‘The Avengers’ Is The Biggest Movie Opening Ever [Updated]

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The Avengers Box Office The Avengers Is The Biggest Movie Opening Ever [Updated]

The box office estimates are in for the May 4th weekend and SHIELD’s Helicarrier just destroyed Hogwarts. Marvel’s The Avengers has become the world’s biggest film opening ever, dominating previous record holder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and The Dark Knight by over $30 million domestically.

The Avengers isn’t just winning the love from moviegoers and fans however, as it’s also earning high critical praise with a 94% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.5/5 score in Screen Rant’s own review of The Avengers. Let’s take a look at the numbers and comparisons.

According to the Walt Disney Studios estimates up on Box Office Mojo, The Avengers ranked in $200.3 million domestically (including a record-breaking $15.5 in Canada) over the weekend after also succeeding as the biggest midnight opening ever for a superhero film ($18.7 million vs. The Dark Knight’s $18.5 million), along with breaking a multitude of international records.

[Update: The actuals are in and The Avengers made even more! $207,438,708 to be precise.]

[Update 2: Disney’s CEO confirms The Avengers 2 is in development.]

The top five domestic opening weekends ever:

  1. The Avengers ($207,438,708)
  2. Harry Potter 7-2 ($169,189,427)
  3. The Dark Knight ($158,411,483)
  4. The Hunger Games ($152,535,747)
  5. Spider-Man 3 ($151,116,516)

For comparison, here are the previous Marvel Studios opening weekends:

  1. Iron Man 2 ($128,122,480)
  2. Iron Man ($98,618,668)
  3. Thor ($65,723,338)
  4. Captain America: The First Avenger ($65,058,524)
  5. The Incredible Hulk ($55,414,050)

Worldwide, The Avengers has now brought in nearly $642 million and is on track to approach James Cameron numbers for Titanic and Avatar, which both sit above $2 billion thanks to the recent Titanic 3D re-release.

Actuals will hit tomorrow, but for now we can safely say that Joss Whedon has directed the biggest opening movie of all time and is finally going to get the credit he deserves and the ability to do what he wants going forward. For Marvel Studios, they’ve successfully branded The Avengers and all of its respective characters and should have a lot more leeway and hopefully, creative freedom, to take more risks going forward with their future projects and Avengers sequels. The success of this film could change Marvel’s plans for 2014 and 2015 where three-four films remain unannounced.

The Avengers are here to stay and fans have welcomed them with open arms.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was the first film to break $100 million in one weekend at the box office so it’s fitting that another Marvel film breaks the $200 million barrier. We now await what The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises can do at the box office and in the eyes of fans and critics when they release in July.

If you’ve seen The Avengers, please refrain from talking spoilers – we have a spoilers discussion thread for that and check out ourdiscussion on The Avengers post-credits scenes.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Now it’s the question of if TDKR will beat that.

    • I want it to, and I think TDKR will be the better film, but I just don’t see it happening. I didn’t even expect The Avenger to bring in more than $175-$180M. More than $200M is unreal.

      • Me neither. It’s a harder sell with the general public, so it’s amazing that it will make a ton of money as is. TA is going to coast to a billion worldwide in the next few weeks. TDK had a second release partly because they wanted to give it a shot at that mark.

        • How is this film a hard sell. I just can’t beleive how obvious it is for a film like this to make money. To me this film was never a risk.

          Now that the numbers are in DC better get up WB bums and let the artist make a JLA film. No suits allowed.

          • I was saying TDKR is a “harder sell” than Avengers. Avengers is lighter and funnier, bright costumes, etc. It’s great that movies like Nolan’s Batman can make lots of money, but I am doubting it can make TA money.

            • Okay my bad.

