‘The Avengers’ Introduces New Character Costumes

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The Avengers Movie Costumes The Avengers Introduces New Character Costumes

The Avengers isn’t just another film for Marvel Studios. It’s the cornerstone event they’ve been planning carefully for years and the true beginning to their long-term franchising and merchandising plans. You can go into stores right now and see the “Avengers Assemble” tagline on the Thor action figures. It was even on their Easter chocolate!

One of the best ways to merchandise, as we see from the Transformers films, is to either introduce new characters and vehicles, or to introduce new designs of those through new costumes. A lot of what we’re seeing in the Marvel Studios films and their adaptations of their characters draws inspiration from the Ultimates line of comics, and we expect as much from their costume designs in The Avengers.

One of the most exciting aspects of superhero movies and certainly a topic which brings the most criticism and attention are the designs of the superhero costumes. We saw it with Thor and Captain America and we’re currently seeing a lot of it with The Amazing Spider-Man.

So on that note, let’s run down what we know and expect from the costumes of The Avengers:

  • Captain America will sport a new costume in The Avengers, as confirmed by Chris Evans in a recent interview. Expect a design less padded-looking than his WWII era one, perhaps something more akin to his modern comic designs.
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will likely wear the same S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit from Iron Man 2 but her hairstyle will be different, sporting shorter red locks at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this week (see photo below).
  • Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) always has a new suit of armor to show off. In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark introduced audiences to the Mark V, Mark VI outfits. That’s his “thing” and each new design means another new toyline! Maybe Whedon will introduce the Hulkbuster armor?
  • Thor (Chris Hemsworth) only has one Asgardian superhero costume in his introductory solo film, but come time for The Avengers where he again helps his Earthly friends, he will undoubtedly get a new costume as well. Expect something more modern and techy as an alternative to his red cape.
  • Hawkeye’s costume will be closely designed after his outfit in the Ultimates line of comics. No purple spandex for Jeremy Renner.
  • Nick Fury’s black shirt-black pants-black trench coat gets an upgrade in The Avengers as well, as Kevin Feige points out that Samuel L. Jackson will sport a “slightly redesigned outfit with the eye patch.”
  • Hulk doesn’t need a costume, but he’ll be closely designed after the likeness of Mark Ruffalo, even down to the hair on his chest.

Here’s a gallery which includes Scarlett Johansson’s new, shorter red hair, Hulkbuster concept art and a few costume designs from Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics.


With The Avengers only a few days into production and anticipation at a high with Thor debuting in North American theaters this weekend, fans are eager to find out more about their favorite Marvel heroes and future plans for the franchise. According to Marvel President Kevin Feige, we’ll be finding out about their upcoming slate of films later in the summer, likely at Comic-Con.

Which costume design would you like to see your heroes wear?

The Avengers is written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: StyleList, Collider, MTV

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  1. You know it’s interesting to note that great wardrobe can even filter down into designs for everyday clothing for the person on the street. The subtle inclusions are sometimes interesting and amusing…

    • That reminds me of the 80′s when the Thriller and Miami Vice outfits were the rage :p

  2. Thor´s cape looks great, leave it alone, please.

    • I mostly agree with you… but I kind of like Cap’s costume that he sports in Captain America: The First Avenger… it looks real… like something that someone would wear in real life.

      • yes indeed i agree :)

    • And I also HATE the Ultimate’s version of Thor: the stupid biker costume and the hammer that isn’t a hammer… I mean what were they thinking? The costume he has in Thor (the movie) wasn’t too bad though… sure it looked a little like the Ultimates but still very original.


      • have you read new ultimates VS ultimate avengers vol 1… Thor has brought his traditional hammer into the picture he no longer uses the axe hammer this version of thor thoguh doesnt just use a hammer he uses a sword an axe and other weapons he doesnt limit hiself to just one but the hammer his uses in this book is his mjolnir. but you cant be telling me the Ultimate thor costume would look just plain badass in live action along the lines with a modern cap with a kevlar suit and cowl (the old one had padding because it was designed for the 40′s before kevlar was invented but i do admit the scailmail is a must) and it will probably be a more slimed down iron man suit like the one in age of x avengers. but thats what i forsee everything eles is just unrealistic in terms of evolving the characters into a more sleek and modern context.

