‘Avengers’ vs. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

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The Avengers Amazing Spider Man Trailer Discussion Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

[UPDATE: We posted this a few weeks back, but with a new full-length Avengers trailer hitting the Web, it’s only fair we give superhero fans a second round of consideration. Let the fanboy debates begin (again)!]

This week has brought us two big superhero movie trailers, with The Avengers Super Bowl trailer sending fans into frenzy, followed by the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer - which has come out of the gate (literally) swinging, and managed to overcome some of the negative opinion that the reboot was initially facing.

In fact, The Amazing Spider-Man has impressed so much that we’ve begun to hear whispers here and there that the Spider-Man trailer did a better job than The Avengers Super Bowl trailer, and ultimately made the Spider-Man reboot look like the better movie.

We know fightin’ words when we hear them, so we thought we’d open up the debate to you, the readers, and let you hash out which Marvel Superhero film looks like the better bet at this point.

Of course, before we can debate anything we have to have a recap of both The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man trailers, to get an accurate sense of what directors Joss Whedon (Serenity) and Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) are going for with their respective films.

Oddly enough,  neither Whedon nor Webb is what you’d initially expect in a big-budget superhero movie director; and yet, both of these films look to be successful and exciting interpretations of the comic book source material. But while both have their merits (and, inevitably, their weaknesses), we’re not here to offer universal praise – the question is: Which film looks BETTER to you?

The easy answer is, of course, The Avengers. After all, it’s not just a film, it’s an event - the culmination of years of fan loyalty and Marvel Studios movies. Did you see the rotating shot of of Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye? How about when Hulk caught a falling Iron Man out of  the air? What can beat that? It’s pure epicness.

Then again, we still know very little about what kind of story The Avengers is going to offer. With a recycled villain in the form of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and alien hordes possibly landing on Earth’s doorstep… so far, the film seems to be hinging on witty character banter and visual iconography. Beyond that much, we haven’t seen much.

avengers super bowl093 570x320 Avengers vs. Amazing Spider Man: Marvel Movie Trailer Showdown [Updated]

Amazing Spider-Man, on the other hand, seems to be hinging on character and story – but this new trailer proves that it is not lacking in the action department, either. Still, some of the effects (read: The Lizard) aren’t 100% stellar, and the film is going to be a different approach to the character for those moviegoers who didn’t read Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-Man comics in the early 2000s. That new flavor might not go down well with everyone.

Then again, the richer storyline, more complex characters – brought to life by some gifted performers – and some surprisingly sweet Spider-Man action… Suffice to say, as a standalone film, ASM has potential (not proven, but suggested) to be just as fulfilling a movie experience as The Avengers.

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The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4, 2012.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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  1. It is the year of the comic gods.
    New Spidy looks decent, and I like how its character development is looking fresh. I never wanted a reboot, but now I can’t wait.
    Avengers is simply awe inspiring. I dare anyone not to get a tingle when you see them all with their backs together in defiance.
    And of course we have TDKR.
    It’s all looking good so far. Only a full viewing of each will tell me otherwise.
    The tough part now is managing our own expectations. Too easy to disrespect a good a film for not being great. They all look good, and I will be thrilled if they turn out great!

  2. i wish SR would have just made a separate article for this trailer, oh well. In the article about the 1st screening reaction, some “knucklehead” supposedly said “Whedon’s eye isn’t as cinematic as it should be”, now, based on the 3 trailers we’ve seen, HOW, exactly, did someone say that? especially after this last trailer (and, that note about not focusing on the hulk so much, that was obviously a red herring!) it looks pretty cinematic to me! But, what do i know, i’m just your average, middle-age, still reads the occasional comic book, likes superhero flicks, movie-goer, not some over-paid hollywood executive who only looks at marketing results.
    “Awesome! totaly awesome”- J. Spicoli

    • There is a separate article.

  3. is natalie portman, gwyneth paltrow, don cheadle, and some asgardians gonna be in this movie? or at least have their characters get a nod? i know cap america’s friends are all dead, and the hulk has none. hopefully they have an interesting way to bridge the gaps between each heroes movie( and lifestyle) and this movie, not only bridging the gap between each individual hero.

