‘The Avengers’ Will Be Told From Captain America’s Perspective

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captain america avengers The Avengers Will Be Told From Captain Americas Perspective

It’s easy to joke about how the teaser trailer for The Avengers makes Joss Whedon’s superhero ensemble look like another Iron Man movie, considering that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) got all the snappy lines and as much, if not more, screen-time than anyone else. Downey can dominate a scene like few others, so there’s legitimate reason to be concerned that he might overshadow his peers in Whedon’s film.

How then do you take Downey’s charisma into account and prevent that from happening? Well, if you’re Whedon, you simply let The Avengers be told from someone else’s perspective.

Here is what Whedon told EW, about his approach to structuring the Avengers‘ narrative:

“I set out with a very simple problem: There is no reason for these people to be in the same movie. So that’s what my movie has to be about.  So much of the movie takes place from Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird ass world. Everyone else has been living in it.”

That makes sense, all things considered. As mentioned before, Downey could end up being too much of a scene-stealer – by contrast, a character like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is by his very nature less accessible, seeing how (in the Marvel movie universe, specifically) he’s a semi-immortal extraterrestrial with almost incomprehensible physical abilities. Likewise, Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is a brilliant scientist who has been living with his “condition” for long enough that the “weird ass world” presented in The Avengers shouldn’t really leave him all that confounded.

Rogers/Captain America, on the other hand, is not only a true “average guy” who’s been granted superpowers, but he’s also a fish-out-of-water in The Avengers. His attempts to adjust to the modern-day world should make for one of the more captivating character arcs in the film. Rogers is an especially empathetic character and a good conduit for viewers who appreciate colorful personalities like Tony Stark’s, but don’t especially relate all that well (see: most everyone).

In conclusion: it sounds like a wise decision to let the film’s events be “seen” through the eyes of Steve Rogers, on Whedon’s part. One can only wonder if that aspect will be more heavily featured in the second Avengers trailer, which could be attached to prints of next month’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - assuming it isn’t released online earlier than that (*knock on wood*).

The Avengers will hit theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Source: EW

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  1. Kind of like how the Bryan Singer X-men films were told mostly from Wolverine’s perspective.

  2. I like it. helps even out the character projections a bit. any perspective other than iron man or cap would be weird

  3. Thank god… I was hoping it wasnt a Iron man movie, but with the rest of the avengers… Thank god for Joss to realize this before it was too late.

    • in the animated two-the ultimate avengers-movies,cap becomes also the leader,after he´ll get proofed,and he´s a clear head and have proofen that he can be a good leader,that makes sense.

      • I have no idea what that means.

        • I think @murdok meant: In the animated movie, The Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Captain America becomes the leader, after that he proved he was the right choice.
          I wouldn’t compare Cap to Ultimate Cap though….
          Here is what it should have said: In the avengers comics from the 60s (he became leader after the original members, save Cap, took a leave of absence) Captain America proved himself to be a great leader.

        • Oh and I am not saying Ultimate Cap is better, just that they are different in the choices they make. Plus I like Cap a lot more than Ultimate Cap anyways.

  4. Makes sense and I like the concept as well. Since these are all stand alone charcters – movie wise – I am really interested to see how Josh actually melts them together in a team, egos not withstanding (characterwise per comic and movies)

  5. Thor has not been ‘living’ it. Thor was on Earth for a few weeks at best. Are we to then assume with that Thor is already here?

    “There is no reason for these people to be in the same movie.”

    Why not? There is a global (?) threat that no one hero can address.

    Its not a movie about coming of age or coming out. So I really do not understand the “So that’s what my movie has to be about. So much of the movie takes place from Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird ass world.”

    I mean if there are aliens and gods there are quite a few people (Tony Stark, Bruce, Hawkeye, Black Widow) that have not experienced this “weird ass world”.

    Heck Cap dealt with a guy with a Red Skull as a face, lasers, and giant freaky war machines way before any of the other heroes did, cept maybe Thor.

    Honestly I would probably enjoy it better seeing it from 2 non super powered (or enhanced) characters point of view. We could see how they are viewed by normals.

