’ll be FFF.

  8. He wasn’t vaporized, he was sent out somewhere into the World Tree. Did NO ONE else notice that the beam that zapped him at the end of Captain America was the EXACT SAME EFFECT as the teleport beams from Thor? And who else do we know who was flung into the World Tree at the end of their movie?
    Here’s the plot of The Avengers: Loki and Skull ran into each other somewhere in the nine worlds. Total chance encounter, and the time dilation made it so Skull has barely aged. They get to talking, hatch a plan. Loki get the Cosmic Cube from SHIELD, while Red Skull secretly recruits a new Hydra (who knows, maybe even with Zola in his synthetic body). Once they have the Cube, Hydra’s superweapons have power again (There are BLUE LASERS in the trailer. Who else uses BLUE LASERS) aaaaaaand…..scene.

    • blue lasers are a product of the cube….

      • Yeah, that’s kind of my point. Why would Skrull technology be based on the Cosmic Cube?

    • i have been saying to everyone that i have known who watched the other movies that red skull got sucked into the “whatever” that loki fell into at the end of thor. cap said he(RS) was dead, but only cause he thought that was what happened. I always assumed RS would be in the avengers because of that. Either way, if he is, or is not in the movie, i think we will be in for a great ride. may cant get here fast enough for me.

      …and how about a new trailer already?

  9. Ack! Red Skull was NOT “vaporized” by the Cosmic Cube! Would people please stop saying that. Vaporized implies being destroyed or completely obliterated but if you watched you would know he was more transformed or “atomized” if you will and then transported into the cosmos. This left the door WIDE open for him to return to battle once again with his nemesis.

    Considering Loki will get his hands on the cube, it makes sense that he would be able to literally pull Red Skull from where he was into the present.

    I’m just worried because of the sheer amount of bad guys:

    Loki – Already confirmed as the main antagonist
    Red Skull – Now a possibility
    Chitauri – We have seen high tech devices and shapeshifting (Cap. America has been shown to be attacked by Thor along with firing a machine gun) which fits the Chitauri perfectly.

    It just seems to be getting a bit messy considering all the good guys we also have.

    • Uh the Chitauri are just the Ultimate version the Skrulls besides “high tech devices and shape shifting” pretty much identifies with EVERY other alien species in fiction…..

      And for the Cap vs. Thor battle, what makes you think that was a shapeshifter? For all we know that could be just them training and testing out their abilities or having some dispute over team leadership. And what’s wrong with Cap using a gun? Hes done it in TFA so why wouldn’t he now during a dire situation that takes more than his shield?

      Some of you REALLY need to stop over thinking your imagination….

      • Uh, no they are not. The Skrulls themselves denounced the Chitauri as being nothing but low life terrorists. They may be offshoots of the same race but the Skrull in general also can’t shapeshift.

        And you are REALLY reaching with some of your explanations. High-tech devices and shapeshifting might explain a few races but NOT in conjunction with the Avengers. If there is a veritable cornucopia of feasible alien races then please be so kind as to rattle off 10 for us, no? How about just 5 that do battle with the Avengers? Plus lets not forget that this version of the Avengers is following the Ultimates storyline set up. ;)

        As for the shapeshifter Cap….. for all we know??? Really? Sure, while it may be remotely possible, they were “testing and training” out in a battle torn street, hardly the place for that. i.e. makes no sense.

        And Cap. using a machine gun would be out of character. Once he picked up the shield he left the guns behind. His shield is his “shtick” if you will, so guns are not part of his persona (as a general rule). Yes, I know that the Ultimates version has been shown using an AK47 but not everything is the same.

        • Mongoose, you take things way to seriously….

          My comment on high tech devices and shape shifting was sarcasm. High tech equipment, lasers and shapeshifting are synonymous with aliens in storytelling fiction.

          “For all we know” YES For All We Know. Unless you actually had some involvement in the making of the film then your guess on what’s going on is as good as anyone else’s and even the leaked script pieces and leaked set pics aren’t enough to justify whats going on so what makes your theory so special?

          And did you not see Cap using an M1911 Pistol in a couple scenes in TFA? Pretty sure that wasn’t a shapeshifter there…

          • Too seriously? Hardly. I’m just rebutting a hyperbole, nothing more. You made a completely overblown statement, making it sound as if there were just bucket loads of shapeshifting, high-tech races but yet couldn’t even produce even a few. I didn’t read any sarcasm, just you attempting to disprove my choice with an unsupportable statement. The fact is ONLY the Chitauri have demonstrated this ability so the logical conclusion is that is them. Sure they could just call them Skrulls but that would be incorrect. Doesn’t mean they still can’t do it or something completely different but the Chitauri are the logical front runner based on the Ultimates unless you would like to propose one of your other high-tech shapeshifting races.

            And while my opinion is nothing special is IS however based on the facts we have seen. When Thor is attacking Cap it is in the middle of a city battle scene, fact. That nullifies your supposition that it’s a simple “training” exercise. Cap then using a machine gun (and seeming to really enjoy it) supports that idea, though I agree it is a weaker argument. Cap. as a general rule does not traditionally wield a gun with the shield.

