Rumor Patrol: Yvonne Strahovski is Ms. Marvel in ‘The Avengers’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 7th, 2014 at 1:27 am,, a fan site dedicated Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski is claiming to have inside word from “a protected source inside Marvel” who names Strahovski as the actress being cast as Carol Danvers, a.ka. Ms. Marvel, in The Avengers movie.

Before we go any further, I want to say make sure we’re on the same page – that is, filing this unsubstantiated RUMOR in the “not very likely” column.

For those who don’t know, Carol Danvers / Ms. Marvel is an old character in the Marvel Universe. She started as an Air Force officer working with the Kree superhero Captain Marvel – later, as the result of an explosion involving alien technology, Danvers was gifted with powers including super strength, flight and enhanced agility and stamina. During the character’s evolution through the ’80s and ’90s, she was also endowed with the powers of energy absorption and energy projection in the form of “photonic blasts.” After fading into obscurity for a time, Ms. Marvel has recently returned as a mainstream character in her own comic book series, as well as being a major character in the new incarnation of The Avengers.

As for the appearance of Carol Danvers and/or Ms. Marvel in The Avengers movie:

First of all, you should always be wary when a fan site – you know, a site dedicated to obsessing over one celebrity – comes forward claiming to be the exclusive source of a major piece of movie news like this. 9.9 times out of 10, they’re actually the exclusive source of a major piece of wishful thinking. If Carol Danvers was going to be in this film, somebody would have likely pried that information loose already – it’s not like people haven’t been asking about her…

Second, while it’s easy to see why Strahovski would be a likely pick for the role of Ms. Marvel (her salary demands are likely moderate, and she already plays a badass secret agent character on Chuck), pegging her for this role is one of those “too obvious to be true” casting rumors – i.e., she’s someone that Internet fans claim is perfect (in look), in lieu of all the real acting qualifications that casting agents are paid scrutinize.

avengers thor movie characters cameos Rumor Patrol: Yvonne Strahovski is Ms. Marvel in The Avengers

Third, while the character would be an interesting one to add to The Avengers mix, the powers she exhibits would be fairly costly to realize on the big-screen. With characters like Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk in the film, the CGI visual F/X budget is already being stretched pretty far – so it’s pretty doubtful they Marvel would shell-out big bucks to include a third-tier character like Ms. Marvel.

For all those reasons, I’m highly doubtful that we’ll see this rumor confirmed.

However, I’m not an executive at Marvel Studios so I can’t speak with any kind of absolute authority on this subject. We do know that The Avengers will have several female characters and even though those characters are likely to be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury’s assistant Maria Hill, there is still a bit of room for Carol Danvers to be in the film – either in civilian form or (very, very, slim possibility) in super hero form as Ms. Marvel.

But again – including Ms. Marvel instead of, say, adding The Wasp to The Avengers? I’m not sure fans would be happy with that choice…

There’s also the matter of The Avengers plot, which has been rumored at several points to be about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes taking on the alien hordes of The Kree and The Skrulls. If the plot of The Avengers movie does end up involving either one or both of these alien races, then suddenly the chances of us seeing Carol Danvers become the Kree-empowered Ms. Marvel go way up. Her character could easily be in civilian form for most of the film, and experience her transformation later on toward the ending of the movie as a set up for her inclusion in The Avengers 2. We know that Marvel wants to expand their movie universe, so at this point I’m not ruling any new character(s) out of the mix.

We also know that Avengers director Joss Whedon has a big soft spot for kick-ass female heroes (see: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse), so I wouldn’t count out the possibility that Whedon himself would want a character like Ms. Marvel in Marvel Movie Universe, ready to throw down just as hard as any of the boys. But will it be in this first Avengers film? I doubt it.

So, this leaves us with two questions:

  1. Is there any possibility this rumor could be true¬† (I’m leaning heavily toward NO).
  2. Regardless of the truth, do you think that Yvonne Strahovski would make a good Ms. Marvel?

The Avengers hits theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. I call BS. They would have to feature The Kree in order for this to happen, and that rumor has already been debunked.

  2. Would be cool to see – but I’m with L’ll M – BS – It has already been squashed

  3. Maybe in a sequel, but this can’t be true although I really want it to be true because she definitely looks the part. She’s so gorgeous too.

  4. can she act?

    • yeah, she is actually pretty great on Chuck. Hot, kick ass, and strong acting, including some good comedic work. I would love to see a Joss Whedon-directed Yvonne Strahovski super hero.

    • Most definately! She is in fact a very good actress that can express more with a look than most can with a 100 words.

      Since this role would be a minor cameo it is very possible that Carol Danvers is in the movie.


    • ^what he said.

    • yh way to manyy

  6. How many characters can this film take on without imploding? Whedon seems like an inspired choice for such a tricky project, but I hope they keep the story streamlined and focus on the main characters.

  7. Question 1: Really hope so.
    Question 2: Hell yeah!

  8. I called it

  9. If she is gonna be in he movie, then i hope that she is a regular person, and sometime during the end she gets to be ms marvel…

    I hope this is true, I also hope that they explain how she got to be ms marvel instead of just having her there and no origins…

    that being said, she could have her own movie?… like thor, iron man, etc… then u could have her in the avengers 2… I think if there is any truth to this rumor, thats whats gonna happen…

  10. I could see this as a easter egg cameo for all of us fanboys rather than her be her super powered self she could be a military liaison to SHIELD. Something akin to Frankie Raye in F4 2. Nothing wrong with that and it won’t bog down the story.

