Chris Hemsworth Says ‘The Avengers’ Script is ‘Incredible’

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the avengers movie logo Chris Hemsworth Says The Avengers Script is Incredible

Considering all of the attention and speculation that’s been bestowed upon Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, it’s sort of amusing to realize that the actors bringing life to these iconic characters have barely spent any time together.

There’s still a lot of ground to cover before Marvel’s ambitious onscreen team up, including the solo outings of Captain America and Thor. So even though we’ve all been buzzing about The Avengers since the end of the first Iron Man movie, it’s important to remember how early into its actual development the film currently is.

Although Thor star Chris Hemsworth admits that the cast of The Avengers are little more than acquaintances at this point, he’s still incredibly excited about the project. MTV caught up with him at the Sundance Film Festival, where he spoke briefly about the anticipation surrounding the film and Joss Whedon’s script.

Hemsworth seems to realize what an important event The Avengers is for fans and teases that the draft of the screenplay he’s seen makes for an impressive foundation to build the film on:

“I saw a very early draft and, yeah, it’s incredible … Look, everything about the story in the comic books is huge. You have these huge, big superheroes and these huge, big egos kind of crammed into one small space. Reading the script, it was massive. I said to Joss [Whedon], ‘I don’t know how you’re going to shoot this thing, but I’m excited to be on board and let’s give it a go.’”

Rumors that The Avengers would be battling The Skrulls and The Kree in the film were recently debunked and although Hemsworth obviously didn’t reveal the identity of the actual villain (or villains), he did admit that there will be great deal of tension between the team itself (with particular emphasis on the Thor/Hulk relationship):

“Plenty of friction, yeah. Hell of a lot of friction. You know in the comic books him and Hulk have their fair share of tangles…”

chris hemsworth thor movie Chris Hemsworth Says The Avengers Script is Incredible

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Hemsworth closes out the interview by saying he can neither confirm nor deny the recently rumored cameo appearance of an Avengers team member in Thor. I think we all know what that means… icon wink Chris Hemsworth Says The Avengers Script is Incredible

While it’s encouraging to hear The Avengers script being referred to as “massive” and “incredible”, Hemsworth himself acknowledges that what he read was a very early draft. Even when Robert Downey Jr. was similarly complimentary of Whedon’s screenplay back in November, he jokingly referred to the fact that it still had to undergo a series of rewrites.

And of course, the elephant in the room here is Marvel’s notoriously tightfisted approach to their productions. It’s easy for Whedon to write down anything he dreams up – whether or not he gets the money to actually shoot it is another matter entirely. Here’s hoping that whatever elements the actors have responded to so positively are preserved in the final product.

Just the premise of The Avengers suggests something epic in scale, but more important than the spectacle is the interaction between the characters. Whedon previously promised that every major player will get their due, and his previous work indicates that he’s quite adept at balancing ensembles.

I know he has his detractors and that many of you will disagree, but Whedon is actually one of the main reasons I’m optimistic about the film. For the moment, hearing that others are responding so positively to his script is helping me keep my skepticism at bay.

Thor hits theaters on May 6th, 2011. The Avengers is scheduled for May 4th, 2012.

Source: MTV.

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  1. Just keep Loeb away from this and I will be happy.

    • I couldn´t agree more!

  2. I would like to see a studio say we gave the script to 3 comic shop owners, 4 avid comic readers and 3 regular movie goers.

    They read it in a closed environment and had this to say…… So we are happy with it or so we are going back making some changes…


    • Well, that would be a novel idea, but Hollywood only listens to itself. They aren’t making these films for comic book fans, not really, all they care about is mass market appeal and damned be the core audience.

      And even if he hated the script, Hemsworth was hardly going to say anything derogatory.

      • I know DSB…. but you know it would be different. Maybe entice more people to see it if was Comic Collector approved… ;)

        • What I don’t understand, is why do they never hire comic writers to write these films? Why not actually hire Geoff Johns to write the Green Lantern movie?
          Hollywood is so far up its own arse that they can only see themselves.

