5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Avengers’ Than ‘Dark Knight Rises’

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Why I'm More Excited for The Avengers than The Dark Knight RisesI recently came to a shocking conclusion - I am much more excited to see The Avengers than I am to see The Dark Knight Rises. Okay, so that might not seem shocking to you, but it was definitely a shock to me.For my entire life, I've been a huge Batman fan. From the comic books to the animated series and through all of the movies, the Caped Crusader has always been my favorite superhero and, as of a few months ago, I don't think anyone could have convinced me that Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy would be anything short of brilliant. That's all changed now, though.Marvel's insidious strategy to connect all of its movies into one super-sized superhero explosion has worked its charms on my inner geek and I'm not ashamed to say that I was powerless to stop it. Here are my five reasons why I'm more excited to see The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises.

The Characters

Avengers Thor Captain AmericaIn my opinion, Batman is the greatest comic book character out there. But when it comes to the movies, the big bad bat can't hold his own against the sheer magnetism of The Avengers.Two big reasons that The Dark Knight was such a success was Heath Ledger's incredible performance as The Joker and Aaron Eckhart's excellent portrayal of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent - two of Batman's most memorable villains. Seeing these iconic characters interacting on the big screen offered a thrill like none other. I feel the same way about The Avengers. The thought of Captain America and Thor fighting side-by-side against Loki's army gets me excited in a way that Bane and Catwoman simply can't. It's not that I don't like them - I just like the characters in The Avengers much more.

The Tone

Thor in The AvengersI know that dark and gritty is de rigueur in the world of comic book movies, but that doesn't mean that there should be no levity whatsoever.One of the things that Marvel has done well with all of its films (and will continue to do well with The Avengers), is inject a strong sense of humor into the film to help keep the story entertaining. I'm not saying that The Dark Knight Rises shouldn't be, well, dark (Lord knows we don't want a Batman and Robin situation), but the film's trailers and video footage suggest a movie that's a little too depressing.I remember feeling the same way when I read the "Knightfall" saga in the comics. It's a brilliant story arc - but watching Bruce Wayne get slowly beat down and eventually broken (literally) by Bane is not an uplifting way to spend an afternoon.

Visual Effects

Avengers HelicarrierThis one is a tough call. On one hand, there's nothing cooler than the Batmobile and I'm definitely intrigued by the introduction of "The Bat" (Batman's new hovercraft vehicle).However, the Helicarrier and the Quinjet also offer pretty spectacular visual effects opportunities. Factor in Mark Ruffalo's excellent-looking motion-capture Hulk, Iron Man's new armor,Thor's always-impressive hammer, Mjolnir, and the potential for eye-popping special effects are another thing working in The Avengers' favor. Of course, visual effects are nothing without a great story, which leads to my next topic...

The Future

The Avengers AliensMarvel took a big risk when it decided to release all of its movies in one contained universe, but the risk paid off. Thanks to this strategy, Marvel can now continue to play with these characters and expand the story in an untold number of movies.While that might not be appealing to everyone, I personally think it's pretty exciting - especially if it means opening up the Marvel movieverse to more cosmic-themed characters, as has been reported. Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise has been great so far, and I'm glad that it's ending at three like the director planned. But Marvel's approach offers a veritable buffet of possibilities to bring in interesting new Marvel characters, and that's just too exciting for me to pass up.

The Avengers Arrives First

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in The AvengersOkay, this one is a bit of a cop-out, but it's important anyway. As a marketer by trade, I would be remiss to not take into account the effect that Marvel's outsized press and media coverage has had on my perception of The Avengers.The Dark Knight Rises comes out a full two months after The Avengers. Warner Bros has started rolling out trailers and other media, but there's a lot more of it still to come. Does that mean I might still change my mind? I doubt it, but it's possible. That being said, I know how I feel right now - and right now Marvel's marketing campaign has me much more excited to watch The Avengers than TDKR.

A Good Supehero Summer at the Movies

The Avengers - The Incredible HulkBehind the scenes at Screen Rant HQ, Senior Editor Kofi Outlaw made this point: "Avengers is just the hot girl at the party right now - but the other babes haven't even arrived yet." He may be right, but that's the beauty of this article.I'm not nonchalant about The Dark Knight Rises - I think it will be amazing. I'm just more excited about The Avengers. It's like ordering a surf and turf dinner. I know that both will be excellent - but right now I really want to slice into a nice filet mignon.So, whether you're more excited about The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises, we can all agree on one thing: if you love comic books, this is a great summer for the movies. Let us know where you stand in the comments.
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  1. well, the very reason why the marketing campaign for the avengers is strong is because it started way back from the first iron man film…we’ve been anticipating this movie for like how many marvel films since…i’m still more intrigued by how Christopher Nolan (my idol) will “conclude” his Batman franchise…note the emphasis on conclusion because it is seldom for a filmmaker to give a conclusion to its franchise unless it is based on a series of books…

    • The Avengers was in late April. The Dark Knight Rises is going to be released in late July. The Avenger’s promotion campaign has reached its peak, while TDKR’s hasn’t even started yet. People are more excited for The Avengers because they’ve been conditioned to be for the last few months. I can bet you that this author will be regret writing this article in July when TDKR hype reaches its peak.

      • No, he (or someone else from SR) maybe will say his anticipation is higher than before Avengers came out but I seriously doubt he will regret, at the time, being more psyched for Avengers.

