Joss Whedon Discusses a Deleted Scene from ‘The Avengers’

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Avengers 570x3001 Joss Whedon Discusses a Deleted Scene from The Avengers

The Avengers won’t arrive in theaters nationwide for a few weeks but director and screenwriter Joss Whedon is already talking about what’s not in it. The super-hero mash-up has been racking up plenty of praise and it seems as though, even though the film is the longest Marvel movie to date, audiences are likely going to want even more time with earth’s heroes.

Details are slim on the super secret scene the cast recently filmed (which will be attached to the final version of the film) but, as mentioned, Whedon left plenty of other scenes on the cutting room floor.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Whedon described a scene he wrote for the movie involving Captain America that ultimately was edited out. In this case, the scene (as well as the subsequent analysis) could be considered a SPOILER for anyone who has yet to see Captain America: The First Avenger – so proceed with caution:

One of the best scenes that I wrote was the beautiful and poignant scene between Steve and Peggy [Carter] that takes place in the present. And I was the one who was like, Guys, we need to lose this. It was killing the rhythm of the thing. And we did have a lot of Cap, because he really was the in for me. I really do feel a sense of loss about what’s happening in our culture, loss of the idea of community, loss of health care and welfare and all sorts of things. I was spending a lot of time having him say it, and then I cut that.

As many of our readers likely remember, Captain America promised his First Avenger love interest Peggy a date before the film’s climactic finish – until the hero crash-landed in the Arctic, suspended in ice, until S.H.I.E.L.D. found his body and restored him in the present day. The scene Whedon describes might have been the date the pair never had (with Peggy now significantly aged).

hulk smash avengers 570x320 Joss Whedon Discusses a Deleted Scene from The Avengers

That said, it’s interesting to see that the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is already talking about what’s not in the movie, although anticipation for this blockbuster will likely not abate after news of this scene’s removal.  The removed encounter does, however, signal that The Avengers is going to focus more on the group dynamic than on any one specific character – even though it was previously reported that the film is presented from Captain America’s perspective. Just because it’s presented from his perspective doesn’t mean he gets a disproportionate amount of screen time.

The point is further clarified in a separate New York Times article, where Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was quoted as saying that this is not a sequel to any of the other individual superhero films:

“This is ‘The Avengers 1.’ And everything needs to service this as the origin story for that team, and no one stands above any of the others.”

Whedon’s admission seems to confirm that possibly unnecessary subplots about the individual superheroes in The Avengers have been removed in order to make more time available for the team itself. Considering the large assembly of characters in this new project, it’s good news that Whedon is keeping the project tight. Of course, he can always explore any individual character moments that had to be cut in the plot of the inevitable Avengers 2.

The Avengers opens in theaters on May 4th.

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Source: New York Times: Link 1 and Link 2

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  1. All I can say is long already or not, “Oh Baby, make it longer!!”

    • The real Goldilocks would want it “just right.”

  2. That’s a little disappointing, I was really hoping for a scene like this to be in the movie. Maybe it’ll get bumped into the Captain America sequel.

    • I think it will…and it would fit more appropriately there too.

  3. It is prolly a good thing to leave the scene with a conversation about health care and welfare out of the film. A majority of our country is fed up with these topics and taking a jab at us, using a potential blockbuster, is not good for business.

    Otherwise the film has a great look and has tremendous potential for making Bank! I predict that The Avengers has one of the biggest opening weekends (say top 5) if not the biggest! Can’t wait!!

  4. That’d be a great scene to see, but I agree it would be better in Cap 2 or the more personal, Avengers 2.

  5. After attending one of the fan screenings this morning… I feel like this would have definitely slowed it down because it would have been a segue scene in the beginning (as in segue from the CA into Avengers). And instead of focusing on the catalyst for the story of The Avengers, it would have focused too much on Capt. Either way, I hope he includes it in the blu-ray/DVD/etc. edition of the film

    • How was it?

