‘The Avengers’ Will Be Told From Captain America’s Perspective

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captain america avengers The Avengers Will Be Told From Captain Americas Perspective

It’s easy to joke about how the teaser trailer for The Avengers makes Joss Whedon’s superhero ensemble look like another Iron Man movie, considering that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) got all the snappy lines and as much, if not more, screen-time than anyone else. Downey can dominate a scene like few others, so there’s legitimate reason to be concerned that he might overshadow his peers in Whedon’s film.

How then do you take Downey’s charisma into account and prevent that from happening? Well, if you’re Whedon, you simply let The Avengers be told from someone else’s perspective.

Here is what Whedon told EW, about his approach to structuring the Avengers‘ narrative:

“I set out with a very simple problem: There is no reason for these people to be in the same movie. So that’s what my movie has to be about.  So much of the movie takes place from Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird ass world. Everyone else has been living in it.”

That makes sense, all things considered. As mentioned before, Downey could end up being too much of a scene-stealer – by contrast, a character like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is by his very nature less accessible, seeing how (in the Marvel movie universe, specifically) he’s a semi-immortal extraterrestrial with almost incomprehensible physical abilities. Likewise, Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is a brilliant scientist who has been living with his “condition” for long enough that the “weird ass world” presented in The Avengers shouldn’t really leave him all that confounded.

Rogers/Captain America, on the other hand, is not only a true “average guy” who’s been granted superpowers, but he’s also a fish-out-of-water in The Avengers. His attempts to adjust to the modern-day world should make for one of the more captivating character arcs in the film. Rogers is an especially empathetic character and a good conduit for viewers who appreciate colorful personalities like Tony Stark’s, but don’t especially relate all that well (see: most everyone).

In conclusion: it sounds like a wise decision to let the film’s events be “seen” through the eyes of Steve Rogers, on Whedon’s part. One can only wonder if that aspect will be more heavily featured in the second Avengers trailer, which could be attached to prints of next month’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - assuming it isn’t released online earlier than that (*knock on wood*).

The Avengers will hit theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Source: EW

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  1. Cap the leader of the Avengers?!

    DONT FRONT NOW! Some folks around theses parts have suggested *otherwise…caught up with the spectical and things. You know who you are….As a George Perez Avenger fan…

    Thanks Joss for keeping it real!

  2. That is smart

  3. what is a George Perez Avenger fan?

    • never mind, i see what you meant.

  4. I think out of the proven actors (RBJ; chris hemsworth and chris evens) chris evans to me is the weakest of the 3. Chris hemsworth plays thor to a key and robert downey junior has more charisma than them all. Idk how I feel about this move

    • I agree an he don’t look like no Captain America from the comics…little too skinny my friends.

  5. The premise makes sense…but of all the characters that have been presented, I just prefer Thor. Who knows, maybe it was just the pacing of the film and his nature, but I can watch Thor every night; the others? Meh. I enjoyed the other 4 films, but there is something about Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor that simply mesmerized me.

    • exactly my thoughts about thor. hemsworth was best choice!

  6. In this case, attention to the dialogues! A leader like Captain America would never underestimate another member of the team: it is not in the character. Cap instead work to join the group.

  7. I still don’t understand why Iron Man gets two movies, but Cap gets one rushed movie. Stupid.

    • what the hell is there to not understand? There was no plans for avengers, or cap films. they came to be because the iron man movie did so well. after the decision to go ahead with the avengers, they have done exactly one film for each of the members (which includes iron man).

  8. I’m sorry I have to disagree with you there, Sandy. Don’t believe this movie (particularly as the first)should be taken from anybody’s perspective. It’s like Whedon is trying to make up for the deficiencies we observed in CA:FA where one of the most interesting parts of the character’s history was omitted i.e. his introduction to the new era. Avengers should not make up for that. Thor’s brief stint in Midgard doesn’t make him any less a ‘fish-out-of-water’ and I disagree that he is any less accessible. Personally, I hope this movie doesn’t become like Xmen movies where Wolverine hugs most of the screen time. From the Avengers movie pix we’ve seen (with Cap in most of the fight scenes) it seems to be tilting in that direction.

    For a first movie, I would prefer a more balanced viewpoint. Not that this development would set the movie back much but it makes me a bit apprehensive that a lot of fans will be screaming injustice on character screen time by the time credits start rolling!

