5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Avengers’ Than ‘Dark Knight Rises’

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Why I'm More Excited for The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises I recently came to a shocking conclusion - I am much more excited to see The Avengers than I am to see The Dark Knight Rises. Okay, so that might not seem shocking to you, but it was definitely a shock to me. For my entire life, I've been a huge Batman fan. From the comic books to the animated series and through all of the movies, the Caped Crusader has always been my favorite superhero and, as of a few months ago, I don't think anyone could have convinced me that Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy would be anything short of brilliant. That's all changed now, though. Marvel's insidious strategy to connect all of its movies into one super-sized superhero explosion has worked its charms on my inner geek and I'm not ashamed to say that I was powerless to stop it. Here are my five reasons why I'm more excited to see The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises.

The Characters

Avengers Thor Captain America In my opinion, Batman is the greatest comic book character out there. But when it comes to the movies, the big bad bat can't hold his own against the sheer magnetism of The Avengers. Two big reasons that The Dark Knight was such a success was Heath Ledger's incredible performance as The Joker and Aaron Eckhart's excellent portrayal of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent - two of Batman's most memorable villains. Seeing these iconic characters interacting on the big screen offered a thrill like none other. I feel the same way about The Avengers. The thought of Captain America and Thor fighting side-by-side against Loki's army gets me excited in a way that Bane and Catwoman simply can't. It's not that I don't like them - I just like the characters in The Avengers much more.

The Tone

Thor in The Avengers I know that dark and gritty is de rigueur in the world of comic book movies, but that doesn't mean that there should be no levity whatsoever. One of the things that Marvel has done well with all of its films (and will continue to do well with The Avengers), is inject a strong sense of humor into the film to help keep the story entertaining. I'm not saying that The Dark Knight Rises shouldn't be, well, dark (Lord knows we don't want a Batman and Robin situation), but the film's trailers and video footage suggest a movie that's a little too depressing. I remember feeling the same way when I read the "Knightfall" saga in the comics. It's a brilliant story arc - but watching Bruce Wayne get slowly beat down and eventually broken (literally) by Bane is not an uplifting way to spend an afternoon.

Visual Effects

Avengers Helicarrier This one is a tough call. On one hand, there's nothing cooler than the Batmobile and I'm definitely intrigued by the introduction of "The Bat" (Batman's new hovercraft vehicle). However, the Helicarrier and the Quinjet also offer pretty spectacular visual effects opportunities. Factor in Mark Ruffalo's excellent-looking motion-capture Hulk, Iron Man's new armor,Thor's always-impressive hammer, Mjolnir, and the potential for eye-popping special effects are another thing working in The Avengers' favor. Of course, visual effects are nothing without a great story, which leads to my next topic...

The Future

The Avengers Aliens Marvel took a big risk when it decided to release all of its movies in one contained universe, but the risk paid off. Thanks to this strategy, Marvel can now continue to play with these characters and expand the story in an untold number of movies. While that might not be appealing to everyone, I personally think it's pretty exciting - especially if it means opening up the Marvel movieverse to more cosmic-themed characters, as has been reported. Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise has been great so far, and I'm glad that it's ending at three like the director planned. But Marvel's approach offers a veritable buffet of possibilities to bring in interesting new Marvel characters, and that's just too exciting for me to pass up.

The Avengers Arrives First

Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers Okay, this one is a bit of a cop-out, but it's important anyway. As a marketer by trade, I would be remiss to not take into account the effect that Marvel's outsized press and media coverage has had on my perception of The Avengers. The Dark Knight Rises comes out a full two months after The Avengers. Warner Bros has started rolling out trailers and other media, but there's a lot more of it still to come. Does that mean I might still change my mind? I doubt it, but it's possible. That being said, I know how I feel right now - and right now Marvel's marketing campaign has me much more excited to watch The Avengers than TDKR.