    Not saying it will be bad or anything but to use the excuse/reason that Cap is the fish out of water is semi lame. Just say he is the leader based on his experience in the military and based on years of the written comics.

    • Joss Whedon for you.

    • Although Cap has always been the unofficial leader of The Avengers

      • Being told from Cap’s point of view is a good move and one that is mirroring Steve’s experience from the first few issues of ‘The Ultimates’ when Cap was found..

        @ Russ,

        Since when?. This is new to me. As far as i know Cap’s always been the Official Leader of the Avengers. During his absence Stark would be second in command followed by Thor but any other time Cap’s always been the leader.

        • Seems like that was the order of authority I remember, at least the “first Cap, then Iron Man” part, and I go back to the comics of the 60s and 70s when I read these titles.
          I always liked the early Avengers, in particular Iron Man and Captain America, although I especially liked when the team was Cap, Hawkeye, Goliath (Hank Pym, yellow/blue costume), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch, with an occaisional cameo by Black Widow as Hawkeye’s gal. That seemed to be the most atmospheric time for group dynamics, plots, characters, etc.

        • tomato tomaato

    • I see your point and it makes the movie feel like a Captain America follow up,dare I say it CA2 and as someone else pointed out the Wolverine and X-Men vibe is all over this.
      Is it because I’m not a big Cap fan? Naw…..

    • Reasons why these Avengers shouldn’t be the leader

      Thor – Conflict of Interest
      Iron Man – Narcissist
      Hulk/Bruce – Split Personality
      Hawkeye – Perfectionist
      Black Widow – Treasonous (it’s going to happen)

      • In the Ultimate Comics, Nick Fury is the leader of The Avengers (and when they’re physically on the “battle-field”, Cap takes charge) – i.e. in the Ultimate U, it’s kinda a shared leadership between Fury and Cap.

        In the Marvel U, Iron Man was the leader at first, but then shortly after they found Cap in a block of ice, he took charge (I believe it was because of Stark’s alcoholism). Throughout the years, other Avengers have lead the team for short periods, but in the current comics, Cap is leader once more.

      • GnarlyHornedOwl

        If we are strictly looking at their cinematic counter parts, ignoring comic book history, It makes a lot more sense for Thor to led thr battle field. A warrior who can give orders. Him taking lead when lacking strength in thr NewMexico evacuation town showed that.

        IronMan is not even wanted for the team and actually Rhodey, with his Military background, would be a better leader than IronMan (possibly Thor as well).

        Cinematic Cap is the worst. There is nothing shown that he can really led a team on the battlefield. If anything it showed he is better on his own and that he will never get laid.

        • if thor would be the leader,that weren´t fair for the others,because he´s a halfgod,but cap is a human who´s wiser,and wno saved the u.s(new york)and choosed to die by a crash in arctis,to save mankind!

          • Thor in the movies is an Alien And in comics he still a full on god.

            You say Cap is a hero, I say an idiot that lacks problem solving skills. Crashing the plane was aa intelligent as shooting your self with the last bullet in the gun so the bad guy couldnt take the gun anduse it on innocent bystanders.

            • Correction: “crash-LANDING the plane”.

              This is something many people didn’t notice: in the movie (which I watched more times than I care to mention ;)), Cap actually landed the plane fairly well (considering the speed he was traveling, the weight of the plane and the fact that the plane was kinda broken), if you look closely (maybe pause the screen at the right time), you can even see the drag marks of the plane as it LANDED (horizontally) on the Arctic ice (i.e. I can say with certainty, he wasn’t an idiot who just nose dived a plane straight into the Arctic)
              For some time, the plane was completely horizontal on the Arctic surface, BUT because he landed on ICE and the plane was incredibly HEAVY, the ice naturally cracked and the plane sunk into the Arctic ice.

            • @ Ignur Rant

              So you think Capt. crashing the plane in the artic where it’s the best unpopulated place is alittle dumb, despite the plane having bombs that could do who knows how much damage that could level cities?

              • @WallyWest
                Yes it was pretty stupid. Using general problem solving skills there were several ways in which he could have survived. Pefect example of building characters around a plot instead of vice versa. It was weak writing in a overall weak story.