    • Dark Knight Rises will not be in 3D so if it breaks the Avengers record it will be nothing short of epic. It WILL surpass Avengers in attendance, that i am sure of

      • Isn’t TDKR in IMAX though?
        As far as I know IMAX tickets aren’t cheap either…

        • Yes but its cheaper than imax 3d haha

          • Cost more than 3-D here

        • It is less accessible than 3D though, purely by the fact that there are more cinemas with 3D capability than there are cinemas with IMAX

      • Oh great swami, please give me the numbers for Tuesday’s Lotto drawing…

    • I think the question is who cares. This film batman promethes spiderman. What spoiled brats we are this summer.

    • No, that’s not the question. The real question is: Will the studios finally get it when it comes to comic book movies? Whedon and Nolan have shown the studios what can be done on both sides of the coin; one movie is epic action and comedy, the other movie is dramatic crime drama and action. I want both these films to blow us away; one down, one to go.

      • Too bad the Spider-Man trailer made me want to see that dung heap even less. Andrew Garfield is NOT Peter Parker!!

        • @Andy, I know, I feel the same way. I absolutely have no interest in any Marvel characters made at any other studio besides Marvel Studios, they all seem like watered down “no frills/generic” versions of Marvel characters. Now predicting that Avengers will make 1billion or more, imagine if they can keep up the momentum then when Avengers 2 hits it’ll be insane numbers. I don’t think even Marvel or Disney expected this type of success. This might possibly push Marvel/Disney to work on Avengers 2 sooner than expected(although I don’t want them to rush) but I do also want to see the other characters that need their own films be made too. Now maybe Disney can make some major moves in getting those property rights back. I think 2016 is the year that they’ll all be back at home.

      • I appreciate what they both do, but I hope that other directors get a chance to bring their visions and talents to SH movies. I’m not excited at the prospect of the imitators we may see. Everyone is already pointing out how ASM and MoS seem very influenced by TDK.

        When I think about Avengers I see a movie that succeeds where many others have failed, and will fail again. Whedon has a great sense of pacing and a masterful sense of dialog. The end product might look easy, but a lot of directors would have really gotten bogged down in that. A lot of movies attempt humor, but few succeed. I found myself laughing at stuff I knew I normally wouldn’t, but there were so many lines and gags all delivered with such precision that my usual defenses were worn down. The actors deserve a lot of praise. RDJ obviously, but a lot of the “straight-men” managed to deliver too.

        So what I’m saying is that other projects shouldn’t be saddled with trying to imitate Avengers or Dark Knight. Instead directors should be able to play to their own strengths. I’m beginning to think Marvel has this figured out more than other studios, but time will tell. They kind of overtook IM II, but maybe they’ll loosen up now they’ve achieved Avengers.

      • Well, the Dark Knight sort of already blew us away and proved dramatic crime drama/action could be done.

        Dark Knight Rises looks like it’s going to be more of a superhero disaster movie, which might be cool in itself, too. Although I wish that was a Superman movie.

    • I doubt it because The Avengers has more comic book characters played by the acotrs and actresses in it, then The Dark Knight Rises has any of in it. So, with that said there’s likley more people who are fans of the Avengers movie that will going to see it more then they will the Dark Knight Rises.

      • Sorry for my spelling, lol :P .

  2. Always knew this movie was going to be BIG!
    Great movie,TDKR is going to be good too.

  3. I don’t think TDKR can beat this because it’s not in 3D.

    I wonder if Avengers 2 will be the second Marvel movie of 2014 or if they’ll wait for 2015 like I’ve read before.

    • My personal belief is that The Avengers will be in 2015 and the second/third movies in 2014 will be SHIELD and Ant-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

      • They should do Ant-Man (with Nathan Fillion, please) before Avengers 2. They just should.

        • Also, Edgar Wright. :)

      • There’s no way they’ll green-light an Ant-Man movie. The name alone conjures images of a bad 1980′s TV serial. It’s just not going to happen.

        • Yellow Jacket then? I’ve liked that Pym alter-ego better anyway

        • I think Ant-Man would make a great short-film to be played before the next Cap or Thor film. A short 10-15 film to introduce the character and then he can be included in Avengers 2. I don’t think he can support a full film on his own.