  2. If I was 10 years old then maybe those reasons you mentioned will excite me. But I’m 24 and I don’t get easily pleased by cheap laughs and cartoonish characters anymore. Even the thought of Samuel L. not blurting out one single curse word completely takes out the realism for me. I’m not ripping on The Avengers, it was hella good, it completely blew me away, but I prefer serious-themed films now and The Avengers for me is nothing but a really really good popcorn flick.

    • Hahaha I’m 20 and I completely agree with everything you said, ESPECIALLY about the one and only Samuel L.

    • ‘Popcorn Flick’ Uhoh, Here comes “TheAvenger” O.o


    • Somebody get these mutha f@#$%& aliens off my mutha f@#&%& helicarrier

    • And the Batman movies are no popcorn flicks? IMO there are also (very good) popcorn flicks, only with a dark mood, ok the story is also more sophisticated, but they’re no world changing masterpieces.

      I love The Avengers movie (the best and funniest CBM I’ve ever seen), it was so hilarious and fun, but I don’t think there were any cheap laughs and I’m 36.
      Ok, the curse word thing will not happen, since Marvel is a Disney-company, but I don’t think it’s essential to a movie like this.

      I have seen the movie and after the movie I wanted to see it again right away. I have some fear though, that the next marvel movies will be a drop down, because The Avengers rised the bar so high. I really really hope Joss Whedon will direct Avengers 2, and Thor 2 and Hulk 2(3) and X-Men 4 etc. ;)

      • I hate when people assume Disney owned companies = family movies. You realize Pulp Fiction was released by Mirimax another Disney owned company.

    • It is not necessary to use obscenities to make a movie real. But that aside, I don’t get the Dark Knight realism argument. It is pure fiction and fantasy, there is nothing realistic about it, from the gadgets to the concept of a Batman their is noting real. Yes, he is human, and he doesn’t have actual powers, but does any one really believe someone can drive a car that looks like a tank, and not be able to track it back to the bat cave? Do you really think that his stiff cape will allow him to glide through the city? Even Skydivers using squirrel suits still need to use a parachute to land safely. How hard would it be to find a guy dressed up like a bat? with all the surveillance cameras in around cities, not to mention everyone running around with cell phones. And as far as if a villain wanted to kill the Batman, all it would take is one sniper and a 50 Cal. rifle. Dark Knight is not realistic, from villains, to the police, and the city of Gotham. I like all comics, have collected for more than 40 years. I love seeing comics on the big screen, but whether it is Batman, Spiderman, Avengers or any other comic book they are all fantasy.

      • @ Coastal Clipper

        I think you have valid points regarding Nolan’s realistic approach to the Batman films.

      • I agree with your argument, yet am bothered by it. To say Nolan’s batman universe brings some realism to the comic book movie does not mean that it is a non-fiction movie. All movies bring a level of surrealism, impracticality, etc. For a comic book movie, with a superhero, the Nolan Batman is extremely “realistic”, or at least believable or GROUNDED. Who cares about tracking, etc. That doesn’t make it unrealistic, that just means they didn’t take the (un)necessary time to delve into such matters. On a whole, the character is believable, if for example, someone with billions of dollars came along who had the physical and emotional determination/ability to become a vigilante. Believable/Practical? Not so much. But at the same time, in the movie, yes.

    • Who says “hella good”? What are you fourteen?

  3. Saw the Avengers the other day, it was an amazing comic book movie but i left feeling like it lacked something that dark knight rises will have. i’m not a fanboy nor do i have a preference of marvel or dc. Avangers is a good comic book movie, dark knight rises will be a good movie. i would say TDK did so well as for the joker, obviously some of the gross would be from heath’s death but the joker is one of the greatest villians ever full stop. as for all the marketing stuff, not much has been revealed about dark knight rises and not much probably will, which is great. whereas with the avengers, most of the major plot points and best moments in the movie were released in the trailers. some ppl like to know everything before they see a movie whereas i like how Nolan maintains full control over what is released with the batman movies.

    • TDKR is also a comic book movie

      • I think Zatoichi’s point is that it trancends the genre. No matter how good the Avengers is it’s still kin to the likes of Spider-Man, X-Men, and even the worst comic book movies like Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four. It’s a great movie ‘for a superhero flick’. While a film like The Dark Knight is sitting besides great crime/action thrillers like Seven & Heat. Comparing The Avengers, or any Marvel films to Nolan’s Batman is like comparing Die Hard to Avatar. They’re not even really the same genre.

        • if you have a character called super, spider-, bat, aqua, or iron man, then it’s a COMIC BOOK MOVIE. same genre. you can pretend to be a pretentious d-bag all you want, but at the end of the day, (or movie) you have a man in a caped costume, ergo, it’s a comic book movie. please point out to me the characters who were wearing “a spangly outfit” in Heat, or Se7en. those are non-comic book movies. i would compare die-hard to those 2 films, while Avatar would be closer the same genre as ANY comic book movie, including sir nolans batman flicks. Lawyer’d!

          • I have to disagree there.
            IMO, Nolan’s batman movies are more in line with the thriller/drama/crime/action genre, while Avengers falls under the fantasy/action/adventure/sci-fi genre.

            • i’m not saying they are not under all these sub-categories. but they are all still comic book movies first and foremost.

              • That’s true, but the thing is, there isn’t really a genre called “comic book movies” (since it’s such a diverse medium).
                I mean, ‘Red’ and ‘The Losers’ are also based on comic books, but if you walk into a store, you’d find them in the “action” aisle.
                These days you get comics that are very different than the general ones we’re used to: I’ve even come across a romance comic book. No capes, no action, just a goth girl finding love (and just FYI, it wasn’t a very good read ;)) – and if they ever turn it into a movie (which I hope they don’t), I’d never define it as a comic book movie.
                That’s all I’m saying… Comics are way too unique to just file very movie that’s based on them in the same category.

