Is The ‘Avengers’ Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?

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 Is The Avengers Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?

[Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this post back on March 8, 2010, questioning whether or not Marvel’s lead-in film approach to their epic Avengers project was enhancing their movie universe or hurting it.

Now Iron Man 2 is in theaters, and after seeing some of the split reaction, I feel it’s a perfect time to present these concerns again. I’ve updated the opening paragraphs, the rest appears as originally printed.]

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By now you fan boys and girls have almost certainly seen Iron Man 2 and are geeking out over it. I’ll be the first to admit: There’s enough visual splendor and kick-ass action in the film to get Marvel movie lovers (and even average movie lovers) excited.

So why was I ultimately left feeling uneasy after viewing it?

I’ll tell you why: Now that we’ve pretty much gotten a complete look at what the story of Iron Man 2 entails, I immediately found myself asking myself, “Is The Avengers movie hurting the rest of these Marvel Studios movies?”

Before the fanboy mob can retrieve their pitchforks, barrels of tar and sacks of feathers, I’ll quickly explain myself:

Looking at the Iron Man 2 full trailer, the story seems pretty clear: After revealing to the world that he’s Iron Man at the end of the first film, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is living it up as a superhero celebrity – that is, until the negative side of that lifestyle rears its ugly head. Aside from the constant demands of the public, Tony is facing pressure from the government to turn over the Iron Man “weapon”; threats from angry evil doers like Ivan Vanko / Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) and rival industrialist Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell); even possible pressure from S.H.I.E.L.D. to step up and be a “company man.”

iron man 2 nick fury Is The Avengers Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?“Dude, you’ve gotta make this Avengers thing happen…”

If you really watch the trailer, you’ll notice that one of the key pieces of dialogue featured in it was Jim Rhodes/War Machine (Don Cheadle) telling Tony that his “lone gunslinger act” is unnecessary and that he doesn’t have to go it alone. Hmmm, so that’s a central theme of this movie – Tony Stark realizing that he can’t be the only super hero on the block? Wonder why the filmmakers chose to go in THAT direction?

iron man 2 tony war machine Is The Avengers Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?“Seriously dude, you’ve GOTTA make this Avengers thing happen…”

Now don’t get me wrong: IRON MAN 2 looks like a good movie. The film looks to be yet another success for Marvel Studios and it is ABSOLUTELY going to make boat loads of money at the box office (especially the IMAX screenings).

However, whereas Chris Nolan reached greatness with The Dark Knight by approaching it as its own, standalone movie, my current fear is that at the end of the day, Iron Man 2 – along with Thor and Captain America – will be seen as little more than lead-in stories to The Avengers movie. That label already limits (for me) how great this movie can be in terms of story, since I’ll always be left wondering what this sequel could’ve been if not for the need of some contrived plot points that will better help The Avengers movie get off the ground.

iron man 2 collapsable mark v armor Is The Avengers Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?

While I’ll no doubt enjoy Iron Man 2 (as will most of you), this latest trailer has me feeling fairly certain that I’m in for a set piece to set piece three-act ride that will entail a checklist of pre-Avengers bullet points, which fanboys in the audience will be meticulously checking off.

As for Thor and Captain America? I have a feeling that director Kenneth Branagh will craft the former into a truly awesome standalone epic (save for the third act, which will inevitably bring Thor around to his Avengers fate). However, the fact that the Captain America movie already has the title The First Avenger slapped across it, leaves me with a lot of anxiety that it could be the most contrived and shallowly plotted film in this “lead-in” bunch. And I don’t want Cap’s story to come across that way at all; wouldn’t foreign audiences have a great joke to tell if the movie about ‘America’s superhero’ came off as a hokey advertisement for a bigger, better movie?

Queue the snarky review headlines…

avengers thor captain america iron man Is The Avengers Movie Hurting Other Marvel Movies?There is no “I” in team- but can that be a bad thing?

I don’t know, maybe I’m off the mark with all this… Anyone else feeling this trepidation or am I about to get slapped around in the comment section? Guess we’ll find out.

Iron Man 2 (The Avengers prequel) is now in theaters.

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  1. As a person who hasn’t read the comics of “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Captain America,” or “The Avengers” I’m, feeling a little left out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed “The Incredible Hulk” and both “Iron Mans” as standalone movies, but especially in “Iron Man 2″ I knew there were references I wasn’t getting.

