‘Avengers’ vs. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

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The Avengers Amazing Spider Man Trailer Discussion Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

[UPDATE: We posted this a few weeks back, but with a new full-length Avengers trailer hitting the Web, it’s only fair we give superhero fans a second round of consideration. Let the fanboy debates begin (again)!]

This week has brought us two big superhero movie trailers, with The Avengers Super Bowl trailer sending fans into frenzy, followed by the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer - which has come out of the gate (literally) swinging, and managed to overcome some of the negative opinion that the reboot was initially facing.

In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man has impressed so much that we’ve begun to hear whispers here and there that the Spider-Man trailer did a better job than The Avengers Super Bowl trailer, and ultimately made the Spider-Man reboot look like the better movie.

We know fightin’ words when we hear them, so we thought we’d open up the debate to you, the readers, and let you hash out which Marvel Superhero film looks like the better bet at this point.

Of course, before we can debate anything we have to have a recap of both The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man trailers, to get an accurate sense of what directors Joss Whedon (Serenity) and Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) are going for with their respective films.

Oddly enough,  neither Whedon nor Webb is what you’d initially expect in a big-budget superhero movie director; and yet, both of these films look to be successful and exciting interpretations of the comic book source material. But while both have their merits (and, inevitably, their weaknesses), we’re not here to offer universal praise – the question is: Which film looks BETTER to you?

The easy answer is, of course, The Avengers. After all, it’s not just a film, it’s an event - the culmination of years of fan loyalty and Marvel Studios movies. Did you see the rotating shot of of Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye? How about when Hulk caught a falling Iron Man out of  the air? What can beat that? It’s pure epicness.

Then again, we still know very little about what kind of story The Avengers is going to offer. With a recycled villain in the form of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and alien hordes possibly landing on Earth’s doorstep… so far, the film seems to be hinging on witty character banter and visual iconography. Beyond that much, we haven’t seen much.

avengers super bowl093 570x320 Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

Amazing Spider-Man, on the other hand, seems to be hinging on character and story – but this new trailer proves that it is not lacking in the action department, either. Still, some of the effects (read: The Lizard) aren’t 100% stellar, and the film is going to be a different approach to the character for those moviegoers who didn’t read Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics in the early 2000s. That new flavor might not go down well with everyone.

Then again, the richer storyline, more complex characters – brought to life by some gifted performers – and some surprisingly sweet Spider-Man action… Suffice to say, as a standalone film, ASM has potential (not proven, but suggested) to be just as fulfilling a movie experience as The Avengers.

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The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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  1. Avengers. The Spidey trailer just made me cringe.

  2. i think they are both going to be epic. but the avengers is higher up on my most anticipated list. and as far as the lizard’s cgi in the ASM trailer, the release is STILL almost 5 months away so they have plenty of time to polish the CGI

  3. The spider man trailer convinced me to go see this movie in theaters,THE AVENGERS trailer made me pee my pants.

    • Then you better wear Depends when you go to watch it in the theaters… I think I will do the same.

  4. Is the next full Avengers trailer still debuting next weekend in front of Ghost Rider?

    • Don’t think they’ll release a brand new trailer so soon after just releasing one last week.
      If (like Ken said) they only use previously released footage (kinda a mix between the first trailer and the superbowl one), then they could still release it next week when GR hits theaters.

  5. Isn’t the Avengers “trailer” just a superbowl teaser… isn’t there still an official trailer #2 left?

    I am still not sold on Spider Man. Parts of it got me excited and other parts made me cringe hard.

    • You are correct, but I have a feeling the 2nd trailer will mostly be previously released footage. Whedon likes to keep surprises.

  6. “I have an army.”

    “We have a Hulk.”



    • Gotta admit, that’s a pretty STRONG argument.

      Nothing in the ASM trailer made me grin from ear to ear or gave me goosebumps like seeing the group back to back.

  7. Both made me jump outta my computer chair. Equal epic for me :D

    • The Spidey trailer made me jump out of my chair, but The Avengers trailer was so epic, it made me FALL out of my chair ;)

  8. lovin both the trailers, but for me its the Avengers by a hair line, only because I’ve waited 4 yrs to see this super hero collaboration. the new spiderman does look like a good movie though, i was a big fan of the old movies so i think this will be same in terms of awesomeness, only thing thats bugging me about both movies is that the hulk is way to light green and does not have much detail and the lizard doesn’t have the best cgi, i hope in post production all these are fixed and they have months to do it. michael bay finished editing transformers 2 the day of its premier.