A Good Supehero Summer at the Movies

The Avengers - The Incredible Hulk Behind the scenes at Screen Rant HQ, Senior Editor Kofi Outlaw made this point: "Avengers is just the hot girl at the party right now - but the other babes haven't even arrived yet." He may be right, but that's the beauty of this article. I'm not nonchalant about The Dark Knight Rises - I think it will be amazing. I'm just more excited about The Avengers. It's like ordering a surf and turf dinner. I know that both will be excellent - but right now I really want to slice into a nice filet mignon. So, whether you're more excited about The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises, we can all agree on one thing: if you love comic books, this is a great summer for the movies. Let us know where you stand in the comments.
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  1. im still dissapointed that the leader is not in the film and really want to see a hulk sequel. kind of dissapointed riddler is not in the new batman. guess some fans are just pushed aside.

    • How are fans pushed aside because they didn’t use the specific bad guy that they wanted to see?

  2. this article make me more excited for DKR and less excited for avengers

    • You rock Nina :)

    • why you want to see another dark batman movie

    • I’m with you on this, Nina.

    • I am backing u up Nina

  3. I can’t believe there are no angry comments from DC fans here yet! I am a little dissapointed, LOL. I have seen the AVENGERS twice already(Once in LA at the Fans screening on April 14th and again at a local OC screening two days ago) and it is massive and fun ride for old-school fans and new ones from start to finish. The comedy along with the action is a big + for me as well. The characters are flawed and have their major differences but the way they come together and the final battle is just beyond epic! Yes I am excited for TDKR but like you said, The AVENGERS is the hot girl at the sausage fest right now, and we all want to dance with her!

  4. I completely agree on all 5 accounts, plus the fact that this is the first time that any comic universe (in cinema) will interact with each other, Batman never talked about Superman, Superman never talked about The Amazons and Green Lantern never talked about Star City. (I have not seen GL, but I still doubt that there is a reference to any other DC hero)

    For that reason alone, this movie is breaking barriers in the superhero genre.

    • actually, in the silly “batman and robin”, batman said “this is why superman works alone” to robin

  5. Batman without a doubt. I am excited for the Avengers, but the magnetism of Nolan’s batman, and the seriousness and richness of the Batman story arcs are just the kicker for me.

    So I am looking at Avengers for the pure smash bang entertainment value, I am looking for Batman for an awesome and rich movie experience.

    • I have said this too, Avengers is a movie that will be filled with explosions, one liners and more explosions. Batman is quiet and reserved, there’s something classy about it but at the same time is very dark and mysterious. Avengers takes you on a ride but Batman takes you on a journey.

    • I agree. I sense that Dark Knight Rises will have more legs to it. The Avengers looks like a big-budget, action-movie spectacle. Maybe I would like it more than TDKR if I’m a young teen or kid, but the Avengers, despite how well-made it may be, seems like a shallow exercise without much more thrust than its star-power and stacked list of characters.

      • I love Joss Whedon and i think he’s done great things with the Avengers but at the same time Nolan has been consistent since day one. You can argue Avengers has better characters but TDKR has better actors in Bale, Hardy, Oldman and Levitt. Then of course you have the rousing Score for Batman, its just gonna be sublime and i can’t wait. Yes there is hardly any Marketing for DKNR but that doesn’t stop me from watching the Trailer released every single day.

        • I’ll probably like them both, but for different reasons. I agree with both of you about Nolan and TDKR. But I appreciate a well-done “candy” movie just as much. It’s like the difference between something overly sweet and colorful and a dessert that has subtle ingredients that harmonize with each other, has a pleasing texture, and is prepared just right. There are an overabundance of the former and not many of the latter. I’m hoping Avengers is the latter and from what I’ve seen and heard it is. I can’t wait to see it next Friday. But I’m looking forward to TDKR too.

  6. It’s like the Ocean’s Eleven of Super hero movies. What’s not to like? Still more excited for DKR, though. Batman is my favorite fictional character across all mediums of entertainment, and he will always be.

  7. Just seen The Avengers here in Scotland today – it is AWESOME – delivers on every level – The Hulk ( my all-time fave ) is simply wonderful – Joss Whedon had made the impossible and delivered the greatest superhero movie ever !!!!

    Batman just cannot compare here – two different universes – compare Batman to James Bond or Sherlock Holmes – Avengers is an out and out Marvel Superhero Movie & it ROCKS !!!!

    Cannot wait for the follow-up – and Hulk must get another lone movie after this appearance !