    I only assumed it was Captain America’s shield because it was red, white, and blue. New Mexico and the Southwest were mentioned directly too many times to be casual references – - but I didn’t know what they were alluding to. The last scene in New Mexico I honestly didn’t understand until the guy sitting two seats down shouted “Yes! Thor’s Hammer!”

    It would’ve been like seeing “The Incredible Hulk” before seeing “Iron Man” and not knowing why Robert Downey, Jr. makes an appearance at the end with General Ross.

    Those little bits brought the movie down for me because I knew I was missing out on something but didn’t know what. After all the other movies are out, I’ll probably find “Iron Man 2″ more enjoyable to watch.

    • Heres a tip for you who feels left out. Before you watch a comic book movie you are not familiar with, do a little background research on the internet. Try wikipedia. Then you will have a clue as to what is happening. Thats the problem when it comes to comic movies. They have to show the movie to two types of audiences, one for the pure fan the other to the non-fan. They have to show the story well to the non-fans to capture them enough, and at the same time give little nods to pure fans.

  2. Why is it that nobody mentions or remembers Alpha Flight?
    I thought it was a great book, and would certainly make a good movie for someone that wanted to direct (or had a good idea) for X-Men, but didn’t quite make it. There are a lot of good characters and stories there. SOMEBODY MAKE AN ALPHA FLIGHT MOVIE!

  3. Thor-fan

    it’s not marvels choice if RDJ doesn’t want to be in it. Read before you think you know everything.

  4. I’m guessing Tony is gonna be a “consultant” until the big crisis finally brings the team together in the Avengers film.

  5. When you think about it, SHIELD is correct in wanting Iron Man, not Tony Stark. The guy spent most of the movie as a drunken, defiant loner who was clearly a danger to himself and anybody around him. SHIELD wants Iron Man: The walking nuclear deterrent/peacekeeper/terrorist crunching badass who inspires millions.

    • okay so first of all the movie was phenominal, not only cause of the cgi but also becasue it showed that stark is a team player. second the movie was not souly based around the avengers movie, yes they did talk about him joining and yes at the end of the film they showed thors hammer. but the movie it self was about war machine, iron mans stronger half. now we’ll get to the batman refrence that the writer brought up, the batman movies are awsome don’t get me wrong i loved how they brought it to this is how it would be if it really happened, but you comparing a marvel movie to a DC one is like comparing sex and masterbation yes there both good but they aren’t the same. the avengers movie is going to rock not only because its going to have the best of the best super heroes in it, but also because marvel has been showing us how the are going to come together.


      • ever met CAPS LOCK?

  6. Gil, not being funny but the subject matter is about The Avengers, not Alpha Flight.

    BOT. Either way, Marvel are now starting to cash in on their comic book heroes and we are all lapping it up either way – whether we agree with the storyline and/or timeline of the movies. Were still going to go, Marvel will still milk us, the Avengers movie will still be a hit, and we’ll all be asking what was this all about in the first place!

    Does it matter if RDJ is not in Avengers? Look how Don Cheadle was quickly accepted as Jon Rhodes??

    What i think would be just as cool as the Avengers is DC coming out with a counter!! Now there’s a box office war i’d be keen to see!

  7. the only thing that can hurt the avengers is if they have a weak plot they have to have big fight scences not all that talkin like iron man 2 yea tell the story but have some kick ass scences too. they have to fight someone powerful if iron man happned before the hulk and thor happens after that how can captain america happen before them all when the only reason they found cap was chasing the hulk to contain him in the very 1st avenger comic then cap took over? so already the stories diffrent they gotta get the story together and it gotta b big

  8. Tyler Perry’s Marvel and DC?

    I know it may be a silly point but does anyone else find it odd that they had to make Nick Furry black? Has Marvel been coloring him wrong in the comics for years? While Samuel Jackson is an okay actor (a Little 2 dimensional, insert any and all his movies). I question this only as in Daredevil the kingpin portrayed (brilliantly I might add by the actor that played him) but still a black actor. In the Fantastic four the blind girl the thing falls for again replaced by a black actor.

    It may be some affirmative action of in Marvel the only black superhero that leaps to mind is Luke Cage. I wonder is it something that is forced on them or like most people they don’t care of the changes to characters we know?

    Before anyone takes any of this the wrong way, I am all for great African-American actors in any role. But in Iron man’s case (and more to follow) Nick Fury’s character was white in the comics. To me it changes the representation of the characters. After all, a 500 pound Hispanic woman playing Wonder Woman doesn’t seem out of the question at this rate. Or, worse yet; Batman with Keaton Harvey Dent in the comics white. In the movie black then 2 movies later not only does he become two-face but apparently 3-face because he goes from being black to white and half his face is burned.

