‘The Avengers’ Panel NYCC ’11: New Footage Revealed

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The Avengers NYCC 2011 The Avengers Panel NYCC 11: New Footage Revealed

This is the main event folks, The Avengers has come to New York Comic-Con 2011 to rule the day for Marvel!

We’ll be live blogging the entire panel – including descriptions of the new footage unveiled from director Joss Whedon’s superhero teamup blockbuster!

Without a doubt, The Avengers is THE event to see at NYCC. Arguably the biggest superhero movie of all time (we said “arguably – calm down Dark Knight Rises fans) and is certainly one of the big summer tentpole pics coming in Summer 2012. The AvengersΒ trailer certainly got the world buzzing, but still left many unanswered questions such as who will Loki (Tom Hiddleston) use to do his evil bidding (is it really The Skrulls?) and how does the new version of the Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo) look (quick shots of his face just aren’t enough!)?

We’ll hopefully find out all this and more as The Avengers closes out Saturday night at NYCC.

Read the entire transcript of The Avengers NYCC panel below:

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has taken to the stage for The Avengers panel!

We’re now watching ‘The Avengers’ trailer on the big screen!

The trailer is a smash hit with this NYCC crowd!

Clark Gregg, Colby Smulder, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo, take the stage!

Kevin Feige is discussing the early days when Marvel Studios was dreaming of ‘The Avengers’ – and says Joss Whedon is ‘in a dark editing room’ working on the film for us fans

Feige: “This is Whedon’s movie.”

Fans are lining up for the Q&A – Starting with Chris Evans

Evans talks about how well the ‘Avengers’ cast gets along and how it’s crucial for the ensemble to gel in this sort of film.

Evans likes his Cap suit – but has a new appreciation for scenes in normal clothes. Makes bathroom breaks easier.

Evans puts it perspective that for all his suffering Tom Hiddleston’s Loki outfit is worse to endure.

Hiddleston talks about Loki’s arc in ‘The Avengers’ – “Loki is not a happy man.” Says that ‘Thor’ left Loki in a “confused” place – which spells danger for Earth.

Hiddleston: “I can’t say I ever got a day in Jeans and a t-shirt. It was all leather and metal…that’s how girls like in Asgard.” (laughter)

Hiddleston says Loki’s family issues are a universal and relatable thing.

Cobie Smulers is getting quite a lot of love from the fellas in the crowd.

Smulders: “I feel like I’m the first woman in a superhero film who had the easiest costumed – these guys had it much worse.”

She describes how thorough and loyal to the source material the filmmakers were.

Smulders turns down request to sing a Robin Sparkles number (see: How I Met Your Mother). She gets booed for her insolence.

Smulders is discussing working with her friend Joss Whedon and how surreal the fan love is.

Speaking of fan love: Clark Gregg is now getting a lot of it.

Gregg describes going from having few lines in ‘Iron Man 1′ to becoming such a focus of the franchise. He jokes that he was surprised to find out that Agent Coulson is revealed as a Romulan princess in ‘Avengers’ – just a joke folks.

Clarke Gregg is singing his HILARIOUS home-spun ‘Avengers’ theme song. It includes lines like ‘We are a disfunctional family’ and ‘muscles so bulky – we have a Hulky.’

Gregg’s theme song will be coming to a YouTube or Twitter feed near you soon. Guranteed.

Up next is Ruffalo. The moderator describes Hulk as a ‘raging erection’ while Banner is more timid. The look on Ruffalo’s face says it all.

Ruffalo looked back at past actors playing Banner/Hulk for guidance. Jokes that the Hulk role is ‘This Generation’s ‘Hamlet’ – we’ll all get a chance to play the part.”

Says his Banner is more self-aware and in control. His performance pays homage while still “Ruffalizing” the part.


Ruffalo warns potential piraters – “Don’t make me angry.”

Feige says Whedon has cut together a new trailer for NYCC

The footage displayed featured a scene in India. A little girl runs through the streets to a clinic where we see Dr. Banner. The little girl pleads for Banner to save her sick father.

The girl leads Banner into a trap: Waiting for him in the shack at the edge of town is Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson). Black Widow tells Banner that Fury has been watching him, but left him alone because he trusts him. But now they need his help tracing the faint gamma signature of the missing Tesseract (Cosmic Cube).

Banner know Widow has him surrounded. He hasn’t had a “Hulk-out” in two years, and Widow uses his discipline as leverage. Banner starts to get angry, but Widow pulls a gun on him. Cooler heads prevail, and Banner says he’ll go in peacefully.

