‘The Avengers’ Post-Credits Scenes Explained

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Avengers Movie Interviews The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

Fans of Marvel Studios movies generally know to stay to the end of the credits for a bonus scene, one that typically introduces a character or teases the next film in the franchise. The tradition began with Iron Man where Samuel L. Jackson infamously showed up in Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.’s) apartment and name-dropped The Avengers, a moment which laid the groundwork for the future of the franchise.

Every Marvel movie since (with the exception of The Incredible Hulk which moved its scene into the main film) has included some sort of tag/button at the end of the credits, but The Avengers (i.e. the biggest opening film of all time) included two; One during the credits and one special scene added after the credits which didn’t play until the film opened in North America on May 4th.

The first button shows up midway through the credits and works to tease upcoming events in the Marvel Cinematic universe. The second scene at the very end however, is there only for pure entertainment value, and it wasn’t even shot until after The Avengers premiered in LA. In fact, we only found out about it because Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t resist spilling the beans and teasing the extra scene.

So, what are these two scenes, why are there two this time, and how did they come about?








Thanos in The Avengers  The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

The first scene that shows up after the first section of credits (the part with all the animated weapons/costumes) presents the leader of the Chitauri alien force explaining the failure of their attack on Earth (led by Loki) to a mysterious alien, who turns and smiles at the idea of dealing with The Avengers would be “courting death itself.” That alien is of course the previously rumored Thanos and the reason for the smile is that “Death” is actually personified in the Marvel Universe as someone Thanos so desperately wishes to please.

Without getting too deep into the Marvel Comics history of Thanos, this scene, albeit totally confusing to non-Marvel Comics fans, is important as it is likely teasing the villain for next year’s Thor 2. We know from Tom Hiddleston’s interviews in promoting The Avengers, that Loki and Thor return to Asgard in the Thor sequel and there’s a greater villain at play which just may force the (not by blood) brothers to work together. It’s likely that Thanos will be coming to get at least one of the artifacts found in Odin’s Vault (image below), as shown in the first Thor film. Thanos needs the Infinity Gauntlet and Thor 2 must show him coming to get it. From there, Thanos will show up in Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie which remains unannounced but could come in 2014 or 2015, and if not, The Avengers 2, likely in 2015.

Thor Thanos Infinity Gauntlet 570x308 The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

Thanos sporting the Infinity Gauntlet

Was Thanos then, a character Marvel forced Joss Whedon to include at the end? Nope. Not at all. In fact, it was entirely Joss Whedon’s idea. Marvel President Kevin Feige explained to /Film that their guidelines simply involved aliens attacking Manhattan through a portal – who they were and who sent them was entirely up to Mr. Whedon. He chose the Chitauri army, as we know, but he also chose Thanos as the man behind the curtains so to speak, the one who set the plan in motion and gave Loki his added knowledge.

“He for me is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain. He’s the great grand daddy of the badasses and he’s in love with death and I just think that’s so cute. For me, the greatest Avengers was THE AVENGERS annual that Jim Starlin did followed by THE THING 2 in 1 that contained the death of Adam Warlock. Those were some of the most important texts and I think underrated milestones in Marvel history and Thanos is all over that, so somebody had to be in control and had to be behind Loki’s work and I was like ‘It’s got to be Thanos.’ And they said ‘Okay’ and I’m like ‘Oh my God!’”

But only the hardcore fans will know who he is, right? How many non-comic-readers knew who Nick Fury was at the end of Iron Man, what that hammer was at the end of Iron Man 2, or what the cube was at the end of Thor? As we explained in our special Avengers edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast this week and as Kevin Feige reiterates in the interview, it’s there to get people talking, to get fans speculating, and to serve as a reminder for when said character does return to the big screen next year or the year after.

The Artifacts and Relics of Odins Vault in Thor Movie The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

As for the post-credits scene that didn’t play internationally, it does nothing to setup future films or offer geek-focused Easter Eggs. Instead, it plays off of one of the jokes in the film’s final act, as told by Robert Downey Jr’s character. EW had a chance to chat with director/writer Joss Whedon and the cast to figure how and why this scene came about and why it was added at the literal last possible minute so it could play in theaters in time for its May 4th North American debut.