    • I am so liking the Hulk and I’m glad to hear the reviews. I suspect one of the reasons they’ve stopped talking about the Gullermo Del Toro produced TV show (which I think would be awesome), is because they were liking what they saw with the movie Hulk. Hulk needs to be monsterous but also have an innocence and sympathy. I really think the Incredible Hulk had a limited appeal demographics wise. This Hulk looks like he could have everyone begging for more.

      Thanks for the enthusiastic spoiler-free review.

    • Yeah i also said his lifelong fan membership should be revoked, so lame and attention grabbing. I’m getting a chance to see Avengers free in a Screening next Tues and that’s the only time i will go see it but i may get a chance to Screen TDKR before its released. I will still however pay top dollar in an IMAX and watch it in the Midnight showing too and prob see it another few times just like i did with Inception. Too excited for TDKR 😀

    • i just don’t get the whole elitist attitude and competitiveness of some of you people. it’s not a damn basketball championship game. it’s a couple of fracking films. so, what going to happen if TDKR turns out to be badly reviewed and doesnt do half of what TDK did as far as $$ goes? are you gonna hurl yourself off a skyscraper? probably not. what if it breaks avatars current top dog spot,(not likely,but anything’s possible) are you gonna act like a 5 year old who got the last cookie and dance around singing nya nya nya nya nyaaaaa nya? i wonder. it just seems like some of the people in here who are more of a batman fan are acting a tad too superior for me, and this site is turning into some place i’m not liking anymore. get over yourselves people. it’s only make-believe!

      • Most of the SR community isn’t like that, jeffro. It is a shame that this competition crap is continuing, and not just on SR. I just don’t get why we can’t enjoy both.

  8. But I will say that he is entitled to his opinion even though I don’t agree with it

  9. i completely agree with the article. i saw the avengers the other day and it was breathtaking. a fun ride with great cgi, humour and a story that works really well bringing all the characters together, it defiantly needed its 2 hours and 20 minutes to cram everything in there.
    i am defiantly excited for the dark knight rises and i loved the other 2 batman films but the avenger movies – iron man, hulk thor, cap; these are movies i can watch once a month and not get sick of them, there just a fun ride. while the batman movies i would watch once or twice a year tops because there just isn’t the appeal. the only reason the dark knight did so well was because of the joker – heath ledger, fact. and as the article says batman has come to an end and will probably get rebooted in 5 yrs so dc can make a justice league movie, whereas the avengers has many more stories that can be told and many more universes

    • “the only reason the dark knight did so well was because of the joker – heath ledger, fact.”

      That is not true.

      • As you are right that is not fact but most tend to agree. I for one do. However, people watch things and see it for different all the time.

        • “As you are right that is not fact but most tend to agree.”

          Okay, I am not trying to be a jerk so please don’t take this offensively but where is the evidence for that?

          • heres your face. batman begins got $372 million worldwide at the box-office and there wasn’t to much hype about the movie. the dark knight got 1 billion worldwide and was incredible hyped up by the tragic death of heath ledger.
            i know many people that only saw that movie for heath ledger and didn’t like the batman side of the movie.
            i love the new batman series and will see dark knight rises on opening day and it will be a hugely successful movie, but i can’t see it getting to the numbers of which the dark knight did.

            • i have made that point myself several times on a few articles and it just goes unanswered. it’s all silly. someone made a comment “The avengers will be more entertaining, but TDKR will be a better movie”…WTF does that even mean??? i thought the point of any movie was to entertain, so by that logic, The Avengers will be the better movie, because it’s more entertaining. but again, i say, WHO T F CARES???

              • i find both entertaining, batman and the avenger movies. and theres no doug that ill love the dark knight rises i just find the marvel movies to be more fun and re-watchable. batman begins and dark knight i think are 9/10 or 10/10 same said for the avenger movies and the avengers. i honestly don’t care to much since ill through my money at both movie at least twice… same with the amazing spiderman, i loved the other trilogy and i think ill like this 1 aswel

              • I’m sure you prefer Thor to The Godfather too, but that doesn’t make it a better movie.