Next we saw another montage of footage that included Stark Tower, and a scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is confronted by Loki (Hiddleston). Loki says he has an army – Stark says he has a Hulk.

THere were more action scenes of the Avengers all in action. It looked sick.

All in all – the footage shows that Whedon A) Understands the finer points of who these characters are and what makes them tick B) Will making the dramatic scenes as exciting as the action. All good news

Evans has made it official: He likes Captain America better than Human Torch!

A fan asked how long the film will be. Feige says they have to see what the final product looks like and then decide.

Casts favorite superheroes are: Ruffalo – Widow,

Gregg – Adam Warlock (he says it’s a dead (hot) heat between Hill and Widow. He also likes this guy called Agent Coulson.

Hiddleston gives props to Thor and the female body Loki once took on in the comics (Laughter).

Smulders and Evans agree – it’s Iron Man for them.

Hiddleston loves playing Loki and loves the shifting nature of the character in the Marvel universe (female Loki, child Loki, etc…) wants to see the scene of Loki turning cars in Manhattan into ice cream.

Staying with Hiddleston – the actor describes how Loki must learn and adapt to each Avenger’s skills in order to do battle with them. But he does say: he takes them all on.

The term “Ruffalize” is slowly going viral in here.

People are screaming “Where’s Thanos!” The cast isn’t registering the question (We do want to know that answer, though.)

Smulders and Gregg describe how they the cast often wasn’t all together while shooting. Gregg drops a story about how one time, when they were all together, he got a text from Evans that just said “Assemble.” The details of that night being kept under wraps – but it supposedly ended with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth talking muscles. (CLASSIC AVENGERS)

Gregg recalls the VIP room crowd parting as Scarlett Johansson started dancing. Mark Ruffalo got “Ruffalized” by that moment.

Feige hints that there WILL be a “button” scene at the end of ‘Avengers’ – “I like tradition, so I like to follow tradition.”

The panel ended with Feige addressing the future of the Marvel Universe: Iron Man 3 is in pre-production and that will push us into phase 2 of the Marvel Movie Universe, hopefully culminating with ‘Avengers 2′. Addressing rumors about other Marvel projects like Guardians of the Galaxy., Feige would only say that they wouldn’t approach Marvel cosmic in the same way they did The Avengers – i.e., no “lead-in” films for the individual cosmic characters like Rocket Raccoon. The cosmic characters would simply be introduced in a team film.

Have no doubt, Marvel fans: The Avengers looks like it will definitely live up to the hype when it hits theaters on May 4, 2012. What a way to close out the day at New York Comic-Con.

Here’s The Avengers trailer for you to fire you up once more (or if for some strange reason you haven’t seen it yet). simple smile The Avengers Panel NYCC 11: New Footage Revealed

And don’t forget to check out our complete Avengers Photo Gallery!

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  1. @TheAvenger

    You too. Have a nice day! Until then, we’ll just have to wait for an TA/TDKR update like how the die-hard-fans would do like us.

  2. Interesting and long debate on The Avengers and TDKR. Reminds me of debate earlier in the year when some fans had sworn that GL would be the most successful superhero movie of the year and would trounce Thor and Capt. America by a mile. Let’s heed the wise words of TheAvenger. Predict movies these days is almost like predicting the economy.

  3. I think all the pressure to do well is on TDKR. Being the third and final part of a trilogy the expectations are extremely high. The biggest problem for this movie is not the Avengers but The Dark Knight itself. It was a magnificent film on so many fronts. How do you beat that? You dont. The Avengers for the general public (I’m excluding us) will be like Thor or Ironman. Word of mouth will make this film a success. TDKR will more then likely do quite well. However if it does not match up well with the last film then negative word of mouth will kill it. So you see all the pressure is on DC. With Harry Potter being finished and GL being such a flop, Marvel has no pressure.

    • No pressure? Marvel has spent years and 5 movies worth of money to get to this point. If Avengers doesn’t do as well as they expect, it would be catastrophic for them.

      The Avengers HAS to do an epic amount of money or this whole “marvel movie universe” they created will be a waste of time when they can just keep making IM over and over. This movie needs to make tons of money or it isn’t worth the effort and money they have put into it.

    • I have to agree with Shadow on this one. Marvel has put a lot of time and money into their individual movies to get to this point. If this movie flops, Marvel/Disney will take a huge financial hit. I agree that DC/Warner has the bulk of the pressure (because they only have Batman and Superman) but Marvel is definitely not immune.