          • DrSam,

            I don’t know where you’re coming from on this. Comic book fan or not, wouldn’t it be better just to get a director who is really good first, and who happens to be interested in the ideas the comic presents him with, than to simply get a fan of comics? I mean, Frank Miller does comics, and his first solo attempt at directing was “The Spirit”. Success at comic writing doesn’t mean success at film scripting or directing. Apples and Oranges.

            Whedon’s credentials are pretty good, actually. Serentiy (another large-cast wrangling adventure) was one of my favorite science-fiction films of the last decade, and he had an uncredited hand in helping write the first Toy Story movie. Not too shabby.

            • Because to me, the director is the least important part of the process. The writer is the most important part, otherwise actors wouldn’t know what to say and directors would gave nothing to point cameras at.
              Good writing first. Everything else should come afterwards.

              • @ DSB

                I agree that good writing essentially MUST come first. :-)

                In my experience as a camera assistant, the Director does have a fair bit of input in coaxing the actors about their performance and perusing over dialogue.

                The Camera Operator, Director of Photography and Director all have a say when it comes to camera positioning, movement and frame composition.

                I would love to see some comic book writers collaborate with screenwriters in bringing a comic book to screen whatever it may be. :-)

                • It’s all like parts of a puzzle, parts of a building. Yes, it’s best to start with a great blueprint (i.e. script), but every player in the building of it plays their part as well.

                  If you have a crappy script, yes, little could save it. But if you have just an OK script, a good director, a good cinematographer, and good actors, etc., can help turn that OK script into a good, even great movie.

                  Even with the rather bad Star Wars prequel scripts, I bet that if a good director were at the helm, they could have been good movies. Instead, Lucas — who is an awful director — was in charge and many of the scenes suffer from bad pacing, lazy framing and direction. It’s no coincidence that Empire Strikes Back is still the best Star Wars movie.

                • @Magnetic Eye,Me too! Even though it’s comparing apples to oranges, directors and comic book creators have a lot more in common than most people might think. Those who create the panels and frames of the comics have to create imaginary camera work through the panels. Basically it’s almost the same thing if you think about it. I think creating good camera visualization in comic books is a harder task though. Comic book artists also have to experiment with different dynamics such as lighting and shading, angles color theory etc.

                  • Hey ulik, :-)

                    Your last sentence pretty much describes what Directors of Photography do as well as measuring light with their light meter and passing on the exposure stops to the 1st Assistant Cameraman.

                    They also decide what lenses and filters to use. :-)

                • Hmm I’ll disagree here and just say that all things are equal.
                  Im pretty sure everyone here has disliked a moive that had a lot going for it because one of the three things sucked: writing, acting, directing.

                  If one fails it all comes apart.

  3. What else would he say? He wouldnt say that it was bad even if it were. Not saying that it wont be good (even though I dont think it will) but just saying that this means nothing.

  4. I’m just hoping Ultron’s in it.

    • Well so do I but he can’t yet be the villain Ultron. If we take a page from the current Avengers animated series then they can use the Ultron robot force to battle whatever the Avengers foe is (hoping for Thanos). This would be a perfect way to set up for making the villain in Avengers 2 Ultron and then use the Vision storyline as the plot. That is pretty much the only logical way to introduce Vision and I would be sad if we never see him.

      Of course to do what I suggested Pym would pretty much HAVE to be a part of the first movie.

  5. “Well, that would be a novel idea, but Hollywood only listens to itself. They aren’t making these films for comic book fans, not really, all they care about is mass market appeal and damned be the core audience.”

    Have you seen “Episodes” on Showtime yet? Perfect example of this, haha!

  6. I just wanna c Hulk and Thor fight.

    • If that happens, poor Thor. 8-)

      • Only when Loeb is writing it.