        • sorry for the misspelling im tired..

        • No, I haven’t read it but i’ll read it if I get my hands on a copy. I still say no to the Ultimate’s Thor costume though… sorry.

  3. With what MARVEL is pushing forward with their plans like this.. Just keep em comin..

  4. well i really want to see alot more hulk, and im very excited to see the leader hope he makes it into the film too.

    • I’d like to see him too but I doubt he will be in Avengers. IH2 probably but we know Loki will be the brains behind the mayhem in the Avengers so what’s left is lesser villainy lol

    • Yeah, me too. Are we going to get Hulk 2?

  5. I’m not really a big fan of the Ultimates. When I read the Ultimates comics I always though… this feels a little more real – and thats why I think Marvel is going with that version, because it feels more real.

    I doubt Thor will have a new costume though… I mean why would he?
    Everyone knows Iron Man always has a new suit, Cap’s new suit (saying new even before we’ve seen the OLD one in theaters LOL) will also have a valid explanation in the movie (why he is getting a new one). The SHIELD agents will probably wear clothes with the logo on or something… so everyone kind of has a reason for having new gear… but why would Thor have a new costume? There is no reason…

    • he would have a new costume for new toy designs new direction just doing somthing the old one didnt they want to do somthing new with the movie not the same old stuff and the ultimate design for thor is way better than the Normal continuity i mean he looks dorky as hell

  6. As long as they look bad ass im good

    • Yeah! Rock on!

    • yeah

  7. Most of us (me included) had already guessed Cap was going to get a new costume. While the leather works nice in WW2 against Nazis it jsut doesnt do well against higher level villians.

    Black Widow a hair style change….. she has had a few in the books.

    Ironman is always improving upgrading his base armor not to mention specialized suits.

    Nick wears a uniform.

    The Hulk as long as its purple….

    Thor (IMO) will go less flashy/techy and will look more like the Ultimates version.

    Hawkeye since we havent really seen him… well I dont think it will change much from that.

    So I dont really see this as a big change in costumes. Tweaks here and there, common sense changes but I only see one major costume change and thats in Cap, which most of us expected anyway.

    • I agree with you on the first part but you lost me on the second… shades with the mask?

      Also, Hawkeye doesn’t need stuff to tell him the wind speed, etc. That is his super power… an expert archer… he can tell for himself how far, what resistance. If he had all these gadgets he would just be a normal guy.

      • From an official profile on Hawkeye:

        “While Hawkeye has no superhuman powers (with the exception of the period when using Pym particles to become Goliath), he is at the very peak of human conditioning; he is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and a grandmaster marksman, having been trained from childhood in the circus and by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman. Hawkeye has also been thoroughly trained by Captain America in tactics, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat. Hawkeye excels in the use of ranged weapons, especially the bow and arrow, and carries a quiver containing a number of customized “trick-arrows”. In his role as Ronin, Barton shows great proficiency with the katana and other melee weapons. “

        • All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t hurt to have additional Stark help with those shades. It could give him an extra edge. The mask could also be made of synthetic silk fiber or something to work as a helmet and protect him from getting badly hurt if he gets punched by a super hero. He’s not a super hero.

          I think that would make the mask actually make MORE sense and be more realistic than just have him not wear a helmet. He’s dealing with extremely dangerous and lethal Super-Human beings. He above all people should have some head gear.

          In real life there are new bullet proof vests in development that utilize silk and are layers multiple times over itself. The vests are much more flexible than the heavy stiff vests they have now. Maybe Tony Stark found a way to do something million times more advanced than that- that can absorb a large percentage of kinetic energy. I’m just sayin…. lol

  8. I hope they don´t go with the Ultimate look of Iron Man. I´m a fan of Ultimates 1 and 2 and Iron Man looks cool in it. But I think a slightly different version of his movie armor would be better for the movie.

    • I agree. Loved Ultimates 1 & 2, hated 3.