  11. I can see her in a Cameo as a Shield agent that gets injured in the movie and developes her powers in a sequel.
    So only in a cameo as Carol Danvers

  12. I would like to see Ms Marvel, but I don’t think that she’ll show. The movie is already hero heavy, and then you have to include enemies of sufficient number and power that Thor couldn’t just crush them by himself, which is always the problem with characters of his power level.

    Does Miss Strahovski have the look to play Carol Danvers? Yes, although I’d prefer her as Moonstone (Karla Sofen) because one, the movie needs villains of a certain capability, and Karla has both the physical power and the psychological smarts to be a good Avengers villain, and two, Yvonne does give more of the bad girl vibe.

    • Thor isn’t the strongest of The Avengers, Hulk is. So if there is an enemy that is too strong for Thor, I’m sure Hulk can deal with them. Something keeps telling me this movie will be about Hulk being controlled by Loki, and The Kree/Skrulls will show up at the end to prepare for Avengers 2; this is when Danvers can get her powers.

      • If it’s just Loki controlling Hulk, then I’m gonna be pissed. That’s just too weak imo.

        • That’s the original story of the forming of the Avengers, my friend.

          • Point? I still find it to be weak for a film that’s looking to be as big as The Avengers.

            • So you’re saying that for Ms Marvel to get her powers they MUST follow the comics but for the Avengers to form they MUST NOT? Hmmm… LOL

              • I really don’t care how accurate the film is to the comics, but you know how fanboys get. I just think Loki controlling Hulk is too weak for a film, even if it was in the comics.

      • Hulk is super strong, but (pre Planet Hulk) he was a smasher who lacked skill. Thor is nearly as strong (maybe stronger with his magic belt) and has thousands of years of combat experience, and he has Mjolnir.

        Thor is more powerful as a package. Hulk is merely stronger.

        • This is true, Thor has the experience of a god-warrior. But this version of Hulk, I assume, will have Banner’s intelligence until he looses his temper. If they do go the Loki route, Loki may block his intelligence.

        • Thor has never been able to best the Hulk in combat. So, he can be all that and a bag of chips and still get his lunch money taken.

  13. I’d love to see Yvonne in some tight, revealing superhero outfit…

  14. The movie doesn’t have that many characters if you think about it. There’s the core 5: Nick Fury, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and to a lesser extent Hulk (if they’re going with the Loki-Hulk Avengers origins storyline). Then you have Agent Maria Hill, Agent Coulson, Hawkeye and Black Widow as supporting characters aka not that much screen time.

    There’s plenty of room for cameos/easter eggs (that you just see in the background like in all the previous Marvel Studios films) that won’t take away from the story.

  15. Strahotski might just be both the greatest and worst name for a website ever.

  16. i think it could be true.

    you call her a 3rd tier character, but she was a leader of the avenegers for awhile over the past few years, is one of the characters in the best selling avengers book right now, has been in both marvel ultimate alliance videogames, replaced nick fury as the director of shiled in the ultimate universe and is one of the bigger female characters in the avengers history after wasp, black widow and scarlet witch.

    yvonne would be a perfect choice. ms marvel needs to be a tough as nails woman and yvonne embodies that in chuck. plus she’s a blonde bombshell. ms marvel, to me would a shoe in. she’s strong, flights and shoots beams of energy from her friends. even if they one show one or two of these powers, they spend more on hulk who probably won’t be in the second movie due to his short time with the avengers in most comicbook timeline and alternate realities.

  17. What are MARVEL STUDIOS trying to do with the “Avengers” ?

    It almost seems they’re taking a leaf out of Matthew Vaughn’s book: “How To Ignore MARVEL’S Original Source Material” published by Fox Abattoirs. :-)

    Created by Roy Thomas & Gene Colan in 1968, I think Ms Marvel would make a fabulous addition to the team, but in the second or third film, NOT in what I presume is meant to be an origin film with the original 5 founding members.

    Once again there is no mention of founding members Ant-Man & Wasp. :-(

    • I prefer the 2nd version of the Avengers with The Vision, Wanda and Peitro myself.

  18. I love how Ms Marvel has come into her own in comics the last couple of years and would love to see her in a movie. I don’t see room for her in this movie unless she is introduced to get powers in a sequel.
    As for this casting rumor, I hope not. Nothing against her, but they could do better.

  19. My thoughts about the Avengers movie with all these side characters, just have SMJ be like yo this is ms. marvel got powers from aliens, this is black panther king of wakanda, etc etc with all the other side characters. then maybe make a prequel movie for them at a later date. I’d like to see a lot of characters right away in the first and hopefully not last Avengers movie

  20. The best choice for Ms Marvel would be Trish Stratus. And she coluld even do most of her stunts

  21. I would very much like to see Ms. Marvel in the Avengers (1 or 2) but I hope if they preview anyone for the sequel it’d be someone more important like Black Panther or Pym.

  22. Alice Eve perfect Ms. Marvel check her out

  23. Yvonne would be a great Ms. Marvel. She has the looks, she has the talent (I LOVED her in Chuck) and she has the skill. I am sure she is able to pull it off. Emily Blunt is also a very good actress, however, I see her more as Scarlett Witch rather than play as Ms. Marvel….

  24. It would be fun to see Yvonne take that role on, but if you want to add a humorous aspect you could try introducing She-Hulk in a cameo. They could have her be considered and rejected for the Avengers because of being tied up in a lawsuit from “collateral damage” from a previous incident. Her character and Nick Fury could have a humorous scene. Then throw in Strahovski as Carol Danvers who becomes Ms Marvel at the end of the movie.