  9. Honestly, the Spiderman trailer doesn’t look that good. A lot of the lines were VERY cheesy… And I don’t know, it seems none of the actors seem that convincing. Denis Leary seems to be a little over-the-top with his part. I mean, seriously, even if someone insulted or suggested something less than flattering about my profession at the dinner table, I’m not just going to SNAP like he did, I’d probably laugh it off and suggest that the person who said it doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But in this it just makes it look like the “evil” cops and the “evil” police chief are just out for blood, for whatever reason… And the “mad scientist” just comes off as such a stereotypical… well… mad scientist it was actually comical when most of his lines were delivered. I like that they are sticking to the comic book about his web shooters, but that’s about it, everything else seems so forced. Even the school bullying, I’m sorry, but that angle has been done to death, and I don’t think it looks convincing in this one, it was more like an opportunity for him to show off his fighting skills to the school or something…

    I don’t know, to me the Spiderman trailer looks like it’s trying way too hard to look “gritty” and “dark.” And a lot of it just comes off pretty cheesy. Almost prefer the way they did the Tobey McGuire ones even though I really don’t like that actor…

      • Ah crap Hi-C, my bad, I keep forgetting I’m not allowed to have an opinion on here… Geez, thanks for clearing that up. What I meant was: “OMGZ de spidey movie lookz soooooo awsum, i cant wate!!!!!”

        • Phew, that was close! Glad you are seeing it “correctly ” now ;)

          • @mongoose

            Yah, I’m always glad when fellow commenters correct my deviant ways… :-)

              • @Hi-C

                What’s hilarious is the irony of your own ways. You say I don’t properly explain my opinion, when I clearly have. It seems others understood it fine, except you. Wonder why you’re the odd one out… Also ironic that your reply to me basically contains no explanation to why you’re objecting to my opinion on the trailer. So technically, the only person here criticizing without any real explanation is, you, yet you’re the one accusing me of it. Funny isn’t it? What is the saying, throwing rocks when you live in a glass house?

                Also, the original trilogy was cheesy, but it was meant to be cheesy. NONE of their trailers ever attempted to make the movie look realistic, dark, gritty, etc. They had Bruce Campbell in them as different characters each time for goodness sakes. How much more obvious do they have to make it that the movies are meant to be light-hearted? This on the other hand has this dark toned trailer, trying to make the Spiderman world look dark and gritty, then a few cheesy lines are thrown in, then back to dark and gritty, then we have the crazy mad scientist straight out of a cartoon, then back to dark and gritty, then the one-dimensional super angry evil police chief out for blood, then back to dark and gritty.

                Is this explanation simple enough for you this time? But hey, thanks for your time dude. :-)

                  • Hi-C, Ken J,

                    Don’t make me pull this website over!

                    Stop harping on each other, please.



    • I noticed that with Dennis Leary too. But then I realized that there are little kids at the table, and he was most likely talking to one of them. People tend to sound fake when they talk to little kids. Speaking of kids, who the heck were they anyway? Last I checked Gwen didn’t have any siblings or cousins in NYC.

      I’m not worried about Iffans or the bullying much. I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not.

      As for the tone of the trailer, people keep saying that this movie is “trying too hard to look “dark” and “gritty” “. However, Marc Webb said that he’s trying to keep it real in the sense that the relationships feel authentic and genuine, and also that the same is true of the individual characters. So I see an effort to achieve that, but honestly, the dialogue and the chemistry between Pete and Gwen doesn’t come off as trying to be anything “dark”. Same goes for Peter when he’s being Spider-man. My impression is that the tone is far from dark. It feels like a character study into a smart kid with a sense of humor to him. Someone who escapes the crappy situations he’s dealt by becoming a superhero, and who finds his life more complicated because of it.

      • @Levi

        Actually, you brought up an interesting point that I think actually works against the movie in my opinion. You’re right about the dialog, it doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be dark, but the way the trailer is shown, that’s definitely the tone it’s trying to set. So it actually kind of seems a bit in conflict with itself. And that was pretty jarring for me, and made some of those lines sound even cheesier than it would have if the mood of the entire trailer was a bit lighter. Like when Gwen says something like “I’m in trouble” I swear I practically broke out laughing, it just sounded so out of place and awkward in my opinion. And so did some other lines…

        But I mean, it doesn’t look terrible, just not really impressed by it. If this movie gets good reviews I will most likely go to see it. I’m not “against” it or anything per-se, would like it if it turns out to be a good movie…

        • Cool. I feel like the trailer was awesome in some ways, but a let down in others. It’s amazing what a night of rest will do to one’s opinion, lol. I enjoyed all of the Peter Parker dialogue. I wasn’t too worried when Gwen said “I’m in trouble”, but admittedly, I made the assumption that the line was taken out of context.

          But when I really think back on it, I agree that the dialogue wasn’t fitting to the tone of the trailer (at times). Rhys Iffans does come off as a mad scientist, and while I think that this can be a good thing, the way that the dialogue was edited into the trailer, it made the situation feel more hoaky than it was intended to be. i.e., when Dr. Conners says “If you want the truth Peter, come and get it.”

