‘Avengers’ vs. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

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The Avengers Amazing Spider Man Trailer Discussion Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

[UPDATE: We posted this a few weeks back, but with a new full-length Avengers trailer hitting the Web, it’s only fair we give superhero fans a second round of consideration. Let the fanboy debates begin (again)!]

This week has brought us two big superhero movie trailers, with The Avengers Super Bowl trailer sending fans into frenzy, followed by the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer - which has come out of the gate (literally) swinging, and managed to overcome some of the negative opinion that the reboot was initially facing.

In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man has impressed so much that we’ve begun to hear whispers here and there that the Spider-Man trailer did a better job than The Avengers Super Bowl trailer, and ultimately made the Spider-Man reboot look like the better movie.

We know fightin’ words when we hear them, so we thought we’d open up the debate to you, the readers, and let you hash out which Marvel Superhero film looks like the better bet at this point.

Of course, before we can debate anything we have to have a recap of both The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man trailers, to get an accurate sense of what directors Joss Whedon (Serenity) and Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) are going for with their respective films.

Oddly enough,  neither Whedon nor Webb is what you’d initially expect in a big-budget superhero movie director; and yet, both of these films look to be successful and exciting interpretations of the comic book source material. But while both have their merits (and, inevitably, their weaknesses), we’re not here to offer universal praise – the question is: Which film looks BETTER to you?

The easy answer is, of course, The Avengers. After all, it’s not just a film, it’s an event - the culmination of years of fan loyalty and Marvel Studios movies. Did you see the rotating shot of of Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye? How about when Hulk caught a falling Iron Man out of  the air? What can beat that? It’s pure epicness.

Then again, we still know very little about what kind of story The Avengers is going to offer. With a recycled villain in the form of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and alien hordes possibly landing on Earth’s doorstep… so far, the film seems to be hinging on witty character banter and visual iconography. Beyond that much, we haven’t seen much.

avengers super bowl093 570x320 Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

Amazing Spider-Man, on the other hand, seems to be hinging on character and story – but this new trailer proves that it is not lacking in the action department, either. Still, some of the effects (read: The Lizard) aren’t 100% stellar, and the film is going to be a different approach to the character for those moviegoers who didn’t read Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics in the early 2000s. That new flavor might not go down well with everyone.

Then again, the richer storyline, more complex characters – brought to life by some gifted performers – and some surprisingly sweet Spider-Man action… Suffice to say, as a standalone film, ASM has potential (not proven, but suggested) to be just as fulfilling a movie experience as The Avengers.

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The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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  1. PS: The dude that voted “Neither” must also be a fan of “Daredevil”. Yes, I’m trolling.

    • Ha! That’s funny but he probably is. After going to the special sneek peek of The Amazing Spider-Man I for one am totally looking forward to it, it looks like they finally got him right and looks good. Then there’s The Avengers super bowl trailor, the trailor looked good but what sold me was Iron Man flying upwards in the air blasting machines and Hulk jumping high up to smash them down. This is going to be a good super-hero movie summer

  2. Personally i think, and i’m sure avid Spiderman fans and or readers will say that this film looks to do Peter Parker justice. Introducing him as a mysterious, dark troubled quirky genius, hits the nail on the head. No on in the Marvel universe really gets spiderman, hes awkward and always feels the need to make corny jokes to lighten everyones mood when inside, he’s one of the most tortured heroes. But he’s cocky too because he knows how good he is. He’s a genius, stuck with dumb highschoolers who treat him like crap, so he never quite fits in, yet he has this amazing power and these abilities…that he decides to use for heroism…to save a city that hates him and doesnt understand him.
    He’s like the best parts of Bruce Wayne and Naruto all rolled into one.

    Garfield’s a good actor’s actor, meaning he’s going to work his ass off to get the personality of Peter Parker down.
    Emma Stone’s cool. Dennis Leary is…Dennis Leary, and you cant help but to love Dennis Leary.
    Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Rhys Ifans? This is a great cast right here, all brought together to tell a deeper more emotional tale of the boy that becomes Spider-Man.
    Other than the Lizards weird crappy man-face, its going to be a great film. I mean the title says it…Amazing!
    And seriously, that Lizard face? Cmon folks, lets polish up the cgi a bit. Make him more visceral, more ferocious and beastly…The Lizard looks like the villain at the end of The 6th Day…anyone remember that guys face?