      They won’t use those Iron Man designs though, but Hawkeye will look pretty cool, like his early Ultimates uniform, not the third.

      • Yeah. The whole Ultimate Universe went downhill when Jeph Loeb came on board. He pretty much destroyed everything that Millar created. All of a sudden the realism was gone. Now it´s nothing more than a cheap copy of the 616 universe…

        • have you read anything from the Ultimate line lately it does resemble 616 at all, pretty much all the big names are getting whipped out the Xmen only have like 3 X men left the rest are all new. I dont especially care for the Ultimate line since Ultimatum but its no where near 616 now..

          • No, I haven´t read any Ultimate title since Jeph Loeb came along and made Magneto kill his own mother. He made Wolverine the first mutant. He wrote (in Ultimates 3) that Magneto and Xavier crashed into the Savage Land. A couple of months later (in Ultimate Origins) he wrote that Magneto INVITED Xavier into the Savage Land. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Bendis wrote that Fury was in an indian College ten years ago, but all of a sudden a grown up Fury fought in WW II side to side to Wolverine and Kingpin´s grandpa. Not only did Loeb destroy everything Bendis and Millar came up with, he even contradicted his own stories within a couple of months.

            Your turn.

  9. WOuld love to see the HulkBuster armor get torn to shreds by the Hulk.

    • Yeah!!!!!!! lol

  10. I concur about the Hulkbuster armor – freaking sweet to see that thing on screen and then watch as it gets brutally ripped to shreds by Hulk only for Thor to come in and save Tony at the last second. (At least that’s what I’m seeing in my head right now)

    • ^^Ditto

  11. THOR-I think that the ultimate Version of Thor would be cool for his costume , not the Hammer.

    Cap , I also think the Ultimate Version would work well for this also. like the idea of him wearing a more combat ready costume, combat boots, utility belt and pistol, i think Tony will switch it to a more none lethal variety.

    Widow, I think the uniform can stay mostly the same, However I want to see her use the stingers

    IronMan , just upgrade the suit and lets see atleast 3 different Armors, Mark VI, Hulk Buster, and then a surprise Suit. They need to stay away from the Ultimate version its to bulky

    Hawkeye, absolutely needs to be the Ultimate Version. However they do need to have Bobbi Morse, as a shield agent as well, i was always a Mockingbird fan

    The Hulk, well they need to leave him alone, I dont want him to look like ruffalo, I dont want hair on the chest, I want the Hulk

    Fury and Hill, I want to see the Black and White costumes, the dark Navy is cool also.

    • No no no. The modern version of Cap. should not include a gun. I know he uses one in WWII and in the Ultimates but I feel that was also a mistake. Cap. should be all about his shield and physical prowess. If he needs to take someone out at range he hucks his shield. I would MUCH rather see that happen because taking someone out with the shield is INFINITELY more visually rewarding and dare I say “heroic” than shooting them with a gun.

      • What he said.

      • THe point of a fight is to win it. When in battle you do whatever is needed to claim victory. You’re not there to LOOK cool. This is the one thing about Batman I don’t like. Since he has no gun. he would be dead in a week when fighting any SMART villain. He can;t dodge a machine gun. He has no super-human powers. Don’t mistake this for hating on Bats, I love the character and all, just using it to show why I think it is OK that Cap has a gun.

        • “When in battle you do whatever is needed to claim victory.”

          Then you become the very thing you are fighting against. Characters like the Punisher and Wolverine have accepted they are the ones that can do what needs to be done WHEN it needs to be done. Others believe there is a system and it works.

          Batman (much like Cap) uses various methods to avoid and or deter damage. Its not that they dont get shot. They just are better at avoiding it and or lessening the impact.

          Its ok in WWII. Modern times people dont see “heroes” as carrying firearms and blasting people as a good thing. Even those that carry weapons only use them in very specific circumstances.

          • Aknot,

            I get what you’re saying, but God forbid anyone ever breaks into your home to harm your family so that you might test those high moral standards.


            • Sorry Vic I think you misunderstood me.