For background, during the final battle in The Avengers, a nuke is shot towards Manhattan to ensure the destruction of the invading alien army, but it was shot against the wishes of SHIELD Director Nick Fury and so he notifies Stark that it’s incoming. Using the last bit of energy in his armored suit, Iron Man redirects the warhead back through the portal, potentially sacrificing himself. On his collision course back down to the Manhattan streets, Hulk leaps to his rescue (as spoiled by the trailers) and when he regains his consciousness, it’s time for a series Robert Downey Jr.-style quips and one-liners, including one about trying out some local cuisine (shawarma), a line that wasn’t in the original script as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly who was on set during the time.

Stark was originally supposed to awaken and ask “what’s next” but Downey Jr. felt they could do more with the scene and the director agreed. The one line became three pages, but the payoff wasn’t there for the shawarma quip. Marvel agreed later, and so after the LA premiere of The Avengers, with the cast gathered, they brought the costumes and had them shoot one scene in a local restaurant (made to look damaged from the battle) where all they did was sit around a table eating.

There was no dialogue at all and the scene was meant to show how tired the six heroes were after the battle. Chris Evans, having short hair and a beard, had to wear prosthetics and covered his face with his arm, and we see all the characters chewing slowly as the mighty Thor dug in for one big bite. It was hilarious and it’s the type of scene that works so well with the tone and style Whedon brought to the team-up epic. Now we know why it was added.

The Avengers shawarma The Avengers Post Credits Scenes Explained

If you’ve seen The Avengers and want to share your thoughts, join our Avengers spoilers discussion. Update: Disney’s CEO confirmed The Avengers 2 is in development.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.


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Sources: EW, /Film

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  1. Do you really have to say the avengers has the biggest opening of all time everytime you post something about the movie? It’s quite annoying.
    And honestly, having the biggest opening means nothing at all. It’s just some fancy title that studios like to have. Start talking when we see it’s final gross will you?

    And I’m not hating in the film, I thought it was awesome

    • Beating out Harry Potter and TDK in its opening weekend is a very, very big deal.

      As for your question about mentioning the number, the answer is yes. The actuals came out today and not everyone pays attention to Sunday estimates. I’m really sorry it annoys you.

      • I take that back, it doesn’t annoy me. You are just making it too repetitive when it doesn’t need to be.

        • Too repetitive in the first day after the weekend?

          Sorry dude, I’ll probably keep mentioning it on most Avengers stories.

    • Well… seeing as how it has already outgrossed last month HUNGER GAMES entire profit thus far, and slapped the final Harry potter movie out of first place, I think it is quite deservedly spoken each and every single time it is uttered.

      • I totally agree :)

    • Biggest Weekend does mean something. It means that you had the most people ever go and pay to see your movie in just one weekend. Nothing fancy about it, just awesome that The Avengers nabbed that title.

    • I hope for the rest of the year, each time The Avengers is mentioned that it is followed by “the biggest opening of all time” :).

      Nobody expected it to break the record, and they definitely didn’t expect it to break the record by almost 40 Million!!! That is just miraculous.

  2. That Thanos scene put a big smile on my face. I still think that he won’t be the main villain in Thor 2 but he’ll definitely be referenced or make a cameo to set up Avengers 2.

    • I saw The Avengers on Saturday, I am still smiling… Like this :D but much bigger.

    • Oh You weren’t the only one smiling. Whedon knows a bad ass when he sees it. I’m sure Jim Starlin was ecstatic to know that his son was coming to the big screen even if for a few seconds. Makes me sad I’m so far away from all my Silver Surfer issues or else I would be re-reading my Infinity Gauntlet TPB again… :-(

  3. Oh my but I LOVED the shwarma scene. I loved seeing all of the heroes exhausted and eating. Regaining strength. It was GREAT! I could have watched it longer. I love this movie. :)

  4. The “shawarma” button was great…funny and a perfect ending to a ridiculously busy and chaotic day.

    The “Thanos” button was much less impressive…yes, I’m curious to see Marvel’s Death (still hoping more for an eventual film or series with DC/Vertigo’s Death…sigh) and the use of the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos, however, looked cartoonish and silly…I actually could have done without the scene, truth be told, just because of how silly the image was.