  7. Geoff johns needs to get on a flash movie imo.

  8. I still wish Mr. Norton was on the team.

  9. Remember, Chris, Marvel is owned by the Mouse now. That may impact on how stingy they are with supporting the project. Disney isn’t as tight-fisted in backing tentpole projects like this (see Tron Legacy).

  10. I have watched Serenity twice and I would still be very hardpressed to tell you the plot of that film or what wasn’t that memorable to me..I hope Averngers turns out to be good because if it tanks we will NEVER SEE a Justice League film..EVER!! I want to see a Justice League film as much if not more than the Avengers..I have always read and loved both groups..

    • You might wanna try watching the series prequel before watching Serenity again… might clear up some stuff

      • That’s a big time commitment to get a better understanding of a two hour film

        • Uh, don’t do it to understand Serenity. Do it because Firefly is amazing. Better than the movie itself, I think, and well worth your time. At least in my opinion.

    • I’m with you greenknight. This is a massive endeavor, and one that DC is ambivalent about because of the scale. I am 100% sure they are waiting to see just how Avengers turns out before tackling Justice League. Also, have you been watching the animated Avengers and Young Justice? Avengers has been action packed; I also like Young Justice but it doesn’t have the action that Avengers has. And looks like the evil Ultron is about to appear in Avengers after Ultron absorbed Kang the Conqueror’s computer code.

      • I haven’t seen either Kahless but I love these animated series..when they are available on DVD would you recommend them as a rental or purchase? I think it’s great they have lots of action too..

    • Have to disagree with you on Serenity. I never followed the TV series, but the movie was one of my favorite genre sci-fi films from the last decade. Have it on DVD, and it gets a relatively regular rotation.

      • I own the DVD too jerseycajun but I regret paying the full price for it when it came out a number of years ago..just could not get into it..

        • GK,

          Serenity is DEFINITELY better if you’ve watched the entire run of Firefly (which is only 13 episodes).


    • Serenity was nothing new GK333.

      Loved the lame shootout scene towards the end. wow that was original stuff. :(

  11. I don’t need this movie to be rushed in 90mins ala Xmen3: The Crap Stand. And to think they will all be wearing their individual uniforms unlike the Blue Oyster outfits worn in all the Xmen films.

    • “Blue Oyster outfits”?!?! Hahahaha!!!!!

  12. Exactly, the writing has to be on point. But even so, the director should have an artist’s vision. I couldnt stand Origins:Wolverine, jus like everyone, but with hearing Darren Aronofsky is directing the wolverine, i cant wait for it to come out. Lets at least hope they find a way to, not exactly make the movie ‘darker’ or ‘more realistic’ but somehow just not too fake…ala Origins:Wolverine

  13. And quite frankly i think we can all agree that the idea of this movie alone is pretty amazing, actors playing characters in seperate films coming together in one massive film. When has that ever been done before, and what other franchise out there is capable of doing it…soon at least. I just have to say, either way im excited for this ‘movie history’ in the making….is it ok to call it that?

  14. When this film is released, there will be nerd-gasism everwhere

  15. Unfortunately, our comic book movies are going downhill and it started with Iron Man 2. Maybe Thor can give us some hope, since the first trailer looked interesting, but it looks like Captain America may bring it right back down to earth. Bad timing on Marvel’s part as DC seems to be coming on at the right time.

    • Going downhill after Iron Man 2? Haha. That’s a really odd statement.

      • thestray

        Yes, I believe the movies are going in the opposite direction since the Incredible Hulk and the first Iron Man. Iron Man 2 was a disappointment to say the least.

  16. I’d have a level of respect for a star or producer who (prior to releasing the film) said that the project has some kinks but they’re going to work it out. The ‘everything is amazing’ party line gets old and starts to sound like white noise after a while. It also adds doubt to those occasions when it might be true.

