‘Avengers’ Crosses $600 Million Mark at U.S. Box Office

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The Avengers Box Office Avengers Crosses $600 Million Mark at U.S. Box Office

Marvel Studios continues to have monumental success with their big screen adaptation of The Avengers. The movie crossed the $100 million mark in its second weekend of release, while also crossing the $1 billion worldwide mark 19 days after its first opening overseas. Now, we can chalk up yet another record: The Avengers has made $600 million at the U.S. domestic box office, and has achieved a global haul of $1,438.3 million (or 1.4 billion dollars), ranking it as the 3rd highest-grossing film of all time (behind James Cameron’s Avatar and Titanic).

For those keeping count: This also means that Avengers has unseated The Dark Knight as the highest-grossing comic book movie ever.

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing regardless of the genre.

    Congrats to Marvel and to Whedon and all involved.

    Also, Kofi/ You mentioned Black Panther twice on Page 2, little heads up there :)

    • Actually it was Black Panther and Black Panthe. There’s a difference :D

      • I’m prety sure he meant to say Thor 2 instead of repeating Black Panther.

  2. An amazing feat for a comic book movie. Congrats to Marvel and the folks at Disney for the brilliant marketing.

  3. Thor 2 is also missing on Phase 2.

  4. This is incorrect: “The movie crossed the $100 million mark in its second weekend of release”.

    • It’s second weekend it made 100.3 million. Total it was much higher though.

  5. That’ll do Marvel… that’ll do :D

  6. Even adjusting for ticket price inflation The Avengers now tops The Dark Knight.
    On that scale thought Titanic remains well ahead of Avatar on the all-time list.

  7. Okay they did it now will DC and Warner Brothers get on the ball with the JLA.

    • i completely agree.

  8. A great movie that deserves this level of box office. Note to all future comic book filmmakers: 3 dimensional characters that drive the storyline make the movie.

  9. Way to go Marvel and Joss Whedon, this was an amazing movie! Best movie so far this year!

  10. Bravo, Marvel.
    I don’t see another Comicbook movie/team up movie making this much ever again. If they ever get a JLA off the ground, I bet it will make quite a bit of money but not this much. That’s not because of marvel vs DC, its just that Marvel beat everyone to the punch with this type of movie.

    • I don’t know about “ever again”. I do think it’ll take some time before another comic book movie surpasses Avengers’ gross, but I’m sure we’ll see another record breaker in due time…

      • Yeah, at least another month. ;)

    • I can definitely see Avengers 2 and Avengers 3 breaking the records if they play their cards right.

      • I think it is going to be really difficult. We are about to see an even bigger market for Comic Book movies. I think it can be done but the movies leading up to Avengers 2 or 3 have to be gems to keep the general audiences attention and want them to check out big team up movies. I think the Dark Knight did so well because the word of mouth was great with Batman Begins and ppl finally checked it out and decided to see DK. Anyways, doesn’t matter to me, just keep producing a great product and I will buy.

        • When July 20 hits…watch out. A tsunami is coming and it ain’t taking prisoners.

          • yep

  11. In my wildest dreams I never thought this movie would do this well.

  12. Congrats Marvel and everyone involved. I knew this movie was gonna break records, take that Dark Knight, next stop Titanic

  13. Awesome just awesome. Congrats Whedon and everyone involved on making this epic!!!! and awesome!!!! movie that is the avengers.

  14. I’m going to be honest: The Avengers was one of the top 3, if not THE BEST superhero movie ever and a full-on cinematic event. It’s the only movie I’ve ever been to where people clapped at the end– and not one person, I’m talking the whole audience. Yes, films like The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2 were awesome, but The Avengers had the perfect amount of action, special effects, humor, characterization, and outstanding fanboy moments. I loved this film, and it proved that comic book films don’t have to be dark and depressing to be highly enjoyable.

