‘The Avengers’ in the Style of ‘Firefly’

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Avengers Firefly Style The Avengers in the Style of Firefly

Now that The Avengers has become one of the most successful films in movie history, Joss Whedon finally seems to be getting some major Hollywood respect. Not that it matters to the famously geeky director. Thanks to cult favorite TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, Whedon has always had one of the most rabid fanbases around.

Of course, that’s what made The Avengers such a doubly satisfying experience for fans of Whedon’s previous work. Not only was it awesome, but it was awesome because of all the Whedonisms that made it into the movie – such as his pithy sense of humor, his penchant for writing strong, smart female leads, and his habit of killing off fan-favorite characters.

That’s why I was so excited when I saw this video, which takes footage from The Avengers and cuts it together in the style of the intro from Firefly. It’s like getting a double dose of Joss Whedon. You’re simultaneously celebrating the greatness of The Avengers while also honoring the director’s roots.

Check it out below:

I actually didn’t come around to Firefly until recently. People had always told me the show was great, but I never really gave it a shot. Interestingly, I started watching it because I wanted to “get ready” for The Avengers.

It really is a crime that Firefly didn’t last longer than a season, even though I understand why it didn’t. The show’s unusual mishmash of sci-fi and western genres just didn’t click with mainstream audiences, and Fox didn’t have the desire (or vision) to market the show correctly.

Nathan Fillion Firefly The Avengers in the Style of Firefly

Hopefully, the success of The Avengers will spur audiences to look back at some of Whedon’s earlier work. At the very least, it has inspired some cool fan-made work, like this intro trailer.

Are you a fan of Firefly? If so, sound off in the comments about the show and your thoughts on this video.

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  1. Plain awesome

  2. Outstanding!!!

  3. awesome

  4. Man watching that trailer and hearing that song really made me wish firefly hadn’t been canceled. As awesome as Avengers was, Firefly is still Whedon’s best work, IMO.

    • what does IMO mean again? I see it all the time and forgot what it means.

      • In My Opinion.



        • Thanx.

  5. LOVE Firefly. Makes me sad everytime I hear the opening theme music that the show had such a short life and hasn’t been brought back. SOMEBODY look at the show’s immense fanbase and their loyalty to Firefly and bring the show back to life! Mr. Whedon, you said in DVD commentary that you grieved over the show’s cancellation. Please help revive the Firefly universe. (Sorry, it’s late at night so this could be much more eloquent, but I hope it nonetheless comes through that my post is heartfelt.)

  6. I miss firefly

    • Me too, even though I came to it late (after I saw Serenity at the movies and realized – there is more of this available?!?!).

  7. I do too. Interestingly enough, I got into Firefly because I heard Whedon was directing Avengers. After a few episodes, I realized that Firefly was worth watching for its own merits. It quickly became one of my favorite shows, ever, even though it was only 13 episodes long. Such an incredible show.

  8. Wow, great find. This totally made my day :)

  9. Firefly was great, and after watching this, I think I’ll re-watch the series again this vacation :D

  10. You’re simultaneously celebrating the greatness of The Avengers while also honoring the director’s roots

  11. LOL, there’s just too much action in Avengers to really mimick the Firefly intro with its scenes, haha. But yah, that show was awesome. I hope they make a Serenity 2 movie as well. Although with a certain someone dead maybe that won’t be so cool…

  12. Simply awesome.

  13. excellent

  14. shiny

  15. Infortunately, it was said “Serenity” was meant to wrap up the Firefly series and never be touched upon again. And speaking of “Serenity”…one of the greatest scifi movies of all times!

  16. Win win win win. My 2 year old LOVED it. The fact that she was more interested in it than Caillou is something I will cherish for the next hour.

  17. The show didnt get picked up for more seasons because fox changed its time slot every week, preventing people from even watching. Thus numbers never built.

  18. Awesome!!!!

  19. Firefly is a wonderful show to watch. It really should have gone on for many more seasons. It has always been a mystery to me that the SciFi network did not pick it up. At the time SciFi was actually including Science Fiction of this genre in its lineup. Maybe TNT will decide to do more with sci-fi.