                • I probably do. i respect the film for being so iconic but i don’t like mob movies, never have there just not my thing. i typically don’t like horror as well, they bored me to death, its only once every few years where i see a good 1. i have scarface on dvd and think its a really bad film. and at the time I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t like it either as from what I’ve heard it was a failure at the box office.
                  and just because i enjoy films like thor, and the avengers that doesn’t mean i don’t like films not centred around a cgi slugfest. comic book movies are just a great for the whole ‘escapism’ thing (the reason people go to see movies) and it shows with avatar.

            • “heres your face. batman begins got $372 million worldwide at the box-office and there wasn’t to much hype about the movie. the dark knight got 1 billion worldwide and was incredible hyped up by the tragic death of heath ledger.”

              I’m not sure what my face has to do with this but…again, you have no evidence to back up the claim that TDK made 1 billion because of the death of Heath Ledger. Just because many people you know saw the movie just because of Heath Ledger does not mean you can make a statement like the one above. It is not sufficient evidence to back up your claim. It would be like if I said ‘I know everyone in the world only likes cake because of the frosting and not the cake part because everyone I know only likes the frosting.’

              • lol i was meant to say facts something went wrong…
                and yes it is evidence that because of heath ledger and his performance that it was so successful. i love the movie and a massive part of that is heath ledgers performance. i can’t recall a movie where the sequel has done close to 3 times it at the box office and turned into a 1 billion movie. you can argue all you want but everybody on the planet besides you and a few nolan fanboys knows that the dark knight was as successful as it was because of heath ledger.
                now can we just move on with our lives and enjoy what little good hollywood has for us in this day and age.

                • Why was Inception so successful?

                  • I couldn’t even finish Inception, as a matter of fact, I don’t personally know anyone that liked it. Inception did well wholly on Nolans reputation, which he got from TDK, which in turn only did as well as it did because of Heath Ledger.

                  • because it was something that hadn’t been done before at least not to that depth, it was an original movie to some extent. and lots of people thought it was a really smart movie, i enjoyed it but defiantly don’t think its the smartest movie ever made. and also nolan was ‘hot’ at that time, that was his first movie after the dark knight and people thought he was a legendary film maker. are u people ever going to stop arguing about this. I’ve stated that i enjoy both the marvel universe and the batman franchise i just think the marvel has a lot more going for them and it was a better ‘comic book superhero movie’.
                    I’m going to watch both films twice, I’ve seen the avengers and thoroughly enjoyed it, i suspect i will enjoy the dark knight rises also as i have the previous batman films

                • What happened to the ***LAST PRE-MORTEM*** movie of Ledger “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” or whatever ??? Why did it sink without a trace ???

                  • because ledger wasn’t playing a psycho clown. because its not part of the batman franchise. because the movie had to have major altercation done to the script because he died. because the marketing wasn’t as good.
                    you name it. the movie was a success because of ledger. end of story

            • Batman Begins probably didn’t do that great at the box office because it was having to live down the disaster that was BATMAN & ROBIN. Also, Inception made nearly 900mil, and most people didn’t even know what it was about. So I have a hard time believing TDKR, a sequel to one of the biggest films of all time won’t at least match INCEPTION.

              • @ magic8

                I pretty much agree with your statement. Due the negative critism of Batman & Robin, but Batman Begins managed to pull through despite fans still having that film in their heads at the time-still do till this day. I didn’t care for Inception as it really over-hyped as TDK was. Im not so about TDKR’s gross though as i never think about that till the film is outta the theaters. Not sure what to expect of what film would gross. I sure as heck didn’t expect Avatar to out-gross Titanic as i felt one film would one day but not a film like Avatar. But doesn’t matter how much a film grosses neither as fans would be divided on how great the film actually is.

              • it also didn’t get a lot of rave reviews. it got alot of middle of the road reviews. i loved BB. thought it was a great new take on a classic comic book character.

        • Maybe women just wanna see a good movie…. that’s pretty sexest saying they were only there for heath ledger. The dark knight is more of a crime drama

          • I asked my daughter and daughter-in-law why they was so hyped for Twilight and the Pirates movies; both had the same answer: the hotness of the guys. Just saying.

            • Like kahless said you can sum up a portion of the avengers ticket pricing to hot guys… but I’m not gonna call any of the money it makes not deserving

          • it is a BATMAN movie. where, in real life, is someone dressed like that fighting/solving crimes? sherlock holmes is a sherlock holmes movie. not a crime drama. he may solve crimes, but police dont let civilians into crime scenes. dress it up all you want, but if he’s wearing a costume, it’s a comic book movie, plain and simple.