    • @ Jakob997

      Agreed. Samething happend at the theater i was at where people clapped at the end & laughed at Hulk’s line to Loki that i couldn’t hear what all he said & it wasn’t even opening night or a mid-night showing. It was the 6th night since it’s debut i was able to see it because, it sold out on the weekend i planned to go on. I too agree with your last sentance.

  15. What’s amusing to me personally is today I was just at an used book store today that had some comic book bins and there was a GIRL, about 16 years old, checking out old Avengers comics. No doubt because she just saw the movie.

    When I was a kid I never once saw a girl checking an Avengers comic out (in all my years going to comic book stores, I’ve only seen a total of one girl customer and about three lady customers). These movies are doing a fantastic job of broadening the appeal of these superheroes.

    Now if only current comic books would get better.

    • You’d be surprised at how Manga and Anime has had a huge effect on female comic reading, not just the movies. Games have played a large part too.

  16. *gasp* did this article just suggest that part of the reason for TDK’s success was the publicity from Heath Ledger’s death??? BLASPHEMOUS!! Rise Nolanites, the time is now to attack!!!


    Anyway, I saw The Avengers 3 times in theaters, so I guess I helped contribute to it, even if it’s just 0.0000000028%, but whatever, lol.

    • @ Ken J

      Im afraid it did. What’s that saying for those need to learn? The Truth Hurts?

      I broke my movie going experience record by seeing the film 5 times,lol. Well i saw it free 3 times because I bought 90′s Ironman complete series, and two volume sets of The Avengers:EMH on dvd. Besides that i saw it with friends in 2D & 3D.

  17. Lol Nolanites will never admit that!

    • @ pawn65


  18. I didn’t know that The Avengers was still showing in theaters at this time. Usually a movie will play in theaters for only a month and a half, or two months max.

  19. Now if only Marvel could get the rights for T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and do a film on them! That would be great! I do not know if DC, Marvel, or someone else has the rights currently, but definitely something to look into! For those who don’t remember the old Wally Woods comics, heroes included Dynamo, Noman, Menthor, Lightning, and The Thunder Squad. Villains included Andor and The Iron Maiden, among others. It was kind of like super-heroes and super-villains meet The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with world-dominion techno-thriller stuff thrown in for good measure. Great comics back in the 60s and very early 70s, as I recall! Lot of potential there, just ripe for the movie-making!

  20. Yes it’s the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time but it’s the biggest overrated movie of all time.

    • since you are here, i guess somewhere, a bridge is without its troll.

      • You are calling me a troll because I made a negative comment about the avenger. That’s so childish, I won’t lower myself to your level to Insult you

    • Well it’s your opinion, but it’s definitely a minority opinion. The movie has been well received by both critics and moviegoers…not just the fan boys. I personally thought it was the best comic book movie I have ever seen and I enjoyed every minute of it.

      • @ Andy S

        Not you, myself included believing it was the CBM to date. I loved it from beginning to end.

  21. $600 million and counting…Marvel Studios has plenty of coin and no more excuses. Give us a Black Panther trilogy.

  22. It’s a brilliant achievement and everyone at Marvel Studios should be fully congratulated. I admit I was sceptical, when the 1st Iron Man 2008 hinted at the prospect (for some reason I felt the Justice League would be more suited to a live action adaptation) But it goes to show that if time is taken with proper preparation , then you can be rewarded with great success.

    I honestly think that with the same approach applied , then Avenges 2 could certainly outgross the original and maybe even challenge Avatar’s US gross of $760 million. It does all depend on how they treat the individual projects in this ‘Phase 2′. The overall quality and success of Iron Man 3 , Thor 2 and Captain America will determine on how far Avengers 2 can go.

  23. U mean 2nd day of release

  24. Marvel Studios/Disney work has payed off as i felt they would. I feel they will continue that great work thru Phase Two of their cinematic universe. Congraduations to Marvel/Disney, Joss Whedon & the directors who’ve been involved aswell the actors. They all earned the sence of accomplishment in their efforts.