    • in the trailers, cap had the most fighting, iron man had the most talking, hulk was repeatedly hyped as ‘the special feature’, and thor will obviously have his story with the main villain loki.

      the balance so far seems fine.

  9. I think this is a very smart move on the company’s behalf because it keeps the character relavnt as tries to get to the fame that Iron Man and the Hulk already have. Also making the Villian from Thor does the same for that franchise aswhile.

  10. Great.

    I like how Joss Whedon explaining that Steve Rogers will struggle to get used to the mordern day world and how the movie will focused on him more since Captain America is the leader of The Avengers.

    I hope Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and other superheroes in the movie will get a fair amount of screentime.

    I am happy that the movie will be told by Captain America’s perspective, it will make the movie more sense and maybe emintionly.

  11. Great article Sandy.
    And if you look at it in this way: we can all relate to Cap in a certain way (he’s just woken up in this crazy new world with superheroes, monsters, magic, world piece-keeping organisations and new sciences he can’t possibly understand) — I bet, that when most of us watch The Avengers for the first time, we’ll feel like a “fish-out-of-water” ourselves…

    But like I said in the open discussion: even though Whedon said the movie will be told from Cap’s perspective, I still think everyone is going to get a fairly equal amount of screen-time (as Whedon said a few months back).
    I think every time RDJ’s in a scene, that that scene will belong to him (not his fault, he’s just playing an awesome character), but in scenes that don’t feature him, my guess is, they’ll all have about the same “screen presence” as everyone else.

  12. I too think it’s a wise idea to see what all happens in The Avengers film through the eyes of Steve Rogers as he just woke up from a long sleep. Outta of all the characters in the team, Captain America would be the best pick.

  13. I find it odd that so many of guys are assuming Cap will be the leader of The Avengers, just because the movie will be told from his perspective…

    • True, but it would make sense if Cap was the leader in the first Avengers film.

    • @ TheAvenger

      Im not one of them who’s assuming Cap will be field leader in the film. I think we should all wait till see the film before jumping to that kind of conclusion.

      • Im not sure how many action scenes we’ll see but i do know by the last battle they will somehow make Cap stepup & be more heroic then anybody else and save the day,trust me on that one.

    • @The Avenger

      I am one of the ones who believe Cap will be the leader since the story is being told through his perspective. For all of those who thinks he’s just a steroid induced fight alone guy and won’t be the leader in The Avengers…Obviously he was going to seem that way in Captain America: The First Avenger, he was the only one who had the super soldier serum, so anyone else couldn’t keep up…not even Bucky :[ The title even says “The First Avenger” Nick Fury is going to favor him, Cap is a legend war hero. Cap fought RedSkull who had the cosmic cube, I dont think Loki and (unnamed alien race) will be a problem for him to adjust, if anything, the fact that everyone he knew is gone.

      Can’t wait!

    • Cap is the on field commander due to his battle expertise and experience in WW2. Iron Man is the off field commander with an expertise in logistics and tech. But it look like in the theatrical version Nick Fury will be the operations and logistics commander and Tony will bring the tech while Cap remains the tactical on field leader.

  14. i can understand if the first 10 – 15 minutes of the film is based around captain america, but for him to have most of the screen time and especially action is pretty bad. i mean iron man had lasers/guns and flies, thor is god of lightening, can fly and pretty much can’t die, hulk is a giant green insane person that can throw tanks and captain america is a steroid induced person from 70 years ago that throws a shield….
    i really hope they all get a fair share of screen time and that hulk doesn’t get left out with only 5 minus of action.
    i’d rather this be iron man 3 than captain america 2

    • Well Cap has some of the best comics….. Just like Batman(who also has some of the best comics), Cap doesn’t have powers but makes up for it by being resourceful.

  15. For me this is good news, i was blown away by Chris Evans portrayal of Captain America and though the movie had flaws i have to say that Steve Rogers is my favorite of the hero’s in the upcoming Avenger’s film. He is the very heart and soul of what a hero should be. I couldnt wait for him to show up in modern day while watching Captain America, so its good to know that they will pretty much be starting the avengers where Captain America left off. With that said i still want to see Iron Man and Thor have the appropriate amount of screen time but im looking forward to the interaction of those characters with Steve Rogers and how he see’s them and what he thinks of them. Im curious as to what his opinion is of these guys and am very happy to hear that we just might get to see exactly that!!!

  16. Has anyone else noticed Renner’s character in Thor was right-handed, but in the avengers appears to be left-handed? Just something to think about.