              Im refering to a costumed hero. I mean using Cap to a degree within this conversation any one with a gun could become a hero.

              I have no issue with someone carrying a weapon/handgun if they are versed in the safety and use of it. They also need to know when they should use it and when not.

              I was a Military Police Officer and carried a handgun. I also carried it in the private sector for awhile. However I would not feel safe if just anyone could carry one.

              So if Cap carried it thats great I would assume he has been trained in the use of it, to know when to use it and how to use it. However in todays times a super hero (like Captain America) should have no need to kill anyone. That is all a weapon is for. Its not a warning device, its not a wounding device. It is designed to kill.

              In a War killing is expected. In a Police environment (which is what SHIELD/Avengers are just a police force with the ability to handle more powerful criminals) they should not have the War or “When in battle you do whatever is needed to claim victory” mentality.

              • EDIT…
                Should have LITTLE need to kill someone.

              • Aknot,

                “In today’s times”? Really? Send Cap to East LA or the more crime-ridden areas of Chicago. If he can’t dodge bullets he’d be in deep trouble.


                • BUT he can dodge a bullet. He is also superhumanly stronger/faster etc then those people in those places. So he already has an advantage hence should not need the sidearm.

                  The police have to follow the rules of the least amount of force necessary. Why should it not apply to “superheroes”?

                  I mean for that matter why not have police just shoot people for crimes that dont necessitate deadly force. Why not allow everyone to openly carry handguns. I mean Id hate to see road rage in that condition.

                  So you would say (if Cap was real) send him in those troubled cities with his sidearm (heck why not just give him an AR), shield and suit letting him clean house…. I mean they could do that with the Military.

                  Dont get me wrong I see the issues and I understand them however it sounds like you may want to go back to an Old West style society. Back then I can see but we have come to far and have other methods in which to address issues like this instead of shooting first.

                  The problem (IMO and maybe getting a little OT) is the way the guilty are tried, convicted and punished. Yes im all for the death penalty and for stiffer penalties for habitual criminals. Not to mention I applaud things like the Tent City jail in Arizona I believe it is.

                  Just because you have a super power or an ability over those that you are policing does not mean you can use unbridled force.

      • Actually Cap didn´t use a gun in The Ultimates. At least not in Ultimates 1, 2 and 3 (in which he barely participated; thank you Mr. Loeb).

      • Mongoose, I agree with you on that one.

      • yes yes yes, especially after waking up in the future, He is a solider first and if you read i also said that Tony would immediately step in and change his fire arm to a non lethal variety. How ever there is no way a solider would surrender his side arm. Realistically Speaking
        Also im not disagreeing on the use of the side arm , but he should be carrying it, also as a solider and I am assuming still in the Military, under SHIELD Jurisdiction, Fury would issue him a side arm.

        • Soldiers do not carry sidearms in the military. There are some exceptions (Military Police, Tankers, etc) however for the most part its a rifle.

          Why would Tony change it to a non lethal weapon? (just asking) I would much rather have a sidearm in the hands of a trained soldier then a super suit that could level a building in the hands of a million dollar playboy…. :D

  12. No clunky fat-boy bun-buster armor for Iron man. Please keep him sleek; in fact, he looked good in the armor he sported in the 60s and early 70s (not the chunky stuff he first made in a cave in Asia, I mean the early red/golden armor). Change Cap from the first movie’s jock-head strap-on army-surplus stuff, and put him in the costume also from the 60s or 70s comics (yeah, wing-head and all!). Hawkeye also needs to look like he did in the early Avengers comics, purple & blue, & if you think that looks “flaming” (I don’t), try telling him that; I think it looks fine. We do need to suspend reality a bit, or else the rest of us need to fly around saving the world in our cut-off jeans and Bear Whiz Beer T-shirts, if we’re so fashion-plate-conscious. We don’t need everything to look like black leather, which any schmoe at the local bar wears. Generally the comic designs, which made our heroes famous, –REMEMBER?– look just fine for the most part. How do you think we remembered who they were, or how they got famous with that unique look? It wasn’t by looking like Skateboard Willy, Paco El Punko, or The Cosby Kids. Here, you want hot? Look at some of the old comics where Black Widow & Hawkeye had a thing, when the Avengers team was Cap, Goliath (Hank Pym, who’s blue and yellow costume rocked back in the day), Wasp, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, & Scarlet Witch. If Natasha were sitting at the bar in her skin-tight black body-suit, mysterious mask, and fish-net stockings (nylons, or whatever one might call them), tell me you wouldn’t buy her a drink! Looked good then, would look great now. Thor looked pretty good in the comics in the 60s and 70s, too, something for future costume designers to remember, so listen to your elders, everyone (I’m 53 chronologically, but still very young at heart), and let the comics be your guide: clothes do sometimes help to make the man! Call me unevolved, but durn burn it, stop modernizing!

