Iron Man’s Mark VII Armor From ‘The Avengers’

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One fringe benefit to having Iron Man featured in a Marvel movie (aside from the obvious advantage of having Robert Downey Jr.’s all-encompassing charisma) is that we get to see yet another new Iron Man armor design on the big screen!

Each new upgrade – from the suitcase-compact Mark V to the triangle chest piece Mark VI – has been better than the last, so fans are going to have high expectations for the Iron Man armor(s?) that will be featured in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers.

Today we have a our first fully-detailed look at the new Mark VII armor that was already presumably featured in The Avengers trailer, courtesy of Marvel and Kotobukiya toy company of Japan, which has designed a gorgeous new statuette of Iron Man wearing the Mark VII. Collectors of collectibles, make sure to set aside your cash for one of these babies!

Check out Iron Man’s Avengers Mark VII armor in the gallery below:


Now check out some details of the collectible, as state by Kotobukiya:

After surviving imprisonment by terrorists, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark created the Mark II armor suit. This was followed up soon after by the iconic Mark III suit used to battle Stane and his Iron Monger suit at the culmination of the first film, and the upgraded Mark IV armor in the sequel. Never one to rest on his laurels, Tony has brought his science and technology to a whole new cutting edge with the Mark VII Iron Man, the most advanced high-tech personal armor suit on the planet. The incredible statue comes equipped with a three-mode LED chest light-up feature: off, continuous on, and triggered by the built-in motion detector! Iron Man’s eyes also feature continuous LED lighting in both modes.

Iron Man Mark VII stands nearly 16 inches tall (1/6th scale) on an incredible shattered concrete base that bears the marks of furious battle. This pre-painted, snap-fit ARTFX Statue is easy to assemble so you can have your Iron Man Mark VII on display in no time. Avengers assemble!


After all the time spent switching Tony Stark to that “new element” triangular chest piece in Iron Man 2, it’s kind of funny seeing the character back to a circular chest piece in The Avengers. Hopefully we’ll be getting an explanation about that. Otherwise, this statuette is pretty sleek and the armor design looks pretty great.

The only lingering questions is: what OTHER armor designs could we potentially see in The Avengers? Hulk-buster armor? Stealth armor? Or, based on those Avengers villain rumors, possibly space-capable armor?

We’ll find out Iron Man’s wardrobe when The Avengers  hits theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel and Kotobukiya via SHH

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  1. oh snap! that looks sweet. does it come in life size?

  2. Velllly niiiiice!

  3. Jarvis…does the Mark VII have a filtration system installed???

    • Filtration…. or FLIRTATION device! That’s more Stark’s style.

  4. Def gonna purchase Agent Coulson if they ever make one.

    • Brooks Brothers makes a nice Agent Coulson suit.
      Full size!


      • Haha Agent Coulson is my favorite character man. They kinda dummy’d him upma bit in Thor but he still a classic. Im def diwn for a feature length Coulson film that intro’s a bunch of Marvel Characters or substantial amount of those 6 minute shorts they filmed.

  5. Eh, still too high of a red-gold ratio… So far imthe movies it’s always about 85% red with only a little gold/silver thrown in… I’d like to see them do future designs with a more 60/40 ratio, more balanced like you usually (but not always) see in the comics. Not cause I’m a purist or feel the design needs to be EXACTLY like the comics, I just really don’t like the predominance of the red as a personal preference.

    • I agree. That would be a nice tip of the cap to the armor a majority of us grew up with. But this work is very impressive, my hat is off to the sculptor and painter.

      • Agent 0,

        Yes, this company does VERY nice work – I have a couple of their pieces (and one of them is an Iron Man sculpt similar to this one). Quite happy with both.


        • Cool, that Iron Man statue would make a nice addition to the man cave.

  6. Love Iron Man
    maybe after they
    get the Avengers
    and the Man of Steel,
    always thought Iron
    Man vs Superman would
    be cool, who would win,
    technology and machine
    or mere strength and power .

    • Two different comic worlds.
      Will not happen.

    • I just wish they have IRON MAN do IRON MAN things on screen besides flying around for 45 minutes and shooting repulsors…Last I checked IRON MAN has super human strength and can toss cars and trucks around with the best of them…I don’t know why we never see this…anybody else notice this?.

  7. does’nt look new? i would love to see the ultimate ironman suite.

    • Yea. Me too.

      And the HulkBuster when they get a chance.

  8. Looks raw. Would like to see the new “Bleeding edge” or whatever its called in a future movie.

  9. Love that they made this armor more beefy one thing that reeealy bugged me with last armor mark6 is buy making it more streamline almost form fitting is that they took away the strong well built look that the mark3 had this suit looks both advanced and better built.

  10. So why was the first armor mark 2 and not mark 1.

    • Mark I was the suit he made in the cave mark II was the silver one

    • It says “after escaping”

  11. Dam armour looks sick

  12. That looks like one design that’s been played out.

  13. I don’t like the silver on the legs… Just doesn’t fit in with the color scheme. Perhaps that was a nod to the Ultimate costume, which was mostly black and grey , but I never liked that look myself either : P

    • Agreed on both counts. Liking the overall design a lot, though, and it’s a great sculpt.

  14. In the trailer Iron Man was still sporting his triangular chest piece…
    Although, in all the concept art and figurines I’ve seen, they all have the circular one…
    If Stark has more than one version of armor in this movie, I just hope they give it a good explanation/reason.