          • That is an… AWESOME idea.
            Why hasn’t anyone else thought about something like that!

            Seriously though, Marvel should do that! It’s such a simple and easy way to introduce new characters to the MCU.
            And with the profits Avengers is making now, I can’t see how budget issues will be much of a problem for those short films.

            • Avenger, you are aware that that introducing characters in little ten minute films was proposed by Marvel a few years ago. Aren’t you? It seemed like a great idea. I think the problem was that it would be hard to secure a big name actor with no guarantee of of bigger things. So if a property is a success, is the actor supposed to drop everything? Or if it’s not… The contracts complicate things because simply appearing in a cameo counts as a movie.

              • Hey, they got Sam Jackson to do a “fun little cameo” at the end of Iron Man 1. When they got him to do that, no one had any certainties about whether the whole premise would all take off… it did and with everyone aware of that know, I’m sure actors like Nathan Fillion would agree to do a short film (because, if it’s a success, then it’s almost a guarantee that bigger bucks are sure to follow)

                • I was thinking the same thing about Nathan Fillion. I’m sure some actors are willing to do these things, but not anyone. They have agents. But who knows, this movie could have them beating down Marvel’s doors.

        • Uhm, you better tell that to Kevin Feige then lol ;)
          He’s the head of Marvel Studios and he’s been pretty enthusiastic about getting Ant-Man on screen. The script’s done and he and Edgar Wright have been talking a lot lately as well…

          • Kevin’s high on the Kool-Aide if he thinks Ant-Man will do nearly half as well as Ang Lee’s Hulk. I am totally in love with the superhero film genre. I’ve been waiting for the genre to take itself more seriously for, well, my whole life. But even I’m growing a little weary of the many franchises. I’m not certain there’s an audience available for too many additional franchises at this point. I loved IM and IM2, and I LOVED The Avengers, but even I don’t want to see another IM movie for some time. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s true. And I think I’m not alone, and that sadly, TDKR may suffer for at the box office it a little bit. I mean, we’ve had A LOT of superhero films lately. I need some time to digest all of this. And my wallet needs a rest too!

            • While your opinions are valid, if you’re not here to worship, get away from the alter. ;)

              A good movie is a good movie. I’m probably going to be more selective about Marvel movies in the future. I could have caught most of them on DVD and been fine with it. I’ve described some of them as feeling like “homework” for Avengers. But some upcoming projects might get the right combination of story, cast, and director so I’ll go if it looks good.

              I think Ant-man could be really awesome with today’s special effects. I think the “real-world” approach for IM III might be the way to go after Avengers. We’ll see.

              • I can appreciate your, ahem, “zeal”.

                I also agree that Ant-Man could be just as good as IM, Thor or CA if done right because he IS a great character with and awesome set of powers.

              • Don’t drink the Kool-Aide. A good movie is a good movie, however, name recognition and sheer impact factor carry a LOT of weight. Case in point. Why did movie executives rename “Princess of Mars” simply “John Carter”? Because they knew the title alone would keep people out of the seats. My point is that the name “Ant-Man” would have the same impact. Not to mention that it lacks the same brand recognition as say an Iron Man or Hulk. It’s commercial suicide to elevate that character to a standalone franchise. I like what someone above suggested, film a short 10-15 minute Ant-Man movie to attach to a tent pole superhero flick. That introduces the character, which allows him to play a pivotal, but supplementary, role in one of the established franchises.

                • I have no idea what they are planning. It could stink to high heaven just like any other project, but there’s also a lot of potential. They could completely turn the unimpressive title “Ant-Man” into a positive by humorously highlighting it. I could see him developed in a non-solo movie, or even a short, but frankly Ant-man has always seemed to me to have more potential than a lot of other Marvel properties.

                  • So true about Iron Man. He was always a second tier character. That was huge surprise for him to be such a hit. I think that Royal is simply saying that the name sounds strong and powerful, whereas Ant Man doesn’t

                    Royal, you should look up the old SNL superhero party skit. Ant Man doesn’t get a lot of respect. John Belushi was Hulk, so this is 70′s stuff.

