5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Avengers’ Than ‘Dark Knight Rises’

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Why I'm More Excited for The Avengers than The Dark Knight RisesI recently came to a shocking conclusion - I am much more excited to see The Avengers than I am to see The Dark Knight Rises. Okay, so that might not seem shocking to you, but it was definitely a shock to me.For my entire life, I've been a huge Batman fan. From the comic books to the animated series and through all of the movies, the Caped Crusader has always been my favorite superhero and, as of a few months ago, I don't think anyone could have convinced me that Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy would be anything short of brilliant. That's all changed now, though.Marvel's insidious strategy to connect all of its movies into one super-sized superhero explosion has worked its charms on my inner geek and I'm not ashamed to say that I was powerless to stop it. Here are my five reasons why I'm more excited to see The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises.

The Characters

Avengers Thor Captain AmericaIn my opinion, Batman is the greatest comic book character out there. But when it comes to the movies, the big bad bat can't hold his own against the sheer magnetism of The Avengers.Two big reasons that The Dark Knight was such a success was Heath Ledger's incredible performance as The Joker and Aaron Eckhart's excellent portrayal of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent - two of Batman's most memorable villains. Seeing these iconic characters interacting on the big screen offered a thrill like none other. I feel the same way about The Avengers. The thought of Captain America and Thor fighting side-by-side against Loki's army gets me excited in a way that Bane and Catwoman simply can't. It's not that I don't like them - I just like the characters in The Avengers much more.

The Tone

Thor in The AvengersI know that dark and gritty is de rigueur in the world of comic book movies, but that doesn't mean that there should be no levity whatsoever.One of the things that Marvel has done well with all of its films (and will continue to do well with The Avengers), is inject a strong sense of humor into the film to help keep the story entertaining. I'm not saying that The Dark Knight Rises shouldn't be, well, dark (Lord knows we don't want a Batman and Robin situation), but the film's trailers and video footage suggest a movie that's a little too depressing.I remember feeling the same way when I read the "Knightfall" saga in the comics. It's a brilliant story arc - but watching Bruce Wayne get slowly beat down and eventually broken (literally) by Bane is not an uplifting way to spend an afternoon.

Visual Effects

Avengers HelicarrierThis one is a tough call. On one hand, there's nothing cooler than the Batmobile and I'm definitely intrigued by the introduction of "The Bat" (Batman's new hovercraft vehicle).However, the Helicarrier and the Quinjet also offer pretty spectacular visual effects opportunities. Factor in Mark Ruffalo's excellent-looking motion-capture Hulk, Iron Man's new armor,Thor's always-impressive hammer, Mjolnir, and the potential for eye-popping special effects are another thing working in The Avengers' favor. Of course, visual effects are nothing without a great story, which leads to my next topic...

The Future

The Avengers AliensMarvel took a big risk when it decided to release all of its movies in one contained universe, but the risk paid off. Thanks to this strategy, Marvel can now continue to play with these characters and expand the story in an untold number of movies.While that might not be appealing to everyone, I personally think it's pretty exciting - especially if it means opening up the Marvel movieverse to more cosmic-themed characters, as has been reported. Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise has been great so far, and I'm glad that it's ending at three like the director planned. But Marvel's approach offers a veritable buffet of possibilities to bring in interesting new Marvel characters, and that's just too exciting for me to pass up.

The Avengers Arrives First

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in The AvengersOkay, this one is a bit of a cop-out, but it's important anyway. As a marketer by trade, I would be remiss to not take into account the effect that Marvel's outsized press and media coverage has had on my perception of The Avengers.The Dark Knight Rises comes out a full two months after The Avengers. Warner Bros has started rolling out trailers and other media, but there's a lot more of it still to come. Does that mean I might still change my mind? I doubt it, but it's possible. That being said, I know how I feel right now - and right now Marvel's marketing campaign has me much more excited to watch The Avengers than TDKR.

A Good Supehero Summer at the Movies

The Avengers - The Incredible HulkBehind the scenes at Screen Rant HQ, Senior Editor Kofi Outlaw made this point: "Avengers is just the hot girl at the party right now - but the other babes haven't even arrived yet." He may be right, but that's the beauty of this article.I'm not nonchalant about The Dark Knight Rises - I think it will be amazing. I'm just more excited about The Avengers. It's like ordering a surf and turf dinner. I know that both will be excellent - but right now I really want to slice into a nice filet mignon.So, whether you're more excited about The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises, we can all agree on one thing: if you love comic books, this is a great summer for the movies. Let us know where you stand in the comments.
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  1. Nothing in this world can make me more excited for The Avengers than TDKR.

    1. Darkness doesn’t bug I don’t need a film to be uplifting and slap stock funny to want to see it.

    2. I’m a bigger Batman fan than most have been my entire life.

    3. There is no doubt that TDKR will simply be a better movie. The Avengers will be lots and lots of fun but it will just be a lot of jokes and some action with a mediocre story to piece it together. TDKR will be complex and intriguing with a level of depth marvel studios will never risk putting in their films.