  4. is natalie portman, gwyneth paltrow, don cheadle, and some asgardians gonna be in this movie? or at least have their characters get a nod? i know cap america’s friends are all dead, and the hulk has none. hopefully they have an interesting way to bridge the gaps between each heroes movie( and lifestyle) and this movie, not only bridging the gap between each individual hero

    to put it better – i hope they show that the heroes’ relationships with their significant others still exist and not only with each other, even if just for a minute or two

    • According to IMDB, Gwyneth Paltrow will be it but I don’t see Natalie Portman, Don Cheadle or any Asgardians (you meant Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jaime Alexander & co. right?) anywhere on the list. It’s probably a good thing as they already have such a large, star-studded (i.e. costly) cast.

    • Asgardian stuff will probably be reserved for Thor 2, since Avengers already has so many characters and so much story to fit into one film. Asking for more is asking for trouble.

  5. @ bean

    According to IMDB site, Gwyneth Paltrow is listed in the cast. But not sure if that’s true though cause this site nor any other site i heard of her or any other actor/actress making a appearance from the solo films other Peter Skarsgard reprising his role from Thor which has been confirmed.

    • IMDB is a terrible source of info.

      But Paltrow herself said there’s a chance that she’ll have a cameo in the movie. Don Cheadle (War Machine) also said that. As well as Jamie Alexander (Sif) and Neal McDonough (Dum Dum).

      The thing is, as far as I’ve been able to gather, Marvel Studios doesn’t let anyone know about the cameo until the very last minute (even the actors have no clue until a short time before they have to do the scene)

      • Cheadle said he won’t be in Avengers.

        • He never said he won’t have a cameo… Only that he won’t be part of the cast. (I believe in an interview, after the one where he said “I’m not gonna be in this one”, he said he might have an appearance. Think it was over at MTV’s splashpage where I read it…)

          Anyway, you don’t need Cheadle to have War Machine. It could just be a cameo where, for a few seconds, we see WM helping to beat up some of those aliens in the sky…

  6. I meant Stellan Skarsgard.

  7. The Avengers trailer looks epic and is one of the best so far.

    Where The Amazing Spiderman trailer is kind of weak compare to The Avengers but still I wish both movies turn out to be great movies and have great success in the summer.

  8. Watching ultimate avengers felt like a preview to the avengers movie watching fury find cap then trying to recruit them for the avengers starks aragance the trust issues with cap being appointed leader by fury the attack from the chitarie and finally the avengers finally working together against not only the chitarie but also the hulk was just really great to see again after not seeing this since its release in 2006.

    • Your sentence is really long.

      • Wow. It was, do you have OCD and have to make sure of a persons grammar?

        • OCD? No. I assume that if people are posting comments on a site, it’s because they want people to read what they have to say, and want to share ideas.

          Since most people give up reading something when it goes for two lines and doesn’t break into sentences or coherent thoughts, it seemed like a good idea to point it out.

          If he’s writing on the site, he wants people to read it…people won’t read it if it’s one sentence that’s 10 lines long. It’s like trying to listen to an auctioneer going 300 words per minute. I’m helping him out by pointing it out :)

          • I am the same way Ken. I really try not to be a part of the grammar police, but sometimes I cant help it. We have gotten so lazy with all the text-speak shorthand that sometimes it’s hard to figure out what someone is trying to say. Those buttons are on a keyboard for a reason. Use them people!

    • You know, even Darth Vader used punctuation marks. 8-)

      • Nobody is perfect just saying.

  9. Kofi why do you keep comparing these two movies? You already know 87% of people are automatically going to vote for Avengers right off the bat. I’m equally excited for both movies but they can’t be compared. The Avengers has been hyped up since 2008 and has 5 tie-in movies that preceded it. ASM is an origin story reboot. Why compare them? They’re both going to be awesome but in their own respects.

    • @stoopid

      5,000 Retweets should tell you all you need to know about why I compare them – people are interesting in discussing the comparison.

  10. when i saw the avengers and i watched the previews and the spiderman preview came and i realized there was going to be an avengers 2 i was hit with a crazy idea but it would be awesome this idea is: what if spiderman is in the avengers 2

    • Oh dear, here we go again. Looks like Screen Rant needs to repost that article about what movie studio owns what comic book characters…