‘The Avengers’ Introduces New Character Costumes

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The Avengers Movie Costumes The Avengers Introduces New Character Costumes

The Avengers isn’t just another film for Marvel Studios. It’s the cornerstone event they’ve been planning carefully for years and the true beginning to their long-term franchising and merchandising plans. You can go into stores right now and see the “Avengers Assemble” tagline on the Thor action figures. It was even on their Easter chocolate!

One of the best ways to merchandise, as we see from the Transformers films, is to either introduce new characters and vehicles, or to introduce new designs of those through new costumes. A lot of what we’re seeing in the Marvel Studios films and their adaptations of their characters draws inspiration from the Ultimates line of comics, and we expect as much from their costume designs in The Avengers.

One of the most exciting aspects of superhero movies and certainly a topic which brings the most criticism and attention are the designs of the superhero costumes. We saw it with Thor and Captain America and we’re currently seeing a lot of it with The Amazing Spider-Man.

So on that note, let’s run down what we know and expect from the costumes of The Avengers:

  • Captain America will sport a new costume in The Avengers, as confirmed by Chris Evans in a recent interview. Expect a design less padded-looking than his WWII era one, perhaps something more akin to his modern comic designs.
  • Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will likely wear the same S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit from Iron Man 2 but her hairstyle will be different, sporting shorter red locks at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this week (see photo below).
  • Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) always has a new suit of armor to show off. In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark introduced audiences to the Mark V, Mark VI outfits. That’s his “thing” and each new design means another new toyline! Maybe Whedon will introduce the Hulkbuster armor?
  • Thor (Chris Hemsworth) only has one Asgardian superhero costume in his introductory solo film, but come time for The Avengers where he again helps his Earthly friends, he will undoubtedly get a new costume as well. Expect something more modern and techy as an alternative to his red cape.
  • Hawkeye’s costume will be closely designed after his outfit in the Ultimates line of comics. No purple spandex for Jeremy Renner.
  • Nick Fury’s black shirt-black pants-black trench coat gets an upgrade in The Avengers as well, as Kevin Feige points out that Samuel L. Jackson will sport a “slightly redesigned outfit with the eye patch.”
  • Hulk doesn’t need a costume, but he’ll be closely designed after the likeness of Mark Ruffalo, even down to the hair on his chest.

Here’s a gallery which includes Scarlett Johansson’s new, shorter red hair, Hulkbuster concept art and a few costume designs from Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics.


With The Avengers only a few days into production and anticipation at a high with Thor debuting in North American theaters this weekend, fans are eager to find out more about their favorite Marvel heroes and future plans for the franchise. According to Marvel President Kevin Feige, we’ll be finding out about their upcoming slate of films later in the summer, likely at Comic-Con.

Which costume design would you like to see your heroes wear?

The Avengers is written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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  1. Cap’s TFA costume is alright imo but me along with everyone else wants to see something closer to the comics, whether its the 616 version or Ultimates.

    Widow’s costume, being a combination of the comics costume and SHIELD costumes, should also be seen on Smulders Maria Hill..as long as those two are in those outfits I dont care if their hair is shorter…

    Iron Man is a given to change

    I’d leave Thor’s costume, I personally loved it plus its nice to see a character with a cape on but just maybe wear the helmet a bit more…

    Hulk,Hawkeye and Fury have already been stated

    • I agree. I personally LOVED the Cap costume from the First Avenger film, it really seemed truthful but also visually broke up dull spots on his body. I loved the red straps – not liking this new costume AT ALL! It looks goofy! I hope it looks better once the film is actually edited for release. I hate the minimized white bands on his arms and the goofy looking gloves and boots. Why fix what isn’t broke??? I thought they were using an updated version that they kept showing of the older uniform, just with a tighter fit? This one looks seriously goofy. I liked the loose fitting one from the movie much more! And what’s up with the blue belt pouches??? They should be brown or dull red to break up all the blue on his costume. Im an artist so Im a bit picky here. He looks TOO blue!! And the blue is too saturated or bright, it needs to be duller. What are they doing to Cap?!! Im so afraid he will look terrible on screen, I know these are production shots but Im worried here! Please stop udating costumes that are already perfect!! God I wish I was a consultant on films like this! Why not just keep the great costume design and just place him on the Avengers? I mean..he IS from WW2? Just becuase he’s in the modern world doesnt mean he has to have a high tech costume. The costume should be unique to the character..that’s what GIVES them character!! If you slim his body down too much his cowl will look too big and disproportion his look. STOP MESSING WITH CAP’S COSTUME!! Stick with what looks good and works please!!!!

  2. Where is the LEADER!?!?!?,and Ultron???

  3. I am excited for the Avengers! I hope that the plot has Sub-Mariner as the villain.

  4. I do hope we see iron man in the hulkbuster suit in a fight with the hulk because since I 1st heard about this movie and iron man being in it the 1st thing that came to mind was the hulkbuster suit.

