Latest ‘Avengers’ Rumors: Villains & Trailer Release Date

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avengers thor movie characters cameos Latest Avengers Rumors: Villains & Trailer Release Date

In recent weeks, movie sites have been digging up some alleged scoops about the various comic book movie blockbusters that are coming at us in the next few years. We recently reported some juicy rumors about the villains that will be featured in both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises and to add to that list, today we’ll talk the latest rumors regarding the villains that The Avengers will battle.

We’ve also gotten word on when we’ll likely see the first trailer for The Avengers, so be sure to check that out as well.

First up, our buddies over Latino Review continue their trend of breaking movie news/rumors, claiming that one of their inside sources close to the Marvel camp has discovered who the villains in Marvel’s blockbuster superhero team-up film are going to be.

At this point I want to be clear that while these are currently RUMORS, they could very well turn out to be POTENTIAL SPOILERS, so read at your own risk:











According to Latino Review, Thor’s villainous brother Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) will be the architect of the plot against Earth and The Avengers, and he will use the cosmic cube(s) – mystical artifacts introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger and (supposedly) Thor – to call none other than the shape-shifting Skrulls to invade Earth!

This scenario makes a certain amount of sense, logically speaking, since The Skrulls being The Avengers villains has been a rumor floating around for years now – as has Loki’ s involvement (indicated by Tom Hiddleston’s multi-picture deal with Marvel, which seemed to go beyond the needs of just the Thor franchise). Employing the Cosmic Cube(s) as a plot device also ties Thor and Captain America together with The Avengers pretty nicely, since (as indicated in the pic below) we know that both The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) and Loki encounter the mystical artifacts in their respective lead-in films.

Thor Captain America Cosmic Cubes Red Skull Loki Latest Avengers Rumors: Villains & Trailer Release Date

Just dial 1-800-SKRULL

Treacherous gods and alien armadas are certainly a combined threat worthy of a super-team like The Avengers; The Skrulls and Loki are an especially juicy combination, as they both employ tactics of deception and subterfuge that would make for a thrilling plot, full of twists and turns as well as some pretty epic action. The one question people have is where The Hulk (also rumored as a villain in the film) fits into this scenario: Well, capturing The Hulk would be a great opening sequence for The Avengers, before turning attention to this Loki/Skrull battle, which would ultimately allow The Hulk to prove himself a hero like his teammates when he defends Earth.

This particular approach also works well in that it gives each respective member of The Avengers something to do, and highlights their backgrounds, powers and strengths. A quick breakdown:

  • Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents – When you’ve got shape-shifters infiltrating your ranks, you need the best espionage force in the world to uncover the enemy.
  • Captain America – The guy who was a leading battle strategist and fighter in WWII gets a whole new war to fight.
  • Iron Man – As seen in Marvel’s “Secret Invasion” crossover event, the Skrulls do battle on the technological front by sending viruses out to cripple Earth’s technological resources. Who better to tackle that problem than Tony Stark?
  • Thor – Aside from taking on entire armies of foes (as he is wont to do), who else has the knowledge of Asgard necessary to battle and thwart Loki?
  • Hawkeye – Plenty of targets to sling arrows at when you’ve got a whole army at your door – Lord of the Rings eat your heart out!
  • The Hulk – Aside from seeing the big guy stomp entire Skrull battalions like they were ants, could you imagine how awesome it would be to see him pick up a Skrull mothership or doomsday weapon and hurl it into space???

Like I said, TONS of potential here. Let’s just hope the rumor turns out to be true, because it’s probably the best scenario for The Avengers that I’ve heard yet.

The Avengers Trailer

the avengers movie logo Latest Avengers Rumors: Villains & Trailer Release Date

AICN reports that Marvel has shot specific footage for The Avengers teaser trailer, and that Loki is indeed included in that footage (don’t you just love it when the Blogosphere works together?). Speculation is that Marvel will attach the teaser trailer to either Thor or Captain America (likely both), meaning that you might be getting your first glimpse of The Avengers in just a few short months, come May and/or July.