    • have you seen EITHER of these films? no? simply be a better movie? better how? what are you basing that on? give us some insight. back up your claim.

      • @jeffro

        It will be for him because he wants it to be. It really doesn’t matter how it turns out when he watches them, his pridictions will be 100% true to him when he’s done watching them.

    • “will simply be”; “will just be”; “will be”; “will never”
      Come on! :( I’m not going to give the whole speech again lol… my comment further up on this page said all I have to say.

  2. Oh and I’m super amped for both movies. Two completely different films are coming out and Im am excited. TDKR was easily my number 1, until the avengers Superbowl commercial extended cut. Now they are tied. Either way we win this summer

  3. /contemplates flying to the UK just to see this tomorrow.

    I mean after the admission price and buying the outrageous snacks, what’s a plane ticket?

  4. just 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till avengers!!!!!!!!

  5. I am sorry for the guy who wrote this and for those who agree with him. Enjoy your cartoon! It’s on veetle.com already. What a piece of trash! Another propaganda piece to brainwash the sheeple and get them in line with the latest politicized junk. I am tired of hearing everywhere about “clean sustainable energy”… That’s how they do it these days. They wrap up the agenda and tserve it as action packed movies. Avengers is crap.

    • …not according to a guy I know who recently watched the Avengers. I was initially appalled by the whole idea behind pulping a number of superheroes into a movie. However, it’s the reviews from ordinary folks that’s turning my attention…..I’ll be watching it. I’m not however sure about anything turning out better than the Dark Knight, for it’s themes tend to be far more appealing to adult audiences.

      • You just can’t compare Batman to Avengers – Batman is a Puny Human who does very little apart from drive a cool car – He isn’t ‘super’ – he’s just a bloke in a mask.

        • Hell, even though I’m not the biggest Black Widow fan, I would put her up against Nolan’s Batman any day.

    • trolling much? must be a romneian.

    • Damn, apparently 96% of the critics on a website run by WB is actually wrong about The Avengers then. You better go correct them!

    • Occupy Gotham. Just sayin’. :-D

  6. Remember it is not an even playing field. Nolan has got it a little tougher.

    Avengers has a defined selection of characters (according to the previous Marvel movies) so there was never a toss up between which other characters to put in eg ant man (and even then, the avengers in the comic books only had one or two other people in it). Nolan had to choose out of a whole rogues gallery.

    Nolan’s vision of the third movie had to change at the time of Heath Ledger’s death. He had to make do with the cards he was dealt and work around it

    Nolan is ending a story. there is tremendous pressure to break the mould of bad three-quel making. Avengers is just starting out, a new (or pretty much combined) story and style compared other unrelated comic book movies. Nolan is under even more pressure to put a fresh spin on the style of the next one of his franchise – he’s gone noir for Batman Begins, and set the bar for dark and gritty in TDK. Maybe a more esoteric Kubrickian style.

    The characters of Avengers are more appreciated by younger people or people who want a fun date-movie with their partner.

    Also, Avengers opened on a public holiday here in Australia so that definitely helped.

    I call this – Avengers will be strong in the first screenings in terms of sales. it will do good in opening weekend and such. But TDKR will have a longer run in screenings and it will hold more re-watch value. But if TDKR has more success than Avengers considering these things, that will probably end the petty bickering

    • think about this guys i kinda feel sorry for nolan in away ive seen the avengers and for me its like my favourite movie ive ever seen but thats me i am a marvel fan dont get me wrong though it used to be the dark knight and thats kind of my point here not only does it have to compete with the avengers but also stated to be the best comic book movie ever the dark knight i just dont see him beating the dark knight especially how well heath ledger did with the joker

    • @ bean

      I doubt Ledger’s death had anything to do with the 3rd installment at that time. Nolan was hesitant about makin a 3rd film unless it he thought the script could be better or match up to TDK’s success.

      • yes thats probably true but im willing to bet Nolan would’ve had the Joker return in the third iteration if Ledger was alive. It will be interesting to see how Nolan overcame the challenge of taking the Joker out of the story after being such a prominent threat – i know that might have been a motive for the fast-forwarding of 8 years, but a likely mention of the Joker’s fate will have the audience sighing in nostalgia if Nolan wanted.

  7. The Batman and The Avengers are both comic book movies, however The Avengers(and other MCU movies) are “SUPERHERO(comicbook)MOVIES”, the Batman movies are NOT superhero movies, they are “CRIME-DRAM/NOIR(comicbook)MOVIES. When a “SUPERPOWERED” being or villain finally shows up in a Batman film, then it can be considered a “Superhero” movie. That being said, I’m excited for both films but more excited for The Avengers for the sheer fact of the risks Marvel Studios has taken to bring about such a reality and be successful at it by bringing us a true comicbook style cross over movie and making it work.