                The term “Comic Book Movie” refers to a group of movies that are based off of comic books, but the term isn’t a cinematic GENRE in my opinion.
                So yes, I completely agree that Nolan’s Batman movies are comic book movies, but if we’re talking about the GENRE that defines it/it belongs to, I’d place it under crime-drama/thriller.

              • The Avengers is a “good comic book movie”, The Dark knight is a great movie, period.

                • still a comic book movie

            • i agree with you. it’s in the approach of the filmmaker. besides, looking at the comics themselves, they have their own genres too. from sci-fi to noir/thriller to fantasy

              • Yes, but Batman is firmly in the superhero genre. Tights, cape, mask, hangs out with other superheroes. All day long Batman is a superhero.
                Now this part of my comment is not directed specifically at one person so it’s not meant to be a personal attack.
                Saying that what Nolan did transcends the genre or is not a part of the genre is self- delusion. It doesn’t transcend anything. It is still a SUPERHERO movie. Period.
                Did he do it well? Absolutely, no doubt, I’m not trying to take away from that, but get real. Come off your high horse people. All this talk about how they are the greatest movies of all time, classics. That whole ” In Nolan we trust” thing, OH MY GOD. That makes me want smack people. This whole nolanite thing is getting way out of hand, it totally ridiculous. Because nothing I’ve seen so far from TDKR looks very good. What should be amazing fight sequences with Bane and Batman will be downplayed and overlooked because the almighty Nolan doesn’t want his movie lumped in with action/ comicbook movies. We all know he sucks with female characters, and I don’t just mean in his Batman movies, I mean all of them. Never mind that Catwoman looks like a fetish version of the 60′s costume, Anne Hathaway was a bad decision from the start. Nothing about this movie is looking good and this time there is no Heath Ledger to save it.
                Nolanites, start your hating.

                • hate from me. not violent though. i understand you’re tired of praises given to Nolan. but for me, he is just one of the consistent filmmakers of our time. don’t call it delusion, perhaps observation. saying you wanna smack people makes it all personal because you sound so annoyed. and i think you are replying at the wrong guy.

                  • As I said, only the first part was a reply, the rest I just tacked on there. I still stand by what I said though. Nolan is not the end all, be all of directors, his brilliance is really over-rated.

                    • What you said times a thousand. Some movies, no matter how many times you see them, they are brilliant. You watch TDK long enough, and you will see the flaws. Nothing major, because the work he did was very ambitious. But perfect… not by a long shot.

                    • Joseph…

                      I have watched TDK many, MANY times…it’s STILL brilliant. Is it perfect? Of course not…Neither is “The Avengers” or “Batman” (’89) or “Iron Man” or “Superman: The Movie” or “The Incredible Hulk”.

                    • Archaeon,

                      You’re entitled to your opinion. But some of those movies you mentioned, like Iron Man & Superman the Movie, I wasn’t able to find anything wrong with them. Supes is seriously dated, but the movie is still solid even in the 21st century. Supes 2 had so many technical flaws it still surprises me people still believe it was superior to the original.

                      Same with Iron Man. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this movie. Plot was solid, no kids eating ice cream in the background during the action scenes, whatever. I would put Spiderman 1 & 2 on that list as well. The only problem I had with Spiderman 1 was the people cheering on the bridge. It just came off as a little corny. Thor would be another choice.

                      But TDK, for all it’s lofty ambitions, and it did deliver on most of them, never left me with the feeling that this movie was brilliant. I thought the movie was ambitious. I thought to myself this Nolan guy is really taking things seriously. But I also thought there was way too much going on in the movie, which I believe was the main reason some things just didn’t make sense. I have nothing against complicated plots or subplots in a movie. They make you pay attention. But they can be a double-edged sword too, because you pay so much attention to the film that you begin to see the flaws. And I saw plenty. But it’s no biggie though. I just can’t call the movie brilliant.

                    • Joseph…

                      We’ll just have to agree to disagree, then (pardon the cliche’ expression). We have our differing opinions, and I too am fine with that. “Iron Man” had a weak final battle, for example, as well as a few other things that made no more than a lighthearted, fun film for me…not a BAD thing, but not one of my higher-ranked films. “Spider-Man” had some badly done CGI (not for its time…just plain badly done) among other things, but “Spider-Man 2″ was, to me much improved. “The Avengers” had a couple of minor things I DID mention in my commentary in the Spoilers thread and number of others I did NOT mention because I’m tired of listening to pissy Marvel fanboys and didn’t see the reason to get them started again.

                      “Superman: The Movie” was, in my opinion, a MUCH better comic book film and is still wonderful today…though, yes, it IS a bit dated in terms of its special effects. The one minor problem I had with it was that I personally did not find its version of Lois Lane to be as attractive as I had always imagined her. C’est la vie. “Batman” (’89) was great and a solid comic book film with a couple of ill-conceived glitches: The “experimental homicidal art” (Joker’s model girlfriend) did NOT look particularly butchered, although the novelization made her seem as if she would be…the visual simply did not match the description or the sinister music. As for TDK, as I said, I didn’t find it perfect, BUT I did find it to be an excellent attempt. It was IMO a thoughtful, intelligent, beautifully put-together film; Thus, I DID (and DO) think it a brilliant film.

                      You and many others do not agree. That’s fine. I and many others DO think it is.

