‘Avengers’ vs. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

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The Avengers Amazing Spider Man Trailer Discussion Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

[UPDATE: We posted this a few weeks back, but with a new full-length Avengers trailer hitting the Web, it’s only fair we give superhero fans a second round of consideration. Let the fanboy debates begin (again)!]

This week has brought us two big superhero movie trailers, with The Avengers Super Bowl trailer sending fans into frenzy, followed by the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer - which has come out of the gate (literally) swinging, and managed to overcome some of the negative opinion that the reboot was initially facing.

In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man has impressed so much that we’ve begun to hear whispers here and there that the Spider-Man trailer did a better job than The Avengers Super Bowl trailer, and ultimately made the Spider-Man reboot look like the better movie.

We know fightin’ words when we hear them, so we thought we’d open up the debate to you, the readers, and let you hash out which Marvel Superhero film looks like the better bet at this point.

Of course, before we can debate anything we have to have a recap of both The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man trailers, to get an accurate sense of what directors Joss Whedon (Serenity) and Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) are going for with their respective films.

Oddly enough,  neither Whedon nor Webb is what you’d initially expect in a big-budget superhero movie director; and yet, both of these films look to be successful and exciting interpretations of the comic book source material. But while both have their merits (and, inevitably, their weaknesses), we’re not here to offer universal praise – the question is: Which film looks BETTER to you?

The easy answer is, of course, The Avengers. After all, it’s not just a film, it’s an event - the culmination of years of fan loyalty and Marvel Studios movies. Did you see the rotating shot of of Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye? How about when Hulk caught a falling Iron Man out of  the air? What can beat that? It’s pure epicness.

Then again, we still know very little about what kind of story The Avengers is going to offer. With a recycled villain in the form of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and alien hordes possibly landing on Earth’s doorstep… so far, the film seems to be hinging on witty character banter and visual iconography. Beyond that much, we haven’t seen much.

avengers super bowl093 570x320 Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

Amazing Spider-Man, on the other hand, seems to be hinging on character and story – but this new trailer proves that it is not lacking in the action department, either. Still, some of the effects (read: The Lizard) aren’t 100% stellar, and the film is going to be a different approach to the character for those moviegoers who didn’t read Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics in the early 2000s. That new flavor might not go down well with everyone.

Then again, the richer storyline, more complex characters – brought to life by some gifted performers – and some surprisingly sweet Spider-Man action… Suffice to say, as a standalone film, ASM has potential (not proven, but suggested) to be just as fulfilling a movie experience as The Avengers.

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The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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  1. Spiderman vs the Avengers?! That’s like comparing “Warrior” to the “The Land Before Time 8″. Avengers has the ability to be the best (or second best please don’t kill me Batman fans) movie of 2012, while Spiderman has the ability to be the “best movie about a guy who looks like he should be in Twilight and attempts to fight crime but doesn’t want to mess up his hair”.

    • Really?

      Despite how “Amazing” the trailer looked. I think you may underestimate Spider-man’s popularity. And nobody cares about his haircut.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself Brad!!!

      No Contest!

  2. Avengers wins this but this spidey trailer made me want to see spidey even more looks pretty awesome web shooters and humour :)

  3. I’m more impressed with the Avengers trailer but The Amazing Spider-Man is not looking bad at all imo. I’m excited to see what Rhys Ifans does with his role as the villain. He was a great choice to play Connors

  4. While I would like a more in depth Avengers trailer, of course the Spidey trailer was better because it was longer and showed more of the story. However I’m still excited more for the Avengers. I will say that I am now planning on seeing ASM, but I am still worried if the Lizard will even remotely resemble his comic book counterparts (the Ultimate version would be fine). I think I know understand why J. Jonah Jameson isn’t in the movie, Captain Stacy is calling for Spidey’s arrest and two characters doing the same thing would be redundant. I think the effects (excluding the Lizard) look pretty good, and I have faith in Ms. Stone and Mr. Garfield as actors, here’s hoping the rest of the film holds up.

    • What bothers me is, The Lizard appears to have digitigrade legs and prehensile tail but actual lizard snout? All that trouble and they removed the most iconic part of the villain’s look!

      • I just think that the Lizard CGI is very subpar in general. If they pollished it up a bit and kept the same Lizard look I’d be fine with it. I do like his size though.

      • “What bothers me is, The Lizard appears to have digitigrade legs and prehensile tail but actual lizard snout? All that trouble and they removed the most iconic part of the villain’s look!”

        Steve Ditko disagrees.