    Maybe there is something to studios having to cave to pressure to and different races to the movies and they figure a side character like the Kingpin or Nick Furry no one will care. I just feel for what ever reason whoever created the comic characters chose the people they did and then the Hollywood machine comes along and tosses it out the window.

    After all Super man in the comics supposed to be a nice guy why not have Clark married beats his wife etc. It just changing and little here and there.

    And don’t get me started on bad casting, like; Scarlet Johanson? Please while she’s nice to see in a jump rope scene and true actress would have been more like the girl from resident evil movies. I guess Hollywood thing boobs replaces good characters like Hally Barry as Storm. should have went to Angelia Basset. And Sue Storm my god seriously.

    • your right nick fury was white even in spideman he’s white but lately he’s been portrayed as black. just like the green lantern was white then he was black. if u seen ultimate avengers 1 and 2 he’s also black and bald in that they dont follow everything to the t as long as the actors good i dont care

    • In the Marvel Ultimates line of comics, Marvel actually requested for Samuel L Jackson’s permission to use his appearance as Nick Fury.

      So this is like a case of life imitating art.

    • Marvel rebooted nick fury in what is called their ‘ultimate’ imprint as a dead ringer for sam jackson about ten years ago which he, being a huge comics fan, was really into and when he heard about the movie he really lobbied the studio for the part.

    • yeah, I’m a person of non-white race, I grew up with this comic characters and crappy tv cartoon representation of them. Then when the time comes that they can make movies with stunning special effects, you’ll find that the actor doesn’t represent the character you’ve known for years…

  9. As to the Avengers movie hurting Iron-man etc. Yes I do agree it does. Have the characters separate then in the 1st movie you gather them up.

    The one question I have is while we all grew up with say the Avengers and JLA after seeing Superman Iron-man etc on the big screen doesn’t it seem silly to imagine an Avengers movie? After all you will have Thor, a GOD with superheros. Or, Superman he can turn back time move the sun etc does he really need the others? It was like Dark Phoenix in the X-men comic if she can destroy a planet won’t the others slow them down? Also, taking a more realistic approach to the comic/movies 5 or 6 superheros standing around with power to level the planet my seem silly unless they take it to the matrix 2 level and city blocks will be destroyed.

    • @Chris Ratliff, The fact of the matter is that ITS ALL fiction based off facts. The difference is with all of the different characters within the Avengers is that it’s an exploration of psuedo-sciences and TRUE possibilities that WILL be explained. 1)Iron Man: Technology and the closeness or possibility of someone doing what Tony Stark does is not very far from reality.2)Captain America: Human enhancement formulas or Super Soldier formulas are not far fetched with modern science and what is being done with physical performance enhancers and nano-technology,The U.S.,Germany and Russia have done experiments on willing and unwilling subjects to enhance performance and test reaction to exposure to certain stimuli.3)Thor:The possibility of inter-dimensional beings has been around for literally 1000snds of years in Shamanism. Modern science is just now getting around to proving that other dimensions and planes of existence exist and also affect us in more ways than we know.4)The Hulk: The human rage and adrenaline phenomena is another mysterious corner of science that is being explored,many people have shown INCREDIBLE feats of strength in extremely urgent situations dealing with eminent death and rage. Some characters can be looked at as silly sharing the same space with others that seem more plausible BUT each character has the ability to be shown as a plausible through psuedo-science and real science.

      • @ ulik thats what im sayin i find myself sayin that sumthin like ironman can really happen wit the technology they have that they dont tell the world about y not. they have to make these movies believeable and theres nothin wrong wit that. and the avengers will b the biggest marvel movie ever thats y all these before movies r building up too it so the ppl who dont know who the avnegers r r gettin to know who they r. that movie will b one of the biggest movies ever maybe bigger than avatar if its made right like the dark knight make it a drak battle good vs bad all these earlier movies r so soft they have they moments but some should could b darker

  10. I thought Iron Man 2 was great. And one of the things i enjoyed about it was the little tie ins and inside jokes ( and Scarlet Johanson in a black skin tight outfit) Like the fake cap shield helping him make his new machine level and all the references to the Thor movie. For all the purists that are all upset about it i just want to remind them that the comics these movies are based on do the same thing. I can think of very few comics that don’t involve some sort of cross over or reference to another character. And no Iron Man 2 was no Dark Knight but I’m glad it wasn’t. Cause every time I re watch the Dark Knight I realize how much Heath Ledger brought to the table and how much of that movie you really didn’t need. I still think it’s a great movie but it’s a long movie with a lot of extra added on.