                    • Archaeon,

                      It’s all good. I hope DC can get its act together and put more of their heroes/heroines up on the big screen. The more, the better…

                    • Joseph…

                      Agreed. :)

  4. I saw The avengers last night and it was deffinivetly the best marvel movie ever made. I enjoyed it even more than The Dark Knight, it’s really that good ! I feel like spoiling it ! One thing I can tell, it’s certainly not told from captain america’s perspective as you guys said it would be…

  5. I’m only going to comment on one thing and that’s #4; The Future.

    I think that Marvel was extremely smart in putting everyone into the same movie universe and it has paid off in spades (and will continue to do so). This direction allows for possibilities encapsulated movies like Batman and Superman can never achieve.

    So what should DC do at this point as far as damage control? Because let’s face it, that’s where they are now. They really should have followed closely on Marvels heels in doing the shared universe concept but it’s too late now. So considering it would take 3-5 years just to properly build up to a Justice League movie like Marvel did with the Avengers, I say that they should just dive into a JL movie NOW. This also means ignoring any past character incarnations (including MoS) and finding 7 relative unknowns that are willing to sign on for 6-9 pictures. After the initial JL movie then they can explore individual characters with the larger universe in mind which opens the doors to team-ups and the like. Kind of what Marvel did but in reverse. It will be an extremely risky venture but one that DC can’t afford to not take at this point considering the momentum Marvel is generating.

    So get with it DC or fall by the wayside because doing these 1 picture deals with individual characters is not gonna cut it anymore.

    • Says who? Have you forgotten that the last one made over a billion bucks?

      • well no, I haven’t forgotten but that was FOUR years ago. One hit every 4 years is not what I would call the correct way to do it.

        The Avengers is also poised to make at least that if not more and leads into more Avengers films and more single movies being hits.

        • i’m taking this comment as a point-of-view of an audience member. i have a different POV though.

    • not really…DC doesn’t need to have a Justice League movie as of now. They should do it once they’re ready not because Marvel put up The Avengers on film. The way i see it, they’re not ready for the genre (with the exemption of Nolan). They need to get the right people for their characters. What is so bad with Warner right is that just because The Dark Knight was very well-made, they want ALL their characters to undergo the same way (ex. they want Shazam to have a darker tone…say WHAT??). Green Lantern on the other hand had great potential, i think they just made wrong storytelling decisions along the way. They need to learn how to approach their characters appropriately.

      • Sure they don’t HAVE to but it’s about where the company vision is headed and there isn’t anything to look forward to DC-wise; Batman is ending and all that’s left is yet another Superman reboot that many are not really looking forward to (including me). They have toyed with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash but it went nowhere and failed with Green lantern so what are they gonna do, reboot Batman AGAIN? No, something needs to change because the DC universe is stagnant and played out in it current movie form. So I say dive into a JL movie. I’m also not sure why WB/DC can’t get the right people now. What exactly is waiting going to accomplish that they can’t do today?

        It’s also much easier to get people into the theaters if your characters are fresh in peoples minds. Marvel is doing that while DC is not.

        • well, if you look at it, Marvel characters in the comics are very fleshed out compared to DC. my friends and i always see how Marvel heroes have very different principles which makes them disagree on each other. in the DC universe however, their characters seem to agreee most of the time (which doesn’t make a good story for a film). i didn’t say they have to wait and sit it out. i’m saying that they make right decisions and in doing so takes more time than just “diving in”.

          but looking into it, DC produces better animated features compared to Marvel. Green Lantern: First Flight could’ve been the best plot for a Green Lantern film. i also don’t know why they can’t get the right people. i think i don’t trust Berlanti anymore.

          • @ mistermastermind

            I pretty much agree with what you say there.

          • Wait, DC characters get along? Have you never seen the Batman/Superman conflicts? We are talking about the eternal optimistic boyscout vs the down and dirty, skirt the law, do what it takes to bring down the bad guy attitude. We are also talking about the man who has a secret contingency plan to take out ALL his teammates. They might have the same larger goal of protecting but come at it in two completely different directions.

            And must we take the term, “dive in” so literally? It’s not as if I’m suggesting they hurriedly pick a bunch of actors, polish off a script is 2 months and fast track it into production. What I meant by that is the time to START putting the wheels into motion and working out the details is now (well it actually past that time and they should have been working on this already). If it takes them a years just to find the right actors fine, I don’t care if it takes them extra time to get it right. The point is they need to, “dive in” yesterday and commit to seeing the project through.

            Every day that DC continues to be wishy-washy about it is one day longer it will take to get the project finished, however long that is.

            About GL:FF……I thought it was a great movie BUT I don’t think it was the story the people at WB/DC wanted to tell. They story they wanted to tell was simpler and centered around Hal Jordan, his struggles with the power and also having it be Earth-centric.

            Conversely, GG:FF was focused on Sinestro and how he became a Yellow Lantern with Hal Jordan kind of stepping into the situation. Kinda sucks the star power out of the movie if he’s not the center of attention the whole time. It also had a lot of comicbook depth and the deaths or countless GLs which I think they though would be too much for the average movie goer.

            Would GG:FF been a better way to tell the story? Absolutely and I think the studio’s need to placate the idiots in charge is what doomed the movie version because they changed so much for silly reasons. Why we couldn’t have had it based primarily in outer space I don’t know but the exec’s felt the story needed to be told on Earth (maybe doing it correctly would have exceeded the budget? Who knows)

            So while I can see why they did what they did, I don’t have to agree with it.