    My only disappointments so far are Nolan’s choice for Bane and choosing NOT to bring The Riddler in this movie. I think that Tom Hardy will do a great job but I feel that if Nolan would have dug deeper, then Javier Bardem would have been the perfect choice to portray Bane and then we would have gotten a villain on par with Heath Ledger’s Joker. Don’t get me wrong, Hardy may surprise us all but I think Javier would have been a much better choice. The Riddler is a character that was 100% perfect for a Nolan styled Batman and would have truly shown Batman’s ability as “The World’s Greatest Detective”. The Riddler being a perfect character for Nolan but Nolan not using him was a VERY BAD missed opportunity for the finishing touches of his franchise. The Riddler challenging Batman’s mind and Bane challenging Batman’s body!!!!!!You couldn’t get more perfect than that(with some un-expected Batman allies along the way).

    • batman is still a super hero simply because of all his gadgets and gizmo’s that enable him to do things normal people cant. most people couldn’t afford the stuff he has/invents.
      it’s just funny reading all these posts where people are making batman out to be more than what he is, which is a comic book character. fantasy fiction, like ALL comic books.

      • Finally, someone who gets it.

      • @Jeffro, I disagree, most of the gadgets that Batman has used(so far) in “films” are things that normal humans can use or create. Batman’s Rogue gallery in films have not had any superpowered beings, only street level villains. When Batman uses his gadgets against the likes of Darkseid or another “supervillain” not villain (Joker) then he can be called a “Superhero” for now he’s a hero/vigilante. I’m not trying to bash Batman, he definitely is an awesome character and has gone up against “supervillains” in the comics and cartoons just using his intellect but in the movies he is only dealing with street level villains who want to destroy GOTHAM not a world wide threat as of yet.

        The same could sort of be said about Iron Man but Iron Man’s technology is on par with being a super being even though it’s a man in a suit using super hitech. The mere fact that he can actually fly(at mach speeds) puts him in the super category.

  8. TDKR will suck b/c the choreography will be done by an amateur will no skill at directing/choreographing action (just admit it fanboys), the movie will be a drama piece instead of a detective/action movie (like they all should have been) and bane’s voice alone will piss alot of people off and stop them from watching (i know i wont be).

    avengers is way more fun, action orientated and nicely paced. the visuals look amazing and the way the characters bond is a perfect interpretation of how they do in the comics.

    nolan’s trash just has gravel voice with mumble man…

    • Who are you calling a fanboy? Do you have any idea of who this “amateur with no experience” is? Christopher Nolan, the man who directed some of the greatest films of the last decade, and three of which were groundbreaking action movies? You need to think a little before posting such a ridiculously biast opinion. May I remind you that Avengers is directed by a man who only has experience in smaller-budget sci-fi films? Who’s the amateur in that equation?

      And obviously, if you’re bringing up the fact that the plot is better because it’s action-oriented, I pity you. Honestly, may God have mercy on your Marvel-sucking life. But also- nicely paced? Have you seen the film? How can you know that TDKR will not be as well or more so (as we educated people know it will be)?

      And relations to comics has absolutely no place in this argument. TDKR is in no way an inferior film because it is less connected to the comics.

      Overall, please re-assess your blindness to the fact that your statement clearly makes you the fanboy here. Never refer to Nolan again as an “inexperienced amateur”- because quite frankly, he is three times what Whedon is or ever will be.

      Thank you for your time.

      • nolan can’t direct action and that is a damn fact, slowly and analytically watch any of his fight scenes and you’ll see how robotic and amateurish everything looks compared to other action movies (heck i would prefer shaky cam over his childish choreography).

        not only does he make a cool character boring and stupid but he doesn’t even stick to the fiction which he is trying so hard not to portray – batman is a world class martial artist, a prestigious detective and a charming man… NONE OF THOSE ARE FEATURED IN NOLAN’S BATMAN MOVIES. the fact that nolan thinks little of batman fans or movie goers in general is more proof that he is up himself and a clueless joke (probably why he doesn’t hire someone to choreograph the fight scenes and disregards concerns from everyone). the fact that he blatantly called everyone stupid for not being able to understand bane is raw evidence of his ego pulling him off. you would have to be one stubborn f*** to say he is the best director out there b/c the fact is HE ISN’T AND PROBABLY WON’T EVER BE.

        before you a** off consider that i may not in fact be a fan of either comic publisher and might just like movies that have been done well (comic adaptations in this instance) ?

