‘The Avengers’ Gets Magazine Cover, Official Set Photos

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When Marvel’s The Avengers was shooting on location in downtown Cleveland and Manhattan, we had plenty of set photos leaking online to help populate our Avengers image gallery. However, ever since shooting disappeared from the public eye, we’ve been a bit starved for more tidbits and revelations concerning Marvel’s blockbuster superhero team-up.

Well, today The Avengers are back in the public eye – this time in the sleek forms of an Entertainment Weekly cover shot and some “official” (i.e., polished) set photos of the cast at work with director Joss Whedon.

It’s hard to believe that there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t already have extensive knowledge about what The Avengers is all about, but just in case there are some readers unfamiliar with what the buzz is all about:

Based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series, first published in 1963, “Marvel’s The Avengers” brings together the mightiest super hero characters – Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) –  as they all assemble together on screen for the first time to battle a new and deadly threat. The star studded cast of super heroes will be joined by Cobie Smulders (“How I Met Your Mother) as Agent Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as Tom Hiddleston (“Wallander”) and Stellan Skarsgård (“Angels & Demons,” “Mamma Mia!”) who will both reprise their respective roles as Loki and Professor Erik Selvig from the upcoming Marvel Studios’ feature “Thor.”

So basically: a bunch of superheroes team up to battle a big enemy, which clues point to being the combined threat of Loki and a war-mongering alien race.

Now that we have the premise (semi-) explained, take a look at the latest photos of Downey Jr., Renner, Johansson, Hemsworth, Evans and director Joss Whedon at work/play on the interior sets of The Avengers - as well as the assembled team on the cover of EW:


At this point, I think I speak for a considerable number of fans when I say – pictures aren’t enough anymore, we need a trailer! Thankfully, there are rumors circling that we might finally see an Avengers trailer (and not just an end credit “button”) within the next month. We’ll keep you posted…

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out our MASSIVE Avengers Photo Gallery!

The Avengers will assemble in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: EW (Cover) & (Set Photos)


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  1. Why even do the crappy photo shop cover? They would’ve been better off with the cap and stark pic

  2. That cover is the worst! It’s feeling like Green Lantern bad.

    • Waa waa waa, lol

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking… Remember the impression after the first green lantern trailer… I know we shouldn’t judge the movie on EW’s stupid photo shop intern writters but still. It leaves a sour taste.

    • Sure, like Entertainment is really known for their high quality covers.

      They’re not, by the way. That was sarcasm.

  3. I want to see HULK! I dont think I am alone.

    • Totally agree – Time to show us Hulk !!! What’s with the big mystery here…?!

      • I bet the CGI isn´t done yet, maybe that´s why we haven´t seen a screenshot of him. I mean, it´s not like a big surprise. We all know what he´s gonna look like. Huge and green.

        • agreed, CGI isnt done yet…

          But still tired of waiting

        • @scapegoat, LOL! In the words of Hal “Ryan Reynolds” Jordan, I know right!? People will always complain about something. I guess people would love for Marvel Studios to pull a “Green Lantern” and present an unfinished rendering of the Hulk so that they can b**** about it. People need to just wait. I don’t mean you but at we both understand that the cgi isn’t done yet. At least they are making an attempt to do it right before it gets out.

  4. that looks like it was done in MS paint…

  5. I might have toget that to read it. For the avengers and south park.

  6. Ed Norton should be Hulk still… Smh

    • Aw, get over it man ;)

    • Yea right he sucked horribley. Him and the girl who played Betty sucked. They need to get the guy from the first movie, and have him get a better script.

      • Completely disagree with that:
        Norton did a superb job as Bruce Banner (best I’ve ever seen), but unfortunately, for reasons already discussed numerous times on this site, Norton wouldn’t have worked out well in the Avengers.

        The guy who played Bruce Banner from Ang Lee’s Hulk film? Nothing like Bruce Banner IMO (not even a great script could have fixed that)

        Although, I will agree that the girl who played Betty Ross in the 2008 Hulk film did indeed SUCK donkey balls (a terrible performance IMO)

        • Eric Bana is “the guy”. :)

          • And Eric Bana and the rest of the cast was 10x better than the one Eric Nortan was in, but Nortans Hulk was a better film than Bana’s.

            • Completely agree here. Bana, Connelly, Elliot > Norton, Tyler, Hurt any day of the week. I just finished watching both movies back to back and the 1st blows the second out of the water in terms of action, casting and acting ability. Norton was the worst cast person in a superhero movie hands down.