      • Yes it is

  10. I’m a DC fan more than a Marvel fan but Marvel’s done a great job with these four movies and tying them all in together. Batman is a stand alone which fits the character but I really enjoy the Superman/Batman stories as well as Justice League and the different team ups of complete opposites.

    I am a little sad that I might not get a Superman/Batman movie or JL movie; however, DC’s characters do not need a tie in movie to carry the franchise that I think Marvel’s does. There are a few characters who could do a stand alone film but out of the Avengers, I think Iron Man is the only one that really shined in both his movies even though the other films were good but they just don’t do well alone, if that makes sense.

    • FIVE tie-in movies… not four.

      • I count Ironman 1& 2 as one

      • and just cause i like to stir up the hornet’s nest, i say 6 tie-in films, cause i watch “Hulk” with them, cause it fits into the continuity, even if it was made prior to the whole “shared universe” idea. you can’t make me not watch it :)

        • I would count that too but I would still say four because 2 of the characters had 2 movies each but they are still the same character and extension of the first movies. What I techinically should have said was movies of four heroes instead of four movies tying.

  11. Im just as excited to watch The Avengers but the Avengers is just another movie thats been years in the making, The Dark knight Rises how ever, is the epic conclusion of IMO the best trilogy, after TDKR there will be no more Nolan Batman, thats why im more excited to wath it than The Avengers

  12. They are definitely two different movies. I don’t know if I could say I’m more excited for one over the other. I think TDKR will probably better though. I just feel like Nolan is way up there in terms of directors right now and always puts out top notch stuff. I think Avengers will be too much of a CGI fest. But I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  13. Ooohhh, ballsy article Mr Frappier, very ballsy indeed 😉
    I have to agree though, Batman is my all time favorite comic book character (why? Because he’s Batman!!!), and Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were some of my favorite comic book movies, but all the build up to Avengers, all the excellent tie-in movies (most of which, are also some of my favorite comic book movies)… it just made me love The Avengers more (and I wasn’t disappointed by the final product). It’s been 7 years in the making, ever since a few guys over at marvel just said “hey… what if we made all our movies tie together to form an epic Avengers movie”, and while I’m extremely excited to see “Bane bring the pain” (yeah, I said it too ;)), I just can’t help but feel that Avengers will go down in history as the best comic book movie ever (by most fans anyway).

    And as I, and so many other ranters have said before, both movies will be fantastic IN THEIR OWN WAY. One will be dark and gritty, while the other is more lighthearted and fun (although, don’t underestimate it, The Avengers does have quite a few very intense and emotional moments).
    In my mind, this is just the best year to be a comic book fan [tear rolls down eye]

  14. *sorry about all the weird spelling errors and caps typing on phone haha

  15. I’m excited for whatever’s next in line. Right now, it’s The Avengers. Two weeks from now I’ll be excited for The Amazing Spider-Man. Then a couple weeks after that, I’ll be excited for The Dark Knight Rises. After that, I’ll be waiting anxiously for Man of Steel.

    However, I will say that I’ll likely be more excited when the lights go down at the midnight showing of TDKR than I will be be when lights go down at the midnight showing of The Avengers.

  16. Everyone that will see the avengers…will also see the dark knight rises…so does it really matter…lol

  17. Id really like to see someone write a 5 reasons why we are excited for the DKR instead of the avengers. It would be pretty biased if you only did one on the avengers

  18. I started out getting unbelievably excited about TDKR and I thought the Avengers would fail. Then after excessive amount of trailers, clips and details came in I felt that TDKR seemed abnormally underwhelming and dull. Now I’m not excited for either of these movies, but I know Avengers will be fun to watch. I must have burnt my excitement muscle out lol.

