‘The Avengers’ Interview Round-Up: Agent Coulson’s ‘Fanboy Man-Crush'; Cap & Iron Man’s Relationship

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Avengers Interviews Whedon Downey Evans The Avengers Interview Round Up: Agent Coulsons Fanboy Man Crush; Cap & Iron Mans Relationship

With only a month (and change) until the release of The Avengers, prepare to be bombarded with all manner of media to promote the film – including TV spots, featurettes, posters, and interviews.

Speaking of interviews, the cast and crew — including Joss Whedon, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr. — have been making the rounds recently to discuss the forthcoming film and the different relationships between the various Avengers.

Chris Evans on Captain America in a world where all his friends are dead, via Comic Book Movie:

“It’s not just that Captain America wakes up in a whole new world; it’s the fact that he has to deal with the emotions of finding out that everybody he knows is dead. Every single person he called brother on a battlefield is gone and the world around him is a different place. It’s more fast-paced and impersonal because new technologies have put barriers between people. In the ’40s there was much more of a direct and honest sincerity in the way people behaved and I think human interaction helps breed manners. Waking up in modern day is just an extremely different way of life that Steve Rogers now has to get used to.”

Robert Downey Jr. on why Iron Man and Captain America’s relationship is pivotal for The Avengers to work:

“I’m extremely fond of Chris Evans and I think he is one of the most underrated actors out there. I watch him and I think to myself, here is a guy who is wearing a stretchy American flag suit and I absolutely believe him. How is he doing this? The other thing I love about Chris is that he’s kind of this tough guy from Boston, but he also is a sensitive artist who really has an opinion. […] Our characters are very connected because Steve Rogers was close with Howard Stark and there’s something definitive and tangible about their relationship. If Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s relationship doesn’t work, then the film doesn’t work.”

We already know that Steve Rogers’ point-of-view in The Avengers will be, for all intents and purposes, our point-of-view, but it’s hard to imagine that Tony Stark will go underused. We’ve already seen a bit of conflict between the two characters in the trailers, which is of course to be expected in a Joss Whedon film – especially with two characters who are so vastly different.

Avengers Captain America Iron Man The Avengers Interview Round Up: Agent Coulsons Fanboy Man Crush; Cap & Iron Mans Relationship

Joss Whedon on the Avengers Initiative and the world’s reluctance to trust superheroes, via Comic Book Movie:

“The Avengers initiative has not necessarily been accepted by the World Security Council and is looked at with some great suspicion. The Super Heroes are viewed as dangerous and uncontrollable and I don’t think anybody, including Nick Fury, is fully convinced yet that The Hulk and Thor are good people to have around, based on what has gone down in the past. So in the time leading up to ‘The Avengers,’ a major focus of S.H.I.E.L.D. is about developing the Tesseract [otherwise known as ‘The Cosmic Cube’] and finding out a way to harness and use its vast power.”

I’ve got to say, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t trust Thor at this point. That guy was all flowers, sunshine, humility, and altruism a whole twenty-four hours after he lost his powers in Thor. The worst thing he did was Wrestlemania-style beat up a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were holding his hammer captive. Who could blame him? It’s a pretty awesome hammer.

Thor in The Avengers The Avengers Interview Round Up: Agent Coulsons Fanboy Man Crush; Cap & Iron Mans Relationship

Of course, I’m sure his connection to Loki – the villain of The Avengers – will come into play and make him a little less trustworthy.

Joss Whedon on Agent Coulson’s Captain America man-crush:

“Coulson is the face of S.H.I.E.L.D in a way that Nick Fury isn’t. Nick Fury stays in the background pulling the strings, while Coulson is the guy in the trenches alongside ‘The Avengers.’ His relationship with Steve Rogers is one of my favorites. There are so many characters in this film with a dry wit, so I wanted to find some other dynamic Coulson could have with Captain America and it hit me, ‘Oh my god, he’s a fan boy!’ Giving him a man crush on Captain America not only lent itself to some of the funniest scenes, but also established the type of relationship they had, which led to the whole trading card run in the scene, which is possibly my favorite thing in the movie.”

Agent Coulson seems like Whedon’s sort of character – a la Xander from Buffy, Lorne from Angel, and Wash from Fireflyso it’ll be fun to see what he does with him.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

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Source: Comic Book Movie [1, 2]

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  1. Should Thor be worried or consurnd or something about Nick Furry or ther other humans trying to use the Cosmic Cube since it belongs to his father Odin. Just asking

    • Does he (Thor) know they’ve got it? Not only Thor, I’m sure Odin would be most interested in getting it back, but then again it remained on Earth for, however many centuries it was, left hidden in a castle.

      They didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to come and find it, you wouldn’t think it was something that would slip their minds, “Oh, by the way, did you see where I left the cube? Oh never mind, it’ll turn up.”