  11. Thor’s Hammer at the end was alright but did anyone catch Captain America’s shield? I could be wrong but Tony Stark used it to prop the pipe when he was recreating his gizmo power… ;)

  12. Good point. Focusing the story partially on introducing just the idea of an ‘Avengers’ movie cheats audiences out of a great story. It won’t be any surprise if an Avengers movie does come out so why waste time on a sup-par story to prop up Avengers? It most probably was the studios’ idea. I was disappointed Spiderman 4 was scrapped but understood the studios couldn’t commit to Raimi’s timeline in fleshing out a great story. Raimi did the right thing bowing out and saving all of us from a repeat of SM3.

  13. Great dialogue, but whey do all the superheros have to be white? I don’t care what they look like as long as the movie is good. I am a huge Spiderman fan and I am a black woman (38). Why can’t Spiderman rescue a black woman? Superman? Batman? We will never get over this race issue because it is a matter of the heart. Unless your heart changes, it will always be this way. It doesn’t matter! I will still watch all my favorite superheros because I really enjoy all of them! Just my thoughts on the matter.

    • Tina,

      there are no issues with race in our superhero and comic book movies. Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury. Blade is played by Wesley Snipes. There are racial issues because of people like you who bring it up for no reason. Spiderman saves an Asian woman and her son or daughter. Does that make the writers racist against blacks?

      • M-Cat, You dont have to get personal. Tina does have a point. In all the super hero films ive seen. most were white rather than another orientation.

        • So, what the hell does that mean? Save a white person and that means the writers are racist? get some brains…

      • M-Cat: You’re being a dick. Tina makes a valid point. It could be seen as a form of discrimination of a white person is constantly saving a person of a different ethnic group. That doesn’t necessarily make the writers racist but cautious and aware. You don’t have to be rude and call her an idiot.

        • sweet

          • I kinda agree with M-cat to a point. Look spiderman, batman, superman, and other well they were created white in the comic and what do you want them to change them in the movie? w-o-w yeah guys that would be really original. critics would kill the movie and it wouldnt earn money. I just wonder what would happen if they decided to make blade white? it wouldnt be good right? well same way wouldnt be right if they make that change for others! as for asians or black or hispanic if you want being saved by superheroes i have no opinion on that i guess thay could do something about that.

      • It’s fine if you disagree but I edited your comment. Being a long-time reader/commenter you should know better than to call someone an idiot here.

        • Vic,

          why would you edit my comment? i actually bit my tongue on this one. I hate when people bring up the race card and I wanted to curse but didn’t considering I have respect for the site. I didn’t use profanity but you still edited my comment. Kind of a joke.

    • Tina Not all of them are white. To name some would be Steel & his niece by the same name, John Stewart A.K.A Green Lantern, Vixen, Cyborg from the DC comics. Storm, Blade,Ultimate Nick Fury, and theres more im sure from Marvel comics. Im white and i see where you’re getting at and agree and wondered why till this day you dont see those heroes save someone whos a different orientation other than white. The only film i remember to date i seen a black person being rescued was the movie Steel.

    • I’m thinking that the writers are going out of their way to seem not racist. What would it say if predominantly white superheores continually save people of other ethnicities? Would it mean that they’re not capable of rescuing themselves? That they’re subpar and always need to be rescued? It’s all a matter of perception. I’m betting that the writers don’t want it to seem that black people or Hispanic people or Asian people always need to be rescued by a white superhero. That’s only going to change if superheroes are made to be a color other than white.

      • @Jessie,

        You’re 100% right, it’s all about perception. Not enough of this race, or to much of one. Start saving one race and they seem weak and then that means the other races are to un-important. But not all super heroes are white, geeze people always find something to complain about regarding anything.

  14. I tend to agree. Most of the Avengers lead in material in Iron Man 2 felt a little contrived to me (yes, I realize I’m talking about a comic book movie :) ). I was hoping for a very natural lead in, but I was disappointed for sure….

  15. I was kinda dissapointed in the movie :/ and one reason is rhodes just taking an Iron man suit that easy. and now they dont want Tony stark there. WTF is that he made the suit! Without him there would not be Iron man! I understand he is war machine but they could of made it differently, it seemed like war machine was more important! just my opinion. ( i really wish I was wrong, and i hope I am)!