    • While I sympathize with your POV, I’m 40, if we want people to take CBM’s seriously we can’t just slap on those early costumes. It would make them a joke. No one would believe in a serious comic book movie about Cap when he shows up in bright red and blue spandex, sporting wings on the side of his head.

      • I think Cap´s Ultimate costume could work if it´s made of the right fabric (no spandex but kevlar). But Hawkeyes costume would look ridiculous. That´s why Wolverine didn´t wear a mask in the movies (since it looks almost the same). Just my two cents…

        • agree, even though it would look cool if they had one made and it was hanging on the wall or something, especially for like Hawkeye, you have banner walk in and see the costume Banner- whats whit the purple tights, Hawkeye turns around closes the closet door and says, “something from my days in the circus.” Banner – always kinda thought you where a clown. lol Hawkeye – laugh it up Jade Jaws. you’d fit right in with the bearded lady and the half man half Jack ass.

          • I think if you base Hawkeye’s mask on the Movie version of Captain America which looks pretty cool, you have something to work with. You can minimize the horns, it can still be there, cause its iconic, but it will still work. I think it would work. So, dont GIMME ANY LIP!!! LOL jk.. :)

            No I think it might work. I am guessing maybe they have done tests with it and they saw that it didn’t who knows. I hope they give it a shot though. I think it makes more sense. Lets write to our local congressman.

        • @Scapegoat, Wolverine’s costume would work well if it’s the brown and tan one(not yellow and blue) or specifically his new gray and black X-Force costume NOW THAT ONE IS BADASS. The only reason for him to wear it would be for his first missions with Alpha Flight and the Canadian government special ops.

      • Caps ultimate’s costume would work. We don’t need the wings, but i do like the scalemail armor. I can work.

      • If people can buy Superman in his red and blue skivvies, and batman in his bat-costume, Spiderman in his web-suit, and Green Lantern in his mean, lean, green-looking duds, sure I could buy Cap, Hawkeye, etc. in their early comics duderinos (Cap’s wing-head and all!). Why not? If we couldn’t buy all this, why are we not at home watching a tear-jerker drama instead of a CBM?

        • @ Goldilocks

          You got a point there & i agree. Especially with Capt. America’s & Hawkeye’s early costumes made to look modern. Heck, Hawkeye could have a mask similar to his counter part on Avengers: United They Stand animated series the costume in the new animated series now. Like Superman, Captain America should be the easiest even to apply the wings on to look great imo. As seen in the picture above, i bet the could make Capt. America’s costume just as great.

        • You forgot about Hulk’s purple pants. LOL.

          Seriously though folks, we believe that some costumes just wouldn’t work in the movies based on assumption. But i have not yet heard any of the producers and directors say that they tried a test pilot with the actual costumes frOm the books (probaly with SLIGHT alterations) to honestly make the jugdement that “it won’t work.” Honestly, Goldilocks, I do think that Cap’s wings may be able to work in a modern day live-action movie. I think because people tend to think in the rationale that “we would never see someone wearing something like that in real life,” why they would assume, without seeing the movie first, that it won’t work.