          Personally, I’m giving the film the benefit of the doubt. However, for a trailer that was supposed to overcome soooooo much antagonism from the general public, I think they should’ve been more mindful of the conflicts between the mood they were trying to set. Regardless, it seems that a lot of people have been won over anyway, and I’m happy for that.

          • Well, there has been so many times when the quality of a trailer and the quality of the movie does not match. So who knows, maybe I might not like this trailer but will love the movie. And same goes with movies with awesome trailers but turn out to be major let-downs, lol. We’ll see. I’m glad you’re able to read and comprehend my statements so far, makes for much more intellectual discussions rather than certain other people who I just kind of *sigh* when I see a response from because I know that I need to make things super simple in order for them to understand what I’m talking about. This is a breath of fresh air, believe me, lol. :-D

  10. Spider-man is winning me over, but The Avengers is gonna own. Hulk Smash!

  11. ” I’m here to talk to you about the avengers initiative.” Ever since those words were pronounced by Jackson I have been SOooo pumped for Avengers and the trailer has not let me down, “we have a hulk” nuff said but its also the EVENT that makes this film really exciting to me ! By the look of the trailer, Spidey looks like the better film to me. Why ? Because the most important thing for a movie is a good storie ! And ASM seems to have a great untold story ( in some ways ) , some good character development and yeah , some sick spidey action! I also always thought spidey was the perfect 3D film. Garfield looks fantastic.
    SO to me i’m going to go with spidey being the better film only because, for now, it seems to have a better script, story and actors.

    • Well, IMO, Avengers DEFINITELY has better actors and I also think Avengers will have the better script (it was written by JOSS WHEDON after all ;)).

      Thing is, we don’t really know much about Avengers’ story/plot so far, so it’s really hard to judge the movie by that standard.

  12. “We have a Lizard”
    “We Have a Hulk”

    • LMFAO!!!

    • lolxD.

    • HULK SMASH PUNY LIZARD MAN! (who-doesn’t-look-like-he-did-in-the-comics) ;)

  13. They both were absolutely Incredible. However, the rotating camera of the Avengers assembled, and getting ready to throw down, just made the Fan boy in me, just yell out one word: Legendary! Joss knew what he was doing when he shot that scene, most of all added it at the end of the trailer. Joss is a comic writer, and most importantly, a comic book fan himself. He knew that scene alone would get fans that satisfaction. I know it pleased me. This whole idea of an Avengers movie, is in my opinion, History in the making. Cause older fans’ that have been reading the Avengers comics(even recent fans)been waiting for this for a very long time. Just can not wait to see this film.

    PS: Quick shout out to The Amazing Spider-Man movie. I am also excited to see this movie as well. Cu dos to Marc Webb.

    • I like the way you think… :D

  14. ok who was the 1% that said they both look bad?!?

  15. In my opinion the reason Avengers appears to have no story is Whedon is keeping as much of it hidden as possible I’ll be surprised if we get a answer or proof of anything until May 4th

  16. I’m really looking forward to both, but I like rooting for the underdog. I’ve been pretty excited all this time with what I’ve seen, so it’s Spider-man for me.

  17. the spiderman looks down to earth and not so much like set piece as prieviouse films did, kinda like the old tim burton batman film compaire to the new. the avengers kinda looks to far out their but i will be seeing both. my opinion is spiderman is the summers best film,second batman,avengers,, and then prometeus.

  18. To be honest, Spiderman looks like it’s attempting a serious stab at a mythology, whereas The Avengers movie is attempting the ultimate in popcorn, punch the air rock and roll. A movie made for the fanboys by a fanboy. So I’m plumping for Avengers as my number two summer movie as TDKR will give me my fill of serious superhero mythology.

    I’m not dismissing the Spiderman reboot. I’m just not getting the toe tapping over it.

    • I agree. I think they’re two different types of superhero movies.

      Ultimately, while the same set of moviegoers will likely see both, to put them in a showdown and ask, “Which one looks better?” makes me feel like I’m comparing apples and oranges.

      Like you, Avengers comes off more as a superhero bonanza, the epitome of a summer popcorn flick. It won’t be too deep, there won’t be much of a story line (besides a generic good vs. evil one), and it will be up to the Avengers to save the world!

      Spider-Man seems like it’s taking more of the “gritty,” “edgy” and dramatic route, as laid down in Nolan’s Batman movies. It is yet another origin story, as opposed to Avengers, which is a culmination of the previous Marvel movies.

      So, having said all that, I guess I’m more interested in seeing how Spider-Man is, since there seems to be more of a focus on characters and emotion, rather than rollicking, popcorn-munching action.