    • Word up. I think I’ll be fine with the movie, even if the Lizard CGI isn’t totally spot on, so long as he moves right. I was talking about this a little on the other thread. I liked the way Louis Leterrier’s Hulk moved, even though it looked CGI. I mean, of course it is CGI, but the point of special effects is to create a suspension of disbelief, you know? So that was a minus for me, until I saw the way the character moved, and I was okay with it. I’m hoping that the same happens for the Lizard, because I doubt Sony Image Works can do much better than what we saw in the trailer. Just give him some proper movement, and the audience will be pleased with his interaction with Spidey.

      Correction, I will at least.

    • They did and what’s sad is that the preview that out now is not really doing it all the justice it can. I went to the special sneak peek in NY on Monday and they show way more than what they’re showing on tv. He still is the akward smart kid that gets picked on, spidey does have is cocky smart a$$ side (that gets elaborated more than what is on tv). He has the web shooters back and I’m glad it adds more climax to spidey chases.

      About the lizard he doesn’t look all to ferocious bcuz they said they are going w/ the original Steve Ditko lizard face, that’s why his face appears to be like that.

  3. Im leaning towards Spiderman. It was a tough choice though!

  4. I don’t think you can really compare them. Spiderman is a smaller more personal story while Avengers is a big splashy epic.

    For my money though Avengers has it all over Spiderman. Better actors, better director, better more epic story and what sounds so far like better dialogue.

    The only drawback to Avengers is that with a large group there is less time for each character. So you are going to have to depend more on storytelling and less on in-depth character study.

    • So you are going to have to depend more on storytelling and less on in-depth character study

      I’d say the character study has already been accomplished through their solo films. We all know that Cap is the American boyscout and Stark is a wise-cracker, so sparks are definitely going to fly (and we can see that in the trailer).

      • Not exactly… it’s been said that a LOT of character development will take place during The Avengers. Especially Cap: I think it was Whedon or Evans who said we’ll see a much more darker and edgier Cap…

        As for Cap and Stark’s promised banter, I’m not so sure anymore… look at the superbowl spot again: when Cap and Stark meet each other, Stark says “Captain” with a very respectful tone IMO… there might still be “sparks” after a while (when Stark starts to get on Cap’s nerves), but for the most part, I think they’ll get along well — But that’s just my prediction.

        • I’m betting that Whedon’s playing the Stark vs. Cap personality conflict close to the chest for now. Keep in mind that in trailers, they’re often cut in such a way that seems seamless, but there are often beats of dialogue in between that are left out.

          They’ll come to terms with each other by the time the big climax (whatever that may be) comes around.

          • also, i think the Superbowl trailer was aimed more at he general audience than the fan-boy one. The goal was to show them “hey! Ironman and cap are in a movie together…cool!” Goal #2: show some Hulk footage. (thank GOD!)

            I def think there will be animosity b/w Cap and Stark. How could there not be? Its provides too well of a thread to insert humor, character development, the struggle to be leader, etc.

  5. I think they both will be great. I think the avengers will be more of a movie going Event as Ive already seen stated here. And I think ASM will be an amazing theatre experience as well while also bringing new life to a movie franchise I had previously presumed dead. Yes, the avengers trailer was better to me, but the ASM trailer definitely put the movie on my list of films to see. It sure is a great year to be comic book geek!

  6. I wonder where Loki got his army from? Some of the races of Asgard or did he hook up with some other Marvel universe race like the Skrulls or Kree?

    • It’s definitely not Asgardians.

      • I think he meant some of the other races, like Dark Elves, etc. Sometimes people say “asgardian races” when they mean races from the other realms in the Asgard/Yggdrasil hierarchy.

  7. They both look great to me. I’ve been very much looking forward to the Avengers. I’ve been a little skeptical of the Spider-Man reboot, but seeing a return to the snarky Spider-Man humor has me won over.

