‘The Avengers’ Posters & 3D Poster: Marvel Superheroes Assemble

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While many fans of Marvel’s Avengers are looking forward to the upcoming blockbuster film, a lot of them are no doubt also looking forward to owning some of the swag that comes with a big comic book movie release, including toys, collectibles, toy props and of course…posters.

While we’ve already seen some cool team banners and character banners for The Avengers, the posters we have today show the team assembled in all their glory – and one 3D poster brings their might straight to your face.

Check out Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow together again in these Avengers posters. CLICK ON ANY OF THE POSTERS TO SEE MORE INFO ABOUT IT. 



The Avengers Mural Poster e1327633045998 The Avengers Posters & 3D Poster: Marvel Superheroes Assemble-


The Avengers Door Poster e1327633251505 The Avengers Posters & 3D Poster: Marvel Superheroes Assemble


The Avengers Movie Wall Poster The Avengers Posters & 3D Poster: Marvel Superheroes Assemble-


The Avengers 3D Poster The Avengers Posters & 3D Poster: Marvel Superheroes Assemble


Granted, that wall poster is one we’ve seen before, when it started showing up at various promotional expos and shows. It was followed soon after by the official movie artwork, which was the basis for the mural poster above. So nothing really “new” to see in either of those.

Still, for my money the 3D poster is pretty sweet – though the mural poster is not without its charm, primarily due to the fact that it’s the only other poster that depicts the individual characters in some serious action stances. Having the actors pose together is one thing, but The Avengers is all about the action, at the end of the day.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Trends International

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  1. I cant wait to see what the hulk looks like when hes doing what he does best… SMASH!!!

  2. me hulk you nothing,
    me like everything green
    except frogs,i like kermit
    he looks like me although
    he goes ribbit ribbit,…….

    • … (insert tumble weed) …

  3. Does anyone else have the feeling that this film will be disappointing? Marvel should stop rushing their productions and stick to ONE film per year/every two years. They are too worried about quantity over quality and (of course) making profit from their franchises. In my opinion, it’s been downhill since ‘Iron Man’ (with the exception of ‘Thor’), here are my rating thus far…

    1. Iron Man – 9/10
    2. Thor – 7/10
    3. The Incredible Hulk – 6/10
    4. Iron Man 2 – 5/10
    5. Captain America: The First Avenger – 5/10

    I am not a troll. I am not a Nolan fan boy. This is my honest, genuine opinion. I love Marvel, and I love their films, but please Marvel, for the love of God, put a little for effort into your films.

    • i think thor and captain america were rushed thor – 7.5, capt – 7. but the incredible hulk i loved and it probably had the best acting in it – edward norton

    • I cant wait for this film of all of them Iron Man 2 worst but I still enjoyed it if anything it showed Marvel to stick a little closer to the source the only problem I have with the Avengers is Hawkeye and Widow replacing Ant-Man and Wasp but life goes on

    • The only reason Cap and Thor weren’t AS GOOD as they could have been, was because they were setting up The Avengers (a real fan would know that).

      As soon as The Avengers is released, Marvel will go back to producing movies that focus on the individual character (not like IM2, Thor, Cap — which was basically just a big set-up for The Avengers).

      It’s no problem at all for them to produce two/three movies a year (Iron Man and Incredible Hulk was released in the same year and both were good — one was just better [IM], but both were good), they just have to prioritize and focus on what they want to achieve with their films (i.e. make a great movie about A superhero with a great story, or make a superhero movie with the goal of being a prelude to another superhero movie).

      • “The only reason Cap and Thor weren’t AS GOOD as they could have been, was because they were setting up The Avengers (a real fan would know that).”

        I am a real fan. What in Thor/CA was setting up the Avengers that made the movies not as good?

        CA had the Avengers setup in the first 3 min and the last 5 mins. The rest of the movie was just blah. Believe me I wanted to love it and sing its praises from the top of the highest mountain but it was very lacking and there is no way you can blame the Avengers setup for that.

        Thor again had a longer period of time that he was associating with SHIELD which is the Avengers setup. However it was still very lackluster when you look at what IM1 was (the standard to hold all Marvel movies to IMO). With no blame to the Avengers setup.

        I just think they were rushed and not as polished. Now if you want to say they were rushed and not as polished because they wanted to get them out because of the Avengers movie I will agree. However I still would not accept this as an excuse from them.

        I do agree it seems they were just intros for the sake of the Avengers. You can check my previous posts. However I think it was just lackluster effort not just for the setup. I think it had a lot to do with the liberties they afforded (or didn’t afford) the hired help.