                If you say so. I’ve watched the flick once and refuse to ever watch it again but I specifically remember, and other have also agreed, the bomber goes in nose first and it almost flips over end for end. Clearly not what you would wanna do if you were tryin to “crash land” the plane.

                • “nose first and it almost flips over end for end”
                  I don’t know who agreed with that, cause that wasn’t how it happened IMO.

                  If I’d have watched Cap: TFA only once, I’d probably be agreeing with most of what you’ve said about the movie though.
                  But I would suggest that you maybe watch the movie again (when I watched it the second time, I really noticed all the little details – like the way the ship crash-landed and the way how Cap was actually a pretty good leader to the Howling Commandos).

                  So yeah… I seriously recommend that you maybe rent it, or something, because the movie was better the second time round (IMO).

                  • Nope.
                    When the plane crash-landed, the shock of the landing would be enough to knock anyone unconscious (even a super soldier).
                    And even if he didn’t get knocked out, he wouldn’t have had enough time to escape from the plane before it fell through the ice.
                    And even if he DID manage to escape, where would he go? He has no compass, no food, no water, etc. He would die within an hour.

                    Look, there are reasonable explanations for all these issues, but still, it’s a comic book movie and should be criticized as one: that’s why I’ve decided to let go of all my little issues with TDK and just enjoy it for what it was: a great comic book movie.

  6. Well Hawkeye and Black Widow dont have super powers. And Thor has been to Earth manytimes. On the Thor blue ray a deleted scene has sif talking to volstagg thats is been about a thousand years since last they visited. And Fandrel talks about it with Thor saying its not like going to Earth where he flashes a little thunder and lighting.

    • Because otherwise, it would look too spandexy for Hollywood.

    • The utility belt is taken from the pages of ‘The Ultimates’ version of Captain America where he was outfitted with a Utility belt…

    • To hold his pants up.

      (sorry had to)

  7. This sounds like the best way to make sure all the characters are covered while at the same time creating the aforementioned story arc with that splash of humor and action everyone can enjoy

  8. I agree with Whedon’s perspective on this. Also, because the Cap is so idealistic, moralistic, and patriotic, he would be the perfect “anchor” around which all the chaos could revolve, else, it would fly off in too many directions.

  9. the more descriptions i hear about this movie, the more anxious i am to see it. this will (most likely) be my favorite movie of the year

  10. The movie should be told through the eyes of Spider-Man.

    • Yes. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man!

      • How about the Perfomance Artist’s version of Spider-Man?

  11. It makes sense. For some reason the 1st movie I thought of while reading this was Hellboy. The young FBI guy was brought in so you needed to explain what this world he was walking into was all about. At the same time it explains it to the audience.
    I know some people will feel like this is a case of dumbing things down but you have to consider that as many fans that already know how The Avengers work there are going to be much more who know next to nothing or just the very basics. And based on how Captain America ended it’s a perfect way to blend both films so they feel like a continuous story. Rather than forcing the history and background in.

  12. I like this approach, and builds on the rich character development from Cap. Kind of changes my perspective on this film as maybe not being just a bunch of action shots/ mash ups of stuff we’ve seen before.

  13. Cant wait to see cap in avengers Think cap is gonna be the most intersting

  14. Good call mr whedon

  15. I like Thor more. But this is understandable, I hope Thor gets a fair amount of scenes though~!

    • With Loki being the main antagonist, I don’t think you should worry about that!

      • Awesome then :D

        • all I know is the Hulk better smash or I will be thoroiuhly disappointed

  16. I am okay with this

  17. It makes Sense and I like it as Captain America is the Leader of the Avengers and since he has been asleep for over 80 years to wake up into the future to see the change of the real world

    One thing that I really hope to see in this Avengers Movie is a scene where Captain America Steve Rogers trys to look for Peggy Su only to find out that he is an aged woman =( just like in The Avengers Movies Animated series I really hope they put that scene in the movie

  18. So the Avengers will be told from Cap’s perspective such as Star Wars original trilogy was viewed from C-3P0 and R2D2 perspective

  19. I am 38, and as a comic fan for about 30 years, and having the avengers revolve around the Cap is exactly the way it has to be. What makes me excited is I was never a fan of Chris Evan’s smart ass demenor in his many movies. But Captain America, as flawed as it was, showed me that Chris’s performance was the best thing out of the movie. Restrain, respect, nobleness. All those things that Captain America is all about. He is the leader of the Avengers for a reason. This is the way to go, and I am glad Joss Whedon realizes this. Now there are other things, like for the love of god, make the Hulk talk more! I hope this happens.