      • Wow, not since Thor’s helmet have I seen such a non-issue. You aren’t the only one mongoose, so “Snout-gate” seems to have legs. “Iconic?” If you want to be such a purist, what about the purple pants and white lab coat? Frankly I think the snout would look stupid. And it would make the lizard look stupid, literally. He’d look more like an animal. With this face he looks more like a human, therefore more cunning and deliberate, as opposed to simply wild.

        It seems like the whole point of the Lizard is that Dr. Connors, a good man, becomes a cold-blooded monster. It looks like that’s what they are doing.

        Also, I was completely opposed to the changes in Spider-man’s costume, and I still don’t like the shoes. But I’m confident I’ll be able to mostly overlook it and not let it affect my opinion of the movie. If I don’t like the movie, it won’t have “missed by a nose.”

        • I don’t like the shoes either.

        • You think it’s a non-issue and I disagree. There is a damn good reason why the Lizard has been drawn the way he has for the last, what 40 years? Because the character is called the LIZARD not lizard-MAN. He’s supposed to be bestial and separate from the scientist like The Hulk. This makes it look as if he will be keeping his IQ to a certain extent which I also don’t like.

          • Many have already pointed out that he originally didn’t have a snout when Ditko created him. I honestly think it would look bad in a movie. That he looks more human is, to me, more threatening. People can do some pretty messed up things while reasoning and rationalizing all the while. If a giant alligator ate a bunch of children, it would be terrible, but I don’t think it would shake my feelings of “trust” in the alligator. I’d probably look for what person was negligent enough to allow the kids to get eaten. And, no, I fail to see what is so important about the lizard’s snout. I can’t believe you are actually serious about this.

            • Except (as I keep pointing out) the original looked pretty much like a scaly man. This thing has traits of the more long lived version like digitigrade legs so it’s a travesty they refused to complete the look considering all the CGI being used on him. There was a reason WHY he was changed in the comics to look more like an actual lizard and not a reject from “V” or Batman’s Killer Croc.

              Plus I really don’t understand what going back to the original Lizard has to do with ANYTHING considering they most certainly aren’t going back to anything else original like Spidermans costume, storyline, etc.

              Others get it so I unfortunately can’t help you if you don’t.

  5. The most unfortunate thing is, we are forced choose. A real shame we can’t have both in the same movie :(

  6. and how do you know Avengers will turn out to be a typical summer popcorn flick?Judge it from a SB tv spot?

    • ^I agree.
      We can’t judge the movie’s plot after two trailers that revealed very little about the story.

  7. Avegers trailer is nothing short of epic, and is definitely the one I will see in theaters. But the Amazing Spider-man trailer surprised me with an intriguing storyline and action, and what looks to be a memorable villain. Be that as it may, I still can’t look at that redesigned spidey-suit without cringing. No matter how I look at it, it just throws off the whole experience.

  8. One thing I didn’t like in the Avengers trailer is that they are going back a lighter green hulk. To be honest, it was the 2003 hulks light green color that kinda made me hate it. Besides that fact that they also made hime 30ft tall. I liked norton’s darker and more realistically sized hulk (9 1/2 ft). Idk the darker green tone just looked better IMO.

  9. I think the Spider-Man trailer exceeded
    the general expectations for the film whereas
    expectations for The Avengers was already high
    and while its trailer lived up to those expectations it
    necessarily did not change minds like Spider-Man’s did.

    • I completely agree. I posted already that I believe the Avengers trailer is Epic. I still stand to what I said. But my response from watching the Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and what you said, is exactly on point to how I felt.

    • Excellent point Robert and I agree completely.

    • Well put. I agree for the most part, but seeing the Hulk in the Avengers trailer made my heart leap.

    • Agreed.

  10. Did anyone get a screen shot of the villains in the avengers? In the extended version there was a scene where they where coming down from the sky

    • Are you talking about the ships coming from the sky, or the aliens jumping down from a ship?

      • It seems to be a hole to another dimension, not a ship. That’s where they’re coming through.

        • Yep.

        • When I said “aliens jumping down from a ship,” I was talking about the humanoids not the little ships.

  11. The Avengers extended superbowl spot shouldn’t be compared to the 2nd full length Spider-man trailer. It’s a sizzle reel of a trailer, awesome as it may be. It’s just not a fair comparison. For example, not many people were expecting Avengers to be story driven, but the superbowl spot seems to make people think that even more so. Personally, I don’t think this will be the case, because Joss Whedon is a fine story teller (I happen to enjoy the type of camp and creativity he brings to his projects.)