        I think the ‘trust’ they put into the directors is issue one. However that is a whole different story…

        • The whole PLOT of Cap was a prelude to The Avengers…
          If they didn’t have the cube and all the high-tech weapons (and just have made it a gritty, WW2 movie that features a superhero… it would have been much more awesome IMO)
          As for Thor: granted, it was more “standalone” than Cap or IM2, but was still not as good as it could have been (due to half the movie taking place on earth – and half of it took place on earth because they needed to introduce SHIELD and such).

          “Now if you want to say they were rushed and not as polished because they wanted to get them out because of the Avengers movie I will agree. However I still would not accept this as an excuse from them.”
          That’s what I’m saying as well, and I agree, it isn’t an excuse, but sadly, that is what happened.

          I can also agree that Johnson was to blame for Cap’s (arguably) “lackluster” movie, and Marvel did interfere too much with IM2 (but like you said, that’s a whole different story), but IMO, I think Branagh did an excellent job with Thor — he did everything in his power to make it awesome (and that is how it came across – during the first and third act – the second act, where most of the ‘Avengers’ stuff came in, was the part that most people didn’t like that much)

          • Personally, I’m not angry that they weren’t as good as IM1, I’m just a little disappointed.
            The movies were still good, they had their pros, their “wow” moments, and they had their flaws (some non-MCU related, a lot of it MCU related), bu I’m willing to look past the flaws as long as The Avengers hits it out of the park.

            I realize now that it was wrong of me to say: “The only reason Cap and Thor weren’t AS GOOD as they could have been, was because they were setting up The Avengers”
            I should have said “The MAIN reason Cap and Thor weren’t AS GOOD as they could have been, was because they were setting up The Avengers”

          • See this is where a Marvel fan would know if you have the Red Skull you have the Cosmic Cube.

            Quite honestly I would have rather seen a WW2 movie with Cap in it. It would give us a chance to see him honing his leadership and other battle skills.

            The Cosmic Cube is a nice tie in to the Avengers but could have stood on its own in the CA movies.

            The cube is not the tie, it is SHIELD or even Loki to an extent. The Cube is just a device that could be substituted for something else.

            Im sick and grumpy right now…. at least we agree CA and Thor were not as good as they could have been and those reasons are many and not just one.

            • “Quite honestly I would have rather seen a WW2 movie with Cap in it.”
              That’s EXACTLY what I think as well:
              “just have made it a gritty, WW2 movie that features a superhero… it would have been much more awesome IMO”
              At least that’s another thing we agree on ;)

              But IMO, you don’t need the cube to have the Red Skull (in like 80% of the Cap comics, Red Skull doesn’t use/have the cube).
              And IMO, the cube IS the tie-in since it’s going to be the item that The Avengers’s plot will be centered on.
              Anyway, I don’t really have that big-a-problem with the cube itself, but I have a major issue with all the weapons, tanks and stuff that they made with the cube’s power (ALL that stuff was unnecessary IMO and threw the movie off balance) — and they did that because they wanted to emphasize the cube’s existence and it’s dangerous applications (for the Avengers). They could have had the cube in the movie, but IMO, the movie didn’t have to be centered around it.

              Look, at this point, I’m getting a little tired as well, I think we should be glad that we agree on some issues, and just leave the other things we don’t completely agree on, alone for the time being (until the subject pops up again in 3 months or so ;))

    • Captain America was a great movie… It had to have the different feel with the way people were b/c ppl in the 40′s weren’t as diverse as people in the present. They had to have Capt. rushed sort of b/c no Capt. no avengers. He is the leader of all the different groups of the Avengers.

    • 1. Iron Man – 9/10
      2. Thor – 8/10
      3. The Incredible Hulk – 7.5/10
      4. Iron Man 2 – 6/10
      5. Captain America: The First Avenger – 9/10

      Opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has one.

    • I think it will at least be “good” with Joss Whedon handling it. I think some disappointment will be inevitable with all the build-up and expectation. I’m curious to see how general audiences will react, because they are the ones who will make this a big hit or not. I don’t think this is really on their radar, and I don’t think any of the Marvel movies (aside from the first Iron Man) have worked to get audiences excited.

      I don’t get the love for Thor. I thought it was pretty dumb and lame. That said, I think it did what it was supposed to do, which was to give Thor a needed introduction. That’s really what the other movies have done too. None of them were bad, but none of them were really good either.

  4. All the posters look good but the 3-D poster is really cool, I can’t wait for this to finally release.


  5. “Check out Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow together again” What no Iron Man??? lol

  6. I’m actually pretty tired of all the drawn posters and want to see real-life posters. I get that the “drawn” aspect ties it to the comics from which they were based, but that’s almost all we’ve seen! Ready for some real posters now.

    just my 2 cents!

    Looking forward to the film.