    I had to go see TDK twice in theaters because i just wasn’t getting into it. I left the theaters very depressed and glum on both occasions. I only finally appreciated it when i got the DVD. I really don’t look forward on leaving the TDKR showing glum either :(

    And wow I hope the new Spidey won’t bomb at the box office, cause it is being dwarfed by these two huge pictures O.o

  19. I eagerly look forward to both, Avengers is going to be the ying to The Dark Knight Rises Yang. I love dark flims but its nice to get a lighter flim like this before the storm(dark knight rises)

  20. It’s not that I don’t like them – I just like the characters in The Avengers much more

    This has been one of the reasons why I’m more excited about Avengers. Also, like you said, Avengers comes out first, and the marketing has been phenomenal. Once July comes around, I’m sure I will be as excited (at least I hope I will be) to see TDKR as I am right now to see Avengers.

    Great article.

    • This guy is correct.

      Although, the guy who scored The Avengers – Alan Silvestri – also scored Back to the Future and Captain America. I’m sure it’ll be serviceable.

      • I agree but hans zimmer is amazing his score for inception and the DK was phenomanal. I love the noise it made when the joker was going around

        • Lately Zimmer’s work has become a bit stale IMO.
          His score for TDK, Inception and the Sherlock Holmes movies’ scores are all similar in a way – not saying they were bad, they were just a tad lazy here and there.
          They obviously all have unique aspects and a completely unique “main composition”, but if you really focus on it, you’ll realize it’s quite the same in a lot of ways.
          That said, it applies to Silvestri’s work as well: his “main composition” for The Avengers and Cap:TFA was great, but the other tracks… they were a bit lackluster, just like Zimmer’s.

          My opinion of course.

  21. Five Reasons To be Excited For TDKR

    1. Its batman!

    2. Fantastic Noir story!

    3. Fantastic music score by Hans Zimmer, from what I’ve heard of the Avengers score it is pretty generic and bland but I’m sure it will sync nice with the visuels.

    4. Awesome direction, in nolan we trust!

    5. A smart bane, I don’t know about you but I cant wait to have the Shumacher bane wiped from my mind like an awesome nerdy bleach.

    • My only reason to be excited for TDKR:

      I want to see Bane break the Bat 😀

    • 5 More

      1. Reality. No one can fly, no one has super strength, no one weilds a magic hammer. This stuff could actually happen(not likely, but it absoultely could).

      2. No constant corney jokes. Theoretically, the entire world is in danger. Is this really the time for a snarky pun?

      3. It’s a movie for made for adults.

      4. Closure. This is the end of a trilogy that will be mentioned in the same breath as “The Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars”. It is the finale of Nolan’s epic. No one has ever done a CBM better, and Joss sure as heck isn’t gonna top him with a Michael Bay-type explosion CGI fest.

      5. It’s Mutha F’n BATMAN! There isn’t a comic book character in the world who can touch him.

      • 1. I don’t go to movies for “reality” I go to movies for “escapism”. Avengers offers a level of escapism that Nolan’s incarnation of Batman simply cannot. I can’t even enjoy the idea that Superman or Green Lantern exist in Nolan’s world, thus Avengers fits the bill better.

        2. There weren’t constant corney jokes. There was “humor in the face of adversity”. As a former cop and a former military man, I’ll tell you that when the proverbial brown stinky stuff hits the fan, nervous humor does indeed come out, so that’s not unrealistic.

        3. No. It’s supposed to be a comic book movie made for everyone. That comment shows a lack of maturity. If it was made “for adults” it would be rated R.

        4. Closure? That’s an important reason? And there is NO way this gets mentioned in the same breath as Lord of the Rings, it’s not even close. The Batman trilogy wasn’t “epic”. That comment smacks of fanboi-ism.

        5. As much as I like Batman, I like many other characters more. I’m actually looking forward to The Amazing Spiderman and a second and third viewing of Avengers more than I am looking forward to seeing TDKR.

        • Wow. Both of you sound like fan boys from your respected corners. Here is an unbias view.

          Avengers. First ever superhero team up. Spoiler Alert. IT WAS AWESOME.
          TDKR. Epic conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Assuming Nolan continues with his track record, TDKR will be awesome.

          OMG. He had something nice to say about both films.

          • My man! Vic, where is that “Like” button? :-)

          • Thank you Ignur.

            Why the hell can’t all people just like and accept BOTH movies individually?

            Is there really need for all this competition?
            I mean come on! TDKR and Avengers aren’t even part of the same genre (technically, they both fall under action/adventure, but any real movie buff would know Nolan’s Batman movies are more drama/thriller than action/adventure.)