          • Yeah, sorry… so. tired. can’t. think. anymore. :(

          • I didn’t mind Bana’s performance. As an actor, I don’t think he fits, but he did a good job with the vision Ang Lee had. As for Liv Tyler’s performance as Betty Ross, I totally disagree. That is, I think it was great.

            Her character was written to be nurturing but strong. I loved it.

            • Bruce Banner is a skinny guy, not some rugby player that stands 6’6″ like bana, while bana may have some acting talent, norton not only matches his acting talent (truth be told surpasses it), but he also looks the part…

              And dc, how did the 1st hulk have better action then the one with norton? i dont care if he could fly as well as have a nuke dropped on him, there was one fight and it lasted about 15 seconds, nothing could hurt him, not the tank, helicopter, nothing, no bad guy at all, unless you count his dad, but how lame was that? his dad about to drown him and the hulk starts crying like he has diaper rash and daddy leaves, because it reminded him of why he abandond his kid in the first place?… Was his dad suppost to be the absorbing man? if so, LLLLAAAAMMMMMEEEEE casting choice and nothing like the one in the comics…

              that script was the worst ever, elektra was better in terms of plot, bana’s banner was a guy you couldnt care less about because he still havent gotten over his daddy issues

              PS, Liv Tyler was a terrible betty ross, and how can people think shes hot? but that is another rant for another time…

            • That’s all I’m saying: Bana isn’t a bad actor, but he didn’t fit the role of Bruce Banner…

  7. Okay that magazine cover does look terrible (I’ve seen better fan made posters on the web than that.)

    But, that one monstrosity aside… the rest of the pics are completely awesome :D — I love the Cap & Stark photo and the Hawkeye & Black Widow shot also looks pretty darn good.

    P.S. Anyone who said Cap’s new costume looks bad, can suck it now! ;) (the helmet still looks a little bad though…)

    P.P.S. Don’t judge the movie because of one bad magazine cover (that’s stupid), if anyone is dead-set on prejudging the film before it’s released, at least wait for a trailer!

    • Any problems I’ve had with the outfit are all about the mask. I just am not sure how they can do a cloth/spandex type mask without it looking like a giant blue condom…

      I’m hoping they figure something out for the mask or just ditch it for the bulk of the movie..

      • I don´t get all this hate for the mask/helmet. It´s the exact same one, except for the chin-strap.

        • nah it’s not the same. it definitely fits tighter to his skull than the first one. but i personally think the main issue with the helmet and the rest of the suit is how bright the coloring is.

          • It´s probably brighter because of the post-convertion into 3D.

            • The last reports say it’s being shot in 3D, not post-converted.

              • Where did you hear that?!

                If it’s a valid source, then today is a very good day! :D

                No post-converted crap! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

          • I agree that it is way to bright. Hopefully he will just be fighting a lot, because on the set photos with cap and thor fighting, with all the dirt on caps costume it looks so much better.

  8. It seems that Hawkeye and Black Widow were meant to be substitutes for Ant-Man and Wasp all along.

  9. Oh dear, Mark Ruffalo looks like he needs to go make a poo in that “headshot” of his…

    • Actually, it looks to me like he’s doing his best, “come hither” look, like he’s some sort of hot vampire dude. /rolls eyes

      Man I so wish they could have worked out an agreement with Norton because Ruffalo is gonna be the weakest link in this chain.

      • Psh! Don´t make him angry! You wouldn´t like him when he´s angry…

        • I don’t like him when he’s doing his best Blue Steel.

        • Yeah, I’m not afraid if he get angry, I’m just scared he’ll come to my house and look at me like that (*shivers out of fear*)…

          • He looks like hes making that pouty face chicks make on Facebook.

  10. Ruffalo looking very Zoolander.

    Cap’s outfit looks more costume than say protective gear. Kevlar saves lives.

    I wonder who is gonna rack up more kills. Dual pistol Scarlett or Single bow Renner. Money is on Renner.

    • You think so? I think Scarlett will take it when it comes to them two. Although Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor have the ability to do the most damage. Their powers work on a much bigger scale. They could destroy a city on a whim. Widow and Hawkeye would have to do some serious coordinating to do that much damage.

    • My immediate thought!

  11. Yeah, while the EW cover is quite cheesy, it’s still successfully whetting my appetite in anticipation of this movie. My fangurl self hasn’t been this excited in eons. The Avengers AND Joss Whedon?! Holy Wet Dream, Batman! I just pray that my expectations aren’t too high. And, if they are? At least I can stare at Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner until the credits roll.