    • Ack…
      I remember having this discussion a while back (it got friggin’ complicated and dragged out IMO).

      I think we all came to the conclusion that in the comics, Hawkeye can fire an arrow with his right or left arm (with equal accuracy — that’s kinda his superpower), but since Renner is right-handed, the movie-version of Hawkeye will probably be portrayed as a right-handed archer (or, maybe, the movie-version will also be ambidextrous)

  17. Stop panicking folks, Joss Whedon knows what he’s doing. Serenity, Firefly, Buffy, Angel. All strong ensembles where everyone gets plenty of stuff to do and ther moments to shine (often with just a brilliantly timed one-liner that lingers long in the memory). Just because a significant driver to the film will be the perspective of Cap (logical in my opinion, seeing as he has the most to wrestle with waking up 70 years in the future and is the out-and-out leader of the Avengers) doesn’t mean the others will get sidelined. I think the initial trailer is quite clever by showing you mostly RDJr chewing scenery and acting out as Tony Stark, but I don’t think the film will be as Iron Man-heavy. Just think about how much stuff they cut out. We didn’t see a single frame of the Skrulls but we all know they’re the big bad in the film ahead of Loki. Joss Whedon is a master writer and director, adept at giving main and fringe characters equal time and space to breath and I’m certain The Avengers will be no different. And if he marginalises anyone, we can always write him a strongly-worded letter voicing our disapproval!

  18. Ok I have read all of these comments and you are all forgetting the badass Black Widow and Hawkeye! They didn’t even get to have stand alone movies! Why doesn’t the movie get told from their perspective? To b honest I’d like to see where they came from and what their personalities are. (Just fyi Black Widow seems to be kickass, the only girl in the group & she’s throwing down in the trailer.)Hawkeye to me just seems like a copy of Green Arrow but I’d like to be proven wrong.

    • It looks like Widow and Hawkeye will be pure support and understandably so. For exmaple in IM2 Tony and Rhodey were active in the battle against Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash and his drones while Widow and to some extent Happy did the diry work to get Rhodey back online to assist Tony. We should expect much of the same because if those two were to go head to head with Loki they wont make it long enough to have their own feature films.

  19. I remember scenes with JUST Loki and Tony Stark (i.e. Stark getting thrown from the window at the top of Stark Tower)and the already famous lines:
    Loki “I have an army”
    Stark “we have a Hulk…”

    To me these scenes imply that Tony will be the leader (and possibly financial and technological backing) for the whole Avengers Team. THUS, technically making him the leader. Following movie logic, the main antagonist (Loki) usually has some sort of epic dialogue [see above] with the main protagonist (Stark) emphasizing the hero’s demise.

    To me, the sneak-preview into these scenes clearly show that Tony will be the head-haunch o. Also look at the amount of tailor footage Ironman/Stark were in. Easily 2 to 1 compared to the other characters.

    I definitely see the advantage of having the movie be from Cap’s perspective in that he is the most relateable to the general public. I could see him taking over as leader at the end of the film but I believe at the beginning he will still be in “holy-crap, everyone I’ve ever know is dead” phase until he makes the heroic save at the end…possibly saving Tony’s life and thus a symbolic passing-of-the-torch….

    who knows??? I trust in the big W to make the right decisions as well as RDJ/Evans/ etc to have good input as to the films overall direction.
    can’t wait for the release!

  20. Where’s The Vision? How come he’s getting snubbed? I always thought he was a cool member of the Avengers.

    • But he was never a “founding Avenger” (i.e. in the comics, he only came along later in the story).
      And to have the Vision in The Avengers, they’d have to have Ultron in there too (since he created the Vision).

      Maybe in a possible sequel… but unfortunately, he won’t be in this one.

  21. Its funny how so many people are complaining about Captain America’s ending being terrible and unreal. So yea he didn’t have a head on collision. Does this mean he still couldn’t get knocked out when he CRASH LANDED!?!? lol wow. By the way, was he wearing a seat belt lmao! and there were no escape pods, just those flying bomb things, wich were all gone by the way. O cause yea the original story of him getting frozen was sooo much more realistic. If ya ask me, Captain America shoulda drowned to death in either story line case closed. Being able to survive suspended animation??? FROZEN? Then living after that, yea so realistic. I don’t care what was pumping in his veins! Anyway its a comic book, and the movie is a comic book movie. This is why I don’t care how it ended. It’s a god damn movie, and the comic was a COMIC!. you want something realistic? please…Get over your ego’s, go make your own bright idea.