    • Sorta agree on the looks but not the absence of the scene. For people that know comics and weren’t spoiled prior to viewing this would’ve came as a shocker. I know I would’ve been..

      That’s probably as best as they could’ve made him look either way. Maybe. I Dunno. His chin did look rather larger than usual. For some reason also he had no gloves on(Which is SUPER rare) when he stood up from the chair. Worse yet they were small and looked to humane. Other than that I liked it…

      • His look ruined his impact for me…

        • Felt the same way honestly at first. The hands and eyes did it for me but the fact that he was included in the movie and introduced to the world made the scene worthwhile to me…

      • The reason they chose to go sans-gloves was probably just to make it clear that he had yet to get the Infinity Gauntlet. They never really show it in Thor, so this establishes it on-screen for people who don’t follow everything (those that do already know its in Odin’s Vault and was shown at Comic-Con)

        • It IS shown in Thor for about a second when the frost giants are being taken down in the trophy room. It’s in the background; blink and you’ll miss it.

        • To be more precise, it’s in the background right when one of the frost giants gets blasted by the Destroyer armor. It’s only visible for a split second though.

    • I really wish they had switched the credit scenes. I really felt disappointed having sat through about five minutes of credits just to see them all sitting around and not even chatting or anything. Looking back on it, I can see how that humor fits well with a Joss Whedon project, but I was hoping for more of a payoff for sitting through all the credits. I think switching the two scenes would’ve flowed a bit better, particularly since the first one was shown after all the uniforms and weapons were shown.

  5. does anyone else think coulson is still alive

    • Coulson is the 21st century Boba Fett.

      • agreed, he is sorta that character that is always there in all of the franchise

        • I just mean that fans will refuse to accept he’s dead, and he’ll appear in fan fiction and speculation.

    • Maybe he’s an alien… woooooo… ;)

    • I’m hoping Coulson is dead…as he should be.

    • I am sure he is dead. However, if someone like Tony and Banner wants to download a copy of his brain pasterns into an android Vision style…

    • Yes. Fury lied about the cards, and admitted he needed something to unify the team. He’s Nick Fury, his secrets have secrets, and nothing is more important than the mission to him.

    • He BETTER be!!!!! I CRIED! That hurt my heart to see him die. But Fury plays dirty (getting cooperation any way he can) and they never showed a funeral, which I think would have been a great moment to have them all solidify their resolve to work as a team, so I think he’s still alive.

      It was an awesome stimulus to have him die, though, because I was TOTALLY invested in his character from all the movies. I REALLY wanted them to kick some booty after that!

  6. Maybe. Either he’s dead or Nick Fury planned on him being killed.

  7. I didn’t know about Thanos so I was a little confused and had to google him.

    Loved the swarma scene and thought it was classic

    • Like the Sopranos going to black, or Bob Newhart waking up to his wife from his first show.

      • Both are great. Personally the Bob Newhart is my favorite. “I had the weirdest dream”

  8. Sorry if I sound like a smart @ss,but did we really need an explanation for that scene?

    I thought that it was pretty self explanatory.

    • The fact that Marvel shot it after the premiere was self-explanatory?

  9. Thor is not a demigod!

  10. Avengers 2 Plot revealed: The Avengers try to save John Carter….

    • I don’t think John Carter can be saved at this point.

  11. Thanks for adding the picture of the final “schawarma” scene, here in South America we didn’t get it, but the Thanos scene was included :)

  12. I personally think that it should have been the Hulk eating instead of Banner. Would’ve been funnier.

    • Restraint won out and delivered.

    • It certainly would have been, but it was shot last minute. No time for the special effects

  13. the thantos idea was mine :P imo he will get the gauntlet at the end of the movie (thor 2) and the post credit scene might be of him moving towards earth (leading into avengers 2).

    all in all id sets the stage for at least 1 future marvel movie :P i just hope ironman 3 is less garbage (like IM2) and more brainy tony doing what he does best (drinking, womanising and building hardcore tech stuff). btw is downey confirmed for im3, b/c i read somewhere that he wasn’t coming back (due to new director etc).