            Speaking of others doing good things, I really think the people who made the trailer for DC Universe the MMO did a GREAT job.


            Now THAT is the way to make an epic story.

  6. Just saw The Avengers early. Very well done movie, but fans are not going to like what happens to one character. It remains to be seen if what happens, however, really happened…

  7. Why can’t we just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, one at a time? Do we have to compare everything we see? The only thing we know is one is still evolving and the other is about to end.

    • YES! You are so right. I mean, we will watch them anyway. In the end, we’ll enjoy them if they’re any good. Let the production companies worry about comparisons, it’s their problem anyway. Haha.

  8. you people make a controversial article to get views on your site then when someone actually comments you both delete that comment and every other comment replying to it. if this was supposed to be a discussion you would have left my comments (which where mostly fact) and allowed me to s*** on the morons abusing me for no reason.

    this is an all time low for screenrant, you guys used to be about quality, but now you’ve gotten as low as IGN with these stupid attention seeking articles… very disappointed in you guys :(

    • jwalka,

      We never, I repeat, NEVER delete comments just because they disagree with our articles. What we DO delete is comments that fall under any of these categories:

      - Excessive profanity
      - Spam
      - Hateful
      - Attacking other commenters
      - Attacking the writer of the article personally

      I was going to send you an email offline, but since you’ve gone out of your way to call us out for our supposed low quality, I’ll address you here:

      Your comments are consistently angry, mean-spirited, and you attack other commenters constantly (ex. above “allowed me to s*** on the morons”). You are apparently incapable of “taking the high road” when debating others on this site. If someone else is being a jerk, you up the ante and reply as an a**hole instead of being reasonable and trying to steer the debate towards rational discussion.

      If you don’t like the direction our site has taken, fine. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But if you want to participate in discussions here you need to chill the hell out and be respectful to others. I’ve been watching you for a while and you’re on thin ice.

      So if you want to continue to contribute here, change your attitude or you’ll have to look for another site where you can spew your vitriol.


      • Whatever that was all about all I can say is, Vic wins. ;)

  9. i wish someone would explain what a pop corn flick is. i eat pop corn at all movies(usually) so arent they ALL pop corn flicks? i just sounds so insulting when i read it, “it’s only a popcorn movie” “it never rose above the level of a popcorn film”. i think TDKR will be a reese’s pieces (and a mt dew) movie.

    • i just sounds so insulting, should be “it” just sounds so insulting

    • @ jeffro

      Same here. I don’t eat popcorn all the time,sometimes i get candy or something else with a medium drink. Lately i cutted back on eating popcorn & sweets at the theater & just get somthing to drink. But i always thought every movie was a popcorn flick. Or a movie isn’t without popcorn & drink, or candy & drink, or all of above. To each their own i guess.

    • The term “popcorn movie” refers to a “fun, mindless action movie” (at least, that’s what most people mean when they use the word).
      I think Transformers is the prime example of this phrase.

      And while a movie like The Avengers is most definitely fun and action packed, I really don’t like the fact that some people think it’s “mindless” and has no depth.

      • The term makes no sense anymore. Especially with WB claiming TDKR is a popcorn movie lol

      • I think that a popcorn flick is a movie that is not too complex so that you can enjoy both the movie and the popcorn at the same time. It is a film that is simple yet fun. And this is why I don’t consider Transformer 3 a popcorn flick. Its plot is so bad I can’t even enjoy my popcorn. But have you ever watch a movie that has a plot so captivating, so mentally stimulating with characters with so much depth that you forget about your popcorn for most parts of the movie. I think that is what it means to go beyond a popcorn flick. To make a film that has so much to offer to the point that you can only concentrate on the movie and not your popcorn.

        And with that definition of “popcorn flick” in mind, the Avengers IMO is a popcorn flick. It is not because it is mindless, it is just that the plot is simple with simple lovable characters and a good amount of action and humour.

    • +like

    • Haha the avengers is a snowcaps anddr pepper movie for me lol

  10. Saw the Avengers and it was a pretty awesome movie and the one thing it had on the dark knight was the build up. From Iron man and all the other Marvel films upto Captain America they had been building upto this film and as far as expectations they delivered, but it didn’t leave me wanting more it satisfied and that was it. Now I know a bit but i’m not a huge follower of the comic books, but now that I’ve seen this there is not really much else to look forward to. Iron Man 3? Nope, Thor 2? Nope. the only one I’m slightly interested in is CA 2 and only if they bring back the red skull.

    TDKR doesn’t have a similar build as the Avengers but the fact that its the final movie in the Nolan franchise and the quality of TDK means its going to finish on a high note which has me much more excited. The only movie which I can think of which will surpass both of these in terms of anticipation would be if they were to finish off the X-men series. Then they could reboot that franchise a couple years after

    • What about Avengers 2? Believe me, there is a plethora of stories that can be explored on the big screen; also, there are many more Avengers to introduce.

      • no, he’s not interested. he’s trying to “prove” that TDKR will be a better movie by stating he doesnt want more. he feels this movie closes the door on all future marvel projects, when he couldn’t be further from the truth. this movie just opened up a pandoras box of possibilities. it seems sad that people have to downplay a very good, intelligently written movie (in whedon we trust :P ) in order to make the film they are more interested in as the superior movie. i just don’t get it. it’s like there’s some kind of secret nolan appreciation society that requires you to dis-avow all other films. i wonder if there was a massive discussion board on The Prestige vs The illusionist.

    • Why are you not excited for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2? Think of how the films are going to be changed after The Avengers and, even more so, how The Avengers will be changed by them? I look forward to seeing them pulled back into their own series and then go back together in another four years or so.