    EDIT: I’m not trying to bash the Avengers superbowl spot either. I just think that the superbowl spot wasn’t supposed to give an in depth look at what the movie has to offer, it was meant to deliver action. So, it intentionally left a lot of good things out like snappy dialogue and probably indications of an engaging plot.

  12. Wasn’t impressed with Spiderman trailer at all. Honestly the only parts of the trailer I liked were seeing Dennis Leary on the big screen again. He’s the only actor in the film I even like or respect in the slightest. Sadly with Emma Stone in it she alone almost takes away every point the film earns for having Leary. It looked like run of the mill hero origin film. Nothing stand out or special. Basic action and basic plot so far. Super skinny Robert pattinson err I mean Andrew Garfield looks terrible as Peter Parker just totally wrong for the part.

    • I think Garfield is a very good choice to play Peter Parker (the only thing that bugs me is the hair… I’m sure the ladies like it, but it just isn’t how Peter Parker would look IMO…)

      • By saying only his second name, you make me imagine the police pulling of his mask, revealing a fat ginger cat and the line, “Any lasagne?”

        • LMAO! :D

    • I don’t have a problem with Emma Stone. I think she’s quite good actually. She was good in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Easy A”, “Zombieland”, and “The Help”. “The Help” wasn’t centered around her character, but what I did see in her in that movie is the ability to put a different spin on her usual persona.

      As for Pattinson, I don’t want to bash the guy (he’s supposed to be okay in his non-Twilight roles), but come on, really? They’re both British males with poofy hair. What other connection do you see? Garfield isn’t even considered heart throb status yet. A “sweetheart” maybe (people ate up his little gag at SDCC), but he’s still unknown to a lot of people. Beside that though, Andrew really seems to have nailed the Spider-man persona, and he’s a pretty celebrated actor. Pattinson has nothing but Teen Choice awards and the occasional razzy. Again, that’s not to say he’s a bad actor (well, the razzy does), it’s just that Garfield is recognized as a talent in the critical community.

  13. Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man are the main contenders this year.
    I’m looking forward to all of them, but yeah, between Avengers and ASM, I’m gonna have to choose Avengers.

  14. My only problem with ASM is the lizards face! i hate it why humanoid why not go classical and give him a menacing snout! something that wen petter sees face to face he wets his pants not laugh and call him Voldemort!

  15. That’s like asking who would win in a fight Superman or The Hulk. The answer is Who cares? They’re both awesome as all hell. I’m seeing both regardless.

  16. who voted “Neither, they BOTH look bad!”?

  17. “I have an army’… “We have the HULK!” HAHAHAHA!! cANT WAIT!

  18. I’m honestly excited for both movies, at this point in time i think it’s way to early to say which looks or will be better. I’m pretty sure that everyone has learned not to jump to conclusions after a couple of good trailers, need i remind everyone about the Last Airbender?? I think both movies will be good, however i would have liked to see Lizard with his snout.

  19. I’m watching both and will judge each on their own merits.

    But your gripe is: “recycled villain in the form of Loki…”? Are you kidding me? Loki has been in ONE movie and it was set up at the Epilogue of Thor that he would be a part of The Avengers. That’s not “recycling”, that’s continuity. Recycling villains is what Warner Brothers does with Batman and Superman: Lex Luthor, Joker, Bane, CatWoman, Two-Face…

    Honestly, if you’ve only seen Superman movies and never seen Smallville or read the comics, you’d think that Superman was the only super-powered person in Metropolis and Lex Luthor is the ONLY guy that dares to take him on. EVER.

    whoo, ok, gonna stop now before this rant shifts gears and I leave WB and DC in small pools of blubbering ineptitude…

  20. I have the say The Amazing Spiderman trailer has me sold. I will be there opening weekend to see this movie. But The Avengers is the movie I want to see more. I will be at the midnight opening for The Avengers!

    Marvel has done a great job building up to this movie with their solo efforts. The shot circling around the Avengers was pure awesomeness. Stark pooring a drink and telling Loki they have a Hulk, fantastic! I cant say enough for this Super Bowl spot. I think its what the majority of fans wanted. We finally got to see more Hulk, and while I think they will polish him up a little more, I think he looks great and cant wait to see more.

    • “I have the [to] say The Amazing Spiderman trailer has me sold. I will be there opening weekend to see this movie. But The Avengers is the movie I want to see more. I will be at the midnight opening for The Avengers!”

      Sums up my thoughts precisely.

  21. 86 Days and counting down to Avengers!!

    • 78 Days and counting for me :P ;)

      • Must not let hate flow … :)

        • Speak for yourself! Get ‘em Kahless!