            • I can and do like and accept both. What I can’t accept is the elitest attitude most Nolanites come across with, like his incarnation of Batman is the best thing since sliced bread. They don’t leave room for anyone to like anything else unless they are kids or something. I’m 43, served my country in the Army, served as a cop, and am the farthest thing from a kid. What I AM is a comic book movie fan.

              • Am I a bias fanboy if I think Squareman wasn’t being bias? The Batman movies are ok, they just kind of remind me Law and Order. I hate that show. I’m expecting David Caruso to show up in Nolan’s Batman anytime now.

              • lmao. Ok so you are a 43 year old man (emphasis on 43 year old man), who gets riled up over Nolanites? We do know the term Nolanites, refers to crazed group of fanatics that cant see any negative in Nolans work. Knowing that, you still choose to argue with a supposed Nolanite. Bad form Peter, Bad form. **Captain Hook Voice**

                SIDENOTE. I have never used riled up before in a sentence.

              • lmao and marveltards been bashing Nolan since day one cos he’s a successful filmaker so you can’t blame just one side if there is a biased comment 😛

                • @ nina

                  Yeah & those marveltards haven’t gone saying this director or that director’s name ” In ( ) We Trust” countless of times like fans of Nolan’s have about Nolan more since TDK was released ever since. Heck James Cameron is better filmaker than Nolan but i don’t go sayin “In James Cameron I Trust”,lol.

                  • Wally West

                    And you cant help but jump at any chance to show your Anti-Nolan Club card lol Some of you are really sad.

                    • @ Ignur Rant

                      Oh please. Just because i disagree with some of the things Nolan does in his vision with his Batman films doesn’t mean im Anti-Nolan. Both Burton/Schumacher made mistake in their Batman films aswell i didn’t care for just as Nolan has. Just pointing out a fact & example to nina. Like TDK, i enjoyed Avatar & thought both films were over-hyped. To jump on me & get personal aswell as others is whats really sad & childish imo.

                    • Oh no, You’ve hurt his feelings because you were not kissing his feet. Now you’ve done it, apologize now WW!!! >:-O

                    • @Ingu

                      You know, I really loved 2 of his movies and 3/4 of another one, so I’m not at all “Anti-Nolan” but come on, WW’s comments didn’t say he was a bad director, just that it’s a little ridiculous that people are replacing “God” with “Nolan” in a common saying. But it’s like as long as a statement isn’t completely licking Nolan’s bunghole you fanboys get all butt-hurt about it. Relax dude, WW didn’t show his “Anti-Nolan Club card” just because he wasn’t bowing down to Nolan, he made a legitimate objective statement. Based on his statement, if anyone would have said “In James Cameron I Trust” he would make fun of them too, and he likes James Cameron. So would you jump in and say he’s showing his Anti-James Cameron Club card if he does that? Come on, use some logic…

                    • @Ignur

                      Wow, I just totally butchered your name, sorry dude. And I don’t really mean that YOU are a Nolan fanboy, was kind of making a general statement within my reply to you calling WW out. I just re-read it and realized it sounded like I was singling you out too much… Oops

                  • @Wally

                    Yah, Terminator 2 FTW!!! 😀

                    And come on, you don’t say “In James Cameron I Trust?” Dude, his initials are JC… I rest my case… 😉

                    • @ Ken J

                      Thank You! Terminator & T2 id love to see on the big screen. Terminator 2 FTW?

                      Nope, never said ” In James Cameron I Trust” or any other director for that matter.

        • If you are looking forward to Spidey more than Batman, then I can’t help ya, kid.

          • I sure am. Blame it on whomever cut the trailers together for TDKR, but it just doesn’t look nearly as exciting to me as The Amazing Spider-Man, and definitely not as exciting as The Avengers. I don’t like the “grounded in reality” Batman. I want my Batman comic style. I want Superman as an ally and friend. I want them to discover each others secret identities like in Worlds Finest. I want an Amazon princess. I want a King of Atlantis. I want a Martian Manhunter. I want a man so fast he can run on water or vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects. I don’t want “maybe this could really happen” Batman, so for ME, while the Nolan movies are decent, they aren’t as good COMIC BOOK MOVIES as others. Batman Begins was as close as it got, and was my favorite by far of the two.