Thor thunders into theaters on May 6, 2011.

Captain America invades theaters on July 22, 2011.

The Avengers deploy in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Latino Review, AICN

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  1. I am going to go freeze myself (ala Cartman). Could someone thaw me out on May 1, 2012? I want a few days to be able to thaw in line. 😀

    • But then you run the risk of being forgotten by the guy who froze you and then you end up waking up 500 years after the date you wanted (ala Butters.)

      • But if he´s really lucky, he could pull a Phillip J. Fry and wake up 1000 years later. So he can watch these movies plus their sequels back to back.

        • In that case… Wake me up in 1000 years!!!

    • lol

  2. Saw on this CBM the other day yet I still like ScreenRant’s article because it’s way more organized and has mostly mature posters.


    • The only thing I really doubt is the amount of money needed for this to work will be extremely high. I know it’s Marvel, with Disney’s resources backing them, but with shape shifting aliens, the powers of Thor and Iron Man, and Hulk, I just hope they (the production company) don’t try to minimize production costs which would take away from a lot of the action.

  3. OK so this is one mega piece of information. I mean it is like the mother of all rumors. Man this is exciting as hell. Avengers will be the most epic superhero movie ever.
    And I’m pretty sure that Hulk will be a nuisance in the beginning but Banner will succeed in controlling his alter-ego in order to save the planet from Loki and the Skrulls. love how the skrulls have been integrated in the story.
    I know I’ve said it again and again but I hope that the Marvel civil Wat follows the Avengers movie. Now THAT would be sheer awesomeness.

    • And I’ll repeat it for those who have told you why this won’t happen …

      … Marvel DOES NOT own the movie rights to enough of its characters to do Civil War.

      Just let it go.

      • Not yet… But soon those contracts will be up and marvel will have full ownership of DD and x men etc…

        • Keep dreaming. As long as Fox keeps making X-men (or X-men related movies), then the rights will stay there. Marvel will NEVER get them back. I’m saying that’s a good thing, but that’s how it is.

          • Crap, I meant it’s *not* a good thing.

  4. GOD, let this be true. even somewhat. it would be awesome. i wonder thought that if the skrulls ARE in fact going to be in the film, will they try and sneek the super skrull in there?

    • FOX only owns the rights of Super Skrull, but not the Skrulls.

    • Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to the Super-Skrull, Fox does, as the character is part of The Fantastic Four franchise.

      We could see some of the powered Skrulls that were featured in Marvel Comics’ “Secret Invasion” though.

      • But the Super Skrull didn´t appear in any of the FF movies.

        • that’s exactly my point. although he may be a FF villain, he or the skrulls themselves weren’t a part of the FF movies in any way. plus, i don’t see fox really doing anything with the franchise (whatever happened to the supposed reboot?). so i just wonder IF it could be possible that he maybe might show up.. its probably a long shot, but it would be awesome if he were a part of the film. if they could get away with it.

          • He would be the perfect villain for the Hulk.

    • If the Skrulls are going to be in this film, who says they´ll look like the green and purple 616 versions? It´s more likely they´ll appear as the Chitauri versions from the Ultimates. I could live with that though.

  5. loving this

    • ye me2 =)

  6. this sounds great, now the question is it going to be enough , lol. What I mean is is that going to be enough to satisfy everyone, and I agree the Civil war would be the wrong way to go , I think that if we go sequel it would have to be Ultron, followed by the Masters of Evil in the third

    • I’d love to see Ultron if it leads to introducing the Vision into the mix. He was my favorite character back when I was still reading comics.

  7. I guess this is okay, although personally I would rather see the Red Skull as the Avengers villain.

    • Red Skull isn’t a real good villain for an Avengers origin story IMO.

      • I disagree, I think the threat of Red Skull returning is a great way to bring the Avengers together. I’ve never been a fan of Thor, so Loki as the villain doesn’t make me enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Loki is a terrible choice, it’s just that he’s not as exciting to me as the Red Skull.

