‘The Avengers’ Blu-Ray & DVD Release Date; Box Art Revealed

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Considering that tasty shawarma is still making its way through your digestive system, and the high of Marvel’s The Avengers still fresh on your mind, you might be asking yourself two questions: One – Why did I take a chance on the shawarma? And two – How long do I have to wait in order to get my hands on a copy of The Avengers blu-ray and/or DVD?

While we can’t answer the first question for you, we have huge news and fresh details regarding your second inquiry.

According to a Blu-Ray.com forum post (unofficially, of course), Joss Whedon’s The Avengers will hit stores as early as September 25th of this year.

Just when you thought you’d be overwhelmed with the return of your favorite Fall television shows, now you’ll have to find a few days to devote to checking out some, or all, of the awesome features The Avengers 4-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack will reportedly feature.

You can check out the box art for all three releases, the aforementioned Avengers 4-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack, as well as 2-disc blu-ray pack, and standalone DVD below – followed by the list of features in the premium release.

the avengers 4 disc bd combo 280x170 The Avengers Blu Ray & DVD Release Date; Box Art Revealed

the avengers 2 disc bd combo 280x170 The Avengers Blu Ray & DVD Release Date; Box Art Revealed

the avengers dvd 280x170 The Avengers Blu Ray & DVD Release Date; Box Art Revealed

The rumored features for The Avengers 4-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack are listed below:






  • Alternate Opening – Maria Hill Interrogation
  • Extended Scene – Loki & Barton Strategize
  • Steve Rogers – Man Out of Time
  • Nick Fury & World Security Council
  • Extended Viaduct Fight – Raw Footage
  • Fury & Hill Discuss the World Security Council
  • Extended Scene – Banner and Security Guard
  • Alternate Ending – Maria Hill Interrogation


  • A Visual Journey
  • Assembling the Ultimate Team


If you intend to pick up the basic Avengers DVD, you’ll be treated to the following Special Features:



  • Assembling the Ultimate Team

According to the poster, Disney will also release a 10 disc “super set” that will likely include the prior Avengers canon films – Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger – in addition to the premium Avengers 4 disc Blu-ray.

With The Avengers still “Hulk-smashing” box office records across the globe (currently over $1 billion and counting), one has to wonder what type of astronomical figures the film will generate after the release of its Blu-ray and DVD options at retail.  Not to mention, how much pressure DC is feeling with the release of the highly anticipated Dark Knight Rises - set to hit theaters the summer. With that said, we highly recommend that you pick up a copy or two for yourself when the Blu-ray and DVD of The Avengers release this September – critics raved (read our own review of The Avengers) and the film will definitely offer the same awesome eye-popping moments whether on DVD or as a gorgeous 3D Blu-ray. We also recommend that you skip the shawarma this time around and stick with the popcorn.

For those who, for some odd reason, still have not seen Marvel’s The Avengers, the action-packed film stars an array of Hollywood big guns, including Robert Downey Jr. (Iron ManIron Man 2), Samuel L Jackson (xXx, Snakes on a Plane) and Chris Evans (Fantastic FourCaptain America: The First Avenger).

For more Avengers info check out our Avengers Screen Rant Underground podcast as well as our explanation of the film’s post-credits sequences.

Marvel’s The Avengers is currently playing in Imax and 3D theaters across the globe.

Source: Blu-Ray.com [via JoBlo]

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  1. Have seen it 3 times and can’t wait to own it. First seen it on opening day and was worth the wait. Best damn movie I have seen in a very long time 3 thumbs up, 7 popcorn bags. Great job Stan lee. Major fan for 48 years. JYNX

    • you can also thank Disney while you are at it!

      • …And Joss Whedon ;)

  2. It sucks for some of y’all but DVD’s are being phased out. Just how it goes with technology. I got my blu ray player for $70 a couple years ago. Around Christmas at Walmart they just nose dive in price every once in awhile.

    It sucks but be happy it is being released at the same time. Wasn’t it Pirates that released the DVD a week or two later?

    • I have an HDTV and a BD player, but what they’re doing is still unfair: they purposely put next to no special features on the DVDs so that people will fork out and pay for the BD.

      Someone mentioned quality as well: I have loads of DVDs (up until 2007 when BD really started to become popular) that had EXCELLENT picture and sound quality, but ever since BD, the picture quality of newer DVDs have gone down substantially – I think they’re doing it on purpose. It’s just like how they advertise HD channels/content on regular SD channels: the picture quality of the adds are actually better than the shows you watch (meaning they reduced the quality of the shows) because they want people to upgrade to HD.

      • u speak the truth my brother.

        • In the words of Dr Manhattan (Watchmen): “We are all puppets, I’m just a puppet that can see the strings…”
          Or something along those lines ;)

      • @ The Avenger

        I have a HDTV but everyone i know who owns BD players have told me they’re not what they’re all better. It’s funny because i still have a box tv downstairs & maybe it’s just me but when i watch dvds, they look better on the flat HDTV. My friends said it most likely wouldn’t make any differance if i bought a BD Player. They advised me to stick to what i got.