    • The new director has directed him before so I doubt that’s an issue.

  14. That scene was a huge bonus. They could have had little movements like someone passing a condiment, more eating, or even some words. But the way they did it produced the maximum effect.

    I didn’t really notice that the restaurant was unusually “trashed.” It just looked like they were cleaning up after a typical day, which is part of what made it so funny. I kept looking at the Avengers, but they were barely moving, so the workers in the background kept drawing attention. When I’d look back my eyes were mostly drawn to Thor with that big cape. They really gave us a treat with that.

    I’m glad I saw it before I heard any reviews, like “it’s worthless” or “It’s only a joke, but it’s really funny.” Whatever. It had the effect it had on me and, I’m assuming, the rest of the audience because we were expecting the usual tease for future movies.

    • Yeah it was comical none the less. It’s essentially saying that after all they went through, saving the world and such, this is how they get treated/repaied. It was funny and the people that stood back thought so to…

  15. @Rob,

    Great article, the avengers is the greatest superhero movie of all time, and it had the biggest opening of all time TRUELY EPIC!!!!! and the film deserves every bit of recognition for doing just that!!!!!

    • Thanks!

      Be careful on mentioning it being the biggest opening. Neal may get upset :p

      • Neal may be in for a rough couple of months.

        • LOL. I think I’ll intentionally mention it in EVERY Marvel post I do.

          • No, mention it in every article PERIOD! :D

            • News: Fringe will get a new spin-off series next Fall. Also, Avengers had the biggest opening weekend ever!


  16. There is much Nolan but-hurt on this thread.

    Ben, while I knew what the extra scenes were about, I doubt EVERYONE who visits this site knew what was going on. Spot on article and BTW, did you hear Avengers had the biggest opening weekend EVER? ;)

    • I meant Rob … sorry. DOH!

    • haha, I heard that too. Crazy. I should include that more often.

    • Oh, btw this is not just to explain the scenes (that’s really only to discuss the Thanos potential), but to explain WHY and HOW these scenes were made form the perspective of Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon.

      • You still haven’t explained what a shawarma is.. Sigh lol

  17. This is a good read. I didn’t know the director had that much love for Thanos or that it was his idea.

    It really is great to know that Whedon is passionate of Thanos. It means he’ll show the character much love and respect when portraying him on screen. I’ve always felt the same way for the character…

  18. I’m curious how the Hulk could not control himself when he attacked Black Widow. But when he rejoined the heros he was then able to control himself when they fought the alien army? Does anyone know why that is please? Thank you.

    • I wonder if there is a past history between the two. She was extremely terrified of Banner. There has to be a reason deeper than him just being the Hulk.

      • Actually no, if you noticed when Natasha & Banner met in that hut, Natasha introduce herself to him, means they just met for the first time in that opening act. Maybe if in the past Natasha has shadowing Banner from a distance, to keep other interested parties at bay (as Natasha mentioned to Banner, they have been keeping their eyes on him from awhile back).
        Still, their first face to face meeting was in that hut.
        In that SHIELD carrier lower deck scene, Banner can barely contain Hulk anger as the result of sudden & quite traumatize impact. Whilst in the final battle, he is in control of the beast.

      • Read ‘Marvel’s The Avengers:Fury’s Big Week’ – seriously people… READ IT! ;)
        Black Widow was present during the Hulk outbreak at the university in TIH (she didn’t make a cameo in the movie, but in the comic tie-in, it’s explained that she was there – and she was almost killed by the Hulk).
        She was also there when the Abomination was created (although, she went to arrest the Leader – she wasn’t really present when the big fight broke out between Hulk and Blonsky)

        So that feat she showed towards Banner? She’s definitely scared of him (seeing as she almost died because of him).

