New ‘Avengers’ & ‘Hunger Games’ Images: Heroes Prepare For Battle

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There are many different ways to prepare for battle. Some people plan strategy, some do reconnaissance to get the lay of the battlefield, others find a teammate or an ally to stand with – and in some cases, the best strategy is a smart PR campaign. No matter how you do it, when you’re a hero (or heroine) of a blockbuster movie, you need to be ready for the battle ahead – because in the end, that’s what moviegoers pay to see. So you know it’s coming.

Today we have new images from two of our most highly-anticipated 2012 films: Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, and Lionsgate’s adaptation of The Hunger Games.

In The Avengers, we find Marvel’s mightiest movie heroes (Captain America, Thor, Iron, The Hulk and the agents of S.H.I.E.L..D) teaming up to combat the threat of Loki and his yet-unnamed evil cohorts. The Hunger Games, by comparison, takes place in a dystopian future in which teenagers are placed in a deadly arena to battle one another to the death; when young Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) steps up in place of her little sister, she finds herself in a world of lavish excess, unrequited love, media attention and deadly foes all around.

In case you couldn’t tell by the intro, these photos all feature the characters of the respective films preparing for the battle ahead, in some shape or form. Some of the images in the gallery may be hi-res versions of photos you’ve seen before, while others are entirely new.

Check out the new images from The Avengers and The Hungers Games:


No doubt moviegoers are looking forward to both of these films – and hopefully, both of them live up to that hype. Otherwise, the 2012 Movie Year is going to be much less fun than it initially seems.

The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012.

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Sources: Marvel, EW & Lionsgate

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  1. Those two images of The Avengers aren’t new. They’ve been around the web for months now.

    • ^
      I was just about to post the same thing…
      Still, the images are awesome ;)
      I’m just tired of Marvel releasing pics of the same scene all the time (Cap and Thor battling the mysterious villains) – I want something new…

      The Hunger Games images all look a little boring though (but I’m sure the movie is going to be awesome)

      • me too,always same pics with thor and cap,hmm. but,thanks for this pics! i want hulk,smashhh!

  2. All of these images please me greatly. It will be a good year. Huzzah!

  3. Avengers look good.

    Regarding the Hunger Games, is that Lady Gaga as an elderly lady?

    • haha! That’s Effie, she’s from district 1 which like a posh-futuresque avant-grade society. They all wear weird stuff and talk funny so yeah…kind of like an elderly lady gaga.

      • I don’t actually think Effie is from District 1, she is just in District 1 during that picture. She is from the Capital, if I remember correctly, but she really does look like old lady gaga to me too!

        • I think they’re in district 12. I don’t think Katniss would be presented in those clothes in another district. + it looks like the scene from when she volunteers for the games. I don’t know where Effie grew up, but she lives in the capitol at least. She just travels to district 12 to be their escort.

          • Yeah sorry I meant district 12!!!

  4. looks good

  5. Avengers pics aren’t new but still awesome

  6. The Avengers pics aren’t new (as stated in the article) just better hi-res versions.

    • New ‘Avengers’ & ‘Hunger Games’ Images: Heroes Prepare For Battle

      You can understand why people are saying they are not new…. ;)

  7. I really like Cap’s new outfit. It looks much better without the hood and the helmet. If you took his new avengers suit and put his helmet from “The First Avenger” on him without the new hood, he would look absolutely perfect.

    • Totally. I am becoming increasingly worried at how little time he seems to be wearing the helmet aspect of his costume. In the original comics it made sense as a) part of his uniform which also concealed his identity, but more importantly b) acted as protection for his head and neck (he isnt invunerable and it made sense as the upper portion of the costume was a form of chainmail)…

      • But the thing is, in the modern comics now, everyone knows that Steve Rodgers is Captain America (and in the movie, Cap’s identity is also known by the public if memory serves correct) so for that reason, he doesn’t nee the helmet.

        But what you said about protection makes complete sense… Cap can still get hurt (which is why he had a helmet in Cap:TFA), but the only reason (IMO) why we haven’t really seen Cap with his cowl/helmet on in The Avengers’ trailers and images is because marvel hasn’t really released a lot of different stuff (for the most part, we’ve only seen Cap in one or two scenes – most notably, the one where he and Thor are fighting the villains in NY)
        I.e. I’m sure he’ll wear the helmet for a reasonable amount of time in the movie.

        • @”But the thing is, in the modern comics now, everyone knows that Steve Rodgers is Captain America (and in the movie, Cap’s identity is also known by the public if memory serves correct) so for that reason, he doesn’t nee the helmet.”

          that’s my thoughts. the avengers really don’t need secret identities. everyone knows tony stark is iron man, everyone has at least heard about steve rogers and knows he’s captain america, thor doesn’t need an indentity

          • Yeah… but there still are SOME members that would want to conceal their identities (Hawkeye and Widow) and I believe Banner’s identity is a secret as well (the only thing the “people” know about him is that he’s a fugitive – no one knows he’s the Hulk IMO)

            • Forgot to add:
              What’s ironic is that those members who would want to conceal their identities are the ones who aren’t wearing masks (Hawkeye, Widow and Banner)

              • Is his Identity known in the Ultimate U? As a matter of fact I think his ID is public in the mainstream also.

                “In issue #77 (March 1966), Bruce Banner’s and the Hulk’s dual identity became publicly known, thus making Banner often a wanted fugitive from the authorities.”

                That is why he always changed his name around.

                Now this does not cover if some Universe changing event rolled this back but for the most part his ID is known.

                • In the comics, I’m pretty sure his identity is known, but not in the movie-universe.

