‘The Avengers’ Aliens — A List of (Un)usual Suspects

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Who Are The Aliens in The Avengers The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

There’s been much discussion and debate regarding the so-called “aliens” of The Avengers – otherwise known as Loki’s army – which we’ve so far seen only glimpses of via trailers and TV spots. Initial speculation almost exclusively revolved around Marvel’s most famous aliens, the Skrulls and the Kree, but both of those races were nixed by producer Kevin Feige and director Joss Whedon.

In the most recent TV spot, entitled “Head Count,” we got our best, clearest look at the aliens yet.

Check out the gifs below, courtesy of Superhero Hype:

Avengers Aliens Gif The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

Alien and Hulk Gif The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

Unfortunately, the glimpses have done little to narrow down our list of alien suspects – and have, perhaps, even extended it a bit.


Ord/The Breakworld Aliens

Ord Alien from Astonishing X Men The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

In a webisode of Marvel’s The Watcher, a Lego representative referred to a bad guy in The Avengers as the alien horde (at the 3:50 mark) – but many a comic book fan thought he said “alien Ord.”

Ord was an alien from Breakworld, created by Joss Whedon, that showed up in his acclaimed run on Astonishing X-Men, so it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that Whedon would use Ord’s race as secondary bad guys in his own film. Not likely, of course, but totally possible.


The Badoon

The Badoon Aliens in The Avengers The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

The Badoon are an obscure reptilian race of alien conquerors, older than both the Skrulls and the Kree. That’s just a vague enough back-story to work with what we’ve seen of the aliens in The Avengers, who have a slightly greenish hue and lizard-like eyes.


Beta Ray Bill/The Korbinites

Beta Ray Bill Korbinites Avengers Aliens The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

The alien in the (above) picture certainly has a horse-face quality about him, which immediately brings to mind fan-favorite Beta Ray Bill – the first non-Norse character to be deemed worthy of picking up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.  Bill was a member of the Korbinite alien race, so is it possible that these creatures are the Korbinites, thus leading to the introduction of Beta Ray in Thor 2?

The only problem with that theory is that Bill was the only member of the race to have a horse-face – the rest of the Korbinites were essentially orange humanoids. Still, one presumes that, for simplicity’s sake, the filmmakers would drop that aspect of the character’s back-story and make all the Korbinites horse-faces.


The Sons of the Muspell

This was a theory put forth by Brendon Connelly of Bleeding Cool and, frankly, it’s one that has a lot of merit. In Walt Simonson’s Surtur Saga storyline, during his run on Thor, The Sons of Muspell (demons from Muspellheim – one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology) were transported into New York City via a portal near the top of the Empire State Building. They then proceeded to attack the city, as Marvel supervillains are known to do.

Click to enlarge:

Sons of Muspell Aliens Avengers 258x430 The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

The images in the comic book are certainly reminiscent of what we’ve seen in the trailers for The Avengers. Now, you might be saying: “But if these creatures are from Norse mythology, doesn’t that make them not aliens – thus disqualifying them from a list of alien suspects?”

Well, if you watched Thor, then you know there’s no real difference between aliens and the Norse mythological beings of the Marvel movie universe. Thor himself is an alien. With a horse. (An alien horse?) So, too, would these Sons of Muspell be aliens, if indeed they’re in The Avengers.


Is that Thanos’ head-gear?

Thanos Alien Avengers The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

Internet speculators have already commented on the resemblance between the alien’s head-gear (up top) and Thanos the Mad Titan’s head-gear (above). While the alien looks nothing like Thanos in any other respect and is almost definitely not the Avatar of Death himself, could these aliens be tied to him somehow?

After all, there has been many a rumor about Thanos’ connection to the forthcoming Avengers film — and the Cosmic Cube in particular. His famed Infinity Gauntlet even made an appearance in Thor.



Chitauri Avengers Aliens The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

Arguably, if these aliens aren’t the Skrulls, they could still be the Ultimate universe versions of the Skrulls, A.K.A. the Chitauri — right? But remember what Joss Whedon said about the aliens in question:

“The Skrulls – they can shape change. That’s a whole thing. I’ve already got Loki. He’s got magic. Once you got magic along with your Iron Man and your Black Widow – it’s a real juggling act.”

