‘The Avengers’ Confirmed for (Post-Converted) 3D

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:29 pm,

The Avengers 3D The Avengers Confirmed for (Post Converted) 3D

A lot of fans have been so caught up with the idea of just seeing Marvel Studio’s The Avengers that any questions about the format of the film have been a distant second to excitement and anticipation. After both Thor and Captain America were post-converted into the 3D films, there were some rumblings that The Avengers would be 3D as well – and today we know if that speculation was on point or not.

A Disney press release has confirmed that The Avengers will indeed be released in 3D as well as 2D. Since we know that Avengers was NOT filmed in 3D, this will mean that film will follow its 2011 lead-ins by being converted into the format during post-production.

We recently learned that Star Trek 2 will be post-converted to 3D as well, and our opinion on that news pretty much carries over to this latest situation: When planned for and handled with meticulous care, post-conversion 3D isn’t all that bad (see: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 2). Then again, no amount of planning or care with post-conversion 3D can equal the splendor of movies actually filmed in the format (See: Avatar, Transformers 3).

In this case, there’s no way to really tell how well (if it all) director Joss Whedon planned his shoot of The Avengers around the 3D format. After all the great work that Marvel has put into building to this epic event, it’d be a shame if some lackluster 3D set it on a level of comparison with tripe like Clash of the Titans or Green Lantern - both of which boasted some truly terrible 3D conversions.

For our money, seeing The Avengers in 2D would be thrilling enough. How about you?

The Avengers assemble in theaters (2D and 3D) on May 4, 2012.

Source: Disney

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  1. This film will look terrible with a 3-D post conversion! Joss Whedon sucks BTW! I hate this post converted 3-D crap. Whedon should have shot scenes in IMAX, but he doesn’t know any better. They should have hired Brad Bird to direct this Avengers movie! That mistake will cost them.

    • Then stop trolling and go watch a Nolan movie.

      • Sorry, Vic. Couldn´t resist.

    • He’s fairly new to directing films, plus this is his first 3D film. Cut him some slack.

      PS. Joss Whedon does NOT suck. You only have to look at Buffy, Firefly and Serenity to realise that.

      • “PS. Joss Whedon does NOT suck. You only have to look at Buffy, Firefly and Serenity to realise that.”


        • Firefly currently the 7th highest rateted tv show of all time on imdb. Serenity a film that received 82% on rotten tomatoes better than Forrest Gump which after 71% whent on to win an oscar for best picture. Not really sure where your “LOL” came from???

  2. Hollywood is shooting its own foot with these post conversions. Nobody online is talking about how great the 3D in THOR or Captain America was. The talk is about how much better the 2D versions looked both in the theater and on home video. I’m a fan of 3D and paid full price to see TIN-TIN in 3D but after seeing THOR in 3D I went with the 2D Captain America on opening night. Even now I have a hard time getting friends to pay for the 3D showings of films. Even TRON in 3D didn’t do much for me in as better 3D effects were shown during the Promos for the theater chain! The next 3D film I’m going to buy is Transformers 3D when they get around to putting the 3rd one out in 3D on Bluray. See they even shoot themselves in the foot on the 3D home market by not putting the good 3D movies out on disc, Avatar in 3D is only out as a promo selling for $100 on ebay!? Stop the madness Hollywood.

    • The only decent 3D films are Resident Evil: Afterlife, Thor and Toy Story 3 (or any other animated film, e.g. most recently – Puss In Boots). The rest suck.

      • Thor?
        How was Transformers 3 and Avatar’s 3D experience NOT AS GOOD AS/BETTER THAN Thor’s?
        (Thor’s 3D was average at best)

      • I say give 3d props to the last saw film. ,I sa wthat in 3d it was rteally good i think 3d is great for horror films.

  3. (Darth Vader Voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!

  4. Am I the only one that feels like 3D makes the CGI look fake? I saw Thor in 3D, and Thor’s home (Asgard i think it’s called?) looked to videogame-ish and i was disappointed. But then i rented it and watched it on Blu-Ray and it looked effing beautiful. One of the best looking movies i’ve seen.

    I just don’t like 3D at all. I hate how it makes the movie so much darker. Some scenes in HP: Deathly Hallows Part 2 looked so dark it almost looked like their heads were floating. Even in Avatar i thought it made it kinda dull. All the colors popped brighter and much better in 2D in my opinion. I wish more films would shoot in IMAX. The Dark Knight, Inception and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol kicked the crap outta me when i saw them. The audio, the visuals. Everything is intense. I think every blockbuster should shoot in IMAX.

  5. The child’s treatment for a kid’s movie.

    Everything seems in order here.

  6. Maybe it’s just that I had a bad 3D experience with that green lantern movie but I don’t really like 3D.

  7. I will be seeing this in 2D just incase the 3d does suck,but off topic does anyone know who is designing the practical ironman suits for this film one thing that drove me crazy in ironman 2 was the suit quality during the Galliger scene the shoulder/neck area of the suit came apart and was still broke when he talked to fury sitting in the doughnut shop its all I could stare at and it drove nuts.

  8. I saw the film yesterday and was slightly let down. I don’t wear glasses normally so felt they were a distraction that didn’t really pay off as the film didn’t really throw much at you to really justify wearing the glasses. Cleverly done, but I think I will go back and watch in 2D.

  9. I work in the part of the industry that shoots native 3D so feel I’m entitled to an opinion. I’ve gone through Avengers frame by frame and compared left eye to right eye to look under the skirt of the conversion and it is not pretty. Lots of bad tricks and cheats that distort and tear many of the images. So many of the scenes that have no visual effects could have been shot native, have a superior result and cost much less than the conversion. When they convert a scene, someone gets to decide where in real world space all of the objects should be placed, realistically seperated from their 2D background and then placed into 3D space. If I shoot the same scene with a 3D rig, I’m done. No guessing what the volume should be, or asking where that light should be placed – 5 feet back 6 feet? – It’s captured the way it is.

    There are thousands of films sitting on shelves that could benefit by a GOOD 2D to 3D conversion – let’s not compromise films that can be captured in native 3D, by letting a bunch of visual effects artists decide what the 3D should look like.

    Some examples of films that might make you like native 3D:

    Life of Pi
    47 Ronin
    3 Musketeers
    Cirque du Soleil – Worlds Away
    Journey to Mysterious Island

    Why are there so few good titles? Ask the studios….