  7. My favorite Avenger is Iron Man and others don’t seem too much of “Superhero” to me not even The Hulk, he’s just a giant green ugly ogre! All these posters looks good but nothing in them, we have seen them before.

  8. I just wanna see hulk smash lol and 3d looks pretty kool

  9. Yeah I like the concept art but not for posters. I’d rather get photos of them together live. Like with Thor and cap there were numerous posters leading up to each film. I want those to start coming out!!

  10. I don’t like the posters at all. Why are they cartoony? This is a life action movie not the power rangers…. I just don’t get them

  11. All right the 3d poster is cool. But I still think Thor should be in his battle helmet.

    • That has been discussed before.
      His helmet isn’t a “battle helmet” in the movie-verse… it’s only used for ceremonial occasions.

  12. Posters look cool – not really anything new per say, but they still look awesome.
    (I just wish there bigger versions to download — for my computer wallpaper).
    I’m still gonna buy a poster for my wall as soon as they become available though…

    But I’m the rest of you guys, it’s time for some REAL pics. The concept art looks good, but ‘The Avengers’ is live-action, so their posters should be live-action as well.

  13. Brought a gift:
    Some new, LIVE-ACTION photos for The Avengers
    They’re not as “epic” as the concept art pics, but they’re good enough IMO.

    • How DID Fury lose his eye? That’s a bit of marvel info I don’t know. That pic looks like Starks disease from IM2 has infected fury’s eyehole.

      • I think it was injured during WW2 by a grenade fragment. He didn’t lose the eye, he just lost most of his vision and keeps the patch on because of depth perception.

      • In the comics, as Kathless pointed out, it was damaged during WW2 by a grenade, BUT, according to Marvel’s database, his eye was FURTHER damaged when his evil brother attacked him with a blade/gun (can’t remember which one it was)

      • I asked the same question, if you notice there are 3 scars…wolverine took his eye in the ultimate universe during a skirmish. I wonder if they will reference his injury some way tho Fox has rights to Wolverine.

  14. I can’t wait they all look pretty cool to me the Hulk has always been my favorite and I can’t wait to see him Hulk out I just hope he actually talks this time around I always thought it was funny when he called Thor goldilocks and hawk eye Cupid. I just want to see a hulk wiith more than one dimensions

    • I think (I hope) we will see Hulk talk in the movie. At the end of IH, Banner was about to Hulk out and he was smiling; that tells me he’s gained control.

  15. That last poster looks like everyone is riding on the back of Ironman…. :D

    • (*Glass shatters*)
      That was one of my favorite Avengers pics! and now every time I look at it, I’m gonna be reminded of what you just said! :( ;)

      • Sorry but it had to be said… ;)

        • Lol I can just picture the hulk alone riding IM and that would be funny enough :D

  16. Posters look cool, especially the one with Lokis face in the background.

  17. hulk had the “hulk smash” line in IH, voiced by Lou Ferrigno, who is also credited with doing hulks voice for the avengers, so i’m sure he will have some more lines. my introduction to the hulk was a comic i got from my grandmothers house (i think it was my uncle’s)sometime in the mid 70′s, and hulk was fairly intelligent because he had a bullet in his head and had to stay hulked out or banner would die. i never did get anymore of that story line and that comic has long vanished, but that would be an interesting story to see on film

  18. I’m going to have to go back and watch TIH because I honestly don’t remember the hulk talking but that’s ok I’m sure I’ll be rewatching all my Marvel movies multiple times until the avengers comes out

  19. The more and more stuff I see with Hawkeye just wearing glasses and not his mask is really disappointing. Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters of all time in the Marvel Universe, and lately these pics and movie art aren’t doing him justice (besides the one with hawkeye and black widow, sitting and chatting it up). Definitly hope I get to see Hawkeye take down and bring in the Hulk and not Ironman or Thor!

    • In that case, you’ll be REALLY disappointed to hear that in the comics, Hawkeye doesn’t have his old costume anymore ;)

      Hehe. I guess Marvel got tired of the fans complaining about Renner not wearing a mask so they just decided “Screw it, let’s just change the character’s whole appearance!”

      • Just disappointed that they could’nt have tried to give him a mordernized mask that at least resembled his iconic mask and not just saying “screw it, we’ll give him glasses.”

        I mean come on, at least Catwoman is going to have ,cat ear goggles.

        Still have my bets on The Avengers beating out TDKR

        2012 is a very exciting year

  20. Is it wrong for me that I hate them all? I bet the movie is going to be great, but seriously I’d never buy one of these posters

  21. Stark: “Alright team, time for a group photo! Everyone do an epic pose… Natasha, I think you should sit this one out.”

  22. Awesome 3D poster. That shield of Captain America will hit us! Duck!

  23. Great posters! Really like them!