Hence, throwing shape-changing aliens into the mix would be way too much for one film. So if these aliens do end up being called the Chitauri, then they’ll be a Chitauri that doesn’t shape-change, and therefore a Chitauri in name only.


Honestly, I’ve no idea who these aliens are. If I had to guess, I’d put money on either the Badoon – who look and act vaguely enough like the creatures we’ve seen onscreen – or the Sons of Muspell – who have essentially done the things in the comic books that we’ve already seen in the trailers (plus, they tie directly into Loki’s background). Of course, there’s always the possibility that these aliens have been made up specifically for the film and have no connection to any preexisting characters.

Alien Leviathon in The Avengers The Avengers Aliens    A List of (Un)usual Suspects

Frankly, whatever/whomever these aliens are revealed to be, I think fans are going to be disappointed. Not with the movie itself, obviously, but specifically with the alien reveal. It’s becoming more and more apparent that whatever race Joss Whedon and company are using, it’s going to be obscure to all but Marvel’s most ardent fans, and maybe not even then.

But what do you think, Screen Ranters? Which of these alien options – or any options we missed – are going to appear in The Avengers, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments and the poll below:

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The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.


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Source: Superhero Hype & Bleeding Cool

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  1. The Korbinites, I’m going with that. It opens the world up for Beta Ray Bill, and the cosmic arena like they are wanting to do.

  2. That’s a tough one to call. As epic as this movie will be, maybe all of this is just to lead up to an even more epic sequel. Marvel always reveals something after the ending credits…

    • That’s exactly why I think it will be minions of Thanos. It would be awesome if there was a scene after the credit featuring Thanos…

      • You know, I could almost see this, since the Infinity Gauntlet was seen bopping around in there someplace, in one of the Marvel flicks…

  3. Whomever they are they definitely look like what they are — CGI.
    Hopefully the final product will look a lot better on the big screen.

    • That still shot is a 1/1,000 of a second shot. You will not even be able to discern THIS much detail in live action.

      • I was referring to the motion video not still.

  4. Hulk spinning back fist FTW

  5. just want to see the film :)

  6. I can not believe we are 5 weeks out (bought my IMAX experience 3D midnight ticket today!) and this has yet to be leaked. How many other movies have that kind of lockdown? They couldn’t even keep Liam Neeson’s role a secret for TDKR!

    • Dude we pretty much knew that Liam Neeson was gonna be in TDKR since they cast Josh Pence to play a younger version of Ra’s.

      • Are you calling the dark knight rises not locked down? We barely know anything. Only that and prometheus is locked down

        • Its must easier to keep a full cgi character locked down. Its impossible for paparazzi to miss liam neeson going on set.

  7. Im going with minions of Thanos, hopefully that’ll set him up for the sequel in the after credits scene and then go with the masters of evil for the end of the trilogy

  8. the one thing that annoys me already about this film is that scuffle between Tony and Thor, is with Thor’s superior speed and strength, there’s no way he could take a beating from Tony

    • I won’t spoil it for you, but it will be explained in the movie.

    • Also remember that Tony made the thor buster armor, he made the hulk buster, you name a bad guy or situation and tony has some device or armor to over come it. In the movie tony made an element, a freaking new element!!!!!! in about a day or so, you don’t think he can make something that could hurt thor, even after we saw him get hurt by other things such as the frost giants, the destroyer and what not?

      • He re-discovered the element, he didn’t create it. But I agree with the rest of what you are saying.

  9. To further build on the “Sons of Muspell” theory”, in the beginning of this trailer you see a “portal” forming above the Empire State Building. Or something like that. I was thinking the Phalanx up until this trailer.

  10. So I don’t know when the exact article was, but one of the top Marvel officials once asked “Who said they were aliens?”

    • Well, at this point, those officials have said that they were aliens. So. Yeah.