    • Exactly what I thought as well… but Iron Man should wear it for the whole movie… just like one or two action scenes. Have his Mark 6 (or Mark 7) in all the other stuff.

  5. What?! Agent Coulson doesn’t get a costume upgrade :p

    Seriously, I can see a Hulkbuster IM outfit like that one- even if instead of the Hulk they wind up fighting Skrulls or Thanos. (or whoever)

  6. BS Ultimates Costumes Yuk!! Cap is not Cap with no Wing on his head and The Ultimates never did it for me! Classic Avengers or nothing I wont bother with it if ultimate version . What a let down!!

  7. Thor needs his cape. Looks like something’s missing without it. Cap is cool, bu that Hulkbuster armor? Meh. Iron Man looks like a ladybug…

  8. In the picture above, is Thor swinging an axe?

    • It seems to be a variation of a war hammer or aptly named hammer axe. :D

  9. I really like the picture above of Thor it would be awesome if they used that concept for the Avengers . I can’t wait for this movie I’m really hoping to see some Hulk smash Hulkbuster armor, as for Hawkeye I hope they go with his Ultimates armor

  10. They got Cap’s suit right in Dana Carvey’s Master of Disguise. When I saw that I said to myself, ‘I’d love to see this Captain America.’

    But seeing what they’re doing with First Avenger, I am a little concerned we won’t be getting that look by the time The Avengers comes out.

  11. I actually really like the costumes as seen in the picture at the very top of the page… I think it’d be cool if all 3 looked like that. Especially Captain America, i want to see something closer to the classic costume and the one on the pic is really cool, and then Thor. Ive always liked the sleeveless look. Im pretty confident that Iron Man will look fine anyways, he’s been thru 6 armors on screen that all were good so i dont think theyll screw it up now.

  12. I don’t like the Iron Man outfit suggested here. He looks like Buzz Lightyear.

    • I agree. Iron “Man” still has to have a humanoid head, in my opinion. Also, I really like Thor’s costume in the film. If it ain’t broke…

    • that wouldnt be what he has the whole movie its just the armor he uses to deal with the hulk in the comics

  13. Iron Man’s Hulkbuster costume looks like Tubby Tuba after eating a big old box of Hostess Ho-Hos to the “unth” degree. Stick with the sleeker armor of the 60s and 70s. As for all the others, keep the costumes like in the 60s comics! Clothes do help make the man (or woman).

  14. what you guys fail to realise is that the hulkbuster iron man armor you see above came out in the early to mid 90′s. so actually it is going well with the current trends of his armors in the movies. way before buzz lightyearj….serously you guys watched toy story? lol ok…

  15. Why isn’t Edward Norton playing the Hulk?

    • Very old news — but I still think valid question. Ed, buddy, you are so going to be missed.

  16. Edward Norton wanted more money than they could offer.

    • They should have ponied it up..He was once nominated for Best Actor. I don’t hear Erib Bana’s phone ringing anywhere.

  17. Like I said, when I saw Master of Disguise, the ending featured Dana Carvey sporting a Captain America costume. And it was rad. I can accept what they did in the WWII story but without the wings it just won’t be the same.

  18. Plz no Ultimate Thor. Hes a god from Asgard why would he change his costume? No “modern and techy” and leave the cape. The Hulkbuster would be cool to see,Tony Stark builds it to go toe-to-toe w/Hulk. I’m cool with the Ultimate Cap, maybe mix in a little of the Classic, they always do that. Oh also change the SHIELD agents, too. I’m sick of seeing them in suits all the time. They should look more techy like those guys from Splinter Cell.

  19. Thor is easy, just lose the cape and metal sleeves and you have a more Ultimate Thor.

    If RDJ gets too expensive there’s always Charlie Sheen… Demon in a Bottle…

  20. Well it seems we dont have to worry about Thor. According to Chris Evens Thor has his cape. There was a video with the article. The artilce left that part out. But the video didnt.

  21. I hope that this movie has all of the Avengers like Antman and Wasp they are a main part in the team and Wasp even suggested the name of the Avengers. If they don’t have them i think it would be a big let down Marvel spent a lot of time and money on this and they mut forget about some of the two main characters.

    • I totally agree.. but whatever. In the end, I’d rather have an Avenger movie than not. I don’t expect perfect.

  22. thats soo stupid..they should have put spiderman in avengers

    • Confirmed, Spiderman , Antman and Wasp would make it complete.

  23. Wont bother seeing if they do Captain America without any wings on his head the way it should be!

    • It was quite a let-down, wasn’t it? Imagine how Batman’s fans would react if they did that to him.

  24. I’m hoping Hawkeye uses some of his trick arrows in the movie, and not just standard ones.

  25. I agree Hulk buster looks like a leprechaun, please don’t let Tony go out like that. Take of the lady bug head off him, please… And, Thor needs his cape. As for cap and the rest they’re ok. Please I want to emphasize on HB make him look upright, Am ok with his body size and for his legs please make’em more rigid with a lowered upper abdomen… Thanks. By the way love the idea of the shoulder and knee pads