      • You got a good point there thanks

  2. we all love agent Coulson
    even I had a man crush on him after his one shots 😀

  3. These interviews are getting me hela psyched I can’t wait to see how Bruce Banner is going to control the Hulk, is he going to merely aim the green behemoth like he did when he fought Abomination or are we gonna see the “smart” Hulk I personally hope it’s the latter. I can just see Coulson showing up with a bunch of Captain America memorabilia asking for his autograph 😀

  4. Er-herm. It’s ‘Wash’. ಠ_ಠ

    • LOL beat me to it. Wash is from Firefly, Walsh is from Buffy.

  5. I have to disagree with RDJ’s statement. Cap and Howard Stark were not ‘close’ in CATFA. They knew each other, thats about it. I also dont think the film hinges entirely on the relationship between two characters. Joss maybe filming that way, but its not something that has to be. On the subject of Thor, why would shield trust him? He is an alien being. And on that subject, I hope this movie more clearly defines the differences between earthlings and Asgardians. Cant wait. 35 days.

    • I think the time jump/montage glossed over some of the Papa Stark/Cap relationship. It did seem like they became much closer (not BFFs mind you), but friends. Why else would Stark be the only person devoting resources to find Cap when no one else was, they didnt do the best of jobs pointing it out but I thought enough was there that I can buy Cap using it at least as a stepping stone to fit into this Alien Setting so very different from the 40s.

    • The comic tie ins to Cap:TFA gave the impression that Steve and Howard were good friends…
      And as ‘Ace’ mentioned, by the end of TFA, Stark was literally searching the oceans for Cap. Even when all the traces ended, and he already found the tessaract, he still kept on going — if that didn’t show he cared about his buddy, then I don’t know what would have…

    • We can’t know how close they really were. We don’t see what happens in that montage of destroying Hydra bases between the initial saving of the Howling Commandos and the final battle. Not to mention that it is cannon in the comics for Howard and Steve to be friends, each idolizing the other

  6. “The worst thing he did was Wrestlemania-style beat up a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were holding his hammer captive. Who could blame him? It’s a pretty awesome hammer.”

    LOL, yes, I’m sure that’s the only reason why he was so intent on getting that hammer, because it’s awesome. 😛

    • right bro.

  7. i hope this trading card scene of which whedon speaks of makes it into the film…35 LONG days indeed!


  8. Awesome. Epic. I can’t wait!

  9. I am so hyped for this dudes and dudettes.

  10. @Ben:
    These aren’t all the interviews though… there were a lot more from guys like Feige and Joss (Feige even offered up some new info on the Ant-Man movie)
    Any chance that SR could get those interviews up as well?

    “We already know that Steve Rogers’ point-of-view in The Avengers will be, for all intents and purposes, our point-of-view”
    Actually, Whedon said that after all the editing (about 45 minutes of footage removed), the movie won’t be from Cap’s POV anymore… he said that shortly after the runtime of TA was revealed…

    • Well, he said it was “probably” not true anymore. And then he said this:

      “There was stuff with Cap I cut out. Although he has an ‘in’ with the audience in that this world is stranger to him, so he’s an identification figure.”

      Which kind of sort of makes it still true.

      • Hehe “Kind of sort of” 😉

        Yeah, we’ll still probably RELATE to Cap the most (no argument there), I’m just saying the movie won’t be from Cap’s POV anymore…
        Anyway, just a few more weeks till we find out for sure!

        • Well, you may be right, I hadn’t actually read that. But again, he did say it’s “probably” not from Cap’s POV anymore, not “definitely.”

            • That’s interesting. It actually doesn’t bode well, in my opinion, that the story can be altered so irrevocably so easily, or that they had a pretty concrete idea for the film and changed it in a matter of months/cuts.

            • I saw that interview yesterday… but I’m not reading too much into it, nor am I really concerned (to be honest, I think Whedon is just buttering up Sam Jackson a bit ;))
              Keeping all the actors happy and feeling important is part of the job…

              • Is there more to that interview? On my iPhone and it won’t let me follow the links. To me it just sounds like Whedon being Whedon. I wouldn’t take it seriously.

                • I seriously doubt the movie will be from Fury’s POV.
                  In all the marvel movies Sam Jackson’s been in, he always kinda hinted in the interviews that he wanted to do more than just sit around talking to superheroes.
                  In Avengers, he gets some awesome scenes and he gets to kick some ass (finally) – and I just think Whedon is saying these things (“sugar coating”, “buttering up”, whatever you want to call it) to keep Jackson happy and interested in his role – to make him feel important (not that he wasn’t important already mind you – I mean, he’s NICK freakin FURY!).

                  Anyway, if it turns out that the movie will be from Fury’s POV, it’ll be pretty interesting… seeing as Fury only has one eye 😉

  11. all i can say is 24 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 34 dude… I’m counting too…

  12. My head is gonna explode if I don’t see this movie soon

  13. All Facebook fans, check this out.

  14. I’ve got to say, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t trust Thor at this point.

    The guy is an immortal and definitely beyond their control. It’s only natural that they would not completely trust him.

    • I see you missed the sarcasm in that paragraph. Ah, well, these things happen to the best of us.