‘The Avengers’ Confirmed for (Post-Converted) 3D

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:29 pm,

The Avengers 3D The Avengers Confirmed for (Post Converted) 3D

A lot of fans have been so caught up with the idea of just seeing Marvel Studio’s The Avengers that any questions about the format of the film have been a distant second to excitement and anticipation. After both Thor and Captain America were post-converted into the 3D films, there were some rumblings that The Avengers would be 3D as well – and today we know if that speculation was on point or not.

A Disney press release has confirmed that The Avengers will indeed be released in 3D as well as 2D. Since we know that Avengers was NOT filmed in 3D, this will mean that film will follow its 2011 lead-ins by being converted into the format during post-production.

We recently learned that Star Trek 2 will be post-converted to 3D as well, and our opinion on that news pretty much carries over to this latest situation: When planned for and handled with meticulous care, post-conversion 3D isn’t all that bad (see: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 2). Then again, no amount of planning or care with post-conversion 3D can equal the splendor of movies actually filmed in the format (See: Avatar, Transformers 3).

In this case, there’s no way to really tell how well (if it all) director Joss Whedon planned his shoot of The Avengers around the 3D format. After all the great work that Marvel has put into building to this epic event, it’d be a shame if some lackluster 3D set it on a level of comparison with tripe like Clash of the Titans or Green Lantern - both of which boasted some truly terrible 3D conversions.

For our money, seeing The Avengers in 2D would be thrilling enough. How about you?

The Avengers assemble in theaters (2D and 3D) on May 4, 2012.

Source: Disney

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  1. well thor wasn’t horrible in 3d, it didnt really add anything to the experience also

    • Exactly my sentiments, Tay.

  2. Keep it in 2D!

  3. Is it really that more expensive to shoot in 3D? I’m serious, how come converting it afterwards is cheaper? I thought it would be the other way around.

  4. Thor was fine in 3D – It’s a novelty – the movie will be great with or with-out it.
    Now…when we going to see a decent look at a certain giant green skin monster ?!

  5. They shouldn’t bother… so far I have not been impressed with any 3D flicks. If they really want that 3D market they should focus on the DVD instead and save everyone the trouble of paying an extra buck for something that won’t really enrich their lives or viewing experience. Keep it 2D!

    • A buck? More like $5.

  6. High quality 2D films depict a more realistic 3D reality
    than 3D films which construct an artificial depth of field.

  7. This is just a money grab plain and simple. It’s ridiculous though because The Avengers will break the bank regardless. Even if advanced reviews rate it as a total mess there is so much anticipation for the movie that it will still pull in huge numbers.
    I’ve only seen Avatar and Transformers 3 in 3D and that’s because it was filmed in the format. Everything that has been converted I’ve seen in 2D. And I’ll follow the same pattern with The Avengers.

  8. I don’t like converted 3D,I saw Thor and Captain America and I discovered converted sucks. Transformers 3D was amazing, but that was not converted. When I saw Cap in 3D I saw The Amazing Spider-Man trailer in 3D aswell and I think that will be the only converted 3D I will ever like, especially in the first person web swinging.

    • Parts of Transformers 3 were post converted.

    • Lol, I didn’t even realise Transformers 3 wasn’t converted until now due to the fact that Transformers 3′s 3D sucked arse. Thor’s was much better.

  9. Only 3d movies I saw good use of it was avatar and hugo

    • HUGO was amazing in 3D.

    • I agree. Once I figured out the difference between Real3D and converted, I won’t bother with the converted.

      I will add the Werner Herzog documentary “Cave of forgotten dreams” which was film in a few days, on a shoestring budget, with handheld 3D cameras. It really provided a view of ancient cave art that I couldn’t have imagined.

      Avatar and Hugo are “event” films that are well worth the extra cost.

  10. Post-conversion is like fooseball. It’s the *devil*. Just kidding, folks.

    I’m pretty indifferent to this, as long as the 3-d showtimes don’t prevent me from seeing the 2-d version at a reasonable time. After being impressed by Thor (but also leaving the cinemahouse with the feeling that the 3-d was unnecessary), I’m among those fine with simply planning to go to a 2-d viewing.

  11. 2D will be just fine for me. I can’t stand Post-3D.

  12. 3D didn’t work for Thor very well, it made the picture too dark atleast in the Jotunheim scenes.

  13. 2D will be my viewing method of choice. I really hope theaters do not offer less 2D showtimes in favor of more 3D ones. That could be very frustrating.

    • You know that the theaters will be giving the prime 7/7:30 theater times to the 3D to get the $15 ticket price instead of the $10. That is why I had to watch Cap in 3D.

  14. Well I was hoping this wouldnt happen. But I gotta be honest. i will go see it on Friday in 3D and then on Saturday I will take the nephews and nieces to the 2D showing.