      • SPOILER-FREE thought/reactions:

        It lives up to the hype (It exceeded my expectations), it is pure fun throughout the entire film (i.e. Whedon balances the drama and humor in perfect way, there were actually more laughs than I expected, and I say that in a very good way), and the best part is the way Whedon wrote/presents each character… every character has their own moment(s) and you can’t really pinpoint one character as the main character, they each contribute equally in their own way; It was really quite an incredible balance when you think about that challenge of bringing these characters/actors together in a single film. I can’t wait to see it again in a few weeks and I’m excited for everyone else because I can honestly say it is more than worth the wait!

        • So I went into a website that said it has the post-credit scene and I just want to know if it’s true

          **There is some kind of an underworld-prison covered with black smoke, and then there’s some weird alien with a cloak informing Thanos that Loki failed but Thanos tells him it was actually a success. The cloak guy is confused, and Thanos is saying “Now it’s time for us to take things into our own hands” or something like that and you see he holds one of the infinity gems, the green one.**

          • As much as i want to see The Infinity Gauntlet live action, I’d rather NOT see it unless it’s done right, and that will never happen because it would mean crossing over the entire Marvel universe.

            • So far… the current Marvel universe available to Disney for the crossing overs has crossed over quite nicely…. “IMO”

          • OMG that would be awesome!! I have a feeling that Thanos could be in this. His glove with the gems will be in the movie, so should he.


            I can tell you that Thanos is definitely there at the end talking to a cloaked figure (I’m assuming a Chitauri) and he says something to that effect. I don’t recall the gems being involved, but I could be wrong because the scene was pretty quick and my mind was already racing about how amazing the movie was. Also, it was post main credits, in other words, it was after the “CGI main credits” but before the black-and-white scrolling credits.

            • Was the cloaked character The Watcher maybe??

  6. I hope it’s at least a special feature footage on the dvd when it comes out.

    • If you’re talking about the Cap & Peggy reunion, they didn’t shoot the scene, so I don’t see how that can happen 😉

      • Yes, it is worded in a way that implies the scene was not filmed, but they never SAY it was not filmed, only that it was “killing the rhythm of the thig” – meaning that it was slowing down the pace of the already filmed movie – How else would you know? – and it was ultimately removed.

        • I know what the article said 😉
          But just because the scene was messing around with the rhythm of the movie, doesn’t mean it was filmed either. Certain scenes in scripts, books, poetry, etc. can also influence the rhythm/pacing of the literary work, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be “filmed” on camera for one to notice it’s messing around with the rest of the story (people why write award winning novels don’t just write whatever they want, a lot of stuff also gets “cut” and reworked to fit in better – i.e. Whedon cut the scene from his script, not the movie itself)
          Plus, if the scene was really filmed, we would have heard something about the casting…

          • *Edit: “people WHO write…”

  7. Can’t wait too see this movie looks so hot…

  8. It would make sense for Steve Rogers to visit Peggy in this film, I would think it would be one of the first things he’d do.

    -The Infinity Gauntlet was already fully assembled and locked in Odin’s Vault in Thor.

    • But wouldn’t she be like 80 or 90 yrs old?

      • at least 90 years old or dead.

  9. Steve Rogers will see Peggy in Captain America 2 “Sentinel Of Liberty” or whatever they’ll call it, he’ll also meet others from his past, new friends/allies and new enemies.

  10. the loss of health care? wtf is he talking about? these nutty ass hollywood libs need to read a history book.

    • I like Joss, but I was thinking the same thing when I read it.

  11. I agree that this film (or really any film) is not the place to make your personal political statements. So I’m glad this scene isn’t in there. However, I have to question whether or not Steve Rogers would be the one to say such things. National health care and welfare didn’t even exist in his time.

    • Political or not, someone like Steve, if he was suddenly uprooted from the 40s and placed in Modern Day America, they would have a few things to say, and some of it would be negative. I agree that sort of scene diesnt belong in a film like the Avengers, but I think it would be totally part of Captain America to say something like that.