      • I took it more as something from her past. Men turned her into a killer, ehich started when she was a small child. Was physically abused? Etc. Hulk would be the worst thing to confront in that circumstance, something beyond her ability to control, to stop. The fear would be logical, as it’s something that still exists within her from her childhood and hull is an embodiment of said fears.

    • I think it’s because Banner couldn’t control that transformation – it was out of defensive rage from the attack. Whereas later, he transforms willingly and has some control.

      • ^ Exactly…
        I also think Loki messing with Banner’s mind had something to do with it.

    • the end of Hulk 2008 established that he can change at will to an extent, but if hes pushed to far beyond his control he will change. all about motivation.

  19. I’d be curious about how YOU understood it, if you’d describe it.

    The way I, and others, understood it is that Banner has gained some control over his transformations and the Hulk. However, earlier he changed because he was put under stress without warning, so the Hulk was out of control from the get-go.

    Some will tell you that this was suggested in the end of the movie Incredible Hulk, where Banner does control Hulk enough to defeat the Abomination, and the last scene shows Banner meditating and his eyes turning green while he has a smile or at least a peaceful look on his face. Me, I have the Kray-ZEE notion that audiences shouldn’t be required to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel characters in order to watch a movie.

    Personally, in the context of the movie, I think it was “pulled out of left field” and written more as a convenience for the plot. Of course the movie suggested that lots of other things had happened before, but nothing really required any specific detailed knowledge. You are allowed to make fairly broad assumptions. Now, I also thought it was kind of a cool scene and I was able to just “go with it.” But I wonder why the Hulk didn’t take over the more stressed he became during the fight.

    It’s a valid question, but prepare to be “schooled” and mildly scolded for not keeping track of everything in the Marvel movies and even the comics.

    • @Nostel-O Remember that right before Natasha and Banner fell, they all had been arguing because of the negative energy that was emanating from Loki’s spear. In fact, Banner unknowingly had the spear in his hand at one point. Loki had a mental connection with the spear and was trying to create tension and make the team go against each other which was working and trying to create enough tension culminating in a physical fight creating a situation wear the Hulk would wreak havoc and he almost succeeded when Banner had the spear in his hand. Had the arguing continued on, the arguing would have eventually become a physical fight and with Banner holding the spear in his hand, he may have gotten shot by Nick Fury or Natasha resulting in the release of the Hulk.

      When Natasha and Banner fell, the Hulk’s mind took over(not knowing everything that was going on) and all he knew was that he must have just gotten attacked or was in a fight with Widow especially with Widow being scared and running away. The Hulk didn’t know what happened, he just thought he was being attacked especially with that negative energy still being an influence on him from Banner handling the spear so much the most. Remember Hulk shares consciousness with Banner at a certain point but not with everything. The Hulk under the spear’s(Loki’s) influence after Banner got knocked out made the Hulk hostile to the nearest person, who he must have thought attacked Banner in this case it was BW first then Thor.

      • After Loki’s spear’s negative energy wore off from the Hulk’s fall the the ground, now Banner had more conscious control over his own mind again and the Hulk. Remember Hawkeye had to get knocked out too to get rid of the spell and Selvig’s just wore off over time at the right moment.

    • I’m no expert, but it didn’t seem to me to come “from left field” because they asked him several times how he was able to “do it”. It was like they were teasing it the whole time.

  20. THANOS!!! Half the people in my theatre started walking out before this scene. As soon as the cam panned left and I saw his shoulder I started clapping, because I knew what time it was. The people around me didn’t act like they knew who he was. I’m glad I didn’t see any spoilers before I went, it was a welcome surprise. I do agree they need to redo his appearance in the future films.

    The shwarma scene was wasted on me. This article is win simply for mentioning a possible GG movie. Something else to look forward to.

    • meant right not left

  21. when whoever said “i lost my $h!t when that happened!”, you sounded like the kid on the news feed near the end describing what he saw!

  22. I love shawarma. Both the end credits scene and the food. I had shawarma (or as the locals call it – Lebanese BBQ) when I first went to Qatar and later Saudi Arabia. Couldn’t get enough of it. Right now I’m itching for a second helping of Avengers shawarma. I need to get back to the cineplex pronto. What an awesome movie.