        • @jwalka
          I dont know what is your problem with Nolan, but it seems as if they are from prejudiced mind, hatred from some reason. I dont know your age but your remarks are very childish and baseless, You are the first one from whom I am hearing these type of remarks about nolan (may be some people just want to show how different they are from others buy saying these nonsense things)
          Chirs nolan is the best director of our time and his batman films are best in the genre(I hope those with some brain and sense would agree on this one)

          • i must be one of those brainless senseless morons because i have a different opinion. i don’t feel that nolan’s batman films are the best in the genre. not saying they are bad, just don’t feel they are the best. after having watched damn near every comic book movie made, my favorites are the original superman, superman2, all the marvel studio films, nolans batman, burton’s batman, Raimi’s spider-man trilogy (that may change upon seeing TAS) x-men (all 5 so far) there’s more, but i even liked green lantern, but it would be near last on my list of fave CBM’s

            • @ Jeffro

              Not imo. My opinion would be it would be the other way around regarding your first sentance. I feel the same about Nolan’s bat-films in the genre. Infact despite my favorites, i have yet seen a perfect CBM outta DC or Marvel. It’s hard to be optimistic i would at all as just about any film in any genre has flaws, goofs,etc in some shape or form.

          • I have had similar complaints about Burton’s and Nolan’s Batman. The Batman I know from the comics used ninjitsu and other martial arts to fight his foes. I haven’t seen this in any of these films (maybe a little ninja but not the hand-to-hand combat).

            Also, I tried watching TDK last night; I got some of the best nights sleep I had in a long time. :-D

            Oh put down the frying pans…I was just kidding. 8-)

      • @Matt Marovich

        Just have to take issue with your statement, “Never refer to Nolan again as an “inexperienced amateur”- because quite frankly, he is three times what Whedon is or ever will be.”

        Nolan is great at what he does, he may even be a better director than Whedon. But can I list all the things Whedon can do well, great even, and you stop me when you I name something Nolan could do better, other than directing.

        Nolan is most famous, I think we can all agree, for his Batman movies. I think we would all have a hard time finding someone who doesnt have The Dark Knight in a favourite movie list. It is in mine. But Nolan took Batman, a character who is already established and wrote movies based on already existing stories and themes from comic book arcs that are already out there. Whedon has created quite a few shows, 2 in particular, one with a spin-off, that have been off the air for quite a while, and are still poplular. Buffy, and the spin-off Angel, and Firefly, still have massive followings and were all original and all from the mind of Whedon. Will people still be talking about Nolans Batman in 20 years? Probably. But I bet not as many who are still pulling out their Firefly dvds, or turning up at comic book conventions dressed as a browncoat.

        Musicals. Could Nolan write and direct, with the music and lyrics written all by himself? Once More With Feeling and Dr Horrible are both amazing when you consider how much work Whedon had to do to get those out there. I’d like to see Nolan take time off during something like the writers strike to produce something purley for the fans, with out the massive paychecks he usually ends up cashing.

        A story with no dialogue. Hush is one of my favourite epsiodes of any television. In season four of Buffy, Joss wrote and directed an episode with probably 80% of it with no talking. The story was still coherent and enjoyable. Or another season four episode, Restless. Inception was awesome, but when it comes to dreams, and what a story would be like if it were happening in a dream, I think Nolan could learn a bit by watching Restless.

        Finally comic books. Could Nolan take time away from the big paying gigs to do something for the fans? Whedon is an excellent writer when he is doing his comic book stories, whether for existing franchises like the X-Men, or his own Buffy and Angel comics which continue the stories he himself created. Could Nolan do something like that? Maybe, but would he? Doubtful. I feel Nolan does put alot of himself in his film making, spending much time and effort, but I also feel his in it for mostly himself. Big budget movies, with big pay checks at the end. Prestige and glory. Would he do something purely for the fans?

        I realise I went on a bit, and I have always been a Whedon fan since I sat down for the first epsiode of Buffy all those years ago, and being a massive Avengers fan, this movie is like the pinacle of Nerd-vana for me. But when someone puts down Whedon cause of his tv roots, I will always call them out. Whedon may not to be to everyones tastes, and his name may never be as well recognised as Nolans, but the man is damn talented. And I think when you add up all he can and does do, Nolan will always be in his wake.

        You cant stop the signal.

        • yeah what Matt Marovich said seemed a bit c***sucky. But i take issue with your “I’d like to see Nolan take time off during something like the writers strike to produce something purley for the fans, with out the massive paychecks he usually ends up cashing.”

          Whedon chose to do all those things. Nolan chose to focus on directing films. The massive paychecks he usually end up cashing can be seen as a testament to Nolan’s sincere efforts, without selling out like using 3D. There was no fanbase behind the material of his movies before he started out – Inception, Memento, Prestige. Batman fans were scarce before he made BB. It was his reputation that got him to where he is just as much as you think Whedon did. Although the avengers already had a considerable movie-fanbase that definitely helped it along (iron man, incredible hulk, IM2, cap and thor).

          Nolan’s motives are for good film-making and story-telling – it just so happens that people like that focus, becoming his fans. he chose to do TDKR cause he believes there is more to the story, and that there is a conclusion. Where will Whedon go with this? the only thing joining this avengers movie and a likely sequel is the post credits scene at the end. and im sure the sequel will be for money. I see that the ultimate test that will define Whedon’s true talent as a director of films (not a tv show, or writer of a comic book, or director of short films, as feature film-making is the league that we’re all focused on ) is to make an equally good or better sequel.