    • …giggady…

    • “Holy Wet Dream, Batman!”

      Comment of the day.

      • The only problem with it being the best is that its a reference to a dc character on a marvel related post. Hehe.

  12. So, judging by the cover pic, Iron Man will have his Mark VI armor? All of the concept and promo art showed him with his Mark IV armor. Anyways, awesome pics. Love the redesigns for Cap and Thor. This movie will be epic!

    • Ack!
      He has a new set of armor (Mark VII).

      • Avenger, I’ve explained this many times. Maybe you just ignore my responses every time you get confused about Iron Man’s armor in “Avengers?”

        Stark is always upgrading his tech. Just because in IM2 the suit he started out with had a circular window into his Arc reactor, and the suit he upgraded to had a triangular window, doesn’t mean any circular-windowed suits going forward aren’t new, and it also doesn’t mean “all new armors must have a triangular window.” The circular-windowed suits in all the Avengers shots are still new armor, even though they don’t have triangles on them. This has been the case from the beginning. Stark’s “old” suit is the triangular chested one.

        • Err… I think you’re confused dude ;)

          I completely agree with you on the fact that “just because the suit doesn’t have a triangular chest-plate/window, doesn’t mean it’s an old suit” (i.e. a suit with a circular window/chest-plate can easily be a new suit)

          In my previous comment I said that Stark will have NEW set of armor – a Mark VII (with a circular chest-plate, like we’ve seen in all the concept art pieces) — thus, I’m completely aware of the fact that any armor with a circular chest-plate, moving forward, can be a new suit.

          And I completely agree that Stark’s “old” suit (the Mark VI) is the triangular chested one and that the one seen in all the concept art pieces (with the circular chest-plate) is in fact the new suit (Mark VII)

          If you look back at previous comment pages where this has been discussed I think you’ll find that we are on the same page.

          I think you’re a little confused and that your comment should have been aimed at “Doug”?

    • He´ll have more than one armor in this movie. And if you look closely on his neck, you can see it´s a different model than the one he had at the end of IM2.

  13. Well I think Thor looks great. But Im biased.

  14. Cap’s suit looks WAY better here than in those set pics.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      And Scarlet Johansen look WAY younger than in those other set photos ;)

  15. Geez, someone should teach Scarlett Johansson to lean forward a bit while shooting so it doesn’t look so… Hollywood… Ah, I guess there’s no way around it, lol.

  16. thor’s hair looks pretty

  17. It’s all looking good – need to see The Hulk now – enough Bruce Banner. Not sure about Captain America’s head gear…looks odd…rubbery…But sure it’ll look great on the big screen…!

  18. Really wanna see some hulk images but eh and black widow is sexy

  19. Good magazine cover, not great but still it’s good.

    The set photos are awesome.

    I hope The Avengers turns out to be better than I expected.

    Thor, X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger are my favourite comic book movies of the year.

  20. Is it just me, or does Thor have a new suit?

    Also, why does Ruffio have grey hair? Is he going for the Twillight look/creepy guy watching you from across the street? Because, the grey hair makes it look like the creepy vampire who wants to knock up your daughter while you are gone by hypnotizing them into “slapping skin”…

    • of course he has a new suit silly. this is the progression of the Marvel Studios films…they always take the chance to upgrade armor/costumes, plus it was confirmed with photos a while ago.

  21. I like how they incorporated today’s body armor(same flap that goes over the chest) and uniform(Manadrin collar from the ACUs) into Cap’s uniform. Very cool!

  22. And Bruce Banner doing Blue Steel just almost made me spit wine all over my computer, hahaha!!!

  23. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
    Mark Ruffalo picture so retarded

  24. damn meant STEEL*
    aww jus read guy on top of me comment
    thought I was the only one whot noticed it LOL

  25. The Avengers starring Scarlett Johanson as Buffy the Vampire slayer inspired Black Widow!

  26. The only person that looks right is Tony Stark.

  27. sam jackson didn’t make the cover?


    • That’s because he isn’t an Avenger.

      • but he is mace windu and shaft.

        • But most importantly Jules. One B.M.F.

      • thanks for the clarification though @TheAvenger

        just saying i would have liked to see some Coulson, Hill, and Fury action is all.

  28. Would Loki be considered a new threat?

    • Yeah, to the Avengers he would be.

    • Yup.
      He was (and still is) a threat to Asgard, but the people of earth knows nothing about him.

      I.e. he is considered to be a new threat to earth.