  8. Oh come on. I understand the problems with the ownership problems of the Civil War but saying that it is the wrong way to go is nonsense.
    It’s such a rich storyline. So many characters, so many events. The conflicts and the outcomes are marvelous.

  9. Avengers 1 = Hulk joins the fight against the skrulls, loki and red skull.
    (Ant-man and Iron Man 3 in the interim)
    Avengers 2 = Vibranium is used to make Ultron, and Black Panther is included.

    and Avengers will be the best of 2012. Yeah better than TDKR, that’s right, I said it. How can Catwoman compete with this?

    • Better writing and directing?

  10. Civil War would be awesome, but highly unlikely. Without mentioning the fact that the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Blade, Man-Thing, all the mutants(including Wolverine and the X-men), and there respected villains and associates wouldn’t be able to be in the movie. There’s also the fact that introducing all the many minor characters that would be necessary for there to be a war in civil war would be lengthy and unwise for it to be done in a single movie. Still if they were to find a way to do it, it will be amazing!

    • If they do do it, it would have to be animated… one dvd is anti reg, the other is pro reg… I would buy it… As long as it doesnt suck and Kofi (or another writer here) gives it a thumbs up :)

      • Agreed

      • That is a cool idea!

    • Maybe we are lucky and Marvel picks up that storyline for the Avengers cartoon show (which is awesome IMO).

  11. New RED SKULL image hit the net today…pretty cool. Sorry to kinda go off topic, but it is CA related…

    • The image is very cool

      • glad you went off topic friend. I am not sure where the rights to the Skrulls fall but I hope Fox let’s the FF go to Disney/Marvel. Then the sky is the limits with FF and Avengers possibilities!!!

  12. Avengers, Skrull and Kree battle it out and the Avengers find themselves in the middle of the fight…

    Avengers 2, I like where pitt man is going with this… ULTRON!!! and introducing Black Panther, maybe it ends with the forming of masters of evil…

    Avengers 3, masters of evil!!!

    I think if they do go in that direction though, they need an ant man, and black panther solo movie…

  13. If this goes as they have said, I want this movie to be an epic 3hrs, no short cuts! And I guarantee you hear a bunch of grown a$$ mean squealing like a bunch pre teen females at a Justin Bieber concert. Me included.

  14. I’m loving this. I’m soo glad it’s not just Loki controlling Hulk. I don’t care if it’s the origin of the team in the comics, it’s weak, imo.

  15. sounds good, but they need to have a secondary villain in a sub story one they left hanging named leader, who can free abomination. and ultron could be built and and gain intelligents at the end of the film too. love the loki bring the skrulls to battle, but we need to see absorbing man, and winter soldier too so maybe in this one we see loki,skrulls,abomination and leader. and in the sequels we see ultron,absorbing man, winter soldier, and two new heros wasp and giant man.

  16. I’m not all too thrilled about this if true. Doesn’t seem right that Loki chooses the Skrull of all things to summon to earth. How does Loki even know about the Skrull anyways? Plus having the Skrull without the Kree is just plain wrong. And then you also need to introduce Capt. Mar-vell…..

    If Loki wants to destroy the Avengers he should be gaining the attention of Thanos which makes more sense with the cosmic cube being in play. Hell you don’t even really need Loki either. The presence of the cube will by default draw Thanos to earth. Seems much cleaner and epic imho.

    • Great points you have there… I think they need to involve the Kree and captian mar-vel, then that would give them an excuss to get ms marvel her own movie!!! and besides, it would make more sence if the kree were fighting the skrulls.

