‘The Avengers’ Post-Credits Scenes Explained

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Avengers Movie Interviews The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

Fans of Marvel Studios movies generally know to stay to the end of the credits for a bonus scene, one that typically introduces a character or teases the next film in the franchise. The tradition began with Iron Man where Samuel L. Jackson infamously showed up in Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.’s) apartment and name-dropped The Avengers, a moment which laid the groundwork for the future of the franchise.

Every Marvel movie since (with the exception of The Incredible Hulk which moved its scene into the main film) has included some sort of tag/button at the end of the credits, but The Avengers (i.e. the biggest opening film of all time) included two; One during the credits and one special scene added after the credits which didn’t play until the film opened in North America on May 4th.

The first button shows up midway through the credits and works to tease upcoming events in the Marvel Cinematic universe. The second scene at the very end however, is there only for pure entertainment value, and it wasn’t even shot until after The Avengers premiered in LA. In fact, we only found out about it because Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t resist spilling the beans and teasing the extra scene.

So, what are these two scenes, why are there two this time, and how did they come about?








Thanos in The Avengers  The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

The first scene that shows up after the first section of credits (the part with all the animated weapons/costumes) presents the leader of the Chitauri alien force explaining the failure of their attack on Earth (led by Loki) to a mysterious alien, who turns and smiles at the idea of dealing with The Avengers would be “courting death itself.” That alien is of course the previously rumored Thanos and the reason for the smile is that “Death” is actually personified in the Marvel Universe as someone Thanos so desperately wishes to please.

Without getting too deep into the Marvel Comics history of Thanos, this scene, albeit totally confusing to non-Marvel Comics fans, is important as it is likely teasing the villain for next year’s Thor 2. We know from Tom Hiddleston’s interviews in promoting The Avengers, that Loki and Thor return to Asgard in the Thor sequel and there’s a greater villain at play which just may force the (not by blood) brothers to work together. It’s likely that Thanos will be coming to get at least one of the artifacts found in Odin’s Vault (image below), as shown in the first Thor film. Thanos needs the Infinity Gauntlet and Thor 2 must show him coming to get it. From there, Thanos will show up in Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie which remains unannounced but could come in 2014 or 2015, and if not, The Avengers 2, likely in 2015.

Thor Thanos Infinity Gauntlet 570x308 The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

Thanos sporting the Infinity Gauntlet

Was Thanos then, a character Marvel forced Joss Whedon to include at the end? Nope. Not at all. In fact, it was entirely Joss Whedon’s idea. Marvel President Kevin Feige explained to /Film that their guidelines simply involved aliens attacking Manhattan through a portal – who they were and who sent them was entirely up to Mr. Whedon. He chose the Chitauri army, as we know, but he also chose Thanos as the man behind the curtains so to speak, the one who set the plan in motion and gave Loki his added knowledge.

“He for me is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain. He’s the great grand daddy of the badasses and he’s in love with death and I just think that’s so cute. For me, the greatest Avengers was THE AVENGERS annual that Jim Starlin did followed by THE THING 2 in 1 that contained the death of Adam Warlock. Those were some of the most important texts and I think underrated milestones in Marvel history and Thanos is all over that, so somebody had to be in control and had to be behind Loki’s work and I was like ‘It’s got to be Thanos.’ And they said ‘Okay’ and I’m like ‘Oh my God!'”

But only the hardcore fans will know who he is, right? How many non-comic-readers knew who Nick Fury was at the end of Iron Man, what that hammer was at the end of Iron Man 2, or what the cube was at the end of Thor? As we explained in our special Avengers edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast this week and as Kevin Feige reiterates in the interview, it’s there to get people talking, to get fans speculating, and to serve as a reminder for when said character does return to the big screen next year or the year after.