            • Amen to that!

            • YES

            • Squareman,

              (“I don’t like the “grounded in reality” Batman. I want my Batman comic style.”)

              That only means you haven’t even read good Batman comics yet.
              So think twice before you call yourself a Bat-fan.

              Nolan’s Bat was set accurately on the famous critically acclaimed Bat-stories. And these applauded stories are very, very less in numbers (say about 20 to 25) compared to the vast campy history of Batman since 1940 but are MATURE ones (with some of them NOT even targeted for children, for instance: The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, Blind Justice and more) which is what Burton himself should have used a source but unfortunately did not and what Nolan fortunately did. May be Burton wasn’t enough capable and skilled to do it.

              May be this critically-acclaimed stories will help:

              Strange Apparitions(1977)
              The Dark Knight Returns(1986)
              Batman – Year One (1987)
              Son Of The Demon (1987)
              A Death in the Family (1988)
              The Killing Joke(1988)
              The Cult(1988)
              A Lonely Place for Dying (1989)
              Blind Justice(1989)
              Gotham By Gaslight (1989)
              Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991)
              Venom (1991)
              Knight-Saga,Part One – KnightFall – Broken Bat (1993)
              Arkham Asylum – A Serious House On Serious Earth (1994)
              Batman Adventures: Mad Love(1994)
              Batman: Black and White Vol. 1 (1996)
              The Long Halloween (1996-1997)
              Thrillkiller (1998)
              Batman: Dark Victory (2000)
              JLA: Tower of Babel (2000)
              Hush Vol. 1 & 2 (2002)
              Nine Lives (Year?)
              Tales Of The Demon (Various)

              …And Nolan set…

              1. ‘Batman Begins(2005)’ on ‘Batman : Year One(1987)’ and it was about : The Bat’s Origin.
              2. ‘The Dark Knight (2008)’ on ‘The Killing Joke(1988)’ and ‘The Long Halloween(1996-97)’ and was about The Bat’s Code of Conduct in spite of Adversity (The Joker) and questioning his Place in the Society (In fact he HAS lost his place. He’s a fugitive right now with only his trusted allies with him.)

              And I believe in Nolan to set the record straight with this last installment of his (potentially) great trilogy.

    • about the score. in the avengers, the score and soundtrack weren’t really played much, i only remember 1 song during the movie and 1 song during the credits. the score was there in a few areas but this movie did not seem to use/rely on the score to make the scenes stand out. the movie used a lot more sound effects

  22. I’m not saying one is better than the other I am equally excited, just thought id throw my two cents in

  23. Wow. Way to add to fire of the TDKR vs Avenger fiasco. Just when people were started to act civilized. Very uncool.

    On that not the more ignorant side of me is loooking forward to all the bias and irrational comments to follow.

    • ***On that note, the more ignorant

    • :)

  24. Excelsior! ’nuff said….

  25. Great article. Sums up my feelings to a T. I plan on seeing TDKR, but right now I’m looking more forward to seeing the Avengers a second time than I am of see TDKR for the first time. Even watching the commercials, The Avengers just had me more pumped from day one. I realize that TDKR hype machine will get into full swing once The Avengers releases in the U.S. and starts it’s theatrical run, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m just not that excited about TDKR. I thought Batman Begins was one of the best comic movies of all time, and now I rate several Marvel movies high on that list as well, but The Avengers is now the best. Period. I’ll see TDKR at least once, but I’ll probably see The Avengers another 2 or 3 times before I’m done.

  26. You should’ve written this article before the marketing campaign was in full swing. Then it would’ve seemed more legit and from a more sober perspective.

    • In his defense, he did say this article is from his perspective “right now”.
      I don’t think it was ever meant to be seen as “5 reason why I think Avengers is BETTER than TDKR”, it was an article that said “5 Reasons why I’M more EXCITED for The Avengers”

      I’m sure Mr. Frappier will be watching both movies at the midnight showing 😉

    • thanks for that link heath. that was a great article, and then i noticed there were 7 pages of comments, and just from reading the last page only, it looks like some pretty entertaining reading in there…lol…my night is packed :)

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