  11. All of you who are trying to affix a label to these movies need to realize this: you can’t really draw a comparison to two movies just because they are adaptations of comic book characters. If someone saw TDK and it felt like the same genre of movie to them as “Heat,” so be it. If you didn’t like it or you think it’s overrated, good for you. We each have our own story and our own perception of these movies. Personally, I think that Spider-Man 2 was highly overrated, and that it doesn’t hold up very well. I always try to take each movie on its own merits. Please, have your opinions. Just don’t try to force the rest of us to agree.

  12. Rushing a Justice League movie into production just because Avengers is doing well with the critical acclaim and exceptional box office performance is foolhardy, if you asked me. Marvel simply had foresight that building up to a superhero team up Avengers film by planting seeds in individual movies such as Iron Man 1 and 2, Thor, Incredible Hulk and Captain America.
    In other words, Marvel beat DC to the draw.

    Imagine that Green Arrow was the pioneer archer superhero early on, but now people recognize and acknowledge Hawkeye more as the badass bow-and- arrow sniper just because of the Avengers movie. Wonder how DC/Warner Bros. feel about that right now? Hawkeye beat Green Arrow!

    • @ Lawrence

      I think id agree with ya. Id prefer solo films leading up to a Justice League film instead of the other way around. I think them coming together works well for animated shows on tv but not so sure for a film unless it’s gonna be close to 3 hrs long to make sure everyone gets enough screentime with a good script,etc.

      Then again WB/DC could do the film kinda like the X-Men films by only having 4 heroes & then add the rest in the sequel? Bottomline imo is WB/DC can’t pull Nolan’s tone on every DC hero as they’re doin with Batman/Superman. I think that would be a mistake but carry on if they feel the need.

    • I say start with Batman and Superman, and build the Justice League through individual movies. What I mean is, you have a Flash movie and Flash saves the day. Just like Marvel has done, you have Batman and Superman contact Flash (not in a button) and Flash accepts admission into the JL. You can do this for all the other characters; but everyone knows Batman’s and Superman’s origin, so they wouldn’t need any solo films (maybe 1 film called Batman & Superman).

      • @Kahless

        IMO i think thats the worst way for DC to do it. I would say jump right into Justice League movie. DC characters are popular enough, (thanks to Bruce Timms Justice Lauge & Smallville) that you dont have to set up individual films. The Justice League movie can be the catalyst that brings them together. Each hero could have already been existence officially or unofficqilly for a few years. After the JL movie, you can move on to individual films that can stay loosely connected.

        • No one ever said I was a playwright. :-D

          I just want them to compete with Marvel, so that we (the fans) can get blockbuster comic book movies. Like mongoose said, they need to do something to get the ball rolling.

        • i have to disagree with this. making a JL movie is like studying screenplay writing. it’s easier to go with one character each before handling everyone all at once. start from solos, then combine everyone in an ultimate climactic film with everyone in it. what happened with the avengers, they established not just the heroes, but also the threat that would be shown in the avengers film. pretty sweet move by Marvel. but there is a downside to that and it’s a different issue. with DC, there is always another way around things.

      • @ Kahless

        I kinda like that idea aswell. Start off maybe by having a Batman/Superman film which could include a cameo by Martian Manhunter confront the two heroes first, to help get things rolling. Then Superman introduces himself to Flash in a cameo in his solo asking if he would join, Flash considers IF Superman races with him at the end which i would love to see on film. Bruce Wayne meets up with Carter Hall, aka(Hawkman), MM, consoles Diana aka(Wonderwoman) in her solo film. & just go from there. Or maybe have Martian Manhunter confront all the heroes except for the last member like Aquaman, they all ask him to join, or Batman to stay as a team or not.

        I surely don’t want origin films of Batman/Superman.

        • a better idea maybe that an invasion happens and because of this each hero may involve themselves in stopping the threat. that is where they meet and team up. at the end of the film, they form what is supposedly the Justice League. purely an origin story of how the team came about.

          • however, each hero, from the flash to whoever is involved should have their own solo films first. these films should not establish the threat though (like in The Avengers, the tesseract and loki were established in the solo films before being used in the avengers; DC doesn’t need to follow that set-up).

    • For the record I never suggested that DC just, “Rush a Justice League movie into production”. Yes that would be silly but they need to commit to doing it, which was the point I way trying to make in my post above.

      It might take a year to get all the pieces in place (actors, director, script, etc) but the longer they wait the longer it will take to get done.

      • @Mongoose

        Actually DC was way ahead of Marvel in terms of bringing the Justice League tothe big screen. Script, director and actors already ahd been cast. The only reason they did not go through with it was because they did not want two Batman movie incarnations going on at the same time. Smart decision IMO

  13. I too don’t believe the strategy of individual movies would work now for a Justice League project. That opportunity passed from the Green Lantern’s failure. Also the fact that TDKR will not even hint at the prospect of a Justice League movie, in the fashion that the 1st Iron Movie did the Avengers.

    It’s somewhat ironic , but Superman remains the last chance of a Justice League movie to arise. If Man of Steel can be a huge success – and were talking minimum $500 million worldwide gross – it can then prove to be starting point of generating interest.

    You would then need another character to make an impact on the big screen. The smart choice would be The Flash – where you can have that bright, fun , summer blockbuster that can easily appeal to the masses. If that proves to be a hit, then a Wonder Woman movie can go forward along with an improved Green Lantern sequel. Success for both of these films and then a Justice League movie can finally go ahead.