The Artifacts and Relics of Odins Vault in Thor Movie The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

As for the post-credits scene that didn’t play internationally, it does nothing to setup future films or offer geek-focused Easter Eggs. Instead, it plays off of one of the jokes in the film’s final act, as told by Robert Downey Jr’s character. EW had a chance to chat with director/writer Joss Whedon and the cast to figure how and why this scene came about and why it was added at the literal last possible minute so it could play in theaters in time for its May 4th North American debut.

For background, during the final battle in The Avengers, a nuke is shot towards Manhattan to ensure the destruction of the invading alien army, but it was shot against the wishes of SHIELD Director Nick Fury and so he notifies Stark that it’s incoming. Using the last bit of energy in his armored suit, Iron Man redirects the warhead back through the portal, potentially sacrificing himself. On his collision course back down to the Manhattan streets, Hulk leaps to his rescue (as spoiled by the trailers) and when he regains his consciousness, it’s time for a series Robert Downey Jr.-style quips and one-liners, including one about trying out some local cuisine (shawarma), a line that wasn’t in the original script as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly who was on set during the time.

Stark was originally supposed to awaken and ask “what’s next” but Downey Jr. felt they could do more with the scene and the director agreed. The one line became three pages, but the payoff wasn’t there for the shawarma quip. Marvel agreed later, and so after the LA premiere of The Avengers, with the cast gathered, they brought the costumes and had them shoot one scene in a local restaurant (made to look damaged from the battle) where all they did was sit around a table eating.

There was no dialogue at all and the scene was meant to show how tired the six heroes were after the battle. Chris Evans, having short hair and a beard, had to wear prosthetics and covered his face with his arm, and we see all the characters chewing slowly as the mighty Thor dug in for one big bite. It was hilarious and it’s the type of scene that works so well with the tone and style Whedon brought to the team-up epic. Now we know why it was added.

The Avengers shawarma The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

If you’ve seen The Avengers and want to share your thoughts, join our Avengers spoilers discussion. Update: Disney’s CEO confirmed The Avengers 2 is in development.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.

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Sources: EW, /Film

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  1. What a ride on AVENGERS hope to see new characters on the sequel. I freakin knew it was THANOS to take on the next mission

    • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Someone already spilled the beans on those two.

      • hell no to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. they are mutants and they are too related to the x-men universe. MCU dont deal with mutants it wont make sense to introduce them at all.

        • I agree on this point.

        • Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver were founding members of the “new” Avengers back in the seventies (after a few of the originals left, i.e. Iron Man and Thor). Although they are mutants I don’t think they have ever been permanent members of the X-Men. I think they’d be good in it, add some different power-sets and add a new dimension to the relationships in the group, being brother and sister. Anyway Ant-Man and the Wasp should be the new characters, if they add anymore that is.

          • Some slight problems:

            Scarlet Witch – her costume is obscene, it’d have to be completely redesigned.
            Ant-Man – his name and costume are ridiculous xD
            Waso – C’mon 😛

            I’m fine with Quicksilver however.

            • Wasp*

        • X-Men were tied in with the Avengers……Avengers was Stan Lee combining most of his comic worlds together. The problem is that X-men, Fantastic 4, and Spiderman have theatrical rights with other companies.

  2. I’d say the Avengers sequels can only get better, that is if Joss Whedon is helming them. Marvel needs to sign Whedon to a 3 to 4 picture deal to direct the Avengers movies, based on the boffo box office gross of the film (207 million in 3 days! phenomenal!). I’d like to see Thanos, Ultron and Civil War storylines in the future flicks.

    • Marvel/Disney would have to be insane to not sign Joss for future Avengers movies.

      • I agree, they should NOT let Joss go anywhere lol.

        • Feige said they have an option for Whedon to do the next Avengers movie.
          With Marvel’s track record with directors, I’m just hoping they’ll make it worth while for Whedon (although, I’m sure it’s not just about the money with a guy like that).

          All I know is, they’d better get him to write and direct the sequel… hell, Marvel should hire Whedon to write all their movies 😉

          • Based on previous events, I’m inclined to believe the directors just get burned out on how much work an effects heavy film can be…working on more than one probably takes a lot of will power and passion. Also a lot of directors like to mix things up, Branagh is a great example. He likes to work on all kinds of things, not the same kind of film over and over.