  19. I love action movies, but if i had to pick only one i’d go see spider-man because it seems to have more of a story instead of looking like just one great big action romp (avengers) but like publisher said, it all depends on why you go to the movies

  20. These last two days have only reinforced my belief that both movies are premium theater entertainment.

    Avengers have the right director for story and ensemble cast with four movies that are better than good leading up to this movie.

    The Amazing Spider-Man has the right director to tell a more personal superhero movie and is using new camera technology. Which is evident in the trailer itself.

    The edge goes to The Avengers for the epic assembly of superhero characters and the actors playing them.

    Marvel Studios is taking the giant step to bring their characters to cinema live action life. Sony should thank their lucky stars for Marc Webb helming a Spider-Man movie, it will be very good!

    • Correction, five movies better than good leading up to the Avengers movie!

  21. Both look good. But it won’t matter in the end…

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  22. God, if I hear the phrase “popcorn” movie one more time, I’m gonna snap. Most pretentious sounding thing I’ve ever heard. How do you know Avengers won’t have a great story (Its been in the works for over 5 years)? A movie can’t be fun while also being a great movie? Plus it was a Super Bowl spot, its supposed to be loud and exciting to get people hyped. -END RANT- Anyway, can’t wait pumped for both!!!

    • Popcorn movie?
      (just testing ;) )

      • I think Captain America just went nuclear. :-D

    • I have to agree with you: I’m not a fan of the phrase “popcorn movie” either.

      I also dislike people saying “Avengers doesn’t seem to have such a good story as ASM and DKR” — because truth is: Whedon is keeping the story close to the chest. He’s not revealing everything straight away. This plot has been in the works for more than 4 years (chances are, it COULD be as mind blowing as Inception… and no, I’m NOT overreacting, it is a possibility.)

      We can’t (pre)judge the movie by how the good the story is going to be, because thing is, we know very little about the actual story.

      • Myself, I used the popcorn term in it’s most generic sense simply as a comparison to the Spiderman reboot. The Avengers will need to have a good story no matter what in order to justify the whole group getting put together (previous movies notwithstanding). If they all got together, ordered pizza whilst talking about reality TV shows for 30 minutes and then all of a sudden an invasion happened, it would be fair to say a lot of people would be a tad unhappy.

        A better way of saying it would be, Joss knows what the fans want. They want their superheroes they’ve grown up with doing their superhero thing and looking damn cool doing it. I’m all for it. My ideal scenario would be the pacing of the 1st Indy movie for 2 hours, with the 3rd act starting off with the 360 and then 30-45 minutes of (to quote myself) ‘punch the air rock and roll’.

        Rock on :)

  23. Really? My comment got deleted because I said D*Bag? Seriously? Sorry hope I didn’t horribly offend someone with my graphic language.

    • Well Considering it says this in bold —> “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.” and a good amount of users here are probably young kids, I’d say it just means the staff here are doing there jobs well.

    • @Captain America – It wasnt deleted, just awaiting moderation – which I have done with a slight edit. Dont get all worked up.

      Paul Young

      • Oh ok my bad. Yesterday was kind of a bad day for me so I just overreacted.

        • Captain America,

          Happens to everyone once in a while.


  24. i think amazing spider man will benefit from the fact that it is released in a summer filled with Avengers and Dark Knight Rises.

    both the latter two movies have an incredible amount of hype to live up to, so there is something different about watching those movies when you are really hoping it meets your expectations and lives up to the “epic” nature that was promised.

    the amazing spiderman, however, hasn’t had as much hype around it, so i think it will benefit from audience members going in not really knowing what to expect or without having real grandiose, several-movie spanning expectations and hopes that need to be met.

    either way, its a good time to be a comic book fan haha

  25. Avengers by far. Spidey gives me a serious “been there, seen that” vibe.

    • Interesting, because I feel the other way around.

      Avengers just seems like a typical summer popcorn flick. It could very well still be a fun, mindless time at the movies, but it just seems like a wall-to-wall action flick full of quips and big action sequences. It may have more big names in it, but that’s the only difference.

      • Haha. You need to start reading comics dude…

      • The only reason the trailers have been so packed with action is because Whedon doesn’t want to reveal the whole friggin plot straight away (which is what most trailers do these days).

        Trailers are meant to attract audiences, not to make it unnecessary to go watch the movie because you saw everything you needed to see in the trailer.

  26. Spiderman has been done, The Avengers will be number one for me this summer.

  27. I think Spider-Man should have been in the Avengers. That would had been epic!

    • Nah, he should just make a cameo. Give us some witty one liner here and there when least expected.

  28. Avengers, but the new spidey looks better now. That lizard eye close up, was that one of conner’s many lab specimens? or was that a later stage conners as lizard? I hope conners mutates as the film progresses so by the end he looks like Todd McFarlane’s version, the hulking mass of teeth and tail. And will there be other lizard men?

  29. Is this a real question? It’s The Avengers of course. It’s been building up for the last 5 years.