    • It would be nearly impossible Not to laugh out loud in a crowded movie theater if Hulk does speak in the film and calls Cap ‘star man’ and Thor ‘Goldilocks’…

      • Or calls hawkeye cupid.

      • My nickname for many years has been “Goldilocks” (I have blond curly hair), but I’m afraid I don’t exactly look like Thor. Maybe more like (“shudder”) Napoleon Dynamite….!

  20. This revelation adds believability to that RED SKULL rumor evrybody keeps talking about.

    • How so?
      Just because the movie’s being told from Cap’s perspective?

    • Cap must think he’s died and gone to hell.I really think thor should be the leader since loki is the main villian but he won’t be, that’s why he’s admitted to constantly clashing with the rest of the team b\c he wants to deal with his brother in his own way but it happening like that.

  21. Is this why in the trailer we see Thor appearing to jumping at Cap with wielding his hammer?

  22. Honestly, this is friggin awesome!!! Cap is the man, and to see it through his eyes……it’s just gonna rock.

    Side Note:

    The only scene I want more than anything – picture it:

    Loki has Thor in his grasp, with a spell cast to prevent the hammer from returning to him on command. Cap rushes up from behind Loki, only to be swatted away like a fly. Loki turns to deal with his half-brother, while Cap notices the hammer sitting mire feet from him. Knowing all well only Thor is “worthy” to wield it, Cap tries anyway – lifting the hammer, and sending it right into Loki’s back!

    That’s all I want – Cap to be proven as the closest thing to a God humanity has.

    • Why not, if Arthur was able to pull the sword from the stone!!

  23. only 112 days to go…tick…tick…tick

    • Here in SA, we only have 103 days and 17hrs to go ;)
      (@Kathless: sorry, but honestly, if it were you, you’d probably brag too right?)


      • And if the comics were real, Superman would kick Batman’s butt and then, eat breakfast. But why would Batman kick Captain’s butt, or Superman kick Batman’s butt? Oh…just because you want to start a rant.

      • how, exactly, would batman, a man of normal strength, beat the crap out of CA, a man of super-enhanced strength? about the only thing he could do would be to run over cap with the bat-mobile/tumbler, if he could catch him that is. bat’s vehicles don’t exactly have the manuverability of, say, a porsche, but more like a buick ’88. i think cap could dodge that fairly easily. if it was a fist fight, with bat wearing his bat suit, and cap with his shield, i think once cap punched batman in his normal jaw, it would shatter like a wine glass on a tile floor, and batman is down for the count.

        • Cause batman is the smartest and has martial arts skills to counter all of his attacks. Why cap is just a force of power he doesn’t have creative striking or anything just throws random punches.

          • well, if we are talking about the current versions of these two, then i’d have to disagree on the martial arts skill. the nolanverse batman hasnt really shown any martial arts skills, looks more like wwe to me, and the current CA would throw that shied and knock batman on his batbutt, but, why would they be fighting each other anyway? seems to me they would be on the same side.

  25. This is as close to unanimous agreement as I have seen on this site. Mr. Whedon, sounds like you made a good call making the Cap the central character in The Avengers.

    • Superman vs Thor would be epic

  26. I have alot of disagreements with this. I dont think the story needs to be told from anyone’s perspective. Fantastic Four wasn’t told from any one team members perspective. LOTR was told from many characters points of view. Cap is no more a fish out of water than Thor. And there is plenty of reason these heroes should be in the same movie. There a team. A SUPERHERO TEAM, for crying out loud. What the hell is the point of adapting a comic book about a TEAM of superheroes to film if the team doesnt belong together?

    • I agree fantastic four tho not great movies did use all 4 people perfectly. I also don’t understand how someone who has been frozen for 60 years or whatever ends up being a leader…. he knows nothing about the world