                    • Thanks for the pointer. I just checked out the old SNL skit on Hulu. Awesome! 20 years later and Ant-Man still gets no respect. Ha!

                    • I take that back, 30 years later! Wow! Time flies, and I’ve gotten O-L-D!

                • Oh, and they could have called it “John Carter of Mars,” but I saw that movie and it’s problems went way beyond the title and marketing. I’m not saying that didn’t play a part, but I simply found the story to be a clumsy mess.

                  For example there were three groups of human looking factions who the audience is supposed to distinguish among, and then a fourth group of extremely distinctive looking Tharks. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t simplify that formula.

                  Mars was completely uninteresting. Why didn’t they just transport him to some far off other planet that he refers to as “Mars?” They could have introduced plants, oceans, mountains, and just some different landscape. It was faithful to a fault to the source material. Things could have been cut out.

                  Oh, and it’s a bad idea to introduce a whole new world with all kinds of different technologies and rules throughout the movie, while simultaneously introducing some different magic or technology that is supposed to be alien to this world. Establish what is “normal,” and then bring in the abnormal. Switching back and forth requires a score card.

                  • I take it you have never read the books then? Stanton was just trying to be a bit true to the source material (although with the sheer amount of nonsensical deviations he might as well have just set it on another planet).

                    He then mashed together multiple book plots, threw in an alien plot to take over the earth which was NEVER part of the books and completely omitted the air producing factories.

                    I also didn’t get why they tossed the Therns in as the antagonists to instigate a Red martian political war (along with giving them this devastating power) and made the Tharks indifferent bystanders .

                    Would have been much more simple if they had just followed the first book.

                    Leaving the name would have helped but ultimately I’m not going to defend the movie.

            • I love the Iron Man character and hope to get many, many, MANY more Iron Man movies. I love me a good CBM and the more the merrier!!

      • hate the idea of GOTG to be honest the ones i want to see is Black Panther and Dr Strange. Ant-Man im not really a fan of

    • I guess it all depends on what the story for Avengers 2 will be (we who saw it think we know) and how many movies it takes to set that up properly.

  4. I seriously doubt any other films this summer will approach this level.

    It just shows that the plan executed by Marvel was phenomenal, this is why we all deserve a Marvel Spider-Man.

    • I personally don’t think I could tolerate another Spiderman reboot after this one.

      • Yet I look at what the 3rd Hulk has done with a childlike joy in my soul.

      • I would tolerate another Spider-Man reboot ONLY if it was under the Marvel umbrella.

        • No need to do yet another origins reboot. By now everyone knows how Spidey gets his powers, so they can just go into a kick-azz Spidey movie with rehashing what has been done in 2 films.

      • I won’t even go to this one. I’ve sworn off reboots entirely. But why couldn’t they just do what they did with “Incredible Hulk”, and just recap the origin while the credits are rolling?

      • I’m with you. I think the spidey franchise has gone back to the well too many times. I love superhero films, but I’m just tired. And I can’t believe they’ve “rebooted” the franchise?! So every time an actor decides to move away from a part are we going to get a reboot? Ugh! Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit. I love Spiderman, but if they can’t get him right this time (Maguire didn’t nail the part, and the stories were REALLY thin, if you ask me), I might be done with Spiderman for a LONG time.

    • Why does Spider-Man have to be under the Marvel Universe? The new trailer is getting a lot of buzz, even if some people on here don’t like it. Personally, I say give it a chance. It looks to be a good encarnation of the character. If your only gripe is the costume & “Man-Lizard”, then I really can’t take your argument seriously. Also, IF Marvel got the rights to Spider-Man, it would take them forever to put a movie out. Marvel has invested everything into Avengers & they would either rush Spidey or wait a very long time to make one. Sony owning the rights to Spider-Man is great as long as they continue to make good movies.