  11. It is none of these. They ARE Skrulls. The thing is, they don’t call them Skrulls in this movie. Its a new version because of some lawsuit issue so they had to change the name and appearance. They are now called The Redacted. They still shapeshift….O did I mention they were given to Loki from THANOS???? Red Skull is also in this movie. Loki and Red Skull split 6 of the infinity gems between each other. They stole them from Thanos. Thanos finds out and ends up having the Redacted try and kill Loki…..O yea SPOILER ALERT… Almost forgot :)

    • That’s okay. You don’t have to say SPOILER ALERT for stuff you’ve just made up…

      • Haha.

    • Sounds Reasonable. lol

  12. its the skrulls, the scene where tony and thor fight one of them is a shape shifted skrull

    • The director mentioned there will be no Skrulls.

      • The reason they fight is b/c Stark & Evans just caught Loki. And Thor, not learning any lesson from the previous film, lunges into battle against them.

  13. You forgot about Dark Elves, which ties directly into the Asgardian mythology.

  14. Looks like it could be some new amalgamation of aliens from over the decades that won’t tie them down to any one plot line going forward. Due to the fact they have too much source material to draw from as far as this goes they may be trying to create something new that has some connection to what they have done in their movies so far.

    • Mongoose, Mongoose, Mongoose…

      Re: The Sons of Muspell (and the others, too) — Thor was also an actual god in the comics and the Red Skull did not have the Super Soldier serum running through his veins.

      The point I’m making is, you’re saying none of these are applicable because they don’t perfectly precisely exactly fit into the pegs created by the comics, but when has that ever been the case with superhero films?

      • Well we can only use the tools at our disposal with a bit of deductive reasoning to try and figure out what they are. That pretty much means the comics since we can’t read the minds of those who created them to know what they may or may not have changed.

        Regardless of deviation from the source material in these superhero movies they do at least try to get the generalities right (well most of the time ;) )

        So could they have just taken random alien Marvel race, twisted it to their own ends and just used them? Absolutely, but for a movie this big, with so much riding on it, I would HOPE they would use a modicum of common sense and not try and change things too much and work with the source material if possible.

        • But Thor is already an alien in the movies, yes? His “magic” is, by his own admission, just really advanced technology, and the ancient peoples of Norway just made up the Norse mythology around the occasional visits of the “gods.” So it stands to reason that the Sons of Muspell, for example, might not be exactly like they were in the comics. That they might, instead of being magic/fire-based, be technological in nature.

            • @Mongoose, Agreed, only during Ragnorak is when the sons of Surtur or Muspelheim should ever appear and they are fire demons, sort of an opposite contrast of the frost giants who are “energy wielders of ice or cold energy” while fire demons are “wielders of fire energy” who both have actual fire or ice melded into their physical make up. Like you said though, there is a thin line when explaining Asgard but Asgard is very similar to the world of “M.O.T.U”(Masters of The Universe) within the Marvel Universe(not Norse Mythology) of how machinery(tech) and magic are both incorporated into their sciences, however the other realms, not so much BUT “Nidavellir”(realm of the dwarves) is also machine and magic based.

            • I think if I had to guess, yeah, I would say that these things are related to the Sons of Muspell or adapted in some way from Simonson’s Surtur Saga. But there’s obviously no race from the comics that are dead ringers for the things in these trailers. If there were, they would’ve been spotted by now. That leads me to believe that the film has taken some creative liberties with whatever it is that’s being adapted.

      • And just so you know, “You people need to do research” was not referring to you Ben, you did your homework and presented possible options. You even tempered many of them yourself with reasons why they didn’t make sense. It was more for those who just blindly accept what they read (or didn’t seemingly comprehend) and picked an option.

        • Ah — well, I appreciate that, Mongoose.

    • YES(!), mongoose…

      I was wondering why no one else had mentioned Hela…

  15. Other, look more like undead forces like the ones in Hel, and loki has always been an ally to Hela (the ruler of Hel)

    So I say other.

    • That’s cuz Hel is Loki’s daughter in Norse Mythology, along with Fenris wolf and the Midgard serpent…I’m going with some form of Raganrok…

      • …ops, apologies to you two right after my above comment…

  16. It will be the ones who can project energy blasts from their eyes.. don’t know who does this yet!

  17. i’m not a die hard marvel fan so idk alot about the alien races etc, so this wont really bother me, what would though is them just slapping them in without a proper explanation, cool battle scenes only make sense if you explain the characters and what their purpose is in the battle, not just throwing them in there b/c you had nothing else to showcase (which in this case they have a ton of villains they could have bought on screen to expand on in solo movies if need be).