    • FYI, Choreography is for dance sequences. They are the people that make up the dance steps in a musical. I’m pretty darn sure TDKR isn’t a musical.

      • choreography is the planning of stage in any production whether it be dance, martial arts or an action sequences ina movie. how about you read a book to educate yourself and not sound like the little kid you obviously are bloody fangirl

        • Hahaha

    • @jwalka, you sound like a child. Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises will be great in their own way. I personally prefer TDKR because Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America were boring. I mean, the action was cool but nothing about the story or characters really captured me. They’re just action flicks to “wow” people, Nolan’s trilogies have much more meaning, story, drama, etc. I’m a see both first week, but TDKR will be my favorite. I love what Nolan did with Batman, this film is for adults. Avengers is a quick fix for action.

  9. So, you are more excited for a sequel to 1 bad, 1 good, and 3 “passable” films, more then the finale of a series that has two great films, made by one if this generations best directors. IQs must be dropping FAST

    • @Smoosh Smoosh

      Hey man, can you do me a favor? Since your opinion is actually fact, can you please tell me what the best car and the best kind of music in the world is? I mean, obviously whatever you think is the gold standard that everyone else’s opinions should match or else we’re wrong, so you should stop making us all buy crappy things and tell us, in fact, what the best of everything is. Thanks dude! :-)

    • Oh, so I’m a moron for liking IM over TDK? I’m with Ken J on this one; please tell me what to buy so my idiotic decisions don’t destroy me. Good grief!

  10. The Avengers does indeed look like loads of fun and I’m pumped for it. Still, I’ve been practically dying to see how the Nolan Batman trilogy will end since I left the theater after “The Dark Knight.” Nothing has changed.

    • Exactly how I feel!

  11. Oh my gosh, I am ready to camp out on the doorstep of my local store to be first in line to buy the DVD, and it has not even hit the theaters yet!

    • Two words my friend: online shopping
      I’ve already pre-ordered The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises ;)

  12. Okay. So what? You want to see one movie more than another. What difference does that make to anything?

    • Uh, how many posts have been made on this thread? That’s the point of an article, to generate discussion.

  13. I love batman always been my hands down fav graphic novels, video games, Haman animated series, 89batman but bane looks like a sub zero reptile knock off and catwoman looks like its from adam west batman hate to say this I hope im wrong that ill love avengers over batman. If it was johnny drop as riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin id be hands down most excited movie for 2012

    • @shane

      LOL, ok, good, so I’m not the only one that thinks of Mortal Kombat’s (movie) Reptile when I see Bane’s mask… :-D

  14. I’m not going to see the Avengers until it comes to blu-ray. On a different note, I thought both Ironman movies were quite entertaining and I look foward to the third installment coming in the near future.

    I’m going to see The Dark Knight Rises opening day.

    “When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

    • I’m just curious: why won’t you be seeing The Avengers in theaters as well?

      • I was wondering the same thing.

  15. Ok, I’m not understanding a lot of these comments. How can a movie be “less entertaining” yet be a “better movie?” Seriously, are you all just SO afraid to say anything that’s not completely brown-nosing TDKR in fear of the flak to come from all of the fanboys?? Seriously, a movie’s entire purpose is to entertain you, you don’t watch a movie to NOT be entertained… And this has nothing to do with speed, like The Fighter, that’s not an action movie, it’s a drama. So it didn’t have explosions, car chases, gun fights, etc. But I found it highly entertaining because I really liked the drama and the superb acting by Christian Bale and Mellissa Leo… If a movie is “less entertaining” to me, that simply means it’s a worse movie for me… I really don’t get how it can be otherwise…

    Also, I really hope the tone of TDKR will not be like the tone of the last act of TDK, because if it is, then I actually might not like it. To be completely honest with everyone, I LOVED Batman Begins, and was SUPER excited to see TDR, and when I watched it, I was SUPER thrilled for the entire movie UNTIL the last act. I absolutely HATED the last act, and despite how great the rest of the movie is, I simply cannot bring myself to watching TDK again because I know I’ll have to sit through that terrible last act. With the super cheesy plot point of the bombs in the boats, the stupid cell phone sonar thing, them killing off one of the most important recurring villains in the Batman universe 20 minutes after introducing him, and that GAWD AWEFUL speech they kept repeating about how “Batman is the hero the city needs” blah blah blah, omg, it tried so hard to be so depressing it was just downright tedius to watch… I really hope TDKR will not follow that but will be more like Batman Begins or the first 3/4 of TDK… But from what I’ve seen so far, with Bane’s Mortal Kombat Reptile mask, and Catwoman looking like she’s 20 years old wearing high heals to fight crime, I don’t know how excited for it I am…

    But I’ll give Nolan the benefit of the doubt and I’ll go into it with a cautiously optimistic mindset… He’s proven himself with Batman Begins, most of The Dark Knight, and Inception, I liked all of those, so hopefully TDKR will not disappoint.