    Other than that, I love the statuette, it looks awesome (the only thing I don’t LOVE is the over-use of silver on the legs… but I should just deal with it cause that’s what he’s going to look like in the movie as well)

    • I’m guessing he still uses the Mk VI armour for most of the movie but Stark then builds a much more robust and bulkier armour to take on either the skrulls, or dare I say a hybrid Hulk-Buster armour ;D

      • who knows,it would be cool,if stark says that it´s necesarry,when hulk can´t take himself under controll,and he builds at nearly the end of avengers a hulkbuster-armor.

  15. I know I know but I find these things humorous when reading them…..

    The spin up…
    “Tony has brought his science and technology to a whole new cutting edge with the Mark VII Iron Man, the most advanced high-tech personal armor suit on the planet.”

    The fall down….
    “a three-mode LED chest light-up feature”


    Does look sweet though.

    Probably gets damaged and Tony will say I was working on a newer model anyway…… That is all the explaination needed for a team movie. Just a guess.

    • What I meant was an explanation for going from the triangular chest-plate back to the circular chest-plate… especially when the triangular version just looks so much more awesome :D

  16. I’m just curious as to what tech we’ll see from the mark VII armor in the avengers I mean repulsors are great and everything but one of my favorite IM moments is in the first movie when he goes to the town in the MarkII armor to liberate them from the Ten Rings and he destroys that tank with the arm mounted mini missile. I always thought that was epic.

    • That was the Mark III armor, and yes it was sweet; the Mark II armor is the silver armor that Rodey made into Warmachine.

      • thanks for the correction Kahless. Besides hoping to see the hulkbuster armor I’d also like to see him use the unibeam once or twice

  17. o.k. everything looks fine,and iron man´s armor-suits look always cool. but,what´s up with hulk,everyday we get the same pics or new toylines from the avengers,they could give us now some informations about the plot. since yesterday there are three news about the avengers,but nothings really new.

  18. Maybe in the movie Mark VII goes into space. Those fins on the calves would give him extra manuverability in the upper atmosphere, but then again there seems little room for oxygen tanks, unless those silver shoulderblade pieces contain oxygen and fuel. either way… looks good.

  19. How are we up to MKVII? I only count 5 armors thru IM2.

    • Count again ;)
      Mark I: built in the cave.
      Mark II: flight suit (sliver) – first suit Stark builds in his garage
      Mark III: Weaponised armor: Used in Gulmira and against the Iron Monger.
      Mark IV: Suit seen in the first scene of IM2… and used in the fight scene between Iron Man and War Machine.
      Mark V: Suitcase armor: used in Monaco against Whiplash.
      Mark VI: Suit with Stark’s triangular chest-piece: highest of high-tech and used against the Hammer-drones and Whiplash 2.0 suit.
      Mark VII: the suit we’ll see in The Avengers

      • Ok, I supose that makes sense. I was counting the first scene in IM2 as still MKIII. Thanks dude.

  20. I wasn’t crazy about the triangle chest piece Mark by the way. So not quite an improvement in my opinion.

    This one looks sweet, though.

  21. I haven’t read all the comments, but I’d be willing to bet that the element doesn’t determine the shape of the lens for the unibeam (chest mounted laser). If anything (plot-wise), Stark had probably been trying to synthesize an element into that triangular shape for technical reasons, but made the unibeam lens the same shape as an homage to his efforts. His going back to circular would be a non-issue then.

    • Thought: if it was a question on why he changed the shape of the lens–aesthetics, better unibeam functionality, easier access to his personal arc reactor. It’s a whole myriad of reasons.

      • yeah… I was wondering what the reason would be for changing the shape of his suit’s chest-piece (or as you call it, the lens).
        Like you said, it could be for better unibeam functionality or something like that…

  22. Really Good Looking !

  23. I just randomly picked an Avengers article for some wild speculation. Has anyone but me given any thought to Doc Samson? In TIH, a guy named Ty Burrell played Betty Ross’ boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure hes credited at the end with playing “Dr. Leonard Samson”. As I’m sure all fans know, Doc Samson is a Hulk character with super strength and green hair from gamma experimentation trying to help Bruce Banner. It doesnt look a whole lot like Marvel was trying to set him up in TIH though, and I’ve seen no commentary at all on the subject here. (I dont visit other movie news websites). Any body got any info on this?

  24. I did wonder what was going on with the dr towards the end who got some of hulks blood in his wound and started to mutate at the time I was thinkin it could be the leader.

  25. This armor appears in the trailer. When Iron Man is flying over water (during the day shot, not the night shot of him emerging from ithe water in (presumably) the Mark VI). In the shot I’m referring to you can see the shoulder pods and circular chestplate as shown on this model.

    In regards to the chest-plate design, it’s largely aesthetic. The only thing that matters is the shape of the element in the arc-reactor (in Iron Man 2 the element was triangular within a circular arc reactor, which, judging by the chestpiece on this statue, hasn’t changed).

  26. Iron Man Mark VII looks Badass!

  27. SPOILERS!!!


    OK then. BTW, no amount of hype can crank up how amazing this movie is.
    So the suit will be first seen…


    …when Loki squares off against Tony is him apartment (hence the “we have a hulk” line).
    He jumps out the window, and yells for Jarvis. Out of the wall in his house shoots a jetpack no longer than your arm’s length, and Tony positions himself arms and legs spreaded free-falling from his window.
    The MARK VII hovers above him, and tracks where his hands and legs are positioned and encloses the suit around him, as he flies off, suited up, mid air.