          I understand that when we watch movies we mentally view them in real time and with a rational mind (that is, believing and wanting to believe that such things can happen in our reality). This is what makes for an excellent movie experience (and why Marvel has been beating out DC in comic book sales for years: because Marvel imputs actual buildings, places, and real people, such as President Obama and other celebrities in their fictional books. It gives their superheroes and the rest of their fictional world a sense of realism. DC doesn’t do this). Which explains why it is important for a movie to be well written, and have a good plot, because without them it cheapens our movie experience. I believe this is why 3D is exciting for some people because while they are looking at a movie and saying in their subconscious mind “this can happen in real life, 3D adds to those thoughts by giving them a physical experience of the film “jumping out” at them, though that “jumping out” aspect is holographic, and therefore not real in and of itself.

          With that said, people need a reasonable explanationa as to why Cap is wearing wings on his helmet for them to accept him wearing the actual comic book wings in a movie based in our real time. Perhaps the wings symbolize the American bald eagle which is the United State’s national bird and symbol for freedom. Perhaps Cap, who was frozen in a block of ice for decades, decided that since he has missed more than 50-60 years of the earth’s existence as well time in his own era, decides to have somethings on his suit changed to adapt to modern day weaponry (such as the scalemail armor), but keeps the wings (from the comic books) as a symbol of the 40s since that is when he is from.

          I said in another blog that we don’t need cap’s wings, but that’s because having them painted or stitched into his helmet/mask would not be a drastic change for most of the fans (in my opinion) to complain. But will the extended wings from the comic books look ridiculous in a live-action film? I’m not so sure. Again, if the audience has a reasonable explaination as to why Cap is wearing such wings protruding from his head, it will be accepted.

          Yesterday I posted how I dislike the suit they gave Thor in the movie. Again, he looks like a man wearing a black business suit with a red cape attached to it (ironically, I saw pics online of an actor in the same Thor business suit at the NY Stock Exchange, as Marvel was promoting the movie. The thor business suit made him fit right in with the rest of the well dressed members inside of the NYSE). Thor’s battle suit from the regular Marvel U (NOT the Ultimates Universe) would work because as I stated, Thor is not from earth, and him being banished from asgard to earth is a well enough explanation as to why he is wearing a romanesque-type battle suit in modern day 2011, whenever he changes from donald blake to Thor. On the flip side, thor’s business suit does not, in my opinion, fit whenever we see him (in the trailers) in Asgard. Everyone else is wearing armor or animal skins, and he is fighting ogres and giants (as we see in the trailer). A business-like suit just does not fit that whole scene/setting because he is out of place. But his battle suit from the original Marvel Universe is more reflective of the whole Asgard scene/setting. Therefore having thor wear the battle suit he has in the original Marvel U is what they should have gone with.

          Also, Goldilocks, I thought the same thing when it came to Bale’s batman. We accepted the long pointy ears on his cowl, and we accepted the cape. With that said, it makes no sense for these same people to complain about Hawkeye’s cowl/mask? Good point on superman too. They went with the traditional suit for Superman yet no one complained about it (the suit that is). It can work for Cap too.

  13. I see some people rag on the bulky Hulkbuster armor but you have to realize that Stark made the armor to go against the Hulk; it has to be able to withstand an unimaginable beating. Now if they do go sleek, I would say use adamantium somehow, maybe after Thor saves Tony from the Hulk after he rips the hulkbuster armor to pieces. But I wouldn’t be against the bulky Hulkbuster armor.

    • it would have to be vibrainium fox has the rights to adamantium

    • @Kahless I agree with you and the reason why it’s designed that way is so that Hulk wouldn’t be able to get his hands around Iron Man’s limbs or neck or grab his head(hence the Juggernaught-esque helmet).

  14. Black Widow: As long as it’s tight and dark, I’m good.

    Thor: I’m hoping they replace the leather pants with the metal leggings to complete the look. Everything else looks fine.

    Iron Man: Hulkbuster sounds nice. I wouldn’t be upset if we saw the Stealth or a revamped Silver Centurion armor either.

    Cap and Hawkeye: No judgment until I see the movies.

    • @Iron Patriot, Yeah, I think Black Widow wearing her short Nikita-esque style hair and her charcoal colored outfit with the black spider on it would be extremely sexy and perfect.