        • Most Blu-Ray players have “upscaling” which can improve the quality of the picture when you’re watching DVD movies on a BD player.

          But if you take… let’s say Batman Begins on DVD and just watch that on your BD player on your HDTV, then take the disc out and watch The Dark Knight (DVD) on the same player and on the same TV, you’ll see BB’s picture quality is better than TDKs – they decrease the quality on the DVDs so that people will buy the BDs…
          Maybe my eyes are just messed up ;), but I’m pretty sure that’s what they’ve been doing.

          Also, a regular DVD has 4.7 GB of free space, so if you burn an HD quality movie onto it (not full 1080p HD, I’m talking about a 720p movie – it’s usually around 2.5GBs), math dictates that there should still be at LEAST 1GB of data left for extras…

      • There were similar complaints when DVD’s were coming onto the market. For some reason people didnt want to get away from VHS. Blu-Ray is the new standard. Everyone is going to push it. DVD’s will go away at some point.

        Also, not all HDTV’s are the same. Some are 60 hertz, some are 120 (most) and newer ones are 240. Each of these TV’s will show a different quality with the same Blu-Ray player. The higher the hertz the clearer the picture.

  3. They should do the same as they did with Captain America and on the bluray put the cover of the first comic book on the back of outer case. I also have a theory that since they will announce the next movie series in the MCU at comic con in July one of the “maria hill interrogations” deleted scenes will be with that character similar to the post credits scene in IM2

  4. I really don’t think The Avengers is going to effect “Dark Knight Rises” box office numbers. Considering how they’re released over two months apart. Comic fans are going to flock to see both.

    Will “Dark Knight Rises” beat “Avengers” in the box office? Probably not. But Avengers doing well doesn’t mean “Rises” is going to be an automatic flop.

    • If they are releasing the blu-ray in September it probably won’t even be in theaters when TDKR comes out.

  5. If they really do have release a 10 disc super set, that will be what I get, I don’t care how much it costs :P

  6. The movie was a good one watch for me, as has been for all the Marvel characters movies. Finally going to get a good Spider-Man movie. Hoping DC steps up. TDKR will be way better than The Avengers. Man of Steel will finally be a kick @ss Superman movie with no cheese! Green Lantern, well it was an okay start but the sequel if there is one needs someone like Duncan Jones to direct it.

  7. the release date is only 4 months from now they are not giving it much time in the theaters.

    • Disagree – most DVD/BD releases are 3-4 months after theater release. TA release date seems to be in line.

      • It always seemed like its 5-6 months they’re released on DVD/BD after theater release to me.

        • Yeah, it’s usually 6 months for most movies…

  8. You can check out the box art for all three releases, the aforementioned Avengers 4-disc 3D Blu-ray combo pack, as well as 2-disc blu-ray pack, and standalone DVD below – followed by the list of features in the premium release.


  9. have to say I’m impressed, probably the first time they’ve announced the release day of the dvd, with the picture being predictable. Usually it takes a while before we get the release date. I guess they’re looking forward to the boatloads of $$ from that sale. I want it on dvd already, I might buy the blu ray instead.

    • The Thor Blue Ray 3 disk set ONLY has special features on the Blue Ray disk. That sucks!

  10. What’s ridiculous is that so few people have 3d TV’s so why have such a huge set of extra’s only for the 3d Boxset? I can’t watch 3d due to my glasses and in general it gives me a headache anyway, this is really a load of wank to be honest WE NON 3DERS SHOULD HAVE ALL OF THE FEATURES -_-

  11. I’m not really impressed with the regular DVD.Especially the special features!It’s not fair that the Blu Ray gets more special features and a Gag Reel.As for the regular DVD it’s only one special feature!I’m not spending my money on just one special feature!

    • I agree, with money being tight in my house I can’t afford a blu-ray player. It’s not fair that blu-ray gets all the features that people like watching after the movie and the DVD gets one special feature.

  12. I already pre-ordered the DVD on Amazon when I found this.

    Time to cancel that so I can get the fancy version, with nothing to play the Blu-Ray disk on. Thanks guys ¬_¬;;

  13. This movie is so big that is drawing the word attention and Halloween season. many kids and adults alike will choose this costumes to wear.

    • Nah, I’m going to choose James Holmes costume–it’s much more scarier.

  14. I like the DVD cover way more than the Blu-ray. The Blu-ray 3-D is just the poster but not terrible. I’ve seen some images of character specific limited edition covers floating around have you guys heard anything about it?

  15. That’s ok. I just want the movie. I’ll download it.

  16. I watch madagascar 3 instead of the avengers

  17. Hyperventilating and grinning like a cheshire cat as I read this.

  18. your a retard shawarmas are awesome and your site sucks balls just like this movie

  19. This movie was awsome!!!!!!