  18. DISAPPOINTED?! What do mean fans will be disappointed?! We’re still excited as ever!!

    • I just have a feeling that the revelation of the aliens’ identity won’t be the big deal the fans have made it out to be.

      • Agree. The focus is on Loki & The Avengers. The aliens are henchmen for the most part.

  19. just give them HULK he`ll take care of all of them

  20. all i really want to see next is The Leader who was created in the hulk solo film. so maybe a hulk sequel after this?

    • nice to see someone else picking up on that ‘easter egg’ (for a lack of better description), i really hope he becomes an avengers villain b/c the hulks we’ve seen thus far (in the movies) dont have the intellectual capacity to deal with a super genius villain, that job should be reserved for the avengers.

      • Apparentaly The Leader is dealt with in the prelude “Fury’s Big Week” should check that out :) Available on the marvel comics app store or at you local comic book store (issue 1 &2 are only out at the moment but all will be out intime for the film)

        • really hope thats not “official” cannon. Leader deserves a big screen debut.

    • There seem to be a lot of Leader fans out there! =)

      • the character in the movie is a genius comparably to banner, his encounter with banners is what causes him to become the leader, so it makes perfect sense for him to either be the main villain in hulk 2 or to be the main villain in avengers 2.

        • Did you guys forget about the “Disir”?? Please look them up

          • Yup I have to say we have a winner! But there should only be a few I think 3? I could be wrong but either way 99% its them.

    • I agree but if the Hulk is to fight the Leader, I would like to see them do the Gray Hulk. I would love to see some Mr. Fixit action but they would probably find that too cheesy. I really liked The Hulk animated series take on the Gray Hulk. He would get mad and Grey Hulk would come out. Then he would get seriously pissed and turn Green. It would make for a great movie when paired against the Leader.

  21. I thought beta ray bill was Sarah Jessica Parker Haha

    • Nice

  22. They are the “Disir”

    • And I quote, “The Dísir are shade-like wraiths, having a mist-shrouded lower body, but with extremely large oversized sharp teeth.”

      These things are definitely not female, don’t have oversized sharp teeth and do have visible lower bodies.

  23. Corbomite manuver

    • Those are pretty much full face masks. Dark Elves, like any elves are notoriously good looking. Plus the creatures in the movie aren’t wearing masks.

  24. The aliens in the trailer do NOT have a lizard face. Look at the nose–it’s horse-like. Definitely Korbinites!!! Great job!!!

    • I said the EYES are lizard-like. Man, people, read the words!

    • Beta Ray Bill in NOT representative of what the Korbinites look like.

      “Beta Ray Bill’s life force and consciousness were transferred by scientists of his race into the body of an alien carnivorous equine-like beast that had been bionically restructured into a cyborg.”

      THAT is why he looks different from the rest of his race. Also lets not forget that the Korbinites are a peaceful race and would thus never be pawns of Loki.

      a little research ftw.

      • @Mongoose, I’m very impressed by your research and not jumping straight to a final conclusion on who these creatures may be(as some people have done) and making a very logical reason to why they most likely are not “so and so”. The most likely thing is that these creatures may have a connection with Thanos but even that could be wrong. However, judging by the body shapes, looks and movements of these creatures, it does indeed look as though at there are at least two different species here, but still that could be wrong too but for some reason I doubt that.

        Could theses creatures that look like Korbinites be a hybrid or genetically enhanced creatures that may have also been given the same gene manipulation that was done to Beta Ray Bill that made him look that way(would be a great segway to Beta Ray Bill)? Genetically enhanced soldiers is a very common thing especially in the cosmic or space realm. All I know is I can’t wait to find out!

  25. my gues is that these aliens are not same ones that are riding on air bikes, probably two races are involeved.

  26. On a side note, if it happens that we get Korbinites/Beta Ray Bill! I’ll be impressed with Marvel.