  17. @jakethesnake How are you going to judge Captain America yet? No trailer little to no screen shots. I’ll tell you the green lantern movie looks like it’s gunna be bad like just alot of cheap cgi and as for iron man 2 yes it wasn’t as good as the first one but still good none the less now I love both dc and marvel but marvel really has been on the ball recently dc can coast on the dark knight for only so long

    • Son of Scorpian

      I feel Captain America will disappoint because of the director and things I have been hearing about the film. I read about some problems on the set and disagreements between the director and the producers of the film (which comes back to marvel). Marvel causing problems with actors and directors is nothing new. Again, I hope I’m wrong in all of this.

      And yes, Green Lantern doesn’t look all that hot either.

      It seems the quality of the DC movies is a notch above Marvel (except for the first Iron Man of course).

    • Batman > Every marvel character ever created. EVER.

      None of those disney b*tches can touch the Dark Knight Detective in ANY medium.

      Whether it be:

      -Comics (Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke)
      -Cartoons (Under the Red Hood, Mask of the Phantasm, Return of the Joker)
      -TV (Batman TAS, The Batman, Justice League Unlimited)
      -Video Games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, MK Vs DC)
      Movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Batman 89)

      Thats right. Bow Down. DC is were its at.

  18. Hemsworth said the script is incredible but isn’t sure how the director is going to bring it all together and get it on screen. That’s also not a good sign imo.

  19. Wait wait how is dc a notch ahead? And Chris said he is a little worried but that doesn’t mean that that is a bad omen and for Captain America did you put into account of how the director says he likes how the shooting is going I mean his last film wolfman he even said it was pretty ruff and for a director to be able to be honest on his films that takes kahonies he also said he wasn’t on a very strict timeline like his last movie and yes there as been some disagreements but really show me a very successful movie that didn’t have any disagreements

  20. Ah Mag Eye, I see now why you’ve chosen that handle.


    • Hey 790! Here’s looking at ya :-)

  21. Run, run for the hills if you see any Buger King merchandising! That’s always a sign of a flop!

    • lol

    • lolwut?
      I dunno if you’re serious here, but I remember the new star wars trilogy, spiderman, and the twilight movies all had burger king ads.
      And the quality of those films weren’t um… “good”, but they all made a ton of cash.
      And those were just the 3 off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s tons more…

  22. Hemsworth is sorta new to this, relatively. And he’s not a guy of many words, so whatever he says just doesnt resonate with me. I’ll wait for more info.

  23. who knows if he’s being honest or not, I know if I was in a movie I’d hype that b**** up like there was no tomorrow but I’d also try to make sure it was worth a damn. As for the Avengers we’ll just have to wait until the actual movie comes out, but I do agree that Marvel’s movies have been going down hill Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were the only good ones since they came out with the X3 and Origins abominstions

    • Agreed. Can’t imagine Hemsworth telling fans to wait for the DVD.

      X3 and Origins were from Fox studios, if I’m not mistaken, and aren’t really emblematic of what we should expect from Marvel (especially given how rushed X3 was and with the last-minute directorial change, I don’t think anyone was surprised that it was DOA). That having been said, Iron Man 2 didn’t particularly blow me away either. If Captain America and/or Thor disappoint, we could be in trouble.

  24. I cannot wait to see this…

  25. Alchemist
    Those were all bad movies besides spiderman 1 and 2 and money means nothing in terms of quality. In fact, it probably means the opposite. The more money it makes, besides certain films of course, the more it was probably made with kids in mind.

  26. I too have confidence in Joss Whedon. If Bryan Singer is already occupied (after his impressive use of characters and story in X2)then Joss Whedon is it. I dunno but I guess I’m one of the few that’s shocked whenever X3 is referred to as an abomination. I thoroughly enjoyed it-yeah,it didn’t follow the mythos to the letter but get over it- it’s an adaptation. It’s not easy to cram all those characters in one movie and give every guy screen time without looking overdone. There aren’t many team movies to compare it with but it sure was better than the underwhelming FF and FF2. It’s not easy to juggle well known and adored characters and please everyone (both actors and fans alike),trust me. Let’s hope Joss gets it right.