    • Yeah, as long as it’s tight and dark, I’m good too.

  15. I really think that when they finally make a real x-men movie or x-men origins: Storm, they are going to go with mohawk storm, though they probably won’t put her in a mohawk, but still have her to have her long flowing platinum/white hair.

  16. By the way, Iman or Denise Boutte, to play Storm. can’t go wrong with either one.

    • Do you know how old Iman is now?

      • Fully aware Mr. Outlaw, but you gotta admit she looks just like strom. If they can make sandra bullock look slightly younger and good in the Proposal, they can do the same with Iman. Besides, Fanke Jansen didn’t exaclty look like she was 30 years of age to play jean grey, but for some odd odd odd reason they decided to cast he for the part. Nevertheless, if you are going for a younger look, Denise Boutte is the woman. Remember, storm is one of the oldest members of the x-men, along with cyke, jean, beast, nightcrawler, and of course wolverine.

        • Iman looks just like Storm but she can’t act.

          • Ulik, you would be surprised. She is very good.

            • Yeah, I would be surprised. The only thing that i’ve seen her act in was Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” and she said like maybe two lines like “I want to be entertained” or something along that line. Either way as Kofi pointed out, she’d be way too old by now anyway. If they can find a new young actress that looks like Iman and can act then I’d be all for that.

  17. For Hawkeye i think a variation of his 616 & Ultimate costume would work fine. Hawkeye was a fan favorite b/c he is a cocky jerk who sees the sillyness of a god,soldier, billionaire, geek (pym), king (black panther) & monster working together. For that reson i think he should wear purple on the basis he wants to stand out. Thw base costume would be a combat suit but i would highlight with purple robes (in sense of obi wan in animated clone wars how he combines the jedi robes & clone armor) & hood ( alas green arrow smallvile). I really just dont wanna see SHILED soldier good with arrows & no personality.

    His scene in Thor was less than 90 seconds but from that small bit i did not sense the cocky jerk personality that the recent Avengers animated series has done so well showing.


    • Like I’ve said in previous comments… have the Ultimates costume, get rid of the shades and still have the classic Hwakeye mask. – The robes would look kind of stupid in reality (sorry).

      When thinking of the costume for Hawkeye just remember that Jeremy Renner is the one wearing it… so you have to think if he would look good in it.

      *******POSSIBLE SPOILERS******
      The reason Hawkeye isn’t so cocky in the film is because he works for SHIELD… he’s just another agent (and in real life you don’t see a CIA agent making practical jokes or making bets on who can kill their target first.) But I do think that we will see Hawkeye’s REAL personality in the Avengers.

      • Yea and thats what i kind of feared. I like the former criminal Clinton Barton who works with SHIELD as a black ops agent in order to have his past crimes pardoned. For this reason he is untrusted by his teammates and therefore is able to establish a friendship with the Hulk (not Banner). I only hope they keep him in line with his asshole by nature personality & cynical yet realistic nature giving unfathomable circumstances (i.e. a dead soldier, monster, god, & adrunk billionaire working together). Remmer pulled off that jerk perfectly in Hurt Locker.

        • Ignur Rant,

          Please stop dropping the word a-hole into your comments. You’re causing additional work for me and I’m busy enough as it is.


      • Gotta tell ya

        Possible spoiler her*********************************

        Hawkeye is a bit of a smart ass. Remember when he was talking to Colsen? “Ya wanna send more guys in so they can get there butts whipped?” and, “I’m startin to root for this guy”

  18. They could be wearing torn tee shirts for all I care. It has to be a fantastic story or it will be a horrible disappointment. Thor sux yet the costumes looked ok, kinda plastic.

    I wish they would obsess on story line.

    Think back to the Dark Knight comic book from 1986. That Batman was fat and old and his costume was actually ill fitting and wrinkled like a real outfit, yet the story line was so compelling it redefined, no, SAVED, the entire comic book industry.

    The strength of the Ultimates was not their costumes. It was the story.

    • “The strength of the Ultimates was not their costumes. It was the story.”