  8. I’ll probably go to see them both, and, better yet, enjoy myself. But truthfully, I gotta say…I’m getting a little tired of superhero movies. They’re all starting to blur together and look like one crazy-ish mashup of action scenes and bad dialog (and although, usually, the action scenes are enough to keep me entertained…well, my brain is starting to feel a little fried). Honestly, I’ve been watching a lot more indie movies these days just so I can get a little thought provocation.

    • Which of the latest superhero movies had “bad dialog”?

      • I think he was talking about Green Lantern.

  9. The Avengers is a must-watch. I have to confess Spidey’s trailer was more impressive than I expected; however IMO the trailer showed so much that the movie might suffer from over-exposure. Although they don’t seem to have much option considering this year’s challenge. When a movie is a dark horse-like Thor was and Spidey is-the producers tend to over-market their products sometimes in trailers.

  10. I honestly feel that the Avengers trailer was made just to put faith that all of the characters can fit well on screen during action scenes.

  11. I’m something of a Joss Whedon-head, especially his work on Firefly and his writing with Marvel Comics…

    I feel like he’s showing action shots and iconic “Avengers” shots and no plot on purpose, because he likes to reserve some surprises for the film experience. I know a lot of people already know this, but some people are saying “well there’s no real story,” or “it’s just a popcorn flick, don’t expect plot or character development.”

    Joss is a master at plot development and character growth.

    • Will said. XD

    • I can agree with that. I’ve actually started looking into his stuff specifically because he is directing the Avengers. While I haven’t read any of his comics, I have taken a look at the first 3 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly (and its conclusion film, Serenity).

      Firefly is spectacular, while Buffy is mostly good, campy fun with a little bit of heart thrown into the mix (again, I’ve only seen the first 3 seasons). I love how Whedon takes the Western, and more fully injects it into the sci-fi. I mean, Roger Ebert says that the Space Opera is developed from an attempt to put the Western in space (I’m guessing he’s talking thematically here), so it’s like Whedon took it to the next level.

      Long story short, you’re right about Whedon’s sense of story telling. There will definately be a plot to Avengers. If there wasn’t, Whedon wouldn’t have went through all the trouble to can Zach Penn’s story to create his own. I bet he had a ball.

      • I used to date a girl who was really into Buffy. I was hesitant to watch because it just seemed like your typical WB show targeted at 14-20 year old girls. I was surprised at how good it was in multiple ways, so I started watching Angel as well. I suggest you check it out.

      • I’m always excited when a director also is the screen play writer…it will work out great in this case

        • @Ken, And not to mention an ACTUAL comic book writer and fan all at the same time.

          • Well yeah, I’ve mentioned his comics cred so many times that sometimes I leave it out to keep myself from being repetitive.

            He’s been a comics (and avengers) fan since he was a kid, and he’s written Eisner award-winning comics for Marvel.

            (For those not in the know, Eisner awards are like the Emmies/Grammies of the comics world).

      • Have you seen Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?


        For those who don’t know, it’s a short musical miniseries (it’s better than it sounds!), starring Nathan Fillion (Mal from Firefly), and really showcases Whedon’s talent. Plus, it’s about a supervillian so it should satisfy your inner geek until Avengers comes out!

    • PEOPLE!!!!

  12. Both look Awesome! In The Avengers Loki want’s revenge cos Thor found a better group of Bro’s (yes even Black Widow can be a Bro [Bro Code article 22]). While in TASM Peter finds out how hard life is without a wingman. I’m just worried about TDKR, it’s trailers have been a little underwhelming for me atm… -.-

    Btw The Avengers also might be better, since it’s trailer was released as one of the Super Bowl (Bro Code article 5).

  13. The Avengers is going to blow its overrated and overhyped..The Amazing Spider-Man will be the BETTER MOVIE OF THE TWO!

    • That’s not how reality works. You have to watch it first, to know if it was overrated or overhyped.

      • Agreed. But im talking about the kind of overrated and overhyped as in the movie will do very well based on the fact that all these superheroes will be crammed into 1 movie..I would bet a million bucks the story line is going to be crap and everything is going to be rushed..bet on it!