  20. Wow, fantastic editing.

  21. I still think Firefly/Serenity is the best thing his ever done.

  22. Outstanding ! In my alternate universe there’s 10 seasons of Firefly.

  23. Firefly had the potential to be the best scifi series of all time. Too bad it got cancelled. Another wasted opportunity for FOX.

    I also didn’t watch Firefly until after it’s cancellation (thank you Netflix). I was immediately hooked after the first episode.

    “You can’t take the sky from me…”

  24. Firefly and serenity are awesome i can watch them over and over again it should never have been cancelled a petition should be made to see how many people want it back

  25. Very Cool! I still have my fingers crossed that the success of the Avengers is some how translating into a sequel to Serenity.

  26. Awesome!

    At least they did get to close “Firefly” with that great movie(“Serenity”)which, more or less,
    rapped up the storyline they were working on…

  27. “Joss Whedon finally seems to be getting some major Hollywood respect.”

    Well, when you’re apart of something that actually makes money instead of wastes money (like “Alien: Resurrection” or “Serenity”), then of course you’re going to get respect.

    For the record, “Firefly” and “Serenity” were nicely made, well-cast and somewhat entertaining, but among the best of sci-fi? Sorry, no IMO. And I’m really sick of seeing all the whining about FOX canning it. They didn’t know how to market it? They don’t know how to market anything and yet they still have shows that last longer. Heck, “The X-Files” aired the same night back in the 90s for a few seasons – didn’t stop it from surviving for almost a whole decade. Sometimes, it has to do with the simple fact that a majority of viewers are not interested. The same with most any sci-fi fans, “Firefly” fans can make a lot of noise online, but as the TV ratings and the movie gross demonstrated, they are just a very loud minority. Nothing wrong with that, but c’mon, stop acting like FOX cancelled a successful show. They cancelled a show no one would care about if not for Whedon’s name being on it.

    • That’s a very cynical and myopic point of view. Yes, it had a small following, but that didn’t make it any less valuable to those who enjoyed it.

      • The thing about Firefly is that it does take an episode or two to get into, even though the season opener is about one and a half times the length of the typical Firefly episode. That being said, once it establishes itself, it really gets going.

        I think that what happened, is that people watched it, and then tuned out before it really caught their attention. Sad, it really is, but that’s what happens in show business unfortunately.

        • Two things happened that led to Firefly’s downfall. Fox kept changing the time slot that Firefly was airing, which (as anyone in the TV biz will tell you) is a deadly thing for any show. People who are into it can’t find it when it’s supposed to be on, so the nielson ratings tank which leads to cancellation… and Fox aired the episodes out of order, which made for a confusing plot.

    • It wasn’t that they didn’t know how to market it properly, they refused to even show the episodes in order, so it made no sense!

    • How the heck is anyone suppose to get on board with a show if you don’t know what day or time it is going to be on? Of course a lot of people aren’t going to be interested if they don’t know when it is going to be on or get tired of having to tune in different times to watch something. DVR makes it a bit eaiser than it was 8-10 years ago but still. Fox canceled Family Guy cause the ratings weren’t there because a lot of people didn’t know when it was going to be on. Even one of the guys that worked on the show said his own mother didn’t even know when to tune in because he never knew when it was going to be on the following week. Firefly was a casuality of Fox’s lineup screwups just like Family Guy was the first time it was on the air. How can anyone care about a show when it gets jerked around to find out whether you will follow it or not. Not everyone is sold on the first or second episodes.

    • The same thing was said about Star Trek for years and now Trek lore is as deeply rooted in the culture of America and abroad as some religions. Whose to say what might have happened with Firefly if it was allowed to go on for a few more seasons?

  28. Why did you have to pick at that wound?!

    I wish they could have done more with it.

  29. Damn right I’m a Firefly fan. It’s one of those shows that should have had at least 7 full seasons.