  5. Wow !! is all I can say on this, I was expecting around $170 million, bit this is still truly stunning. For any major blockbuster to almost break even just on its US opening weekend alone is just unheard of.

    Yes the second weekend will giive a better indication of how much Avengers will gross in the US, but to think a 50% or 60% drop (which is normally the standard) will still represent a $80 – 100 million 2nd weekend take. Incredible.

    I know the comparisons are becoming tiresome now, but you just cannot see TDKR matching or even surpassing this take. Especially when its not even in 3D.

    All i can say is congratulations to Marvel, Their movie marketing strategy has been a massive success and I think Avengers will hit a billion within the next two and a half weeks.

    DC needs to sort it out with that Justice League movie – pronto!!

    • It’s got “legs” so expect some scary numbers.

  6. $200mil? Called it! ;)
    Can’t wait until the movie hits the $1billion mark – i think I’ll celebrate by watching it again!

    • That won’t be long from now.

      You know, Avenger, I’ll still nitpick and put forth my ideas for where Marvel needs to go with future projects, but when I think of where these numbers are going I have to wonder how they could go wrong.

    • It’s even better the 2nd time. I just got home and I’m ready to go back for a 3rd.

      • Ditto!

    • I called $235 million, and the weekend isn’t over yet. :-D

    • Yes, but this argument is made every year when a movie hits the top 5 at the box office.

      Number of theaters, 3D/IMAX, etc. always changes and inflation always exists. It’s still a record and it’s still likely the highest of the year.

      • Oh yes, number of theaters is also a big one I missed. They only had a fraction of the theaters back in 1977 that we have today.

        Would still be nice to have them report head count.

        Edit on OP: That opening number I mentioned was not opening weekend for 1977, that was for the re-release of it in 1997. Sorry.

        It actually only made 1.5 mil opening weekend because of limited release (on a minuscule 32 screens) but when it finally went nationwide that number went to 757. Still a mere fraction of the movie theaters movies open to today.

        If we adjust for inflation and count the wide release only, Star Wars had an astounding 238 mil opening weekend. o.O

        • Remember, the world’s population is increasing at a substantial rate… therefore a headcount would also be inaccurate.

          Let’s say in the 80′s and 90′s there were 200million movie goers (I know it’s not a realistic number but it’s only an example). And in the 00′s and 10′s the total number of movie goers is 500mil (more people in the world, more countries evolve and grow, media becomes more popular, etc), even if we adjust the inflation, that still wouldn’t bare truly “ACCURATE” numbers (since the new movies have more viewers than the old ones).

          This (long term box office gross) really is a tough one to work out IMO.

          • Population is only one variable and something that can be easily adjusted for. One movie goer will always = one movie goer (as opposed to variable ticket prices based on year, region and movie format). 100% accuracy is never possible but it would be closer.

  7. It’s very deserving of all the accolades. It is the BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE ever. Period.

      • As do I ;)

  8. Someone explain to me how 18 mil midnight + 80 mil Friday + 60 mil Saturday equals 200 million? Am I missing something if so please explain. Also the DKR won’t reach that number without 3d the hobbit could but I doubt it. I’m curious to see how well it holds up. But I don’t think any movie will beat its opening numbers but maybe its long term demestic numbers

    • +$50 million Sunday.

      • I believe the midnight is included in the 80 on Fri as well.

    • I believe the 200mil is a projected/estimated gross.

        • No no, lol, weekend #s always include Sunday.

    • Umm, there is this thing called Sunday you forget to add…yes, I know Sunday isn’t over but the industry likes to make early predictions on Sunday’s box office compared to Fri and Sat haul. Usually it is only a million or so off by this final number.

    • Yes, I believe what you are looking for is called “Sunday”

  9. Hmm think tdkr and hobbit may come close to avengers but prob not beat it

  10. So I wonder what the total, final worldwide gross will be?
    My guess is $1.1+ billion (but not much more than that)

    • It already has 600 million dollars worldwide. And it has had just 3 days at the US box-office. I think it’ll do a lot better than 1.1 billion. It’ll probably run out of steam somewhere between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars, IMO.