    Easier than it sounds, and hard work and skill is required, but 5-6 years time it can be done.

  14. i have to agree with this artice, i own the entire batman animated series, i read ever batman comic i can get my hands on, i completed arkham city 4 times just to experience it again and again. i’ve been dressing up like batman since i was 5 years old, but i’ve been way more excited for the avengers, the avengers is a sign of hope for a cinematic comic universe unlike anything we’ve seen before. while rises is the end of an era. i’ll be there, first in line to see DKR no problem but the sheer joy i got from watching the avengers left me shaking with excitement. it felt like all the waiting and set up from the other films had led to something worthwhile and would continue to lead to something bigger. i’m sure i will enjoy DKR but it will be much more of a reflective enjoyment with a hint of sadness that it’s all over.

    • “like”

    • @ aidan

      Do you own all of Batman Beyond series aswell? What are your favorite episodes of Batman:TAS btw? Just curious.

  15. Well, Avengers is up to 97% on RT (owned by WB) with 60 positive reviews and 2 negative. One of those negative reviews coming from a critic that has given every Marvel movie a negative score and every DC movie a positive one… Hm…

    • And she couldn’t even get Sam Jackson’s character’s name right. :-D

    • is that the same one that gave Twilight positive reviews?

      what a joke

      • She also liked “Drive Angry” [throws up a little in mouth] ;)

    • @ Ken J

      You’re kidding, RT is owned by WB?

      • According to wikipedia, yes:

        Owner: Flixster, part of Warner Bros. subsidiary of Time Warner

  16. Oh look, spam. Hahaha

  17. it should be interesting no doubt who will win at the box office ,a bat,a cat,a nut,or even superheros who can’t get along but do,and because their world need help and band together to do so .i’m not much of a superhero
    movie fan but i’m going to see the Avengers .

  18. Just watched the Avengers,it was a good movie will rate it a 7 out of ten.
    The first 70 minutes of the movie was boring to me,it is watchable and there are parts that keep your interested but I honestly did not care.The last 30 minutes however is amazing,but the movie has a whole to me just seemed okay.
    For those who keep using rotten tomatoes as a benchmark for quality is foolish,the tomato reading is irrelevant,its the average that is important.
    You can have an average of 7/10 on rotten tomatoes and still obtain a 100% reading.Metacritic however has a better rating system than rotten tomatoes.

    • If the first and second act of The Avengers was “boring” for you, then The Dark Knight must have been excruciating for you to watch ;)

      I sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted it to be like Transformers – endless fighting and explosions from start to finish. I like those quieter moments… It’s where the story gets lain out and where most of the characterization happens. Without that, the movie would have bombed.

      • But the plot is so simple that there is nothing much to get laid out. And there isn’t a lot of characterisation for the matter. I mean at the end of the film, how much did the characters change or develop? And you learn nothing much about these characters either. So that means you have about 70 minutes of talking that is trying to explain a plot you can see half the film away and does nothing for the development of the characters either. The only good thing from this quiet time is the humour really.

        And IMO TDK has a good mix of action and quiet time. Like after every 15 minutes of talking you will get 15 minutes of action. In fact there are 2 action scenes at the beginning of the movie(the bank job and capturing the scarecrow) The Avengers on the other hand most of the action is towards the end of the film. In fact I was kinda sad to see how short the fight between Ironman, Thor and CA was. I was really looking forward to that too :(

  19. aliens super heros i’m sick of it you hear:)ha ha,give me some good old fashion movies with value like Titanic,or Lawrence of Arabia,Flightplan or Jaws give me something with a bit of a bite to it like Dracula or the Wolfman even Psycho had character to it,a bit odd or even Cataway or the
    Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island,fun back into movies or movies
    like Young Frankenstein though from time to time i enjoy the super hero
    movie too,like the Dark Knight,all three Spider Man movies haven’t seen
    one new super hero movie yet ,not yet .

  20. As much as I loved this flick, the fanboy in me wished for Ant-Man and wasp to make a cameo to introduce themselves. I understand that Ant- Man and Wasp, aren’t as marketable as stand alone films, but their powers and stories are essential to the Avengers storyline.
    Don’t count out TDKR just yet. Since it’s Nolan’s first trilogy, I don’t think he would disappoint and end up like Coppola.
    Back in 2008, a lot of people who watched Iron Man before TDK was shown said the TDK would pale compare to Iron Man.
    The Real problem TDKR will face is that it will be shown 2 weeks after Amazing Spiderman. The people will be scrutinizing the two heavily hyped movies, unlike the Avengers where there is no competition in the box office.

  21. See Its Nolans Trilogy….No Way He Would Disappoint Us. Its THE End Of Batman Triology. Hp 7 Being D last Movie Of The Series Broke All Records Worldwide So Will TDKR!!

  22. I will watch Avengers and eat popcorn, I will also watch TDKR and eat popcorn. So they both will be great movies to watch while eating popcorn. (I may just get some raisinets or twizzlers too).

    • Don’t forget the peanut M&Ms. ;-)

      • i prefer goobers over raisinets. or i may sneak in a can of cashews.

        • popcorn is best for cinema. doesn’t make any sound when you munch them! haha

  23. Have any of you guys seen the movie yet? I saw it on Sunday and I’m totally serious when I say it won’t come close to the Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises may not even be great and the Avengers still won’t be close to it. For a movie called the Avengers it was somewhat slow and didn’t wow me in any way. I loved the Hulk as usual and Stark was good and funny like always but there was nothing really special about this movie. Cap was badass in maybe one part. Thor is very different from the Thor movie. Seems more secure in his role as a God and seems stronger than ever. He was pretty cool throughout and intimidating. Liked when Thor was on screen. You guys may be surprised at who ends up taking the leader role of the group.