  25. As much as I’m rooting for TDKR to do well I just can’t imagine it topping what The Avengers has done. I won’t be surprised if it reaches #4 on the international and domestic charts but The Avengers has a firm grip on #3 IMO.
    More than anything I hope this sends a message to all studios that we’ve had enough of half baked 1 note CBM. There are quality stories to tell and the films should be made by talented filmmakers. I hope the days of a CBM being souly concerned with selling toys are over. You can sell just as many toys if you have a great film behind it.

  26. Now. While the Avengers broke the weekend opening record by hitting $207,438,708 in one weekend, its not that great of a feat when compared to Spider-Man 3 when adjusting for inflation (inflation does not include 3D ticket prices, which wasn’t even available when Spider-Man 3 came out).

    Spider-man 3 made $151,116,516 its opening weekend. This was at an average ticket price of $6.88.
    The Avengers made $207,438,708 its opening weekend. This was at an Average ticket price of $7.92 (inflation does not include 3D ticket prices, which wasn’t even available when Spider-Man 3 came out).
    Now if you adjust for inflation, the Avengers made $180,199,281 at the same average ticket price of Spider-Man 3

    So this means that The Avengers technically only made $29,082,765 more than Spider-Man 3 for its opening weekend. Again, this does not reflect 3D tickets sales at all.
    So it takes 8 of the biggest Marvel characters (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Nick fury, Hawk Eye, Black Widow) plus the entire most famous/popular entity in Marvel comics (S.H.I.E.L.D.) to beat Spider-man by only 4.25 million viewers (Los Angeles county on its own has a populous of 9.83 million)

    Now, I know this is total gross and not just opening weekend we are talking about here. But my point is that Spider-Man 3 was on track to do Amazing numbers, hadnt the movie sucked royally. If you look at its weekly sales, it drops off massively way at the beginning because of people getting word of its awfulness.

    And im not saying that Amazing Spider-Man will top the Avengers sales, i know it wont, but I’m pointing this out to people that keep doubting that Spider-Man will bring in big numbers. We will see big opening weekend numbers for sure and if the movie is as good as reviews are saying it is, then it will have a consistent cash flow im sure.

    • @Law

      I, for one, admire your effort with this. However, adjusting for inflation and controlling for 3-D in order to normalize box office results is rife with flawed methodology.

      To wit, one could argue that global piracy has increased in the last five years— thus nullifying your core argument.

      One thing I will agree with is that the online genre community has not seemed to give the new Spiderman enough credit. As it stands, its tracking to make $125 during its opening weekend.

  27. I know one thing someone mentioned it before is Spider-Man is gonna have boost in ticket sales when it debuts with the 4th Of July weekend in it’s grasp. But still when im sure it could be short lived with Nolan’s last Bat flick known to soon follow next month which could just have as much impact or more opening weekend.

    • Im hoping TDKR isn’t as boring as TDK. Im liking what I see from TASM trailer!

  28. Damm thats alot of mula

  29. Avengers could be biggest overrated movie of all time , I know it was good but not up to the level of all time best though it made lot of money but it was not something very different from earlier marvel movies, we have seen such movies earlier too only this time so many superheroes came together for fighting against not so powerful and dull enemy

    • @ shirish

      Sure it is (sarcasm). Vise-versa, i think by your logic that WB/DC’s Justice League film will be overrated aswell even with solo films not being that different Justice League aswell. So many superheroes? Well it was a team-up film & they certainly didn’t rush into it. Loki a dull enemy, since when? Plus the first post-credit scene shown Thanos with that grin on his face as if he already has plans set for the heroes.

      • @WallyWest
        Well nobody is talking here about justice league , why we always have to make it DC Vs Marvel (I dont know why people show such a narrow attitude)
        We have yet to see justice league so is it possible to talk about it , from my point of view no , I dont know from yours! We have seen avengers so we know . And I knew avengers was a team up film but team up for what? not so powerful antagonist, when you are so many powerful heroes the opponent has to be equally worthy which is missing there and its not about rushing in to it but developing into it and it does not matter what is there in post credit which is stored for sequel (which again we can not predict) we are right now talikng about current film I guess