            I’m pretty sure Joss would stick around for Avengers 2, he has several years to recharge and he’s a HUGE avengers fan.

            • And Joss is doing plenty of side projects too. It’s not like Disney locks him in a cage and only lets him out when he has to work on the Avengers.

  3. Lol, just to make it more clear, AVENGERS HAD THE BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER!!! Lol I think you should keep reminding Neal about that Rob Lol….

    • LOL

    • I didn’t understand what you were saying; could you repeat it, please? 😀

  4. That’s an awesome theory Rob, but I don’t think we’ll see Thanos as the main villain in Thor 2 (with the direction they’re leaning towards, I don’t think he’d fit in nicely). I’m sure he’ll have a cameo though:
    I can already picture it happening like this:
    -In the actual movie we briefly see Loki talking to a concealed/cloaked person (we never find out exactly what they were saying) – the camera cuts away (to Thor who’s walking towards Loki or something like that). When the camera cuts back, the hooded person has disappeared.
    -In the after credit scene, we see Loki sneaking into Odin’s treasure room and taking the Infinity Gauntlet. He teleports away and we see him approaching the hooded/cloaked person from the movie. Loki kneels before the person and presents the gauntlet. The cloaked person takes off his hood to reveal himself as Thanos (or The Other – Thanos’ minion).

    If Marvel ever makes a GotG movie, I can see how Thanos would be formally introduced there (maybe GotG could serve as a prequel that takes place before the events of Avengers and before Thanos had an army).

    Dammit Marvel! Give us some more info on your future plans! :( 😉

    • If Thanos wants to “court death” why doesn’t he just try and attack Asgard. If I was an abstarct entity I would be more inpressed with that than an earth invasion. Thanos vs odin. Yes please. Its been mentioned but would like to see odin in action at some point.

      • But at this point, Thanos doesn’t really have the means to defeat, or even take on Odin.
        He doesn’t have the Infinity Gauntlet (it’s locked up in Odin’s treasure room), he doesn’t have the cosmic cube (also probably locked up in Odin’s treasure room now) and his army has been significantly (if not completely) destroyed by the Avengers…

        I’d say he should make a cameo in Thor 2 (where they show how he gets the infinity gauntlet or comic cube) and then in GotG or Avengers 2 we get to see what he can really do…

        • Perhaps in the main-616 continuity, where Odin is a God with basically galactic destruction power levels or some such, but in the movieverse… He’s just another (albeit, very powerful/advanced) alien. Hmm, in any event if Thanos wants to gauntlet, now would be a good time as any to get it from the vault as Thor slagged the destroyer (assuming it hasent been rebuilt of course). Thing is though, Thor 1 already had a vault break-in… Plot wise it kind of gets repetitive no?

          • if you listen to the avengers podcast from screenrant apparently hiddleson has hinted in an interview that thanos will be the main bad guy in thor 2 with loki actually turning good again to help stop him(obviously its not set in stone and only briefly mentioned in the podcast)…perhaps their combined power is enough to stop thanos from taking asgard but it is not a happy ending because thanos gets the infinity gauntlet….i def think thanos should appear over multiple movies with him dying in the second avengers..i think third avengers and possibly one of the coolest movies ever would be an updated and movie tweeked civil war movie…can you imagine the marketing? whos side are you on capatin america or iron man?? with all the movie history behind it? could be greatness

          • If Thanos invades Asgard, he won’t just be going up against Odin (and Odin does have the power to banish someone to another realm)… he’ll have to deal with Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three, Hemdal, Baldar (if they introduce him) and countless other Asgardian warriors.
            I stand by my statement: Thanos would need to get his hands on something like the cosmic cube or Infinity Gauntlet first before he attempts an attack like that.