  23. Anyone else think the power part of Loki’s spear could be the mind gem?

    • Yeap. I tried explaining that the staff was influencing the characters on the podcast but Anthony wouldn’t have it.

      • You were right and so is Prof Twirl I just wished I would’ve thought it through more. The Mind Gem is Blue and so was the ‘orb’ on the staff…

      • I don’t see how others didn’t realize that the heroes were being manipulated by the staff(mind gem). Stark even shakes his head like he was trying to shake it off. The reason the Hulk couldn’t control himself was because of this.

        • well, I know strictly nothing about Avengers comic books and the whole mythology behind it, and this Infinity Gauntlet and the gems is totally new to me… but it seemed pretty obvious to me that Loki’s staff had a nefarious influence on the Avengers. How could anyone not notice that? Or am I missing something from earlier in this thread?

          After reading up on Wiki about the Infinity Gauntlet and the story behind it and Thanos, it all sounds quite epic and fascinating.

          And… SHAWARMA!!!!

          I mean, come on, that was epic.

          • it seemed obvious too but as to what gave the staff power over ppl’s minds, that could be one of the soul gems as prof pointed out.

        • If it was the Mind Gem and Stark was being affected by it, then why couldn’t he be affected by it when Loki was in his penthouse and tried taking control of him (leading to a hilarious “performance issue” joke)? Also, when Loki took the Dr. and Hawkeye “hostage” he mentions that Hawkeye has a strong heart.

          • Good question Chiguy,

            For some reason the way the Gem was being used by Loki was that a part of his staff had to make physical contact with the victim in order for it to work and Loki was toucing Starks chest piece..

            We’ll call this small hole in the movie a plot device.

            The bearer of the Mind Gem(Or any Soul Gem for that matter) doesn’t need physical contact in order to take over or even dive into someones mind. The bearer can go into anybodies(For measurement purposes we’ll say the World) mind with nothing but a thought. Unfortunetly I’m not near my comics or else I would’ve scanned some pages to give Ranters a better visual..

    • good call sir, that makes a lot of sense.

    • It’s a theory I’ve had ever since the first stills of Loki and his spear were released (that was before the first trailer). The theory makes perfect sense, but I keep coming to two road blocks: 1. the blue mind gem was seen in THOR (on the already assembled infinity gauntlet) and more importantly 2. the thing on Loki’s spear is just too big…

      • 1] Hopefully this hole in the story is address. It would seem that the Thanos Quest had already taken place. One could only Assume that because the gems are already fastened on his(Thanos) gauntlet/glove already. I figure Odin fought Thanos over it to save the Universe which would explain how it ended up in the vault. Perhaps someone(Thanos?) snuck in the vault and took the gem. The time line is Swiss chesse now :-( ..

        2] True, but it is the most logical explanation. The gem itself could’ve encased in a bigger gem to amplify its power? *shrugs* Even though it’s not needed…

        • Someone mentioned that the blue gem (mind gem) on the glove in the vault could be a fake (since nobody uses the gauntlet, how would Odin know?) and since the events in ‘THOR’ takes place a year after the events in ‘The Avengers’, it’s possible that Thanos or one of his minions could have stolen the gem or the gauntlet during that time – so that’s a PLAUSIBLE theory, but even if that is the case… the size of the gem still plays a factor (never thought about the possibility that the gem could be encased inside an “amplifier” of sorts, but that seems like a stretch ;)).

          It’ll be interesting to see what Marvel Studios comes up with (hopefully the director’s commentary of TA could sort a few things out)

          • Any reason it couldn’t just be a similar thing to the mind gem, or another mind gem?

    • My only argument against that theory is that the pictures of the Infinity Gauntlet from Thor appear to show all the gems attached to the gauntlet and Thanos without the gauntlet in the end scene so I don’t know how they’d explain that Thanos got a hold of the gems (or a gem) without the gauntlet.

      • The Gems can come off of the gauntlet. At least in comicverse the gaunlet is just his glove that he attaches the gems to as he’s going about his Quest obtaining the gems fighting the Elders of the Universe for it..