    But seriously guys, stop with this “TDK will definitely be the better movie, but will be less entertaining” BS. You haven’t seen either movie, there’s nothing that says TDKR has to be a “better movie.” From what I’ve read about The Avengers, it has everything from serious moments to funny moments and epic action. Sounds to me like it’ll be very hard to beat… We won’t know until we see them both, no need to lick Batman’s rear-end and just assume that it has to be the better movie before you even see it, stop kidding yourself…

    • THANK YOU!

      I judge all movies on one thing…

      “how much did you entertain me?”

      Which is one of the reasons I like BB more than TDK. BB entertained me from start to finish. TDK did not. And before I get jumped on, BB is like a 10/10 for me movie wise, while TDK is 9 or 8. I am not trashing the movies just makign a point.

      Why else would you go to a movie unless to be entertained?

  16. Both “Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises” are “must-see event films”. Both will do extremely well at the box office. One is a superhero team-up movie, which has never been done before and directed by a guy who knows comic books very well (Josh Whedon). The other one is a dark, brooding but classic comic book character, directed by one of this generation’s visionary film makers (Chris Nolan). I salute both films because I will surely enjoy and get entertained by them.

  17. it´s just sad that the movies are judged by their marketing campaign!!! I will like the avengers, most probably, I mean R. Downey Jr./Tony Stark and Scarlett Johansson are enough reasons to like the movie. ;) Marvel´s viral campaign or marketing campaign for the avangers begun like 5 years ago. I mean, they had all the heroes in their own movies and now they are putting them together. The movie will be huge only because of this! But still I´m more excited for the dark knight rises.
    I am excited about the dark knight rises, becouse it´s a nolan film and most of all it´s a batman film!!!

  18. The Dark Knight is the most over-rated movie ever – it was good but far from perfect – It’s success was more down to Hype & Heath Ledger’s personal tragedy. I found it long and boring in parts.
    Avengers does not bore – it is fast paced and action packed with effects that blow you away – A far superiour movie to any of the Batman movies. Avengers is more in the Star Wars league now – plus you get some good laughs & leave the cimema with a big grin on your face !

    • Which star wars are you talkin about? The prequel? Have you seen both yet? I am going to. And they both are gonna rock.

    • The first half of the avengers does drag quite a bit.And the conflict between the heroes seems quite forced.But u forget all of that due to the 2nd act of the movie.Some of the most entertaining action sequences ever.And the HULK.HULK owns de muvie

    • The first half of the avengers does drag quite a bit.And the conflict between the heroes seems quite forced.But u forget all of that due to the 2nd act of the movie.Some of the most entertaining action sequences ever.And the HULK.HULK owns de muvie

  19. TDKR lost me at Bane (lamest Batman villain ever), and at “Rises.” Avengers looks way more entertaining than another installment of Tire Tread Man.

  20. I totally agree and the main reason is because I still don’t think we have seen the real Batman on screen yet. Nolan’s Batman isn’t smart, fast or strong enough and hence not as exciting on screen. I understand why they went for realism (and it’s been good and successful) but the comic book Batman lives in a universe full of metahumans, aliens and magic, more like the Avengers movie world, which is pure entertainment!

    • Can you find a finger print on a bullet? Pretty. Smart if you ask me

      • @trey

        Um, actually that was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen…

        1. Nobody freakin’ loads a round by the bullet, most likely you might find a partial fingerprint on a casing.
        2. Bullet’s don’t “shatter” like glass to where you can simply piece it back together as long as you have where the pieces go… They deform, and good bullets stay in one piece, but just get extremely deformed as in the inside will be out and the outside will be folded over itself…
        3. Even IF you leave a fingerprint on a bullet, and somehow the bullet doesn’t get deformed, it’s not like it glides loosely through the barrel. The bullet is actually SLIGHTLY larger than the smallest diameter of the barrel, which means when it’s fired, it actually has to DIG into the rifling grooves forming a near perfect seal, so all of the expanding gases are used to propel the bullet out of the barrel and not simply blowing by it and out the muzzle, so anything on the surface of the bullet would be gone, not to mention deformed by the rifling…

        The one thing Batman Begins was lacking, was Batman being a detective like he’s supposed to do. I guess Nolan realized this and more-or-less threw this half-ass detective scene into the movie as some semi-montage that makes absolutely no sense if you really think about it…

        And apparently getting fingerprints off bullets must be a normal thing since The Joker expected Batman to find out that address from doing that… Pretty much, it became the most pointless endeavor ever in a cbm…

        • so much of TDK doesn’t make a lick of sense and the coincidences are so huge it is just… dumb. And people call it ‘realistic’… get real.

          I enjoy the movie, but everytime I watch it I enjoy it less. Heath saved that movie IMO.

          and Batman Begins was so much better.