    • Have you seen TDKR yet?

  24. Great article, and I completely agree! Carry on.

  25. I have to say. I am a big fan of Begins and TDK. I love Christopher Nolan. He has done an amazing job on the Batman series so far. But with that being said. TDKR looks absolutely horrible. I’m sorry. But using Bane as the threat of Gotham City just doesn’t seem believable to me. And don’t even get me started on the dreadful Cat Woman.. -_-
    The Riddler would have been a much better choice. And from what I’ve seen TDKR just looks too cartoonish. It’s lost the realism and rawness that made Begins and TDK so believable. I saw the first 6 minuets of TDKR in theaters. It was absolutely torturous. Of course. I haven’t seen the movie yet. So I may just be jumping to conclusions. But so far. I am not impressed.

    I am however a HUGE Joss Whedon fan as well. And have loved all of the Marvel movies(except for Iron Man 2) that have been leading up to The Avengers. I’m positive this and The Amazing Spider-Man will be much better than TDKR. That is just my opinion though. I don’t mean to come off as a hater or anything. I’m just completely blown away by how disappointing TDKR looks so far..

    • Well i take it as if you don’t know who bane is…The only and I repeat the only villain that has defeated batman in both a mental and physical battle…he may not be appealing to you but to fans that know the story we get why he was used and not the riddler.And cartoonish?where did you get a cartoonish feel from tht others have yet to see,hell where did you see this horrible that you said you saw?No one can judge this movie off the simple fact that not much has been shown and won’t be shown just like the movie before it.

    • Well i take it as if you don’t know who bane is…The only villain that has defeated batman in both a mental and physical battle…he may not be appealing to you but to fans that know the story we get why he was used and not the riddler.And cartoonish?where did you get a cartoonish feel from tht others have yet to see,hell where did you see this horrible that you said you saw?No one can judge this movie off the simple fact that not much has been shown and won’t be shown just like the movie before it.

  26. Ha ha Ha!

    Those memories!

    Back then in 2008, that was my very first internet forum discussion/debate in life and not only just at Screenrant and I was insecure and aggressive enough back then to fight and defend every comment of mine, half of which were reasonable and the other half were just plain embarrassment on my part.

    Four years down, I have sobered down and my insecurity has diminished far enough now due to the grasping of the fact long back ago that everybody has an opinion of his-her own even if it does not match mine.

    • and yet, you like to snidely call people immature for liking the avengers, then throw around the phrase “critically-acclaimed novels” when referring to a collection of batman comic books.

      • Perhaps the person you are referring to meant “critically-acclaimed graphic novels,” which they are.

  27. Does anyone want to make a bet with me? If you live in the Houston area, I will bet you the price of a ticket that TDKR will not make as much money as the Avengers did, in it’s first weekend. Not that I do not lot love Batman, I do and I think the direction that Nolan has taken it is fantastic. However I feel that The Avengers is more what the masses are looking for. It is possible I am wrong, which is why I offer this bet.

  28. the dark knight was a great movie but why is so incredible??? the joker that´s the reason, batman begins was a good movie but the dark knight is best no? well bane can´t defeat the joker because the joker is the alter ego of batman, and the dark knight rises not gonna defeat the dark knight at the same time it can´t defeat the avengers.

    the avengers is an awesome movie perfect edition, a great script, great cast, a 5 years expectation, and the hook of a sequel, i´ll gonna watch TDKR but i gonna watch it and pay it for it only 1 time, the avengers, sorry guys i went 4 times, with my GF, with my brother, with my parents and of course with my friends male and females, it simple the avengers is one of the most enjoy-able movies ever made. it´s a perfect ten.

    • “The Avengers” was NOT perfect…by any definition. “The Dark Knight” WAS/is an incredible film (and NOT just because of Heath Ledger). There have already been many reasons given on this and many other threads. If you and I disagree, that’s fine…we each have our own opinions.

      For my part, I found “The Avengers” good for one very entertaining viewing in the theater…I’ll get the blu-ray when it’s released. As for “The Dark Knight”, I saw that four times in the theater and loved it more each time…and did, of course, get the blu-ray. I’m anticipating feeling the same way about “The Dark Knight Rises”.

      See? Different (perfectly legitimate) opinions…

  29. You make invalid points,

    1. The Avengers may be the first of a trilogy but, it has MANY different characters/hero’s in one movie – versus B.B, TDK, TDKR, has one hero, Batman. And Marvel has set up these characters for a few years, where as Batman needs no set up.

    2. TDK trilogy has a much better story than your average superhero movie. It’s much more thought provoking than Stark and Cap’n America arguing who’s a better hero. There’s no deep sense of heroism from The Avengers…you just have a few people fighting a Hero’s brother (other than Thanos Marvel’s version of the original DC Comics Darkseid)…the main plot of the story is unveiled in the first few minutes – compared to Batman Begins where the true villain remains hidden until the climax. In TDK the villain is a devious plot twister and turns a good (hero) figure Harvey Dent into a Major Villain. We shall see how the TDKR plays out…

    3. Whether you are a Marvel fan or DC fan, you have to admit both Series are, and have created excellent entertaining movies. But between the two of which is a better quality, plot driven, awe inspiring series, The Dark Knight trilogy wins by a landslide.

    It’s not even close.