  12. I could see that scene being in Cap 2,considering they have already stated that it will be more taking place in the present day with some flashback scenes. They could introduce S.H.I.E.L.D. agent sharon carter,which in the comics is the great niece of peggy carter,who in turn becomes romantically involved with cap. What I would like to know is how they plan to explain the fate of bucky barnes aka the winter soldier,or maybe they’re planning to give him his on movie at some point. It would also be cool to see baron zemo as a villian in Cap 2.

  13. Im actually glad Whedon left out the scene because that kind of scene has been done in the 1990 Captain America film. I also would think it be best to leave out today’s problems like Healthcare/welfare discussions, etc. outta the film aswell.

    I am glad The Avengers is being treated as it’s own film & not a sequel to any of the solo films. Makes it better to enjoy sequels to the solo films that will come after The Avengers.

  14. That’s really disappointing because I was really hoping for a Peggy/Steve scene.

  15. I hope he puts these scenes in the DVD blue ray cut, the story should be from cap’s point of view because he’s the leader, and some social commentary is nice for the film, adds depth. Unless they want to make it pure fun and light hearted to distinguish itself from other superheroes, which is fair enough, but a complete version for DVD blue ray release would be nice

    • Whedon said there won’t be different cuts of the movie – the theatrical cut is in his opinion, he director’s cut – he believes in only presenting the best movie.
      So yeah, a “complete” 3hr version of the movie is unlikely :( but hopefully we’ll see all that cut footage on the BD anyway (in the deleted scenes section)…

  16. The interview about the Cap & Peggy scene is kinda old news (I remember reading it a few weeks ago), but anywho… I haven’t seen TA (11 days to go!), but from what I’ve heard, it wouldn’t have fit in well with the movie. Personally, I would have hoped that it made the cut, but I’m sure we’ll see a similar scene (if not identical scene) in Cap 2.

    • Voted Ken. Didn’t email to enter your contest, save it for someone who made need it more. Good luck and great cause!

      • Thanks INK, spread the word if you can! :-)

  17. It’s strange coz Captain America’s movie really used the Avengers to the hilt…even the title – The 1st Avenger – I know they only have a few hours in this movie to bring the heroes together – plus give us a kick-ass story – but can’t understand why film this scene – then chop-it – then tell us about it ?!

    I think we’re all just getting nervous waiting for the Avengers to arrive !

    • To my knowledge, they didn’t shoot/film that scene:
      Whedon WROTE it into the script, but it ended up not being used.

  18. I always thought it would be a scene at Peggy’s grave. Where he says he’s sorry for missing their date and says goodbye.

    • @ Bmike3030

      Now theres a idea that i would like better that Whedon could of used. Good one!

      • Thanks. Maybe he will save it for Captain America 2.

        • @Bmike3030, It’d make a better impact in Cap 2 because it would be more personal which SHOULD be left for a SOLO Cap movie.

    • You don’t really have to be “into” comics to know what happened to the Leader…
      As you’ve mentioned, they’ve explained quite well what happened to the Leader in the comic tie-in entitled “Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week”. It’s an 8 issue mini series and it’s main focus is on tying together all the Marvel movies.
      Now, I’m a comic nerd, so OBVIOUSLY I read the series as soon as I could 😉 but I’ve also showed this mini series to my non-comic book reading friends (they’re just fans of the movies, not the books), and they all loved the series.
      My recommendation: even though you’re not a comics book reader, check out the mini-series, it’s really good.

      Anywho, just in-case you don’t want to read the series, regardless, here’s what happened to the Leader:
      Right after Sterns turns Blonski into the Abomination (and gets into contact with Banner’s blood), Black Widow arrives on scene. She runs up to Sterns’ lab where Sterns has become the Leader (still a little weak and “woozy” from the accident) and is already plotting to take over the world. Widow shoots him in the leg and calls in a clean up crew to capture Sterns. In the next issue (which takes place a year after the events of TIH and right before SHIELD uncovers Cap’s body in the ice), we see Sterns in a SHIELD lab (in a “crio-tank”) being examined by scientists.