  16. ok wat is wit all this race talk it doesnt matter what color these people r yes there originally white so ofcourse they will b white in the movies. but think about it wat black actor can pull off a superhero look at will smith he just made his own hancock and it was pretty good. but ive seeen every marvel movie and i just dont see a black actor gettin a primary color shouldnt matter as long as the actor playin them is good at it

  17. Batman Returns was far superior to The Dark Knight??? Are you kidding! As soon as I read something like that I don’t even read the rest of someones post. Batman Returns wasn’t even a Batman movie, it was in name alone. That was a Tim Burton film.

    To answer the question, yes, in some way all the Avengers BS is hurting the stand alone movies. I really hope they don’t F but Cap’s movies, he’s my favorite Marvel hero by far and have been waiting a long time for a Cap movie damnit!

    I enjoyed Iron Man 2, but leaving a little of Shield/Avengers stuff out would have served the film and actors better.

    • AHHHRRR! Shield is PART of that world, Other people exist in that world. Who would you like to see in an IRON MAN film? Just IRON MAN alone on the planet. Having Nick Fury or Black Widow in this movie is no different to having Pepper or Hogan in it. There are always other players involved, do you really think they should remain behind the scenes? Marvel is trying to establish a much needed single movie universe and are going about it the right way.

  18. Actually, by having all these individual movies first, Avengers can leap right into the action without all the individual backstories to clutter the running time. All THE AVENGERS is gonna have to do is introduce Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne (Giant Man and Wasp) and we’re good to go!

    I’m mainly worried about who the antagonist(s) will be.

  19. well, what marvel is doing, is what marvel comics did. they had all their heroes in one coherant universe, and they appeared in eachothers books on a fairly regular basis. having seen the movie, i liked it and that they link. its a big epic that is moving somewhere as opposed to a typical trilogy, which is getting boring. its marvel movies, not just one franchise, people are getting to experience the true MARVEL experience. and they will likely interact soon. how about a HULK vs. IRONMAN movie since HULK didn’t bring in enough dogh for a sequel? that would be fun. 2 heroes, i villian, and a big hero fight, and the 2 heroes then go and take down the villain. that would be fun. this is fun and i’m loving it. these movies have sidebars that connect them, and then when they do AVENGERS they’ll connect them together in a big team up. AWSOME!!! not a drawback in my oppinion, good story telling.

  20. Iron man 2 had to set Tony Starks stage and individual story line for Avengers, thats why the tie ins were necesary because when Iron Man 3 comes out you won’t need all the tie in scenes and it will go back to his movie, it is important for Marvel to establish the universe while making good movies at the same time, they did a great job, you all are loving it so shut up if you think its wack because your over thinking it. The tie ins are brilliant and make the whole marvel movie universe fantastic. Just enjoy it like everyone else.

  21. Finally seen the movie today. I liked it, but the shield/Avengers parts did slow it down. And just to nit pick; how did Rodes just learn to fly the suit (a little back story on that would have been nice).

    I am curious though of the Thor movie if shield has found him/his hammer does that mean he is going to be his alter ego on earth going against Oden etc? There was only on man that did the Thor comic right and that was Walter Simonson (I think his name was). He dealt with Oden and the gods as opposed to him just being a super hero just as my fears of a Wonder Woman movie. Only George Perez did a true Wonder Woman showing the gods and amazons. They should do both on scale with Troy the new Robin Hood with thousands of rushing spears etc. Not making them take on some silly villains.

    (where was I?)

    Anyway, I believe the Avengers movie is just a way to get and make money as was making a JLA comic/Avengers. their characters sell so put them all in a group. Like I say Batman with Superman Thor with anybody? Tell me if Thor was getting his a** kicked Oden wouldn’t send down all of Asgard? It’s just as the comics a way to sell toys.

    Let’s hope the powers that be though don’t tamper with Downey as Iron Man. Still despite silly casting of Johanson (and yes guys there is a bra seen they had to put in there to show her ‘talents’. As they had to have that chick that played Sue storm in her undies). No talent but eye candy. Next they’ll place losers/winners of American Idol as our heroes because it’s what America wants.