    • Maybe Thor and Cap just, I dunno, get into a fight? We’ve seen that there’s friction on the team

      • If any 2 people would get along it would be Thor and Cap. They are both men that do not belong to this world and Cap. is too level headed and down to Earth to get into it with Thor. (the “real” Cap at least ;) )

        • it looked like night time to me when thor & cap are fighting. i’d say it was prolly the 1st time they met, thor comes falling out of the sky, cap is doing some mission or saving someone or whatever, and they get into a tussle, not realizing they are (gonna be)on the same side. just my opinion

  10. that was somewhat obvious. when Cap defeats Red Skull on his ship, Red Skull is sucked into the same infinite space that Loki fell into at the end of Thor.

  11. Never read anything about Red Skull being in the new Heroclix set on HcRealms (fan site for Heroclix players), the only characters that have been mentioned are Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America (you can see his dial\ sculpt on the website), Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye. Curious to where you got that quote from.

    But a new set is coming out in March 2012 that will feature everyone from the Avengers movie.

    Source- I actually play Heroclix. :P

  12. Not true.

  13. Hydra in The Avengers? That might work.

    • what about a army Hydra Alien race lol :P

  14. Just a question, but has this movie bitten off more action than it can chew?

  15. We said seemingly vaporized and sources are at the bottom of every article. You can follow the sources to find where the quote came from.

  16. I don’t think the rs was destroyed and I wouldn’t mind seeing him alongside Loki I just hope the story doesn’t get too diluted like spiderman 3

  17. thats cool and i would love to see him have a better fight scene with the cap but,whatever happened to the guy Samuel Stern in the Incredible Hulk film who got hulk blood in his wound on his forhead that grew? he becomes a big hulk villain in the comics known as leader. so where is that character, and will he be in the avengers film,sequel,or hulk sequel?

  18. This movie is going to BOMB!

  19. This movie is not even a contender to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

    • Judging by your grammar and the spelling of your username, youre just another immature DC fanboy. Besides TDKR and The Avengers cant compete with The Hobbit

      • I don’t want to hate, but honestly all three movies (Avengers, TDKR, and Hobbit) will all be HUGE this year and it’ll be interesting to see which one comes out on top….

  20. The bad guys in this movie blows..they wont even announce all the villains probably cause they suck..too much super heroes for 1 movie..this movie is going to blow..

    • And you’re basing this on the number of heroes in one movie and how much the villains suck?

  21. Never thought of The Red Skull as being in The Avengers movie. However, I suppose it is possible, but I would hazard a guess that by mentioning Skull & Loki together in the same breath as Avengers, the toy company is just talking in generalities about members of The Avengers team who have fought these 2 villains individually as opposed to as a group. I am still hopeful we will see Thanos and (especially) Skrulls, altho I have seen nothing definitive that assures me Skrulls are in it; it’s all been speculative. All I know is, Loki will need more than himself to beat the Avengers, if he couldn’t even defeat Thor in the Thor movie one on one. And by the way, I still !!! really really really !!! want to see The Mandarin and Iron man go head to head in Iron Man 3!

  22. sorry, but HeroClix Avengers movie set includes figures from both THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA movies that’s why Red Skull is mentioned

    • so true. also when they released captain america the first avenger toyline it had captain britain, crossbones & winter soldier action figures lol

      • They are not action figures, and that set was not based on what was shown in the movie. Just a set that is all based around Captain America.

        -Actual Heroclix Player.

    • The Heroclix set is only featuring characters from the Avengers movie.

      Here is the link to the poster – http://dl.dropbox.com/u/80851/HCRealms.com/images/poster_mav.jpg

      I’m positive they will add other characters in, but there has been no news of any characters that will be featuring in the set, until now.

      • Heroclix (from the link you provided) is doing the Howling Commandos and Warriors Three as well. Thats a ton of heroes in one movie.

  23. i have doubts on it, unless they got some1 els to play red skull, i don’t think hugo weaving would play him again

  24. Knew from TFA that he’s still alive somewhere in the nine realms, and Hiddleston has said he meets all kinds of low lives in the dark places of the universe. The super soldier serum plus the Distortion of time in Asgard make it perfectly feasible that Red Skull has been stewing over his defeat all this time. I think it’s more plausible that the Red Sull’s return is an Easter egg, it’ll set up the future Cap films (reemergence of Hydra, big epic showdown between Cap/RS in the third film), and keep the movie from getting too big.

    I just don’t see RS playing along as Loki’s #2, if anything a scene where he refuses to do so seems much more likely.

  25. While this would be awesome on some level hope they dont overload the movie,
    I would love see him in a easteregg.

  26. Red Skull was not vaporized he was teleported. Cap believe Red Skull was dead but the truth is he was teleported somewhere in the universe.

  27. i hope this is true otherwise that would be awesome loki and red skull in avengers as villains? that be so awesome

  28. As others have pointed out, Red Skull was not vaporized in Captain America. The Cube opened up a portal to some place in the galaxy and sent Red Skull there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the Avengers.

  29. why are they naming villains that each avenger has singlehandedly disposed of. No need to assemble the whole team for the likes of the red skull and loki. This movie is sounding crappier by the minute