      • Between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars? That’s a little optimistic IMO.
        Guess we’ll see soon…

        • I’m with avengers on that one

          • I’m leaning towards KB’s prediction. I think just under 1.5.

  11. @Avenger: I called it as well!!! Tweeted it on April 17th!!!

    Anyone here thinks it can take on Avatar’s domestic box office record?

    • Not without the support of those pretentious #!%@$ at “The Academy” ;)
      Remember, Avatar had huge support from them, whereas the Avengers won’t be so lucky (I’m sure it’ll get a nod for best VFX, but other than that? I dunno).
      I can’t see this movie grossing more than Avatar , even though I see The Avengers as being a superior movie – i.e. better than Avatar IMO.

      We’ll find out soon enough.

      • I agree its better than avatar but knowhere near the special affects and 3d that avatar carried. The avengers had very good cgi with some mistakes at times. Avatar is gorgous and the 3d was unreal. It was a visual experience unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

      • I wouldn’t even compare the two. Avatar was a different kind of movie, and was great. The Avengers was a different kind, and it was also damn great. Though yes, I would go for the Avengers again rather than Avatar (already seen in it 4 times since last Friday).
        As for the special effects, yes, The Avengers did have some moments where the effects were not that good, so I think it won’t be winning an award for visual effects.
        But yes, I agree, won’t be getting much support from the Academy, hehe. But oh well, maybe they’ll re-release it like Avatar to make a few more million later on :P

  12. Records are ment to be broken so what do you think will break this incredible showing by the avengers? My geuss avatar 2

    • Naw, too long a wait between movies, all the anticipation dies without something to bolster it.
      Avengers has had five years of steady reminders in other movies to build it up, and then the marketing campaign for the movie itself, until you can’t take the wait any longer.
      We haven’t seen anything from Avatar since the first movie came out, plus Avatar was pretty self contained, don’t really see where they would go with a sequel.

      • Where will an Avatar sequel go? Well we already know it will involve Pandora’s water-verse heavily. And if you’ve seen Star Wars you would know that once the bad guys lose, the next step is for them to return en masse to take revenge! (must procure unobtanium at all costs)

  13. WOW!!!
    I’ll say it again,
    The Avengers made more it’s opening weekend than Captain America and Thor did for their total U.S. run.
    I thought it may challenge Potter’s 1st weekend but even if it comes in less than $200 million it will still blow it away.

    • Wow is true, but you are inaccurate. Thor domestically made 181 million domestically, Captain America made about 177 million domestically while Avengers made 200.3 million domestically in its opening weekend. That is not twice the box office of the first two. Even if you are talking global numbers it comes close to matching the others box office combined, but still falls short by about 2 million.

      Aside from that, Avengers has phenomenal numbers that are likely to continue for weeks. Hello, 1 billion and beyond.

      • I never said it made twice the amount of Thor or Captain America.
        Read my comment.

        • You are correct. I misread it. My bad.

  14. Kudos to Marvel Studios, the fans who have been waiting for this for 5 years AND most of all the marketing team who promoted the HELL out of this movie! I think it’s safe to say they earned their paychecks and can even shrug off the John Carter disaster.

  15. I really do think, that the Avengers has what it takes to hit the $2 Billion Dollar Mark, It already Hit close to $650 million and it just opened in the states, while already breaking records in nearly all its international territories with its 12 day release so far…

    And if you look at the Line Up in May, there isn’t a real big Movie that could overthrow it easily, It could remain Number 1 until Spider-Man releases in June.

    • I highly doubt it. Dark shadows was ranked in the top 5 for females on fandango. Battleship will be a success like it has been overseas. And all of sasha baron cohens movies have done really well. Not to mention snow white and the hunstman, prometheasus and men and black. If it doesn’t get overthrown in week 3 by battleship men and blackk will pass it on the 4th week. In my opinion

      • Wait, what? Battleship hasn’t been released in the US yet? Wow, just came to know that. It is a good movie with some great action and special effects, but won’t be getting any prizes in other parts like story and characters, so no, won’t be coming near The Avengers.