      • I mean they couldnt even do it right with 1 superhero as in Iron Man 1 and 2..those movies were completely horrible..the first 1 didnt even have a great villain..the second 1..well Black Widow appeared as her character in what..5 minutes in the movie..Whiplash’s fight scenes lasted what..10 minutes maybe in the entire movie all he did was talk and talk..so if they couldnt get it right with 1 superhero..what makes you think they will get it right with 6+ superheroes..

        • What makes me think it will be any different than IM2? Joss Whedon (the director & screenplay writer) is a master at plot & character development, and a master at interplay between multiple characters. IM2 had its own issues and as a writer I didn’t like what they did.

          What you thought of IM 1 or 2 has no bearing on how Avengers will pan out. You said “they couldn’t even…” as if it’s all the same people doing the movies…it’s not.

        • I should point out that Black Widow was only be introduced in IM2, the movie wasn’t called “Black Widow,” her amount of screen time was perfect for their intentions.

  14. Avengers is ok, but Spiderman….No! Too much special effects to make it look cool, but it gets boring. They shouldn’t have rebooted it.

  15. Even though I love spidey and his trailer looks great I’ve been waiting for The avengers for over 5 years and I’ve already watched the trailer for it coming up on 30 times and rising. Whedon seems to have done it again. I’m a huge fan of Firefly and Serenity however I am unfortunately unfamiliar with his comic book work. what comics has he written?

  16. I was dead set against the Spider-man franchise being rebooted for the longest time, and I found the first teaser trailer for Amazing Spider-man to be underwhelming. I do have to admit to being impressed with the latest trailer, though. The movie actually looks good. Really good, in fact.

    The Avengers looks like good, old-fashioned comic book-style fun. Oddly enough, I’m expecting it to have a feel not unlike Raimi’s first two Spider-man films, which is definitely a good thing.

  17. The Amazing Spider-Man will definitely be better than The Avengers. The other movies; Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain American don’t connect very well to each other the continuity is off and don’t even get me started on The Incredible Hulk,,, We are now on our third Hulk!

    • how exactly is the continuity off? thats a pretty bold statement, especially since marvel, and kevin feige as producer of all the films in question, went to great lengths to make sure all the movies were connected. as far as tis being the 3rd hulk, well, ang lee’s “hulk” was not even in this shared movie universe. The incredible hulk (imho) is a re-boot, and yes, this will be the 3rd person playing banner, but you can blame that on ed norton and his over inflated ego. marvel got rid of terrence howard, who i felt was wrong for the part anyway, due to his ridiculous salary demands (he was the highest paid actor in IM, even more than RDJ!) they got a much more talented actor in don cheadle, and i think mark rufalo will work better as the hulk, PLUS he’s doing the mo cap performance for the hulk, so in essence, he IS the Hulk. if you want to see a mess of marvel continuity, look at all the x-men movies. there is not 1 timeline that relates the separate “products” together. the avengers, however, have done an amazing job at playing all the films off each other. so again, i ask for an example of how they have messed up the continuity, not counting the 2 actor replacements

    • They connect very well, in fact some reviewers said there was too much time spent on setting up the eventual Avengers films.

      As for the continuity being off, I’m not sure what you mean. Are you referring to IM, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Cap taking place out of order? If you were expecting events to be sequential that might be why you think they screwed up the continuity.

  18. I have an army… We have a Hulk… haha niiceee

  19. of course for me it’s the highly anticipated superhero team adaptation, The Avengers!…I must admit that i’m a Spidey fan boy but in all honesty i don’t give a damn with the upcoming re boot with Garfield in it, it’s like they’re trying to make Spidey look like The Batguy…totally a big no no.

    • That’s EXACTLY how I feel BuggerJoe!

  20. The Avengers’ second trailer was by far the best IMO.

    Still, we don’t have to “choose”. I for one will be seeing The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises on opening day.

    • Agreed :D What a great year ahead!

  21. Sorry, but that’s not even a question. There is only one trailer in this competition: “The Avengers”!
    In my book, there is no such movie called “Amazing Spider-Man” coming out this year. The day they announced that atrocity back then, I decided to complete ignore this infamous project altogether. So no, there is and never will be another Spider-Man movie coming out unless they ignore this project and finally do “Spider-Man 4″…
    Seriously: this will be the first comic book movie I won’t watch in theatres…

    • The trailer was good.
      You should give it another shot.