      I believe that is the strength all movies of all genres. Example: while the Hulk of 2003 had well known and excellent actors, the movie was garbage because it had no story/plot. In any case, costumes are still important as they reflect the character.

      • The 2003 Hulk was a far better and a good story than the last Hulk movie.I wish that Avengers movie luck because it is so predictable already.

      • It had a fine plot, you just didn’t like it. I thought it was cool.

        • Yeah, TIH wasn’t so bad (nothing wrong with plot – special effects were amazing)… but @ Damian… please don’t call the Avengers predictable.

          • No, that’s not what I wrote. The 2003 Hulk movie was simply called Hulk, while the 2008 movie was titled The Incredible Hulk. The 2003 movie was terrble and had no plot, while The Incredible Hulk movie (of 2008) was the one that was well done.

      • statement couldn’t be more wrong. strong story and plot were what the “transporter” hulk didn’t have. this is difference you get when you have a two time oscar nominated and winning director (one win) direct the hulk (2003) compared to the transporter and clash of the titans remake action douche (2008) direct the hulk, a story that no one can follow because you have to actually listen, pay attention and allow it to unfold (2003), compared to the other throwing action and melodrama in your face that easily confuses people that that is story and plot (2008). liv tyler finding bruce outside pizza parlor (bbbrrrruuuuuuuuccee?) was so melodramatic and cheesy i puked in my mouth. only good thing about 2008 hulk was the cameos and references to the tv show.

    • Have them all run around in teddy bear costume, i’m sure you wouldn’t mind because the story will be just so great.

  19. Crap! I’m gonna miss the wings!

  20. Cap needs to keep the wings stitched into the costume on the cowl, without them the cowl or his head looks too generic and plain. There is no need to put the protruding wings on his head, that’s what looks silly not the painted on or stitched on wings.

    • DUH!

  21. Imo, Id to see Thor, Capt. America, & Ironman’s costumes as seen in the first picture above this page. Thor, wearing his helmet & red cape. And sleeveless costume. Capt. America’s costume lookin more traditional, with the wings included. And im sure Ironman would look good still. That picture of Hulkbuster armor looks awesome to see on film. I hope Hulk will look just as great as he did in TIH despite chest hair. I thought Hawkeye would look good with a dark purple costume w/ mask. I never liked the ultimate Hawkeye version. Cause some pictures of him, well if he had a trenchcoat, sword & was black he could almost be mistaken for Blade. I don’t mind Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, but not only could i see Stephen Lang pull off Cable in a X-men film but i could also see him be just as great as the other version of Nick Fury.

  22. No, stephen lang must play magneto. Magneto I said. MAGNETO

    • Maybe if they have a script where somehow Magneto reverses his age alittle bit, then yeah he’d Lang be good for the role. But other than that, could save him for that role if they reboot the franchise.

      • The reboot for X-men is what I am waiting for, Mr. West. But when you mentioned Lang for Marvel’s original Nick Fury, I was thinking that he would be good for the role. I did not even think of him as Fury until you mentioned it.

        Ahem, you do realize that Nick is older than Magneto though right? So technically, Lang is far more too young to play Fury. But those are very minor technicalities that are too small to even give attention to seeing that lang does have some years on him anyway. He looks good for both characters to me. Good pick.

        • Stephen Lane would make a great genocidal Asteroid M Magneto. I can see the mass carnage now. Revenge…..

      • Actually Rutger Houher would have been THE PERFECT Magneto. Ah well…..

  23. Honestly people, for a guy to be walking around with a bow and arrow as his primary weapon, I am not so sure that putting a mask on Hawkeye’s face would be silly. If not a full mask as the one he wears in the books, then shrink it down to give him the same mask as Speedy from DC Comics.

    • I agree, im hoping that eventually, once all major (and even less major)Marvel heroes have been properly identified and have a few stories for them, they make the marvel civil war into a movie or two. That would be epic. Although they’s have to buy the rights back to characters like spiderman, FF, etc that are currently owned by other studios.

  24. Hopefully we see them all in their ultimates outfits. Hawkeye especially.