            As for the vault break-in: it won’t affect the movie… like I said, it would be the POST CREDIT SCENE – which only the fans will watch. And there is a difference between an attack/intrusion of the vault (whicg the frost giants attempted), and Loki silently sneaking in and “liberating” a certain object for someone. I wouldn’t call a small tease like that repetitive.

            • Unless Thanos is the genious he is and attacks Asgard while Odin is under his Odin sleep 😛

              Still I agree, I love Thanos but he would need some considerable enhancement via Gems(Perhaps a combination of a few) or Cube in order to take Asgard as a whole in the scenario mentioned. Odin, Thor & perhaps Loki posing the largest threat to him of course…

              Don’t forget now though, Thanos did fight Odin before. I believe it might’ve been during the ‘Blood & Thunder’ storyline when Thor went berserk(Not sure. Been awhile). Then again I believe Thanos had the Power gem during that time. It’s been a while and I’m away from my stash :-(

            • Agreed at this point, An attack on Asgard would be suicide for Thanos. Great point guys. And thats even if he knows were in the galaxy Asgard is located… I mean it appear to be one massive world ship the size of a flat planetoid with its own artificial gravity/atmosphere power source etcetc… Just the sheild on that to keep its atmosphere intact… I dont even think the Kree with their hundred thousand system strong empire would do much to it. If the bifrost could be used as a weapon and blow up planet ala death star I dont think anybody if dumb enough to mess with them… Though I could be wrong. sentry took it down in Seige but then direct 616 and movieverse continuity comparisons arent really useful.

              • I think Thor 2 should be about misdirection. Let’s say Loki is under Thanos’s heel. If, say, Loki is confined to a dungeon in the palace, he should recruit the Enchantress to seduce Thor and perhaps even set off a chain of events that leads Asgard to all out war with one of the other realms. This will force Odin and all his best warriors into conflict, perhaps to the point where even the Destroyer is needed. This would leave the “treasure room” still protected but entirely vulnerable. The camera would cut from one scene showing Odin’s forces smugly dispatching their enemies while Thanos saunters into the palace (this would also be his first real appearance), casually offing anyone that gets in his way. Cut to Loki in his cell grinning broadly as he hears the chaos around him. Eventually Thanos takes the gauntlets, frees Loki and disappears. No mess no fuss.
                Anyway, about the Destroyer, I think I read somewhere that it is only as powerful as the one who commands it, which is why Thor didn’t really have that much trouble defeating it… Okay, now I’m out of breath…

            • Well whatever they decide to do i kinda know for certain Loki will probably die in Thor 2 defending Asgard in some way.

              • Thanos I believe will kill or go Hulk on Loki since he failed to take over the Earth and deliever the tessaract to him.

    • im hopin with the gotg direction marvels taking, were gonna see some form of mashup of kree/skrull/shiar war and annhilation wave/conquest epic with the avenegers and inhumans thrown in.
      its way to early for civil war.

    • I actually would be pretty pleased if they introduced Thanos in Thor 2 as they would be able to slowly introduce a (to the non-comic reader public) kind of unknown character. Also, although Loki is working with Thanos in the Avengers, he is not working FOR him. They had a mutual agreement that Loki would get the earth, and they would get the Cosmic Cube in order to take over the rest of space. I think Loki is too much of megalomaniac, and loves to be way too much in the spotlight to serve under anyone unless he plans to betray them or mutually use them for his own purposes. Even when the leader of the army threatens him, he still has a look on his face like he can’t believe he has to deal with these kind of people.

      To introduce Thanos as a cameo in Thor 2 would work perfectly for the comics, but the have time and issues in order to build things up. It wouldn’t work to have Thanos do a second cameo if Marvel want’s the public to know him and his character by the time we get to Avengers 2. You just don’t have the time.

  5. Does that mean we’re getting closer to Warlock and if so, who could portray Him from the hive. Maybe we’ll get a little High Evolutionary in there as well

    • Good Lord, man! If you introduce the High Evolutionary you may as well intro the Celestials. Do you really want to spend months explaining all THOSE guys to the non-comic reading public? Ugh. I had to explain to three random strangers who Thanos was when the lights came up. I’m pretty sure one of them is still convinced he’s a skrull.