                  I’ll have to watch TIH again (maybe this weekend if I have the time) to confirm this, but to my knowledge, the public only knows that Banner is a fugitive (they don’t know he’s the Hulk)

                  • In TIH, the public doesn’t know he’s the Hulk, else all those college kids would have run from him. Not sure about the comics.

  8. I read all these comments about not seeing Cap’s helmet and this is my take. I’m sure he has this thing on in some of the movie. But think about it. If you are doing any kind of extended fighting you are bound to lose any helmet/hat/cap on your head. I am assuming he started this fight with the helmet on then looses it or its damaged. I do not think we will see a helmetless CA during the entire Avengers movie. But to glue the thing to his head because it appears that way in the comics is kind of lame to me. In a real fight the thing would probably come off. Thats all I am saying.

  9. why on earth did they make Rue black

    • What are you talking about? Rue is supposed to be black.

      • Who the frak is Rue?

        • Kahless the Unforgettable

          Rue is the girl Tribute from District 11 (Located in the Dirty South in Panam’s world) in the Hunger Games. She plays a very important role in the movie

  10. The Avengers is going to be a short movie. It will consist of Fury and Avengers talking in the helicarrier, followed by Ironman flying around town while Black Widow takes out two guys while Hawkeye pops out his bow then runs and shoots while skidding on his butt. After that Thor and Cap stand around the ruins of a New York street and then Bruce Banner hulks out. Interesting. I am hoping that at some point Cap is in complete uniform. Sorry to sound like a complainer, but if they want to keep marketing they should show something else. On the other hand, they could stop marketing period. Everyone knows this is coming and we,(I), want some of the movie to be a surprise.

    • i disagree. i think (and i hope) the avengers will be over 2 hours. i could be wrong. maybe the bean counters at marvel/disney will demand it be under 2 so thay can get as many showings per day to rake in as much cash as possible. it’s not like we need a bunch of back-story. the opening will probably be a montage showing brief glimpses of their origins(…wow! i am so ready for may!) so it could just go right into the story. i think this whole MCU thing is going to gain so much more momentum when the avengers opens marvel will not know what to do with all the $$$ they’re gonna make. hope we get more revealing trailer soon.

      also looking forward to the hunger games. i read all 3 books in like 2 1/2 weeks. i didn’t care for the narrative of the books as it was all from Katniss’ POV, but it was still a good story. i just hope they did a good job on the screenplay. i get so disappointed from film adaptions of novels i’ve read. Harry Potter films were pretty good. LOTR were better than the books (imho. i found the books very tedious) almost all stephen king novels fail to capture the “voice” of the novel, the exceptions being misery, stand by me, shawshank redemption, the green mile, and carrie. i just cant believe the movie opens in march. it seems too fast. hopefully it wont look as rushed as xmen 1st class did, ya know what i mean?

      • I hope the origins are about 1 min each. I see Stark rattling off a bit of information about each and ending with Cap. We see the rebuttal in the clip.

        For the first 10 mins I want to see what Loki has been up to. I would be happy to not see any heroes until we see what has happened to Loki and the cube but not giving away to much.

        The first ‘hero’ we see should be Agent Coulson passing some information to Fury OR Agent Coulson getting Agent Hill and reporting to Fury.

        Im broke between seeing the clips of the heroes taking on ‘aliens’ or taking on lesser known villains. I mean Banner can be shown hiding, Hawk and Widow can be doing some spy stuff, Tony could actually be fighting/thwarting something and Thor…. show him (still on Asgard) being humble (and not liking it).

        You want a taste of them but not to much and not to little.

        As much as I want to see them go after Hulk and have him trounce them I don’t think it would happen and the trailer seems to hint it didn’t/doesn’t.

        It doesnt look like Cap and anyone else could meet on the street so to speak so they all have to be summoned/asked to show up.

        I think just having an issue and them all called showing up in a room is…. lacking. You can do that for #2. :D

    • So you think the entire movie will be what we saw in the trailer?
      -man, you’re gonna be in for a surprise ;)

      Na, the movie will probably be about 2hrs long (hopefully, they’ll go a bit over to maybe 2hrs30min), and I can assure you that the stuff you saw in the trailer, won’t compare to the entire movie.

      But I would like to see a new trailer though (with about 30sec of new footage and 1min30sec of old footage/footage from the German and Russian trailers.)

      • To be honest, I don’t need to see a new trailer (maybe a glimpse of the big green guy). Just bring on May.

      • I was being sarcastic. I hope the movie is well over 2 hours. And I think at least the first or second scene just about has to be an explanation of what happened to Loki at the end of Thor. And of course I’m hoping for tons of action from all the main characters. It just gets tiresome for me to see an article claiming new pics, or new footage and its just slightly different frames or segments of the same scenes we’ve already seen. BTW, I think the scene that looks like Cap fighting Thor is just Thor descending back to earth, and Cap,not knowing who he is…….

  11. I’m way excited for the hunger games movie, but I’ve got to ask…does the reaping scene seem kind of lame in the trailer? Maybe it’s just the trailer, but even the acting in that scene, from what we can see looks kind of not so good. The rest of the trailer makes me pretty excited, though…I can’t wait.

    • i think cap will wear his helmet,but during the fights between loki or his extraterrestial army,he will surely be hit very hard,so that his helmet will be damaged sometimes,and stark will make a stronger helmet. maybee,for example?

    • @ Frank

      I can see what your saying about the Reaping in the trailer, but then again we only really see a couple seconds of the Reaping. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe most of the reaping scece in the book, the dialog, takes place insides Katniss head. If thats the case I can easily see Gary Ross cutting the scene short and showing how powerful of a scene it is with body language and emotion.

      To be honest I feel like the Reaping scene will be just fine.