        • I’m not saying it will come near the avengers but after 3 weeks battleship could overthrow it on that weekend gross

  16. A multiplex near my house usually sees crowds only on weekends, with very few people coming on weekdays. But the afternoon show i went to on Tuesday for my 4th viewing of the movie (I’m in India, so it was released last Friday) was sold out, which completely surprised me. So I’m pretty sure this will make a LOT of money, thanks to a lot of sold out shows in every multiplex in my city. Now for my 5th viewing in the theater xD

    • Of course, it won’t be making money only due to the sales in my city’s theatres :P

      • Here in South African the movie is still getting sold out shows and it’s been out for over a week now (never seen that happen before).

        It’s definitely breaking records right left and center here and in rest of the international market (and now, in the US as well! :D)

  17. I think you guys are forgetting the true factor that got Marvel to make it this big: Their bold move to release globally a week earlier! They showed that if you have a great product that will get nothing but praise unleash it to the world before the US and the internet will give you the best marketing!

  18. @Fito

    Yes you’re correct, the simultaneous worldwide release is also a strategy to combat piracy and downloading. But yes , the overall positive reaction and goodwill from overseas, only increased the already high level of anticipation in the US. Nothing like good old word of mouth to help you bank $200 million in one weekend

  19. “According to the Walt Disney Studios estimates up on Box Office Mojo, The Avengers ranked…” I think you mean raked?

    I personally think that TDKR will be a let down, but it will still earn a lot, probably 1 billion.

    The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble over here) has got such a great buzz about it with the excitement and fun factor that sounds very Star Wars like. I love Joss Whedon and I’m eagerly looking forward to the continuation of the franchise.

    I’m going to go with Avengers maxing out at 2.1 billion

  20. “According to the Walt Disney Studios estimates up on Box Office Mojo, The Avengers ranked…” I think you mean raked?

    I personally think that TDKR will be a let down, but it will still earn a lot, probably 1 billion.

    The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble over here) has got such a great buzz about it with the excitement and fun factor that sounds very Star Wars like. I love Joss Whedon and I’m eagerly looking forward to the continuation of the franchise.

    I’m going to go with Avengers maxing out at 2.1 billion.

  21. I’m curious if anyone saw the avengers in d-box seating? If you don’t know its a newer tech that makes the chair rumble and movie with the movie. Idk how many locations have it but there is one close to me and I was considering going to see it being my first d-box movie

  22. This is amazing. Super impressive and a great sign for Marvel and the comic book movie genre as a whole.

    I’ve been of the opinion that TDKR was going to smash The Avengers come July, but I have to say that seems a lot less likely now. I do believe that TDKR will be a better movie overall (for the things that I really enjoy about a film), but I don’t see it having the same mass appeal as The Avengers.

    But I would love to be wrong and see TDKR surpass the 200MM mark.

  23. Why do people think TDKR would “smash” “The Avengers”? Unless Christian Bale or Tom Hardy dies I don’t see it happening. I could be wrong but Ledgers death had to have some impact with the female movie goers for that film.

    • Thats a very cynical thing to say. Maybe it could just “smash” it because of other reasons?

  24. The Avengers reaching 200 million is somewhat a surprise.
    But then again with the cost of 3D not so much and the fact there
    was a full moon out.
    The Dark Knight Rises may have a higher attendance but if
    its not in 3D, then it wont beat this new record set by The Avengers.
    The Avengers movie is good. Im more of a Batman fan myself but the
    Avengers was a fun ride. Will have to see it again.