  15. It’s cheaper that way? I can guarantee that this movie will be a blockbuster and they are gonna make HUUUUGE bucks from it even if they spent the extra money on it… I say, why pinch a penny when you’re gonna make millions? This doesn’t make sense to me…

  16. 2D if it’s available. While Cap and Thor were decent post conversions, neither were as good as Avatar. Besides, I despise being forced to fork over an extra $5 to watch a film in a format I don’t want to see it in-especially since the theaters really don’t give you a choice unless you see the movie at 10am or 10:30pm.

  17. I’m excited about and a fan of 3D. It’s not a fad so get used to it. For those who complain about the format – if you don’t like seeing 3D films, don’t see them. No ones forcing you (they’re not going to quit making movies if 3D fails).
    Some films work better than others and some are admittedly poorly converted – they will only get better.
    After seeing a movie in 3D I rarely want to watch it any other way. I loved Captain America (post converted)in 3D but Thor was less impressive.

  18. I’ve only saw one movie in 3D & that was transformers 3 which i thought was good in that format so i’ll afficially hang up my 3D glasses…Oh that is untill we get a superb silver surfer movie.

    • Yes but TF3 were being shot stereoscopic, like Avatar, thats why it was much better than post-converted 3D.

  19. 2D FTW, only saw thor in 3D it didn’t add anything to the movie and when the movie was on his home planet with all the gold colours the 3D was crap

  20. I saw Thor in 3-D and 2-D, no real difference. (Besides the price)

  21. I’ll definitely buy the DVD of this, because–well, it IS “THE AVENGERS”. Having said that, tho, I wish it were not going to be in 3D. As Rocky The Flying Squirrel says, “Oh, Bulwinkle–that trick never works!”

  22. I haven’t seen a post 3D conversion that wasn’t horrible. Thor in 3D looked flat and layered. Captain America was jarring whenever the camera panned. The post conversion scenes in Transformers 3 were a sore thumb amongst the rest of the film. As excited as I am about Avengers, I definitely wont be buying a 3D ticket. Its a gimmick.
    Unlike HUGO, which truly utilized 3D as an artform and actually added to the emotional of the story being told.

    Sidenote: I’d give anything for a Serenity sequel or more Firefly, since we’re talking about a Whedon piece

  23. I’m against the idea of post converted 3D (90% of the time it sucks), but like some of you mentioned, HP7.2 wasn’t so bad and some of the scenes in TF3 were also post-converted…. so I’m keeping my hopes up.

    As long as they manage to do QUALITY conversion, then it should be pretty cool (and come on, who wouldn’t want to see that scene with Iron Man flying through NY in 3D! :D).

    So, little disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world.
    I’ll be seeing The Avengers in 3D and in 2D………. aaaaand then probably AGAIN in 2D ;)

  24. A futile attempt to overthrow The Dark Knight Rises for the box office throne next year. I’ll be watching it in 2D thank you very much, and TDKR in IMAX.

    • Really? It’s all about the Dark Knight? So Marvel releasing both Thor and Captain America is post converted 3D was part of their master plan? To make The Avengers look less suspicious when it’s done in post 3D? All to topple the Dark Knight in his battle against Sub-Zero? It’s no different than The Dark Knight Rises being released in IMAX when a regular veiwing would tell Bruce Waynes story just as effectively. Both studios, surprisingly, both want to make as much money of there respective properties as possible. Considering Marvels history, this movie would be in 3D even if Dark Knight was releasing next year.

      • The next year after the Avengers gets released I meant

        • Yeap. You hit the nail on the head there man.

    • The release of “The Dude In The Black Rubber Suit Who´s Supposed To Be Batman” in IMAX is exactly the same gimmick as the release of The Avengers in 3D. So what´s the point?

      • We know that Nolan had planned for TDKR to be filmed in IMAX and there’s no shortcuts to post-convert a film into IMAX, the Avengers however is and in the article above we don’t even know if Joss Whedon shot it especially for 3D. My guess is high-level executives at Marvel got nervous on how will TA fare against TDKR and wanted to boost ticket prices.

        Be honest and tell me if watching anything in post-conv 3D enhances a film like IMAX does. I’m excited for TA, but they’re not getting extra money from me with a half-ass take on the format

  25. Damnit…I was hoping to see this in regular ol’ 2d for IMAX…but the IMAX version is always in 3d if they are making a 3d version. Some films are right for 3d…Avatar, while an overrated film, was enhanced by it. Outside of Ironman’s In helmet display, and if tony has any more projected screens like in IM2…I don’t see anything in Avengers that would be enhanced by 3d.

  26. Good. Any film that’s filmed in 3D always comes out looking terrible. Converted 3D always looks better.

  27. I will be seeing this in 2D.

  28. Hmm might see it in 3d it’s only a few extra bucks