    • Well, there will be plenty of others filling your theater seat, Smike. No worries on that ;-)

    • previous movies where terrible they where just like batman before Christmas stupid love story with spiderman guest starring

    • Preach Smike!! Lol! This will be the second comic book movie I don’t see in the theaters. I’m not a comic book reader (I know, sacrilege!), so I didn’t see Iron Man at the theater. I didn’t know anything about Tony Stark. RDJ opened my eyes and it was love at first sight, lol!! Spider-Man 2 is the only comic book movie I have enjoyed more than Iron Man.

      I guess my allegiance is clear.

      Avenger: I wish I could share your feeling of good will. I really do, but I just don’t see it in Amazing Spider-Man.

    • So let me get this right…
      You went and saw movies like Daredevil, Elektra and Green Lantern in the theater, but you won’t go see The Amazing Spider-Man simply because you don’t like the fact that they are doing a reboot? Kinda short sighted don’t you think?
      Especially since the reactions on the (second) trailer, are almost always verry positive.

      Both are looking absolutely great to me actually.

      Still, I’m leaning towards The Avengers movie, if only because of the enormous scale of it all.

  22. Both look great

  23. I don’t understand the reboot thing. This spiderman movie looks almost the same.

  24. I think I’m most excited to see the Hulk finally have some justice done for him on film. The Avengers is the only film (based on previews) where he seems legit. Plus Banner seems to be in control now. Pretty excited about both though.

  25. Avengers wins in the “Big Blockbuster Department” for me.

    Also in the visual effects department.

    In terms of story and characterization, I’d give it to Spidey. But, the story and characterization for Avengers looks a lot better than what so many have predicted. I think the story will be really engaging, and that the character work will be up their with Whedon’s best work (again, I’m talking about Firefly).

    I’m really looking forward to Avengers, I’m super excited for it. But I’m a bigger Spidey fan, and I can’t help but feel manic anticipation over Spider-man. In the end, I think Avengers had a better trailer, but I’m still more pumped for Spidey.

  26. Eh, we’ve seen 3 Spiderham movies already(and they were all done by Sony). This is the 1st Avengers movie, that alone makes me more hyped for Avengers. As far as the Spiderman reboot in general. Meh, I’ll wait til its on Netflix.

  27. ill say avengers, due mostly to… ITS THE F@$KING AVENGERS!!!!

    Spiderman: I have web-shooters
    Stark:we have a hulk
    (spiderman calls up tobey mcguire and asks how to deal with disappointment)
    Tobey: have you watched spiderman 3?
    Spiderman: yes, why?
    Tobey: then do what i did… dance.
    (Thor starts to laugh like after tony said a billoinare playboy philatrapist when cap asked him a question about who he was under the armor)
    (Spider man start to cry)
    Nick Fury: get this mutha f@$kin kid, off my mutha f@$kin helicarior!!!


    • LMFAO,:D well played sir, best dialogue I’ve read in a while

      • Thank you, I’ll be here all week ;)

  28. whilst i like the direction the new spiderman is taking (following the ultimate series of the comics) i have to go with avengers, not only does avengers look better but they don’t seem to be screwing with continuity, the characters or the universe, they’re keeping things pretty true to source.

    dont get me wrong, spiderman looks pretty solid (better then spiderman 3 by far), but i highly doubt it will be comparable to avengers in both depth, scale and profit.

  29. being a huge spiderman fan and having seen the special preview a few weeks ago, im really looking forward to ASM, it has a lot of things that raimis films, while great, were missing. anyone whose hating on this bc its a reboot or for whatever reason is only punishing themselves if you ask me, that movies going to be amazing (pun intended)

    Love the new avengers trailer, spent most of my day watching it. honestly cant pick between the two which is better due to my insane loyalty to spiderman, but i know im seeing both of these movies opening day at the earliest possible showing, wearing one of my spidey t shirts for asm and prob wearing my homemade arc reactor for avengers (i’ll get other friends to bring the thor hammer and cap shield, yea thats how we roll)

    • Sounds like a good time :D