          • @Shadow

            Well, I wouldn’t say the whole movie. I thought the first 3/4 of it up until that chase scene that ended with Joker’s capture, was pretty solid, except that stupid shattering bullet part. But AFTER that scene, there were so many plot holes and coincidences as well as poor pacing and just some really poor choices in narration and plot that it almost ruined the movie for me. I still liked it, but that end did make it so I had no desire to watch the movie over again because I don’t want to have to sit through that ending again… Maybe I might watch Batman Begins and TDK again before TDKR comes out, but I just might stop the movie right after Joker is captured…

            Oh, and the opening fight in the parking garage had a pretty dumb scene in it too, but it’s pretty minor…

    • & Miasma Comics

      I think i agree with ya there. Haven’t seen TDKR of-course, but people really haven’t seen Batman get hurt all that much. Closest i think he got hurt or almost got killed was in Batman Forver when he fell into Two-Face’s trap & Dick was there to save him. One of the things is the costume. Body armor, i mean why not have his costume be 100% bullet proof or something. What i mean is, have it where Batman can be shot by a gun. He is human. Imo i would find it more interesting than him playin dead or still run & sneak up to people despite being bulletproof. Besides, it would make the actor more agile as the comic book counter-part.

    • @Miasma Comics, Thank you, thank you. When Batman does these things IN THE MOVIES then he will be Batman the superhero not just Batman the hero/vigilante with a lot of money. For now he’s just dealing with street level villains and villains who just want to destroy Gotham. No worldwide threat as of yet so far.

  21. Ps I have seen the Avengers movie being in the UK and it’s great! No spoilers to follow, but the first 20 minutes is awesome, especially Black Widow’s intro… Wait for the bit after the initial credits at the end too!!

  22. I live in the uk and seen Avengers , very good film but still think batman will be better.

  23. You should be. I’ve already watched the Avengers and is one of the most spectacular movies i’ve watched in my life. Joss has made a great work, it has great action and a great sense of humor.

    Hulk smash!!!!

  24. The so called ‘slower’ 2nd act of Avengers that tends to ‘drag’ can be explained. It’s called characterization and letting the audience have time to find out about the protagonists and what there purpose. These quieter moments are even more important that scenes where everything is blown up at a frantic pace amidst a boombastic soundtrack

    • THANK YOU!
      That’s what I’ve been trying to tell some of these guys…

    • @Lebsta, Thank you too, If it weren’t for these scenes,then people would be saying, “See, The Avengers is just another all Michael Bay or mindless type action movie with no substance or characterization,etc,etc.” But some people are just hell bent on finding some excuse to bash the Avengers anyway they can especially people who are afraid of the general public and critics liking this movie more than Nolan’s Batman films. Like as if Nolan is going to personally thank them for being loyal or something.

      I’ll be going to see both movies, I am a Marvel fan but enjoy both.

  25. Currently, it’s at 96% FRESH at RT with 56 Reviews so far.. 54 Positive and 2 Negative which I’m really questioning the validity of one of the reviews in which, the reviewer couldn’t even get the name of Samuel L. Jackson’s character right and she SUPPOSEDLY seen it.. She referred to Nick Fury as Nick FROST..LOL!!!! Any integrity on the part of RT and it’s staff is questionable after that.. It’s almost like there allowing this review to be posted out of spite cause The AVENGERS is beating the dogshit out of BATMAN 3 this summer and apparently, that must sting a little to the RT Staff, so they feel the need to be bitter over it.. I just don’t get what the big deal is if another superhero movie beats TDK or TDKR???? Why is this a big deal to the Nolanites???? Records are made and records are broken and BATMAN can’t be on top forever.. Looks like MARVEL has beaten WB and Nolan before there movie has even hit the silver screen..

    • Explain to me how its beaten? The muppets has a 96% so does that mean its better? Probobly not. How can you say a movie is beaten before it comes out? I’m not a “nolinite” but I’m just as annoyed at avengers fans cause some of them do exactly what they bash nolan fans of doing. Which is exactly how you are acting. Give it a rest we are tired of the same comments. The avengers won’t “beat” the DKR. And the DKR won’t beat the avengers. They will be great in their own way

      • WB has done a s***** job at marketing TDKR and they know it and all the Nolan fans know it.. Just because your last movie was the highest grossing comicbook movie(which is about to lose) doesn’t mean tou shouldn’t try and at the very LEAST, show some interest in wanting to give the fans SOMETHING, hell, ANYTHING after 6 months.. In the end, this is dead for TDKR and a big win for MARVEL and the AVENGERS.. Everyting else this summer get’s slaughtered.. PROMETHEUS though does look very intriguing..

        • The marketing has come up quite a bit which is pretty nuts. seems more ppl are liking the avengers because marvel put more effort into telling them to go see whilst releasing almost all of the plot in trailers and tv spots whereas batman is 2 months away and because they have shown most of the key plot points or giving the entire story away, ppl start hating. i like the fact that nolan has a lot of control over the movie and chooses what to release. WB wanted to jump on the 3d wagon, how many other directors would have the balls to say no then choose to shoot in imax. i’m more inclined to see a movie that i dont know the whole story for, there is no need for nolan to give the story away. everyone will go see batman regardless, even if its so they can come onto forums and say how crap it is.