        In the Movieverse they may make it one whole entity just for movie purposes. Dunno really*shrugs*…

        • I dont see why everybody infers that the staff contained the mind gem. Sure its blue but the spear clearly had a plasma/tesseract type energy ball while the gems on the gauntlet are glowing stones. That aside, Cap does make a direct reference to the hydra weapons saying it seems to work of the same energy. Furthermore how would the mind gem enable black widow to breach the inpenetrable energy barrier around the tesseract portal devise if not for the staff having the same energy signature? If the dark energy forms portals and the staff is plunged into the portal device would it not stand to reason that this would create the prerequisite feedback loop that shut the portal down? Idk. Thats what it seemed to me. The staff feeding the portals own energy back into it. Anyways, thanos/his ship has the power to completely have a mind controlled/subjugated army to which when the portal was finally closed the cut off mind link seemingly killed them all. If he can have that control over them, then the staff, could surely have manipulated humans to do whatever Loki wanted. Which it did. No mind gem needed.

          • @Bellcurve, No, all of the Chitauri had devices hooked to their heads. The devices hooked to their heads had a link to the mothership. It’s highly likely that the Chitauri were forced or manipulated to attack earth(even though they are a malevolent species). Thanos may have even threatened to destroy the Chitauri if they didn’t do this OR they may not have even known that they would die from the result of the link, for all they knew it could have been just for communications but the device must have been a fail safe just in case they rebelled or decided to join Loki and attack Thanos instead.

          • I agree with you, Bellcurve. I think the staff just had a part of the Tesseract and that it just amplified the power Loki already had. He is the god of mischief afterall, and his post credit scene in Thor shows him controlling the astrophysicist, so it’s well within reason that he could control all those people without the Mind Gem.

        • Thanks for your explanations to both of my responses, HelghastUser. I do recall that the gems are separate from the gauntlet from the Infinity Crisis, but I also recall that Thanos wanted them at almost any cost so I don’t see why he would’ve lent one of them to anyone, even Loki, or how he would’ve gotten a hold of them since the last we saw they were all secured in Odin’s vault. I don’t dispute that he may have gotten them behind the scenes or something, but if that was the case, why wouldn’t he have had the complete set?

  24. one thing i was bummed that didn’t get the attention that was leaked a couple months ago with the story books about thawing Cap out, and it was 1 quick half second clip

    • I’m guessing it was part of the 30+ minutes Whedon cut out of the movie. Here’s hoping it’s on the Blu-ray!

  25. You do mean Iron man 3, right? They had an iron man 2 with him facing the congress and them trying to take his equipment.

  26. Shawarma time for Avengers … perhaps they’ll eat at a Sushi bar in the sequel..

      • It’s really getting frustrating agreeing with you. :-P

  27. I understand Spidey is still owned by Sony, but c’mon. The final part of the film was in manhattan. Was there no legal way to address where he was or what he was doing? That’s the only thing that bothered me. Damn you Sony!

    • Spider-man simply does not exist in the universe established in these movies. I would have been more interested in knowing where War Machine was during all of this if you were gonna worry about anything.

      • I agree…

      • Working the middle-east probably. Remember, this all happened in a relatively short time-frame. He may have not had time to get there if he was over seas. JMO. Would be a cool deleted scene to have him take off from Afghanistan and be making his way back watching the footage of Hulk going WTF is that? Of course he is military so he would probably already know who he is.

        • Yeah, another funny post-credit scene would have been War Machine flying across the Atlantic towards Manhattan singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

      • Yeah, War Machine, with his military training, would have been perfect for this situation. They could have just shown him in a small clip fighting in another city or something; they didn’t even need to show the actor, just the armor fighting.

    • If you’re going down that path you have to start asking where every NYC based hero was. It was an Avengers movie so only the Avengers (as it currently is made up) were there.

      • Any New York City based hero (Spider-Man, Daredevil, etc.) is moot because Marvel Studios does not own them, they don’t exist in this movies continuity. War-Machine logically should have been there, would gave been a pointless, pain in the ass choir to put him there though, no big deal, not complaining.