  22. Personally, I think that the “lead in” films are just the thing that some of the lacking movie-goers need. Iron Man 2 did serve as a “lead in” as well as a justifiable sequel. Personally, I am glad that the studio has done what they did with Iron Man 2. To call it, alone, the “Avenger’s Prequel” may be a bit short thought, as you would then have to go back to The Incredible Hulk showing all of the Stark related military equipment and mentioning the super soldier program as both a prequel to The Avenger’s and Captain America, and then once again go back to the first Iron Man having the little tease of Nick Fury at the end as being the true “prequel” to it all.

    As far as many of today’s movie-goers go, having lead ins to upcoming titles may be a good thing, primarily because a surprising amount of today’s youth that watches these movies, despite their fascination with comic book movies, honestly have no clue as to who is really who, or what the story really is. As a prime example to this, I add that I took my 62 year old mother to watch this, because, and get this, it was her idea. She caught on to little references made throughout the movie as well as easily knowing who the post-credit sneak-peak was about before they even showed it just from the location the agent had mentioned in the film, while a number of younger people in seats below us had no clue what that post credit sneak was about.

    So, I say, let the studios have their lead ins. Iron Man 2 had the room for it, because it was no longer an origin story. They had already done that.

    Personally, I’m just glad that its the same production company, with the same group of writers, directors, producers, and consultants working on all of them in some form or another as opposed to Fox’s wonderful crap fest that was the X-Men franchise.
    If I had never read the X-men comics, I would have loved those films, but because I knew the stories, I hated those films with a fanboy passion.

    • @DB

      I don’t mind the lead in films. I think they stand on their own and references to the Avengers movie can only be a good thing. I do feel however that the Avengers film has to surpass the lead in films on a far grander scale.

      The story narratives, the drama, the action, the adventure and some elements of fun must be carefully balanced for this film to have a great cinematic impact. It really needs to be an epic masterpiece beyond anything MARVEL have given us thus far.

      MARVEL STUDIOS will no doubt come up with a great script. The actors are coming together but I believe they should go all out and employ an experienced veteran movie Director, not freshmen from TV land.

      I agree with your comment concerning the X-Men franchise. It’s been a major disappointment for me as well. I have almost collected the entire run of “Uncanny X-Men” plus a whole lot of other related titles and it breaks my heart to see these counterfeit adaptations up on screen.

      Fox simply don’t have the passion, the integrity, the respect for the original mainstream source material, the work ethic or the right people to faithfully represent MARVELS’ characters.

      You know if films like “Sin City”, “Hellboy”, “Batman Begins”, “TDK”, “Watchmen” “Incredible Hulk” “Iron Man 1 & 2 ” can be faithfully adapted, it makes you wonder why certain other film makers can’t do it.

  23. Nope, it’s just YOU feeling that way.

    • @Emmett

      The Fantastic Four was an abominable film released by Fox Studios not MARVEL. Get your facts right for a start. Your analogy about Playboy & the vatican is a poor one to say the least.

      Furthermore I think everyone on this beautiful planet especially folks on this bulletin are willing to give Chris Evans the benefit of the doubt. He may actually surprise us all with his portrayal of Captain America.

  24. Iron Man 2 should have been entitled “Tony Stark.” Personally, I thought Iron Man 2 could have (and should have) been a lot better for a LOT of reasons. Im no fanboy, just someone who likes to see a movie done RIGHT. The Dark Knight set the bar very high for superhero movies. In Dark Knight, you see Batman more than you see Bruce Wayne, whereas you hardly even see Iron Man except for the last scene (which WAS entertaining). The Monaco scene was cut so short it was crazy. I was expecting more, plus most of it was on youtube weeks before the movie was out. I don’t even want to mention the scene with Rhody. That was terrible IMO. There were two villans in DK (3 if u count scarecrow), whereas they try to combine two (whiplash and crimson dynamo) in IM2. Imagine Chris Nolan trying to combine Two Face and the Joker into one character. Thats what they did in IM2. I remember reading a while back where they were having trouble putting the script together, and they were doing some of the script on site. I could really tell.

  25. I did however enjoy the plot as to how Tony Stark created the Mark VI suit, him having to save his own life and all. And I liked Black Widow and Nick Fury’s roles in the movie, not too much screen time but just enough to establish a presence. I enjoyed the movie overall, but it definitely could have been a lot better.

  26. @emmett and @magnetic eye fantastic 4 is being remade wit a whole new cast just like hulk was so dont worry chris evans has signed on for 10 movies as capt america so he’s pretty booked up. and i have to say i dont judge anyway anymore cuz i thought robery downey jr was a lil old for iron man and edward norton for the hulk and they both blew me away so dont judge till u see it