    • I keep hearing the 3-D excuse. TDKR has IMAX going for it and that cost more than 3-D. The line for Avengers was halfway around the theater and I got there an hour early for the first show sat morning. When I got out the hallway was shoulder to shoulder four people deep all the way down for the next show. That was 2-D, so ticket price was not the only reason, attendance played its part.
      I am so tired of these Nolanites always trying to downplay or dog the Avengers. Saying it only did good because of 3-D prices. No it did good because it is an awesome movie. It delivered on every aspect and that’s why people showed up and will show up for multiple viewings. I keep hearing how TDKR will be the better movie, but nobody will go see it more than once because for how great it’s supposed to be it won’t be very entertaining, just like TDK. And since movies are by definition for entertainment that makes Avengers the BETTER movie.

      • Not to be mean but saying the avengers is a better movie before seeing the DKR is doing exactly what the “nolinites” are being accused of doing. The fight goes both ways let’s just keep it down to who cares

        • I’m saying that personally I liked Avengers better than TDK which was, until now, my favorite CBM. And I believe that TDKR will be similar enough in tone and style to TDK that it will not be as good as TA. TO ME.
          As for the IMAX, 3 of the 4 theaters in my area have IMAX, they aren’t that hard to find.
          Titanic was released on 3 occasions, once in 3-d, and even if it hadn’t been it is still more rewatchable than TDK. Even with that Avengers has made more than half a billion in the week and a half its been out. Who’s to say it won’t make more than Titanic eventually.

  25. My theater had 6 theaters showing TA. Mine was still full enough were people were smashing in to fit, only the very bottom wasn’t full. And I even went to the special “RPX” one for Regal (the picture really was better).

    I went to Transformers 3 openign weekend and it was nothing like this.

  26. I get the feeling that I’ve seen a completely different film to everybody else. It has been getting nothing but praise and critical acclaim and I just can’t understand where it’s all coming from. Do you people seriously think that this film is as good as “Star Wars”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Fight Club” or “Goodfellas”? I gave it a 3.5/5 myself; it’s an entertaining film with cool characters, impressive action and snappy dialogue. But it lacks any kind of substance. It lacks that special something that makes me want to go back and watch it again. Yes it was amazing seeing all these characters together on screen for the first time, but that shouldn’t be the driving force behind your opinion. 4.5/5? Seriously Screen Rant? Get over yourself.

    • Old School I think I have your answer. The reason it did so well was because the movie itself was, “Old School”. It was just plain fun. Pow Boom Bang! Its a supper hero movie and it makes no apologies for being just that. Its not trying to solve the worlds problems or send a message. Just fun.

      • Exactamundo!!

  27. So happy to hear The Avengers is doing so well because it deserves it & Screen Rant should’ve given it the full 5 stars instead of a petty 4.5 !
    This is the most ambitious superhero movie ever – not trying to be anything other than a fun fantastic comic book romp that all us Marvel fans new it would be if made by dedicated film makers !

  28. Having the biggest opening weekend means absolutely nothing. Lets tak two films and analyze them shall we? :

    HP7.2- had a $169 million opening, dropped 72% its second weekend and only took in a total of $381

    Avatar- had a $77 million opening, dropped 1.8% its second weekend and took in a total of $760 million

    TDKR will probably not open as big as The Avengers, but it doesn’t mean it wont have a higher total gross and will probably be a much better film. And The Avengers might be a extremely front loaded movie, so it will be interesting to see how it does in its second weekend

    • Total gross is the most important number but “means absolutely nothing” is incorrect. It means a lot. It means buzz, it means more people lined up to see it than any other movie right away (i.e. literally could not wait to see it).

    • I read a Variety article that says Avengers is in the rare category of having scored an A+ with test audiences. It has appeal across ages and sexes. I’m not saying it is the best movie of all time. It’s strength is the cast and script. In that respect it’s pitch perfect. After seeing it my impression is that this is in for a long profitable run. People are going to be recommending it for the humor, and there are tons of articles and reviews echoing them. It reminds me of people’s excitement for Raiders of the Lost Ark. That movie had much better, clearer action IMO, but it also had cast chemistry and big laughs. Avengers has more of the latter. It’s simply a good time. Ghost Busters might be another comparison because that was a comedy in the middle of an sci-fi effects movie.