    • [facepalm]

  26. Sorry but although The Avengers will most likely be a great film, TDKR is the conclusion to the greatest comic book trilogy of all time. I’ve been waiting for this since 2008!

    • @ Mr. Black

      Though i enjoy Nolan’s Bat-films, but i hope you don’t base your opinion due to box-office grosses that Nolan’s last Batman film makes. Because that doesn’t mean prove it’s the greatest comic book trilogy of all time.

    • why are you sorry? you are allowed to like what you like. i’m not sorry i don’t agree with “greatest comic book trilogy of all time.”

  27. lol…ah nerd rage….i love it!

  28. If The Hulk is the hot girl at the party right now, I’m going to a different party then.

    • No, the Avengers is the hot girl at the party right now; the Hulk would just be, uh, an aspect of the hot girl. :-D

  29. Lol, This article sure did started up a whole whirl wind. Imo, i have to say Batman isn’t the greates but amongst some of the greatest heroes. Superman will always be my personal #1 favorite. Can’t really compare Nolan’s Bat-films to Marvel’s films as Nolan took the realistic as possible approach while Marvel tries to find balance with both realistic/fantasy when it comes to CBM. Personally i like Marvel’s approach because the way Nolan does things, theres limits on what you can do on multiple things. Especially if you don’t want that character to be in a shared universe where no other heroes excist. In a weird way sorta speak one of the things in Nolan’s films is that Batman’s villains makes him stand out. But Nolan does good covering it in the films. Little be of is skeptical about TDKR regarding Knightfall story & villains involved in the film as we’ve seen past films. I can only hope this film does come full circle with a bang. Im more hyped up about The Avengers & wished WB/DC had the brains to get the ball rollin with their other properties & maybe handle them the same way Marvel has done since they got all the characters they could possibly use they could want.

    • @WallyWest

      I completely agree with you about Superman being the ultimate #1 superhero.

      For me the ultimate difference is that despite having superpowers and a brilliant upbringing – Superman still decides to pro-actively become a hero to save the lives of others. Batman (just like Spiderman) is born from tragic events in his own life , not what happens to others.

      I too admire Nolan’s realistic approach which has obviously proved a successful direction for the character. It does however restrict how imaginative he can be with the storytelling. For example the two boats scene in Dark Knight seemed too outlandish because Nolan’s films try so hard to be a serious crime drama rather than a comic book adventure.

      Burton’s films were also considered dark and gritty at their time of release, but his vision was also that of a gothic fantasy which allowed him be serious but also more creative – see Batman Returns.

      I too agree that whatever TDKR achieves, DC really should make more of an effort to jumpstart their other characters and build to that Justice League movie which unfortunately we will probably never ever see now.

      • @ lebsta

        Thank you & i agree with what you have said. Another thing is id like to add is how i loved how Bruce Timm & Co. built up their Cadmus story arc version on JLU animated series. I know it’s a show but they had one episode where they had the baddies win one which was “Task Force X” episode & of-course the surprise season finale villain Brainiac or should i say Lexniac. After what he did to The Question at Lexcorp i wondered what made him strong & loved how they explained & tied it back to one of the Superman:TAS episodes. I always thought Bruce Timm & Co should be asked or consulted about live-action films. Know it won’t happen though.

        • @Wally West

          Once again I agree.

          The Cadmus story arc was JLU at it’s peak, in terms of animation and also the episode set up. Despite being more singular stories – each episode always linked in some way to the goings on in Cadmus. I thought also ‘Doomsday Sanction’ and ‘Fearful Symmetry’ were two excellent Cadmus episodes.

          If a Justice League movie was made – basing it on Cadmus would be perfect.

          • @ lebsta


            Yup, the episodes were singular but worked out well as far i was concerned. Not only was each episode link to each other to things goin on in Cadmus, but connections were made that tied back to Superman:TAS villainess Volcana as explained in “Fearful Symstry aka Galatea” and Twilight pt.1 as Batman mentioned the events of Legacy 2 parter from Superman:TAS. I enjoyed those two episodes aswell, especially “The Doomsday Sanction”.

            If a Justice League film was made, basing it on Cadmus would be one of the ideas id make which would be perfect. Especially if solo films could happen to help make the film just that much interesting as it was on JLU & the comics.

            • @Lebsta & Wally West, These are things that make Batman so great in the comics and animated series is that he IS connected with superpowered beings and planetary threats, not just Gotham. The mere fact that Batman could defend himself against or fight Darkseid or even be prepared to stop or defeat a “rogue” Superman says a lot about how great the character is beyond street level or Gotham stuff. The realism stuff is great but it also stifles some of Batman’s greatest that could be shown on screen. A normal human(Batman) going up against Meta/Super humans would make Batman shine even more.