  19. I didn’t read the article i skipped down to bottom of page. listen fellow ranters we gota stop reading all this avengers stuff. its gone to far something new everyday i feel like im getting tired of the movie already bc i know some much about it. Im taking a stand here and not reading 1 more piece of info. Stand with me ranters and don’t click on 1 more avengers post.

    • I’m not trying to be rude but if you don’t want to be spoiled stop reading or clicking on articles about the film.
      I stopped watching trailers for this a few weeks back but I’ll read a story about production or like this one when it applies to a scene that won’t be in the film.
      This is Screen Rant. And this is setting up to be the Grand Daddy of CBM’s so of course they’re going to cover every tid bit of info. This is why I love this site.

  20. After having seen The Avengers yesterday here in the Chicago area, I gotta say TDKR and Amazing Spiderman have a LOT of work to do to beat it in my mind. I’m a fan of both, but nothing I’ve seen has had me as stoked as TA trailers and clips. Getting to see the free preview yesterday, I can say wholeheartedly it was worth the wait. I can’t wait til it opens so I can see it again at least 2 more times.

  21. I really don’t see this as anything but positive. First of all it’s normal to write and film scenes that don’t end up in the final product. Joss Whedon is demonstrating good judgement. He loves a scene but is willing to go without it for the sake of the movie.

  22. The ideal thing for Whedon and Marvel to do is make an extended edition cut(not a director’s cut) which would include scenes THAT COULD HAVE been used for the theatrical cut but just didn’t make it. A 3hour extended edition would work well and obviously if people get tired of sitting, they can pause, take a break and come back to it.(The movie was originally 3 hours long).

    • That would have been ideal for the BD/DVD, but as I mentioned earlier, Whedon said he won’t be doing that :(

      • @Avenger , that’s what I meant. A Bluray/DVD extended edition cut. That’s why I said pause it. You can’t pause it in the theater. LOL!!!

        • I know, but like I’ve been saying: Whedon said he’s not doing an extended/director’s cut (at all). There’ll only be one cut (the theatrical cut) for the theaters AND for home release.

  23. First, let me thank all of you who have seen the film and not given away spoilers; I’d also like to thank you for reasserting my anticipation (I started getting a bit worried after reading what some said about the first 2 acts).

    Second, thank you Joss for leaving that scene out. It looks like you really want to bring a great film to the fans, with very little romantic stuff to bog it down; and like others have said, we don’t need any political talk.

  24. Ijust hope they use the Leader in the Avengers sequel or a shield film with the hulk in it as well.

    • Well, the Leader was never really an Avengers villain.
      And with SO many better villains (Ultron, Thanos, Kang, Masters Of Evil, etc.) that The Avengers could be fighting in their sequel, I don’t see why they’d go with the Leader.
      But yeah, maybe in a SHIELD movie, or in a (still possible) Hulk sequel in a few years.

    • Thanks for the review. And a special thanks for giving away spoilers.

      • CORRECTION: Thanks for NOT giving away spoilers

    • Thanks for your awesome (spoiler free) thoughts man!
      I didn’t know I could get more excited for this movie, but you managed to get me even more hyped.

  25. I would say that if this movie lives up to it’s hype, then it IS perfect. I can’t imagine any other Director except for Joss Whedon to have been able to pull this kind of movie off. Marvel was perfect in it’s selection to get the perfect director for this film, now Whedon will probably become a household name if he wasn’t considered that before and will probably be an even bigger commodity in Hollywood now. Technically, there is NO perfect film and perfection is an illusion in some ways and subjective outside of mathematics.

    As far as The Masters of Evil(name is too campy), I’d change the name to “The Masters of Evolution” and I’d include “The High Evolutionary” as a member.