      • No fair!!!!! Show Off! LOL!

  22. I have more faith in ASM now. But I really didn’t have much before. I keep thinking about how trailers can be misleading. When Spider-man is fighting the cops it does seem to channel the Batman vibe. The score even sounds like Hans Zimmer. I don’t think that’s the right approach for Spider-man, and I’ve worried that they could labor too hard to explain everything. But it looks like they might be able to balance it (I just hope those shoes don’t have anything to do with enhancing his powers).

  23. Just as stated in the text and many of the comments, avengers is an event movie build up via multiple franchises into one contiuity, withthe talent involved etc it can’t really go wrong, everything has been positive so far (ok maybe some dont like caps helmet but thats a minor detail lol) and I have every reason beleive the hype/buzz surrounding this movie will get insane by the time the movie actually opens in three months. Whether it lives up to the stratospheric expectations of demanding fan is something well have to see on opening day. If anything in that respect Avengers and Batman have much more in common in that respect. The question is not will be be amazing films, rather will be capable of exeeding already fever pitch expectations.

    Spiderman since the start as is evident in the comments from past articles has been a very divisive movie. People like the idea or not at all, whether its too soon for a reboot, not right, unproven director, poor set shoots of the suit early on (rememebr those guys? And how many bashed it then?). If anything this movie had lukewarm expectations and now that a very nice trailer has arrived and seemingly displays a product that was created by a competent director/team of people, this movie has knowhere to look but up. Whomever cut the trailer did a brilliant job, it display the tones and te main themes at play like and good trailer should but goes much deeper and brilliantly so in showcasing things that i’m sure all spiderman fans were wondering about. That being; will spiderman be more assertive/ use quick witted comebacks and comments? Check. Will Peter’s genius finally be portrayed fully? Tech web shooters, biochem equations. Check. Will the suit be badass? Check. Does it look epic worthy of a reboot in the first place? Check. Does it stay close/true to the source material and play/tie in to te larger themes etc from the source material? Oscorp etc. check. Does the back story seem fresh and interesting eventhough weve kinda seen it before? Check. Sure the lizard looks a little meh to be honest just think it be cooler with its ripped up lab coat still on, otherwise its just a naked green alien looking thing but those are fairly minors issue that wont detract me from going to see this. Things are looking up for spidey, by the end of the summer I have a feeling rami’s version/run will be largely forgotten (not in a bad way, just that the debate over the reboot issue etc will have been made moot fromthe success of this new entry and possibilities for sequels).

  24. Both movies look great to me, but I would say Avengers looks like the better EVENT by a parsec. The action, effects and banter in the Avengers trailer just made my heart jump; this is the first movie in years that I am actually considering for a midnight vigil.

  25. The Avengers is way better and awesome than The Amazing Spiderman.

    I hope Marvel’s plan to get these superheroes in one movie together works out well.

    I watched Iron Man, IM2, The Incrediable Hulk, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, those movies were great.

    Seriously hope Marvel keeps out the good job.

    And last, WTF is Spiderman being remade.

    I thought the Sam Ramini Spiderman movies were great expect for
    Spiderman 3, that movie was destoryed when Tobey Magurie danced like a idoit.

    If The Amazing Spiderman is going to be like a dark and gritty as Batman Begins then I’m in.

    Both movies hopefully do well.

  26. The Avengers wins.
    The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are the two MUST see movies 2012
    Spiderman- rebooting this already??? EPIC FAIL.

  27. the avengers n the amazing spider man looks awsome,cool,great n nice.

  28. They both look AMAZING !!!

    Both have a lot to live up to – Both trailers look incredible with so much great looking effects that seem to be once again raising the bar for Superhero movies.

    As a life-time Marvel fan – I am a happy boy !

    Let’s face-it , Batman is not a ‘Super’ hero – and is not bringing flying smashing all action heroes to life.

  29. Kofi, what have thee done??? Make us CHOOSE??? Why not go with the old “if you go above 55″ bit as well??? ;)

    I think both these movies look über cool, and it pains me that Spidey has the bigger challenge opening two weeks before the “other” “big” superhero movie of the summer, namely, of course, “The Dark Knight Rises”. Thankfully, when it comes to these two, we don’t have to choose, but dare I say Spidey’s got the upper edge in plot, ergo it would be more of a “movie” than a “popcorn movie”. Let’s put it this way: I expect my wife (not much of a comic book movie fan)= to enjoy TASM more than THE AVENGERS (she already saw the latter’s trailer, and the “meh” look on her face almost brought me to tears…)