      • If/when they do Warlock, it will most likely be the version of him in the Guardians team. Guardian of the galaxy cameo in thor 2? Hmm if they expand to more worlds and aliens in the movie, then why not. There will deffinitly be a discussion with Odin about it (who Loki was working for etc).

      • I love the Celestials. There’s something epic yet oddly surreal about them. But yeah, I can see Ebert pulling one heck of a face with that one lol.

    • Are you talking about Warlock, or Adam Warlock… because those are two different characters.

      • Most likely Adam…

        • I was refering to adam warlock/gauntlet tie in. Had to check for “Warlock” the alien mutant… Looks like the phalanx.

          • Ah okay then… well yeah, if they ever introduce Adam Warlock, it’ll definitely be in a GotG movie; along with Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Quasar… am I forgetting anyone else? Feels like I’m forgetting someone…

            • dont know enough about past teams, but there’s usually is a female in the group. Liked the interpretation they did in the avengers cartoon this past weekend.

  6. Marvel needs to stick with introducing lesser known characters into the popular characters films. It worked with Hawkeye in Thor and now he’s gained popularity in The Avengers.

    • Agreed. Keep the solo films for the big 4. Dont dilute it too much by having every second stringer have their own movie… Unless they prove themselves over time as bankable characters. If everyone gets their solos bringing it back to an avengers movie will get hard to follow for the general public and the story arcs might end up suffering as they would be forced to keep them simple.

  7. I think that Marvel is planning on introducing Ant-Man in Captain America 2 as a SHIELD agent. Maybe we’ll see some Black Panther or Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • Would love to see the Panther being that we see the Quinjet(s).

    • I was looking forward to see ANT-MAN or Black Panther in Avengers …Movie was amazing !

  8. I’m hoping we see more of Thanos in either Thor 2 or Guardians of the Galaxy (GOG). I think GOG would be the best move in order to bring some new characters to the big screen and to help with development of other properties. I just wish they could have the rights to the fantastic four because there are some story lines that would cross really good with what is going on with the Avengers story lines right now.

    • Nope, they just like our stuff on SR 😉

  9. I went to see the movie in 3D on Sunday and while my theater wasn’t completely full it was still pretty packed and there were only 8 people in total that stayed for the credits and I was with 3 of them.
    Someone in the other group that stayed even yelled out pretty loud that there was more but that didn’t stop everyone from leaving.

    • Hehe…I’ve also considered yelling out “there’s another scene! Stay for the credits guys!” with some of the Marvel movies (THOR, Cap and Avengers), but every time I just think to myself, “ah screw you people, let the REAL fans have this one”… is that rude? 😉

      • Haha!!
        I don’t think it’s rude at all because that’s the exact same thing I was thinking.

      • I always think about doing this, but the one time I did it my GF smacked me in the arm. She’s a willing participant in the Marvel nerdom, but my efforts to help other people get in on the “secret” endings is crossing the line for her, she tried to hide down in the chair when I was telling this other couple to stick around at the end of IM.

  10. Isn’t it time someone mentioned that Avengers HAD THE BIGGEST OPENING EVER!?!?!?!?

  11. Honestly I don’t think Guardians of the Galaxy is going to fly for mainstream viewers. For the fanboys, maybe. I think in the end it will be a spectacularly expensive failure. You’re talking about a bunch of 2nd or even 3rd tier characters, a lot of off planet adventure, a CGI raccoon, and Marvel hoping it’s name will drive sales. I see this as John Carter combined with Green Lantern and smell “fail” all over this. They ought to stick with more earthbound characters that people can relate to. But we’ll see I guess.