      If they dont have the kree, then that would be having silver surfer without galactus and his funny hat (isnt that right FF2?)…

      You are right about thanos, but more importantly, where does the infinity gauntlet come in? they had pics of in during comic con, cause it was gonna be in thor… maybe they will have thanos in the second movie along with the gauntlet?

      still, im excited about this rumor…

  17. I’m not so sure but didn’t the Comic-con or whatever convention showcase certain items prior to the movies being finished. One item I remember was the Infinity Gauntlet. Could that be what Marvel is leading up to? Everything could lead up to the Infinity War then bam! reboot everything for a fresh start. Of course the issue of the other marvel franchises under different studio’s might put a dampener on that idea but what if???

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought at the end of Iron Man 2, Nick Fury pretty much told Tony Stark that he wouldn’t be apart of the Avengers? Maybe I’m just getting mixed up and I need to watch it again. I also remember Tony talking to General Ross at the end of The Incredible Hulk and telling him that they were putting a team together. So I don’t really know what they are trying to imply.

    • J.R.J., you’re correct on both points. Fury told Stark they would only use him as a consultant, hence his involvement in The Incredible Hulk. However, this has to be something that is resolved during The Avengers plotline, as there’s no way Iron Man won’t be a part of the Avengers team.

      While we’re on the subject of Iron Man, I know Marvel has been signing-up their more recent cast members for multiple films, but did Downey’s contract include that, too? Since I don’t think Marvel was doing that back during the first Iron Man. Does anyone know if he’s obligated to continue in the franchise after The Avengers and Iron Man 3?

  19. as excited as i am for all of these movies, i have to wonder where this leaves the casual fans of the newer comic book movies. the success of the batman franchise and the iron man franchise is due to the realistic appeal with out mysticism and alien invasions. this could turn off the casual fan and the female audience turning these into guy movies. i think women will go to see thor’s abs and be turned off by the clash of the titans atmosphere.

    • The aspect of alien invasion has to happen if Thor is in the movie. He’s a God from a far away planet you can’t have him magically appear on Earth, and not have any of the story connected to him. There’d be no reason for him to fight if the threat wasn’t something that connected with him. But if they go too overboard with aliens and mysticism you’re right it could ruin it. Disappointed Edward Norton isn’t in it. Why cast him as Hulk then decide not to use him in the Avengers. Other than that i think this movie will be great!

  20. Avengers gonna rock the house!

    Then again, it could degenerate into LXG…ugh!

  21. I am wishing that the biggest villian of ’em all get’s a chance to come to life, if not in the 1st Avengers movie but mabey as a trilogy unfolds…THANOS – Now there’s a real bad-guy who would need a group of major super-heroes to stop him – cosmic-cubes is his scene !

    • You gave me such a great laugh when I first read this. Then I re-read it and realized you wrote “Thanos” and not “Manos”. Then I got sad thinking of what could have been.

  22. i don’t really like idea of the skrulls acting as the main villains in The Avengers i’d like to see Ultron as the main villain instead

    • I totally agree about Ultron. We can only wish it happens this way.

    • Would u really need a whole team of superheroes to stop ultron?

  23. I was actually hoping to see Hydra in the first film but I guess this will be pretty bitchin too if it’s done right. I do have a question is who is gonna play Hawkeye until this article I wasn’t even sure he would be in the movie

    • @yeti as indicated by the header image, ‘Hurt Locker’ star Jeremy Renner is playing Hawkeye.

  24. So has Joss begun shooting Avengers then??

  25. @ kofi ok awesome thanks

  26. Skrulls are the primary enemy of the fantastic 4. Since super skrull has the combined powers of the 4, that being the scene johnny storm had when he defeated Dr. Doom after Doom had taken the Silver Surfer’s Board. Again Hollywood is injecting their own ideas instead of going with what everyone already knows. Bring in Doom the supervillian mastermind from the first Marvel Alliance not the pansy we saw in the 2 fantastic four movies. Red skull doesnt belong, What about Vision, he’s part of the Avengers, What about Ultron, the Mandarin, dragon man, the wrecking crew, and the Winter soldier

  27. I thought the Skrulls were the Fantastic Fours big enemy, Not the Avengers. I mean the Super Skrull has there powers not the avengers.