  4. And they have done it right every step of the way. I agree there is always pressure to do well and make the movies right. But for the sake of TDKR and the Avengers argument The Avengers have nothing to lose. The Dark Night does. Sorry if I wasnt clear on my meaning.

    • “The Avengers have nothing to lose.”
      You’re kidding right?
      If this film sucks, the ENTIRE franchise (IM, Thor, Cap, Hulk) will suffer.
      Even their comic sales will go down (since Marvel is preparing to make 2012 their “Avengers Year”)
      I could go on, but the main point is that Marvel has A WHOLE LOT to lose if The Avengers fail.

      I’d say both, TDKR and Avengers have a lot to lose, but if Batman fails, it won’t really affect future film that much (it is the last in the trilogy after all), whereas, if Avengers fails, then IM3, Thor 2, etc will probably lose as well.

      • @ The Avenger

        I agree. Id say DC/WB have nothin to lose since it’s Nolan’s last Batman film. Not to mention his involvement Snyder’s Man of Steel film & possibly more. Marvel Studios been careful to the point of The Avengers. If Avengers were to fail, it would have more effect on the solo franchises no doubt.

  5. Sorry guys. Need some clarification here cos I’ve not been in touch with MCU for quite awhile now. Is Agent Coulson a SHIELD character in the comics or was he added after the IM movie?

    • He’s not from the comics, he was a minor character created for the Iron Man film and they’ve progressively expanded his role because he’s awesome.

  6. He is indeed. A smiling lethal weapon is quite an interesting concept.
    Something got me thinking though after that Coulson short on ‘the way to find Thor’s hammer’. What makes a superhero? What qualifies the Black Widow as an Avenger and not Coulson? Just the comics I guess? Because the extraordinary speed and skills he displayed in the clip are no different from what Widow would have done. And with his SHIELD training, I bet he could handle weapons Widow can handle just as effectively. It can’t be the costume because some, like Hawkeye, aren’t wearing what can be qualified as a costume. Besides that distinction would be lame.
    So what makes a superhero?

    I guess maybe the decision to be called one.

    • Well, who said Coulson wasn’t a superhero? πŸ˜‰
      I for one think he’s more bad-ass than Thor!

      But, if they added him to the roster, then it would be a bit much…
      Fury said they wanted to form a team: “a group of amazing individuals” (or something along those lines)

      So you have Stark, Thor, Cap, Banner and Hawkeye (all fit the bill), the Black Widow BARELY fits the bill but she gets in because she’s the only female… if they added Coulson (as awesome as he is), it would ruin the definition of the team IMO.

  7. Exactly, TheAvenger. Widow barely fits the slogan ‘to fight great challenges we never could’. As for a female angle, there are more qualified heroines that have graced the pages of the Avengers that could have been used IMO. However if Widow has to be included we have to respect her skills as out of the ordinary-like Batman. When it looks like any SHIELD agent -at clearance level 6 ;)- is at par with her it rubs off her shine. That is not to say I’m not happy with Coulson’s display. So far as he’s one in a million and not a standard SHIELD agent because moving from one end of a store shelf to the other in the twinkle of an eye… Anyway I trust Whedon will use Widow apppropriately.

      • A sausage fest?! What does that…..Oh no you didn’t??!! πŸ˜€

        • Hehe, I guess that came out wrong… πŸ˜‰
          All I meant to say was that the movie could have had NO female characters (i.e. we’re lucky that there’s at least one or two girls in the movie)

  8. Actually I was thinking in the direction of Scarlet Witch (is there an Ultimates version?) but thought she’d need more than a cameo appearance in a movie to be introduced. Widow was much easier to handle. They thought it through.

    • Just for show I think… πŸ˜‰
      I think Favreou said the reason they’re going with guns (in IM2) is because it’s more realistic than wristbands that shoot out lazer beams (or whatever).

      – This doesn’t actually make sense though because you have a guy in a high-tech suit of armor that uses energy blasts, a god with a hammer capable of summoning lightning, a super-soldier with a shield that can absorb any vibrations — none of these are that realistic πŸ˜‰

      But whatevs, I won’t be paying that much attention to her while Cobie Smulders is in the same movie πŸ˜‰

  9. There is another point to consider with the Avengers vs TDKR. The trailer was released on Itunes and it set a record of 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours. That has never happened before on Itunes. I think interest is quite high on this one. More then average. As I said. the Avengers have nothing to worry about. Okay unless it just sucks so bad we wanna shoot ourselves but I dont see that happening