    • I have to agree. I am not the most avid comic fan, but I know quite a bit more than a non-comicbook reader. I know the mainstream heroes and a few of the 2nd and 3rd tier heroes and their villains and storylines. However, I had no idea who Thanos was at the end of credits scene and mistook him for a Skrull (forgetting that they are primarily green). I know little about the cosmic cube and nothing about the in infinity gauntlet and so had to research after the movie. You can imagine what a person who doesn’t even pick up a comic book would think.
      And the Guardians of the Galaxy? I hadn’t even heard of them until I saw the recent Avengers: EMH’s episode. And even when I saw them, I kept thinking that they reminded me of Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern Corp. I don’t think the GofG can capture the mainstream audience as well, they aren’t famous enough outside of the Marvel community to garner curiosity and attention. The same applies to Adam Warlock.

      • GotG is going to be REALLY tricky, because they aren’t widely known like Iron Man or Spider-man for example. I’m a huge Adam Warlock fan so of course I’m looking forward to a GotG film, but there are concerns about how people who aren’t comic nerds will care about it.

        BTW The Marvel equivalent to Green Lantern Corps is the Nova Corps, it would be interesting to see Nova make a cameo in one of these cosmic movies.

        It should be noted that they aren’t aiming for Iron Man ticket numbers on these lesser-known character films, and they aren’t throwing a bajillion dollars at their budgets either. They’re (at least the last I heard) going for smaller films for those guys, not blockbuster awareness or numbers.

        • With half of the core stars of GotG needing CGI every time they are on the screen (i.e. Rocket Raccoon), and the rest of the otherworldly set pieces (like Asgard in Thor) the budget will have to be large just on general principle. I’m a comic nerd (been reading and collecting since I was 7, currently 43) and even I don’t know much about GotG. They never fascinated me enough to even read anything about them, and the few characters that crossed over weren’t appealing enough for me to follow them either.

          Even if they aren’t going for Iron Man ticket numbers, I think this will be one of those K. Feige pet projects that he wants to see on the screen simply because they can afford to, but it will likely be a colossal waste of money. I have zero excitement behind seeing a GotG movie, even if they are trying to use that as a platform to launch more of their “galactic” characters. I say use Thor, Asgard, and the rebuilt bi-frost to introduce some of these tertiary characters, but only if they are needed for future Avengers tales. I’d much rather Dr. Strange, Black Panther, even Power Man & Iron Fist or just Luke Cage, than GotG. I know, as much a comic movie fan as I am, I won’t spend my money on GotG.

  12. Does anyone what Hulk said after he finished rag dolling Loki? The laughter & applause were so loud in the theatre I couldn’t make it out.

    • I think it was “puny god”.

      • Correct, sir.

        • why thank (AVENGERS HAD THE BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND) you sir.

  13. anyone notice when the thanos scene plays at the end, that a lot of people in cinema go ” whoa! its hellboy!”
    seen it twice now (imax 3d, highly recommneded) and noticed multiple groups saying it both times. noobs.

    • Lol my friend asked me if it was Red Skull. At least he was closer than Hellboy! I heard people say that in my theater also. I facepalmed so hard hahaha

    • I’ve had more than one person ask me (I’m the resident Marvel expert in my circles) if it was Red Skull. My response has usually been “Nope, it’s Thanos. Besides, isn’t the Red Skull…you know…red?” I usually get a stuck-out tongue on that one.

  14. So if Whedon was not “forced” and was given a choice he could have put Peter Porker The Amazing Spiderham?

    I find it difficult to believe Marvel didnt suggest Thanos (or one or two others) and let Whedon decide.

    So Whedon got lucky in guessing the next villian or maybe Thanos wont even be in it…….

    • Yeah read that too, disnt seem like thanos was a mist have for their near term plans, more like letting whedon plant the seed/fan service. Otherwise marvel would have said from the get go “hey, you have to have him in there”. Unless of course it just happened that whedon and feige were on the same wavelenght from the get go… And so of course they were cool with Thanos as he’s in their plans.