    • @ DR

      I agree. That’s what think about every movie infact. CBM or otherwise.

  22. O and….If he didn’t get knocked out and, trotted out of the plane….were the hell would he go? whats he gonna do spear a balooga whale? or bash its skull in?….. Yea whatever!

  23. “Avengers” is going to be the biggest thing to happen to comic book heroes since Crisis on Infinite Earths. Just as that was the first comic book of such a stupendously large scale with so dense a concentration of all-stars, this is going to be the first time anything remotely like that will hit cinemas–all the super stars for a big giant comic book movie. You would probably have to go back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, when the industry was practically 100% actor/actress-driven, (nowadays we see a lot more attention to the plot, although the actors’ and actresses’ personalities are still relevant, it’s nothing like it was before) to see any movie with this kind of ‘Star Power’.

    In order of cinema debut:

    The Incredible Hulk
    Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    The Invincible Iron Man
    Black Widow
    The Mighty Thor
    Captain America and his Mighty Shield

    In terms of what makes a good movie, each of these characters have had their identities developed to a greater or lesser extent during their namesake movies….except the SHIELD agents. Though they keep coming up, we still have no idea what they are. We are sort of just accepting so far that they ‘Men In Black’. I’m telling you that a lot of Avengers is going to be showing us and developing the full story behind SHIELD, just as each of the other movies showcased the Superheroes.
    Now what we need is:

    A) Something big enough to require 6-7 heroes, each fully capable of independently kicking ass. Doctor Doom barely challenged the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Doom on the Silver Surfboard did not convince me he was actually a match for “Super Skrull-Johnny Storm”. We need something at least as big as Parallax. Loki can fill for…let’s say about half of that. Loki and the Hulk put together might be able to pose a real threat.

    B) A big giant Hollywood check for special effects that would put our national debt to shame in order to bring said world-threatening threat to the big screen.

    C) Cameos from the The Uncanny X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Too much?

    D) is for Defenders. We have Ghost Rider. We have Hulk. We have Silver Surfer. All we need is a Doctor Strange movie and we can pull them together.

    E) Marvel can make 2 movies a year for about forever at this rate. They’ve broken into the industry, and they aren’t running out of characters anytime soon.

  24. Its gonna be good but I hope with the IRON MAN parts hes NOT just flying around for 45 minutes and shooting his repulsors like in IRON MAN 2…I mean I remember IRON MAN having Super Human strength also and Throwing cars and truck around too in the comics..Lets have some good old fashioned SUPER POWERED BRAWLS for once lets top the TRANSFORMERS fight scenes anybody agree?

    Thank you all.

  25. I dont see why so many other people are upset that Captain America is Going to be the leader in the movie. I love Iron man, and Thor but for some reason they just dont feel right. Captain America has that great leader quality, like it said on the Captain America movie “A weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power”. What was once Caps greatest weakness will end up being his greatest strength. Thor never was weak even as a human, and iron man always had power even before he made the suit. Captain america was the only logical choice

  26. I don’t think people understand perspective, Star Wars as someone has said is really told from the perspective of the Droids, while also showing all the other characters. Perspective is usually how the movie starts out and the feeling you get from that character, I think that the movies that failed to have that perspective such as F4 because they didn’t have that “as seen through the eyes of” moments it was all just comedy and cliche’.

    Cap is a logical choice because this is going to start right after he wakes up thus he meets the rest of the team and gets to know them. I don’t think that anyone in the movie is going to be slighted in the least since Marvel has a lot riding on this being a very successful film.

  27. really glad and excited to hear that Cap will definitely be in the center of this film adaptation. Given the seniority rule Downey Jr. should definitely get the #1 billing, but should never be the case as to who would be the best leader in this team, it would be awkward to hear him deliver the line “Avenger’s Assemble” while Cap is around. Oh btw at first i’m not totally convinced Chris Evans would be the perfect fit to be the Cap but upon seeing the film about 2 to 3 times already i think it’s really meant for him to be the Captain even better than Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal as Thor.

  28. Is it just me or did Evans lose weight since he did Captain America?..Looks a little skinny here in Avengers.

  29. “CAPTAIN AMERICA” wasn’t rushed to me. I enjoyed it very much. And I didn’t expect to. In fact, I liked it better than “THOR” or any of the “HULK” films. I even liked it better than the first “IRON MAN” man, which was more wit and less originality in plot.