    • It’s important to keep in mind that Marvel doesn’t really have to suggest anything for Whedon…he’s a bigger Avengers nerd than most of us on this site. My guess would be that he wanted to use someone cool like Thanos in the first place, and was hoping Marvel would give him free reign in his story options.

  15. $702 million total, as of Monday…..and rising.

  16. “Awesome! Totally awesome!” – Jeff Spicoli

    just got home from seeing The Avengers in Imax 3D, and WOW! Just WOW! that was the bomb-diggity! I liked the 3D. That’s the 1st 3D movie I’ve seen since it started this new trend. never got to see avatar. tried to go see Hugo (i heard that was the best use of 3D so far) and if The Avengers (BIGGEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER!) is still playing in a month when i may have some $$ to go see it, i will take a day off work! That will absolutely be in my top 5 fave films of all time. The schwarma scene was great! I have been excited all day today waiting to see it. this was cheap night $11 for imax 3d. normally $15.50. 2d was $5, normally $9.50. pretty full house. the glasses suck though. they dig into your skull behind your ears. That is the MOST fun I’ve had at the movies in a LONG time! cant wait to get the bluray now. WOW!

  17. Too early for Avengers 2 or Thor 2 for Thanos to be the main villain. Avengers 3, that would make sense though.

    • Thanos will more than likely be referenced or make a cameo in Thor 2. They could probably fit him in as the villain in Avengers 2 seeing as how it does’nt come out until 2015.

  18. Some slight problems:

    Scarlet Witch – her costume is obscene, it’d have to be completely redesigned.
    Ant-Man – his name and costume are ridiculous xD
    Wasp – C’mon 😛

    I’m fine with Quicksilver however.

    • There’s nothing wrong with a little obscenity. Scarlet Witch is HOT! Leave her hot! Have her in a love triangle with Black Widow and Hawkeye!

  19. Its the waiting that’s the hardest part!

  20. I have a problem with the whole Thanos decision. If they bring Thanos into play does that not in some way make people think about the Silver Surfer. From there I think Fantastic 4. Chris Evans was also a superhero in those movies, which I think just doesn’t make sense. You have 1 person playing multiple superheroes in the same universe. Personally its just a bad decision to me.

    • Fantastic Four is owned by 20th Century Fox and does not take place in the sane cinematic universe as The Avengers. And seeing how Thanos had his first appearance in an Iron Man comic, Marvel Studios has free reign over him.

    • Thanos was originally Adam Warlock linked via Jim Starlin’s works. Surfer dealt primarily with his master, Galactus, and later Mephisto, when he was stuck within the confines of our solar system. Other cosmic character involvement came later.

  21. I agree. Now if Marvel brought in Annihilus or Super Skrull that could be a problem.

  22. For All the Avengers .. Ƴººϋ cool all .. I love & i like captain america .. ♡(∞¯⌣¯∞)♡ but ƴººϋ a perfect man (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc) god bless ƴººϋ ..

  23. Great, thorough coverage. I had been looking for info on the second scene(after credits) because after the “Thanos” scene I thought that was it and left the theater. Several sites I checked before this one had dropped the ball on this one, providing little or no explanation. Not only did you guys cover it in detail, even having a photo of the scene, but provided full backstory as to “why”. Excellent. Thanks.

  24. Yea, I also had to explain to some comic neophytes who Thanos was
    Another question to those who have seen the movie. Do you think that the other (character who was reporting to Thanos) looked like Ronan the accuser??

    Does anyone think that those space creatures the chirauri were riding on looked like the acanti (space whales who carry the brood around space)

    Would love if they introduced the celestials. I’m sure some of you guys have read Shield by Jonathan Hickman. Shield as a secret society all the way back to Egyptian times. Bring that in to the movies

    Oh and I was referring to Adam Warlock :))

  25. Thanks Mike E Rob K.

  26. Surely whatever the final credits is going to be, it is going to take the Marvel franchise to the next level. All we need to do is wait and watch.

  27. The movie was great! So good we are going back to see it again in 3-D of course. Please do not let us down with the Avengers2